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Having read all the reviews of this cruise, we can only say Amen. This ship was not ready to sail, it was filthy, unfinished in dramatic ways, full of uncaring, uninformed, rude to the extreme, staff. The only kindness we were shown was ... Read More
Having read all the reviews of this cruise, we can only say Amen. This ship was not ready to sail, it was filthy, unfinished in dramatic ways, full of uncaring, uninformed, rude to the extreme, staff. The only kindness we were shown was dining room staff, DaVinci, our room steward and one lone guy on the purser's desk. We spent 16 miserable days and nights with no air conditioning or after a move, 6 days out, very little a/c. It was so hot in our room, we set the fire alarm off when we showered. Of course, it went off regularly in the middle of the nite, too. The toilet blew up at 3 am, so then we had someone in to fix that and clean. There we many days with no toilet at all, for hours. Our rooms, both of them were dirty, windows, carpet and moldy bathroom. No cold water, only hot. Carpet loose in hallways, elevators not working, etc, etc. We did not think it too much to ask to have just basic comforts. Guess they did. Food was mediocre at best, and boring most of the time. Staff in the buffet stood around and looked bored, leaving us to get our own drinks. Even walk past with coffee and ignored us. The money spent to re-fit this ship was a calculated plan to separate us from our money. This seems to be the only area Princess is concerned with now. All of our cruises have been with Princess, and never have we had a bad one until now. This cruise could be compared to one out of a third world country on their maiden voyage. I have spent a month trying to get Princess to make this right, need I say that they didn't? I got the same uncaring, patronizing attitude from 'customer relations'. If you plan to cruise with Princess, be afraid, very afraid. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
I write this as a passenger, previous customer, and from the perspective of someone who was on the Grand Princess when it made its last transatlantic trip from Southampton to Florida last Sept/Oct 2010 (pre-dry-dock). And one who made an ... Read More
I write this as a passenger, previous customer, and from the perspective of someone who was on the Grand Princess when it made its last transatlantic trip from Southampton to Florida last Sept/Oct 2010 (pre-dry-dock). And one who made an identical crossing one year earlier.To be clear, the press on the refit and the video diary on YouTube made this cruise appear as if the ship was "all-new" and completed. It was neither. Many contractors were on-board as we departed since the work had not been completed - example the One5 night club.The boarding process itself was confusing with some passengers being told they could not board until 2:00pm, others told something different. Some having received emails from Princess, others not. As a result, thousands of people assembled at the dock and waited several hours, sometimes in the rain before the boarding process began. Rumors spread that people were standing on line in the rain while Princess was hosting a party for travel agents to show them the "new" Grand Princess. Once boarded there was confusion as to departure time - some thinking it 5:00pm, others 7 or 8pm. No one on the staff could confirm until a message from the captain came after 5 stating we would not leave port at all that evening. Apparently some structural test, not previously done during the dry-dock/refurb period had to be completed during the early morning hours before being permitted to sail. Passengers were free to disembark and visit Ft Lauderdale for the evening. Had we known that the ship was not ready to sail, we would not have flown in a day earlier and incurred a hotel expense in Ft Lauderdale. Had we known of the delay in departure, we would have flown that day and boarded ship.Our room was not "fresh", missing things like an ice bucket but most importantly, hot water in the shower. Our steward did not introduce himself nor provide us with information on how to contact him. Previous cruises on both the Grand and the Crown, our steward gave us his card, and came to the room to be certain we had everything we needed. We didn't learn his name until day 10 when he stopped us in the hall to tell us how we should be reporting to him when we had problems with our room (kind of odd that a room steward would admonish us when we didn't know who he was or have a way of contacting him). I would also note that Jonathan visited often, almost always unannounced - no knock on the door, just barge in to discover us in the room and quickly retreat. Very unnerving.We reported the hot water to the front desk many times but suspect that this was not recorded each time. Others in our zone at the front of the ship and elsewhere had similar problems with hot water. Most had little hot water while some reported to us that they had showers too hot to use - one passenger telling us she was nearly scalded. I even filed a written note with the Purser asking for a personal meeting with him to explain why days had passed without someone responding. I never got that meeting. (I should point out that someone from housekeeping came to the room turned the sink on, felt hot water and declared there was no problem - apparently he didn't test the shower which was the reported problem ). I also sent letters to customer service in California and to our travel agent reaching out for help since no one on the ship seemed willing or capable of solving the problem. I also attempted to call the director of public relations aboard ship and was told she was unavailable. My wife ended up showering in the Lotus Spa on night 6 but only after making an insistence that some accommodation had to be made since Princess would not provide us with a different cabin. We wrote a commendation for the young man who took the time to get us in to the Lotus Spa.On the 6th evening of the cruise, plumbers came to our cabin and a series of other cabins in our area to resolve the problem. In our case, a defective shower valve. I presume the others were similar repairs. We learned through one helpful attendant at the Purser's desk that this was a "major" problem and it was also acknowledged that there were many contractors on-board in passenger cabins to complete the "new" Grand (therefore no available rooms to move passengers with defective cabins). Other problems we were personally told by other passengers included no cold water (we had same issue - we were told there was none since the hot and cold water pipes run together in the ship), overflowing toilets and inoperative toilets (you offered one travel agent in that situation a free dinner in exchange for their overflowing toilet) - there were banks of this problem on Emerald deck, electrical shocks from the lamps in the Explorers Lounge, dirty carpets in the staterooms - one passenger told that they wanted to replace her carpet and she declined (wisely) because of the toxic fumes from the adhesive used to lay new carpet. Princess cleaned her carpets. One gentlemen I was standing with in line at the Pursers desk had high blood pressure and diabetes - his luggage was lost, his air conditioning was not working in his room and no one was helping him with a room he could sleep in. Others had no working toilets, some with no electricity.To be clear to all, this was not and is not an all "new" Grand. Many things that should have been refurbed were not, especially things like the elevators. Numerous reports throughout the ship of people stuck in elevators - we experienced the same and had to use the elevator phone for help. Loose electronic panels - flickering and flashing panels - inoperable buttons, elevators that plain did not work, others that didn't stop at the floors. Indicator lights outside the elevators that didn't work so one could not tell which direction the elevators were going. This is not new - we experienced these problems in our previous trip on the Grand but were not addressed in the refurb. Also, automated doors didn't and still don't. One in particular in the aft-end of the Horizon Court was broken last October and still is after the refurb. Everywhere you look, something was broken, rusted, dirty, coming apart or undone. Suffice it to say that this refurb was about transforming the central area of the ship - the money making areas and adding more of those, rather than addressing the basics of comfort, egress, basic cleanliness, etc.. This was about adding areas like a wine bar to encourage more sales, a free pizzeria (that tried to sell customers wine), and international cafe (to sell food/ coffee), a library that tried to sell tea and the like. I still can't figure out the expansion of the Crown Grill. This used to be a cozy, partitioned restaurant where one could get away for an intimate meal. It was expanded to take away one of the two main corridors running forward and backward making an egress problem through the newly relocated travel desk. The reasoning I'm sure was to gain the windows for the restaurant at the expense of movement about the ship. What was once a nice restaurant comes off looking like an Outback Steakhouse that lost its charm. The extra space was not needed and it's a shame what was done in the name of design. Being from New York, the New York "theme" was a bit cheesy and not convincing. There appeared to be no upgrades in the main dining rooms. While Horizon Court was upgraded the egress through the serving area has been made worse by creating serving stations where once there was seating. Seating was always an issue before in the Horizon. The food was good, but bland and not hot. During the last several days of the cruise the temperature on the heating lamps was increased but the impact was only felt on your hands.We had, for 11 nights, a rather noisy room - so noisy that sleeping was often not possible. The reason? From what we could gather from the ship's carpenters, new wires/conduits that had been strung between the walls during the refurb were not properly fastened. As the ship moved through the water (especially during the first 6 days since the captain had to make up for lost time and ran us at near maximum speed), the cables banged against the walls all night loud enough to keep us awake. The carpenters disassembled our ceiling and wall to repair the problem. In my career, I've been an avid observer of people and customer service organizations - it's part of what I do to make my service organizations better. I was absolutely amazed by how many unsolicited comments I heard from people on tours, in the elevators, in line at the buffet, etc... who said things that I would sum up with these statements: "This ship should have never left dry-dock" "These people are in denial about all the problems on-board".I should mention the Holyhead disaster since it was brought up in another review. Here we had a situation where transparency could have diverted a lot of confusion and resulting anger by the passengers. The rather flimsy dock at Holyhead was only wide enough for one bus - no two lanes of traffic. The dock's end had limited space to store buses for tours and shuttles. This was not told to the passengers in the daily "Patter" the night before. There was a delay in docking because of weather and a lack of cooperation between port officials but once we were cleared to depart ship, mass confusion began because passengers were not made aware of the limited egress on the dock. People with private tours were delayed while Princess tours were permitted to leave. Then a small group of people on a private tour were allowed to leave while others were not. It turns out that the owner of the private tour company is also a driver for Princess and managed to get his way on to the dock ahead of others and Princess allowed him to service his tour. This was confirmed to me by a travel agent who took that private tour. The entertainment was marginal at best, something that has never been a strong point on Princess. We made an identical transatlantic cruise exactly one year earlier on R/C's Jewel of the Seas. We had a balcony room, better service, less cost and much better entertainment than this cruise. For example, we had acts like the Jersey Boys on-board that were on their way to the summer engagement in London. We also had hypnotist who had a long running TV show in the UK unlike our hypnotist who did not. The Jewel also had a very engaging duo that performed in the atrium every night and drew large crowds of people who danced for hours. I believe we had a much better set of entertainers on the Grand's west bound trip in Sept/Oct 2010 and certainly on our June 2009 trip on the Crown.I found the information on weather, wave height, positioning much better on the old Grand - most of that was missing on the "new" Grand. Weather reports were often missing and the weather line was often a day old and not accurate. Wave heights and forecasts were completely missing. In this age, people are looking for content, content, content. They want internet connections that are reliable and they want information. That was completely lacking on this cruise.I didn't notice much improvement in Horizon Court - yes there was new furniture and serving stations but the food was often cold even when they turned up the temperature on the heating lamps near the end of the cruise. Moving the dessert/ bread station away from the main area took away valuable seating area (a problem with the "old Grand") and often caused egress problems when there were many people eating. It narrows the spacing between the serving area and seating area thus creating bottle-necks. I found the service non-existent when the cruise began - I would conservatively estimate that about 40% of the time I would have to get my own water/ coffee/ juice. There were plenty of waiters standing around but they seemingly did not know what to do. This improved over time.The new night-club that replaced the demolished Skywalkers never opened and was still under construction when we left ship. I remember the old Skywalkers as a quiet place to go and read during the day and a terrible place to go at night given the music selection. The cruise director in Sept/Oct was begging people to go. Hopefully the new One5 will be better but if there continues to be a disconnect between music choice and the average age of those onboard, it will be a loser like Skywalkers. In general I would say that whoever does the entertainment selection is not in touch with the age group on board. Royal Caribbean seems to do a much better job at this. One other comment here, during Movie Under The Stars one evening, as we sat trying to watch, chunks of carpet were flying off deck 15 - workers pulling up old carpet, sanding down the decks and applying very pungent adhesive to glue down the new carpet. Not conducive to movie watching. I don't particularly care for bits of carpet in my popcorn. I did keep a 5x3 section of new carpet that flew off and landed on my legs as a "souvenir".Other things noticed - no changes to the lounges that really need new furniture, no changes to the theater which is sorely in need of better lighting especially in the aisles and repair to loose risers on the stairs - we observed one gentlemen who fell there. Apparently the focus here was on updating sound systems but not in the comfort or safety of the passengers. An upgraded speaker system to the Movies under the Stars system was completed but nothing to the screen itself which is in need of repair. Swimming pools were not filled for the majority of the trip (my guess here is the flying pieces of carpet and other construction debris). To sum then, 6 nights without hot water, 11 nights without sleep, a late departure, a non-responsive Pursers desk, a room attendant who appeared unannounced, a lack of attention to basic services, a dirty ship still under construction, an attitude of "we don't care" and a sense that this trip was not about serving the customers on-board customers but getting a ship ready for future cruises because it wasn't completed in dry-dock. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
We booked this cruise to celebrate a birthday and because we have always enjoyed sailing on the Grand. It was our 43rd sailing on Princess and 8th on the Grand. Embarkation We used Princess Air and flew to Ft Lauderdale. Princess ... Read More
We booked this cruise to celebrate a birthday and because we have always enjoyed sailing on the Grand. It was our 43rd sailing on Princess and 8th on the Grand. Embarkation We used Princess Air and flew to Ft Lauderdale. Princess transportation to the ship was terrible - at least a 45 minute wait for a bus, the Princess reps meeting passengers at the airport were frazzled (one exclaiming that they had three ships in and that was too many for them), we had to take our carryon luggage in the bus rather than have stored underneath and reclaim at the terminal (rolling onto a plane and stowing overhead is easy, carrying on and not having overhead storage on a bus is ridiculous), bus had to circle the terminal then wait to unload - took over two hours overall and next time we'll take a taxi. Then there was a very long line to go through security screening and when we got to check in were directed to the Emerald deck line as only one preferred line was set up. Reaching Platinum or Elite loyalty levels won't do much to ease the pain for you when you check in at Ft Lauderdale. Our Cabin We had booked a guarantee and our room assignment was made a few days after booking in the category booked (E227) and never changed. When we arrived at our cabin we found there no elite minibar setup, no elite amenities in the bathroom, no ice in the frig, no mattress topper we had requested, and no letter with info about elite benefits on the Grand. Everything finally got straightened out after a few days but it was an unfortunate way to start a voyage. We did get a big laugh at the patch in the carpet right next to the desk - the very obvious patch that was held in place with rusty staples. It was something we never expected to find on a Princess ship. We have read other reviews that complained about the lack of maintenance on the Grand but had never experienced it so directly. Itinerary This 15 day itinerary started with two days at sea - and we quickly realized it would not be a warm weather crossing! We had thought we would get some deck time and sun at sea but temperatures in the 60s and cold breezes discouraged that activity. Although the weather for our stop in Bermuda was forecast to be cool and even rainy, it was warm and sunny and we did a quick walk around onshore and then spent the afternoon in the Lotus pool and sunning on deck. And that was our last day spending any time on deck or in a pool or in a spa. The ports were great. We did ship's tours in most ports except Falmouth where we joined the CC group from our roll call and in Cobh where we have been before. In Greenock we did the Falkirk Wheel tour (highly recommended), in Dublin the Guinness Museum (and tasting), in Cobh we wandered around and got Irish Coffees at Kelly's, in Falmouth mostly riding around seeing the countryside with the CC group, and in La Havre we had checked in and were sitting in the Princess Theatre at 6:45 am for our tour to Versailles when the announcement was made - there was a local strike and the buses could not leave the port. There was a lot of confusion and uncertainty about what would happen next but eventually we were told we could cancel if we wanted to or wait to see if the strike would stop and the tours could go. Since we had booked a full day tour with a 3 hour bus ride each way we realized our tour might become just a 6 hour bus ride! We joined the line of those at the shore excursion desk waiting to cancel when a shore excursion rep announced we could just put our tickets in the box - no need to stand in line. Nice idea! About an hour later some tours left but ours was officially cancelled. But - an announcement was made that the shuttle to downtown Le Havre would be complimentary (originally sold for $5 each way per person) so that was a pleasant surprise. We went into town and walked around looking for the little train that did a sightseeing tour. However, the information office was closed for lunch (where we were supposed to get tickets) and the train did not run again until late afternoon so we just enjoyed the beautiful spring flowers and square and fountains, etc. We liked the ports so much we booked for next year already. Food As usual food and service were good to excellent depending on venue. Our TA had sent us vouchers (birthday celebration) for both Sabatini's and The Steakhouse so we enjoyed them both. Table 64 in the Michelangelo became our regular dinner table and our waiters were totally super excellent! We only did pizza and burgers once on deck, just too cold to be comfortable. Entertainment We've seen all the production shows before and since they had new cast members onboard this cruise we thought best to pass on seeing them. The other entertainers were pretty good but not so great (or bad) to be memorable. MUTS was not a viable option due to weather so many (good and new) movies were shown in the Vista showroom (a lousy place to show movies). Unfortunately the Princess Theatre was not available during the afternoons for movies since the cast was practicing. The usual cruise staff directed events such as trivia and game shows and bingo were held - often. We did enjoy the art auctions. We also have learned to get to the library early and it was packed on embarkation day - looked like half the books went out in a few hours. We had plenty of time to read some good books. Because of the weather most people were inside so it was pretty crowded and hard to find a comfortable place to read outside of our cabin - but we did find the wedding chapel was quiet on some days! Disembarkation We had booked Princess Air with transfers to the airport so were up and ready to go for our expected 7:30 am departure. At 7:15 we were going into the Platinum/Elite disembarkation lounge to wait when we heard our luggage tag color and number was announced. About 20 minutes later we were on the bus on our way to Heathrow! It was the best disembarkation ever... All in all it was a good cruise. The 8 days at sea did get a little boring for us and we think we'll book a later Transatlantic with a more southerly route next time just for hopefully warmer weather (actually we booked the Crown May 2011 while on board). If you like trivia and game shows etc you might absolutely love this itinerary! The Grand is showing a lot of wear and tear but is a comfortable size (when it is not too cold to be on deck) and the crew for the most part is super. . Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
We booked this cruise, because we did a similar cruise on the Emerald last year and enjoyed the sea days and European ports. This was our 9th Princess cruise, but first on the Grand. Embarkation: We booked our own air and flew to Ft ... Read More
We booked this cruise, because we did a similar cruise on the Emerald last year and enjoyed the sea days and European ports. This was our 9th Princess cruise, but first on the Grand. Embarkation: We booked our own air and flew to Ft Lauderdale with stops in Las Vegas and Nashville. A little excitement as we had to abort the landing in Fort Lauderdale due to a plane still on the runway. After a safe landing, we picked up our luggage and contacted Hyatt Place for their shuttle. After a 15 minute wait, we were picked up, told that Hyatt Place was overbooked, and was taken to Hyatt Place South, a new hotel. All worked out fine. The next morning we walked around for a while, picked up 18 cans of Budweiser for me and 12 cans of Heinekens for her. After repacking our suitcases, we took the hotel shuttle to the Grand. We had a 15 minute wait in the Aloha Deck line, vice Platinum line and boarded about 11:30. Everything smooth and uneventful so far. Our cabin was A742, which was the aft most cabin on the Port side, Aloha Deck, which worked out great for us, as we were near the aft pool and the two hot tubs and just under Horizon Court. I was glad to find that WiFi had a good signal in our cabin. In fact, the only problem with the cabin was a loose tile in the bathroom, which was fixed a day later. During the cruise, we noticed quite a bit of carpet replacement and were even asked if we would mind the carpet being replaced in our cabin. We declined due to the smell of the glue. Though, it is obvious the Grand is due for an overhaul, most things seemed to be in working order and we noticed quite a bit of maintenance effort. Itinerary: One thing we are taking from this cruise is how well the weather cooperated. We knew going in that the Atlantic can be quite rough this time of year, but we experienced calm seas the entire trip and only encountered a slight drizzle in London the Sunday after we had disembarked. We didn't use the pool, but did use the Spa up until we were in the North Atlantic. Also, we did 10 laps around the Promenade Deck each morning on the sea days. The trip around the bow on the Emerald Deck was a bit windy, but broke up the monotony. I found I could jump and let the wind carry me a few feet. That was fun. In the Gym, I was a bit upset to find that the treadmills didn't open up until 8;00 AM and people staked them out. But, I would just use the elliptical until one opened up, so wasn't a problem. We enjoyed all the ports, but avoided the ship's excursions as they were way overpriced. We took private tours in Greenock (Loch Lomond and Sterling Castle) and Cobh (Blarney Castle, Kinsale, Cork, and Cobh) and on our own in Bermuda, Dublin (St. Patrick's Cathedral, Guinness, and downtown), and Falmouth (Castle and downtown). We did break down and buy a Princess excursion to Rouen, which was delayed a couple of hours by the strike. Food: Since we are vegetarians, we were a little concerned, but every menu had great offerings, so no problem. For the first time, we bypassed formal night and had dinner in the Horizon Court. That worked out surprisingly well. Entertainment: We didn't attend any production shows. Didn't seem worth the effort to get a seat 30 or 45 minutes before a show. We saw a magic show that we felt was ok and a comedian that wasn't. We saw two movies on MUTS, so can cross that off our to do list. Blankets and popcorn were provided. Vista Lounge was a poor option for movies and I only tried it once. We found Skywalker Lounge to be a quiet place for afternoon reading. Disembarkation: Went smoothly for us. As we were staying at the Heathrow Hilton, we requested early disembarkation. I think the trip only took a little over an hour. The Hilton worked out great for us, as it is only a six minute walk from Terminal 4, reasonably priced with a full free buffet breakfast. The Heathrow Hilton will definitely be our choice on any future trips to London. This was our best cruise to date. Again, we had good weather, calm seas, and not nearly as cold as we had prepared for. We are flying back to London in the Fall for a return Transatlantic to take advantage of our round trip airfare. Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
My wife and I were on the Grand Princess for the transatlantic cruise out of Fort Lauderdale on April 10th. After reading the negative reviews submitted for this cruise, I am trying to figure out if we were on the same cruise because we ... Read More
My wife and I were on the Grand Princess for the transatlantic cruise out of Fort Lauderdale on April 10th. After reading the negative reviews submitted for this cruise, I am trying to figure out if we were on the same cruise because we had a great time. We enjoyed almost every aspect of the cruise. The problem was that the average age of the passengers, I bet, was well into the late 70's if not the early 80's. This really did not lead too much of a party atmosphere. I went up to Skywalker's several times and it was empty. The Explorers Lounge was pretty much empty by 11:00. There was no problem getting a seat at performances after 10:00. The only place that seemed to have any life at all was the lounge where Mauritzo was playing. (Not our cup of tea!) I am in my early 60's and I was the young for the cruise. We had anytime dining so we ate with different people every night. I don't think we ate with more than three of four people younger than me. That being said, we did meet a number of interesting/fun "older folks." at dinner. Boarding the ship was a snap. We were in our cabin in less than 30 minutes on arriving at the ship. We had our luggage no later than 30 minutes upon arriving in our cabin. We had a cabin midship on the Baja deck. It was adequate for our needs. The covered balcony was nice but we did not use it too much because of the cold weather.  Baja 433 is located midship by the elevators which is an excellent location.. We never noticed the elevator noise. The cabin was standard size. We had space to store our clothing etc. We stored luggage under the bed. One problem was that the cabin needed more electric outlets. The bathroom was small. Sometimes the toilet had a problem flushing. There was a trick to it. Once we figured it out there was no problem. There was an annoying creaking  sound when there was rough water that kept me awake. Other than that we enjoyed the cabin for 30 days. I would stay there again in a heartbeat if given the choice. We found the food to be excellent (except for the powdered eggs). I can't recall having a bad meal for the entire cruise. The service was great. The servers were there to please you. (I told a server I really liked a dish. A few minutes later he gave me seconds. I did not even ask for it!) The big find was the hot dogs served up by the pool. They were really good. We never had to wait for a table. In fact because there was only 1700 on board so the restaurant always had open tables. But we shared tables. I do not know if you had to wait for a table for two. We also enjoyed the entertainment. I can't recall the names of the various entertainers.  We enjoyed: (1) the man who sang and looked like Jerry lee Lewis, (2) a magic and comedy act, (3) a performer that sang a tribute to Nat King Cole and (4) a young lady that played classical and popular music on the violin. The stage shows were very good as well especially the tribute to movie musicals. I can't say enough about the entertainment staff. They really did try to liven things up. The ones I remember are Lance (nee Pee Wee .. he looks like Pee Wee Herman), Peter from Belfast who has a great voice, Eileen who was very nice to us and Garrett. I also enjoyed listening to the four young ladies who play classical and popular music in the atrium. We had ports of call in Bermuda, Scotland, Dublin, Cobh, Falmouth and La Havre. We really enjoyed Cobh. They have this little museum there on immigration to America, a cathedral and a couple of good pubs to relax and drink Guinness. We stayed in Cobh instead of going on to Cork, and we are glad we did. The only major problem we had was on the excursion to the Normandy Beaches which I paid $400 for my wife and myself (a huge mistake). The ship arrived at La Havre late. So the tour company kept the hour at a third rate museum and the two hour lunch (including drive time) and cut time at the American Cemetery and Omaha Beach. Just the opposite of what they should have done. We had 30 minutes at the cemetery and 5 minutes at Omaha Beach. However, I blame the tour company not Princess for this outrage. The guide should have know better. It was a big rip off. For us the annoying aspects of the cruise was mainly due to other passengers not Princess.  For example the people that wait until they arrive at the security machine before removing metal items thereby holding up the entire line. Or the people, after four shore excursions, still had problems figuring out how to insert the cruise card in the machine that  gets you on and off the ship thereby once again holding up everyone else. Or the people who hog the entire space in front of a serving area at the buffet trying to figure out what they want even after ten days on the cruise.... It is basically the same each day. Or the people on scooters who need driving lessons. But these problems are courtesy problems of the passengers not Princess' responsibility. There was some construction/painting going on. This never bothered us. We were told in advance when our cabin was involved. We never noticed it because we were not in the cabin when the work was done anyway. Julio our cabin attendent was very nice and efficient. All in all we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise (except for the Normandy Beach excursion). Read Less
Sail Date April 2009
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Cabins 3.0 4.0
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 3.0 3.7
Public Rooms 3.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 4.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 3.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.0

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