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We LOVE the Navigator of the Seas. This was the sixth time we've cruised with RCCI and third time we sailed on Navigator. Positive: - Sabor is delicious, authentic, slightly upscale Mexican food. We enjoyed it so much we went twice. ... Read More
We LOVE the Navigator of the Seas. This was the sixth time we've cruised with RCCI and third time we sailed on Navigator. Positive: - Sabor is delicious, authentic, slightly upscale Mexican food. We enjoyed it so much we went twice. I don't like guacamole and I LOVED their guacamole that's made table-side. More than worth the cover charge. Do NOT eat before you go; we couldn't finish even a quarter of our entrees the first time. - Izumi is delicious and authentic Japanese food. Great udon noodle bowls, sushi, and vegetable tempura. - The ship simply looks beautiful. New carpet everywhere. New upholstery that's more modern and has a nicer color pallet of navy blues and whites and soft golds. The hull is freshly painted. The digital way finders were an awesome addition. - The staff on this ship is what keeps us coming back. We adore Ricardo Mock in the Concierge Lounge. Everyone remembers who you are and treats you like family. - LOVE the Mystery Dinner. Do it! It's cheesy if you're used to professional theater, but the cheese is what makes it so fun! - Giovanni's Table is delicious. Just as good as Portofino's was. We actually liked it a little more because the food is served family-style, so we didn't feel like the portions were too big. - Always able to find chairs to read, lounge, and get sun in, although we're not married to the pool deck and are happy to find something on a different deck. - Ship didn't feel overly crowded, even with the addition of so many new staterooms. - Fitness center is great. Never had to wait for a treadmill. Love that you can run while staring at the ocean. Negative: - We won't cruise out of Galveston again any time soon. The port clearly can't handle the number of guests on a ship this large. We've cruised out of Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, New Jersey, Civitavecchia, and now Galveston, and Galveston was by far the worst experience. It took us slightly longer to check in, even though we're Platinum C&A members and were suite guests. This was partially due to very slow x-ray lines. The disembarkation was the real issue. From the time we left the ship at 8:20 it took us 2 hours and 10 minutes to get through customs. They had 10 agents available for 3600+ guests and they didn't seem to be in any sort of hurry to move things along. Enough said. - Disappointed that they replaced the nice Bose sound system in the suites with a Playstation. Not a huge deal, though. - Spa windows are now all covered over with a boring wallpaper because of the added staterooms. Doesn't look or feel like a relaxing oasis at all. - Very irritating encounter with a rude staff person in the spa. Unaccommodating, insulting, rude, etc. This is our second negative experience with Navigator's spa. Won't be returning there. Hope it's better on Liberty. - Menu in the Main Dining Room is a little tired, but the food is delicious. - Shops on the Promenade are a little tired. Nothing new. - Running track got shorter. Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
Instead of harping on the negative aspects of our cruise (which I will get to later), I wanted to highlight all the positive things that we will always cherish. Getting on the ship was a breeze. My youngest cannot stand in long lines, so ... Read More
Instead of harping on the negative aspects of our cruise (which I will get to later), I wanted to highlight all the positive things that we will always cherish. Getting on the ship was a breeze. My youngest cannot stand in long lines, so we are able to use the wheelchair line that breezes you in the ship. They allow the entire family (of four) to go with her. We heard there was a power outage after we were boarded that led to a delay of many passengers getting onboard. But that did not effect us. Stateroom attendant was not the over friendly personality as we expected, but she got the job done was courteous and got everything we asked for very quickly. We had a sofabed for the kids to sleep on, but we requested a cot and got it the very first night. Our attendant thought we were crazy, but one kid slept on the sofa and the other on the cot and that solved a lot of fighting issues between them! Our room was cleaned every morning while we were at breakfast and every evening during dinner. Ports of call: My husband and I had taken this same itinary last year without the kids, so we knew what to expect. In Jamaica, we went to the Dunn River Falls express. My youngest could not climb the falls so my oldest and I climbed while my husband and youngest played in the lower part of the river and had a blast. I would highly recommend this excursion to anyone. However, the locals are VERY aggressive in their selling and even cornered my oldest at one point and scared her by asking her name and where she lived...Do not leave your children unattended there. We went to the turtle farm in the Grand Caymans. The kids loved being able to hold the turtles and learn how to calm them down. We waded in the lagoon, as I am the only family member who can swim, but it was nice and quiet and enjoyable. When you go to Hell, look for the iguanas in the trees and the chickens in the brush. We saw a mother hen and two chicks, and the kids were more amazed by that then anything else at Hell! Cozumel we went to Playa MIa. This was our third time there and we bought our passes online instead of through the cruise ship. You can take a taxi there for $16 per day and overall it's about $100 cheaper to book on your own. All rental equipment is included in the price except for waverunners. They have added a waterslide and we all had a great time as always! Windjammer was OK. We are a picky family and ate mostly burgers and fries for lunch all week. It would've been nicer to have some more plain options for picky eaters. Breakfast was amazing in the Windjammer, except for the rude attendant at the omelet staion. We only had omelets once... Dinner in the main dining room was great! We requested a big table and made some great new friends! Our headwaiter, Jose, even got the chef to make Indian food one night for those at the table who like it! And he went out of his way to order to go food for my oldest the first few nights when she was too sich to make it to dinner. One more last positive: Go to the spa- the massage side and get pampered! I had a hot stone massage and a deep tissue/ scalp massage and both were fabulous.! I highly recommend Ria! OK negatives: I had a nail appt online and when I got to the salon, they informed me they did not have time to do both acrylic and shellac, which is what I had made the appt for. I was disappointed, but made an appt for the next day. But the nail job I got was horrible. My nails chipped, fell off and were not even filed evenly. The girl who did my nails was more concerned with how she would be paid and caused a scene with her supervisor right in front of me. Needless to say, I did complain and ended up getting my nails redone by Peta, who did the fabulous job I expected, but I would not get my nails done on the ship again. My oldest got a sinus infection on day 2 of the cruise, so she was confined to the room (by our choice) and did not get to explore or hang out with the teens as she normally would. Luckily I always carry extra antibiotic for cases like this and she was better by the end of the week, but she never did get out on her own. This particular cruise was spring break for Mexico, which was not much of a problem for us, but our dinnermates had partiers next door to them who kept them up all night. after complaining, the situation was resolved, but they said they would not cruise during this time again. Also there were a lot of non supervision of kids around the pool areas and we were only able to go to the pool once because of the rudeness and crowdedness of the kids at the pool. My youngest did not enjoy the kids club and said the staff were not kid friendly or kind to her. She went three times all week long and did make a friend, but asked not to go back to RC (as she has traveled on other lines) unless they get friendlier staff. Last complaint: DO NOT GET YOUR THUMB STUCK IN THE CABIN DOOR! When we were bringin in the luggage, my husband closed the door (hinge side) on my thumb and I had to go to medic and get it x-rayed. Luckily it was not broken, but it hurt like the dickens for the first few days! All in all I would go on RC again. It would be nice to see better enforcement of pool rules (especially for kids) and friendlier kid staff and maybe more picky eater options in the Windjammer.   Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
I'm a huge review and research reader when it comes to booking my next vacation and therefore almost felt as if I had already been on the ship when we first got on. This was our second family cruise (first was Carnival Magic 2 years ... Read More
I'm a huge review and research reader when it comes to booking my next vacation and therefore almost felt as if I had already been on the ship when we first got on. This was our second family cruise (first was Carnival Magic 2 years ago), but a first for my brother's girl friend. We are all 6 adults, youngest was 19, almost 20. The My parent's own a restaurant and my brother and his girl friend both are professional chefs at high end restaurants, so we're food snobs. The food was ok in the Wind Jammer, though every so often there was something I liked, like the lamb curry, bread rolls, real butter, and the always crispy French fries. My brother and his girl friend are huge food snobs, but my sister, parents and I always found something we liked. The specialty restaurants were good and I would recommend trying them if you haven't before. The Main Dining room was also good. I loved my lamb and duck dishes I got. The Promenade always good sandwiches and cookies and pastries. The staff on board were all pretty much super nice. Our cruise had 3100 guests on board and I never felt crowded. We didn't get the drink packages and though we also took our own wine and sake, we would get a drink if we wanted one, and definitely didn't drink enough for the packages. We're not heavy drinkers though. For some passengers though, drinking is a large part of their vacation and the package was worth it for them. We lived in Houston, so we only had to drive down that morning. Galveston isn't the best port to sail out of. I think it needs some renovating, but it's fair and ok in my opinion. I wish Galveston's water was as blue and beautiful as the Caribbean, lol. My parents had a balcony and loved it. My sister and I had a Promenade room that had a connecting door to my brother and his girl friend's Promenade room. We all loved our rooms as well, but wish we had gotten balcony rooms in the end, lol. Our first island was Roatan and we wish we hadn't chosen the Gumbalimba (don't remember the name) Park excursion with the monkeys and parrots. It was ok, but I think we should have booked a zip line or snorkeling instead. Belize was the Lamanai New River and Pyramids tour. That was pretty good. Its an all day trip with most of it being the traveling time. I wish we had more time at the ruins, but we realized Belize is meant to be explored and my family needs to go spend a week there. Cozumel has absolutely beautiful water and we did a short snorkeling excursion. I really wish there were longer snorkeling excursions. They are all pretty short in my opinion and we would have loved to be able to snorkel longer. We booked all of our excursions through Royal and this was a pretty popular excursion. There were a lot of people, but my family still had fun and enjoyed ourselves. Overall, we were sad that vacation seemed to end quickly even though we had an entire week. The only other cruise we had been on was the Carnival Magic and we preferred the Navigator of the Seas more. The entertainment shows were also better on the Navigator. Vacation was definitely a big success!! Thank you Royal Caribbean!!! Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
First I would like to say that this is my third time to sail on Navigator of the Seas and I was very pleased with the fresh look after the February dry dock. The flat screen TV's, carpets, drapes, furniture - all was in excellent ... Read More
First I would like to say that this is my third time to sail on Navigator of the Seas and I was very pleased with the fresh look after the February dry dock. The flat screen TV's, carpets, drapes, furniture - all was in excellent condition and very nicely decorated, although we found it strange that RCCL did away with the coffee tables in all the staterooms, so we brought our own small plastic folding tables. The outdoor furniture on our balcony was obviously not new - rusted on the legs, but that is a minor detail as far as I am concerned; just an observation. We have done a “girls cruise” every year on RCCL since 1996, so this was our annual cruise. We are C&A DP members & had connecting Jr. Suites on Deck 9 - 9330 & 9334. We had dinner at Chops (bogo first night), Izumi and Sabor. It was my first experience at Sabor and hands down our favorite. The best food we’ve ever experienced on a cruise ship. The wait staff was wonderful and very informative in helping us to select our meal. It was also my first experience at Izumi and we enjoyed it very much. Excellent service and food. Chops was good - they always have good steaks & service. Did not make it to Giovanni’s or Johnny Rockets. Tried to have lunch at JR, but there were LOTS of families on this cruise with children so the wait line was more than we wanted to invest in. I have no complaints about our Jr. Suites (except no coffee table for room service). Everything was as it should be. Otto was our cabin steward and very good - almost like a ghost. You would go out for breakfast and the room was sparkling clean as soon as you returned, the same with dinner. I enjoyed listening to him sing as he worked hard to ensure we all had perfectly clean staterooms. This was my first My Time Dining experience and probably will be the last. We did Chops bogo the first night, which usually is the worst night in the main dining room anyway because of all the chaos. The second night we arrived right at 7:45, our reserved time for MTD. We waited about 15 minutes then were seated at 8:00. By 8:30 all we had was bread & water - no menus and nobody had come by to take drink orders. We flagged down a head waiter who took our drink order and managed to get our waiter to bring us menus. The food that night was luke-warm. Nothing memorable about this meal other than how bad the service was. The third night we had reservations at Izumi. That morning we went to the Customer Service desk and complained about our MTD experience and said we would chose to dine in the specialty restaurants the rest of the week and refuse to pay gratuities for both MTD and specialty dining. The assistant dining room manager came to speak to us, and as fate would have it, he was one of our favorite waiters from several years ago on Adventure of the Seas. He asked us to give MTD another chance, which we did. The fourth, fifth and sevenths nights we did MTD and had excellent wait staff, but still had to wait in line to get a table anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, which I find unacceptable. I can’t fault the wait staff in any way for this, but the people managing the MTD at the front were not able to keep the flow of passengers moving. The ports we visited were Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. In Roatan we only shopped at the small area off the ship. There had been a travel advisory issued because of a crew member from another cruise line who had recently been killed in Roatan, and we felt playing it safe was the way we wanted to go. In Belieze we shopped and rode the calypso train, The employees selling the tickets informed us that RCCL owns the train. If you were on a RCCL ship, the ticket was $34.00 pp. If you were on Carnival it was $25.00 pp. We had to show our cruise card so we could not fib and say we were on Carnival to get the cheaper price. I don't understand the variation in pricing at all. The calypso train was interesting. We saw some nice homes and some very poor areas, but did not feel unsafe at any time. In Cozumel, this was our favorite port. We went to Mr Sancho’s all inclusive day resort. All you can eat & drink. It has a pool with swim up bar, beach, loungers & sun beds and for the kids there is a water play area with slides, etc for an additional fee. It was a perfect day and everyone I talked to who went loved it. We got a mini van taxi and for 5 people it was $21 total each way, about 15-20 minutes ride. I cannot say enough good things about Mr Sancho’s and I certainly would go there again. The service was top notch. Disembarkation was very, very slow. As we are Diamond Plus, we were in the second group to leave the ship after the people who took off their own luggage. BTW, when they say to have your luggage out by 11:00 PM the night before disembarkation, they mean it. At 11:05, I peeked out into the hallway and not a piece of luggage to be found. We were to leave at 9:30 from the Star Lounge. At about 9:20 they led us to get off the ship. Once we swiped our cards for the last time, we stood and waited, moved onto the sky bridge, stood and waited. Moved to the hallway, stood and waited. Once we made it to the baggage claim, we went to the line for porters, got 2 of them, they picked up our bags & took us to the customs line. We got through customs rather quickly, then the porters took our bags to the Lighthouse Parking shuttle. After we were loaded up and headed out of the Lighthouse Parking Lot, it was 10:45. I don’t think RCCL is to blame for the snails pace once off the ship. I am sure they are anxious to get everyone off so that they can start bringing on the next passengers. Over all it was a good cruise and with the exception of MTD we enjoyed it very much. I've already booked another cruise on Navigator for March 2015, so needless to say, will return to this ship.   Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
Overall, we had a great cruise. We flew into Hobby Airport in Houston to sail out of Galveston. We spent the night before in the Hampton Inn by the Hobby Airport. They were there with the shuttle within 5 minutes of our phone call. They ... Read More
Overall, we had a great cruise. We flew into Hobby Airport in Houston to sail out of Galveston. We spent the night before in the Hampton Inn by the Hobby Airport. They were there with the shuttle within 5 minutes of our phone call. They also offer shuttle service to restaurants, stores, etc, within a 5 mile radius of the hotel. Our room was clean, quiet, and comfortable. The next morning the shuttle was ready for us within a few minutes. I would definitely stay there again. We used the RC shuttle service from the airport to the cruise port. Although convenient, they overcharged us (they charged us the price from George Bush Airport instead of Hobby), and RC could care less - they use an outside service, and even though RC is the one who billed us they will not refund our money. They did give me a free bathrobe, but I'd rather have the money. Embarkation: This was a mess. It took forever. Poor communication.The power went out for 2 hours in the terminal after we finally made it through, and we spoke with some people who were stuck in there for over 2 hours, siting on the floor in the dark, with no information given. Main Dining Room: Food was good. Desserts were fair to bad. Service was very good. We chose Anytime Dining and were seated promptly every night, even when we wanted a table for two. On a couple of other lines we often waited up to an hour to get a table for two. Windjammer Cafe Dining (buffet style): It only felt crowded once. There were never any long lines. Breakfast had the same food every day - nothing special. There was only one omelet station. Other cruise lines usually offered fare such as Eggs Benedict, Blintzes, etc but there was nothing special at all at the buffet for breakfast. Breakfast in the Dining Room had choices such as Eggs Benedict, but not the buffet. Lunch was OK. Again, nothing special, but adequate. Other Food: On some ships, there is a grill by the pool, with freshly grilled burgers, etc., but this ship had nothing like that. The Buffet was closed from 3:00 to 5:30, so when when you came back on the ship while in port, your only options if hungry were to wait or join the loooong line at the 24 hour cafe, which gave you a choice of the the same 3 sandwiches every day. The Buffet also closed at 10:00 pm, so again, the Cafe was your only choice. And there were no Late Night Buffets like some ships have. Cabins: Our cabin (balcony) was clean and comfortable. Lots of storage space. However, the shelves in the closet are difficult - they are turned to face into the closet, so it was difficult to find anything on them since the hanging clothes blocked access. No smoking on the balconies - I LOVED that. I hate spending money on a balcony, only to have the folks next door smoke out there, and the wind blows all that smoke into your balcony. As always, our Room Steward was excellent. Ports: Getting off the ship for an excursion on our Tender Day (Jamaica) was not fun. There were no signs directing you where to go, so people were wandering around trying to figure out if the tenders were fore or aft. Once you finally found it there was a long line and it was very crowded. Getting off on Pier Days was much better, although still no signs. We did the Estate Pass in Jamaica, and enjoyed it very much. We just walked around town in Grand Cayman, and then enjoyed freshly caught fish and a cold beer at a little place near the ship. We stayed onboard in Cozumel, as we have been there several times. We had the Sanctuary Pool and hot tub pretty much to ourselves! Shows/Entertainment: The Ice Show was enjoyable. One of the Headliner shows was pretty good, the other was downright bad, and we left before it was over. The comedian was average during the early show, and during the "adult show" we left after a few minutes. Just not interested in jokes about bodily functions. The ship's production shows were average. We really enjoyed the Piano Man - especially the night they had Dueling piano men. They were excellent. Music in the Royal Promenade at night was always good, as long as you don't mind standing to listen. Disembarkation: It went quickly and smoothly. No problems, maybe because we were one of the first off the ship, and 1/3 of the passengers had to go through the international passport line. Overall: We had a great time. The ship was clean. It never felt crowded. Crew was excellent. Food was good to average - although I still managed to put on 6 pounds! Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
Sailed out of Galveston without delay. The cruise port was easy to get to and parking at EZcruise across from the cruise terminal was a breeze. They are courteous, professional, and will leave you laughing. Also, the lot is surrounded by a ... Read More
Sailed out of Galveston without delay. The cruise port was easy to get to and parking at EZcruise across from the cruise terminal was a breeze. They are courteous, professional, and will leave you laughing. Also, the lot is surrounded by a barbed wire fence so you know that your car in all likelihood is in a very safe place. A great way to start your cruise. :) My wife wasn't feeling well and so I was destined to spend the first few days exploring the ship mostly on my own. The nice thing about that is that the bedsheets in our stateroom were some of the comfiest sheets we'd ever slept in. It honestly made me want to spend a lot of time in bed and sleeping in was very easy to do. So at least if she wasn't feeling well, she wasn't feeling well in a king size bed with luxurious sheets. I was on the Navigator of the Seas last year and so I was able to see the differences of the dry dock upgrades. The main noticeable differences were the Flowrider (which I took major issue with and will mention shortly) and the new restaurants. Also, we had a beautiful TV in our interior stateroom. Last year we also had an interior stateroom and there was just a small tube tv in it, which was fine, but the new TV was a Samsung HD tv and it was somewhere about 26-32 inches I would imagine. Great picture and it swung out very conveniently for watching in bed. They got rid of the dungeon night club and I believe, if I'm remembering the ship layout correctly, that the mexican restaurant Sabor is in place of it, partially. Kind of a bummer because the Dungeoun was a pretty cool 2-story club that was a lot of fun. I went up to check out what was going on at the Cosmopolitan club late one night, as the music was incredibly loud and that's supposedly where young adults (and older ones too, I suppose, lol) are now supposed to drink and dance the night away. When I ventured up there there was literally only 3 or 4 people in the place and the bouncers looked like they were extremely bored. I thought that was odd seeing as how the Dungeon was usually pretty full last year. The service in the main dining room was great and the food was also very good. I recommend the steak (the free steak, not the steak that you can add on for an additional cost) as it was extremely good and I do know my steaks. I ordered it on the last night and I wish I had ordered it before then because I'd have ordered it more than once if I'd known how good it was. The shrimp salad on one of the nights as an appetizer should be avoided. It was below the quality of food I expect from them. Something that would have been good is if I didn't get the sense that my server was slightly annoyed whenever I ordered sliders as a 2nd entree. It's a very small portion and shouldn't even be considered a full entree, as it is listed. If you order the sliders as your only entree you will leave hungry, unless you have a very small appetite. I'm sure that very, very few people on the boat order more than one entree at dinner, and it's not as if me ordering sliders as well as another entree is a big problem. Just a tip for the servers: Show a happy attitude throughout your dinner service unless your table orders more than 2 entrees each and/or is treating you like garbage. Don't give a table even the slightest hint that you are annoyed at them for any small reason. A smiling, happy, jovial, thankful, appreciative, friendly young couple should be able to order 3 entrees between them (if you consider the sliders an "entree") without getting a slightly odd, awkward response from their server. That's all. Other than that everything was great! On to the Flowrider: First let me say that I'm GLAD the flowrider is on the boat. It's awesome!! It's not only fun to use but it's also fun to sit and watch everyone else give it a try and inevitably wipe out and get swept away by the powerful current! There is great stadium-type seating with shade for you to sit, watch, photograph and take video of friends or family on the flowrider. This is an awesome, awesome addition to the ship. HOWEVER, it was also a source of extreme discontent for me during my cruise. So upsetting that I wanted to find the person in charge of this activity and lodge a complaint, but I just couldn't be bothered to waste my time. First off all, if you are more interested in the stand up surfing like I was, you only have 2 times during the day to use this attraction. 9am-11am, and 3pm-5pm. The wait in the line can last quite a while. Most times I was waiting 15 minutes between turns. This is because it's a popular attraction on board and most people require assistance from the flowrider staff to get onto the board and to get going on the water. They help hold you up and also give you verbal tips to teach you what to do. I don't take any issue with the wait times because it's necessary to help people learn how to ride it, and I understand lots of people want to give it a try, and keep on trying. However. I don't want to get up at 9am on my vacation to use the flowrider. If I sleep in until, say 10:15am, by the time I grab a quick bite to eat and get out to the flowrider, I might get one turn on it before they switch over to body boarding which I don't want to do. How annoying. Then at the 3pm-5pm time slot you know it's going to be incredibly busy and you won't get very man turns. 2 Hours goes by very quickly. 5pm is when they shut down the flowrider for the evening and it's no longer in general use. They offer private lessons for $70 (very steep if you ask me) which take place at 5pm. I asked the flowrider staff if they ever open it at nighttime. The guy told me that they open it for the private lessons at 5pm and that if you want to use the flowrider you have to buy a private lesson. So I asked him "well what if nobody signed up for any private lessons? Will you open it back up to the rest of the people that would like to keep using it?" His response was "no" because he said the sports staff close it down at that point and go to work in other areas of the ship if no one has purchased private flowrider lessons. So imagine my surprise when 5pm rolled around and I waited around to watch the private lessons take place to see if I could pick up on any additional tips. After about 15 minutes of watching the sports staff using the flowrider by themselves it became obvious to me that no one had signed up that day for any private lessons. I stayed there for another hour watching them use it by themselves for their own enjoyment while I, a paying customer simply watched them have all the fun. They took more turns each in that hour than I had on it the entire week. Did that piss me off? Ohhhhhh yeah. Imagine how much MORE I was pissed off when I came back at 7:30pm and the sports staff were still using it all by themselves. No private lessons. Having a ball. This is seriously, seriously a problem and if a Royal Caribbean official is reading this, you should change the hours on the attraction immediately and make sure this type of thing doesn't happen. Ever. By the way, I witnessed this same situation play out twice during the week. The other 7 nights I didn't check. Did they have it all to themselves after closing it to paying guests more than twice that week? More than likely. Excuse me, but why the hell should 2-3 staff get it all to themselves, having the time of their lives, while I am not allowed on it. If we are in a port that day, I'm likely not going to use the flowrider on either the morning or afternoon session. So really, there are 3 days to use it, and during those 3 days you'll have to get up early (while also standing in a long line) or only attend the afternoon session and wait in an even longer line and have a few turns. You are probably starting to see my point about the staff having more turns on the flowrider in an hour than I had during the whole week. It really ticked me off. The flowrider even has night time lighting, all colorful and what not. What is the point of the lights if you don't let anyone on it at night. Oh that's right. The staff need the lights as they ride it for hours while you are told to hit the road. They need to extend the hours of the flowrider and prohibit staff from having a monopoly on the use of it if there are guests wanting to use it. After all, we are the guests. They are the staff. A quick note on the body boarding: It's fun, but not very challenging. Not only is the line longer because more people are willing to try it because of it's lower skill level, but each turn is probably 5-6 x longer than a stand up surfing turn because you can just lay on the bodyboard for almost as long as you want without falling off, and some people do. Posing for picture after picture for 3-4 annoying minutes taken by equally annoying family members who, like the riders, don't seem to understand that there are other people waiting to try and won't do the decent thing which is to take some pics, watch for a little bit, and then if the rider hasn't figured it out by themselves, encourage them to finish up. I only saw a staff member encourage a rider to finish his turn once, an the rider completely ignored the request and went for another 2-3 minutes (no exaggeration) without the staff member telling him to finish up a 2nd time. The weather was a lot better than expected and only rained once, I think. The port in Cozumel was awesome, the port in Belize was okay. Lots and lots of shops, mostly all selling the same souvenirs. We did a quick tour of Belize city by a really nice tour guide who was very proud of his country. I have to say I'm a more adventurous guy but I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Roatan was a whole different story. As soon as you leave the port area gates you see poverty. Bad poverty. Starving dogs and third world scenes are everywhere. This is not the type of stuff I want to witness on my way to relax at the beach. 3 days before our port stop in Roatan, a cruise ship worker from Norwegian cruise lines had gotten off of the ship for a few hours and was shot and killed while being robbed for his cell phone. I would have appreciated being warned of the violent crime. The night before Roatan, a warning letter was left on our bed by our stateroom attendant. This letter was drafted by Royal Caribbean to warn passangers of crime on the island. I wish I kept the letter so I could be sure, but I'm pretty sure that the letter was warning of non-violent crimes such as bags being stolen, etc. Knowing now what I know about Roatan, and after learning of some other violent attacks involving guns and knives against tourists, including one woman who claimed she was taken, assaulted, threatened with death and openly heard her captors discussing the possibility of selling her into human slavery before being rescued by some male tourists who were passing by, I would not have taken myself and my wife into Roatan or the beach area. I don't care if the chances are low. I don't have a paranoid of dim view of the world just because most of it is not as wealthy as the USA and Canada. I know in all likelihood we would be safe if we went to Roatan again, but I'm not willing to take my chances especially with the US state Dept. issuing a warning, and a cruise worker shot and killed 3 days before our arrival, near the port. Other than the things listed above we actually had a great time on the cruise. The ship was immaculate. The food was great. Anyone who complains about the windjammer is not being fair. The selection is huge and covers many styles of food. The staff on the boat were AWESOME. The comedian on the last night was disgusting and the room got pretty quiet a lot. He had a few good lines but that's it. The comedian they had the first few nights was great!! Mitch the cruise director and his staff were great. Very personable and funny! The one staff member we were looking forward to seeing was George the Sanitize dancer in the Windjammer. But he wasn't onboard. He's amazing. If you don't know who he is just youtube him. I'd literally find whatever boat he's on and specifically take a cruise on his boat just to see him. He makes your day with his upbeat attitude! I'd definitely go again, and hopefully someone from RCI reads my comments on the flowrider and makes some changes. Overall an 8.5/10 for the week. :)   Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
Have never written a review before but after our recent cruise on Navigator of the Seas I felt it was time to chime in. Right away it has to be stated that Royal Caribbean had no control over the circumstances of events that occurred in ... Read More
Have never written a review before but after our recent cruise on Navigator of the Seas I felt it was time to chime in. Right away it has to be stated that Royal Caribbean had no control over the circumstances of events that occurred in the channel. We flew into Houston the day before the cruise and stayed at the Hilton Galveston Resort. When we arrived we had heard limited news about the barge accident but did not (at that point) realize how it would impact our cruise. We started receiving txt and email messages from RCI concerning the cruise early Sunday morning. The first ones indicated the cruise would be delayed. No problem, we asked for late check-out which was only one hour beyond the regular check out time. We did not have a car so we just went out for a walk along Seawall Blvd., had some lunch and waited for more information from RCI. We also spent some time waiting in the lobby of the hotel with fellow cruisers (we had prepaid transfers thru RCI). We were finally able to get a shuttle to the pier at 10p. We arrived at the pier and had wait through a very long line to get onboard. Under the circumstances we did not complain and kept smiling. Altho there were some around us who had nothing good to say! We made it to the entrance and because we are Diamond members we were directed right through and up to the check-in desks without further delay. We were checked in quickly and on board in less than 15 minutes. We found something to eat then went down to the cabin to drop off some carry-on where at 1a we found our Cabin Attendant, Janeth, helping with the luggage for the passengers in her section. She had already put our luggage in the cabin. She stopped to introduce herself and asked if there was anything she could get for us. We have been on 12 RCI cruises and can honestly say we have never seen our cabin attendant in the middle of the night! WOW! She was fantastic the entire week! We had heard all day Monday that we would be delayed but at dinner that evening Captain Martinson came on the intercom systems and announced they were canceling the cruise. Needless to say it became very quiet. Even our waiters were subdued. We finished dinner then walked the deck to decide what to do. RCI was refunding 100% of the cruise, giving us a 25% certificate and reimbursing other expenses. We could also stay onboard and use it as a hotel and dining for the entire week. We decided there was not enough to do in Galveston for a week so we booked air to leave on Wednesday. Tuesday we explored The Strand area and were back on board to go to the 4p ice show. The ice show is fantastic. A few minutes into the show the captain interrupted it with an announcement that we were going to get a shortened cruise Cozumel and we were still getting all the refunds, etc.! So we canceled our air, stayed on the ship and had a GREAT short cruise. The weather was cold and windy the first day out but by Thursday it warmed up and we were in deck chairs taking in the sun. Friday in Cozumel was good. It was sunny and warm with just enough breeze to make it comfortable. I heard that most passengers were able to rebook their excursions. Allure of the Seas was docked right next to us. There were at least 8 ships in that day and downtown was busy! Saturday was a day at sea. It was windy but warm. We were docked by 7a on Sunday. Debarkation was easy and quick. We were through customs, on our shuttle and off to the airport by 930a. While we did not have any issues with pier transportation we have heard about problems with the taxi service. Something to keep in mind if we sail from Galveston again. Royal Caribbean did not have to do anything for us (legally) and yet they stepped up to the plate "royally". Thank you to RCI management and to the Captain and Crew on NOS! Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
Sailed March 2-9; Grand Cayman, Falmouth, Cozumel itinerary. We booked this a week before sailing after RCCL had just released the newly added Panoramic Ocean View Rooms for a great price. We usually book Balconies or Jr. Suites, but were ... Read More
Sailed March 2-9; Grand Cayman, Falmouth, Cozumel itinerary. We booked this a week before sailing after RCCL had just released the newly added Panoramic Ocean View Rooms for a great price. We usually book Balconies or Jr. Suites, but were interested in checking out these newly engineered rooms at the front of the ship on Deck 12. We had cabin #1874 which was larger than expected, floor to ceiling glass wall for awesome views (somewhat cantilevered out over the water), great storage, near elevators, same deck as Spa, jogging deck, Adventure Ocean (for kids) and Sky Bar. Highly recommend one of these rooms unless you must have a balcony. One deck below us was the Solarium Pool (adults only) which had been redesigned tastefully. Did not use the Spa on this cruise, but you can get some great deals during the week if you watch the Cruise Compass for specials offered by the Spa. Had My Time Dining and because we booked late, our dining times were all over the place. However, the dining staff was wonderful, helpful, and we had great service at table 576 (Paul & Stanley). We love Chops Grille on most ships but were a little disappointed in the service on this ship and the price increase. The menu has changed and sorry to see some favorites off the menu. Windjammer was great for breakfast and lunch. If you don't care for crowds in the morning, order room service breakfast the night before (breakfast order forms are in your room, just hang outside your door before going to bed). We find room service breakfast to be on time and hot. Since we are Diamond Members, we were pleased to find the Viking Crown Lounge dedicated to the nightly Diamond and Diamond Plus event from 4:30-8:00. The concierge, Nadjia, was very gracious and accommodating. Waiters were attentive and hustling to serve everyone. Free cocktails and very nice hot/cold appetizers are a nice perk. Plus watching the sunset from the panoramic views of this lounge are awesome. We enjoy this itinerary. Falmouth is finally finished, great shopping, fun restaurants/bars and great excursions are available. Dunns River Falls is always a favorite and rafting the Martha Brae River is fun. Some people like to explore the beaches near Montego Bay or Ocho Rios. Grand Cayman is a personal favorite--love the town, dining, gorgeous water, shopping, Seven Mile Beach, water sports and snorkeling. Cozumel is also a fun port. You can get to great beaches, snorkeling, water sports, shopping at the cruise terminal and in Old Town, restaurants and bars. Had an awesome fajita lunch at Las Palmas in Old Town complete with Margaritas and Mariachis. Usually pass on the song and dance shows, but we saw a terrific comedian/magician Cheswick and a special showing for the Texas Tenors who put on a marvelous and moving performance. We had a blast and met people from all over the US. This ship has a lot to offer: 15 deck; 10 pools/whirlpools; 16 bars/lounges; Flow Rider surfing; Rock Climbing; Sports court; ice-skating rink; Royal Promenade filled with shops, a café, bars; newly added panoramic rooms; Adventure Ocean for kids/toddlers; 8 dining choices; the casino; and the outdoor big screen for movies/events poolside. Don't understand some of the negative reviews. I know some people are upset over fog issues, but that is not RCCL's fault. We were able to leave Galveston before the sea fog got too bad and we had no issue with fog on arrival at the end of the cruise. Our weather was great for a March cruise, temps 75-84 and no rain during the day. I would highly recommend the Navigator.   Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
Disembarked two days ago from our first ever cruise. It was our 25th wedding anniversary. It was a western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean, Navigator of the Seas. I am sorry this review is a little scattered but I am listing the items ... Read More
Disembarked two days ago from our first ever cruise. It was our 25th wedding anniversary. It was a western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean, Navigator of the Seas. I am sorry this review is a little scattered but I am listing the items as I think about them. I travel a lot for my job. My wife has been able to travel with me most of the time. We have been a lot of places. Orlando, Disney; CA, Disney; Niagara Falls; San Fran, LA, Vegas, Aspen (free ski-in/ski-out house) just to name a few. Without a doubt this is the best vacation we have ever been on. We had a superfantastic time. Getting on the ship was extremely painless. We stood in a line for about 20 min. Walked into the terminal waited another 10 then right through the metal detector over to the counter filled out a very small amount of paperwork and were allowed right on the ship. From the time we unloaded our luggage to when we were on the ship was about 1.5 hours, if that. We were on the ship by 10:42. All of the bad things you might here on this website and others....we did not even come close to seeing. For a few examples. The bathrooms were plenty big. They are not huge but they are not as small as we were led to believe by reading some reviews. There was plenty of space for all of our bathroom supplies. We took way too many clothes, but there was still plenty of room in our cabin for ALL of them. The pictures of the rooms, I think, make the rooms look smaller than they actually are. Our room was very spacious and we had the smallest balcony room you could get. I was worried about the size of our balcony but it was perfect for me and my wife to have breakfast out there. Crowds - our ship had over 3400 people on it and the only day it seemed crowded was the last day at the pool and when we exited the ship to get our luggage (I will come back to disembarking in a second) and we saw all the people. I waited in line for the flowrider but that was no big deal at all. There were maybe 8 people in a line and we all cycled through several times. We waited once when we arrived early to eat but as soon as they opened the doors we went right in. I was amazed at the fact that the ship just did not seem crowded. I am a very impatient person with ADD and it was the most relaxing thing we have ever done. Getting on and off the ship for excursions was very easy as well. Even when we had to use a tender boat for getting to the pier. I thought there might be a big wait but we went down to the disembarkation area and were able to get right on the tender boat. We did not want to miss anything. We took a bunch of 5 hour energy drinks with us so we could stay up late and get up early. We were up by 630 and to the gym and we did not go to bed before midnight at all. Our service staff was incredible, the shows were fantastic (not sound of music or phantom of the opera) but all original RC shows that were well done and very entertaining. Getting people off the ship I am sure has been a challenge for years, but for us it was pretty painless. Again, tend to be impatient so when things do go perfectly I start to get irritable. But we were fine. We left our cabin earlier than required and went to our assigned waiting area. We were there for about 45 minutes but it gave us time to check emails and get on line (we were in port and had phone service by that time). When our number was called us and about 100 or more other folks got up and walked right of the ship. This line of folks stopped once for about 8 min and then we moved right into where we get our luggage. We then waited for customs and we were out of the terminal. From the time we stood up to leave our waiting area to when we entered our vehicle to leave was 1 hour. I hope I covered everything. Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
This cruise traveled to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. This was our first time on Royal Caribbean but have done two other cruises. Overall, this was another great experience. The Room: Standard Interior room. It was clean and our ... Read More
This cruise traveled to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. This was our first time on Royal Caribbean but have done two other cruises. Overall, this was another great experience. The Room: Standard Interior room. It was clean and our room steward, Hudson, always laughed and joked with us. Honestly, as usual, we did not spend much time here. Shows: I was really impressed with the quality of entertainment. We saw 4 shows, in singer impersonator, the ice dancing show, a contortionist, and a comedian. All were good but the contortionist and ice dancing show were amazing really and the ice dancing show was worth standing in line for tickets. It says ice dancing but the people on the boat were really talented and they had some guest performers that did a crazy ring balancing act on the ice. Food: I did not eat a bad meal on board. Lobster night was great and all the other dinners were very good. However, the only amazing meal I had was at the Italian restaurant and we had to pay extra. Also, I did not particularly enjoy formal breakfast, the menu was VERY limited and still required you to do fruit, yogurt, and pastries yourself buffet style. However, the windjammer was much better than other cruise ship buffets and we ate there for breakfast several times. Formal lunch was tasty. They had a make your own salad buffet and it worked much better than breakfast's buffet. My only real complaint was the the windjammer closed at like 9 and then the only other food available was at the promenade. Sometimes the line was significantly long especially if there was a party going on which happened many nights on the ship. In general, they could have used more staff at the promenade. It seemed like when one person wanted a latte, everyone wanted one. Days at Sea: Never a dull moment. There is so much to do on this ship, ice skating, boogie boarding, rock climbing, etc We watched two movies under the stars, It was a lot of fun. If you are looking for family friendly continual fun, this is it. The ports: Jamaica= Falmouth is an interesting port. At the port there is a fake town with a gate around it. We were told by about every passenger that unless you have signed up for a cruise sanctioned excursion, do not leave the gated village. Since we were not interested in Dunn River Falls, which is a part of almost every excursion, we decided to make a quick tour and enjoy an empty cruise ship. This worked out perfectly and got the chance to swim in the pool alone. Grand Cayman= Georgetown was clearly the gem of this week. We did the turtle farm and it was a lot of fun. But you can do anything really, divers/snorkelers/beach bums will be so happy here. I wanted to touch the baby turtles and I was not disappointed. The guys that took us on the tour bent over backwards to make sure everyone got to enjoy the excursion. Apparently, there was a mix up and some handicapped passengers who required motorized wheel chairs bought tickets but there was no place on the bus to put them. No worries though, the guys used a personal SUV to haul the wheel chairs. Also, seeing and petting the turtles was awesome, the snorkeling with the turtles was great. No, the water is not pristine like a pool. It is saltwater with fish and turtles but it is not disgusting and the lagoon is actually rather large. The food there was good (Jerk chicken sandwich) and we even had a local beer. The trip to Hell was worth the exactly 5 minute stop. But the bus tour of the island was super interesting and fun. Cozumel= Standard good port. Shopping, shore, water sports. We did the dolphin excursion. You get to pet/kiss the dolphin, get pushed, and hold on to it's flippers. But you also get access to the resort area which is huge. If you pick an early excursion time you can spend longer at the park, because the dolphin excursion only lasts about an hour and a half. There is a fresh water pool, snorkel beach (with snorkel rental fee) and restaurants available. We split early because we wanted to go to shopping but this place was really pretty. Imbark/Disembarkation: Getting on the ship was easy and our bags got there quickly. The disembarkation not so much. But it was because the port of Galveston stopped things not because of the ship. We also learned that if you have the capacity to carry your own items out, you should self disembark. We would have been out about two hours earlier. Also save money and GET A PORTER at least on the way out. The porter line is significantly faster than going through customs alone. Also be warned the port of Galveston is taxing the heck out of liquor ...well I guess "fees" not technically taxing. So declare and bring back knowing it will cost about 3.00 per bottle. Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
Recently took our 13th cruise, 11 with RCCL, 1 ea w/ NCL & Celebrity. I never miss an opportunity to give a thumbs down on NCL as our cruise with them was unpleasant in most aspects. RCCL has never disappointed us. Staff friendly and ... Read More
Recently took our 13th cruise, 11 with RCCL, 1 ea w/ NCL & Celebrity. I never miss an opportunity to give a thumbs down on NCL as our cruise with them was unpleasant in most aspects. RCCL has never disappointed us. Staff friendly and most greet and smile at the guests. RCCL seems to have kept their fares down by s-l-o-w-y eliminating things we took for for granted during our earlier cruises. Many of the eliminations are minor, so we easily accept the loss easily and appreciate the reasonable fares. Crown & Anchor members used to have a lunch or two with ship officiers, which was fun. Now, just two brief and rather spartan "receptions", complimentary drinks, but the tapas are gone. Our take on the food: The popular Windjammer buffet disappointed. Fewer selections and qualitity not as experiencied on past cruises. It is convenient for those taking excursions (and to eat there afterward), but we opted to mainly eat in the dining room for all 3 meals. We thought the food there was improved from past cruises, some entrees were excellent as was the service. I enjoy going to the library to select books immediately after coming aboard. This cruise, the shelves were locked upon arrival onboard. I spoke with 3 staff members who said they would have it unlocked immediately. NOT. Finally went to Guest Services who told me , not so politely, that the "The Library will remain LOCKED until we set sail....SIR". That guy needed an attitude adjustment. Minor point. Entertainment: Mixed. The Singers/Dancers/Band were excellent as were the general productions. The professional entertainers were so-so. The Ice show was excellent. Back to the dining room. Our servers were wonderful, but perhaps overworked with too many tables. L-o-n-g waits for refills and the eventual receipt of main courses. My constant complain on all 13 cruises is the LOUDNEST of the music, in any bar or public room!!! Nearly impossible to hold conversation with table mates. Sometimes the decibel level was probably near that at the 3rd level of Hell. I actually take earplugs to the main theater for evening entertainment and keep as far away from the stage as my old eyes can handle. Worse than a mosh pit. A rambling review indeed, but despite a few rough spots, RCCL has earned our loyality, so we booked another cruise on board this latest one. Make sure you avoid Norwegian's Pearl ( it isn't one). Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
We are Canadians and left from Detroit International Airport. We arrived in Galveston on March 1, 2014 rented a car from Avis $52.00 plus $13.00 for gas for the four of us. We stayed at Inn at the water park. very nice place. They will ... Read More
We are Canadians and left from Detroit International Airport. We arrived in Galveston on March 1, 2014 rented a car from Avis $52.00 plus $13.00 for gas for the four of us. We stayed at Inn at the water park. very nice place. They will drive you to and from the port. We returned the car back to Avis on March 2, just before we had to board the ship cost $40.00 for tax ride. So it cost $105.00 for the rental and we had it for 24 hours. This was nice as we drove around shopping and sightseeing. Better then paying for taxes or shuttle service. Boarding the ship. I hear people complaining about this and realize people will complain for no reason. Boarding is in side don't know why people are saying they were out side. The line is long there are over 3000 people trying to get on one boat. It might have taken 1 1/2 hours and i'm not even sure it was that long. And if your gold and higher your line moves faster. So people stop complaining about boarding and disembarkation. Our room was amazing and the Hudson our stateroom attendant was incredible. Rooms cleaned twice a day where can you get that kind of treatment? no where. The boat had everything you could ask for. Our cruise was for 7 nights and still didn't do everything. The shows were great. The comedian made me laughed so hard my contact fell out but again you can't make everyone laugh, some people need to just let loose. The food how can anyone complain about the food. We ate in the dinning room every night. The food was amazing. Prime Rid, Lobster, Crab Legs, Steak, Salmon, Lamb, Chicken, Pork Chops the list goes on and on. All prepared to make your mouth water, with a presentation just like the cooking shows on TV. Appetizers 8 to pick from and 6 changed nightly. Desert was incredible and i'm not a Desert person. The cheese cake was to die for. Most of the Deserts were so rich you only needed two bites to satisfy the sweet spot. The Dinner staff catered to your every need and they are constantly smiling. I felt like i was eating in a dinning room made for kings and queens. How people can complain about the food is beyond me. Now for entertainment, my son who is 16 had the best time. He participated in games won 2nd place in the belly flop competition and 3rd in the rock climbing. He danced away the night in the teen room. He met great friends and is missing them already. They did it all from hot tub parties to dancing to pool parties to rock climbing to ice skating to riding the flow-rider and then just relaxing in the teen room playing guitar hero. The only time I seen my son was for dinner and our excursions. Now for my experience. Daily hot tub get together s, dancing until late at night, meeting so many nice people. Eating when ever I needed to in so many different places. My morning coffee on the deck watching the sun rise. To a drink on the pool deck watching the sunset. So many shows to watch it was none stop entertainment. Excursions Jamaica zip lining & Dunn's fall booked with ship. This was a great tour and the tour guides are they for you. they don't let the natives push you into buying. The best thing about booking through the ship is if you are late for any reason the ship waits for you. In our case we were almost late and we didn't have to worry. I will tell more on this issue later. We then stopped in Grand Cayman-Georgetown you have to be tendered in as Cayman's has a coral reef around the island preventing ships to get close. Then tender ride is fun. My mother and brother thought they might get sea sick but it was an okay ride. I did make a excursion by myself thorough Fat Fish Adventures. I recommend this to everyone. Cut your dollars somewhere else if your short of cash. This tour is amazing. They pick you us at the Hard Rock Cafe and drive you to the ski doo's you can drive as slow or as fast as you want. They bring you to the sting ray sand bar where almost everyone goes and i'm sure we were the envy of about 75% of the people there. Most of the boats were crowded. With is tour there was 7 of us plus our guide. The guide knows his stingrays and they come right to him. We each feed which was a great experience. After we were done feeding he showed us how to hold them and we each took our turns. He did not rush us and let us take our time taking pictures and enjoying this beautiful spot. We then left and went to a private spot to snorkel. It was just our group this was incredible. He let us just take our time never did he rush us. He then took us to starfish bay. we beached the ski doo and walked into the water to our knees. He found a starfish right away. The all took turns holding as he gave us some back ground on this area. Then it was for about a 20 mile ride back. This was the best excursion i have ever did and it cost $175.00 for two of us on one ski doo. This excursion you can not get from the cruise ship it is a private company. I was very sacred we would not get back to the ship on time but he guaranteed me he would and he did. Took a chance and it worked out. Now for Cozumel again we did not book an excursion through the ship we got off and there were excursion right there. It cost $60.00 for us to go on a snorkel trip with free pop and beer. The posted price was $50.00 a person. but Mommy is good at getting a lower price $30.00 for both of us. We paid the lowest. Make sure you bargain. This was a fast trip only 2 1/2 hours. Trip could have been avoided. No different then Grand Caymans snorkeling. But this is why I say book with the ship when you have tours that are way from he ship. And they have to drive you. Six people went on an excursion 4 of them through the ship 2 did not. The group of 4 where late. They were on the wrong time(time change)the ship waited for them. The 2 that did not go through the ship were left behind. Now that is not a way I want to spend my vacation. So be very careful on your shore excursions. Now for the disembarkation. It runs very smooth. But don't forget over 3000 people are getting off this ship and trying to clear customs and get rides. And Celerity is doing the same just down the street. So be patient. We were lucky as Canadians we go in a different line much faster. It is chaos outside with over 6000 people trying to get shuttles and taxis. It took us two shuttles before we could get on but that was okay to me. We went back to Inn at the water park stayed another night rented the car from Avis again cost was $72.00 plus taxi ride $40.00 plus gas $8.00. Total cost $120.00. Grand total for rental car for 4 people $185.00 round trip. Can't get this any cheaper. And we had the car to sight see. We all loved this trip. Don't listen to complaining people. This ship was amazing, the food was excellent, the ports were beautiful, the staff is incredible, the entertainment was enjoyable with some great laughs. When it says adult it means adult don't go if you can't handle it. This will stop you from complaining. I'm sorry but some of these reviews are just stupid. I know there are all kinds of people that like different things. But to complain about anything on this ship just tells me those people can't be pleased no matter what. Take this trip if you can. Some things I would not do next time. Don't buy the drink specials as my son and mother never used them. They loved the lemonade and my son drinks alot of water he did not have one pop..waste of money there. I bought the premium drink special I would not do that again could not drink enough to pay for it. But if you drink more then 9 drinks a day then get it. Remember you are off the ship for 8 hours 3 times. 9 drinks are alot they put almost 2 shots per drink and they are not watered down like when your on a resort all inclusive. You can see how much you drink the first night and if you want to buy it for the rest of the trip you have that opinion. I hope this help you plan a cruise on Navigator of the Sea. Please read between the lines when reading complaints. Because the 4 of us and the many friends we met loved this trip and are all planing on doing it again. Thank you Royal Caribbean, thanks to the staff, thanks to Fat Fish Adventures we had just an amazing time. Cannot wait to do it again. Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
My husband and I just completed our 7th cruise. We have traveled RCCL (Rhapsody & Navigator) Carnival (Ecstasy x 2, Conquest & Sensation) and Princess (Crown). We love cruising and can find good things to say about all of them we ... Read More
My husband and I just completed our 7th cruise. We have traveled RCCL (Rhapsody & Navigator) Carnival (Ecstasy x 2, Conquest & Sensation) and Princess (Crown). We love cruising and can find good things to say about all of them we have been on but we both agree that Royal Caribbean is the total package for us! We live about 500 miles away from Galveston and traveled down on Saturday, March 8. We prefer to stay in the Webster, Seabrook area hotels which are half the cost of Galveston hotels. This trip down we stayed at the Quality Inn (Trip Advisor #1 Rating) right by NASA. I booked the room for $82 per night. Great hotel, wonderful beds and nice breakfast. Sunday, March 9 - Embarkation Day! We get in no hurry especially since we were weary from traveling the day before (about 10 hours) and the time changed. Only about a 30 minute drive to the ship terminal. Traffic was light. Made a fast trip to WalMart for sunscreen, bottled water, Dr. Pepper and Dramamine (just in case). Dropped off luggage at the ship terminal and then proceeded to EZCruise Parking. Dropping off your lugguage prevents you from having to load it onto the van from the parking lot. Hang on to your carry on and don't forget to have your Passports and Boarding Passes with you as well. Boarded the Navigator of the Seas around 2:00. Went straight to our room, which was ready for us, on deck 7 Aft. Always love being at the back of the boat and sleeping to the gentle rocking of the ship. Our luggage had not arrived yet, but no big deal. Went straight up to the Windjammer to begin a week of feasting. All week long the food in the Windjammer (breakfast and lunch) was great! We always ate in teh MDR for dinner. Loved the Asian foods and the Mexican cuisine. I always enjoy the fish as well. Salad bar was loaded, the fresh pineapple was to die for, pizza, french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs all great but my favorite new dish was an Indian Soup called "Dal" which was on the lunch line everyday. A bean based soup with cilantro, curry, garlic and just enough spice to pack a little heat! Loved it! My husband loved the omelet bar at breakfast and he is a picky egg eater! Our stateroom attendant was Mochadi from Indonesia. He saw to our every need in an excellent way. Ice, towel animals, turn down service and fresh towels twice a day. He was so professional and always spoke to us in the hallways, in fact, all stateroom attendants were extremely friendly to us each time we passed in the hallway. Some of the activities and areas on the ship that we loved were the Martini Clinic (loads of fun)Circus Parade on the first night, the ice shows, went to all of the theater shows (all were good), the Casino, Cafe Promenade (great free coffee for a cruise ship) and the Solarium. The hot tubs at the Solarium were hot and powerful (one more so than the other).....wonderful. The Bubba Feathers Band was awesome! Loved their Country Music. This ship really knows how to cater to Texans! We ate every night in the MDR. This is one of our favorite experiences while cruising. Husband and I had a table for two on the second level (can't remember the name of dining room) with Head Waiter Atul and Assistant Franklyn attending to our every need. Great service, great food! I can't remember the name of our Maitre'd but he came around visiting all the tables every evening. He brought our food, filled our glasses and cut our lobster! This is rare because the Maitre'd is usually not so present. Thank you! Loved the KC Strip Steak (it's a Texas thing) and the Escargot. Salads were all beautiful and all of the fish dishes delightful. All of the ports were good. We didn't book any excursions through the ship but independently. Upachaya Snorkle in Roatan (very nice), no excursion in Belize, just walked around and as always Eagle Ray Divers in Cozumel for snorkeling and lunch at the Money Bar! Diana, Carlos and Leo showed us a great day! The time to pack and place all luggage in the hallway came way too soon as always! We loved the Navigator. This ship is the total package! We were a little late coming in to port due to fog but the crew did an outstanding job keeping us all informed and updated. We were supposed to disembark around 9:30 and it was actually 12:00 but as amazing as RCCL is they cannot control the weather. Once back in the cruise terminal we grabbed a porter (HINT: this is a fast ticket out, don't stand in those long lines dragging your luggage) and were through customs and in our car at EZCruise Parking at 1:15. Pulled into our driveway at Midnight. The countdown now begins for Spring Break Cruise 2015! Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
This was our 15th cruise and there was fog on day of departure. A ship hit an oil barge spilling 160 gallons of oil into Galveston bay closing the port. Royal Caribbean kept us well informed with regards to port closings and delays. We ... Read More
This was our 15th cruise and there was fog on day of departure. A ship hit an oil barge spilling 160 gallons of oil into Galveston bay closing the port. Royal Caribbean kept us well informed with regards to port closings and delays. We boarded at midnight on Sunday. On Monday they told us the port would be closed and we would not be able to sail. After offering us a full refund, they told us we could stay as long as we wanted aboard the ship. On Tuesday the captain told us the port authorities would be opening up the port and we would sail on Wednesday. Royal Caribbean called all the passengers who had chose to leave and invited them back to finish the cruise as best they could. Awesome company! The food was excellent and the ship was very clean. The crew was very friendly and pleasant during a very difficult time. Despite being faced with the possibility of not receiving the tips they had planned on earning, they were very professional and went out of their way to make the trip enjoyable.   Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
This was our 13th cruise, 8th with Royal Caribbean. I am 57 and my wife is 62. This was a family cruise over spring break. We had 5 balcony cabins and 1 inside cabin starboard side near the elevators right by the Future Cruise area. ... Read More
This was our 13th cruise, 8th with Royal Caribbean. I am 57 and my wife is 62. This was a family cruise over spring break. We had 5 balcony cabins and 1 inside cabin starboard side near the elevators right by the Future Cruise area. Embarkation - A breeze. Entered terminal around 10:45am, checked in, got our cards and went straight on the ship. Cabin was ready about 12:30pm or so. Ship - Nice. We've been on Voyage Class before so we knew the layout. The improvements made to Navigator while in dry dock made the ship seem a lot newer. We've been on Oasis too so we've seen a Flowrider before. Nice addition to have on Voyager Class. The big screen on the pool deck wasn't noisy and obnoxious like it is on some ships, mainly Carnival ships. The pool deck itself looked nice. Being older we hung out a lot in the Solarium. We were always able to find at least one chair to put our stuff on. Both hot tubs were nice and not overly crowded. Pool was refreshing cool, some would say cold. Didn't bother us. Pool bar was ridiculously slow. One bartender on most days. Since it takes so long to make the fancy drinks the line got long. The pool bar service was quicker. The spa hot tub was ungodly hot. It took your breath away. We only tried it once. Food - The Windjammer is the Windjammer, nothing special, but i always found something to eat. Breakfast was decent and we split lunches between the WJ and the Cafe Promenade. Did not eat in the WJ for dinner nor did we have any room service. Really liked the food in the MDR. 1st night's prime rib was really good and so was night two's roast beef. I had escargot all seven nights. The tiger shrimp and the fried cod were good too and I always enjoy lobster night. Thought the chicken cordon bleu was dry. We had table 366 & 367 in the MDR on deck 3. Service at 366 was slow, but service at 367 was better. Jose, my guy at 366 seemed to always be a step behind. He was nice though, mixed up orders a few times. His helper, who's name I have forgotten was very helpful and quick with requests. Bar service was extremely slow in the MDR. We did not do any specialty dining, but had Johnny Rocket's once. Cosmopolitan Club - We were up here 6 out of 7 nights. The other night we listened to the country band in the Star Lounge. The CC was the place to be. It was lively every night though it got rolling late due to other things going on around the ship. It was the DJ's first week onboard and he was happy to play requests. Plenty of line dances too, if you are in to that. it was our favorite place to hang out on the ship after our second seating dinner. Gabriel was outstanding in the CC, Stefan not so much. Don't think he really liked his job. Drink card - I was on the $40 a day beer & wine card and my wife did not have a card. I thought it worked out well, though as I mentioned the service was pretty slow sometimes. People who I cruised with had the $55 a day card and they had the same complaint about the slow service. They spent a lot of time in the pub and said the service and the servers were pretty quick and very friendly. Shows - We saw most of the shows. They were good, though better on Oasis. I know, we're spoiled. Donovan & Rebecca, from America's Got Talent were outstanding, though I could have done with a little less opera singing. Their act is amazing. The Royal Caribbean singers and dancers were good enough. The comedy show was funny, but did not see the adult comedy show. Cabin - We had cabins 6314, 6316, 6318, 6320, 6324 and 6341. I personally was in 6318. Wayans from the Philippines was outstanding. Room was always clean, he knew our names from day one and he was always smiling. Those who wanted ice got ice as requested. Our cabin seemed spruced up since the dry dock. Everything seemed pretty much new. We had our balcony door partitions all opened up to make one long balcony. The balcony partition for my cabin(6318) sort of blocked the sliding balcony door. No big deal, but it did seem in the way. It would have been nice for the partitions to come completely off. Minor problem with flushing in the bathroom. Had to hit the button just right or it wouldn't flush. I got the hang of it, but my wife did not. Ports - Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. Been to all of them before. Took a van to West Bay Beach in Roatan. We paid $15 per person RT for 13 people, driver waited. Somehow a "tour guide" went along. The beach area was crowded, but I had expected that. 10 bucks to use a chair and facilities at Argentinian Grill. Alcohol prices were decent too. Just went to the dock in Belize. Waited until no tender ticket was needed. All tender tickets were called in about 60 minutes, no need to rush. Went to Paradise Beach in Cozumel. I had been there before and it's a well run operation, though crowded, especially the beach. That was ok with us because we were in their giant pool. 3 bucks per person to use the place. Food and drink prices run a little higher, but I'd recommend the place in a heartbeat. Disembarkation - Bad, as usual. Fog once again in Galveston. Been there, done that before. We waited in Studio B forever then had to deal with the madhouse in the terminal. Custom lines were LONG. it was our 11th cruise out of Galveston so we knew what to expect going in. Overall - The seas were like glass and you hardly felt the ship. Probably one of the smoothest cruises that i have ever been on. I'd give high marks to the cabin, cabin steward, MDR food, friendliness of the crew, some of the entertainment and the public areas of the ship. I'd give low marks to the service in the MDR and service at the pool bars. The pool bar staff that walked around were slightly better. Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
We really enjoyed this amazing cruise to the Western Caribbean out of Galveston. We have traveled on Royal Caribbean, Norweigan, and Carnival. Royal Caribbean is by far the best! We are in our early 30's and this was our babymoon! We ... Read More
We really enjoyed this amazing cruise to the Western Caribbean out of Galveston. We have traveled on Royal Caribbean, Norweigan, and Carnival. Royal Caribbean is by far the best! We are in our early 30's and this was our babymoon! We both have really intense jobs and this getaway was very relaxing and refreshing. It was the perfect babymoon. Our very first cruise was about seven years ago with Royal Caribbean to Greece, Italy and Egypt. This Western Caribbean cruise was our first one back on Royal since then. Here are some things we noticed lacking: 1. Interior cabins no longer have the curtain that separates the sitting area from the bed, which was really nice if one person wanted to read while the other took a nap. 2. They no longer hand out mints at night on the beds. 3. They don't have the activity where you can earn free stuff for walking laps anymore. 4. The Cafe Promenade took the place of the snack bar near the pool. For free, the Cafe Promenade served sandwiches and pastries and pizza but no longer hamburgers and hot dogs, which my husband missed. Johnny Rockets now serves unlimited hamburgers for $4.00 per person but friends said these burgers were not good. These are really minor changes but sometimes it is the little things that make customers loyal. And little free things can go a long way with cruisers on a budget. Things that I thought were good about this cruise: 1. Cranberry bread for breakfast is still delicious! 2. The interior cabins are more spacious than those of NCL and Carnival. The sitting area is very nice with the sofa. 3. All of our stuff fit really well in the shelves and drawers. 4. The cabin was really quiet; we were lucky to have quiet neighbors. 5. Overall, the food in the dining room was good (especially the salads made during lunch). The food in the Windjammer was OK but I really didn't like all the people being germy and pushy at the buffet. We avoided the Windjammer as much as possible. There was also not much variety at the Windjammer. (My husband got the Norovirus on NCL once, so we are now extra careful on all cruises.) 6. Trivia was awesome and fun. Royal Caribbean hands out great prizes like umbrellas, tote bags, caps, and sturdy travel pouches. 7. No one was smoking in their cabins as far as we could tell. We smelled smoke in our Carnival room. 8. Our room functioned perfectly. No problems with shower or toilet or electricity (again we had problems on Carnival's Magic in 2011 out of Galveston, prior to it being stranded.) AC was great. 9. Room attendant was great. 10. Beds were comfy. 11. Soda card was $53 for unlimited sodas for 7 days. 12. Watching people on the flow rider was fun. Some were really good and some fell really hard. 13. The pictures the photographers took were great but expensive. An 8x10 was $20 but since we were Crown and Anchor members we got the second photo for $10. 14. We didn't spend a lot of money on board. 15. We enjoyed walking around Decks 4 and 11/12. 16. Small handful of college students and families with young kids; mainly elderly people. 17. Seatings in the main dinner room were fine as you got there a little early. Had to beat those elderly people! 18. We booked our cruise one week in advance and got a great deal!! $450 per person for 7 nights; interior room on deck 8 aft, 8671. 19. Tendering at Grand Cayman was not too bad but we also got off the ship at 2pm. 20. Falmouth, Jamaica has the best prices for shopping. Grand Cayman and Cozumel were much more expensive. Shop in Jamaica!! 21. There were two formal nights. 22. I wish I had brought an alarm clock because there are no clocks in the room. I am glad I brought my power strip due to lack of outlets in the room. 23. Library was great! Some negatives this time around: 1. Entertainment was not that great. Only two shows were awesome - a funny magician and Rebecca and Donovan's acrobatics. Most nights we did not attend. The ice show was cheesy. 2. This ship held about 3600 passengers, which made getting on and off the boat a little hectic and stressful. We prefer the smaller ships. 3. Movies on the big screen - selection not that great. (Man of Steel, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Butler) Catching Fire was the only really good one. But this is a matter of taste. 4. Crazy shuttle driver at the port who cursed at us and yelled....not the best way to start off the trip! 5. I wanted to book our Next Cruise while on the ship but that was person was NOT helpful at ALL. At first he said children were free but then later, he said they were just cheaper. It was like he really didn't know his stuff. He was not knowledgeable at all, even on other questions we had for him. A regular travel agent would probably have known more. Overall, we were very pleased with how it all went. We would recommend this trip to anyone!! It was fun and relaxing! Can't wait to go again!   Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
Our cruise on Navigator of the Seas, March 23-30, 2014 from Galveston, Texas, will likely forever be our most unusual experience in cruising. It’s one we will never forget. As best my research revealed, never has the port of Galveston ... Read More
Our cruise on Navigator of the Seas, March 23-30, 2014 from Galveston, Texas, will likely forever be our most unusual experience in cruising. It’s one we will never forget. As best my research revealed, never has the port of Galveston been closed due to an oil spill. It was our eighteenth Royal Caribbean cruise since 2006, and our first cruise as Diamond Plus members. Let me preface my report by saying that, given the fact that Royal Caribbean was not at fault for what happened with the oil spill, they really delivered the WOW to us this week, taking care of us with refunds, future credits, and reimbursements for expenses. Given the situation, they did handle it “Royally”, and did everything they could to create a positive experience for us. For many, however, it was a rollercoaster of a week for all parties. We live about nine hours from the port, so Galveston is a drivable port for us. The ports for our sailing were to have been Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel. We left home on Friday, visited with friends in Eastern Texas on Friday night, and drove on to Galveston, arriving Saturday at noon. Not long after arriving, we heard word that a 585-foot bulk carrier vessel, named Summer Wind, had struck a barge holding 160,000 gallons of heavy bunker oil. This happened near the Texas City dike where all ships must pass through to go to port in Houston or Galveston, the “Y” as they refer to it. As the evening progressed, we saw news report after report on television and on the internet that all of the oil was leaking out and that hundreds of people had been dispatched to try to lessen the environmental impact of the spill. We met with friends from Cruise Critic and had a lovely dinner and visit with our Cruise Critic friends. On Sunday morning, we woke up and at 8:50 a.m. we have a notice from Royal Caribbean that we should not come to the port due to fog, which has been an issue several times since Navigator arrived in Galveston in February. We went to the front desk of the SpringHill Suites where we stayed, and asked for an extended checkout, and were told we had to be out by 1 p.m. or pay for another night. At 11:50 a.m. Sunday, we had a text from RC stating that the US Coast Guard had closed all inbound and outbound vessel access to the Port of Galveston, and that aircraft had been dispatched to survey the extent of the oil spill (the tanker lost all of the oil it carried), and the impact that incoming and outgoing water traffic would have. Those currently on Navigator of the Seas were sitting outside the port area on the ship (along with legions of other ships), still, awaiting word from the Coast Guard. On the ship, those passengers reported being allowed back into their staterooms to wait. At airports in Houston, passengers were awaiting transfers to the Galveston area for transport to RC Navigator and Carnival Magic. Cruise ships affected by the oil spill were: Caribbean Princess (which was to have sailed from Houston on Saturday), Navigator of the Seas (could not come into port, and we were waiting at port to board), Carnival Magic (couldn’t disembark or embark passengers), and on Monday, Carnival Triumph. Late afternoon on Sunday, the Coast Guard allowed RC Navigator and Carnival Magic to sail into port. Passengers began disembarking as night fell on Galveston Island. Most of us who belonged to our Cruise Critic roll call were contacting each other via Cruise Critic regarding updates (MOST helpful, as usual), and then we did have a combination of texts and phone calls from Royal Caribbean during the afternoon. Several people reported getting no texts nor phone calls, although those of who had completed all contact information got texts or calls or sometimes both. As regards my husband and me, we had a choice at 1 p.m. of paying another night at our hotel, or just walking, riding, and sitting around Galveston for the afternoon which is what we did. Most hotels in the Galveston area were more accommodating than ours was. Most hotels allowed those who had stayed Saturday night to stay in their rooms until late afternoon, some as late as 5 p.m. until we had more news from RC. As the afternoon wore on, many passengers went ahead and paid for Sunday night in the off-chance that we would not sail. Because we were not afforded the late afternoon checkout at our hotel, we had a choice: Pay for Sunday night at 1 p.m. or leave, and we chose to leave after I found three other hotels, including the only other Marriott property in town, who allowed us to book a room and cancel it up to 6 p.m. We booked the Courtyard Marriott with 6 p.m. cancellation. Around 4 p.m., we received notification from RC that Navigator and Magic were being allowed to come into port, but that it would take a while for them to disembark, and that we would be allowed to embark Sunday evening. We continued to “roam” around Galveston in our car, and just sit by the beach some, although no one could go in the water (was too cold and windy to be in the water anyway). Finally, around 8:30 p.m. Sunday, we drove by EZ Parking, where our car was to be parked for the week. My husband asked what time would we need to come back to leave our car and go to the terminal (no updates from RC since the afternoon telling us we would board later in the evening). To our surprise, they said that they had already taken two buses over and that people got out and went in the terminal. So, we boarded the shuttle and went. I notified our Cruise Critic roll call that we were headed for the terminal. When we arrived, we checked our baggage immediately, and went inside the terminal and were seated, and at 8:41 p.m. when we were sitting there, we got a text and voice message from RC with staggered times suggested for arrival at the terminal, starting at 9:30 p.m. and that boarding would be complete by 12:30 a.m. Monday. We were on the ship at 9 p.m., and in our room before 10 p.m. However, many of our shipmates, due to long lines, were not on the ship until 2 a.m. Many stood in lines, where it was cold and windy, for 3 hours. Many of them had a 1½ hour wait for a taxi from their hotels to the terminal, and some actually walked with their suitcases a mile or more to get to the terminal, after waiting that long for a cab. On Monday, March 24, we still do not know when we will leave, but on the whole, activities and meals go on. We had our Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle at 11:30 with a good turnout, but it was too cool outside for many activities. Also, because we were in port, alcohol sales were limited to liquors produced in the US, and the casino and shops were closed. However, activities ensued, and we had our rooms for Sunday evening for sleeping. Bingo was held that day, but because we were in port, we could not pay for bingo cards nor receive cash prizes, SO, we played free and the prizes were Royal Caribbean bling. We had a junior suite on Deck 9. We went ahead and booked specialty dining for the week. As Diamond Plus members (our first sailing as D+), we were allowed to use one of our BOGO coupons on Monday night at Giovanni’s Table, and use one Tuesday night at Sabor, the new modern Mexican restaurant found only on Navigator, and Chops on Thursday, a gift from our travel agent. In the midst of our meal in Giovanni’s Monday night, Captain Martinsen came on the PA system and said that our cruise had been cancelled. You could have heard a pin drop in the restaurant, and it was very quiet afterward. He did say we would receive a complete refund of our trip, and that we could stay on the ship for the rest of the week, using it as our hotel and dining, and that we would be allowed ashore to come and go and visit area attractions, etc. Regardless of whether we chose to stay or to leave the ship for good, we are scheduled to receive the following: $20 each for food purchased on Sunday afternoon, a complete refund of our cruise fare for the sailing, a 25% discount toward a booking (new or existing) that sails within the next year. That really did help our mood, and we decided to stay until at least Friday. We are positive folks, and just thought, hey, it’s a free week in a good place with good food, even if we never sailed. On Tuesday, people began leaving the ship and heading home, or disembarking to go to town to shop or to see local attractions. The people who had the hardest time at that point were families with children onboard. They had planned on a traditional cruise vacation, with three ports, and a wide variety of activities in warm waters. After Sunday, the pools and hot tubs were closed, due to the way the ship handles removal and recycling of water. For kids that meant no pools, no flowrider, and so forth. We hated seeing so many disappointed children. There were almost 800 children on our sailing, as this week was Spring break for Arkansas, Oklahoma and other neighboring states. We also felt bad for the family of 50 who were onboard for a wedding to happen in Roatan, where we didn’t port. Also on Tuesday we were told that no photos taken could be processed or sold. We each get one free picture because of Crown and Anchor status, so it as disappointing that even though ours were free, the pictures could not be developed. Tuesday afternoon was especially a hard time, because our sailing had been cancelled, and Carnival Magic had not cancelled theirs, and on Tuesday afternoon, the Coast Guard and port authorities decided ships could sail out. So we watched Carnival Magic and later that evening Carnival Triumph sail out of the harbor. Still, we were determined to make lemonade out of lemons, and had a great lunch onboard, and headed to the ice show, which was wonderful, at 4 p.m. In the middle of the ice show, Captain came on the PA system, and we learned that we WERE going to sail on Wednesday morning, and that on Friday we would port in Cozumel as scheduled. After the Captain said, “we are sailing tomorrow morning” the cheering was so loud we couldn’t hear, and finally the skaters STOPPED skating, and then we heard, “and you are still getting your refund!” and cheering ensued again. The ice show continued and I videotaped the Cruise Director Mitch coming out at the end, and the cheering that started again. We were told that approximately 400 passengers left the ship and did not return. Using the numbers we were given by ship’s officers, we estimate we sailed with 2,700 passengers. We spoke with some college students who left the ship on Tuesday and were three hours away from Galveston when the text came saying that we were sailing on Wednesday morning, along with the information that we would still get all refunds and credits promised. We could not leave until Wednesday morning because many had left the ship on Tuesday for the day, and wouldn’t be back until evening, and also it gave anyone in the area a chance to return if they wanted to sail the four day/four night abbreviated cruise. Regardless if a passenger stayed or left, the compensation was the same. So, on Wednesday, our cruise became more of a normal cruise experience. As we prepared to sail out, as each line was removed untethering us from the pier, there was cheering! Soon we were heading out. Pools reopened, all shops and casinos opened, pictures were printed and sold, and there was a full complement of all types of alcohol available. The day was a bit cool and windy, but it was a good day. That evening we went to the “Welcome back party” that RC Crown and Anchor has for all folks who have cruised on RC before. The one thing that had not been addressed at that point, and many people were asking about was: What about our cruise points? We were sailing free for the week, receiving a refund of cruise fare, so would we get our cruise points? Reba, the Loyalty Ambassador, came out on the stage and the first thing she said was “We have had a question, and I have an answer. Many have been asking about your cruise points. You WILL RECEIVE all points to which you are entitled this week!” Cheering ensued. We had run into several people who were three points shy of being Diamond, etc., so that meant a lot to Crown and Anchor members. For us, it means we get our second milestone block (210 points) on our Oasis Transatlantic back to Fort Lauderdale this fall, and the refund of our cruise fare was enough to pay off that cruise! Again, happy campers. Thursday was a beautiful day at sea, warmer, and spirits were good. People enjoying their cruise. At this point, there is little “grumbling” going on. Overall, what was there to grumble about? Our Cruise Critic group had out slot pull on Thursday, which we had cancelled from Tuesday, as the casino was not open. We had a good time, although we could not reach all of our group to tell them we rescheduled, and some of them were part of the group that left the ship on Tuesday. On Friday, we ported in Cozumel at 7 a.m. Alongside us, was Allure of the Seas, along with two Carnival ships, and two Norwegian ships, one of them being Norwegian Epic. There were over 22,000 passengers in port that day, the heaviest passenger day in Cozumel, but our passengers appeared to have been able to have re-booked all their excursions and everything went well. We chose to meet up with our adopted “son”, Dexter, who is a Concierge on Allure. We took him to lunch with us and just for a laid-back lunch in the very warm Caribbean sun. Saturday was an uneventful sea day. It was warm enough, but windy. Folks were having a great time. All of the usual shows and events went on, just as they did most of the week. Being new Diamond Plus members, we got to go on some of the “behind the scenes” tours. We went on the bridge tour, which was very interesting, and also Sous Chef Douglas from Scotland, spent an hour with us touring the galleys, kitchen prep areas, and the like. Very interesting to see how they made it all happen. On Sunday, debarkation was quick, and moved well. However, the issue again of an inadequate number of taxis, along with the rudeness of some taxi drivers who drove off when fares were “in town” deliveries, caused some of our Cruise Critic members to wait over an hour for a cab back to their hotel. I understand Galveston is a small town, however, to make things easier for passengers, a method of transport on Sundays needs to be investigated and implemented. Also, customs did not seem confident of their processing of taxable/duty items purchased. We left quickly, and EZ Parking’s shuttle was waiting for us and departure was swift. General observations As far as dining and housekeeping, the staff was amazing and friendly. Our dining staff especially, who were less rushed, and the food was good in the Main Dining room. We ate there three nights, and most every day at noon, since we really only had the one true “port” day where lunch was not served in the MDR. Our stateroom attendant, Robert, was amazing. He went above and beyond to track down our missing D+ Crown and Anchor gift. I think he was more concerned about it than we were. We ate at Giovanni’s table on Monday night. The food was good and so was the service. The mood became somber with the announcement, mid-meal, of the cancellation of the cruise, but again, we were still “making lemonade” and decided to stay on until at least Friday. On Tuesday night we ate at Sabor Modern Mexican restaurant. Sabor was probably the biggest surprise of our dining experiences. It was superb. Guacamole was fresh made at our table, and the food was awesome, including the Red Snapper my husband had to the Garlic-Jalapeno Sauteed Shrimp I had. Our dessert was a tray of delicacies, from flan to crème brulee, to many other specialties with dipping sauce. You should go there very hungry. On Thursday night, we ate at Chops Grille. We had a free coupon from our travel agent for both of us, which was good, especially since on Navigator, they have upped the price to $35 each. The revitalized Navigator has been in Galveston less than two months, and they have made menu changes twice. With the first change, they removed all but the smaller steaks from the menu in there, and charged a fee for the larger steaks that used to be covered in the $30 fee (prior price). So they raised the price, and reduced the choices. They had also removed the baked potato from the menu, and honestly had tater tot casserole on the menu. When we went to Chops last week, they had the “NEW NEW” menu. The menu has changed twice now since the revitalization. Price was still $35 each, but there were two great choices of 12-ounce steaks and the baked potato was back (but the tater tot casserole was still a choice as well). We did have an appetizer that was really great, but the name isn’t descriptive of what it is—Grilled Black Pepper Bacon. It was a piece of Berkshire pork, slow cooked, with a sweet/spicy glaze. It melted in your mouth. It was still very odd to me, however, that the priciest specialty restaurant on the ship does NOT have tablecloths anymore. Cloth napkins, of course, and they were white napkins, and I had on black slacks, and our waiter was insistent that I have a black napkin so my slacks wouldn’t have lint. I just thought that part was interesting…to worry about the color of napkin when you don’t have a tablecloth. We were also afforded a trial run of handling the Diamond and Concierge lounges and the“happy hour.” We had three drink coupons loaded on our SeaPass cards each day (not cumulative), and we could go to most any bar, AND we could still go to the Diamond or Concierge Lounge. It wasn’t an "either or" situation, it was a BOTH situation. We like it and can see the advantage in it. The Loyalty Ambassador’s area had Reba and an assistant working. They were very busy later in the week, probably fueled by the newfound wealth folks had from getting a complete reimbursement of their cruise and the percentage off another cruise. Suggestion: Sign up for a date/time with the Loyalty Ambassador early in the week if you plan to book onboard. I did feel for the people as regards reimbursement on Carnival Magic. They left on Tuesday afternoon (5 days sailing), and two ports, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. They will be refunded 2 days of their seven, and get a 25% future cruise certificate. They received no reimbursement for meals or Sunday night’s hotel. Caribbean Princess, originally to set sail from Houston on Saturday, sailed on Tuesday afternoon with one stop, Cozumel, and after a flurry of 100% refund offers that apparently was rescinded on Tuesday, then were reinstated to the complete refund originally offered, so I'm guessing Princess passengers were pretty happy. Royal Caribbean got us on board Sunday evening, so we had seven nights on board, they paid for our meal on Sunday missed, 100% refund of cruise price, 25% on a future cruise, missed port taxes were refunded, and we got our cruise points. Seriously, however, if Galveston/Houston area wishes to grow as ports for cruises, the issue with taxis needs to be examined. Sunday, there was just the usual cruise passenger traffic in Galveston, and there were not enough cabs/transfers for people. Some people waited 1.5 hours for a cab, and dealt with unkind, rude drivers. Summary All in all, albeit a rollercoaster of a week, with everything from we are delayed leaving, to we are cancelled, to we are going again, it was an interesting week. Royal Caribbean, especially since none of this was their fault, definitely stepped up to the plate, offered us amazing compensation for our delays, and we had seven days of good food, fellowship, activities, and performances. It was free for the week, and our money will be refunded. Given the situation, who could ask for more? Not us. We were very happy, and will return to Galveston in May for another sailing on Navigator. The revitalization of Navigator is evident all around the ship. New tile floors in the promenade, new chairs and colors and even draperies in rooms. They did a great job in the refurb. Main downside in the stateroom was the tiniest safe I have ever seen in a room! Throughout the ship were bright colors, new carpet and furnishings, and everything looked very clean. This was our third sail on Navigator, the other two being before the drydock, so the changes were evident to us. We also noticed that both the concierge lounge and the diamond lounge had received facelifts, and new latté machines as well. Finally, how could any cruise line do anymore for a group of passengers than Royal Caribbean did for us? The answer: They couldn’t. The oil spill was beyond their control. I thank our Captain Frank Martinsen, his officers, and the entire staff for delivering the WOW in a difficult situation.   Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
Newly renivated ship looked great, I did not like the beds and pillows at all. Reminded me of bunk beds that fold down from wall and hard. Pillows were very slim, but after asking cabin maid, he brought us two more pillows that were ... Read More
Newly renivated ship looked great, I did not like the beds and pillows at all. Reminded me of bunk beds that fold down from wall and hard. Pillows were very slim, but after asking cabin maid, he brought us two more pillows that were thicker. RC has cut out the midnight choc. bar and food was not up to their usual great food. In the main dinning on 11th floor chairs were very slim and big people will not fit in them. The staff was very good about bringing chairs without arms on them to you. In the dinning room on the 3rd,4th, and 5 th floor was beautiful and well done. Chairs again were an issue for big people, but the waiters did bring a chair without arms. We travel RC all the time and really enjoy the hospitality on board, and the folks that cruise with us on each cruise. Over all it was a great cruise and I recommend sailing on this ship, the promenade state rooms were really nice with a window overlooking the center of the boat. Gambing did not pay off and slots were tight and did not see very many people winning. The dealers were very friendly and really wanted us to win, but no luck on this trip. By the way guys, they do have poker tables to play on. The new ports were fantastic and had good shopping for the ladies. Jamacia was really nice after they moved the port entry and shopping area was excellent. I recommend going on this cruise, and maybe if people complain a little they will fix the other items that i talked about.   Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
I wasn't in the Navigator before dry dock, but on the first cruise after. The common areas are lovely and the cabin colors were modern and soothing. I was a little surprised the balcony area was dirty. I realize sea spray keeps it a ... Read More
I wasn't in the Navigator before dry dock, but on the first cruise after. The common areas are lovely and the cabin colors were modern and soothing. I was a little surprised the balcony area was dirty. I realize sea spray keeps it a little dirty, but this was way more than that.  Loved this cabin. Very spacious with plenty of storage. We brought along an over-the-door shoe holder which we hung on the inside of the bathroom. This works great for toiletries. The new carpet, bedding and couch were lovely. The only complaint is the balcony was pretty dirty. I know sea spray can make a mess, but this was more than that. You would think that after being in dry dock they could have cleaned the balconies! Other than that, everything was great with the cabin. On our cruise there were some plumbing issues, but not to the gross point. The main point of contention was the smoke from the casino on deck 4 drifted up to the promenade on deck 5. That got old, quick. Also, the bars were WAY understaffed. It would take forever to get any type of beverage, including a simple bottle of water. We had 14 ft+ seas the first night, but only experienced minor rocking. All in all, it was a good cruise and I would sail this ship again. Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
Lesson learned; never sail out of Galveston in the winter! The Navigator of the Seas was several hours late in arriving in port due to fog after its 5 day shakedown cruise. RCCL did an admiral job in getting 3,000 passengers off the ship ... Read More
Lesson learned; never sail out of Galveston in the winter! The Navigator of the Seas was several hours late in arriving in port due to fog after its 5 day shakedown cruise. RCCL did an admiral job in getting 3,000 passengers off the ship and 3,000 new passengers on board when they were all in the terminal waiting. The passengers, for the most part, were accepting of the situation, realizing that it was beyond RCCL's control. We were unable to leave until 8:00 AM the next morning. Since we had to stay in port only 2 bars were open and this caused a crush of people. Due to the late sailing we were late (although the captain made up considerable time) in arriving in Roatan and we had to cut our shore excursion short. Embarkation rating is based on this experience. This was our first time on the Navigator and understand that she had just come out of 4 weeks in dry dock. The reason was to add several additional cabins and specialty restaurants. It was in great shape; all the public areas were clean and appeared to be refreshed. New carpet, new dining chairs in the main Drs. other cosmetic additions and the addition of a Flow Rider made the ship as good as new in our opinion. RCCL gave several interior cabins "virtual" balconies; large screen tv on the wall broadcasting an outside view from live cameras. Only talked to two passengers who were in them; one negative, one positive. We had a balcony cabin on deck 7. Our cabin steward was very competent; responding to requests in a timely manner. We did not rate the entertainment as we did not go to the ice show and do not go to the ensemble revue shows as they are not our thing. The guest entertainers were okay. Tom McTigue's adult show was fun and Chad Chesmark, comedian and magician was good and we would have liked his show to be longer. The Love & Marriage Game Show was a hoot but is strictly dependant on the volunteers who go up. The flow rider is a nice addition and neither it nor the climbing wall were overly busy when I went by. The one issue I had was that while we were in port in Cozumel members of the crew of the Allure, which was also in port, came over to use it which made the wait longer for the passengers. Hopefully a one time thing to check out the new toy. We are not fussy eaters or overly critical of our dining. We enjoyed all the food options from breakfast room service to the Windjammer to the main dining. We were early, fixed seating. We chose to sail out of Galveston this time as we were able to more easily drive to the port. Never again though; sorry Navigator. Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
My wife and I did our first Caribbean cruise last week and it was quite enjoyable. We went to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico. We have done 15 cruises altogether, but they've all been in Europe with the exception of 3 ... Read More
My wife and I did our first Caribbean cruise last week and it was quite enjoyable. We went to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico. We have done 15 cruises altogether, but they've all been in Europe with the exception of 3 to Alaska. I'm not a big fan of hot, humid weather (we live in the desert), but my wife wanted to go on this cruise so I went along. I actually had a very good time. The check-in process was quick and easy - as always. The ship was nice just having come from a refurbishment two weeks prior. They put in new carpet and new furniture in some of the lounges and dining rooms and new TVs in the staterooms. Someone said they also added some more cabins and we can believe it because the dining room is now rather cramped compared to our previous sailing on this ship because all they did was add more tables to the existing space. The diining room service, as with all the service on the ship, was still excellent however. We didn't sign up for any shore excursions prior to boarding as we usually do because looking on-line we didn't see anything that grabbed our attention, but once on board we found a brochure from the Shore Excursions Office in our stateroom that seemed to offer more than what we saw on-line. We ended up signing up for a tour in each of our three stops. We did the Falmouth, Jamaica walking tour with Falmouth Hertage Walks, Ltd and our tour guide Crystal (a college student). She was an excellent tour guide. She's very knowledegable, friendly, and personable. The tour was at a very reasonable pace given the heat and humidity and Crystal and her assistant Grace both had plenty of bottled water for us provided free of charge. If you like seeing what life is like in a place and hearing about the historical aspects of it, then this is a good tour. It was about two hours long. George Town in Grand Cayman was a pleasant surprise. It was quite modern with nice roads, homes, and shops. We took the 1-hour trolley tour which was very informative and a pleasant ride down the coast seeing how some of the locals live. Some people took a city bus tour that they found on the pier and said that was good also. They saw things we didn't and vice versa. In Cozumel we took the guided island bus tour that included a 1-hour tour of some Mayan ruins dating back to 3100 BC. We had never been that interested in the Mayan culture, etc, but we found this to be extremely interesting. Of course our guide from the bus was of Mayan descent and knew what he was talking about and made it fun and informative. It was supposed to be a 3-hour tour but came out closer to 4. Actually, I think the 1-hour Mayan tour was more like an hour and a half or so, but nobody cared. It was too good. But bring bottled water because it is hot! The cruise was uneventful until Sunday morning when we were supposed to dock in Galveston at 7:00 a.m. We actually got into port at 12:30 p.m. because the port had been closed due to heavy fog. We sat 12 miles out in the Gulf for over 4 hours until the port was opened. It certainly caused a lot of frustration for many people who had to try and rebook airline flights. Some had to pay heavy penalties. For us who were driving we did not make it the 600 miles through Texas we had hoped to. Of course, none of this was Royal Caribbean's fault and we never heard anyone say it was. So, now having done this one cruise in the Caribbean and enjoying it we may do another one sometime but going to different locations. Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
My sister and I traveled together and we had a great experience. It was the first on RCI for both of us. Galveston: We highly recommend the Moody Gardens Hotel. Not only is the room very nice, but we got free shuttle to/from the terminal ... Read More
My sister and I traveled together and we had a great experience. It was the first on RCI for both of us. Galveston: We highly recommend the Moody Gardens Hotel. Not only is the room very nice, but we got free shuttle to/from the terminal AND free parking/valet for the car while gone! Not only that, but with fog delaying our departure, they extended our check-out time twice. Very nice to work with. But regarding that fog, it turned the check-in process at the terminal into a disaster. Some people were in line for 3+ hours. And it was hard to even make out the line. It looked like just a large crowd. I was actually concerned for some of the older, more frail-looking people I saw in the crowd. With the late departure, we started out with open seating in the MDR and we barely got done eating before muster. In fact, we didn't get dessert! :) But really, all was well. We found the food to be very good. I had salmon several times and it was very good (though the last night it didn't seem to have the outstanding flavor it had before). We loved the smaller portions that we were served and that the food seemed so fresh. My sister and I had both been counting calories for a long time (2 years for me) and were concerned about our eating but there were plenty of healthy choices. We didn't always choose the healthiest items, but that isn't RCI's fault. (In case you are wondering, we each gained about 1.5 pounds). Speaking of watching our weights, we were able to get lots of physical activity aboard the ship. Almost every morning we worked out in the Fitness Center. We loved looking out at the sea while exercising. We also both wear pedometers and were able to count our steps and flights of stairs. One day, I went up 22 flights! We found it more convenient to take the stairs than to wait for the elevators (more on that later). We averaged over 10,000 steps a day. It felt good to be moving around so much though we apparently still ate more calories than we burned! The elevators were often crowded. A couple of times, it seemed like every man for himself. We had waited through 3 full elevators opening on our floor when a couple of girls walked up and got on the next almost-full elevator right in front of us effectively cutting us off. People are people so that kind of thing will happen occasionally. For the most part, though, we found everyone friendly and engaging. Our only other complaint would be the smoking, even though it is restricted to only a couple of areas. Really, it was the most bothersome in the casino. I only went in there once and didn't stay due to the smoke. Our cabin attendant, Zaldy, was wonderful. He went above and beyond the first night to find our luggage. Our main dining server, Yazi, was also wonderful. If we had any complain at all in the MDR, it was that drinks didn't come quickly enough. The assistant finally caught on that we had several tea drinkers and he began to get that to us faster as the days progressed. I always had coffee with my dessert (yes, part of the calories problem, I know!) but several times I never got a refill because the assistant server was no longer around. Two days before embarkation, we upgraded to a junior suite and we loved, loved, loved our room! The closet was amazing. We could both be in it at the same time if needed. But it was easy for one person to go in and close the door, making it a changing room if needed. The tub/shower was nice with lots of water pressure. The room had tons of storage. We didn't use all the spaces. The room is on the "hump" which was nice. First, it always helped us know where our rooms was when walking down the long hallway! But really the treat was when on the balcony. It expanded our view. I'd read somewhere that some junior suites have a column in them that interrupts the view and that was the case with ours. But the good thing is that it provided a nook area on one side of it that we were able to put our larger suitcases (that wouldn't fit under the bed). I almost forgot about the entertainment. We saw several average shows but were also treated to the Texas Tenors!! They were so good. Because of how phenomenal they were, I will rank the entertainment very high. Overall, we loved the ship and the trip. Can't wait to do it again! Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
This was our third Caribbean cruise but our first on RCCL and our first time to Grand Cayman and Falmouth Jamaica. We were planning to do the 'Dickens on the Strand' thing in Galveston with some friends and ended up taking a last ... Read More
This was our third Caribbean cruise but our first on RCCL and our first time to Grand Cayman and Falmouth Jamaica. We were planning to do the 'Dickens on the Strand' thing in Galveston with some friends and ended up taking a last minute bargain basement cruise to get out of the cold weather for awhile. The price was so good we decided to upgrade to a balcony which was also a first as we normally spend little time in our room, preferring to explore every nook and cranny on the ship. The balcony acted as a kind of human magnet and we ended up spending far more time in the room than normal! In a way that was not good as toward the end of the cruise I mentioned that we had seen little of the ship on this trip. As far as the ship and accomodations are concerned, what is there to say? We typically look at the ship as a sort of floating hotel and transportation rather than a destination. We did our usual thing: eat too much, enjoy as much of the onboard entertainment as possible, and drink a little. I normally have fairly low expectations but when the bar girl at one of the lounges announced that they had no single malt scotch I was rather surprised. I was then dumbfounded when after I asked for a scotch with no ice or water and a side of water she brought me the usual watered down scotch/water/ice combo. After she realized her mistake she took it back, took out the ice, and brought the scotch and water back! Oh well. It was a fun evening anyway and made for a good story later. There were several highlights on the trip. Leading the pack was meeting a local from Falmouth with the same last name as mine. I knew it was a fairly common name on the island dating back to the old English plantation owners so I used FB to track down a Falmouth resident by that name and invited him to lunch. We had a grand time! Along with our walking tour of the old port town of Falmouth it gave us a unique peek into the local scene. Jamaica is an interesting place with lovely people and I put it on my list of places to go back to. Second hit of the trip was meeting up with a group of fellow geocachers on the CC Roll Call forum. We did a little geocaching along the way and swapped stories on board. Grand Cayman was new to us so we were delighted when a local shop owner came out and greeted us at one of our geocaching locations and regaled us with local stories. On the downside, embarkation was the pits with huge crowds, long lines, and a long long wait to get onboard. Getting off was easier but my wife lost her passport somewhere in the meelee and we ended up having to get another. While the shows at night were good, the entertainment in the lounges was not as good as we've had on other cruises and generally pretty poor. All in all the trip met or exceeded all my expectations. Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
First, a few tips, Be sure to bring 2 or 3 ball point pens, also extra batteries, AA are very expensive on ship. Also a small folding bag to use on shopping tours. Four bus load of cruisers, arrived at the ship terminal about 12:45, note ... Read More
First, a few tips, Be sure to bring 2 or 3 ball point pens, also extra batteries, AA are very expensive on ship. Also a small folding bag to use on shopping tours. Four bus load of cruisers, arrived at the ship terminal about 12:45, note RCL uses terminal 2. I was told to move to the front of the line, as I am 85, traveling alone, and use a walker. Just inside the terminal, which appeared more like a huge warehouse, was then told to use the wheelchair lane, and moved to the next agent. Showed my documents, then over to the security line, just like at the airports. Walked to the opposite end of the area, qued up, when an agent held up a number sign, proceeded to check in. Gave my documents to Rebecca, had a photo taken, then given my Sea Pass. No picture on it, but when the Sea Pass is scanned as you enter, or leave the ship, your picture is on the screen for security to view. Neat. Then walk back to the security area, exited to another room, presented my Sea Pass, and up to the next floor. The gangway i here and up to deck 4 to board. Now the Sea Pass is scanned and I entered the ship. Here is where the confusion starts. All want to go up to their rooms, (cruisers like to use nautical terms, ok, staterooms.) TIP, elevators are called lifts, so look for one that is going down, get in. When it is ready to go up, tap in your deck number. Remember, Starboard (right), port (left.) Door to my room, was quite heavy, the interior was adequate for me, two is ok, four is a crowd. The shower is about 40" diameter. A bar of soap in shower and next to wash basin. The used one will not be replaced. The TV set was about an 18", with good display, ships activities was being shown. On the bed was the ship's Cruise Compass. It will help you decide what events you wish to do/see the next day. Mark them down, It will help you. There is muster a 4 this is the life preserver drill. Although the TV indicated to bring preservers with you, don't. If you wish to have a seat, arrive at 3:45, the drill will be about 15 minutes. There is a circus parade at 5:15 at the Royal Promenade, deck 5. Dinner is served at 6 in the Windjammer Cafe, you won't be allowed to enter early. When you do enter, head to your right past the bar, the Jade portion is here, for the Asian styled food. Pass this to the main food area. TIP. No trays, also no spoons with the fork and knife. Pick up one at the soup, or desert area. Coffee, tea, water and a strawberry-kiwi drinks are free. The wait staff was extremely helpful. They wanted to carry my food for me. Take names, if you can, of all that help. TIP. Remember food is aft,entertainment is forward. Also public restrooms, men on port, ladies on, yep, right. TIP. The ships movement is shown on the TV, I think 14, take a picture of the screen, but turn off the flash first. You will find this interesting as you pass into the Gulf, and the Mexican ports. TIP. On deck 4, to reach forward, or aft, you must walk through the maze if slots, easier on deck 5. Also the life boats are on this deck, medical on deck 1. To reach deck 14, use port side lifts. The main show is in the Metropolis Theater, decks 3 and 4. Wheel chair passengers, should use deck 4, as the area just inside is reserved for this use. The Dungeon is the disco room, deck 4 is the bar area, while deck 3 is the dance floor. A fun place, was here past 11:00, for a few nights. Internet fee is .75 per minute, or 38 minutes for $24.95! A WOW card may be on your bed, last night, to express who did an outstanding job to assist you. The ice show was on the second day, and a must see. Be sure to obtain tickets early, and also arrive early for a good seat. the show was fabulous! It is on deck 3, best to either walk down, or use the forward lifts. I wanted to visit the bridge overlook on deck 11. Use the exit doors, near the spa,then walk forward. You can look down into the bridge, and perhaps an officer might be at the controls. Must have been on auto-pilot when I looked in. As I explored the ship, discovered there are about 150 deck chairs on the aft side of deck 12. seems the poolside chairs are in demand for the swimmers. Johnny Rocket's is also on this level, on the port side. As others have mentioned, the fee for ordering is $4.95, but all you can eat. Beverages are extra, and the shake was really, really delicious. The Navigator had docked, port side, in Roatan early in Wednesday morning. Roatan is an island 40 miles from the mainland of Honduras. RCL uses the docks at Coxen Hole. A tribe of Garifnas live in a village nearby, and several of them were on the dock welcoming our guests, as they got off the boat, OK, disembarked. TIP The ships stores will be closed when in a foreign port. As I did not book any tours, I took photographs from both deck 11, then deck 4. Now just past the port security, is a shopping area called Town City, past the entrance were the tour buses. If you don't plan a tour,just get off, walk through the Town City entrance for an excellent view of the Navigator. We left that evening at 5:00 pm. If you can, be on deck to photograph the sunset over the island. You will enjoy this opportunity. Thursday, found us off the coast of Belize. As the water is too shallow for the cruise ship to dock, they must remain off shore, about a 20 minute boat ride to the shore. The depth of the water is about 40', and the ship's draft is 29'. This permits an 11" variance in case of an ocean surge. TIP. Use the starboard lifts to go down to deck 2, as the port side is in use to board the tenders. Tenders are catamaran boats, that can carry up to 200 passengers . Take your Sea Pass, as it will permit you to return to the ship. A German cruis ship, Aida Bella was also visiting Belize this day. There is not really much to see at the dock area, a few bars, many shops, etc. To see the city, or other areas, you can take a tour, or use a taxi. When you return, look for a water fountain, just past security, good cold water! We left Belize at 6:00 pm, and headed for Galveston. I didn't mention the find dining, I did have dinner there the second and last nights. The last mostly for the Baked Alaska! Each of us on our tour were assigned a table to be used each time for dinner. Elegant, attractive and excellent tastes. These were the two formal nights, takes about an hour and a half, from start to finish. This provides ample time to socialize with your fellow cruisers. I had more fun this week, than I have had for the past three years! Last TIP, explore the ship, the cities, get lost (?), but have FUN!   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
We finally did our our first cruise to the Caribbean, Jamaica, Grand Caymans, and Cozumel. We left from San Antonio the 23rd to spend the night in or near Galveston. We thought we had a hotel in Houstonbut it didn't turn out so we ... Read More
We finally did our our first cruise to the Caribbean, Jamaica, Grand Caymans, and Cozumel. We left from San Antonio the 23rd to spend the night in or near Galveston. We thought we had a hotel in Houstonbut it didn't turn out so we continued into Galveston. After going over the bridge we found a Howard Johnson just off of 45. The Hotel was nice and we found out that we could park our vehicle there for the week for FREE. they gave us a placard to put on the dase and security watched our vehicle. There was transportation arranged for us by the company that charged for parking. It cost us 5 dollars per person round trip. This saved us a ton of money. I have to say that the boarding of the ship went smothly and without incident. We did run into some imagration problems cincerning the crew andthat delayed our sailing by about an hour. The first few days of sailing was rough. The weather was raining at first but we did sail during winter so that was to be expected however it was still enjoyable. Our first port was Jamaica, beautiful weather. Not knowing what to do and doing a lot of research I found a tour guide named Admiral SA. I found him on Cruise Critic and was highly recommended. We are not much water people and wanted a tour of the island. The Admiral did not disappoint. He took us all around the island and showed us plenty of sites and gave us a historical overview. We went to one of the best Jerk Chicken and Pork on the island and it was delicious. He did take us shopping however it was ok. Shopping at the port was better with the prices cheaper. I highly recommend the Admiral and he will customize an excursion for you. The one port that we were looking forward to was Grand Cayman but due to rough waters we had to bypass it. Needlessto say we were highly disappointed. However the crew was fantastic, and had everything ready for us. They did an amazing job. At Cozumel, we did the shopping thing. I did buy a watch at a great price. After that we had made reservations at Mr Sanchos. We had a blast, all the food and drinks for $45 a person. It was everything that everyone said. It was a beautiful day and the water was nice and clear. They had parrots and eguanas for the kids and lots of things to do. It was a relaxing day after spending all that time on the water. All in all the cruise was awesome and the crew made everything great. Out waiter for dining was Michael Jackson from Jamaica and his assistant was Kelly. They were both great. Our bar tender was Velacko (n8t sure if I spelt it right), and he was great. I would highly recommend the cruise. The shows were awesome and kept us well entertained. Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
Navigator of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 4.5 N/A
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 2.0 N/A
Service 4.5 4.3
Value for Money 4.5 N/A

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