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9 Genoa Costa Diadema Cruise Reviews

- I got a last minute offer from an agency (on 2nd January and the cruise started on 5th January from Savona), and it was a good value for the money paid, but if I had to pay the full price, I would be disappointed. It was not our ... Read More
- I got a last minute offer from an agency (on 2nd January and the cruise started on 5th January from Savona), and it was a good value for the money paid, but if I had to pay the full price, I would be disappointed. It was not our first time cruise with Costa, but in general the service is of lower quality than on MSC and that reflects also on prices. The embarkation went smoothly when our time arrived, but we had to wait for more than 1,30 hrs although we arrived late (approx. at 15,00 h). Usually, when we arrive this late we are immediately scheduled for embarkation. The disembarkation went more smooth, since we waited until 10,30 h to disembark, and not push to be the first to get off the boat. SHIP - the biggest in the Costa fleet - a small city on the sea - balcony cabin on the left side of the boat (8th deck); great, spatious cabin, always clean; got a bottle of sparkling wine since I am in the Costa Club - the cabin choice was good for some rough sea that we have experienced - Dining restaurant is huge, service staff was nice, but it took them a long time to get us drinks; also, since I bought a package of soft-drinks, once they get us drinks in glasses, and once we got them in cans (more hygenic) and the size is different. Food in general is of average quality, but it downgraded from our last trip (in 2017). There is no more scrambled eggs, the line for breakfast eggs is soo looong, there are no American pancakes for breakfast. The staff in Diana Restaurant (deck 10) is generally less hospitable than in other restaurants. The ship was overcrowded with families, well, basically with kids, but we are used to this. If you are looking for a high-class cruise, peaceful and with lots of attention, this is not a cruise for you. Entertainment was great, and we loved Jose Navarro, the tenor. Service in our room was good, although we were a bit surprised that we did not received 3 hand towels but only 2 although there were 3 adult persons onboard in our cabin. Service in general area and in the restaurant Adularia was good. Ports visited were great, but we have visited them already, and we enjoyed visiting them again. The tours booked on the ship are too expensive in general, so we opted for self-organised tours, mostly with taxi (cheaper, visited some other places, had enough time to visit inside the building if we wanted, get time also for shopping and return to the ship afterwards - like with our private driver and guide). I travel with my teenager doughter and she was much happier 2 yrs before, because we had more international group. Italian kids do keep for themselves and do not mix much with others. We will definitively go for another cruise, but maybe with a different fleet, different ship or different itinerery. Read Less
Sail Date January 2019
We already took a Costa cruise in the Adriatic sea and enjoyed it. So we decided to go on another Costa verses switching to another cruise line. We joined the Costa Club and had some perks for going again. We booked directly with Costa ... Read More
We already took a Costa cruise in the Adriatic sea and enjoyed it. So we decided to go on another Costa verses switching to another cruise line. We joined the Costa Club and had some perks for going again. We booked directly with Costa but used the Italian booking site. We received so many perks and extras for booking via the Italian site. We had a Balcony Premium for 2 adults and 2 children.(8 and 12) it was a great amount of space. We weren't ontop of each other during the week etc. We brought our own 220V extension cord so we could plug in all our devices. The food was great. This boat had an option of "Open Seating" for one of the evening meals. Same menu as the "Fancy" service dinner, but quicker (it seemed) and I felt better for our family. The service crew was amazing. My husband was practically a celebrity at the end of the cruise with many of them knowing his name and saying "Hi" around the boat. The crew was also helpful and wonderful to our children. The kids club had more international kids on our last cruise, this one had many Italian so my kids didn't do the club much, but it was a good size club space and activity schedule was great. It would be great for younger children. We are use to the multi language environment, so the multiple language didn't bother us, we enjoyed it. Read Less
Sail Date December 2018
Our overall cruise was one of our favorite vacation we have every experienced. Our cabin was on the 11th floor, with a balcony overlooking the ocean which was breathtaking. I personally wanted to say a huge thank you to the chef and ... Read More
Our overall cruise was one of our favorite vacation we have every experienced. Our cabin was on the 11th floor, with a balcony overlooking the ocean which was breathtaking. I personally wanted to say a huge thank you to the chef and waiters, who have served and treated us with utmost respect and they had especially cooked the food that we requested due to our limitations. We dined at the restaurant, A la Carte and not the buffet restaurant as we preferred a quieter area to dine. It was just my wife and I so just something a bit more romantic. So Thank You to Francesco Patamia - Maitred Thank you to Jhanito Gatus Jr - The Supervisor And thank you to Katuuk - the waiter I apologize if i wrote the names incorrectly but I'm sure you know who you are. Overall, service, excursions, cabin, dining and activities were spectacular. Read Less
Sail Date July 2018
This is our worst cruise experience. The ship circulates in the west Medit. Sea and stops at several ports. At every port there are people getting on or off the ship. The newly boarded people are, as usual, very excited, which makes this ... Read More
This is our worst cruise experience. The ship circulates in the west Medit. Sea and stops at several ports. At every port there are people getting on or off the ship. The newly boarded people are, as usual, very excited, which makes this ship extremely noisy. There are people running and shouting at small hours in the hallway every evening. The cleaning and preparation crew move the chairs, drop heavy boxes, mop the floor using heavy machines from mid night to early morning with no consideration that there are people sleeping under the dining area. We had 7 sleepless nights on the ship. In addition, the dinner on this ship has also a lot to be desired. All members of our family (3 people) had severe diarrhea on board. The dinner has very few choices of cheap dishes. We went to the formal dinner once and never did again. The buffet was so-so and was very crowded. There was only one counter that offers fried eggs in the morning and the line was half mile long every morning. Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
We chose this cruise because we flew into London for 2 day -took Eurostar to Paris for 2 days -then train to Marseilles. We Ubered from St.Charles train station for 21euros, great uber driver, we embaraked about 2 pm with a very short ... Read More
We chose this cruise because we flew into London for 2 day -took Eurostar to Paris for 2 days -then train to Marseilles. We Ubered from St.Charles train station for 21euros, great uber driver, we embaraked about 2 pm with a very short line.This is a first time for us so even as we didnt know what steps to take we made it without a problem. We went straight to the cabin and greeted by our new best buddy Rommel. He was great, attentive, and cleaned our room like twice a day. Our beds were put together to make the large bed which i kept falling in the middle all night, but oh well. We had the inside room, no window It was pretty large and the bathroom was large too. We could put our luggage under the bed and it had a small fridge. had all-in-one shampoo/soap in the shower. Overall i was impressed with the size of the room. We had breakfast brought to the room for 10 extra euros a day. All carbs, no meat, so i went out to the buffet to add cold cuts. Breakfast buffet does not have hot food that i could remember,only cold cuts, bread,cereal, danishes,donuts. negative on eggs or bacon. Buffet food was good, there were certain days that the buffet had my favorites like Prawn, Paella etc. I think that was when we docked in Spain. I preferred the dining food over the buffet. Our seated dining was a table for 2 with the view of the ocean in the back, they said that was the best seat in the house. It was very romantic. Our waiter Nyoman was training and he was shy at first, but day 2 and 3 etc, he loosened up and felt comfortable with us too. I danced with the waiters on Italy night and it was great fun. Gelato and crepe bar was cute and colorful but extra cost. We got the middle drink package 26 euros a day, gave me all the sodas i wanted and a few cocktails(i dont drink much), but my husband was constantly out of package for the drinks he preferred. So he settled for Gin and tonic, so maybe the third tier was better but didnt match me, the non-drinker, in cost. Coffee was excellent Illy cappucinos all day long. The announcements are in italian with brief English translations so might as well be all italian coz i didnt undertand a thing, but thats ok coz the itineray plan was in english. The Shows were one main show an evening, and band nights in different bars on the ship. I didnt care for the shows, seemed mediocre but the bands were fun, also in italian or english songs with accents The singing contest was fun, also an italian host. No translation except for the American songs they sang. There were always dancing lessons all over the ship and plenty of people joining in. the day activities were few so its best to get off the ship and check out barcelona, palma de mallorca, civitavecchia, savona , and spend the day or half a day outside. It was very very hot outside this time of year. Pools are very small, So i never used my bathingsuit because it was too tight and crowded. Photo guys were out to sell. They didnt have choices in the packages basically it was 14,20,30 euros for individuals or 400euros for all. Couldnt afford to buy them all. We took a drop off costa sanctioned bus to Rome and we walked it ourselves. Then we ubered to the Vatican. It was cheaper and at our own pace. We felt we did the right thing for us. All went smooth and got back to the ship right on time. Embarking was chaotic so we sardined our way back in. Disembarking was easy and we found our way back to the train by taxi because uber couldnt get in 28 euros. For the inexperienced cruisers like us, we were very satisfied, but all the experienced ones may find the need for more activities on the ship. My husband says he loves cruising now, so thats all of it in a nutshell. Read Less
Sail Date August 2017
It seems most of the reviews on this site are from couples, and not very many Americans on Costa. So I thought I would post our impressions and some thoughts in particular regarding kids. Spoiler alert: we loved it! But I can see that ... Read More
It seems most of the reviews on this site are from couples, and not very many Americans on Costa. So I thought I would post our impressions and some thoughts in particular regarding kids. Spoiler alert: we loved it! But I can see that Costa might not be for everyone. My family (me, my wife and two girls aged 11 and 13) went on a one week cruise on the Costa Diadema sailing form Savona on April 8. Basically a different port every day, with only one sea day. I was trying to expose my kids to as many places as possible within our time constraints. While we succeeded in seeing a lot, we may have overdone it, as we were rushing around the whole week. Timing. Our cruise was scheduled around my kid’s spring break from school. This seemed like a great idea to me. I thought it would be less crowded than the summer. I’m not sure it was. Our spring break coincided with Easter week, so there were tons of people everywhere but especially in the Vatican and other cathedrals in Italy. We were at the Vatican the day before Good Friday. At our school, if Easter comes particularly early or late, they will not schedule spring break around it. If you have a situation like that, I would say go for it on spring break. I would not recommend the Vatican during Easter Week. Our kids break was only one week. We flew out of San Francisco on Thursday night and returned a week and a half later on Monday afternoon. Kids had to miss two school days and were actually not happy about that – they are serious students and didn’t want to miss any school, so we tried to minimize it. It was really a lot ground to cover in that time. If we do it again I think we will try the summer. Kids on Costa. On our cruise, there were tons of kids, so you will have lots of company. Our girls are 11 and 13, so we were a little surprised when we were told on check-in that the initial organizational meeting for the kids club would be at 11:30 p.m.! Italian kids stay out later than their American peers, and Italian families like to eat late. Our kids never participated in any of the organized kid’s club events. Aside from the somewhat inconvenient hours, we were just too busy. Ambiance. Hard to explain. The ship was loud and bling, bling, bling everywhere. Lot of excitement, music, shows, kind of crazy. We actually liked it, but if you are looking for peace and quiet it’s hard to find. It was sometimes hard to figure out where things were, how they worked, or what was going on. All of the crew spoke adequate English for their jobs, but not always adequate to give directions, and there seemed to be a lot of confusion on their part about how things actually worked. So if you are a control freak and expect there to be some resource somewhere that finally and definitively spells everything out, I expect you are going to be disappointed. If you can kick back and go with the flow, you will have a great time. Dress. Not nearly as formal as we expected. I had only been on one cruise before, on Norwegian years ago. On that trip, I actually brought two tuxedo jackets, one black and one white, for the two gala nights. No need for that on Costa! Diadema had one gala night. I wore a blazer and tie for it and my girls (big and small) wore cocktail length dresses. Most people didn’t bother. I would say maybe 10% of the men were sporting a jacket and tie that night, and maybe another 10% jacket no tie. We actually packed pretty heavy for the trip as my girls were kind of into the idea of the theme nights (all white, tricolore, black and red). But when we saw how casual everyone else was, they didn’t want to bother to dress up. We could have packed a lot lighter and if we go again we will. The only theme night that had a high percentage of participation was the White Nights. Most of the people that actually went to the White Nights party were wearing white. You often hear in the US that “Europeans are better-dressed than Americans.” There is a lot packed into that statement, not least of which that “Europeans” is a pretty broad term, that includes diverse populations that are not homogenous. I will leave that aside and address only the Europeans on our cruise (practically everyone on our cruise except us was European.). The second nuance is just what you mean by “better dressed.” This can be used to mean either (i) “more formally dressed” or (ii) “more stylishly or fashionably dressed.” I can say that, with respect to the Europeans on our cruise (i) was not true at all. It used to be that you seldom saw adults in Europe wearing jeans, shorts or sneakers unless they were American tourists. This is absolutely no longer the case. I do not think people were dressed more formally than they would be at, say, a resort in the US. However, with respect to (ii), dressing more stylishly, it is true. Everyone you saw just looked better than the average American in terms of their clothes. They were wearing the same general kinds of clothes, just wearing them better. Even families with little kids managed to have everyone clean, matching (where appropriate or desirable!), newish and somehow just together and well turned out, all the time. So I would say, don’t worry about dressing up too much, but do try to bring your “A game” in terms of not wearing worn out clothes or mismatched outfits unless you want to stand out as a schlub. Dining. Fabulous. I actually thought the food alone was worth the price of the cruise, like they were throwing in the accommodation and travel for free. We were assigned to the main dining room, Fiorentino, for the early seating for dinner, which was supposed to start at 6:30. Our biggest challenge of the whole cruise was getting there on time! We basically never were on time. The first night, it was about 8:00 when we were ready for dinner, and they wouldn’t let us in. We went to the Corona Blu for dinner that night, which had open seating with the same menu as the main dining room and had a great meal. We tried that again later in the cruise but were rebuffed, and told that this option was only open for those who had been assigned it as their dinner choice every night. Second night we got to the dining room around 7:30. We bypassed the Maitre D’ by entering through the upper level and going down the internal staircase to get to our table. After we were seated, the Maitre D’ came back to our table and started yelling at me very animatedly in French. I speak French well enough to know what he was saying, but not really well enough to go toe-to-toe with him in real time. He was actually justified at being annoyed at us – we were an hour late after all – but I thought the way he went about it was more than a bit rude. So, I responded with my best Gallic shoulder shrug and a casual “D’ac” while I returned my attention to my aperitif (vermouth, light on the ice, with a lemon twist, not a wedge – I already had the bartender at the Stella del Sud trained!). This turned out to be the perfect response, as he sort of ran out of steam and stomped off, still in a huff. The rest of the week we struggled to get there on time, and ate at the Adularia one night, which also had open seating, and at the buffet one night when we were really late. Although we only made it there half the time, the waiter at our assigned table in Fiorentino (Ahri) was great. Very attentive, perfect English, he would leave wine and water on the table so we could help ourselves (Piu Gusto drinks package is supposed to be by the glass only). He was the only waiter we really talked to much or got to know anything about on the whole ship. He was from Jakarta and was very interested that I had been there recently on business. He was also the only person on the ship that we tipped separately. I figured Costa’s 10 Euro per person per day could take care of the rest of them. On any given day you would likely receive service from literally dozens of people, not necessarily the same from one day to the next, and I don’t see how you could tip them all individually. In general, the whole ship is run pretty efficiently, but it’s kind of an assembly line operation. You are waited on by tons of people, so it’s understandable if the service is not very warm or personal. Overall, I thought almost everything we ordered in the main dining room was good quality, with a thoughtful menu, well presented and served hot. There were usually two to four choices for the main course, two for the other courses or maybe three for desert, along with several “always available” items. It was basically all an Italian menu, although varied and tending towards Northern Italian and a mix of more original dishes and traditional ones. It was not just spaghetti marinara all week, have no fear. My wife was a little disappointed they did not also feature more French or Spanish dishes but overall we were very satisfied. My kids ended up loving the formal dining. I was sort of surprised by this since normally they prefer buffets. They would bring a book or an iPad to dinner and did not mind how long we took. My wife and I would kick back, have a couple (or more!) glasses of wine and really enjoyed the pace, which would be considered very slow by American standards. We had a great table with views out big windows on the stern and a couple nights were able to see the sunset from it. I helped my kids order and encouraged them to order most of the six courses on offer. They would try things and if they liked it they would eat it. I never pressured them to eat anything. This worked great – they tried a lot of things they would not have otherwise, and ended up loving some of them. It was successful in getting them to broaden their palates a little. Breakfast. The buffet selection was pretty big. As many others have noted, it did not include eggs. But for a “continental” breakfast, there was a lot on offer. I prefer complex carbs and protein for breakfast so usually selected whole grain bread, cold cuts and cheese. My wife likes fresh fruit for breakfast and there were always several good choices including fabulous and fresh melon. My kids love pastries and sweets for breakfast and they were in absolute heaven. There was some really good prosciutto, which I liked to have with the melon. In the US, and I suppose in Italy as well, this is usually eaten as an appetizer at dinner, but it worked just fine for breakfast. I think even the pickiest eater should be able to find something they liked here. It’s crowded, but manageable after you learn your way around. If you absolutely have to have bacon and eggs, it is only available in the main dining room. We did this on the one sea day. I had an English Breakfast, which was awful. My wife had Eggs Benedict, which she thought was barely edible. My kids ordered the Belgian Waffles with chocolate sauce and whipped crème, which they pronounced delicious. We didn’t bother with the cooked breakfast after that. Lunch. We only had lunch on the ship two days, the day we arrived and the sea day. The buffet both days was vast but insanely crowded. The food was good, especially the roast suckling pig, but the mob scene sort of detracted from it. Drinks. We got the “Piu Gusto” drinks package and I highly recommend it. Everyone in your cabin or traveling together has to get the drinks package if anyone does, and I wasn’t sure if my kids would get the value from it. I needn’t have worried. Kids enjoyed a steady stream of hot chocolate (including multiple flavor variations from the “chocolate bar”), smoothies and Shirley Temples and other virgin cocktails. They really liked being able to get whatever they wanted whenever they wanted (I liked that too!). They normally are not allowed to drink soda or other sugary drinks at home, so this was a treat. One funny thing about the drinks package is that it included almost anything you could want to drink, but you could only get water by the glass, not a bottle. This was inconvenient if you wanted to have water in your cabin. I would basically stop by the nearest bar and get four glasses and carry them back to the cabin. Kind of silly. Cabin. We booked last minute, and we had no flexibility on dates due to kid’s school schedule. We got what I was told was the very last four person cabin on the ship, and that may have actually been true as I got on a waitlist to upgrade but did not get an opportunity. The ship was very full due to Easter holiday. The only cabin available was an interior one, with one queen bed and two bunk beds to the sides over it. Really cramped for four people! My only prior cruise experience was with two people in a suite with a balcony on, if I recall, the top deck of the ship, so this was a different experience. Having said that, the cabin was laid out very well and efficiently with lots of storage. We hardly spent any time in the cabin, literally just sleeping, showering and changing clothes, and my family cooperated and made the best of it. If we do it again we will upgrade to balcony cabin at a minimum, and maybe a suite. The best part about the cabin we had? I kept reminding myself what a great price we got! Shore excursions. We went on shore at every opportunity, and most days stayed as long as we could. On three days, the days where we had more ground to cover, we booked tours through Costa. On two days we toured on our own. I thought the Costa tours were well run, interesting and packed a lot in. I was aware that we could book tours independently and save some money. I was afraid that if we toured independently and were late returning to the ship, we might get left behand. If we were on a bus full of people who were all late on a Costa-booked cruise, I figured they would have to wait for us or at least put us up and get us to the next port or something. This theory got tested on our day in La Spezia. It was Good Friday, and we did the longest, most jam-packed tour available, going to Florence and Pisa (In one day! This is probably a criminal act, and if not it should be.). Every place was swarming with tourists, and the bus was quite late getting back. But they waited for us! Price. I thought the whole thing was very reasonably priced, and if you spend a few minutes pricing cruises on websites you will see Costa is consistently competitive or lower than the competition. I felt we got good value for money. Travel Tips. We flew into Milan via Istanbul on Turkish Airways. I think a lot people, especially Americans, are afraid to go through Istanbul, and many of our friends scrunched up their noses when we said we were flying Turkish. I think this is misguided. Although there have been terrorist incidents in Turkey, nowhere is immune from this in today’s world, and when you factor overall crime rates, I believe you are safer there than in many American cities. Because of this skittishness, Turkish Airlines is offering great fares right now. It is an old school “flag carrier” which means service is far superior to what you will get on an American airline in the back of the plane. I chose the longest layover in Istanbul offered, 24 hours. We booked a hotel in the Old Town, toured some historic sights, had a great meal and overall had a wonderful finale to our vacation. Highly recommend both Turkish Airways and a stop in Istanbul. We had access to airport lounges in Milan and Istanbul through “Priority Pass” which is offered as a perk through many credit cards in the US (and I assume worldwide). This is a very valuable bonus and made the layovers much less stressful. My kids normally get pretty cranky waiting in airports, but with a clean, comfortable place to sit, wifi, snacks and drinks, they really didn’t care when the plane left! If you don’t otherwise have lounge access you should look into it. Bottom Line. If you want a high energy, fun-packed experience that covers maximum ground in a limited time in a part of the world rich in history, Costa Diadema, should be on your list. You should think twice before going to Rome Easter Week, however. If you want to kick back and relax on spring break, I suggest you might want to look into Club Med in Mexico! For us, I think we will do it again, likely Eastern Mediterranean next time, but will probably go in summer, book a bigger cabin and not try to do everything in one week. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
The ship is new and shiny and staff is friendly and efficient and speak excellent English. Embarkation/disembarkation is efficient -- perhaps because guests embark at different ports which means there is manageable number of guests to ... Read More
The ship is new and shiny and staff is friendly and efficient and speak excellent English. Embarkation/disembarkation is efficient -- perhaps because guests embark at different ports which means there is manageable number of guests to check in and out at each port. We had a balcony on Deck 2 (2096) which was convenient and a wheelchair access interior cabin (9152) on Deck 9 (HUGE tiled bathroom the size of an entire stateroom). Cabin stewards were efficient and attentive without being intrusive. Dinner in main dining room was outstanding (if you order your meat "rare" you end up with a larger cut every time). Tip: if you like an appetizer or entree and don't feel you got enough or liked the looks of someone else's you can just ask for another and they will bring it to you! Breakfast is a problem for those who don't like "Italian Style" breakfast (cold cuts and fruit and pastries). As other guests have commented the only place where you can get an egg or hot breakfast is in Fiorintina dining room from something like 7 am until 8:30 am. I am not making these hours up. And don't get there at 8:31. No eggs for you! Many people grumbled about this and it seems rather stingy on part of Costa so maybe enough people complain they will change this and offer eggs, etc at main buffet or extend breakfast hours. We got all-inclusive drinks package -- a very good deal -- although they make you pay for the last day when you get off the ship at 9 am, so everyone pays for a day they don't drink much during. But still a deal. Spa is beautiful and treatments reasonably priced and of high quality. BUT just because you book a treatment at the spa doesn't mean you get to use the spa steam room or pool or whirlpool. No way! They charged 35 Euro a day to use spa facilities per person. A total rip off and be warned -- its crowded and therefore not relaxing. Costa should revisit its lease agreement with the spa and demand that guests be allowed to use spa facilities without charge if they book a treatment. Ship is large but lacks a sufficient amount of public space to accommodate the 5,000 guests. I assume public space has been turned into cabins and public space that would normally be, say a large lounge with panoramic views, are "specialty restaurants" that are largely empty because Costa charges a fortune for the upgrade and with quality of food in main dining rooms its unnecessary. Pool decks are small. There is not enough room for everyone, not enough deck chairs, etc and this does not bring out the best in people. That being said, cruise is an excellent value with excellent staff and great ports and we enjoyed every minute, but if feeling a bit crowded will ruin your vacation or make you cranky, then think hard. It took a day to get used to people always being in our "personal space" and bumping into each other, etc. Kudos to Costa on the "automatic" lavatory doors that slide open with a wave of hand -- very cool and sanitary once you figure out how they work. Ports: we are experienced travelers and the only "cruise excursion" we did was to Pompeii -- highly recommended bc ship leaves at 3 that day and timing is tight for self arranged tours. You have time to explore Naples a bit afterwards (don't bother to pay 6E to go into "castle" as there is nothing to see inside and its falling apart. Just take your photos outside. Archeological Museum is a must see if you have already seen Pompeii, etc because everything they found is in the museum. BUT this was not possible on this visit bc ship left at 3 pm. La Spezia: charming coastal town with market on Fridays (Diadema's usual day). See the town then go to Cinque Terre tourist office at the train station BEFORE 1:30pm (we got there at 1:33 pm and office was closed and we had to wait until 2 pm to talk to anyone). The tourist office that sells the rail cards to see Cinque Terre speaks English (and every other language) and will tell you where to go and help you plan schedule to get you to the towns and back in time to meet ship. We got a late start on train after 2pm and still saw 3 of 5 towns and got back in time for early dinner on ship! We tried to do a boat trip to the towns but we were out of season in March and they were not offered. Savona: this was our embarkation/disembarkation port and sadly we didn't really explore it because we were busy hightailing it to Pisa (highly recommended-- leaning tower became everyone's highlight of trip!) and Florence for the rest of the weekend. Marseille: we had a cold, wet day but walked everywhere. Just took the port bus from ship (they charge but its necessary) to center of town. All the major sights are free. Barcelona: Can't wait to go back. We took ship bus to hop on hop off bus (its right there where ship drops you) and had an AMAZING day. One day is not enough to scratch surface of this amazing and beautiful city. Palma: Again, ship bus to center of town. Beautiful island! It's a tiny gem (so clean and tidy!) in the middle of the sea. Cathedral and round castle are must sees (see Cathedral first then take taxi to castle and guy in ticket shop will call a return taxi for you when you are done). There is a hop on hop off bus here but we didn't take it. Please note the "pearls" they sell everywhere are NOT real. They are pretty and well priced but made of ground up shell paste -- so you are not buying pearls. Just so you know. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
We just came back from Costa Diadema. This was our 4th cruise and first time Costa. We enjoyed it very much. Since it is a new ship, I would like to provide some reviews for people who want to know how it went or plan to go in the future. ... Read More
We just came back from Costa Diadema. This was our 4th cruise and first time Costa. We enjoyed it very much. Since it is a new ship, I would like to provide some reviews for people who want to know how it went or plan to go in the future. Airport to port: Our flight delayed to Nice. When we booked the cruise, we called Travel agent to add the airport transfer. It was easier and cheaper comparing to bus or train. We have paid Costa airport transfer round trip ($27 USD per person) between Nice and Savona. Since we didn't arrive Nice in time, we had to find a way to the next port, Marseille. We stayed in the hotel cross street from the airport, 10 minutes walk. There was no train due to the national strike. The next morning, we took bus #20 (8:15am) from Nice airport Terminal 1 to Marseille train station (11:45am). At Nice airport Terminal 1 bus station, we bought the tickets at ticket office with credit card €32.2 per person. Then we took taxi (€25 euro, cash only, tips and 2 luggages included) to the port (12:30pm) Embarkation: We explained our situation at check-in desk. There was no line for us. The lady checked all our paper work (web checked in weeks ago), and the other lady checked on board to make sure our room is ready. About 20 minutes waiting, we went through special entrance to get on the boat. The new thing to us is they took our passports and returned to us when disembark. It is required for all none European passports. Cabin: our room is premium ocean view cabin which was upgraded from standard room by promotion. It is very spacious. There are shower and bath tub separately, (only ocean view cabin on deck 1 comes with bath tub), queen size bed, and sofa couch which is longer than my high (5'7"). I can lay down comfortably. There are also a lot of storage space for clothes, shoes and luggages. The window is big that I can sit there, enjoy the view and didn't get cold. It is more comfortable than the balcony cabin we had before in Princess cruise. In the bathroom, the shower/shampoo is fixed on the wall. A soap, hair dryer and towels are provided. Diadema has "samsara suites" on deck 12 come with balcony, jacuzzi and sun roof, organic cotton sheets and bath robes. Overall new is better. Everything is nice and clean. Food: after checking our room, we immediately went to buffet. We haven't had regular meals for a day due to jet lag since we needed to sleep more than food. It was Italian lunch and breakfast and everyday is the same. We are not picky about food, so we stay with what offered, didn't go to restaurants that need additional charges. Breakfast: the main focus is all kind of breads, sliced cold meat and fruits. It is very simple buffet. If you want the hot meal, there is a restaurant that has international breakfast which has omelette, pancakes, eggs, bacon... It is traditional breakfast for different countries. No extra charge. Lunch buffet: all kinds pasta, meats, rice noodles, fried rice and one Asia dish.The one I like the best is the pan grilled sea bass. Hamburger and hot dogs are available all the time. Dinner: there are a lot choices on the menu. It is very different from the meals prepared in American cruise ships. They were less salty, less greased and less sugar which means plain and dry. It is perfect for desserts, not too sweet. I have thumb up for the desserts. No wonder France and Italy are known for their desserts. For the food, if you are used to American or oriental style, you probably won't be satisfied. However, the gala night (captain dinner), everything was surprisingly delicious. This is the one you don't want to miss. We were there during Thanksgiving week. On the thanksgiving dinner, We were offered special menu (turkey and pumpkin pie) along with the regular menu. They were very tasty. We looked around the tables, the waiter told us that only we had the Thanksgiving menu. We also noticed that the fresh fish on the dinner menu were quite good. There are a lot of fresh fish in the Mediterranean areas. Water: there are water dispensers available at breakfast and lunch buffet areas. At dinner, there was no buffet and the dispensers were closed. They offered different packages for water only, beer only, soft drink only or all drinks. However, we didn't realize that we had mineral water at dinner included, until we tried to pay for the water package. I guess it may be the deal between travel agent and Costa. We had "USA water" printed on our Costa card. We were glad that we didn't need to pay additional for mineral water at dinner. Excursion: we booked 4 online for 4 different ports. As soon as we knew we would not be able to make it on the first day, we called Costa to inform them everything happened to us and cancelled the excursion in Marseille. However, due to the language limitation, 2 of our rest 3 tours also got cancelled. There were not many English tours available. We then chose whatever available to us, didn't want to do self tour at that moment. Entertainment: the main show every night was fantastic. They were all more than 5 stars quality. Just for the show itself, it was already worth what we paid for the cruise. There are other things we like about Diadema. 1. It is smoke free the whole ship. However, There are designated outside areas for smokers. 2. Even though there are not many English Excursions available, it is very organized. In the past experiences from other cruise ship, the line to get off the ship was long. We had to find the end of the line first, stood in the long line and waited to get off the ship. After get off the line, then looking for the bus. Costa handled it very well. We got our daily program at night for the next day. It provided the time and the place to meet for each excursion. We showed up at right time and right place. Based on the language and excursion, we got a sticker for the bus number. We sit down comfortably and wait for our number to be called. Quickly we would be called, got off the ship and found the bus efficiently. This is also applied to the disembarkation at the last day. They were smart to arrange groups in the different areas. So the line wasn't long and less crowded. 3. The interesting thing is the language. The cruise director speaks 5 or 6 languages every time doing the introduction and announcement. Finally, if you only speak English, most of the time, you won't understand what people are talking about around you.   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Don't take it! We did it on her first week and we regret the money we spent. Yes, Diadema si new and big but don't expect services as on the other ships or cruise companies unless you are OK with spending thousands of dollars ... Read More
Don't take it! We did it on her first week and we regret the money we spent. Yes, Diadema si new and big but don't expect services as on the other ships or cruise companies unless you are OK with spending thousands of dollars more for the paid services on board. Diadema is made that way is driving you to the paid services. For example, in the regular restaurant during diner, the food is coming very late, cold and most of the time with no taste. Also there is no buffet dinner on the entire ship. You have to go to the restaurant every night and if you don't like the cold and no taste food, your only choise not to go to bed empty stomach is to pay 25 euro per person plus drinks and eat at the paid restaurants and ONLY if you are lucky enough to get a table. We were NOT! People are litterally fighting for a cup of free coffe during lunch and some sweets and fruits! There are too many passangers and not so much help and stuff. The helpers are walking like ghosts on Diadema - they are too exhausted and they also look freightened by the supervisors who are yelling of them in front of the cruisers if something is not OK. If you are calling trhe Customer Service from your cabin or from any phone on the ship, you need to be very patient. You will hear music for 20-30 minutes until someone is picking up and than again 2-3 hours until someone appears at your door. Back to food, forget about eggs at breakfast. They don't serve eggs, ommlets or anything with eggs. The lines for breakfast and lunch at the buffet are the longest I ever seen on a cruise. Same with the lines made on each stopping port at embarkation. I am sorry to say all of this because we are Costa fans. We hope some of the problems will be repaired in time. There is one good thing about Diadema thou: the entertainment! Excelent singers and performers, great dancers, live bands, DJ's, excelent drinking bars, excelent entertainment team. Thumbs up for them because they saved our vacation. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Costa Diadema Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.4
Public Rooms 4.0 3.7
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.3
Family 4.0 3.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.0
Enrichment 2.0 2.9
Service 4.0 3.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.2
Rates 3.0 N/A

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