13 Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) Norwegian Epic Cruise Reviews

Having cruised before a few times on a couple other lines, I was hopeful that my first taste of 'cruising like a Norwegian' would be a really fun experience... I am sad to say that it was quite the disappointment. I took my ... Read More
Having cruised before a few times on a couple other lines, I was hopeful that my first taste of 'cruising like a Norwegian' would be a really fun experience... I am sad to say that it was quite the disappointment. I took my parents with me as a birthday present. (my mum was turning 56 on Jan 20th and my father 53 on Jan 21st) Having considered RCCL as usual, I checked dates for what was available around my vacation time allotted to me by my work, opting for this one instead due to some advice from a friend who said she had went with NCL before and enjoyed them. Touted them as "better than RCCL and I don't have to go on RCCL to know this." Reading many reviews before making my choice, red bells kinda went off when I heard that the food was sub par and the room layouts were very odd. But the deciding factor was that RCCL's cruise that fit into my vacation time at work was only a 4 day, where the NCL Epic was a 7 day and had a lower price than the 4 day bohemian cruise I would have went on otherwise. So I booked the 7 day cruise on NCL's Epic. Now, style is subjective, so I am not really including this in my overall scoring of the cruise, but the first thing I noticed upon entering the ship is that the decor really isn't as nice looking as I am used to seeing. Aesthetically, I actually tend to like RCCL ships a lot more on the exterior, so it kind of didn't surprise me that it would be the same on the interior. Upon getting to our room, I got to see just exactly what the reviews meant by awkward staterooms. There is no bathroom. I mean, there's a toilet, sure and a shower, but there is no bathroom. The sink is attached to this tiny counter and is smaller than some of my serving bowls at home. The bed takes up most of the space where it is impossible to get around someone in the room without them having to climb on it. The closet is also quite tiny, and we found it easier just to keep all our things in our suit cases just taking out the nice clothes for the closet so they wouldn't wrinkle. (Dresses, suits, good pants/dinner wear etc) The couch would be impossible to sleep on for someone of my height, so our stateroom attendant would pull down the bunk bed from the ceiling. -- I found that bed quite nice to sleep on and kinda fun, as I could choose to look out at the balcony towards the sea, or I could turn around and watch TV at lot better than I would were I on the couch -- However, getting into the bunk bed was a lot easier than getting down. There was this ladder that there was literally NO ROOM to climb down, again this room layout was tiny and horrible. To get down from the bunk, I found it easiest to just jump onto the main bed and climb up from the main bed as there was no where to put the ladder without opening the back door to the balcony. The space between the couch/bed and the tiny counter/closet was about 1 foot or so, so you can see how it would be hard to fit my self between them. Changing in the room was kind of awkward as all we had were these curtains that could pull across in front of the shower and at the balcony door. With no bathroom, if someone wanted to use the shower, we would have to pull the curtain across and change and shower behind that, but if more than one person needed to get dressed, one of us would have to do it on the balcony. Anyways, enough about the room. In short, it was impractical and terrible and also a lot smaller than the balconies on the other lines I've sailed. The smallness may have been due to the way the room was designed though, as the balcony it's self was a nice size. So, after we got to the room, my dad went down to the front desk to borrow an extension cord, as he uses a CPAP machine to breathe when he sleeps at night -- more on this later. My mum has medical problems as well, so she brought a heating pad, but -- and this may just be the electrical voltage on the ship but -- her heating pad would not heat. It was on, but it barely got even remotely warm. Thank god I purchased her the spa package. The hot rock beds and hot tub/sauna/steam rooms really helped her with her pain. More on that later as well -- that is actually one of the more positive things I have to say about Epic. So next thing - the food. It was indeed sub par in areas, just as the reviews I read had said. However, a few things to note: The food it's self wasn't always bad. It was just that it was often served cold. I will go to detail about that when I get to the service. The ice cream was actually something special though. I loved it. The self serve ice cream dispenser was actually something a kin to Dairy Queen and the hard ice cream in the buffet was really good as well. This was something that NCL apparently does better than Royal and I can agree with this fully, as Royal's self serve ice cream is more like ice milk, where this is the GOOD stuff. The jello on Epic was quite good as well. Sharp tasting and not chewy and rubbery like a lot of Jello I have had from many places, cruises and land buffets in general. The food at O'sheehan's was actually pretty good as well - minus breakfast. I had their breakfast and it was only alright. Nothing to dance around about. This was the case for most of the food I had. Things noteworthy - O'Sheehan's Mozzarella sticks and Chicken Wings. They were pretty tasty. Everything else was meh. Food at taste was meh as well, same as the food in the Manhattan room. Their idea of "real maple syrup" makes me sad. Their syrup is not real. It's Aunt Jamima - or tastes like it. I don't mind aunt Jamima Syrup. I eat it at home. What bothers me, is that they called it "maple syrup" and when asked if it was real maple syrup they said yes. Once you've had the real stuff, you can never be fooled again about it. Maybe the staff never had real maple syrup before. Now on to the service. So, where should I start? My parents got the ultimate beverage package. That's 420$/p person. I was disappointed to learn that for that much money, there was still a limit. First of all, the package does not include room service, super and ultra premium brands, freshly squeezed juice, canned soda or energy drinks, specialty coffee or bottled water. You would think that it would considering how much it is. On top of that, they were watering down the drinks. Not just the booze, but the Orange Juice as well. When they didn't water it down it was good, but boy could you tell when they did. My dad went back to the bar to have them make the drink again when he ordered something called a dirty banana. It should have had ice cream in it, and it did the first time but when he got another one for mum, it was watery. Turns out the bar tender made it with ice that time instead of ice cream. When we went to dinner, we would be waiting forever to get our food. We go in, sit down, order. Another couple comes in and sits near us at another table. That couple was served, ate and left before we even got our appetizers and when we did get them, they were often cold. This happened quite a few times. My mum had ordered wine and the lady went to go bring her some, but when she returned, she had dirty glasses. The lady who was going to pour my mum a glass of wine almost poured it into the dirty glass that still had someones red lip stick print on it!! We had to point it out to her before she noticed. The cutlery was also unclean in some cases and had to be replaced. I asked for lemonade and had to ask 3 times during dinner before they brought it to me one night. There were other times where I wasn't given the thing I ordered. This was mostly in the Manhattan room but this also happened during breakfast at Taste. Room service is terrible. We ordered breakfast room service one day and didn't get half of what we ordered. I ordered cereal, some milk and a bowl to put it in. Hot chocolate, tea and orange juice. Mum ordered a couple bananas, some peach yogurt and breakfast pastries. Dad ordered a muffin. I got my cereal. No milk or bowl for it. A packet of hot chocolate and nothing to make it with. Some hot water for tea as well as sugar and my orange juice. Mum got her bananas. She also got some peaches. No Yogurt though and only some of the pastries. Dad got his muffin. So in general I found the service was quite bad, with cold food a lot of the time. Now on to something more positive. The entertainment-- It was actually pretty good. I didn't have much interest in things like Blue Man group or Cirque dining or whatever it was, but the cabaret thing in the Manhattan room was actually really well done, if a little loud. The volume was actually quite bad if you wanted to have a nice conversation over dinner, as you couldn't hear anyone even with them sitting next to you, but seeing the show for the first time was cool. Got old though after that. We went to the Second City thing and that was kinda bad. I am impressed at how quick the actors/comedians can think on their feet though. It was impressive, but not really funny. The jokes that were meant to be funny were just lame and kinda stupid. But that aside, the Blues Band in Fat Catz was really good!! I was quite impressed that a lot of the entertainment actually sang their own stuff and played their own music. RCCL's stuff is all dancing and Lip Sync from what I have seen so I actually commend these artists for their work. Dueling pianos was fun and I liked that they were talented enough to take requests. So in short: Entertainment is pretty good on this ship. Somewhat of a side note: I was sad about the lack of pools on the ship. The adult pool is something laughable as you can't even swim in it and it is about as big as a table. Mostly people went into it to socialize and it was very... well lets just say it didn't really look clean, or that much like a pool. The kids pools were so filled with children that I didn't really care to swim in them and I don't care much for water slides, so my parents went on them without me. Dad says the slides were fun. By the time we got to Jamaica I was craving a swim so bad I went to the beach in the rain just to get some salt water time. Another major positive - The Spa was amazing. If the pools on the pool deck were crap (which they were) the hot tub- if you wanna call it that- in the spa was exactly the opposite. That hot tub was more like a hot pool! There was room to swim around in it, and there was this one room with jets that were so powerful that if you didn't hang on to the wheel thing in the middle, it would shoot you out back into the main area again. They felt really good on you when you had a long day on shore. The hot rock beds were lovely to lay on and the steam room with eucalyptus and other various smells were so great and cleared up my skin something nice. The sauna's weren't that hot, but they had a great view with full length windows and were a great place to relax after sweating in the steam room. Over all, the best place on the whole ship and well worth the 200$ I spent on it per person. (For mum and my self) So to finish off this review, I didn't really do any shore excursions, but I did get off at port in Grand Cayman and Jamaica and those were super fun. The last bad service thing we had to endure was that the night before we left, dad returned the extension cord for his CPAP, but when we went to leave they had no record that he did. We were not happy about that. The staff just kept dropping the ball again and again and if it wasn't for the ports, nice weather and that spa package I purchased, I would have felt that this was just one huge waste of money. In short, I will never sail again with NCL. It was a nice vacation, and I was glad to get away from the snow for a while, but I think next time I am going to stick to what I know and like. I've heard great things from my parents about Cunard. I think that will be my next venture. Thank you all for reading. Read Less
Sail Date February 2015
This was out 81st cruise (12/14 Norwegian Epic sailing) and we did not have very high expectations. This was not the most luxurious cruise we have ever taken but one of the most satisfying. The crew is the friendliest and most helpful we ... Read More
This was out 81st cruise (12/14 Norwegian Epic sailing) and we did not have very high expectations. This was not the most luxurious cruise we have ever taken but one of the most satisfying. The crew is the friendliest and most helpful we have encountered including those on upper scale lines like Crystal, Celebrity, Holland, Radisson etc.etc. We had a handicapped balcony cabin at the rear of deck 13 and this was the most accommodating cabin we have ever had with more than ample room to manuver the mobility scooter. The bathroom was very large with wonderful shower facilities. The sink in the main part of the room was different but not a problem. One small suggestion would be to place the sink next to a counter with an opening underneath for a chair since some handicapped passengers cannot stand to use the sink. There also was not a chair or couch in the room but we brought one in from the balcony and it worked fine for my husband. The room was VERY clean and the bed was exceedingly comfortable. If you like firm or semi-firm pillows consider bringing your own as theirs are very soft - not a problem for us though.There is an immense amount of storage in the room. The carpeting did need to be replaced but the rest of the cabin was pristine (and I am a cleanliness nut) so I notice everything. I fell in the middle of the night (my fault totally) and my husband could not help me get up and had to call for help. Four security officers responded and were kind as well as concerned and got me off the floor and back in bed - no easy task. A medic accompanied them but the only damage done was to my pride. The ship responded immediately and the staff could not have been more helpful. We ate in a different specialty restaurant every evening and all were beautifully appointed. La Cucina and Cagney's were our favorites but the food in Shanghai's was great. Le Bistro is elegant and the food was very good. We did not like Moderno but that may have been just a result of our palates.The Manager at Cagney's, Daniel O., was outstanding; we saw him in other food venues and he was always very friendly remembering our names and tastes. We observed him handle some sticky situations (no fault of Norwegian) with some very difficult passengers with supreme grace and patience. If we still had our business, we would have tried to hire him to work for us. We did not eat in the main dining room but did have lunch in Taste (smaller DR) several times and it was excellent. We ate in O'Sheahan's several times and the food there is edible (barely), but the service is friendly and professional - just a limited menu of poorly prepared food. The Garden Cafe buffet was fine, no better or worse than most. Room Service was prompt with personable and helpful servers. Embarkation and disembarkation was easy and well organized. Entertainment is a matter of taste so we will not address that. What really impressed us was the quality of the staff at all levels. I do not know if this is true on all Norwegian ships, but we found this crew to be extraordinarily well trained and friendly. I avoid buffets since I am scooter-bound but, on the one occasion I did go to the Garden Cafe, I was bombarded with offers of help. Even the ship's officers stopped frequently to speak with passengers. This was our fourth Norwegian sailing (the others were a long time ago) and we booked since the Epic is now leaving the US permanently. We will soon book on the GETAWAY and can only hope the crew there is near the same level as Epic's. I cannot stress enough the high caliber of this crew and we know the difference given the number of cruises we have taken. Congratulations to the Captain and to the Training Manager - exceptional service by a crew with wonderful attitudes, a rarity on many cruise lines these days. P>S> The elevators are dark and depressing, particularly for those with elevator issues......lighten them up when refurbishing. Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
Wanted to try a larger ship. I've been on 20+ and this was the worst. Starting with the Terrible room layout when you walk in the room the toilet is in a small area on the left shielded by a frosted door and the shower is on the ... Read More
Wanted to try a larger ship. I've been on 20+ and this was the worst. Starting with the Terrible room layout when you walk in the room the toilet is in a small area on the left shielded by a frosted door and the shower is on the other side of the entry...the sink was actually in the main cabin at the foot of the bed. So you go to the bathroom and then walk to the main area to wash your hands or brush your teeth..just a bad idea.. Seemed to lines for everything Shows, restaurants and events even if you had reservations you waited more than a half hour just to be seated. I called to reservations explaining my medical issued made it difficult for me to stand in line was told to come 40 minutes early to be seated for the Dinner show when I arrived the line was really long so I asked who I could talk to regarding my problem they just said sorry nothing I can do. The food was fair at best. I will not sail on Norwegian again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Will try to be objective and make this concise. First, we are seasoned, middle aged cruisers w/ 20+ cruises logged on RCCL, Celebrity, Carnival and Princess. We had heard mixed reviews about NCL but got a good deal on a balcony cabin ... Read More
Will try to be objective and make this concise. First, we are seasoned, middle aged cruisers w/ 20+ cruises logged on RCCL, Celebrity, Carnival and Princess. We had heard mixed reviews about NCL but got a good deal on a balcony cabin ($649) and thought we'd give the line a try. First the Pros: *Cabin 8200 on the 8th floor aft had ample storage and comfortable bedding. Each guest has a reading light. Balcony size was good w/ two reg chairs and a small table. Décor was pleasant. Small fridge, hairdryer, coffee maker (!), dispensers w/ shampoo and shower gel. **Embarkation and debarkation get a big thumbs up w/ neither taking more than 20 mins. **NCL EPIC offers single cabins for solo travelers or individuals who simply want their own room (we did not see a single but think this is a great idea)! **Dining room menu is available in casual full service restaurant "Taste". **Breakfast buffet was plentiful, offering a full range of choices every morning. They even made eggs benedict on debarkation day). **Art was plentiful in the auction gallery and auctioneer & gallery director were knowledgeable and attentive. **Nice array of children's facilities--arcade, rock climbing wall, BB court, Water slides, toddler pool area, etc. **O'Sheehan's is a sports bar/grille offering bar food on one side and regular dining on the other. It is pleasant, casual and over looks a massive (20" x 30' ?) large screen in the atrium below. **First time we've seen bowling alley on a ship ($5 a game---boo). **Food was overall fair to good with a some dishes sticking in my mind as being very tasty----SF Chocolate Panna Cotta, Grilled Mahi Mahi, Crepes, Seafood Coppincino, salads and dressings, pecan sticky buns. (Would avoid the French onion soup). **Large bin for used towels storage under sink. Now the Cons: **This balcony cabin is THE SMALLEST we have ever seen. Think of a RCCL cabin that shrunk. Room was curved and a large person would have trouble walking through the room. You can sit on the bed and brush your teeth. The sink is the size of a large dinner plate. **Room was oddly designed w/ sink in the bedroom and separate stalls for shower and toilet (each had a frosted sliding door).Light switches are hidden and you must park your room card in a slot near the entrance to have working lights (hurray for the green part, boo for having to figure this out for ourselves). **Many dining tables and all deck chairs need repair and/or replacement. On sea days as always. it was hard to find an open deck chair but this was in part because many chairs were stacked, tied and not made available. **Be careful when choosing a balcony cabin. The lifeboats hang off the side of the ship and obscure the majority of balcony rooms. We like looking down at the water and many balcony rooms did not afford this view. **Service, compared to other lines, was overall lacking. $12 pp, per day gratuity was automatically billed to one's account . **The three shows that were included were good but on the other nights, entertainment was limited. We enjoy shows very night so if that is what you're looking for too, this isn't the ship for you. . **Too many of the dining choices are pay restaurants with fees per person of $15-$30. Free style is not so free style when extra fees are added and there still remains a minimal dress code in the main DR, basically resort casual. **There were three tiny pools that were always crowded. There was a "posh pass", fee unknown, that allowed you access to another area where there may have been another pool but we didn't check that out. Our thought is that adequate swimming facilities should be offered for free for all guests. **Watch your on board credit balances! We lost out on $20+ because some credit is refundable and other is not which means that it cannot be applied for service charges, ie that horrendous $12 pp, per day fee. Check your balances before the last day when debarking which is when you receive your paper statement. What a scam. **St Thomas port time was awful--everyone had to back on board at 3:30 pm. I don't ever recall having to be back that early in St Thomas. **The ship itself is huge but nothing about it was awe inspiring. It was a big, ugly ship. It lacked the décor and design of most ships. It was also set up in a chopped up fashion, making it difficult to negotiate. Elevators are at each end of the ship which does help guests to walk off those desserts. **We were not impressed (being kind) with the ship's Captain whose answers to two children's questions during officers Q&A were curt & rude. Shame on him. **We didn't catch a glimpse of the CD until the 3rd-4th day. There was not a welcome show which was disappointing. **Overall, a fair experience. Would we cruise NCL again? Probably not.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
The NCL Epic is very new and clean--nothing is tired or needs updating. There are lots of options for dining and activities but most of them were not really memorable. Most things were just okay and sometimes "good" so ... Read More
The NCL Epic is very new and clean--nothing is tired or needs updating. There are lots of options for dining and activities but most of them were not really memorable. Most things were just okay and sometimes "good" so first-time cruisers might not even notice. Here is my review: Getting on board the ship was very quick and easy and room was ready at 1 pm. In-cabin sink did not bother us at all- we liked the access and splashing was not a problem at all. Didn't mind the frosted doors on the bathroom and shower although the thin glass door opening directly to the toilet did provide a little "too much information" for my liking. The rooms were nice, the refrigerator we emptied and utilized right away with the alcohol we brought on board. (Yes we brought alcohol- a bag in the box wine, and a bottle of scotch and rum both distributed between bladders we bought and small water bottles.) They totally saw my bag in the box (box removed) and didn't care. They are looking for other things I guess. A guy on the cruise was asked to throw away 2 60 oz. bottles of liquor from his luggage but his wife managed to get her 2 60 oz bottles on so there is a lot of smuggling going on. I highly recommend bringing extra rum to doctor up the ones you buy. People were using the all you can drink plan (700 a couple?) and liked it. 2 couples said they would room the men together next time (on paper only) so that they could qualify as the 2 drinkers for 700 a week (because their wives weren't drinking and both people and the room have to commit to the plan). Our room had a towel stuffed animal about 4 times - other than that nothing extra from our room steward. There are not enough elevators on this ship so keep that in mind when you choose your room. The freestyle dining was nice- if you like the pomp and circumstance of the formal dinners you wont like it. We only went to the main dining room twice. We ate at taste the other nights and we did not pay for any restaurants because of the review that said it wasn't worth it. A couple we met said the Cirque de Soleil food wasn't good. The staff on board the Epic was definitely the most unhappy that I have met. Another reason we didn't go to the main dining room. Not only did you not have a personal relationship with your own waiter but the ones you got 80% of the time were just stressed and miserable. It was like, "So what do you want to eat?" like we were putting them out. They were not smiling let alone happy. The food also just was average to good. Nothing was particularly bad, but each thing seemed to just be shy of being really good. I guess it was a little boring to us. The Irish Bar was good because it was 24/7 but where was the Irish beer?????? We spent St. Thomas buying a diamond anniversary ring. I highly recommend this process: Go to Diamonds International which is highly promoted by the cruise ship and write down their cost and the specifications for the diamond jewelry you want (size, clarity, etc.) Then go to Jewelry Forever right down the street and they will blow the price right out of the water. I got bigger, better diamonds from them for a much lower price. Read about them on the Internet-rave reviews, They are a family owned business. They created a necklace out of my original diamond and had my new diamond ready in 1.5 hours. They are very knowledgeable and patient and you can trust them. In St. Marteen, we went to Orion beach where one side is nude and the other you can walk down to a couple resort beaches that will charge you 10 a chair for the day which comes with an umbrella. But you will get bar service and clean bathrooms. Nassau Bahamas was cancelled because the captain sail the port of Bahamas didn't have a slip for our ship. I guess the Bahamas screwed up. So we spent a day at sea. Some people were really mad. They gave out a lot of free rum drinks and quickly published a new itinerary with a lot of added activities which was nice. There is a transfer at the end of the ship for 25 each to FLL if you need it. Nice bus- worth the money. There is a very nice adult deck over 18 until 8 pm. At night there are some themed fun parties there for the baby boomers. Get there at 7 to reserve your chairs with towels. The pool is small but not cold. There are 2 hot tubs and its own bar. The Entertainment on board was very average. The Manhattan Room band is very loud-ask for a seat away from the band. The other band they had there looked like a bunch of kids trying to imitate Glee and they were terrible. Even the staff was plugging their ears. The Blues Bar had a band that could have used a better vocalist. The Martini bar would have been a lot classier if the pianist just stuck to the piano and didn't try to sing Billy Joel, etc. Recommended activities are: Definitely go down the water slide (the bowl) at least once! The Blue Man Group -either you liked it or you didn't. The first 2 rows get the audience wet but don't sit too far back or it wont be as funny. We sat in the back and could not see the expressions of the Blue Men which is part of the comedy sketches. Get a seat for Dancing with the Stars and Quest. We enjoyed Howl at the Moon. The Second city Adult version is the one you want-did not enjoy the other. See the magician- he is a riot. See the Epic staff talent show at the end-where were these people? They should have been singing in the lounges all week! The gym is nice and I did the treadmill looking out over the ocean 3 times. To conclude, I got a good price on an inside room so the value was there for me. I liked that everything was new and nice. As an experienced cruiser, I have seen better food and better entertainment but you get a lot to do and it is very organized and the cruise ran really well. I would recommend it. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
For a family of 4, Norwegian Epic was a blast! We booked a balcony room and inside cabin for our girls (13 & 15)... The bathrooms are small on every cruise we have been on so our NCL cruise consultant recommended 2 room (plus we ... Read More
For a family of 4, Norwegian Epic was a blast! We booked a balcony room and inside cabin for our girls (13 & 15)... The bathrooms are small on every cruise we have been on so our NCL cruise consultant recommended 2 room (plus we actually saved $$$). Rooms were clean and our room steward was amazing! We chose to eat in the main dinning rooms. We were never disappointed. Our youngest daughter is a vegetarian and her food selections were great! My husband and daughters really enjoyed the water slides (best time without lines is getting back from excursions). Sports deck was awesome. The show "Cirque Dreams" was amazing and well worth the extra money. The dinner provided with the show was great too. Two quick tips : *have your kids wear their bathing suites under their clothes the day you board AND *bring a power cord strip (trust me on this one). You will need to plug in chargers, phones, etc. Overall there is not one thing we can complain about!! We will be cruising on the Epic again! Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
I'm back from another great cruise. We were on the 4/2 sailing. A bit of background for you guys. This was my 17th cruise. I've sailed all the major cruise lines RCL, NCL, Carnival, Princess, HAL, MSC and Celebrity. I sailed with ... Read More
I'm back from another great cruise. We were on the 4/2 sailing. A bit of background for you guys. This was my 17th cruise. I've sailed all the major cruise lines RCL, NCL, Carnival, Princess, HAL, MSC and Celebrity. I sailed with my four other family members ranging in age from four to 74. So if you want comparisons between the lines just ask.Overall impressions: I really enjoyed my cruise on the Epic. This was my 3rd cruise on NCL and the best yet. IMO, the entertainment on this ship and level of activity, surpasses nearly every ship out there with the exception of the Oasis class. I will also add that I am not a die hard NCL fan or a die hard of any line for that matter. I enjoy sailing a variety of lines because they each have something to offer. I'm not ashamed to admit that after my first cruise on NCL I said wouldn't sail NCL again. A good deal came along, I gave it another try and that changed my mind. Since then I will consider an NCL cruise along with any other line. I heard a lot of comparisons made with the Epic and the Oasis. Epic is no Oasis but it does come close and is certainly worth sailing on.Pre cruise stayWe flew into Ft Lauderdale Friday evening. The airfare prices were better flying into FLL than MIA. We bid on Priceline and got the Best Western Inn and Suites, Dania Beach for $54 a night. (Ahhhh I love Priceline!) Their free shuttle picked us up from the airport. We are not normally Best Western people. My preference is more of the Hilton/Doubletree/Marriott ish type establishment. However, with Priceline you get what you get. We were pleasantly surprised though. The Best Western was very new, trendy, modern dEcor and free breakfast. I wanted to stay in this area because I remembered it was walking distance to a movie theater, Dave and Busters, other restaurants and shops. I knew that would be sufficient to entertain us for the night. Turns out we didn't even have to walk to the Oakwood Plaza area. There was a $2pp shuttle (my 4yr old was free) that took us there. The next day we checked out and waited for our prearranged shuttle service to MIA with QLS. I had an excellent experience with QLS. http://qualitylimoservice.com/default.aspx?pageId=1 I would certainly recommend them. They called us about 15 minutes prior to their arrival. They showed up on time and kept their promise of making no more than one additional stop. The drive to the pier took about 35 minutes.Embarkation- We arrived at the pier about 11:00. Check in was really fast, we walked directly up to the security screeners, no one was in front of us. We also walked straight up to the check in counter to take our picture and establish an onboard account. Afterwards we waited, about 10 minutes until they allowed boarding (Boarding began about 11:30). When we got on the ship, music was playing, happy smiling faces greeted us. Our cruise was off to a great start. Cabin- We stayed in an inside cabin- 9011. We went immediately to our cabins. I knew that they would still be cleaning them but we didn't want to keep our carry on luggage with us. My first impressions of the cabin were good ones. It was very stylish. They really maximized storage space at every turn. Instantly I noticed that the rooms were slightly smaller than most lines of a similar category. I'm still not sure how I felt about the separate shower, sink, toilet thing though. I've sailed in a forward cabin before but boy, the noise and vibration when we were docking was worse than I've ever experienced. It served as a wake up call but it still was annoying. Ship- My first impressions of the ship....nice. Even though the ship was new, clean, and well maintained. I found it lacked the wow factor of the Voyager Class, Oasis Class and MSC vessels. Let's not split hairs though it is still nice. This is a ship I never really mastered. I was still taking wrong turns even towards the end of our sailing. The lifts frequently arrived full, so you had to either wait around a bit at times or take the stairs. There were about 4,000 people on our sailing, however, it was only by the pool did I really feel the number of people on board.Service- I had no issues here. I think it was on par with most of the other cruise lines. Food- I really enjoy free style cruising. With kids it is really convenient to not have to dress up or eat at the same time. That flexibility I really appreciate. I've always been pretty critical of NCL's food. In the past, I didn't feel it quite measured up to the other lines. However, the efforts to lower industry costs have reduced all lines to fewer gourmet quality meals (outside of the fee restaurants). That said, I feel the food is now on par with the other cruise lines. Some meals are hit some are misses. By no means will you go hungry. I just think the foodies will be disappointed.The Garden cafe meals were of standard buffet quality however, I don't think the lunches and dinners had the variety that other lines do. We ate at O Sheehan's, Taste and Manhattans. Other than the music and Manhattan's being more upscale there was little difference between the two. We also ate at Shanghai's and Cagney's. The last time I ate at Cagney's (on the Jewel) I loved it. There was an additional charge of $10 for a large steak, lobster or crab. I thought the food was definitely better in presentation and quality than Taste and Manhattan. I'm still kind of on the fence whether it was worth the extra fee. Shanghai's I definitely didn't think was worth the extra fee. Children were charged half price at fee restaurants. Kids Club- I can't really say too much about the kids club because DD did not want to go. That is an understatement actually. She cried like I was taking her to be waterboarded. Usually she goes so I'm not sure why there was such a protest. She was in the kids club once, a total of 3 hours, the entire cruise. I didn't like the fact that parents were not welcome back in the playrooms. We had to drop them off at the front entrance and let them head back on their own. I've never had that happen before. Usually I take her and stay with her until both of us are comfortable. Good thing I had toured the kids play area on the first day of the cruise, otherwise I would have never been able to see it. The facilities were very nice. There seemed to be lots of scheduled activity on the kids' activity sheets though.We loved the aqua park area and so did DD. I personally loved the slides I tested each myself. There was a minimum height requirement but not an age. They wouldn't let you slide with your child though so I didn't let my daughter go, but there were some children in the 4-5 age range that went unassisted. Link to Epic Kids Club 2-5 http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/2-5kidsclub1.jpghttp://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/2-5kids-club2.jpghttp://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/2-5kids-club3.jpgLink to Epic Kids Club 6-9 http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/6-9kids-club1.jpghttp://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/6-9kids-club2.jpghttp://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/6-9kids-club3.jpgLink to Epic Kids Club 10-12 http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/10-12kids-club1.jpghttp://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/10-12kids-club2.jpghttp://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/10-12kids-club3.jpgNick @ Sea activities http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/Nickatsea1.jpghttp://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic/Nickatsea2.jpgFamily activities- The quantity and variety of activity that was family friendly was comparable only to the Oasis. I was really impressed. Usually I feel that my daughter is forced to attend activities that I want to go to or vice versa. NCL had a lot of activities that were fun for all ages. I can't say enough about it. Slime Time Live was a lot of fun. We enjoyed the Pizza making party, the Who's the Boss game show (think the newlywed game for a parent and child). There were many activities for kids who didn't want to participate in the kids club. I felt welcome with her in the fee restaurants and the majority of other activities (of course the obvious exceptions of the casinos, adults only areas and bars.) Entertainment- This ship really excelled here. We had so much fun. I just don't see how people can say there wasn't anything to do. We loved the Blue Man Group. Dancing with the Stars had me laughing so hard I cried. The Mystery Murder Lunch was entertaining as well. Aretha Franklin's impersonator at the Legends Concert was outstanding. The magician/comedian Jeff Hobson was the funniest I've ever experience on a cruise. On and on I could go. The entertainment was great. If I had it to again I'd skip the Cirque show. That was overrated. I think any true fan of Cirque de Soleil (which we are) will find their attempt pretty sad. I didn't get the story. The food wasn't all that great. It was a waste of time and $20. Disembarkation- We are never in any rush to disembark a ship. We lingered awhile and about 9 or 9:15 we grabbed our things to leave. There was a short line but we were off the ship in about 15 minutes. Our luggage was already there. For the most part it was an uneventful disembarkation. QLS called before we even got off the ship to let us know that they were there early and we could go on an earlier shuttle if we wanted. We shuttled back to FLL airport. I had heard a lot on these boards that I wouldn't be allowed to check my luggage unless my flight was < 4hrs out. We arrived at the airport about 9 hrs before our flight departed. (We flew Air Tran other airlines might be different.) We couldn't check our luggage upstairs, but they sent us downstairs (near baggage claim) where we could check luggage for later flights. Bags to go, also held any luggage for $6 a bag. Ports of Call We seldom take ship sponsored excursions. We prefer the flexibility and the savings of doing it on our own. Costa Maya-I couldn't find any info of someone who went to Chacchoben Ruins without using a ship tour or Native Choice. We took a chance that we would find a taxi tour when we debarked and I'm glad I did. When we first debarked we found a tour stand (inside the pier area). We asked if he had any tours going to Chacchoben. He said he did. Then he asked which ship we were travelling on. When we told him the Epic he said, I'm sorry you have to book through her. He pointed over to an NCL rep and sent me to her. I asked if it was a ship tour and she said yes, so we declined. Apparently they are trying to force people to tour through them. I figured there had to be someone around who would give us take us independently and there was. In the breezeway, leading to the parking lot/taxi area were the independent tour guides. He (chacchobentour.com) offered $50 pp, (my four yr old free) for RT to Chacchoben and a dropoff at Mahahual for beach or shopping. That was exactly what we wanted to do. We negotiated until we got the price down to $35pp and we were off. (The tour departed at 11:30am) We were with about 20 other cruisers in a huge tour bus. The ruins were nice, not as impressive as Tulum, Lamanai, or Chichen Itza but they were worth a visit if you had been to the others already as we had. When it was time to go, some of the others were late returning. As a result, we all had to wait for them to get back. We decided not to stop in the Mahahual area because we would have not had time enough to make it worthwhile for us. We were a little disappointed but all in all it was a good day.While I was there I picked up other independent tour information and prices in case anyone is interested. I got handouts from the following two independent tours.Some of the other independent tours offered by Shark tours were an Explorer ATV tour $80single $120 double, flyfishing, Mahahual Beach Party $35pp (including beach facilities and all you can drink), Reef snorkel expedition $30pp, Jet ski rental $60 half hour $90 hr, horseback riding $50, scuba diving 1 tank $70 2 tanks $95. Under 5 free. Sharktours1@gmail.comTequilabeachtours.com was running a beach party tour $35pp, snorkeling tour $30pp, sport fishing, wave runner rentals (1/2 hr $60, 1hr $90), horseback ride $50, Scuba tours $75 (1 tank)& $95 (2 tanks) parasailing $65ppRoatan Honduras- We'd never been to Honduras before so we wanted to do an island tour. We did a van tour for $20pp. It was Bodden tours that took us out. However there were at least 3-5 other vendors there selling tours as well. We toured both ends of the island. We stopped at several look out points. We stopped by a place to view the monkeys and our group opted not to do the iguana farm. The tour concluded at the beach (Bananarama beach front resort) but most of our group decided to return to the trip. Roatan was a nice place to visit once but I don't think I'd want to go back. Cozumel- We'd all been to Cozumel many times before so we decided to make this a beach day. I noticed that the area was even more developed than it was the last time and we also docked in Punta Langosta. I liked this location better than the other pier. We grabbed a taxi for about $25 each way to Palancar. This was a beach with a lot of amenities. There were a few shops, massages, a bar and a few restaurants. Places to rent snorkeling equipment, kayaks, jet ski's etc. My brother went parasailing $45pp. They also rented snorkel equipment $10pp and snorkeled nearby, but the people who went on the snorkel tour that was advertised there saw a whole lot more than my brother did. I think I liked Panchos beach area better but it was a still a nice day in Cozumel. When we returned to the pier area we shopped for a few hours and then returned to the ship.That's it! I brought back the fitness schedule (I did try a Pilates class while I was onboard) Link to Epic Fitness Schedule http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic%20fitness%20schedule/epicfitnessschedule.jpgLink to Epic Spa Price List http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20Epic%20spa%20list/Spapricelist.jpgLink to Epic Dailies http://s1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/queenl3/Norwegian%20epic%20dailies/?action=view¤t=Freestyledailyday7pg1.jpg Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
We are a couple - almost retired from the NY area. We have been on about 15-20 cruises with most of the popular lines. I am writing this mostly from my perspective (even though my wife pretty much agrees with me).We flew into Ft Lauderdale ... Read More
We are a couple - almost retired from the NY area. We have been on about 15-20 cruises with most of the popular lines. I am writing this mostly from my perspective (even though my wife pretty much agrees with me).We flew into Ft Lauderdale and took the NCL shuttle bus to the Miami port. All went smoothly and embarkation was a breeze. The easiest of any cruise. As expected, the rooms were to be ready at 2 PM. In order to avoid the crowds in the buffet, we ate lunch at O'Shaunessy's on deck 6. It is a limited menu, but good comfort food. The room turned out to be smaller than any we had been in. The bathroom and shower arrangement which seems to be an issue with others was just fine. There is enough storage spread around the cabin, but the drawers are very shallow - good for socks and underwear I guess. There are way too many light switches for too many small lights, but curiously not enough light around the dressing table area where hair and make-up are done.About the food - First night, was in one of the main dining rooms (they have the same menu). The food quality , preparation , and presentation was of cafeteria level. It was, by far, the lowest quality of any cruise we have taken. From the watery, tasteless soup to the poor dessert, you can have it.I suggest you find out when lobster night is (ask the host) and go to that. The tails, though small, were fine. Other nights, we ate at many of the specialty restaurants. All were a major improvement and are highly recommended. Entertainment - Here the ship does itself proud. Blue Man Group (our first time), Jeff Hobson (magic and comedy), Legends in Concert were super. We did not see the other shows, so no comment. I kept missing the late night music.The casino was the largest I have seen at sea. There were a large variety of table games and new slots. Dealers were friendly and helpful. Smoke was sometimes an issue in the casino.Service was universally good. Cabins were well cared for and ice was always present. The cabin attendant will empty the fridge if requested, so it can be used for your own stuff. Wait staff was ok with only one instance of inadequate language skills. We generally left additional tips in the specialty restaurants.Ports - Costa Maya - Just did some pier shopping then back to the ship.Roatan - Had a lovely day at Mayan Princess resort. Includes all drinks and lunch. We booked this directly. Cozumel- Did catamaran snorkeling and beach thing - was ok.A word about the Epic. The pool deck is just too small for the number of people aboard. The pool in the adult area is not much bigger than my bathtub at home. Getting of the ship was quick and painless. Shuttle to the airport, then home. Is it time for another cruise already? YESSS! but not on the Epic. Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
The ship is clean, big goes without saying, it is new and very forward thinking in design. Great staff all very outgoing and friendly and willing to take care of your needs . Ship so big and very difficult to find your way , yes the ... Read More
The ship is clean, big goes without saying, it is new and very forward thinking in design. Great staff all very outgoing and friendly and willing to take care of your needs . Ship so big and very difficult to find your way , yes the carpet is color coded and so are the elevators, great but no outside cue's to help guide you. No outside promanade deck ,a short jogging track , you batteled either with runners or walkers. Inside ship lovely and pretty and bright. Same gifts in shops nothing new there. Casino spread out. Ice Bar fun and should be tried at least once, if a drinker same price for those who don't drink and for kids. Food nothing new either. Cold soups are a great addition and worth a try, so are the pretzel rolls. Buffett area very bright clean big. The room, now that is a whole new ball game. The wave form is a waste of space. Very difficult to walk around in for 2 persons and the bathroom, shower spaces, well for get it. I sure do not know how the very tall or very heavy or physically challenged people get in and out of the stalls. Not worth the extra money we paid. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
This is a quick review of our Epic cruise. This was our first NCL cruise. We are fans of both Princess and Royal Caribbean, but we were very interested in seeing the Epic, so we opted to give NCL a try. Because of reading so many mixed ... Read More
This is a quick review of our Epic cruise. This was our first NCL cruise. We are fans of both Princess and Royal Caribbean, but we were very interested in seeing the Epic, so we opted to give NCL a try. Because of reading so many mixed reviews, my expectations for NCL were not very high, so I was very pleasantly surprised that I liked it so well. Loved the freestyle dining concept. This works so much better than anytime dining on other lines. Never had to wait more than 5 minutes to be seated. The Epic is very large, but never felt crowded. No lines anywhere. The Garden Cafe (Buffet) seems a bit odd in it's layout, but it works. The flow was great, no lines to get food anytime we were there. We were in a Spa Deluxe Balcony Cabin on Deck 14. Loved it! Great location and very quiet Cabins have great soundproofing and are very well designed. Lots and lots of storage (even drawers under the sofa) Our cabin had a shower big enough for 2 with great sliding doors. Our friends were next door and their cabin had a tub/shower combo. We learned the tubs are alternated every other cabin in this area. We preferred our shower as the tub was high and difficult to get in and out of. Our cabin type included spa robes to use, spa soaps and lotions and a bracelet for admittance to the spa thermal area. The thermal area with hot tubs, sauna, steam room, heated loungers was the best I've ever seen on a ship. There is a great balcony there off the aft, which is a great place to curl up and read or catch a little nap. I spent a lot of time in this area. One of the CC people on our roll call organized a cabin crawl so we got to see several cabin types, including a 2 bedroom villa and a Studio Cabin for single travelers. This was fun. To make it more fun, everyone who went put in $5 and was given a card at each stop. At the end, whoever had the best hand won the pot of money. That just happened to be me! I won $120! The food on this ship was fantastic no matter where we ate, but our dinner in Le Bistro was amazing!! If you like lobster, do not miss it there! It is the best lobster dinner I have ever eaten! We did not eat there until Thursday night or I would have done it again. Worth every extra penny! We also ate a Teppanyaki. It was fun and the food was good, but I felt very crowded at the cooking table. Probably wouldn't choose it again. Just liked the atmosphere of Le Bistro more. Entertainment - Well, I think NCL has raised the bar for cruise ship entertainment! Blue Man Group - very good! Cirque Dreams Dinner - The food was a set menu, but good food. However, I felt like the dinner was a distraction. Very hard to to eat and keep up with the performers. There were also too many people seated at each table. Felt crowded. I really think this would be better as a cocktail show instead of a dinner show. I read many complaints about the cost of this, but I don't know where else you can see this type of performance so close. I thought it was well worth the money and you don't like the food, go eat somewhere after! Legends - great show. The Michael Jackson impersonator was amazing!! 2nd City - So, so funny. Don't miss this! Casino - Looked great, but the smoke was way too thick so I avoided this area completely. Howl at the Moon: Didn't get to see. The one time we stopped by it was late and packed. Looked like a good time! Ice Bar: It's a fun experience, but wouldn't do it again. 2 drinks came with admission. They give you a great parka and gloves. Don't forget to wear socks and closed shoes! Attended a martini class in Shakers! It was fun, maybe too fun because I still can't remember where we ate dinner that night! Watched Monday night football in the Atrium where they have a great screen, good seating and serve popcorn! I hurt my back on Day 3 of this cruise, so I didn't get to play on the water slides or try the bowling lanes or do any dancing. Kind of a bummer, but I spent more time in the fabulous spa which was very relaxing and healing. While the ship is beautiful inside and quite innovative, I experienced more movement and vibration on the Epic than I have on any other ship. We did have a mechanical issue the 2nd night out when a bearing on a propeller shaft when out. We were dead in the water for a few hours so they could do repairs. They kept us very informed and the repair was done at sea and we continued on. Whether or not this problem contributed to the movement and vibration during the entire cruise, I'm not sure. That is really about the only negative I have. The service, food, staff, and overall experience were so good that I booked a future cruise credit while on board! I really look forward to sailing NCL again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
THE ROOM AND SERVICE ASSOCIATED WITH IT. It started with a very beautiful TINY room. It was when the room temperature remained at 80 degrees that first day, we knew, it could be a "problem". We asked how to create tickets ... Read More
THE ROOM AND SERVICE ASSOCIATED WITH IT. It started with a very beautiful TINY room. It was when the room temperature remained at 80 degrees that first day, we knew, it could be a "problem". We asked how to create tickets that would request they fix it, so we began to "put in" tickets to repair the A/C. After putting several of those that didn't work, we asked "what is WRONG"??? and they said, this is the best this room can get. We would have NEVER EVER booked a cruise knowing the room A/C was broken. For us this would have been a deal breaker, but we never had the chance to choose. We just got back the answer that this was the best and coolest they could give. It was warmer than the hall and unbearable for us. This was the start of what continued to be one "thing" after "another" on this problematic cruise. This room had a shower in which the drain was actually lifted up on a mini hill, so the water would never go down it. This caused the room to flood, entirely, with the water waving back and forth from the balcony door track across the whole bottom to the door out. Since there was NO STORAGE AREA in this Tiny Room, our luggage and computers were all stored under the bed ON THE FLOOR. We never thought that would be a problem until the first shower, which put 3 inches of water sloshing back and forth on the entire floor area of the room. When we called, they said "oh no problem, we can clean up". Before they got to us we were walking in a few inches of water all over the room, and the door bell rang. The door out had not been designed properly so it only opened 1/2 way because the back door top thing was against the wall, so we had to squeeze in and out. When we answered they had towels to stop the water flow and we squeezed out the door way, while they mopped up. This happened for EVERY shower. There was not a real "bathroom" in this room. The toilet had a rounded door, and was private, the shower had a rounded door on the other side, and the sink was in the middle in the open. Using the sink splashed water about and was part of the design issues with the room regarding splashing flood water and ease of usage. We accepted that the "room area" was always going to flood because of the shower and sink. It DID. We put our luggage and laptops in the Jacuzzi Tub in the room. This was because we could NOT use it because of the humidity and heat it would give off, so that tub was just for show (and the safety of our luggage and other floor items that would have been soaked from the shower floods). There was an electronic light panel that controlled the room lights but it did not work properly so we could never actually control the lights in the room. There was however a "motion" light in the bathroom, with NO OFF switch, so it would blare a spot light that would go off when you needed to find the toilet paper. There in the dark you would have to wave your hands to the light above hoping it would recognize the motion and go back on. In the middle of the night however that spot light was bright and painful and there was NO OFF BUTTON, except to hold still. ugh.. The flush was quite powerful and loud, it too would wake up any person sleeping. Spotlights and loud flushes are not conducive to helping your husband sleep. The bathroom spotlight was so bright that a 3am bathroom run would blare a spot light that could easily interrupt your "half asleep" bathroom run, that you would normally complete with a night light at home. It became a very big inconvenience to use the bathroom. On the room size, this room was so small that 2 people could not sit and relax in the "chairs" that where shown in the "room picture" from online. There was no room for the chairs and the table. we had to stack them on the wall to move around in the cabin. The space around the bed had 2 to 5 inches to pass through in most areas of the room. Stubbing a toe on stuff stashed under the bed became a verbal caution for us. When I booked this cruise I was told of 2 things that piqued my interest to book this cruise. 1. The room was Wi-Fi and it was free. (it was not free .40cents a min) 2. We were told the room service was free, I asked again, "free"?? she said "yes". This is not a typical perk so I was pleased to book and again it was a lie. Room service was slow, and NOT FREE. I heard people say they waited 45 min for Ice Tea. NOISE- Our cabin also was right under the bowling ally and/or another ridiculously loud banging daily activity with the noise levels during the day remaining unbearable. We could not nap because of the slamming loud banging noises right above us. It would stop at 9pm. We called and were told we could complain after 10pm. THE SHIPS' SERIOUS SAILING PROBLEMS At 2:45am on the second day at sea's early morning, we were still awake and felt and heard the ship shaking violently, and the shower "rounded" door shook so hard it detached from the track and hung open. We felt the ship stop, the engines stop, and we looked out the right back of the ship (our cabin balcony) and saw smoke. Worried we put the Ship Navigation TV on, and looked at the tracking channel, where we saw the longitude, latitude, speed and direction of the ship. This showed us as being adrift. The seas were rough, so the ship, with no engines running, turned towards North and began to drift. At 3am I decided to call the operator and ask why we were heading North, and not South and why we were adrift. The operator nervously answered with this answer, "ship is fine all is good, just talked to bridge and nothing to worry about, all is good and it will be repaired in an hour". WHAT?!?!?! Meanwhile we saw smoke and were concerned about a fire, we later found out it was a very heated ball bearing that hit the water and made steam (which appeared as smoke to us). There was no announcement about this. We asked around to get our information. We started back up with one engine and very slowly turned South, and moved with this odd cyclical shake. By morning the Captain said that we had some problems with the propeller/bearings and that we would be stopping for an hour for repairs. We were now about 5 hours late for ST. Maartin. This was the only stop we were interested in and began to worry. After drifting while repairs were being implemented, the Captain said we would be late to our First destination but the ship was fully repaired and we were going to speed up to make some time. By this time we were scheduled to arrive in St. Martin at 7am and we were told we would arrive at 10am. We arrived after 11am and missed most of our stops' purpose. We arrived late and did miss most of the event. At the next stop St. Thomas we did not disembark and found a full crew of repair workers who were replacing the sink faucets and some other plumbing fixtures. There was also a crew digging up the carpet to fix the "stops" on the floors where the doors are. It appeared you could not get a wheelchair over it. We were using a wheelchair, and found it impossible to navigate over these huge bumps, so they were digging up the carpet, gluing the carpet back with some supports put in place. The smell was bad. After that stop the ships TV Navigation Channel did not work any more. It no longer showed anything. Just blanks. Nothing really worked well for the ride home. The TV was finicky. The Wi-Fi was on and off, the room service was a busy signal and the repair crews were everywhere fixing things. The people working on the ship did their best to help and comfort. I would say this. The First String Employees (the best of the best) were on this ship to get it going, their job is to be on the new ships and make people happy. They were the ***** 5 Star staff who were the best. They knew how to compensate, apologize, offer alternate help, and let you tell them you were unhappy and they would try to "make it better". NCL should KEEP THIS STAFF and FIX THE SHIP!!! EPIC SHOULD BE JUST THAT.... EPIC. Not Epic-fail. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
Norwegian Epic Ratings
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Cabins 4.0 3.7
Dining 4.0 3.8
Entertainment 5.0 4.0
Public Rooms 4.0 3.8
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.5
Enrichment 3.0 3.3
Service 4.0 3.8
Value For Money 4.0 3.5
Rates 4.0 3.7

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