3 Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Cruise Reviews for Spring Break Cruises to Caribbean - Western from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

I don't even understand why some have loved this cruise. 1) I put this as number 1 because it's the worst part. The food is awful. I mean AWFUL. I mean inedible at times. Everywhere that's included in the price is awful. ... Read More
I don't even understand why some have loved this cruise. 1) I put this as number 1 because it's the worst part. The food is awful. I mean AWFUL. I mean inedible at times. Everywhere that's included in the price is awful. The up-charge restaurants are better. But it was so disappointing. 2) They are pushing you to buy something at all times. It's very annoying. And the cruise photraphers are extremely pushy. It's just tacky. 3) You are always in a line. After going on Disney, you realize how unorganized this boat it. 4) They do have tons of things to do on the boat, but it's difficult to actually get a chance to do many of them. 5) On a positive. They do keep the boat clean and the staff is friendly. The cabin stewards are wonderful. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
Let me begin by saying I was so excited for this trip as it was my first RC cruise and I had very high expectations being that it was the Oasis of the Seas but I was not wowed at the outcome. Ship arrival: We drove down the night before ... Read More
Let me begin by saying I was so excited for this trip as it was my first RC cruise and I had very high expectations being that it was the Oasis of the Seas but I was not wowed at the outcome. Ship arrival: We drove down the night before and spent the night at a hotel about an hour outside Ft Lauderdale since the last cruise we ended up not being able to find a hotel until late outside Miami and it was terrible.Call ahead to see if there is room as we again ran into an issue b/c there was a baseball tournament in town and lots of the hotels for 4 exits were booked solid. We had no problem finding the Port or parking which was a plus. The baggage staff was not helpful and wouldn't even touch the bags to load until we tipped him which got me upset right off the start. Lines to check in were VERY long. First you go through an ID check just to get into the main check in lines. We waited about 40 min to get our ID's checked and to go through metal detectors, then we were moved into waiting lines for official check in. These lines were long and people kept cutting each other off when an opening became available. My one daughter had a spelling error in her name which the travel agent assured us was fixed, not. This caused a huge delay in getting her a new card and then it never worked so we ended up waiting in line on board to get it fixed again. Rooms: We had 2 ocean view rooms and 3 inside rooms. All were very nice, clean and had plenty of storage. Bathrooms were well lit and lots of mirror space. Beds were VERY comfortable (as my husband learned and took advantage of). Room staff was in the hallways introducing themselves and making everyone welcome. On board: After dropping our carry ons in the rooms we headed out to explore. The ship gives great first impressions and we were wowed from the start. Central Park in itself is amazing and definitely a favorite hang out place (when you can find a seat), the promenade is impressive but stays busy and the shops were overpriced. BRING LANYARDS for your pass card as it will be the first purchase you make if you don't. You need these everywhere you go. The solarium was beautiful but as we found out later in the week, the no under 16 rule was not enforced and there were teens constantly walking through as well as kids with their parents. The Casino was fully operational from the start but the smoke smell was terrible even if you just passed through. The boardwalk was really cool with a rock wall, carousel, arcade, and water show. Our show was cancelled halfway through due to weather but what we saw was impressive. Our initial walk through was made in awe of this floating city. There are lots of pools (incl great kids pool) but on this size ship, seats fill quickly and if you want a seat you need to get out there early. There is no room in between chairs and forget leaving if you want to keep your spot. Dining: There are plenty of dining options on board the Oasis if you want to venture out. Since our group was so large, we stuck to the free options. The Windjammer was the go to place for breakfast, it was the same every morning and kind of boring but you won't go away hungry. The kids survived on pizza from Sorrento's for lunch (nothing impressive and slices are small but you can have unlimited amounts) and Wipe Out Cafe for burgers which is right by the mini golf, table tennis and basketball courts so it was easy access. I enjoyed the Park Cafe. You can build your own salad, get panini's, salad sandwiched and drinks. As a vegetarian, this was my go to place for lunches since it was easy to bring anywhere on the ship and meet up with the others. Boardwalk Dog house was also a favorite of the kids since it was on the Boardwalk and near the rock wall and arcade. Cafe Promenade had sandwiches but they weren't anything great and we didn't go back more than twice. Frozen yogurt up on the pool side was nice but it was very runny since the machine was constantly busy. Lines in the afternoon for any of these places were not too bad but the staff wasn't overly friendly and seating was extremely hard to find. We made reservations 2x at the SILK dining room and were surprised that the reservation lines were as long as the non reservation lines. Both times were had to wait to be seated and the dinner took over 3 hrs to complete. Our waiter Ajay was great but half of our party left the first night in order to make a 10:45 show (reservation was at 8:30). Food wasn't overly impressive except for the creme' brulee which was amazing. We were disappointed that, unless you had a drink package, only water or coffee was included with meals. Shows: Let me begin by saying that I did read the reviews of the shows before I went and decided to see for myself. The first show was CATS. It was terrible. Within the first 15 min, people were asleep, walking out and my party was begging to leave. At intermission, people couldn't get out of there fast enough and I didn't see anyone returning for the second half. You would think that RC would read these reviews and have canceled it a long time ago. The second show was the water show. This started our really cool but was cancelled due to weather. What we saw was great and they were supposed to reschedule but we were never notified of the rescheduled time. Also, they didn't check reservations, they just scanned cards as you walked into the seating which ended with tons of people standing who had reservations. People were saving seats and, even after the show started, wouldn't give up their saved seats to others who were standing. The third show was Frozen in Time ice show. We were late due to dinner running 3 hours so we had standing room only even though we had reservations. The show was okay but not impressive. The skaters for the most part were good but one of the main characters kept tripping and missing his mark. It wasn't a long show which was good since it was late at night and the kids were tired. The last was the aerial show. Honestly, we missed this one since it came at 10:30 on the day we were in Cozumel. We were so exhausted and based on previous shows, I didn't feel like we were going to miss much. Be aware that in order to get seating, you need to arrive at least 45 min before the show. If you are late, you will be standing regardless of reservations. Ports/Shopping: In a nutshell, if you aren't going to pay for an excursion and you don't want to shop or sit at the beach, DON'T GET OFF THE BOAT. Labadee, Haiti was our first stop and it was beautiful but the only thing to do if you didn't buy an excursion was to sit at the beach or go shopping in the market. If you go to the beach, BRING WATER SHOES. The beach was rocky and the coral very rough. Your feet will get cut up without the shoes. Also, seating is a premium so get off early if you want to claim a spot on the beach. If you go to the market, be aware that you will get hassled and mobbed by locals trying to get you to buy crafts. Most guests found out the hard way and got taken for a lot of money just to get away from the market. We decided to go back to the ship early to take advantage of the empty pools on board and we were glad we did as it poured after we boarded and sent everyone on land scrambling to get back to the ship. Falmouth, Jamaica was the second stop. Unless you have purchased an excursion, there is nothing to do but shop. There are no beaches and the entire area is gated off from the local community. If you venture past the gates be sure to travel in groups as we were approached to buy drugs immediately past the gates and harassed to take cabs to other areas. We did not feel safe so we returned to the gated area immediately. We had planned to take a cab to the falls and tour the island a little on our own but the falls were over 1.5 hrs away and everything else was just as far. I did shop extensively at DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL as I had sat through 2 on board shopping lectures but that was an ordeal in itself. They didn't know what the special "beads" meant that we were told to wear as priority shoppers. The premium business cards to get the "best deal" were ignored. The discount coupons that were were told to hand to the sales people after we got our "best deal" to get a bigger discount, we were told they didn't accept b/c they couldn't take any more money off. When I told them I had decided not to buy the loose diamond they were pushing b/c it was more than I wanted to spend (I gave him my limit multiple times), the salesman became very rude and made nasty comments even though I was still purchasing a large sum of jewelry. I should have walked away but I didn't and that was my fault. (see my continued review under Cosumel) The rest of the marketplace was nice and they weren't pushy like in Haiti. We were disappointed though that we were unable to venture out to explore the island any further on our own. Cozumel, Mexico: This was our last stop and by far the best. NOTE: Wait to purchase anything other than cheap souvenirs in the other ports as the best deals were in Mexico and you can buy a lot more for your money and the people were ready to deal. We left the ship and took a cab to the main shopping area. The cabs are EVERYWHERE and the drivers were very friendly and reasonable. We shopped and picked up our free charms for our bracelets. Shopping was great and I really wish I would have waited to buy everything here. After my disaster with DI in Jamaica, I went to the DI in Cozumel to get my purchase straightened out (as directed by the on RC board shopping rep Jenna) The manager assured me I got the "best deal" but still could not accept the discounted vouchers we received on board which were supposed to be guaranteed. **Don't bother with these shopping lectures as you will waste your time and the rep can't follow through with promises for special deals even though I'm sure she is getting a good cut from the referrals. **ALSO, any big purchases made in Mexico we were told we could apply for the cash back program through the Mexican gov't. Participating stores can get you 8% cash back which will be debited to your card from the gov't after your purchase is verified. It is a promotional program to encourage purchases in Mexico. This would have been REALLY nice to know from our RC shopping rep as I could have gotten over $300 back for my purchases if I had made them in Mexico instead of Jamaica. I really feel like if RC has a shopping rep, they should give you this info since your experience is a direct reflection on their cruiseline. We were able to rent a cab to take us to the Mayan Ruins and the Cozumel Museum (a great hidden treasure). The cab charged us $80 total to take 4 of us to these places and waited at each place while we toured them. Our driver gave us lots of local info and was super nice. We spent at least 3 hours touring which was a super deal for the money and we got to see the real areas of Cozumel not just the tourist areas. I would go back here again without a doubt. Excursions: The only one we purchased was a sting ray experience in Cozumel which was scheduled to be 3 hrs and turned out to be a 30 min time with actual sting rays. Most of the rays were deep in the water so the younger kids couldn't swim down to see them and the one they used as the "experience" was passed for 10 min around to all the people who signed up and then the rest of time they were told to stay at the beach or they could go see the parrot inside. The kids were really disappointed. Children's clubs: To keep it simple, the teens had lots of activities going on and they made friends to hang with quickly. The activities were age appropriate and they freely participated. The middle age group 9-11 was not as good. We couldn't get the kids to stay b/c they were either bored or the other kids in the group were making the activities too loud or too aggressive. Our 10 and 11 year old begged us to let them do their own thing and not stay in the program. From what I saw of the younger kids programs, they kept them busy and they had a great time. We brought 2 sets of walkie-talkies and let the kids venture out in pairs and check in frequently. They were able to see and do more and they enjoyed setting their own activities. Nightlife: The lounges were busy ever night but we thoroughly enjoyed Dazzles the best. The band was great and the DJ was too. We had fun singing to the 80's and just being silly on the dance floor. We spent most evenings here and had a great time. Extras: We didn't buy the drink passes up front and we were glad. Each day they discounted them a little more and we ended up buying it halfway through for $175 (all inclusive pkg) The soda lines were always long and the machines were hard to find. Wait staff was scarce so if you wanted a drink you had to go get it yourself including the lounges. You can bring water bottles and fill them in the Windjammer or Cafe's. We did this so the kids didn't get dehydrated at the pool and so they didn't drink soda all day. The internet package was $10 per day PER device. We didn't purchase it thinking we would wait until we were in port but those we talked to said that it was very slow and the signal wasn't great. (DI in Jamaica and Cozumel have free wifi, Margaritaville in both ports also have it if you make a purchase) We never got to play mini golf as it stayed busy all day long and so did the rock wall. I regret not getting the kids on the Flowrider but we couldn't find out any info other than lessons which were expensive. It is FREE and you call for a time but we found this out too late. If you want to do the ice skating on board, be sure to pack jeans and socks as they are required. BINGO was $45 to play (way more expensive than Princess CL) and it was held at different locations on the boat. Children were permitted to play and it was distracting as they called out multiple times incorrectly. Disembarking: We chose early walk off as we had a long drive ahead of us and we were hoping to leave quickly. By 7:00 the lines for customs was over an hour long. There were only 3 agents for the hundreds lined up in the luggage claim warehouse. When you have thousands on board, you would think there would be more agents. Other than the wait, it was relatively uneventful. Parking was close and it was easy to exit the port. NOTE: it is $12 per day to park so be prepared for that additional charge as you leave the port. Summary: RCL set a record the week we were on board with the highest amount of guests and personnel on board at one time. Over 8,000! This was a huge factor when it came to the lines for dining, activities and I believe the lack of service. It was hard to find a seat at the pool, at dinner, at shows and for activities and staff was not helpful in enforcing rules on saving seats or on crowd control. I wish we could have really experienced the places we went a little more and not been restricted to the cruise line confines. The only comparison I have was to Princess cruises which was a smaller ship but the wait staff didn't have automatic gratuity so they worked for their tips and it showed. Overall, the ship was amazing but I think it was too big to accommodate the amount of people that were on it. I definitely will think twice about RC. The only saving grace was the people we met and the time we had with family. It was relaxing but for the price, I can relax just as much in an all inclusive resort. I felt "nickeled and dimed" a lot and there is only so much on board shopping a person can do. I hope someone benefits from this LONG review. I just wanted to give as much info as possible. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Summary: I have been on 6 cruises, all on Royal Caribbean. This was our second time on Oasis of the Seas. Our first cruise was just ok, as well as this second one. We only did it a second time because other family members wanted to ... Read More
Summary: I have been on 6 cruises, all on Royal Caribbean. This was our second time on Oasis of the Seas. Our first cruise was just ok, as well as this second one. We only did it a second time because other family members wanted to cruise on it and it was cheaper than Allure of the Seas. I have been loyal to RC, but I will not cruise on Oasis or Allure again for a while. Overall, the cruise was still a nice get away and we enjoyed our balcony. It's always nice to have a time when you don't have to worry about cooking, cleaning, and working, so it was a nice vacation. The Oasis on spring break this year did not live up to RC's Gold Standard experience. There was a record 8,000 passengers plus crew on this sailing and for the first time, it felt over crowded. On smaller ships, RC has been really good at providing exceptional service and attentiveness, but I think there are just too many people on board and the ship is too big for RC to pay close attention to details or those little things that make their guests feel special. Embarkation: Embarkation was event free. We drove our car to the port and arrived around 1:00pm. We dropped our bags off and found a close park right across from the terminal. We waited in line to get our SeaPass cards for about 6 min. It took our entire group of 6 about 10 min to check in as everyone had completed the check-in online. Once we had our SeaPass cards, we registered our 11 year old traveling with us and boarded the ship. I think we were on the ship by 1:45pm. Dining: We chose traditional dining at 6:00pm, which was excellent. On our previous cruise on Oasis we had MyTime dining and hated it. We enjoy traditional because we like to have the same dining staff every night. It allows you to get to know your waitstaff and they get to know you. Also, with early seating, we never had to wait to sit down. Our table was always ready for us. The food in the main dining room for dinner was good, but we didn't know what we were missing until we went to Chops Grille one evening. Chops Grille was excellent from the beginning until the end. The food was absolutely delicious! Even our 11 year old tried the scallops, which she didn't think she would like, but she ate every bite. An evening at a Specialty Restaurant was included in our package and it was well worth it. If I could afford it, I would eat at a specialty restaurant every night. Windjammer is too crowded. Skip it. We went to the dining room for lunch and the Park Cafe for breakfast and lunch. We also had breakfast in the Solarium Cafe and on the last morning before getting off we had breakfast at the Wipeout Cafe. Not bad for regular breakfast of eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast or waffles. I think they were also making omelettes to order. Entertainment: CATS was horrible. I was looking forward to seeing this show as it has won numerous awards. I thought it was going to be a musical with speaking parts mixed with singing like Chicago or Hairspray, but it was more like an Opera (I think as I've never been to an Opera), because all they did was sing. I had know idea what was happening in the show. Our entire party fell asleep during the first half and we left at intermission and did not return. We skipped Come Fly with Me because we had seen it on the last cruise. The ice show was enjoyable. It seemed to have some different features than it did on the last cruise. MO5IAC was EXCELLENT! This was the best show of the cruise. These guys played all of the instruments on their songs using their mouths. No physical instruments and they were awesome. I couldn't believe they were making such realistic sounds with just their mouths. The water and diving show was entertaining. We had seen it before. I think we watched only 1 parade on the promenade. There didn't seem to be very much entertainment on the promenade this cruise. We didn't see the cruise director very much at all. Last cruise we saw Ricky Mathews everywhere and he was entertaining wherever he was. We missed him this cruise. The Quest game was kind of boring this year and we skipped the Love and Marriage show. It looked boring on the tv too. Excursions: In Labadee, we rode the rollercoaster which was fun. I was glad that I could control the speed of my coaster car. I actually wanted to go faster than I thought I would. We should have paid to go more than once. After the coaster, we had lunch, got hounded to buy stuff in the market, and then got back on the ship. We did everything we wanted to do during the brief time that the rain stopped. In Jamaica, we took an excursion to climb the Dunn's River Falls. We had a flat tire on the way to the falls and we stood along the highway for about 30 minutes while the driver, my husband and another passenger, along with other drivers who stopped to assist, changed the tire. While we were waiting we realized other tires didn't have much tread either, so we were nervous about this shuttle bus. We finally reached the falls and it was so crowded. I think their were 4 ships in port that day, plus remember, it was spring break. They had all of the ship tours plus all of the people who just showed up on their own in the same lines waiting for tour guides to take them up the mountain. Our tour guide had to kind of push us up to the front of the line and we our tour ended up getting separated. We waiting for about 30 min before we began climbing. The climb was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. It was slippery in some places and all of the teenagers in our group, helped me the 46 year old lady up the falls. They were awesome. We met some very nice people on this climb and makes you remember that people are basically good in this world. After the climb, we stopped for Jerk Chicken and it was delicious. I recommend this tour, but even though we booked through RC, the shuttle bus was not in good condition. Cozumel: The best stop on our cruise. We booked an excursion to Playa Mia and had a blast. Our 11 year old was all over the place, as was I, trying to keep up with her. We rode on pedal boats, played in the pool, I went down the water slide, and I even walked through the kiddie pool to get sprayed by all of the toys. All non motor sports were included in our excursion. They had an open bar, so there was plenty to drink. My husband didn't have a shortage of beer and we had plenty of mixed drinks made to order. I did make sure the ice was filtered. No problems. No one got sick. Lunch was also included and it was good. Everyone found something that they liked. Our bus driver Jose was very friendly. Shopping at the end was fun too. Vendors were not too pushy and they were willing to make a deal. We didn't visit Margaritaville, but those who did seemed as if they were having a good time. Adventure Ocean - Voyagers - 9 - 11 Our young traveler made some nice friends and participated in the talent show. When she got tired of hanging around the adults she was eager to go to her place. I even tried to watch her participate in the activities, but I received the hand wave to go away. Elevators - Very slow. Guest Services - Extremely long wait times. Poolside Service - Non-existent. Finding a chair on the pool deck - Painful Automatic Tips - Hated it. I would rather give more to those who go above and beyond. I held back at the end because I felt that I had already tipped everyone. Drink Prices - Outrageous. Just be prepared to pay too much. $12 per mixed drink and $11 for a glass of Champagne and Cranberry Juice. Plus add 15% gratuity to each drink. Conclusion: If you want to feel pampered and appreciated by the crew, then book a smaller ship. At least, I hope RC is still providing great customer service on the smaller ships. Our next cruise will be on a smaller RC ship or a different cruise line. We will give RC one more time to keep our loyalty. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
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Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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