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20th May Singapore- Ko Samui-Pulau Redang- Singapore Hi Genting Dream, FrequentCruiserDominic here at your service. 1. Being a recurring cruiser for numerous ships on many cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Princess, ... Read More
20th May Singapore- Ko Samui-Pulau Redang- Singapore Hi Genting Dream, FrequentCruiserDominic here at your service. 1. Being a recurring cruiser for numerous ships on many cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Princess, Celebrity, and Costa. I must say it was a huge leap for me to try out Genting Dream which I have researched it being a home port for Singapore. Thus, I embarked on a 8hour flight all the way from Melbourne, determined to experience and try out Genting Dream experience, with hopes of have the dream experience of course. My Itinerary was as follow, Singapore- Ko Samui-Pulau Redang- Singapore. 3 NIGHT Asian luxury cruise with big colourful ship sailing on the high seas as seen within my brochure. 2. Upon arrival at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre of Singapore, I was greeted by havoc and chaos with almost no walking space. Noting that it was a Public Holiday in Singapore & with Voyager of the Seas docked in the terminal as well, I rendered it as a norms for the crowd for the cruise line or even the terminal and thus did not take it to heart a lot as I was looking ahead to better services and experience ahead. Reviews Reader let me guide you through the process and my experience of your Genting Dream Experience! 3. There was much confusion as I noted 6 different type of uniform don by the staff at pier but the most assuring part was seeing the well known Intercruises uniform code of White and Blue, but it surprises me on why they wore green with white here at Singapore. I was rendered no assistance when I approach the security personnel in black for assistance probably so as it wasn’t included within their job scope of security presence and crowd control, Oh well! 4. Kiosk self-check in was organised and swift which were definitely delightful! I was issued with a boarding card #9 which I had no idea what was it for? Boarding in sequence? But anyway, I senselessly followed the surge of crowd into the security counters whereby scanning of bags and belongings were in process. 5. Yet again, senselessly, I was ushered to the waiting area as of 1535hours as the staff mentioned immigration will only start boarding at 1600hours? I took it with a pinch of salt as it was probably a norm for the terminal and cruise line again. 6. Here comes the slight dramatization part. Being the Dominic in me, ( I do that at every port), I spoke to the Intercruises embarkation staff named Gerald and Ben? which were extremely helpful and attentive to my numerous numbers of questions regarding the flow of guest. Managed to understand more of the flow and operation flow of Genting Dream which I must say is very differing indeed to other cruise lines as Genting only offers short turnaround time from what I researched which is CRAZY! Kudos indeed to the embarkation team from Intercruises. You go, Boys! 7. Engulfed within the crowd with languages I do not understand, I had no alternatives but to look around and observe the staff and other cruisers. What surprises me was the constant shouting and noise transmitted from walkies talkies held by Ben even though he tried to reduce the disturbance at times as observed by me. Shouldn’t they be having earpieces for their walkie talkies or even have amiable tone within their communication systems? Once again, being the Dominic in me, I managed to track the sources to 2 individual personnel in blazer which was standing at the railing of Level 3. Seem to be the supervisor or overall in charge, I must say, they are capable of giving instructions to the staff on ground very well, pointing and directing staffs just from one origin but it would definitely be better that cruisers are not exposed to the noise transmitted or the ground staff are not exhausted by them just pointing and giving instructions! 8. Fast forwarding, I managed to board the ship at 1625hours even though the crowd was crazy, I must say, Intercruises embarkation team that facilitates boarding at Singapore is really superb, their capabilities to handle such massive crowd with that lacking amount of seating capacity. Thank you Gerald and Ben for the service rendered. I promised a commendation and I will deliver it for sure because, I am Dominic Read Less
Sail Date May 2019
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