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Took this cruise as part of a cheap package that included hotels stays from a travel agent that also included a timeshare tour for a low price. The only parking at this port is valet parking for $19 per day. It was handled well, but that ... Read More
Took this cruise as part of a cheap package that included hotels stays from a travel agent that also included a timeshare tour for a low price. The only parking at this port is valet parking for $19 per day. It was handled well, but that is your only choice as no other parking appeared to be in the area. We arrived at the port around 1 PM and embarkation was pretty fast as it seemed that most people arrived at the 12 hour when the ship started boarding. We had an accessible cabin 6116 because I had to take a mobility scooter. The cabin layout was different. It was a wide door that opened out in to the main hallway where normal cabins opened inwards to the cabins. The room was narrow with a path leading to the toilet and shower in the back of the cabin which turned out to be wider than the cabin area itself. The bathroom area had ample room for the facilities and provided plenty of room to turn the scooter around and use the path to the cabin door without having to back up out of the cabin. The cabin area had a desk and closet to one side of the path and the two beds against the wall on the other side of the path. All acceptable cabins will be interior and this cabin (6116) only had one 220V European plug which kind of makes it hard to charge a mobility scooter ion the cabin and no other plugs in the interior cabin. However after inquiring with guest services to have something work for me, they did provide an adapter and power supply that was 115V to charge the scooter and provided a USB plug for charging electronics. From what I understand all cabins only have one plug and the regular rooms have 115V outlets but I did not see that first hand for myself. It is an older ship and it was pretty well maintained with cleaning and painting. The ship was easy to navigate between areas and there were 8 working elevators. The elevator limit was rated for twelve people, but I doubt that you can get more than six or seven people in them at one time comfortably. The ship was decorated for Christmas. The band during this cruise was very good and the main theater had a very good show during both of our nights. Both nights also included a family comedy section as well as the main show. We opted not to see the adult comedy show because it was a $9 charge. The main dining room was clean and the service was very good. The complimentary menu choices are a limited, but tasted good. You get an appetizer, main course and a desert. We had the braised beef rib the first night and the sirloin flat steak the second night. There is no assigned seating and when the door opened at 6PM everyone in line entered at the same time. The staff lead you through the dining room and you were seated as a family or party of how many and given the option of a table with others so you can make new acquaintances. The buffet area is smaller than most ships but had plenty of seating. The food areas appeared to be clean and the food was good. Hot food table, fruit and salad area, and a desert and beverage area. The only major complaint with the food and beverages was the water. It had a strange after taste as if they added something to it or the distillers need to be replaced. It was just not good tasting. The easiest way around it was to get the lemonade or ice tea and shove some food in your mouth after taking a gulp. The buffet was open for breakfast, lunch, diner, and a midnight snack. Typical breakfast was eggs, bacon, toast, corned beef hash, cereals and fruits. Lunch and diner included a carving station, meats, cheeses, sides, salad bar, and deserts. Midnight buffet was tacos and gyros. There was a poolside BBQ on Sunday before we left the Bahamas. The service was good and the staff were all friendly. The activities staff always seem to have something planned around the ship and they definitely try to be in character to make things fun with costumes and off the wall wearing of items such as a one peace pajama or some wild tug along toy and even a guy dressed as a panda with a tutu during the sail away party at the pool. They played a few cash game bingo sessions and even had poolside karaoke at night. And also had a beanbag toss competition for two top prizes to get $25 and $50 dollars removed from your on board account I had seen many reviews about extra fees of room cleaning or making you try and make an up scale purchase and I had my reservations about that as well. When we boarded the ship they had have areas to get you to upgrade meals and get bar drink packages, but we were able to go by those without a hassle. We did not see a room cleaning fee as others have posted, but the do have a set gratuity of $13.95 per person, per day. That is not much different than any other cruise line I have traveled with. We did have two other additional charges that I am not used to seeing from past cruise lines I have sailed with. The first being a cruise terminal fee of $1 per person, and the second being a Fuel Surcharge of $18 per person. Most cruise lines say the fuel surcharge is possible but this is the first time I have ever been accessed that fee which is a turnoff to me. It is not like there was any big fuel shortage at a massive price increase. During this sailing the price of fuels has even dropped compared to recent months. It's almost like saying that they don't think the fuel should be part of the operating cost and they just want to get more money from you. If I didn't have to pay that fuel charge without knowing it ahead of time I may have rated this cruise 5 stars. But it wasn't till we closed out our account that we were notified about it on the billing statement. Everything is per person instead of per cabin and for two people that's an extra $36 you didn't expect. We did not do any shore excursions The main section of the port was closed on Sunday being that no other ships were in port. We only went to the pier to pick up a few t-shirts from the limited local vendors that were open. Disembarking was just as easy as embarking on the cruise with the exception of the line for customs. That seemed to go a bit slow and the line tended to get long from it in the terminal. As far as leaving the ship it was pretty fast getting off the ship , just the terminal wait was lagging in movement. Once outside the terminal they had plenty of people getting the vehicles up to the curb for you to load up and leave the port. Read Less
Sail Date December 2018
Grand Classica Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 3.7
Dining 4.0 3.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 3.7
Fitness Recreation 3.5 3.1
Family 3.5 3.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.3
Enrichment 2.0 3.0
Service 4.5 3.7
Value For Money 4.5 3.5

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