How to Choose a Cruise

Best Cruises for First Timers

Before making any decisions, find out which cruise ships offer the best experiences and amenities for first time cruisers.

What's Your Ship Size?

One ship size does not fit all! Learn what to expect from big, middle-sized and small ships, and which is right for you.
Find a Cruise

Choosing an Itinerary

Choosing an itinerary can be a daunting task, especially for first time cruisers. We help you break down the options.

Best Time to Cruise

What are the advantages and tradeoffs for sailing to different destinations in different season? Find out here.

Best Ships for Sea Days

Most cruises don't visit a port a day. If you're spending lots of time onboard, find out which ships make the most of days at sea.

Best Budget Cruises

We reveal the best budget cruises in three categories -- lines, itineraries and seasons -- so you can sail for less.