19 Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Cruise Reviews for Spring Break Cruises to Caribbean - Western from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

I don't even understand why some have loved this cruise. 1) I put this as number 1 because it's the worst part. The food is awful. I mean AWFUL. I mean inedible at times. Everywhere that's included in the price is awful. ... Read More
I don't even understand why some have loved this cruise. 1) I put this as number 1 because it's the worst part. The food is awful. I mean AWFUL. I mean inedible at times. Everywhere that's included in the price is awful. The up-charge restaurants are better. But it was so disappointing. 2) They are pushing you to buy something at all times. It's very annoying. And the cruise photraphers are extremely pushy. It's just tacky. 3) You are always in a line. After going on Disney, you realize how unorganized this boat it. 4) They do have tons of things to do on the boat, but it's difficult to actually get a chance to do many of them. 5) On a positive. They do keep the boat clean and the staff is friendly. The cabin stewards are wonderful. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
Let me begin by saying I was so excited for this trip as it was my first RC cruise and I had very high expectations being that it was the Oasis of the Seas but I was not wowed at the outcome. Ship arrival: We drove down the night before ... Read More
Let me begin by saying I was so excited for this trip as it was my first RC cruise and I had very high expectations being that it was the Oasis of the Seas but I was not wowed at the outcome. Ship arrival: We drove down the night before and spent the night at a hotel about an hour outside Ft Lauderdale since the last cruise we ended up not being able to find a hotel until late outside Miami and it was terrible.Call ahead to see if there is room as we again ran into an issue b/c there was a baseball tournament in town and lots of the hotels for 4 exits were booked solid. We had no problem finding the Port or parking which was a plus. The baggage staff was not helpful and wouldn't even touch the bags to load until we tipped him which got me upset right off the start. Lines to check in were VERY long. First you go through an ID check just to get into the main check in lines. We waited about 40 min to get our ID's checked and to go through metal detectors, then we were moved into waiting lines for official check in. These lines were long and people kept cutting each other off when an opening became available. My one daughter had a spelling error in her name which the travel agent assured us was fixed, not. This caused a huge delay in getting her a new card and then it never worked so we ended up waiting in line on board to get it fixed again. Rooms: We had 2 ocean view rooms and 3 inside rooms. All were very nice, clean and had plenty of storage. Bathrooms were well lit and lots of mirror space. Beds were VERY comfortable (as my husband learned and took advantage of). Room staff was in the hallways introducing themselves and making everyone welcome. On board: After dropping our carry ons in the rooms we headed out to explore. The ship gives great first impressions and we were wowed from the start. Central Park in itself is amazing and definitely a favorite hang out place (when you can find a seat), the promenade is impressive but stays busy and the shops were overpriced. BRING LANYARDS for your pass card as it will be the first purchase you make if you don't. You need these everywhere you go. The solarium was beautiful but as we found out later in the week, the no under 16 rule was not enforced and there were teens constantly walking through as well as kids with their parents. The Casino was fully operational from the start but the smoke smell was terrible even if you just passed through. The boardwalk was really cool with a rock wall, carousel, arcade, and water show. Our show was cancelled halfway through due to weather but what we saw was impressive. Our initial walk through was made in awe of this floating city. There are lots of pools (incl great kids pool) but on this size ship, seats fill quickly and if you want a seat you need to get out there early. There is no room in between chairs and forget leaving if you want to keep your spot. Dining: There are plenty of dining options on board the Oasis if you want to venture out. Since our group was so large, we stuck to the free options. The Windjammer was the go to place for breakfast, it was the same every morning and kind of boring but you won't go away hungry. The kids survived on pizza from Sorrento's for lunch (nothing impressive and slices are small but you can have unlimited amounts) and Wipe Out Cafe for burgers which is right by the mini golf, table tennis and basketball courts so it was easy access. I enjoyed the Park Cafe. You can build your own salad, get panini's, salad sandwiched and drinks. As a vegetarian, this was my go to place for lunches since it was easy to bring anywhere on the ship and meet up with the others. Boardwalk Dog house was also a favorite of the kids since it was on the Boardwalk and near the rock wall and arcade. Cafe Promenade had sandwiches but they weren't anything great and we didn't go back more than twice. Frozen yogurt up on the pool side was nice but it was very runny since the machine was constantly busy. Lines in the afternoon for any of these places were not too bad but the staff wasn't overly friendly and seating was extremely hard to find. We made reservations 2x at the SILK dining room and were surprised that the reservation lines were as long as the non reservation lines. Both times were had to wait to be seated and the dinner took over 3 hrs to complete. Our waiter Ajay was great but half of our party left the first night in order to make a 10:45 show (reservation was at 8:30). Food wasn't overly impressive except for the creme' brulee which was amazing. We were disappointed that, unless you had a drink package, only water or coffee was included with meals. Shows: Let me begin by saying that I did read the reviews of the shows before I went and decided to see for myself. The first show was CATS. It was terrible. Within the first 15 min, people were asleep, walking out and my party was begging to leave. At intermission, people couldn't get out of there fast enough and I didn't see anyone returning for the second half. You would think that RC would read these reviews and have canceled it a long time ago. The second show was the water show. This started our really cool but was cancelled due to weather. What we saw was great and they were supposed to reschedule but we were never notified of the rescheduled time. Also, they didn't check reservations, they just scanned cards as you walked into the seating which ended with tons of people standing who had reservations. People were saving seats and, even after the show started, wouldn't give up their saved seats to others who were standing. The third show was Frozen in Time ice show. We were late due to dinner running 3 hours so we had standing room only even though we had reservations. The show was okay but not impressive. The skaters for the most part were good but one of the main characters kept tripping and missing his mark. It wasn't a long show which was good since it was late at night and the kids were tired. The last was the aerial show. Honestly, we missed this one since it came at 10:30 on the day we were in Cozumel. We were so exhausted and based on previous shows, I didn't feel like we were going to miss much. Be aware that in order to get seating, you need to arrive at least 45 min before the show. If you are late, you will be standing regardless of reservations. Ports/Shopping: In a nutshell, if you aren't going to pay for an excursion and you don't want to shop or sit at the beach, DON'T GET OFF THE BOAT. Labadee, Haiti was our first stop and it was beautiful but the only thing to do if you didn't buy an excursion was to sit at the beach or go shopping in the market. If you go to the beach, BRING WATER SHOES. The beach was rocky and the coral very rough. Your feet will get cut up without the shoes. Also, seating is a premium so get off early if you want to claim a spot on the beach. If you go to the market, be aware that you will get hassled and mobbed by locals trying to get you to buy crafts. Most guests found out the hard way and got taken for a lot of money just to get away from the market. We decided to go back to the ship early to take advantage of the empty pools on board and we were glad we did as it poured after we boarded and sent everyone on land scrambling to get back to the ship. Falmouth, Jamaica was the second stop. Unless you have purchased an excursion, there is nothing to do but shop. There are no beaches and the entire area is gated off from the local community. If you venture past the gates be sure to travel in groups as we were approached to buy drugs immediately past the gates and harassed to take cabs to other areas. We did not feel safe so we returned to the gated area immediately. We had planned to take a cab to the falls and tour the island a little on our own but the falls were over 1.5 hrs away and everything else was just as far. I did shop extensively at DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL as I had sat through 2 on board shopping lectures but that was an ordeal in itself. They didn't know what the special "beads" meant that we were told to wear as priority shoppers. The premium business cards to get the "best deal" were ignored. The discount coupons that were were told to hand to the sales people after we got our "best deal" to get a bigger discount, we were told they didn't accept b/c they couldn't take any more money off. When I told them I had decided not to buy the loose diamond they were pushing b/c it was more than I wanted to spend (I gave him my limit multiple times), the salesman became very rude and made nasty comments even though I was still purchasing a large sum of jewelry. I should have walked away but I didn't and that was my fault. (see my continued review under Cosumel) The rest of the marketplace was nice and they weren't pushy like in Haiti. We were disappointed though that we were unable to venture out to explore the island any further on our own. Cozumel, Mexico: This was our last stop and by far the best. NOTE: Wait to purchase anything other than cheap souvenirs in the other ports as the best deals were in Mexico and you can buy a lot more for your money and the people were ready to deal. We left the ship and took a cab to the main shopping area. The cabs are EVERYWHERE and the drivers were very friendly and reasonable. We shopped and picked up our free charms for our bracelets. Shopping was great and I really wish I would have waited to buy everything here. After my disaster with DI in Jamaica, I went to the DI in Cozumel to get my purchase straightened out (as directed by the on RC board shopping rep Jenna) The manager assured me I got the "best deal" but still could not accept the discounted vouchers we received on board which were supposed to be guaranteed. **Don't bother with these shopping lectures as you will waste your time and the rep can't follow through with promises for special deals even though I'm sure she is getting a good cut from the referrals. **ALSO, any big purchases made in Mexico we were told we could apply for the cash back program through the Mexican gov't. Participating stores can get you 8% cash back which will be debited to your card from the gov't after your purchase is verified. It is a promotional program to encourage purchases in Mexico. This would have been REALLY nice to know from our RC shopping rep as I could have gotten over $300 back for my purchases if I had made them in Mexico instead of Jamaica. I really feel like if RC has a shopping rep, they should give you this info since your experience is a direct reflection on their cruiseline. We were able to rent a cab to take us to the Mayan Ruins and the Cozumel Museum (a great hidden treasure). The cab charged us $80 total to take 4 of us to these places and waited at each place while we toured them. Our driver gave us lots of local info and was super nice. We spent at least 3 hours touring which was a super deal for the money and we got to see the real areas of Cozumel not just the tourist areas. I would go back here again without a doubt. Excursions: The only one we purchased was a sting ray experience in Cozumel which was scheduled to be 3 hrs and turned out to be a 30 min time with actual sting rays. Most of the rays were deep in the water so the younger kids couldn't swim down to see them and the one they used as the "experience" was passed for 10 min around to all the people who signed up and then the rest of time they were told to stay at the beach or they could go see the parrot inside. The kids were really disappointed. Children's clubs: To keep it simple, the teens had lots of activities going on and they made friends to hang with quickly. The activities were age appropriate and they freely participated. The middle age group 9-11 was not as good. We couldn't get the kids to stay b/c they were either bored or the other kids in the group were making the activities too loud or too aggressive. Our 10 and 11 year old begged us to let them do their own thing and not stay in the program. From what I saw of the younger kids programs, they kept them busy and they had a great time. We brought 2 sets of walkie-talkies and let the kids venture out in pairs and check in frequently. They were able to see and do more and they enjoyed setting their own activities. Nightlife: The lounges were busy ever night but we thoroughly enjoyed Dazzles the best. The band was great and the DJ was too. We had fun singing to the 80's and just being silly on the dance floor. We spent most evenings here and had a great time. Extras: We didn't buy the drink passes up front and we were glad. Each day they discounted them a little more and we ended up buying it halfway through for $175 (all inclusive pkg) The soda lines were always long and the machines were hard to find. Wait staff was scarce so if you wanted a drink you had to go get it yourself including the lounges. You can bring water bottles and fill them in the Windjammer or Cafe's. We did this so the kids didn't get dehydrated at the pool and so they didn't drink soda all day. The internet package was $10 per day PER device. We didn't purchase it thinking we would wait until we were in port but those we talked to said that it was very slow and the signal wasn't great. (DI in Jamaica and Cozumel have free wifi, Margaritaville in both ports also have it if you make a purchase) We never got to play mini golf as it stayed busy all day long and so did the rock wall. I regret not getting the kids on the Flowrider but we couldn't find out any info other than lessons which were expensive. It is FREE and you call for a time but we found this out too late. If you want to do the ice skating on board, be sure to pack jeans and socks as they are required. BINGO was $45 to play (way more expensive than Princess CL) and it was held at different locations on the boat. Children were permitted to play and it was distracting as they called out multiple times incorrectly. Disembarking: We chose early walk off as we had a long drive ahead of us and we were hoping to leave quickly. By 7:00 the lines for customs was over an hour long. There were only 3 agents for the hundreds lined up in the luggage claim warehouse. When you have thousands on board, you would think there would be more agents. Other than the wait, it was relatively uneventful. Parking was close and it was easy to exit the port. NOTE: it is $12 per day to park so be prepared for that additional charge as you leave the port. Summary: RCL set a record the week we were on board with the highest amount of guests and personnel on board at one time. Over 8,000! This was a huge factor when it came to the lines for dining, activities and I believe the lack of service. It was hard to find a seat at the pool, at dinner, at shows and for activities and staff was not helpful in enforcing rules on saving seats or on crowd control. I wish we could have really experienced the places we went a little more and not been restricted to the cruise line confines. The only comparison I have was to Princess cruises which was a smaller ship but the wait staff didn't have automatic gratuity so they worked for their tips and it showed. Overall, the ship was amazing but I think it was too big to accommodate the amount of people that were on it. I definitely will think twice about RC. The only saving grace was the people we met and the time we had with family. It was relaxing but for the price, I can relax just as much in an all inclusive resort. I felt "nickeled and dimed" a lot and there is only so much on board shopping a person can do. I hope someone benefits from this LONG review. I just wanted to give as much info as possible. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Summary: I have been on 6 cruises, all on Royal Caribbean. This was our second time on Oasis of the Seas. Our first cruise was just ok, as well as this second one. We only did it a second time because other family members wanted to ... Read More
Summary: I have been on 6 cruises, all on Royal Caribbean. This was our second time on Oasis of the Seas. Our first cruise was just ok, as well as this second one. We only did it a second time because other family members wanted to cruise on it and it was cheaper than Allure of the Seas. I have been loyal to RC, but I will not cruise on Oasis or Allure again for a while. Overall, the cruise was still a nice get away and we enjoyed our balcony. It's always nice to have a time when you don't have to worry about cooking, cleaning, and working, so it was a nice vacation. The Oasis on spring break this year did not live up to RC's Gold Standard experience. There was a record 8,000 passengers plus crew on this sailing and for the first time, it felt over crowded. On smaller ships, RC has been really good at providing exceptional service and attentiveness, but I think there are just too many people on board and the ship is too big for RC to pay close attention to details or those little things that make their guests feel special. Embarkation: Embarkation was event free. We drove our car to the port and arrived around 1:00pm. We dropped our bags off and found a close park right across from the terminal. We waited in line to get our SeaPass cards for about 6 min. It took our entire group of 6 about 10 min to check in as everyone had completed the check-in online. Once we had our SeaPass cards, we registered our 11 year old traveling with us and boarded the ship. I think we were on the ship by 1:45pm. Dining: We chose traditional dining at 6:00pm, which was excellent. On our previous cruise on Oasis we had MyTime dining and hated it. We enjoy traditional because we like to have the same dining staff every night. It allows you to get to know your waitstaff and they get to know you. Also, with early seating, we never had to wait to sit down. Our table was always ready for us. The food in the main dining room for dinner was good, but we didn't know what we were missing until we went to Chops Grille one evening. Chops Grille was excellent from the beginning until the end. The food was absolutely delicious! Even our 11 year old tried the scallops, which she didn't think she would like, but she ate every bite. An evening at a Specialty Restaurant was included in our package and it was well worth it. If I could afford it, I would eat at a specialty restaurant every night. Windjammer is too crowded. Skip it. We went to the dining room for lunch and the Park Cafe for breakfast and lunch. We also had breakfast in the Solarium Cafe and on the last morning before getting off we had breakfast at the Wipeout Cafe. Not bad for regular breakfast of eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast or waffles. I think they were also making omelettes to order. Entertainment: CATS was horrible. I was looking forward to seeing this show as it has won numerous awards. I thought it was going to be a musical with speaking parts mixed with singing like Chicago or Hairspray, but it was more like an Opera (I think as I've never been to an Opera), because all they did was sing. I had know idea what was happening in the show. Our entire party fell asleep during the first half and we left at intermission and did not return. We skipped Come Fly with Me because we had seen it on the last cruise. The ice show was enjoyable. It seemed to have some different features than it did on the last cruise. MO5IAC was EXCELLENT! This was the best show of the cruise. These guys played all of the instruments on their songs using their mouths. No physical instruments and they were awesome. I couldn't believe they were making such realistic sounds with just their mouths. The water and diving show was entertaining. We had seen it before. I think we watched only 1 parade on the promenade. There didn't seem to be very much entertainment on the promenade this cruise. We didn't see the cruise director very much at all. Last cruise we saw Ricky Mathews everywhere and he was entertaining wherever he was. We missed him this cruise. The Quest game was kind of boring this year and we skipped the Love and Marriage show. It looked boring on the tv too. Excursions: In Labadee, we rode the rollercoaster which was fun. I was glad that I could control the speed of my coaster car. I actually wanted to go faster than I thought I would. We should have paid to go more than once. After the coaster, we had lunch, got hounded to buy stuff in the market, and then got back on the ship. We did everything we wanted to do during the brief time that the rain stopped. In Jamaica, we took an excursion to climb the Dunn's River Falls. We had a flat tire on the way to the falls and we stood along the highway for about 30 minutes while the driver, my husband and another passenger, along with other drivers who stopped to assist, changed the tire. While we were waiting we realized other tires didn't have much tread either, so we were nervous about this shuttle bus. We finally reached the falls and it was so crowded. I think their were 4 ships in port that day, plus remember, it was spring break. They had all of the ship tours plus all of the people who just showed up on their own in the same lines waiting for tour guides to take them up the mountain. Our tour guide had to kind of push us up to the front of the line and we our tour ended up getting separated. We waiting for about 30 min before we began climbing. The climb was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. It was slippery in some places and all of the teenagers in our group, helped me the 46 year old lady up the falls. They were awesome. We met some very nice people on this climb and makes you remember that people are basically good in this world. After the climb, we stopped for Jerk Chicken and it was delicious. I recommend this tour, but even though we booked through RC, the shuttle bus was not in good condition. Cozumel: The best stop on our cruise. We booked an excursion to Playa Mia and had a blast. Our 11 year old was all over the place, as was I, trying to keep up with her. We rode on pedal boats, played in the pool, I went down the water slide, and I even walked through the kiddie pool to get sprayed by all of the toys. All non motor sports were included in our excursion. They had an open bar, so there was plenty to drink. My husband didn't have a shortage of beer and we had plenty of mixed drinks made to order. I did make sure the ice was filtered. No problems. No one got sick. Lunch was also included and it was good. Everyone found something that they liked. Our bus driver Jose was very friendly. Shopping at the end was fun too. Vendors were not too pushy and they were willing to make a deal. We didn't visit Margaritaville, but those who did seemed as if they were having a good time. Adventure Ocean - Voyagers - 9 - 11 Our young traveler made some nice friends and participated in the talent show. When she got tired of hanging around the adults she was eager to go to her place. I even tried to watch her participate in the activities, but I received the hand wave to go away. Elevators - Very slow. Guest Services - Extremely long wait times. Poolside Service - Non-existent. Finding a chair on the pool deck - Painful Automatic Tips - Hated it. I would rather give more to those who go above and beyond. I held back at the end because I felt that I had already tipped everyone. Drink Prices - Outrageous. Just be prepared to pay too much. $12 per mixed drink and $11 for a glass of Champagne and Cranberry Juice. Plus add 15% gratuity to each drink. Conclusion: If you want to feel pampered and appreciated by the crew, then book a smaller ship. At least, I hope RC is still providing great customer service on the smaller ships. Our next cruise will be on a smaller RC ship or a different cruise line. We will give RC one more time to keep our loyalty. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
1) 100% occupied - yes and no on feeling crowded. Get up early or go dine early, and you will not feel like there are 5400 passengers. Get anywhere during peak times and you will feel crowded (stay away from Windjammer). Pool area - ... Read More
1) 100% occupied - yes and no on feeling crowded. Get up early or go dine early, and you will not feel like there are 5400 passengers. Get anywhere during peak times and you will feel crowded (stay away from Windjammer). Pool area - always crowded. Hate all the towel place holders......RCI - you need to enforce the rules! 2) Entertainment selection - all very good (book on-line way in advance). Adult comedy show with Steve White was hilarious! 3) Solarium - lounge hogs....again RCI needs to enforce people holding onto the premium locations. Solarium is a nice break from all the annoying kids (yes, I have kids too but they are not allowed to act like there are no rules)........hated the parents who allowed their kids under 16 to go into the Solarium to eat / hot tub in the adult section! 4) Staff - friendliness was hit or miss --- 50/50 - I can't point out 1 that was "WOW" 5) Bar service was slow, unfriendly, and most of the time seemed annoyed. 6) Drink packages......they advertise Evian water and give you Crystal Geyser, red wine selection was just okay (the ones offered per glass) 7) Agree with others - COFFEE was SO bad! Taste like hot water with brown food coloring! 8) Food quality - this was 50/50 - some nights - a hit, other nights - disappointing. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Background: This was our first cruise back with RCCL in 6 years. We've previously cruised the Freedom with RCCL and are Elite members (16+) with Princess. We have also cruised with Norwegian, Costa and Carnival. Embarkation: ... Read More
Background: This was our first cruise back with RCCL in 6 years. We've previously cruised the Freedom with RCCL and are Elite members (16+) with Princess. We have also cruised with Norwegian, Costa and Carnival. Embarkation: Arrived at the pier at 10:45am and quickly checked in and waited for approx half hour before entering the ship. Went up to Windjammer as rooms don't open until 1:00pm (all floor access was sealed off with doors). We were eating by 11:30am, even though RCCL suggested with an email before we left, not to embark until 2:30pm for deck 12. Cabins: Once in cabin, first detail we noticed was that they were smaller than we're used to on Princess. Very little storage besides a sliding door closet (annoying) and a few small drawers. We had the last Boardwalk cabin facing the rear of the ship which was nice and we felt like it was an ocean view. The cabin was quiet at all times and at night as well. The bathroom was smaller than we're used to and the sink was so small it made shaving very difficult. The shower had a rounded door closure and was decent size. Not much storage for bathroom articles. Beds were comfortable and had an egg crate topper on the mattress. Our stewart was top notch and kept our cabin spotless…well done RCCL. Ship: What can you say…huge but never really felt over crowded to us. Always something to do. We tried the rock climbing, flow rider, zip lining, and skating…all nice touches on a ship. Evening entertainment was varied. The shows were well done (comedy, ice, diving, stage). The promenade always had a live band or DJ and different venues around the ship made for a good time. Internet was fast but after one day we couldn't seem to send pictures on our iPhone6. FaceTime worked really well. We had to buy an internet pkg which we get for free with Princess. It cost $140 for two devices, unlimited use for the week. Reasonable. Up top, could always find lounge chairs, even on sea days, and the pools were salt water :-( Bar service was decent. Their all-inclusive bar packages were priced at the point where you'd have to drink 8-10 drinks a day to get value. We tried the beer, wine and soda pkg and feel were got value from it. Pools were busy but you could always get in. Dining: We had fixed dining at 6:00pm in the main dining room. Never a wait and we just walked up to our table each night…thumbs up! Our wait staff were top notch, as was our wine staff. The food on RCCL was good, but nothing special. We prefer Princess food over RCCL, but not enough to make us never come back. Two formal nights which weren't strictly enforced (some in jeans and t-shirts let in), and one night with lobster/shrimp. Johnny Rockets atmosphere was nice, situated on the boardwalk towards the aft, but food was decent at best. Fee was $5.99 each but had a free breakfast. Sabor's (Mexican) was very good, preparing fresh guacamole in front of your table. The Sampler was a good choice to try. A la carte pricing here. We didn't try any other surcharge dining venues. Our daughter really enjoyed her Soda pkg, which included over 100 varieties of Coke mixes (i.e. Coke Zero cherry). Itinerary: Labadee is a nice stop. We tried the Dragon's Breath Zipline and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, although at over $100 each, quite expensive for just over a minute "ride." The island has some beautiful calm beaches on the ship side and rougher on the other. Your beverage package follows you on the island and is good at all bars. Food was your typical BBQ and done well. Falmouth, Jamaica: Generally we stay away from the ship's tours but in Jamaica, we wanted to stay with a larger group (hassle factor). We took the ship's tour to the Green Grotto Caves and Dunn's River Falls. Price was reasonable and we all enjoyed. The caves were fun to discover, deep down inside. Dunn's was very busy, as usual, and quite the tourist trap but we wanted our 15 yr old daughter to see it. Cozumel: Once again we took the ship's tour to Chankanaab to do the dolphin push, pull and swim excursion. We tried to book on our own but didn't get a response back form their online booking. Very fun excursion and decent time with the dolphins and manatees. Photos for the dolphin experience were extremely expensive ($60/person or $210 for the families pictures, or $40 per photo). Still wish these large ships would do four stops instead of only three, but it seems to be the trend now. Teen's Club (Fuel): Program was very age appropriate and engaging. My daughter enjoyed her week and made many friends. There were dance parties nightly and wrapped up with a large final night party…well done! Disembarkation: We chose our usual walk off disembarkation method (8:00am) and were off the ship within half hour, including customs. Well done! Overall: We really enjoyed our week on the Oasis of the Seas. The ship is really the destination and service was very good by everyone we met. We will sail her again in the future, but have booked the new Norwegian Escape (Miami) for next March Break. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
We have been on family cruises once a year since we started having kids 7 years ago. We love Disney but also REALLY like RC and since RC is usually cheaper, we have cruised them more often, always on the Freedom Class ships. This time, we ... Read More
We have been on family cruises once a year since we started having kids 7 years ago. We love Disney but also REALLY like RC and since RC is usually cheaper, we have cruised them more often, always on the Freedom Class ships. This time, we decided to try Oasis and found that it was just about as expensive as the (old) Disney ships, but we went with it anyway. Embarkation was smooth as silk because our plane was late, so we didn't arrive at the port until 3pm. You could have heard a pin drop, it was deserted! We will probably intentionally show up late from now on! Our cabins were nice (2 connecting balcony on 8 foreward) but they are smaller than the same cabins on FOS. Our room steward, Kathyann, was FABULOUS!!!! She really went above and beyond, and was always smiling and laughing. We had "My Time" dining and we won't ever do that again. I suppose if you were going to be eating at vastly different times each night, it might be beneficial. For us, we always ate between 6 and 7 and would probably have been fine with the 630 seating. I have always liked having the same staff each night and so missed that aspect. In addition, some nights there were LONG waits even with reservations (made them online before the cruise) On our last night, our server was awful and we actually saw the next table over get up and leave because they weren't getting waited on in a reasonable time. The food was the same as it is on every RC cruise. Nothing was terrible and nothing really stood out. We did dine at 150 Central Park one night and it was a very nice dining experience. I particularly liked the flavored salts that they served with the bread. The food was good, but not to-die-for good. I can't comment on the shows as we never went to one. The ports are the same old, same old. Labadee was nice, DD7 went to the kids club for the morning and I hung out on the beach. We skipped Jamaica (DD3 was not feeling well) and in Cozumel we went to Paradise Beach Club which was really nice - great beach, nice facilities and great customer service. The food was good but overpriced and the drinks were weak AND overpriced! LOL Both kids loved the carousel, DD7 climbed the rock wall and loved it. Both went to the kids club and we were very happy with the staff and activities there. The only thing that was unique about this ship was the Carousel and Central Park, both of which I really liked. But the ship was huge and it was kind of a pain to get to the kids pool from our cabin, then have to hike back across to the kids club, then hike back across to the buffet, then back across to the adults area (you get the idea). And with the slightly smaller cabins, I don't see any reason why I won't be returning to the Freedom Class ships for future cruises. Of note, Ft Lauderdale airport IS NOT equipped to deal with the crowds from these huge ships and it was a nut-house on Saturday trying to leave. HUGE lines at checkin and security. I won't fly through there again unless they expand. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
THE CRUISE:Western Caribbean Originating/Terminating in Ft. Lauderdale with stops at Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Cozumel, Mexico. Weather was perfect, seas were generally calm. It appears to be a good time of year to go to the ... Read More
THE CRUISE:Western Caribbean Originating/Terminating in Ft. Lauderdale with stops at Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Cozumel, Mexico. Weather was perfect, seas were generally calm. It appears to be a good time of year to go to the Caribbean.THE SHIP:The ship was beautiful! It's new, it's clean, and I have to say that I was in awe of its size and of the Royal Promenade deck, which is the first thing you see when you come aboard...kind of like the same feeling you get walking into Disney World for the first time. Walking through the neighborhoods you wouldn't think you were even aboard a ship. Central Park has trees and flower gardens, and when the ship is moving a cool breeze blows through like a warm spring day. No real sense of motion while aboard just a slight rocking side to side every now and then.The Boardwalk is a nice family place to hang out with the kids if you have kids to hang out with that is. There's even a full size carousel for the kids to ride on and on our cruise it was always busy. The Royal Promenade is the place to people watch. Lots of shops, and things to see and do. I heard that we sailed at maximum capacity with almost every cabin at 3 or 4 persons each. The advertised passenger capacity is 6,000 but I heard the number for this cruise was around 6,200 due to the number of families aboard. THE CABIN:Our cabin was an Ocean view just in front of the first balcony cabins. It was a little on the small side and had very little closet/storage space for a seven day cruise. The bathroom was the smallest I've ever seen on a cruise ship, and I wasn't the only one who thought so because even the cruise director joked about it. The shower stall (more like a glass capsule) was so small you had to open the door to pick up the soap if you dropped it. RECREATIONAL AMENITIES:It would be impossible to experience everything the ship has to offer on one cruise. Flow riding, rock climbing, ice skating, zip lining, basketball, dodge ball, putt-putt, the list goes on. If you are looking to do something and not doing it aboard this ship then you are not trying very hard. One thing you won't find on this ship is a secluded spot to just relax and take in the ocean breeze. THE FOOD:Dining was a bit of an adventure. The interactive TV (more like a computer terminal) in the room has a screen that shows the occupancy of each food venue on board which usually influenced our decision where to eat by how crowded it was, which I will detail my feelings on this in my closing remarks. One thing I have to say about the OASIS is that there's no shortage of restaurants to choose from in both the free and specialty (extra cost) dining options, there's about 24 food venues aboard so whatever your taste, you can probably find something to satisfy it on the ship. I generally stay out of the specialty restaurants since the food is generally the same as the dining room and the ambience and fine china doesn't really justify the extra cost for me. For breakfast, the Windjammer is the main buffet and unless you got there really early or really late, finding an open table was nearly impossible. Johnny Rockets is a specialty venue other times of the day but serves breakfast for free and is seldom crowded, we went there twice because the food is made to order rather than kept warm under lights like at the Windjammer. Other off the beaten track breakfast venues are the Park Cafe which serves an egg McMuffin style sandwich and an egg burrito to die for, it's a quick, light breakfast venue that isn't usually that crowded. The Solarium Bistro is the venue for the health conscious eater, and we avoided it like the plague because I just don't do turkey bacon and it was usually crowded. The Opus Dining Room for breakfast was good but the buffet side was better than the sit down side, the latter being very slow and handing out small portions the only reason we tried it was because our dining room steward asked us to. Lunch was again decided by occupancy. Our favorite place was the Park Cafe but it was soon the favorite of many of the other passengers. They serve a roast beef slider that was so tender a delicious you couldn't eat just one or two. We did do the Solarium for lunch once the first day and it was very good, but it was too crowded the rest of the cruise. The Opus Dining Room was our daily venue for dinner. The wait staff was very friendly and efficient, and there was always a large variety of entrees available as well as a few items they offer every day, all of the ones we had were very tasty and if there was something additional on the menu I wanted to try they would always bring it out for me, which was especially nice on lobster night. Snacks were always available although I thought that the Sorrento's pizza was like eating freezer pizza. The Cafe Promenade serves specialty coffee (extra cost) but all the pastries were free and the was free coffee available over in the corner. There was always the Park Cafe to duck into if it wasn't crowded. Sort of an out of the way place to get a burger or ice cream cone is the Wipe Out Cafe on the Sports deck. For being in the kids section it was never too crowded to grab a quick snack like a pretzel dog or taco. ENTERTAINMENT:One of the advantages to a big ship is that more people equal more money for the entertainment budget which allows bigger name acts to be booked. The entertainment on our cruise was excellent. My wife said that the Broadway style production of Hairspray was excellent. I was there but I slept through most of it, and I can say that the seats were very comfortable. The headliner act for the cruise was Beatlemania which to me was just like watching the Beatles, except the guy playing Ringo was a bit on the portly side. I never went to sleep but when I closed my eyes it sounded just like the real thing. We wanted to go back but the line for standby was out to the casino. The other production show was Come Fly with Me, which was also very elaborate and entertaining. The ships cast of performers were very visible around the ship, and they were very appreciative of the compliments they received. The entertainment was adult oriented in the Comedy Club with two different comedians performing acts and an MC that was as just as entertaining as the main acts. We always seemed to miss the aquatic shows, they just seemed to be scheduled in conflict with other activities. Note: We booked all our shows in advance a few weeks before the cruise and some were already full. This probably needs to be done at least a month before if not sooner to get into all the shows.One of our favorite places on a cruise is the piano bar, its a great place to relax and get to know the other passengers. I didn't particularly care for the Piano Bar set up on the Oasis, it's out in the open and lacked the intimate atmosphere of other piano bar venues on ships that we have sailed on before. Its right next to the Rising Tide bar and with all the pedestrian traffic in the Promenade below it was very distracting. DESTINATIONS:In general, entry and egress from the ship was quicker than we expected it to be. Most destinations had a fore and aft gangplank open and there were several lines in use all the time. I do have an issue with the attitude of the security people. While not rude they were officious and not very friendly at all, I realize that they are used to dealing with all types of people and lots of them, but at least they could smile and welcome you back aboard instead of snapping "take your sunglasses off" when you are coming back hot and tired from a long day ashore. Labadee, Haiti was our first stop. A very nice landscaped facility with plentiful beaches and some of the best barbequed spare ribs I've ever had on a company owned island, or in this case a secluded peninsula completely inaccessible from the mainland due to several rugged mountains. The best use of this day is to swim, sail, eat, drink and relax in the shade or go down the mile long zip line that runs the entire length of the property. All the time the bay was discretely patrolled by armed guards, this being Haiti and all. The security for re-entry to the ship with metal detectors and x-ray machines in use was a little overboard in my opinion especially since it's an isolated company owned facility with no access to the outside world. I walked all over the place and I didn't see one gun shop or vendor selling any weapons of mass destruction or even a pocket knife for that matter. Dude, what's up with that?Falmouth, Jamaica is a newly opened port owned by RCL built especially to accommodate the new mega-ships. I think we were one of the first itineraries to dock there and it looks like it will be very nice but for now, none of the buildings are open yet, just a bunch of vendors on the curbs. We went on a shore excursion to the Green Grotto Caves and Dunn River Falls. Both attractions were very well maintained and both were interesting. A word of caution about the vendors at Dunn River, they are very pushy and abusive if you don't buy something from them, especially the video guys, they will hound you all the way to the bus to try to get you to buy the DVD. We tried to avoid the vendor area but were herded into the area by what we thought was a security guard who turned out to be in partnership with a guy who followed us until we bought a silly wooden statue which I gave him $8 for because it was all I had in my pocket. Never take your wallet out in front of them or you'll end up paying $20 dollars for the same piece of wood. While the wife was shopping I struck up a conversation with a lady that turned out to be the port manager and we talked about the plans for the terminal which when it is finished should be very impressive with the ability to serve two mega ships at a time. Security was still grumpy when we embarked...they need a vacation or something. This was our third trip to Cozumel, Mexico but the first time we went to the Tulum Mayan ruins. We had to depart very early and the cruise director's office had a special staging area set up for the group. We walked directly from the ship to the ferry boat which took us to the mainland. We were escorted to a waiting bus for the 45 minute ride to the National park. Tulum was the most impressive Mayan site we have explored and is located along the Caribbean coast situated atop a towering cliff with two white sand beaches below. We opted for the express tour which didn't include any beach time, but gave us a good overview of the site and the treasures it contained. The tour was exhausting and we opted to take the tram back to the bus which cost a few dollars but well worth it. We should have taken it into the park but underestimated the distance we had to walk and the crowd we had to deal with since we got there just before it opened. There were ten buses just from our ship and there were four ships in port. I was much more comfortable here than in Jamaica, there were vendors but they waited until you came to them before they went to work. We enjoyed this port of call the most, with the exception of the ferry ride home, when just about half the people on board got seasick. The attendant ran out of barf bags long before we got to our destination. Security again, this time armed with automatic weapons. Really? If they are so afraid of what we will bring on board why do they give us pointy steak knives in the dining room?SEA DAYS:Kudos to the cruise director Richard Spacey AND his staff for doing such a good job keeping the throng entertained. On this floating resort disguised as a cruise ship there's always something to do other than lounging in the sun, and it's a good thing too... here comes the negative... when you go to relax on the pool deck on a sea day you quickly find out that there is in fact 6,000+ people on the ship and it looks like every one of them is at the pool(s). They advertise the Solarium as being reserved for adults, but it is no better. Open lounge chairs are few and far between and finding two together is almost impossible. My wife got to go swimming while I protected the chairs we found, that's how bad it was, which brings me to the next point, beach towels. You have to check them out and back in or your room gets billed for the towel at $25 each.... there's only one place on the ship that dispenses the towels and that's on the 15th deck. If you go on a shore excursion and want a towel, none are provided at the gangplank, you have to trek up to the top of the ship and sign one out then protect it with your life while you are on your excursion. CLOSING REMARKS:As nice a ship as it is the Oasis is just too big for my taste, too many people, too many options, too may people, ooh I said that twice didn't I? I'm not into standing in lines and wading through crowds to get somewhere. When an event is happening, the elevators, and there are a lot of them, are completely overwhelmed. Unless you are lucky and are standing in front of the door that opens, you will wait ten minutes or longer to get to the deck you want to go to, remembering that the dining room is on deck three and the buffet is on deck 16 and both are located in the aft section of the ship, it's probably better to use the bow elevators and walk to the stern. I climbed the stairs at the Washington Monument but I'm no match for this ship. My preference remains with the smaller ships... as good a job as RCL does managing large numbers of people I much prefer the less crowded more peaceful setting of a HAL ship and now have a renewed appreciation for the traditional cruise ship style. I never had a problem finding a table on the Lido deck, didn't have to stand in line to see a show, and never had to fight for a lounge chair at the pool. I'm coming home to HAL, see you in December on the Noordam. Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
We are a family of 4 including my wife, 21yr old son, and 16yr old daughter. Pre-cruise we stayed 1 night at the Diplomat in Hollywood. Love that place. It was my third time staying there. Embarkation was simple and quick. We pulled ... Read More
We are a family of 4 including my wife, 21yr old son, and 16yr old daughter. Pre-cruise we stayed 1 night at the Diplomat in Hollywood. Love that place. It was my third time staying there. Embarkation was simple and quick. We pulled up in an Uber at about 1:15pm and were on the ship by 1:45pm. We did have priority with C&A and went right to the front of the line. Cabins were ready by the time we were on board. We dropped off our carry-on's and decided to eat lunch at the Windjammer. Windjammer - Lunch after embarkation was the only time we had to wait for entry or had trouble finding a table. We tend to eat at off peak times so had no issues finding table for 4 whenever we ate there. We all enjoyed the variety and selection of foods. I also thought the quality and service was very good. Dirty tables were cleaned promptly. Park Cafe - The roast beef sandwiches were very good. I ate there twice and both times had roast beef. I did find the sauce was somewhat different both times. But still was very good. The sides were also very good. I had Greek salad and potato salad and both were very tasty. Main Dining Room - We were in Silk on second seating and probably had the worst table in the place. We were right inside the door in the corner. We debated trying to get moved to a new table but really enjoyed the service so took a family vote and decided to stay. The food quality and selection was very good. We also really enjoyed our service team. American Icon Grill - We ate breakfast here twice and ordered off the menu. The eggs benedict was very good. Service was very fast. 150 Central Park - We did only this one specialty restaurant. The food was ok but nothing memorable. I did enjoy the cucumber martini and that was probably the only item that really stood out as memorable. I wish I would have saved the $ and just ate in MDR that day. Entertainment - We did the Oasis of Dreams show on the first night. That show was just incredible. We had reservations for the other shows but it never did seem to be at a time where we were in the mood for a show and so skipped the other shows. Dazzels - We spent probably the most time in Dazzels. They had a good band and also DJ at times. Voom Internet - We did the BOGO and had a 4 device package. I knew I would need to work a little bit so needed the internet access. I also thought it would be good way to keep in touch with the family while on board. The connection was very fast and I was able to work with some large files. I also moved around the ship a bit with my laptop and never lost connection to my ERP system. Shore excursions - We did the Margaritaville sail, snorkel, & beach break excursion in Falmouth. I had read a few negative reviews but decided to give this excursion a shot. I liked the fact that the catamaran left from the cruise ship terminal so no need to take buses or transportation. The catamaran although crowded we were still able to get a nice seat with good view. It was a nice sail to the snorkeling spot. We were supposed to have 30 minutes to snorkel but it seemed like longer. After snorkeling they dropped us off a a little beach that had beach chairs and a small bar with food and drinks. Red Stripe was $6 a bottle and Jamaican beef patties were $4. There were some locals that would take turns walking down the beach trying to sell their goods. They were not overly intrusive. In Cozumel we did the Twister ride to Passion Island. We love that place. It is a private beach with limited access. It includes buffet and drinks. There are also included water sports. The highlight to me was the in water hammocks. The Twister ride was fast to get to the island and also included some high speed turns to make it exciting. I would go back on both of these excursions. In Labadee we just hing out and had a relaxing beach day. Cabin - Our attendant kept the room clean and was never really intrusive. He did his evening work while we were at dinner. We did have two maintenance issues. First the safe was locked when we got in the room. Maintenance was there in about 5 minutes after I reported to our attendant. We also had a problem with the toilet over filling. After flushing the toliet would keep filling and would flow out a hole in the underside of the rim. It did take about 24 hours and several calls before maintenance came and replaced a valve which solved the problem. Pool and deck chairs - We like deck 16 which is one deck above the pools. We had no problem getting 4 chairs together at the times we wanted. Overall I loved the ship. There was so many different areas to hang out and explore. The sun deck on 14 forward was a favorite spot. I also loved the sitting area on 5 aft by the running track. The neighborhood concept seemed to spread the crowds out and it never seemed that crazy considering how many people were on board. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
This is my 4th cruise on an Oasis class ship, with 3 of them on Oasis and my last just this past February 6th. I did my 1st review of Oasis some 5 years ago. However, this time we are traveling as a group of 9, comprised of my children, ... Read More
This is my 4th cruise on an Oasis class ship, with 3 of them on Oasis and my last just this past February 6th. I did my 1st review of Oasis some 5 years ago. However, this time we are traveling as a group of 9, comprised of my children, spouses & grandchildren. We began our journey on Saturday, March 26th. Got picked up in Monmouth Co., NJ by private van at 3:30 AM, to take us to LaGuardia Airport (NYC), for a Delta flight scheduled for 7am. This would allow us ample time, as we did not know what security impact it would have since the Brussels airport bombing occurred a few days earlier. You may also wonder why LaGuardia and not Newark Int’l since we are only about 25 minutes from the airport. Answer is simple: United, which has a virtual monopoly at Newark, had a pricing of $650 per ticket, while Delta, from LaGuardia, was pricing $276 per. Savings of $3,366, and net of $2,900, after van expense. Mind you when we flew to FLL from EWR in February, it cost us $265 per—guess Easter week premium. PS. Delta terminal at LaGuardia airport is dumpy compared to United’s terminal “C” at Newark. No wonder VP Biden called it a 3rd World airport. Below, is a somewhat brief & sometime detailed review of our trip experience: Overall, the flight was pretty un-eventful, with a few bumps along the way. Luggage, to our amazement, came out pretty quick as compared to United. Embarkation: As in past experience it was a very smooth. This time they took the credit card info entered on the SetSail rather than swiping the cc. Embarkation was delayed as there were 2 case of chicken pox—letter handed out while waiting to board. After Suite & Pinnacle guests finished boarding, we (D+) were allowed to board. We got on the ship at approximately 11:45 AM. Left the group and went to Studio B to complete our entertainment schedule. I had a complete schedule, but a month prior, some programs, eg; Oasis of Dreams and Frozen in Time dropped from my cruise planner. When I went to Studio B, there was no-one there, other than a few cleaning staff. Went to GS and was directed to a kiosk by the bar (?) near the Regalia shop. Was directed inside the bar by the staff manning the kiosk. Went inside and explained my situation and was successful in getting 4 add’l tickets to Dreams and 9 tickets to Frozen. It seems that they hold some 25% of tickets for show for on-board Paxs. While walking to meet the group at Park Café, saw a kiosk for Specialty Restaurants. Asked if there were any specials for the 1st or 2nd night. I told them that I was D+ and would get the BOGO. They asked if any member of the group (9) were D and if so on the 1st night they would be entitled to 25% off. Made reservations to Chops for 1st night and Giovanni’s for the 6th night. After completing my task, I met and joined the group at Park Café for a nice leisurely lunch of salads, paninis, chips, and those wonderful roast beef sandwiches. After lunch, went to our cabins which were available at 1PM. We had 3 Central Park balcony cabins together, with 2 adjoining (12593-12591.) My Son & DIL were in 12589. Met our cabin steward (Putu Suardana) and instructed him to provide us with ice and extra pillows and bath towels. It was nice to see him again as he was our cabin attendant in CP cabin #12603 on our Feb. cruise. He kept our room always spotless. He was very patient, especially since one of our granddaughters, in the adjacent cabin, kept bringing their pillows to our cabin to build a castle between the bed and sofa. He was always friendly and smiling and got a big kick out of the children. We attended the sail away held at the Aquatheatre (Boardwalk). The grandkids enjoyed the characters from Dreamworks. While sitting there I felt as though we left earlier than the scheduled 4:30PM. DINING: Although quality and taste is subjective, we found it to very good in most if not in all areas. MDR: Requested and got a table for 9 by a window in Grande (#607). It was situated in one of the dining rooms to the side of the MDR. We usually took the short cut by not entering the main MDR entrance, but rather from the left side entrance. Also, we were lucky as some tables around us were used for MTD overflow and went empty a couple of nights—thank God, as sometimes the grandkids were a bit noisy. Staff: Our tandem was comprised by Messrs. Ansuman (Waiter) & Cheetaman (Asst.). They were excellent and professional, especially with all of the confusion emanating from our table. Grandkids bouncing around, and the request for special dishes and seconds in appetizers and entrees. Also assisting was Ms Nagy (Head Waiter/Maitre D.?) concerned with my youngest granddaughter food allergy. Overall, a real 10 in our review. Food: I don’t know, but it seemed that the quality was a bit better than our Feb. sail. We enjoyed entrees such as: Crab salad, fisherman’s platter (SIL had 5 lobster tails), lasagna al forno, rack of lamb & lamb shank on the last night. The appetizers were good from seafood salad, shrimp cocktail to onion soup. My SIL really enjoyed the escargot. Desserts, my party really enjoyed the various nightly desserts. I ordered the brownie sundae from the children’s menu. Speaking of children’s menu, their portions seemed larger than the adult and the steak ordered was very good. Specialty restaurants: Ate at Chops Grille at 5:30 pm the 1st night. The group ordered a combination of shrimp cocktail, French onion soup, sea bass, filet mignon & the strip steak. The kids menu was outstanding for taste, portions and price of $10 per. Overall, a fantastic culinary experience. It became even better, when it was time to pay—instead of the bogo and 25% discount, they gave the adults only, 50% off their meal--saved $20 overall that went towards add’l grats. I guess they did not want to be bothered calculating the tab. lol FYI: If interested in these restaurants, especially on the 1st night, ask if they have any specials. Service was fantastic. Giovanni’s Table @ 6pm on the 6th night. The food was good, but my youngest granddaughter began acting up and took away from the dining experience. Family style appetizers. Enjoyed the antipasti (lots of), mozzarella salad, Cioppino (Fish soup), crab filled raviolis, beef tenderloin, veal ossobuco, etc. Topped it off with cappuccino, cannoli and other desserts. As with Chops, the $10 per child is a real bargain. Service was fantastic, also. Other dining venues: Breakfast: Ate at the following venues, MDR, Johnny Rocket, Park Café, & Wipeout Café. Both Johnny Rocket and Wipeout Café open at 8:30 am—a bit late for us. Enjoyed omelets in the MDR and Johnny Rocket. I especially enjoyed the apple pastries in the MDR Lunch: Ate at Park Café for their excellent salads and roast beef sandwiches. On sea days (3) ate in the MDR and enjoyed the Tutti salad bar and also items from the menu. Snacks: Sorrento’s was a good place for a late night pizza. Grandkids and some adults, enjoyed the ice cream machines by the children’s pool and in the Wipeout Café. Staff at these venues, were prompt and friendly. PORTS: Labadee, Haiti: Went off at 9:30 am. It was a bit windy and needed to be careful for windburn. Loved laying in the lounge chair and enjoy the warm sun—plenty of lotion and sun block. None of our kids were with us as they are late risers. Something that I noticed that was evident in prior stops, was the lack of local beach attendants, that sometime become pests regarding lounge chairs. The rest of the clan showed up an hour or so later. Stayed till noon, and after snacking on some buffet items, went back to the ship and ate lunch at the Park Café. Jamaica: Been to Dunn’s fall many times, however, my wife & I got off the ships and visited some of the shops in Falmouth. No success and went back to the ship. My children stayed on the ship and enjoyed the emptiness of the adult & children pool areas. They also took advantage of miniature golf. Cozumel: This was the best decision made on this cruise. My daughter, even though was a bit sunburned at Labadee, wanted to go to a beach. Looked at the beach tour, but was very expensive, especially with 3 small children who pay as much as an adult, eg: Playa Maya beach excursions. From CC I was able to get an evaluation of some of the Cozumel beach areas. Opted for Paradise Beach. This is truly a-la-carte. Getting to the taxi area was a zoo. In past cruises we try to disembark as early as possible and avoid this nightmare. This time we were a bit late and not only Mex. Customs slowed the process down, but the lines to taxis snaked all over the place. Finally reached the front and asked for a van. A bargain, a flat $30 + grats. It took us approximately 12 minutes to get there. Once arrived, a staff member advised us that it’s $3 per (avoided pay for the 2 smallest children) and included lounge chairs and umbrellas, plus the pool. The caveat, need to spend $10 per on food/drink. This was easily accomplished. Did not expect much regarding food, but it was absolutely good. We ordered chips with salsa, beef tacos, Quesos and chicken fingers for the children. Was surprised that the chicken fingers contained about 8-9 large pieces with French fries. Some of us ordered beer( Sol & Tecata) & others sodas. A very unusual situation—Ginger ale was in cans, but diet or regular Pepsi was from the fountain. Along the way, we saw some diners with canned sodas and could not understand why. We found out later, that the staff person assigned to us was associated with the bar, while others were associated with the restaurant—unusual arrangement. My SIL, at $18 each for of his children got the usage of beach inflatables, kayaks, and many other diverse beach toys. Worth every cent. The pool was included in the $3 price and it was large, clean and one could swim up to the bar. We took advantage of both the beach and pool. Overall a great experience. One down side was the plethora of seaweeds washing ashore. There was a storm the day before that caused this situation. This was up & down the entire beach area. However, if you went 20 feet in the water, no weeds were apparent. I walked the pier that is adjacent to the beach and it stretches some 150 ft. and the water was crystal clear. Bottom line, for $200 we had a great beach day. One of the beach excursion via RCL would cost us $450+ for the same experience. OTHER SHIP EXPERIENCE: Entertainment: Oasis of Dreams: A mini version of “O” in Las Vegas. Wonderful entertainment as some performers danced & others dived into the pool from various heights. We had enjoyed this show in prior cruises, but enjoyed it even more through my grandchildren eyes. They smiled, clapped and danced to the background music. As a matter of fact, my daughter, SIL & their children saw it a 2nd time. A benefit for D+ & Pinnacles—2 rows are reserved for these tiers. Frozen in Time: Lucky to get the front row. Fantastic shows, with very agile & athletic performers. Wonderful & colorful costumes. Skaters were simply magnificent. Grandchildren, as with Dreams danced, smiled & clapped. Got even more entertainment when performers came close to barrier and hi-fived the kids hands. Headliner: Kenny James performed. He was good, but he sang only Motown songs. His son accompanied his band. Cats: Unfortunately, with the scheduling of shows, reserved this shows for the last day @2:30pm. Since it was the last day and a beautiful day to sit in the Solarium, we decided to forgo this show. However, my daughter wanted to see the show and took her youngest daughter, but she became afraid of the make-up and costumes and they left the show after 20 minutes. Come Fly with Me: If Dreams is a mini “O” this show is a mini “Cirque”. Did not enjoy Cirque in Las Vegas, as it was too long and redundant. This show was palpable as it was only 40-45 minutes. Excellent usage of bungee cord, trampolines & props. Very athletic performers with lots of dancing. Enjoyable. Comedy Show: We had seen this show on the Feb. cruise and it was hilarious. Convinced my kids & their spouses to attend the show, and that we would baby sit. They were glad they did, as they confirmed, that although a bit risqué, it was a very funny event. Dreamworks Parade: Last night, all of the characters were present. A bit crowded but the grandchildren really had a great time. Other Activities: Diamond Lounge. Open from 5-8:30pm. 1st day it was a disaster. Raved about the service and snacks, however, this night there must have been a trainee, as he was not familiar as to what was & wasn’t available. For instance, my SIL, asked if Stoli flavored vodka was available. I knew that it wasn’t, but the drink waiter said yes. Came back and said that it wasn’t available. Said they had Smirnoff flavor, came back with a screwdriver. My SIL went to the bar and asked for a beer. However, the hors d’ovres made up for this fiasco. The rest of the week, the service was exemplary. We noticed a big difference between the February cruise and this one. On the Feb. cruise the Lounge on the 11th deck, was crowded and the 12th deck was empty. This cruise, the lounge was basically empty when we arrived between 5-6pm. Only explanation is that because of Easter week, many grandparents were with their kids & grandchildren. There were a ton of kids and grandparents. Labadee Sail away: Invited to the sail away at the front/helicopter deck. What a wonderful experience and sight. My family enjoyed it immensely. Champagne and mimosa served, plus a non-alcohol drink. Tidbit: Met officer in charge of determining and advising Homeland Security that all passengers were on board. Asked him if we left Port Everglades early—he said they did and basically saved $15k because they did not have to use their full power to leave the port area. He mentioned that once it has been confirmed that all Paxs are on board, they advise Homeland Security and after 30-45 minutes they are allowed/approved to leave the dock. Bridge Tour: Got invite, but I wanted to get my kids and family to experience this event. I visited the Loyalty Ambassador (in the library), to see if I could get them invited to the Bridge tour. He told me that he needed to determine the number of respondents before he could confirm. Waited a couple of days, and lo and behold invites appeared in their room. They were glad they did as they said it was educational and interesting. Casino: No did not win, but, we earned some t-shirts & key chains. LOL MISCELLANEOUS: Voom Internet. Brought my computer along, but this time around, the speed seemed slow. Trying to get to the games website took a very long time. Not so, on the Feb. 6th sail. Not complaining as I got an entire week of internet usage free with the usage of 2 D+ coupons. For my kids & family, I got them the bogo promo of $106 for 2 devices (before sail). Drink Packages. My son got the Royal Replenish and my daughter got 2 Royal Replenish packages. I tell you on this cruise the bartenders were handing out multiple water bottles and sodas. We did not see any time or volume restrictions. D & D+ Drinks loaded onto the SeaPass. Worked like a charm. I’m not much of a drinker, but enjoy a beer. I was able to get drinks during the 5-8:30pm timeframe. Got drinks at the bar in Central Park, The Opal Theatre, Studio B and the bars in the Promenade. My kids & spouses, as D were able to enjoy the same benefits. Easter Mass: Attended Easter Mass at 8 am in Studio B. Service was performed by Father Quinn. He’s from NYC, but stationed in FFL. What a sense of humor. DISASTER AREAS: After the Dreamworks parade, we went to the photography section. Half of the kiosks did not work. There were so many folks there, that it was hot & uncomfortable. My photographs were no-where. None in the basket and none digitally available. Thank God my kids had some photos that we could use the free D+ coupon. Had to order and available the next day. Facial recognition does not seem to work in some cases. Disembarkation It seemed worse than the Feb. sail. The lines seemed not to move. I’m not sure if Pax paid attention to the # assigned to disembark. The lines were literally snaking around the promenade and by the dining rooms/elevators. Was able to cajole using the Suite exit and once off the ship, got our bags and used “Global Entry” to exit and by pass the masses. Ps: Made a huge mistake—what a knucklehead. Picked the wrong bag and did not realize until exiting Customs. Was sent to Security, and was advised that I would have to wait until the ship got clearance. Asked, how long—11:30, 12, or 12:30pm. Not palatable, filled a “personal property report”. Time frame of delivery--3-6 weeks. Received call from RCL lost & found that bag was on its way via Fed/Ex. Bag was delivered at 11:30am today, but we had cash, but it was not acceptable form of payment—only certified check or money order. Going to Post Office to get required payment form. Ps. Not bad $45.35 for 53+ lbs. After this fiasco, my SIL (a rookie) got us in a shared van at a cost of $11 per. Besides the 9 of us there were 3 add’l passengers and felt crowded. Bottom line, when we arrived we took 3 separate cabs and averaged $18-$20. Taking the van totaled $95 (incl. grat.) Made to the airport and with the TSA pre-clear made it in no time flat. But, storms in the NYC Metro area caused the Delta flight to be delayed from 1:20pm to 3:05pm. My wife & I went to Miami Grille and shared a nice 12’ turkey sub with FF and soda. Wasn’t bad. Flight back home was a bit rocky, but less than anticipated. Had a good tail wind and made it to LaGuardia in 2:30 hours. The sun was breaking thru the clouds and it was a thrill flying over the tall Manhattan skyline/buildings on the way to LaGuardia. Our driver met us at the baggage area and we walked to the parked van, as he wasn’t allowed to pick us up by the terminal because of security issues. We got on the van and after 1:30 hrs., we were home. He was able to avoid some of the Manhattan traffic by using the George Washington Bridge/NJ Turnpike to get us home. Summary: All had a great time. My grandchildren cried on the last night as they did not want it to end. Most of the cruise they were awe struck by the size of the vessel and the many activities available. Planning another family cruise in the not too distant future. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
This was our first time sailing with Royal Caribbean and we just loved it. Even though the ship had over 5000 passengers it never felt crowded. The only time it felt busy was near evening dining hour when the elevators filled up but it ... Read More
This was our first time sailing with Royal Caribbean and we just loved it. Even though the ship had over 5000 passengers it never felt crowded. The only time it felt busy was near evening dining hour when the elevators filled up but it was certainly very tolerable. Dining in the Grande Restaurant was excellent. The food was 5 star and our servers, Larry and Li Ya, were very attentive and lots of fun. We always looked forward to dining because we felt like we were among friends. The Promenade was suprisingly large and always felt energetic with lots of activites and venues to visit. For a bit of relaxation and a drink Central Park was the place to lolligag. Our favourite spot to lounge was the Schooner piano bar. It had comfortable seating, a great on high view of the Promenade, good entertainment and the absolute best appletini martini anywhere anytime. At risk of giving away a not so well kept secret the SOLARIUM deck was a great refuge for adults only. Nice pool, two whirl pool hot tubs, a bar very nearby with good eats just a hop away. Lots of chairs were available but I would recommend getting there early to find one in the shade. We spent most at sea days at the Solarium and we would highly recommend it. By the way, if you go there when the ship is in port, you'll have your pick of great spots to sit and lounge. We took in several shows. The comedy act was very funny and entertaining and from our point of view short; it did not drag on. My wife also convinced me to go to the mid afternoon ice show. Being from Canada and enduring one of the coldest winters on record ice was the last thing I wanted to see on a Caribbean cruise. Of course my reluctance was ill founded. The show was very professional, high paced with thrills, choreographed near spills, tremendous athleticism festooned with bright and enchanting coloured costumes. You might think it was entertainment only for kids but you would be wrong, definitely for all ages. Finally, a do not miss the aqua theatre performance. Synchronized and high diving act that was spectacular. You might want to get there early to secure a good seat. Some folks were left standing. There were a few items we thought could use improvement. My wife and I are in our late 50's and we love dancing to all types of music. Dazzles, one of the night clubs was a tad small but it was elegantly decorated with good music. I would not recommend the Blaze night club. Many of the patrons appeared to be quite intoxicated. My wife and I were pawed on the dance floor by a young man who was promptly whisked away by his lady friend. This may have been a one off incident but it certainly put and end to our evening. I did the Dragon's breath zip line on Labadee Haiti. I would highly recommend this most thrilling 500 foot descent skimming above the water. I am no spring chicken n'or am I a big risk taker but the zip line was just plain fun. My wife and I scheduled the jet ski tour but it was, unfortunately, cancelled due to rough seas. According to the jet ski staff this happens quite often. I applaud the security first approach but if we had known of the high frequency cancellations at this sporting activity my wife would have done the zip line but it was too late. Our travel friends were on their 11th cruise and this was our second. We all agreed that we are now spoiled by this large ship with its many amenities and very friendly staff Read Less
Sail Date April 2015
A little background. My husband and I are both 49. Our daughters are 13 &18. I love cruising, my husband not as much. We were traveling with my sister, her husband and 14 year old son. They are diamond in a junior suite. We were ... Read More
A little background. My husband and I are both 49. Our daughters are 13 &18. I love cruising, my husband not as much. We were traveling with my sister, her husband and 14 year old son. They are diamond in a junior suite. We were staying in a Grand Suite for the first time. We are gold. We were on the ship the week before Easter. Hotels are much more expensive during spring break. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Airport/Cruise. Very nice. Excellent staff. Easily arranged for transportation to port for $7/pp. Shuttle picked us up at 10:00. We were at the pier by 10:20. We were through check-in in about 20 min and went to the suite waiting area. Very nice area to wait before boarding. We began boarding at 11:00 am. This all went very smooth. The ship - a definite WOW. We loved the neighborhood areas. They were very clean and we never felt that there were over 6000+ passengers on board. Dining - when we first boarded we went right to the winjammer. We found seats easily, but we were one of the first on board. I thought the food was good, nice selection. I was expecting buffet type food, not fine dining. This was what we received. This was the only time I ate there, but the kids loved it and were there several times. They only encountered lines at peak dining times. Use a little common sense and go a little earlier or a little later. Specialty Restaurants - Izumi - we did the hibachi - Wait staff service could have been better, but the chef was very good and entertaining. The food was excellent. Chops - Again I thought the wait staff service was slow, but the food was excellent. I probably would not spend the extra again, but was glad I did them. Coastal Kitchen (for suite guests) - We dined here the first night because even though our reservations were linked, we ended up at different tables than my sister and they could not accommodate us in the MDR that night. I thought the food and Service were good, and would have dined there each night until we ate in the MDR. Main Dining Room - Phenomenal! We had the best service and excellent food all week. Our waiter, Robinson, his assistant, the bar staff, Eddie, and the head waiter, Anna, were excellent. Probably the best of the cruises I have been on. They were great with the kids and accommodated any request we had. Shows - We saw all of the main shows. We arrived at least 30 minutes early, even though we were in a suite and had reservations. The seats reserved for suite guests were good, in the balcony, but we only used them once. We preferred the lower seats or the balcony seats on the sides. All of the shows I would give 5 stars except Cats. I love musicals, theatre and dance and can appreciate what goes into the production. This show was on par with any BroadwY show. It is just not a good production for a ship. Most people do not know the storyline and were not able to follow it. At least half the people left at intermission. I was prepared to allow my family to leave, if they asked, but they stuck through to the end. They all said they would not see it again. Mo5aic, the headliner was great. Our 18 year old daughter went with us to the Comedy Club. As stated, it is not for under 18, but we all thought it was hilarious. All of the other shows were also very good and top notch entertainment. Concierge Lounge - for Pinnacle and Suite guests. We only used this when we needed to speak with Allan or Israel, They were excellent. Traveling with my sister (diamond) they could not access Concierge Lounge and we could not access diamond Lounge (we're only gold). But this is a beautiful area and would definitely utilize it more in another cruise. Excursions - I always book through the ship. We waited this time until we were on board to make sure the weather was going to cooperate. Labadee - we were able to book Cabana S4 on Barefoot Beach through the concierge prior to boarding. We would definitely do this again though I thought our neighboring cabanas had better attendants. It was very nice to have the upgraded buffet and reserved space. We absolutely loved our beach day. Jamaica - we wanted to do zip lining, but the shore excursions desk said we wouldn't get back until 5 and with 6 pm dinner time we thought that was cutting it too close. We were talked into a "Awesome Dune buggy Adventure". This was not as it was sold to us. The 25 minute ride was 1 hour and 20 minutes. The "dune buggies" were side by side ATV's, not dune buggies. We own ATV's and utility vehicles. Did we have a good time....yes....just not what we were lead to believe by the shore excursion desk. They should be better informed for $130/pp. The tour guides were excellent and made the bus trip feel much shorter. Cozumel - with four horses on our farm, what do the kids want to do......go horseback riding. So we booked "horseback riding and eco beach" tour. This was riding on a ranch, not in the seas. We all had a great time. Beautiful scenery on the ranch. They had horses for beginners to advanced. However (horse people) their advance horses are not what we would consider advanced. Great guides and very informative. On the ship - my daughters and I did the cupcake decorating class. We had a blast decorating our cupcake with a frog on a Lily pad. $22, worth the money. Book it in advance. My husband and I did the "Behind the scenes" tour. 3 hours. We enjoyed this very much and thought it was worth it. Excellent tour guides. While we were going on this, our daughters did the central park tour and enjoyed that also. Connecting - we had two devices internet. $140 less gold discount for $126 for the week. This worked well for us staying connected on the ship. We Facebook message when we wanted to contact each other. The casino - I like to gamble, but my husband does not. I went mostly at night. I have a daily limit to spend and enjoyed my time there. I broke even for the cruise so I consider that good. I had fun and didn't lose. The staff and the casino host were excellent. I did not think it was too smoky, but I am a smoker so that is subjective. Overall - Seven days on this ship is not enough to see it all. Loved the Champagne bar, excellent staff. great martinis. We had the premium drink pkg and thought it was worth it. Even with prepaid gratuities and tips included in drink package we always tipped extra for good service. Was that why we had such good service....maybe, but well worth it to us. We work hard and like the extras when on vacation. I definitely plan on doing Oasis again, especially with family with teenagers. Disembarking - We had a 8:55 flight from FLL which made me nervous. We did the self-disembark. We were in line at 6 am. We were off the ship and through customs by 7:15. We were at the airport by 7:30. I am not sure I would book such an early flight again because if anything went wrong we could have easily missed our flight.. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Although Oasis is the biggest ship in the world, after 8 cruises, I did not expect to be wowed. Well I was. Everything about Oasis is awesome, from its grandeur, to the variety of music, entertainment, food and eating venues. I was on an ... Read More
Although Oasis is the biggest ship in the world, after 8 cruises, I did not expect to be wowed. Well I was. Everything about Oasis is awesome, from its grandeur, to the variety of music, entertainment, food and eating venues. I was on an RCI European cruise 4 years ago and was not at all happy with the food. This was not the case this time. RCI outdid itself with inspired menus, terrific coffee and great service. They beat Celebrity hands down. There is a lively atmosphere on board and amazingly, no shortage of poolside chairs. T he only criticism is the frequent lineups at the Windjammer, but with all the choices on board, you don't really need to deal with that. You can party all night long if that's your bag, or chill in Central Park - my favourite place for breakfast. Oasis caters to couples and families. There is a kiddie pool as well as an adults-only solarium. I can't think of a more apt name for this ship. Looking forward to trying out sister ship Allure. Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
We had an evening flight out of Atlanta, Friday night, and arrived at FLL at about 9:00PM. Went out of the terminal and got a Taxi, ($18.00,) to the Hyatt Regency Pier 66. I booked the hotel online through lastminutetravel.com, for ... Read More
We had an evening flight out of Atlanta, Friday night, and arrived at FLL at about 9:00PM. Went out of the terminal and got a Taxi, ($18.00,) to the Hyatt Regency Pier 66. I booked the hotel online through lastminutetravel.com, for $189.00. I requested a King size bed, and when we arrived, we had been upgraded to a Jr suite, with a King, on the fourth floor. We had a nice size balcony with a view of the marina, the city, and the cruise port. It was a great room, so too bad we would only enjoy it for such a short time. We walked across the street to a Hess gas station, and purchased a bottle of wine and some beers, for our pre cruise party. Returned to our room, and ordered Pizza from a place I found on line, that was located not far from the hotel. It was very good. After a few drinks, and enjoying looking at the city lights, we went to bed around 1:00AM. At some point during the night, I guess around 5:00AM, I went out on the balcony. and saw the Oasis had just arrived, along with an MSC ship. I grabbed the camera, and took a picture, then returned to bed until around 8:00AM. I still had to get my Asti Spumanti for sail-a-way, and some flavored creamer for my coffee, so I took a walk over the causeway bridge, and got some great pictures of all the ships, that were now in port. I walked another few blocks, until I arrived at the Harbor shops, where there was a Publix and a wine shop. There were also lots of places to dine like, 5 Guys, Carabas, and several local places. Publix had everything I needed, so I made my purchases, and headed back to the hotel. The morning started out on the cool side, but by the time I finished my walk, it had warmed up to a comfortable temperature, some where around 70 and sunny. It was about 9:00AM by then, so there was time to take a shower and go back to bed for a nap. About 10:30, we were up and ready to leave for the port. We had intended to take a taxi, since it was just across the street, but the taxi wasn't a set rate, and went up 40 cents every minute that you waited for traffic to move, or if we traveled 1/4 mile, so we went with a shuttle that was waiting outside the hotel, and had a set fee per person, of $7.00. We waited just a few minutes, and then we were off. When we arrived at the drop off place for the Oasis, it was still busy with those who were leaving. We went inside the terminal, checked in with no waiting, and sat in the Diamond area, until boarding started at about noon. We had our picture taken and then headed up to the Windjammer for a bite to eat. We were one of the first passengers in there, so we got a table by the window, and enjoyed a nice buffet lunch. After lunch, we got a cocktail, and walked around the ship a bit, and then headed to our room just after 1:00PM, to drop off our carry on luggage. Our welcome drinks and gift were already in our room, when we arrived. We had room 7206, an ocean view with a balcony, on the end of the forward hump, Port side. The room was "cozy", but big enough for the two of us. Lots of shelves, and space in the closet. We actually only used about half of the storage space. Our suit cases went under the bed, so that left room for shoes in the closet. There was a small couch, table, flat screen interactive tv, chair and desk. There were also two pieces of art work, with accent, lighting above them. The couch was next to the closet in this room, which was nice because it gave us a little more walking space in that area. The outlets were by the desk, and behind the bed, so there were plenty of outlets, unlike what I had read on the CC boards. We met our cabin steward, Fnu Krismas. He was another very friendly person, who was always smiling, and very accommodating. I requested ice in our cooler, for the wine, and we never had to ask again. He kept our cooler iced down all week, and our room nice and neat. About the time we were ready to head out again, our luggage was in front of our door, so I quickly unpacked, and then we were off to take many pictures. Muster was held at 4:30PM, and went fine until we all were trying to leave the area, and get to a top deck for sail-a-way. It got kind of scary, just too many people in a bottle neck. We walked up the three flights of stairs to our room, to get our Asti for sail-a-way, and could see that the ship was already leaving. We rushed to the elevators, and they were still full, and not stopping. After waiting for a few minutes, we decided to just go back to our balcony, so we wouldn't miss the ship going through the channel. That was a little disappointing, since I had arranged for my family to watch for us on the port camera. I called them to let them know that we weren't able to make it up on the top deck. We had first seating for dinner, 6:00PM, so we dressed for dinner, and went down to the dining room. We realized we didn't have a table number, so we had to wait in a line to get an assignment. We were assigned a table for 4, near a window, in the VIP section, but we couldn't sit there that night, since there was some confusion with table numbers. So for the first night, we sat near where our table would be for the rest of the week, with another couple who also had no table assignment. The VIP section was a nice location, we just couldn't see anything going on in the main dining area. That was fine, since we have been on 33 cruises, and had had that experience many times before. Dinner was excellent, as were most all of our meals. I had the seafood spaghetti, which I didn't think I would like that much, but it was so good! Bill, my DH, had a Marinated pork chop, that was also delicious. We shared bites of each others food, every night. I also had a scallop appetizer, made like Escargot, (which wasn't available on our cruise). After dinner, we went to the Diamond lounge, which was open from 5:00 PM until 8:30 PM. They had a full bar set up, including beer and soft drinks, and very nice hot and cold appetizers, including chocolates. I was full from dinner, but couldn't resist the bacon wrapped scallops in the lounge. I thought that the concierge, Francis, did an excellent job, along with Dennis and Goody the bartenders. They always greeted us with a smile, when we came in, and left the lounge. There was also someone in there at breakfast, who did a very nice job, but I never got his name. After a few drinks, we did a little shopping. I bought the ship model, to add to my collection. The model was huge, just like the ship itself. We then purchased the "Beer Bag", and went back to drink and enjoy our balcony. The deal with the beer bag is you purchase this cooler like bag, with an opener, for $9.95. Then every time that you buy 5 beers to fill it, you get 10% off the price of the beers. We refilled it on several occasions throughout the cruise. Day 2 - Sea Day I started most mornings with breakfast in the Diamond lounge, since it was so close to our room. It consisted of pastries, donuts, fruit, muffins, juice, and a toaster, along with bagels, and bread. It was a very nice set up, and the food was always fresh. After breakfast this morning, was the Crown and Anchor event, held in the Aqua theater. We went and had mimosas, and listened to the Captain for a while. They recognized a person who just reached Pinnacle status, by giving them champagne, flowers, and a gift. They also brought up on stage, a couple other Pinnacle tier people, and took some pictures. This strange woman dressed in red leotards ran down to the stage, to have her husband take her picture with the captain, while he was making his presentation. It was like it suddenly became a comedy show, and I think some people thought it was all a joke. The woman happened to be sitting right behind me, so I knew it wasn't an act, just some weird twist, to the event. The Captain tried to tell her that he couldn't pose for a picture at this time, but the woman wrapped her arms around him, and the picture was taken. Anyway, we left right after that, so that we could go to the meet and mingle at 11:15AM It was nice to meet everyone that I had been chatting with, on our roll call. RCI also gave some very nice gifts, to about 5 people who won the drawling, for showing up. They also gave us all a note pad and pen, for attending, and had available some pastries, water, and juice. After all the morning activities, we decided to have lunch in the Opus dining room. A lot of people on the boards had talked about a Tuti salad, and until I had it, I thought how good could a salad be? I mean good, but... It was very good, and turned out to be one of the highlights of my day. I really enjoyed these salads! I also had a caramelized banana, with butter pecan ice cream. It was so good, I ate almost every bite. They also served olive spread in your bread basket at lunch, which was very good. We decided to walk around, and enjoy the first sea day. I noticed that the zip line had a short line, and since I was looking forward to trying this, I did. It was such a thrill, and really got my adrenaline going. I loved it!! We had a cocktail after that, to celebrate the ride, which then lead to the purchase of our future cruise credits. Tonight was our first formal night. We got to meet our waiter for the week, Alfredo, who was excellent, along with his assistant, whose name was too hard to ever learn. We also met our table mates for the week, who were very nice. It was a lady who decided to bring her Grandmother-in-law on a cruise, for her 90th Birthday. They were both very nice, and we enjoyed dining with them for the week. My dinner was scallops gratin, Banana soup, shrimp ravioli, and a lemon meringue tart, which is called mile high lemon meringue pie. It was very good, even if the pie was a tart I was the only one at the table who had the cold soups every night, and they were so delicious! The rest didn't know what they were missing! Don't think of it as soup, but as a palate cleanser, and give them a try, you won't regret it! We also had a delicious white Moscato wine, but when we looked at the bottle, and saw it was only 5% alcohol, we didn't order it again. Then we finished the meal with an after dinner shooter, in the collectible glass. Always a crowd pleaser. We went to the show tonight, which I reserved our seats for, pre cruise. It was the Oasis of Dreams, and was excellent! We don't care to go to the shows usually, but this was a high dive, water show, and really set the tone. It was so good, that we actually decided to check out some of the other shows, which were also excellent. I have been using that word a lot, and that is because this was the most excellent cruise! It was absolutely perfect! Day 3 - Labadee We didn't rush off of the ship, because our plan was to snorkel, and we wanted the water to warm up a little, before we went a shore. So we had lunch at the Park Cafe. The roast beef sandwiches really are that good! They also have the Tuti salad, even if they don't call it that, the best potato salad, fruit cups, soups, and other pre made sandwiches. I love that they serve flavored water here, and in the Windjammer. Very tasty. We then went ashore, and the water was very cold, but once submerged, it was bearable for a little while. We tried snorkeling, but didn't see many fish, so decided to get warmed up with a stop at the bar, for a Labadoozie. Mine was kind of a grapefruit flavor, which I would have preferred a strawberry one, but I didn't think to ask what flavor he was serving. We then decided to go for a swim on the ship, while most people were on the Island. It was a nice temperature, and not crowded. Sail-a-way was at 4:30PM, with a champagne top tier event, on the helipad, complete with the bagpiper. She did an excellent job, and I really enjoyed it, being of Irish decent. Dinner was smart casual dress, and Italian fare. I had shrimp cocktail, strawberry soup, chicken Marsala, sticky bread pudding. Bill had the tiger shrimp, and again everything was excellent! We spent the rest of our evening walking around, and then relaxing on the balcony. Day 4 - Falmouth, Jamaica We decided to try breakfast at the Wipe Out Cafe, since Bill likes fried eggs. It wasn't impressive, but was ok. We got there not long before they were closing, and maybe that was why it was just ok. Anyway, almost everyone was getting off the ship, so we decided to go to the solarium hot tub, and the pool for a while, until the crowd was gone. That was very enjoyable! We have been to the other ports in Jamaica, several times before, but never to this one, so we thought we would look around the new dock area, and dry off, in the sun, while looking in the shops. The new Margaritaville was open! The people at the shops here weren't pushy at all, which was very nice. We only stayed in side the fenced area, and there were lots of shops to look in, even though not everything is open yet. They are doing a good job here, and it was worth taking a look, I thought. Later, we decided to try the Seafood shack for some appetizers. We had the calamari and crab cakes. Both were good, but if we had waited, we would have had the same items for dinner one night, instead of spending $10.00 for them. We were ok with that, since we would have paid that much or more, at home. We had a relaxing day taking pictures, a nap, lunch in the Windjammer, drinks, and then a casual dinner. I had ceviche, spinach dip, mango soup, and Chinese dumplings. Bill had veal scallopini. We then went to the Headliner show, which featured a group of guys singing songs, with out instruments. One of the guys actually made the sounds of instruments. It was really something! It doesn't sound like a good show, but you have to see it, to enjoy it. Our first towel animal of the cruise, was in our room, when we returned this evening. We also had received a tray of sweets, during the afternoon, which included a little Red Velvet cupcake, delicious! Day 5 - Sea Day There are so many choices for dining on this ship. Here is a list for breakfast and lunch: Breakfast free at: Wipe out cafe, omelets and fried eggs made to order, french toast, waffles, bacon sausage, potatoes, toast, pastries. Park cafe - breakfast sandwiches, cereal, fruit, pastries. Solarium - I never went, but I heard it was a light and healthy fare. Windjammer - you know the set up, everything. I never went for breakfast though. Diamond lounge - yummy pastries, donuts, fruit, toast, bagels, special coffee. Cafe promenade - coffee, pastries, donuts, muffins. Dining room - I never made it there. Johnny Rockets - never ate there. Donut shop - coffee, donuts. Breakfast was free every where. Lunch Park Cafe - Roast beef sandwiches, other wraps and pre made sandwiches, fruit cups, bagged chips, Doritos, and a salad bar that you told them what you wanted, and they mixed it up for you. They also had deserts and flavored water. Windjammer - flavored water, lemonade, iced tea, and buffet. Dining room on sea days - salad bar, (they mix it for you,) lunch meats, and some buffet stuff, plus off the menu. Sorentos - Pizza, Cafe Promenade - snacks Sandwiches made to order on the Boardwalk Those were all free. Seafood shack - ala carte pricing. Giovanis - Italian, cost. Johnny Rockets - $3.95 cover charge. Solarium - light food Not sure if there was a charge. This morning, like most, I ate breakfast in the Diamond lounge, and had lunch in the dining room. We shared a steak sandwich, tuti salad, and a mushroom cheese burger. All were very good! Then we went to the Boardwalk and rode the Merry-go-round, and I signed up for the "wishes at sea" walk. For a $10.00 donation, you got a tee-shirt, and a chance to help a sick child and their family, enjoy a cruise vacation. We then watched the Belly Flop contest, which is always amusing to me. We decided to watch the sea go by, from our balcony, this afternoon, and we got to see some Dolphin and flying fish. This is why we spend so much time on our balcony. We just love seeing the wild life, that live in the sea! Tonight was our second formal night, so we decided to have some pictures taken, before dinner. Some of the poses they have you do, are really stupid, so after the ones we feel are right for us, we just say no more, and walk away. This was our table mates 90th Birthday, and she was very happy, as were we, that it was lobster night. I had ordered a bottle of Asti spumanti, for the occasion, and her granddaughter ordered a chocolate cake. Dinner started off with crab claw salad, peach soup, shrimp cocktail, and large lobster tails. Dessert was baked Alaska. It looked really good, but I had the Baily's and Banana creme brulee. So good! We also had a couple shooters to end this excellent meal. Day 6 - Cozumel After breakfast, we went snorkeling right at the end of the International pier, where we were docked. We bring our own snorkel and mask, so we can just walk right out and snorkel, where ever we want, and on our own time. The water was so clear and beautiful, and there were lots of fish to see here. We saw a brown and white spotted eel, Parrot fish, a black and yellow Angel fish, and lots of other fish swimming around. The water was cool, but not as cold as it was in Labadee. After we finished with our expedition, we went back on the ship, and had lunch at the Park Cafe. By that time, we had been joined by 4 other ships in port. The Crown Princess, Carnival Paradise, Celebrity Constellation, and the Disney Magic which was docked at the downtown pier. We had received a voucher for a free Taxi ride to the shopping area in town, so we decided to use it, and look around a bit. We ended up buying a couple Mexican Rum cakes. They taste like they have more rum in them than the Tortuga ones, and are just as good. We walked around town some more, and then stopped in a place for some guacamole, chips and salsa. We were serenaded by a Mariachi band, while we enjoyed the view of the water, and our snacks. I don't drink in Mexico any more, since I don't know when I have had enough Margaritas, until it is too late, so we just had soft drinks, and then headed back to the ship. We decided to go swimming again, while most of the passengers were on shore, then played some mini golf, and I went for my second ride on the zip line, since there was no one in line. It was even better the second time, since now I knew how to do this. I even looked down this time! We then went and ordered some pictures at the photo gallery, got some envelopes from the Diamond lounge to leave extra tips for all of our favorite crew, who were helping to make this such an excellent vacation, and all the crew in the lounge. They also had forms that you could use to add them to your sea pass account, but it was easier just to give cash. Dinner tonight was casual, and we had crab cakes, honey dew soup, shrimp cocktail, steak, and cherries jubilee. We then went back to the cabin to watch sun set and sail-a-way, then off to take night shots around the ship. Late that night, we tried the pizza at Sorrentos, which was ok. We also stopped at the Promenade cafe for a treat, as we did on many afternoons, while out exploring the decks. Day 7 - Sea Day I knew we wouldn't be up in time to get breakfast tomorrow, so I got breakfast for both days today. First I had my usual breakfast, than I went to the Park Cafe, and got breakfast sandwiches, and fruit cups for the next day. I put them in our cooler, to keep them fresh. The sandwiches were very good, even the next morning. One was a muffin with an over easy egg, and ham, the other one was scrambled eggs and spinach, on fecatch bread. After breakfast, I sat on our balcony, until Bill got up around noon. He missed seeing all of the Dolphin that were out there today! I tried to get a picture, and a movie, but I don't think that I captured the dolphin. At least I got to enjoy seeing them! We had breakfast in the Windjammer today. I had some really tasty eggplant parmesan. It didn't have much sauce on it, like I like, so I added some sauce that they had for the spaghetti, which made it just like I like it. We also had mashed potatoes, and pork schnitzel. It was all very good! We then went to a water show, and picked up our pictures that I had ordered during the week. We looked around at everything again, trying to make sure we didn't miss anything, then had a drink on the Rising Tide bar. That was neat. When the bar is rising, they have a fountain underneath it. Dinner tonight was casual, and I had scallops, pineapple soup, feta & clamote olive salad, and Turkey. The turkey was juicy, and served with an apple stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Bill had the Fried Fish Plate, which he liked. We then gave out our envelopes, like we used to on earlier cruises, and it was nice doing it that way, and saying good bye to everyone. We had left our tips on our sea pass, but all of our wait staff, cabin steward, and concierge staff, deserved even more than the recommended amount, so we got to use the envelopes for that. We went to the raffle in the casino, (I had won a ticket for this, earlier in the week). It was a nice package of gifts and money, and they awarded two prizes. I didn't win. We filled the beer bag one more time, walked around, and then went back to the cabin and packed. We had our suit cases out by 11:00PM, and so stayed on our balcony until we went to sleep. The next morning, Bill slept until 9:00AM, then we had our breakfast from the cooler, and headed to the Opal theater, to wait for our tag number to be called. At 10:30AM, they called our number, we were number 65 out of 77, and just after that, they called all numbers to leave the ship. We had asked for a late departure, since our plane wasn't scheduled to leave until 2:30PM, and I was glad we stayed as long as we did. Our flight was delayed five hours, total, but only an hour at a time, so we never could actually leave the terminal, and go do anything fun. Everything about the Oasis, we loved, and we can't wait to go again, or to try the Allure! Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
My husband and I joined his brother, sister-in-law, and their daughter (18) on what is our first cruise. My brother-in-law has been asking us for a few years to join them as cruise vacations are their first choice and have cruised 5 ... Read More
My husband and I joined his brother, sister-in-law, and their daughter (18) on what is our first cruise. My brother-in-law has been asking us for a few years to join them as cruise vacations are their first choice and have cruised 5 times. The embarkment process was a breeze. The port was crowded but the process in which they have you enter the ship is smooth. We had rooms on the 12th deck located very close to the elevators/stairs. We each had a handicapped accessible room (we are not handicapped)next two one another. We each had a balcony and the stateroom attendent took the glass petition out so we were able to enjoy eachother's company on a very large balcony. Having a balcony is AWESOME!!! We all loved sitting out there in the morning with our coffee and sitting out there in the evening to watch the sunset. My husband was very interested in watching the massive vessel pull in and out of port. Our room attendent was very friendly but not overbearing. He was kind and the kids loved the "towel" animals he would leave when he came in at night to turn down our beds. The ship itself is massive and there is always something to do. The activity manager, Ricky Matthews, is full of energy and funny. He introduced and closed all the shows. He really knows how to get a crowd excited. The shows are AMAZING!! Top notch! The parades are energetic too but the promanade (deck 5) gets very crowded. If you're into parades get there early and you can sit at Starbucks :-) The food is good and the food service is excellent. We had a great waiter and he was very experienced and entertaining. He taught the kids a few magic tricks over the course of the week. Dinner was always an enjoyable experience in the dining room. We had "My Time Dining" and I did make reservations prior to the trip based on the reservations I made for the shows. We never had to wait for our table and we had the same table and wait staff every night. The Windjammer was great for lunch. I loved to make a huge salad for lunch but there was so much to choose from especially if your adventurous. We ate breakfast in Windjammer 2 times and the rest of the days we ate in the main dining room. The fruit and pastries were yummy and there's no limit on how much you can have. The pizza place, Sorentos, was pretty good too. My husband got his first cup of coffee and my tea from the Promenade Cafe' every morning and we'd sit out on our balcony before the kids woke up. I did find that I became very thirsty on the ship and the "free" drinks were not conveniently located. We ended up spending about $30 in bottled water in our cabin refrigerator. My son had a soda package and would grab me a soda every once in awhile but he wasn't always with us. The water and ice tea were good and my daughter enjoyed the lemonade all week. I just wish there were more drink stations around the ship. As far as alcoholic drinks, there is a drink of the day everyday and it comes in a cup you can keep, the fancy drinks cost approx. 6.75 but a beer was 4.75 which isn't too bad. The pools and hot tubs get very crowded but you can always find a lounge chair it just might not be in the spot you'd rather be. We found coming back from the ports early was well worth it b/c we could eat our lunch on the ship (so we didn't have to pay) and we had the ship to ourselves. We went with the motto 'early off early return' for our ports. We did one major excursion and that was in Cozumel. My husband, son, and brother-in-law did the Tulum Mayan Express tour (6.5 hours). They said it was excellent and loved the ruins, however getting there was not very pleasant (45 min ferry ride and a 1hr bus ride both ways). My husband was glad that my daughter and I didn't do it with them. He said the bathrooms at the ruins were awful!! My daughter and I along with niece and sister-in-law went to swim with the dolphins @ Dolphin Discovery in Changhank (sp)Park. The Dolphin experience was very good yet they don't let you have a camera and they charge $35 per pic or $199 for a CD with all pics on it. I just bought one pic of my daughter kissing the dolphin. They try to make deals with you but I just stuck to my guns. The park itself is very nice, white sand beaches but the swimming isn't good b/c you have to walk over rocks. I guess the snorkeling is good there but we didn't do it. We walked around and headed back to the ship around 1pm. The kids loved the ship and were amazed by it's size and beauty. However, the age groups didn't really work for my kids. My daughter will be 12 in 2 weeks and she wasn't interested in hanging with kids 6-11. My son is 14 and will turn 15 next month so he wasn't interested in the 12-14 age group. My niece is 18 and she wasn't allowed in the 15-17 age group. However, my son did manage to hang out in the 15-17 year old club and stayed out most nights til 1am. 1am is when kids 17 and younger need to be back in their cabins. Overall, this was a top notch vacation and would love to do it again someday! I highly recommend it. Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
This was the second time cruising on the Oasis of the Seas in as many years and I was suitably satisfied once again. This time, I travelled with my husband, son, sister-in-law, and parents. We each had a balcony room and couldn't have ... Read More
This was the second time cruising on the Oasis of the Seas in as many years and I was suitably satisfied once again. This time, I travelled with my husband, son, sister-in-law, and parents. We each had a balcony room and couldn't have been more impressed. Embarkation was a breeze, as expected. I am not happy that Royal Caribbean has eliminated sending out the sticky tags before sailing, except for certain bookings. It slowed down the process slightly, but not a big deal. We moved through the process swiftly, and, as warned, were placed in a waiting area because of the slowdown involving customs on the other side. We only had to wait for about thirty minutes, where my son used the children's play area. Once on the ship, it was everything I remembered. It was awesome going with my parents because it was like seeing the ship for the first time. We toured briefly, then went to the Windjammer for lunch. Not a big wait for a table or getting food, so all good. We went to our room by about 2 and luggage was there quickly so we could unpack and get settled. The rooms have tons of space for storing everything. Suitcases went under the bed, lots of room for shoes. We were on the starboard side this time, so not the best view from the balcony until we left, but interesting to watch all the activity on the dock. The shows were great, again. The comedians were funny, which is a good thing. The entertainment in the Viking Crown Lounge was not the best, but other things to choose from, so not a big deal. If there was something I could mention, it is the new soda machines on the Royal Promenade. Maybe if I had been on the port side, I might not have noticed it as much, but being where I was, the machines create problems in regards to flow around the front elevators. I think the decision to place the machines by elevators needs to be rethought. Also, the solicitation for tips was much worse this time than last. This goes for all staff and for excursions. I understand why but it was a little tiring hearing the same spiel for compensation again and again. And, if the staff is going to remove towels and belongings when people leave chairs unattended, then they have to be willing to back it up when the people return. I watched towels get removed, the people return and then just grab their towels and take the now newly occupied chairs back from the new people. A simple, "you will have to find new chairs, yours have been reassigned" would suffice. Adventure Ocean was great for our son. He loved being there. Excellent meals. We also went to Chops Grille and 150 Central Park. Both excellent additions to our trip. Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
We booked this vacation over a year and a half ago, and we were very much anticipating a good time.......we were NOT dissapointed by any means. We have read many negative reviews about this ship and the service, and to be quite honest, we ... Read More
We booked this vacation over a year and a half ago, and we were very much anticipating a good time.......we were NOT dissapointed by any means. We have read many negative reviews about this ship and the service, and to be quite honest, we can't seem to find what all the cry babies are, well..... crying about. These are some of the "things" that we read before sailing (and our response to them.) ...Avoid the windjammer at all costs...too crowded, unfriendly service... We NEVER had a problem finding a seat,(and we went at LUNCHTIME). We also were always met with friendly service. ...Elevators always never available...Never a problem, and we took them at all times of the day or night. ...Main Dining Room food was terrible....IT WAS GREAT!! and in fact we NEVER found it necessary to NOT go there! ...Staff is unfriendly....We were always treated kindly and in many cases by our names. ...No Quiet places...Not an issue, and we FOUND those places of silence. ...Lounge chair hogs......Always able to find a lounger....they are EVERYWHERE. This has been our 14 cruise so far, so we pretty much know how it goes, but I simply cannot figure out what all the complaining is about.. I mean, come on......nothing in life is 100%...you roll with the punches. We had a very enjoyable time on this cruise, the food was wonderful, the staff was more than friendly, and the shows were terrific. I think that some people just love to complain about anything. Don't take all the negative things that you are bound to read, to heart. Treat people as YOU would expect to be treated. Those cry-babies need to stay at home! Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
I feel I am a somewhat experienced cruiser with 6 cruises under my belt. We are a family of four husband, me,(mid 40's) and 2 teenage daughters (19yrs and 15 yrs old). We had never been on a ship this large before and now I am unsure ... Read More
I feel I am a somewhat experienced cruiser with 6 cruises under my belt. We are a family of four husband, me,(mid 40's) and 2 teenage daughters (19yrs and 15 yrs old). We had never been on a ship this large before and now I am unsure if we will ever be able to go back to a smaller ship. We are from North Mississippi and decided to fly into FLL the day before the ship left port. For my last 5 cruises we have always flown in the day the ship departs, but with airline delays these days -- we felt safer flying the day before. I am sooo glad we did as embarkation day was a breeze and we were very relaxed and not worn out from traveling. It was like having an extra day on the ship since we boarded around 11 am. Check in was a breeze just like all the boards say!!! We had no lines at all and went straight to the check in desk. We stayed at the Embassy Suites on 17th Street the night before. Very convenient and room was suitable. Hotel was a little dated, but had no complaints. Complimentary happy hour and full breakfast the next morning. We had planned on taking a taxi to get to the port as we took a taxi from the airport to the hotel; however, we would have needed an SUV taxi for the four of us and our luggage to fit and when you call for a taxi they will not guarantee the size of the taxi. It would have been about $15 to port for one taxi, but if we had to take 2 taxis that would have been double. As we walked out the front door of the hotel a member of the hotel staff had a private shuttle from the hotel ready to go to the port. For a charge of $7 each we were able to load into the nice air conditioned suburban with one other couple and off we went. (From time we went down the elevator to being at the port was less than 15 minutes.) Ship porters took our bags and we were in the cruise terminal in less than 5 minutes around 10:50am. No problems going through security, but we did not try and bring any alcohol on board. My daughter had a large shampoo bottle for us all to share and they checked that and let us go on through. (Really did not need the shampoo as RCL supplies shampoo, conditioner, and lotion,) We sat in the terminal for about 10 minutes after checking in and having boarding picture made. Once on board we headed the excursion desk to book our Jamaica excursion (Canopy Zipline Tour at Rosehall). I had waited too long to book online prior to leaving home and I would have been in trouble had it been sold out! No line at excursion desk when we boarded so it worked out great!!Headed to Park Cafe for wonderful Roast Beef sandwiches and custom made salads!! I have to say that was my husband and I's favorite spot for lunches. Absolutely wonderful!! We need a restaurant like that in our small town and we would eat there several times a week!! lolRooms were ready at 1pm and ours was on deck 14. The four of us stayed in one cabin. This was a tight squeeze when getting ready for dinner, but otherwise OK. We were the last balcony cabin on port side (aft). It had the bed close to closet and full/queen sleeper sofa for the girls. Also, there was an awesome large public balcony next door that was rarely ever used by anyone but us. Most people did not even know about it. So usually while we were getting ready for dinner one or two of us would go relax on the lounge chairs on that balcony while the other family members showered and dressed for dinner. I might look into how expensive it would be to have 2 cabins on the next cruise with the girls staying across the hall, but if too expensive would stay in this type of cabin again.We LOVED all the many activities on this ship. There was always something to do!! We booked all of our show reservations before we left home and this was a big help. We did not even make it to all of our reservations as they girls wanted to see some of the standard RCL shows like Love & Marriage and Quest. We had the late seating dinner and therefore our reserved show times sometimes clashed with the scheduling of the shows mentioned above. We did see Hairspray and Oasis of Dreams and Frozen in Time. They were all very good especially Hairspray. I might would opt for the early dinner next time though so there would not be late night conflicts.Ports of Call: Labadee .... very disappointing. We like the other RCL private island better of Coco Cay in the Bahamas. Labadee you must have on shoes to get in the water, the sand was dirty to me as we are used to Destin, FL. It was very hot the day we were there (no breeze). The lunch was good though. Next time would probably just stay on the ship and enjoy the empty pools. JAMAICA: port is still being worked on, but markets were very clean and nice and we enjoyed shopping in the local markets within the port; you did not have to leave the new Falmouth area to shop and we felt very very safe. We did book an excursion to do a zipline Canopy tour with Chukka Ziplines at Rosehall. I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed this excursion. The BEST excursion we have ever done. It was probably just over 3 hours in the tree tops. Very professional and FUN guides!! We all felt very safe. Transportation was provided in the price of the tickets .... it was approx $100 per person and very worth it!! Cozumel: had been there before and stayed on the ship that day; practically had the ship to ourselves until 3pm that afternoon. It was wonderful!!Food was good in the dining room, however my husband and I noticed dinner portions were smaller than in the past. Our waiter and assistant waiter were EXCELLENT!!! If they ever thought we did not get enough or might still be hungry they would bring us another appetizer or entree. Lobster and steak night was no exception. We never ate at the specialty restaurants as we were pleased with dining room service. My husband and I had purchased to gold wine package before boarding and therefore had a bottle of wine with dinner every night, this was a nice touch.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Our cruise director was Richard Spacey and he was WONDERFUL!!! So glad we were able to cruise with him as he was getting off the Oasis when we did for vacation.Disembarking: the only time we really ever stood in line, but not too bad. We had one of the later times assigned to us to get off the ship 8:30 - 8:45. We were still at the airport by 10:00 for an airline departure of 12:50pm. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
This was our 5th cruise with RCCL and it was a great week to be on the Oasis. We took a group of 14 on this cruise, the youngest were two boys ages 12 & 13, our sons are 20 & 23, and the rest of the group were married couples. I ... Read More
This was our 5th cruise with RCCL and it was a great week to be on the Oasis. We took a group of 14 on this cruise, the youngest were two boys ages 12 & 13, our sons are 20 & 23, and the rest of the group were married couples. I don't really have any complaints maybe observations and experiences of how are week went.Embarkation & Disembarkation:Probably the smoothest I've experienced on any of our trips, we arrived at the pier at 10:30 and were on the ship by 11:00, having lunch at the Park Cafe at 12:00 and on the flow rider by 1:00. Disembarkation went just as smooth, they start getting everyone off the ship at 7:00am and the last groups are scheduled at 9:30, they do have the program that lets passengers keep their luggage in the cabin with them and exit as early as 6:30am, I meet someone at the airport that had gone that route to make sure he didn't miss his flight, we started the process at 9:15 and were at the airport by 11:00.Dining:There are lots of options for eating on the ship. With all of the choices we for food did not go to the windjammer at all on the cruise and only went to a couple of the restaurants that have a cover charge.Park Cafe: Probably our favorite, great roast beef sandwiches, very good salads made to order, lots of snacks, a variety of healthy food choices. There options for breakfast are very well also, I don't think we ever waited more than a couple of minutes in line.Solarium Bistro: Great healthy breakfast, quieter than most of the other venues. They have juices and healthy food throughout the day.Wipeout Cafe: Typical burgers and dogs, they do have a good hot dog in a pretzel bun and Nachos!Seafood Shack: Good Appetizers, average lunch food, what you would find at a place in most towns for seafoodIzumi: I'm not a big sushi eater but my sons wanted me to try it. I was pleasantly surprised.150 Park Central: If you want to be treated to a 6 to 8 course meal that is exceptional I would recommend you go here one evening. We went as a group and spent about 3 hours having dinner and had an great night.Dining room: To me the staff makes the dining room good or bad, the food here is the same as what you would see on most cruise ships but the people taking care of you can make the difference. They were friendly and very accommodating.Shows: Don't miss them and make your reservations before you board, watch for them to open about 60 days before you cruise. We had our reservations made for Hairspray, Headliner show, Oasis dreams, and the 4th show which I forgot the name of. They were all very good, there will be one more called splish splash they will announce once you are on the ship, go see it.Excursions: this is one area that they can work on, Labedee was okay basically a day at the beach. This was the first time that the Oasis went into Falmouth and it felt like it, Falmouth made a holiday of it and the streets around the area were jam backed, the people were very friendly and they were not overwhelming but I think the vendors running the excursions were, we went snorkeling over at Montego Bay and had a lot of fun once we got there.Cozumel was an issue, the excursion over to Tulum was great, once we got back to the port we had about an hour and a half to get back on the ship, there was easily 1,000 people trying to through the custom gates. At about 30 minutes before the all aboard time some security from the Oasis came down and they called everyone up to the front to go though, there were several hundred still behind us. I don't know if that's been a problem before but it was on this trip.We found the ship easy to navigate, there are plenty of activities for everyone and deck chairs are plentiful. The ship is very clean and there are touch screens all around the elevators if you get lost.We spent several evenings in Bolero's with the Latin band but whatever your flavor of music is you'll probably find it. Go in with a great attitude and expect to have a fantastic week. Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
Stayed at the Holiday Inn Express by the Port. Easy ride over from FLL airport and easy ride to the port by Cab. Arrived at 11:00 there was a slight delay boarded around 11:20 only took minutes to board. This ship is massive, we have ... Read More
Stayed at the Holiday Inn Express by the Port. Easy ride over from FLL airport and easy ride to the port by Cab. Arrived at 11:00 there was a slight delay boarded around 11:20 only took minutes to board. This ship is massive, we have been on 8-10 cruises, Freedom was our last, this ship is big. Book your room close to an Elevator, we were in 10570 just a few steps down from the Elevator, on deck 10 with a Balcony, room was great. Clover our attendant was great. Keep in mind this ship is 400 yards long, if your room is in the middle, you will walk 100 yards to get to the steps or elevator. All the shows were great, Park Cafe did have a great Roast Beef sandwich, breakfast at Park Cafe was great also. Windjammer was as expected. Our only complaint, the digital board which shows the menu in the main dinning room, vs. your ship room did not match, it was a day off due to our cruise being the first Western, they had been sailing Eastern. We skipped Wed. nights dinner and it was the best night to eat, as our room menu didn't match. Many People were upset, we complained, however they did nothing except told us to go to the Windjammer, you would have thought they would have at least offered us a specialty dinner. With todays technology that shouldn't have happened. Go to the dinning room and ask to see that nights menu would be our suggestion. Labadee, basically is for just sitting on the beach and enjoying the largest picnic I have ever been to. Costa Maya, and Cozumel were ok, however I commented that the pricing in Mexico isn't that great anymore because you can buy most of the stuff at your local store cheaper, as most what they have is imported from China, every store seems to be the same. The top two decks at the back of the ship are open to the public, they are not suites, you can go out and see the water show, or just gaze. The view from the viking crown lounge is amazing. The sports pool was the only adult big pool that is fresh water, and it seemed to be cooler, those pools get hot in the heat all day. Getting off the ship was easy, we walked off with our luggage and was at the airport in 10 minutes. Other than the menu goof, it was a great trip. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
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Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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