13 Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) to Bahamas Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas Cruise Reviews

I chose RC because the port of call was the most convenient in term of cost of transportation. We boarded from Fort Lauterdale and from then had 3 days of bad weather. Leaving New England for some warmth did not materialize. Entertainment ... Read More
I chose RC because the port of call was the most convenient in term of cost of transportation. We boarded from Fort Lauterdale and from then had 3 days of bad weather. Leaving New England for some warmth did not materialize. Entertainment on the ship was very repetitious however the staff was very accommodating which made a big difference in being able to tolerate being on the ship most of the time. Breakfast in the Windjammer had a lot of variety and the staff was very helpful. The dining room staff was excellent. Lodging accommodations were adequate and the room was very clean. The bathroom was a bit cramped but this is a cruise not a hotel. The cleaning staff ls outstanding. I could not discover the charm of Coco Cay on a rainy and windy day. Same for Nassau. The music bands lack enthusiasm thus could not get people involved. The DJs were much better. The inconvenient elevator test during the day could have been done at a less busy time. Could easily have been more generous with the Bingo prizes. The Casino was there to just take more out of people’s wallets and the slot machines did not prove any different. All in all if one is looking for a get away from the rat race at work, this is not all devastatingly bad. I would take another cruise with CR when the weather is more cooperative. Read Less
Sail Date May 2018
Great overall experience on this 4-night cruise that left from Fort Lauderdale. We have been on a bunch of cruises and this ranks up there with the best of them. Food was excellent and better by far than a few of the rival cruise lines. ... Read More
Great overall experience on this 4-night cruise that left from Fort Lauderdale. We have been on a bunch of cruises and this ranks up there with the best of them. Food was excellent and better by far than a few of the rival cruise lines. Dining room service and staff was a highlight. We got the drink package and it was well worth it. Room attendant did a great job and was very friendly and helpful. Cabin was good sized (we had a 4th level outside room) and the ship overall is kept in good shape. You would not know by the shape of the ship that it is a bit older and we liked the size better than some of the massive newer ships. Getting on/off quick and easy. Coco Cay was beautiful and Key West a blast. All the staff were very friendly and made you feel well take care of. I really don't understand some of the lower ratings for this ship. We had nothing but a great experience. Read Less
Sail Date May 2017
I don't know where to start, I have been on many cruises and this was by far the worst. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BILLS THROUGHOUT YOUR CRUISE. They over charge you and then when they are suppose to give you a credit they actually charge ... Read More
I don't know where to start, I have been on many cruises and this was by far the worst. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BILLS THROUGHOUT YOUR CRUISE. They over charge you and then when they are suppose to give you a credit they actually charge you more. Bartenders add tips on to your receipts after you walk away so make sure to keep track of it. Our room filled up with Diesel fumes one night and I was told "nothing is wrong, our tech went and checked everything and everything was fine", next day I called the manager and was told "yes we had an issue with the damper and instead of the fumes going out they were going into the vents". That's REALLY SAFE AND HEALTHY, ESPEICALLY FOR A 2 YEAR OLD AND AN EXPECTANT MOTHER. The employees didn't care about any of it, all they wanted to do was make us look like we were wrong. The bathrooms in the stateroom had a HORRIBLE urine smell that never went away, it was GROSS. The bathroom by Windjammers was disgusting, none of the toilets flushed. One day I went in there and every toilet was full of human waste and the smell almost knocked you on your feet. The bathrooms by the dining room were closed more than they were open due to sanitary issues. The dining staff was horrible and couldn't even get the orders right. This was the biggest waste of money for a family vacation ever. I will go back on Carnival and risk the chance of the ship getting caught on fire before I go back on Royal Read Less
Sail Date August 2016
Just back from a 4 day cruise on the Enchantment. It was a good cruise with a few odd things which we do not know had changed on RCCL. The ship was clean although some wear in a number of places. Stateroom was great although a bit small in ... Read More
Just back from a 4 day cruise on the Enchantment. It was a good cruise with a few odd things which we do not know had changed on RCCL. The ship was clean although some wear in a number of places. Stateroom was great although a bit small in the bath area even for an inside room. Smaller than other similar ships we have been on with same passenger complement. Food was great and entertainment staff was excellent. Most of all the staff in all positions overall were very friendly. Probably the most friendly staff across the board in all areas than on the other ten cruises we have sailed. We have been on ten cruises on several lines. You always have some great staff members on other ships but in some areas you meet some that are not too friendly at all. The Enchantment was voted the most friendly RCCL ship of their company and I can see that it is justified. For those that are concerned about staff medical responses at sea, I can say from first hand witness that the Enchantment was very prompt to 3 medical emergencies (Alpha-Alpha-Alpha) that I saw, hooray for the medical team and shipboard response crew members. The ship was prepared for the flu with hand cleansing stations scattered throughout the ship. All in all it was a fun and enjoyable 4 days. Now for the changes that RCCL has apparently made at least on this ship:1. The automatic gratuities that are typically placed on the final bill were not automatic at all. Each passenger had to sign a separate form at the reception area to have tips added to their end of cruise bill. We took care and signed our forms but just did not expect to have a choice. Not sure all the passengers got the word on this although it was announced at various venues.2. The constant loudspeaker announcements you hear on some cruises were very minimal. Even on the final morning there were no wakeup annoucements at all. There was no "Jack and Jill come to pay your final bill" type that I am sure you are familiar with. This is a good thing.3. The buffet was open only one of the four nights after 10:30 which we found unusual. Most ships the buffet is always open for late buffet or snack. There was a outdoor by the pool buffet one night but the weather was not very cooperative and it was hard to eat and enjoy he venue. Our group did not understand this RCCL buffet closing unless it was to save money. The room service was limited on selection.4. The art auction area in the main centrum area was not big enough to accomodate the crowd and let other passengers pass easily through the main corridor. The art auction should be held in one of the lounges which are empty and unused during the same time, such as Boleros.5. The pool area should have a few more water features for children, it could be easily worked into the current floor plan of the pool area. There were quite a few children on the cruise and their play area was just minimal.We enjoyed the Enchantment and will sail RCCL ships again. The only poor area was the terminal area at Port Everglades. The building was old and dirty with no air conditioning. Very hot on embarkation and long lines everywhere. Just a miserable time before we got on the ship. We had the same old building on a Costa cruise previously and it was also teriible. If you leave out of Port Everglades just hope you get assigned one of the newer terminals. Read Less
Sail Date May 2009
Embarkation:About a 45 minute wait for us.  The building was VERY hot and humid but once we finally got up front we asked and the cruise rep said RCI was notified practically last minute that their regular embarking "building" ... Read More
Embarkation:About a 45 minute wait for us.  The building was VERY hot and humid but once we finally got up front we asked and the cruise rep said RCI was notified practically last minute that their regular embarking "building" was occupied (??) and unfortunately the A/C unit had konked out in this building.  They tried the best they could to facilitate everyone quickly.Stateroom/Location:We were in 3120 (outside stateroom) which I picked on purpose (about 8 staterooms away from stairs/elevators so it was far enough not to hear any late night noise, and easy to get to for checking out the other decks).Stateroom was very clean and the beds were ULTRA comfy (hard to get up in the morning!) The bathroom had tons of storage shelves/ample medicine chest.  Shower head was the hand/held optional kind, and it was GREAT that you could position the shower head higher or lower on its stationary "pole" (if you will).  It wasn't until the second morning that I realized I could push the shower head away from me while soaping up since it was a small stall in the first place.  (Yes, it is true, the semi-circular cloth shower curtain kept trying to envelope my body !)Stateroom Steward:I took the advice of another reviewer and paid the cabin steward almost right away in order to facilitate excellent service.  He was kind and replied "That really isn't necessary".  Still, each morning when I shook his hand, I indiscreetly would place $10 in his palm.  (It is my first trip out of town AND my first cruise so I told him "My first vacation in three years, so I am sharing the wealth!"Welcome Aboard Party:Fantastic!  You are having so much fun you don't realize you have started drifting off to sea!If you venture up to the "covered" pool bar, be sure you stop by and tell Patsy hello.  She was the greatest!She would often say, when I would go by for a cocktail, "Talk to me baby!"If you indulge in alcoholic beverages, be careful as the cost DOES add up quickly.  I had such a great time, that I got a bit carried away with the tip I would give above their mandatory 15%.  Smile.  Dining:We had already signed up 4 months ago for the 6pm seating, unaware of the MTD option.  We decided just to enjoy the Windjammer 3 nights out of the 4, visiting the Main Dining Room only once.  My Fair Lady was a beautiful space.  I ordered the steak medium, not knowing how ultra thin it was, so it was slightly chewy.  Looking back now, I wish I had ordered the "special offering steak provided to your table from Chops Restaurant" for $15.  Oh well.The Windjammer's food was good, very good selection EXCEPT for the veggies.  I am mainly a meat/potatoes person, however I try and consume a good amount of veggies at least every other day, and I found the veggie selection slim at the buffet (salad was plentiful, but who wants just salad with your entree every night?)  Tons of carbs aboard.Show:Went to one of the shows.  It was very good.  Forgot the actual name of it, but it boasted song titles from movies/TV over the years, such as Shaft, Men In Black, etc.Casino:I don't gamble (although it is tempting).  My cabin-mate played roulette and lost her $20 (yeah I know, not a big spender) in about 5 minutes.  smile.  It was a nice set up though.Boleros:Great latin-based band.  Very good music.Viking Crown Lounge:Great 70s/80s music early on to get "some" people moving, then after DJ played "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey (which, at the time I thought was odd to mix with dance music) he changed the tunes to more house/hip hop (my time to exit!) smile again.  But, for the two hours I was there, it was a blast.  BEWARE:  This lounge is ultra smokey (even during the daytime when we "stumbled" upon it).  I am a smoker, but they should have some kind of ventilation in there, or be able to open a window or two "someplace".  You had to grin and bear it.Disembarkation:We waited in stateroom as our steward said it would be at least 10 am before our "number" was called.  At about 9:50 we went to Boleros where we were assigned to go (different locations on ship for different sections of cabins).After awhile we were told to begin leaving ship.  We noticed a long line ahead of us on Deck 5 so we simply sat and waited (opposite from guest relations) for the line to thin out (we could see Deck 4 and the line from where we were sitting on 5).  By the time we got down to Deck 4 to exit, it took about 10 minutes to wait, so that was the best part of disembarking.All In All:I waited 4 months, and read about 100 reviews, before finally going on this trip.  I wanted to thank everyone who "got me headed in the right direction as far as their input but returning this favor to the rest of you "first timers".  I cannot WAIT to go on another RCI cruise. GO SEE PATSY AND TELL HER HI FOR ME !!!  Bon Voyage!       Read Less
Sail Date May 2009
Hello - Dave & I like to cruise, so we decided to do a 4-day on EOS - of course we were to go to Cozumel, which we love, but Nassau was ok also.  We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale the same day as cruise around 11:30 AM and went right to ... Read More
Hello - Dave & I like to cruise, so we decided to do a 4-day on EOS - of course we were to go to Cozumel, which we love, but Nassau was ok also.  We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale the same day as cruise around 11:30 AM and went right to the port.  It was a big crowd and it took about 2 hours to get aboard.  Once there, however, we could go to our room and check it out.  It was in the aft of the boat, which we love, and everything looked clean and ready for us.  Nelson was our room attendant.  He took great care of us for the entire cruise, making sure my champayne was always on ice and making cute towel animals, including a man in my bed one night.  That was FUNNY!  Thursday, our first night, we met up with our tablemates (5 women) and Dave was King of the Roost - I think he enjoyed the banter.  Lisa, Dawn, Debbie, Diane & Dena, I think were their names.  They all worked at the same place and took a girls cruise.  Personally, I would have rather had several couples, but we got on ok.  The show that night was an introduction and was good.  We met up with about 20 people from our roll call and enjoyed meeting them. We saw several of them around the ship and in the CL during the rest of the cruise.  Friday morning we arrive in Nassau and were there from 7AM till 6PM.  We walked around town for an hour or so and Dave took me on a carriage ride, which I love to do, then decided to go to Atlantis for a few hours.  We arrived and found that our favorite restaurant down by the "public" aquarium was no longer there.  DARN!  At the Digs, the lady must have seen I was disappointed, so she let us go through for free (usually $25).  At the end of the Digs, there was a restaurant called Fathoms, which is also now closed.  We walked along the pathway and went into the grounds without anyone stopping us.  I wanted to see how far we could get, so we headed out to the restaurant that looks like a big cupcake called Lagoon Bar.  No problem getting there, so we stopped for lunch and watched the fish and sharks go by.  Afterwards, we went down into the aquarium underneath the bar and went up to the hotel from there.  We hit a few slots and went back to the ship.  Supper that evening was formal, so we dressed to the "nines" and had a lovely dinner.  The show was dancers and singers and it was ok.  We went to bed around midnight.  Saturday was a sea day, and we lazed around on the balcony and I checked out everything I could find.  Between the ice cream  bar, the coffee bar, the solarium and everything else I could find, I kept quite busy that day.  Saturday night Dave & I went to Chops for dinner.  It was really good food.  We both had the filet.  Since we missed both the show and the C&A party that night, we went to bed a little early - around 10:30.  Each morning, we had enjoyed breakfast on the balcony, but on Sunday, we went to the dining room.  We arrive in Key West quite early and got off the ship around 8:30.  Kino Sandal Factory is a fun place to go and get sandals at a great price, so I picked up two pairs to add to my collection.  We checked out several time-share places so we would know which one to trade ours for and arrived back at the ship around 3:00 or so, where we went to the soloriam to get cooled off.  After a while,  we went back to our room and rested.  Dinner that night was fun and we said our good-bys to the girls and then went to the magic show. It was a little lame but we stayed until the end.  Bedtime again. As you can tell, we just like to relax on our cruises.  Disembarkment was easier than getting on.  We sat in the dining room with the other C&A members and waited for our number to come up.  Got our luggage quickly and a cab even faster.  On our way to the airport.  We must have missed the crowd, because it was not even crowded when we arrived.  Home uneventfully.  Ready for the next one in November.....on the Equinox.  Read Less
Sail Date May 2009
I will start out this review with the best - and for the Enchantment, is was found in the food and the service.  We had the My Time Dining, and it worked very well.  We started out making reservations, but discovered that it really was ... Read More
I will start out this review with the best - and for the Enchantment, is was found in the food and the service.  We had the My Time Dining, and it worked very well.  We started out making reservations, but discovered that it really was not necessary for just two people.  We had a table by the window every time!  We ended up having the same waiters, and the service they gave us was the finest we have ever received.We dined in the Windjammer for our buffet breakfast and lunch each day, and one night we slipped in there for dinner.  The variety of food offered and the quality of food was very good.  And there, the table servers were pleasant and quick to remove our dirty dishes and offer to bring us fresh beverages.The downside to this cruise was the clumsy boarding, where we were funneled away from the check-in line and told to take a seat - stalling the process.  But worse than the delayed start, was exiting from this ship.  We stood in a crowded, long line for over an hour.  It was torture for someone like me with bad hips.  Those with children had to struggle to keep them in line and happy.  My suggestion to those planning to cruise with RCI going out of Port Everglades, is to put in a request for Early Ship Departure. The biggest hold up was when we had to go searching for our luggage and then drag it back to the crowded line.  The luggage placement just wasn't organized as best as it could be.  Avoid all this; take your luggage off the ship yourself!   Read Less
Sail Date May 2009
My husband and I traveled with two other couples on this cruise; we are all in the 50s - 60s age range. We are all seasoned cruisers, with this trip for me and my husband being our sixth cruise. We started our trip with a pre-cruise ... Read More
My husband and I traveled with two other couples on this cruise; we are all in the 50s - 60s age range. We are all seasoned cruisers, with this trip for me and my husband being our sixth cruise. We started our trip with a pre-cruise night at the Hampton Ft. Lauderdale Airport North, on 12th Street. They had a reasonably priced pre-cruise package that offered free shuttle from the airport to hotel, free breakfast, and free transportation to the port. The stay was great; it was enhanced by the fact that it was only a block from a strip mall that had a terrific Thai restaurant, and other restaurants that we did not sample (Latin, Chinese, fast food). What was really helpful about the strip mall was that there was a Winn Dixie supermarket, where we picked up sodas and bottled water to take with us on board. The only negative - a small one - was that the hotel was NOT listed on the automatic dialing board in the airport, so you either had to have the phone number of the Hampton with you, or you would have to call information or look it up in a phone book. A minor inconvenience, and not one for us, as we DID have the reservation sheet with us that had the phone number on it. We met the shuttle at 11:15 a.m. for the short trip to the port. Boarding was in progress when we arrived, and the boarding took longer than we had expected or experienced at other ports - far fewer agents available (maybe due to the economy and staff cutbacks; who knows). However, within about a half an hour we were on board for lunch in the Windjammer. The usual assortment of luncheon offerings were there, with the "welcome aboard" carving station included. Everything was delicious, and after a pleasant meal, we were off to explore the ship. We stopped in the My Fair Lady dining room to locate our table, and it was perfect - a round table for six, right at the window. We happily continued our exploration and found everything to be in remarkably good condition for a ship with some years on her. Bright, sparkling clean, and welcoming - we found it all lovely. Our rooms were ready as promised at 1:00 pm. We had an oceanview cabin on deck 3 in the new center expansion area. We were pleasantly surprised by the room size; the bed was NOT pushed up against the side wall of the cabin, as we have found on other ships (a situation that is impossible for us, since the person on the wall side has to climb off of the foot of the bed to get out), but rather, centered with a small night table on each side. There was a ton of storage space - lots of shelves in the closet, enough drawer space, many hidden shelves behind mirrors. The bed was high enough to allow the suitcases to be stored underneath. The bathroom, as always, was small, but we were delighted by the round shower that had real doors, rather than those horrid shower curtains that stick to your body. Great water pressure in the shower with plenty of hot water. The hair dryer is in the drawer of the desk, rather than on the wall in the bathroom. And contrary to what I have read from other reviewers, the cabin safe did NOT require a credit card to open or lock it; it worked with our ship seapass card, which we always had with us. The only negative there was that if you locked the safe with one person's card, it would only open with the same card, not with the other person's card, so if a husband and wife travel together and the husband's card locks the safe, the wife's card will not unlock it. Annoying, but not a huge deal. We met our cabin attendant, Christopher, who was excellent. We asked him to remove all the sodas and waters that the ship provides (for sale), since we brought our own, and he did so promptly, and always provided us with plenty of ice. Towel animals every night, and always a perfectly cleaned room. He got extra tip money for a job well done. The meals were just wonderful, start to finish. We had second seating dining, and our waiter, Melvine from the Philippines, was funny and efficient. We enjoyed him and his service completely. Yet another added tip for him. The headwaiter was totally helpful; each of the three couples had been sent a bottle of Merlot wine as a gift from our cruise agent, and since some of the group did not like Merlot, the headwaiter graciously exchanged the bottles for white wine, and cheerfully opened them nightly for us with no corkage charge. We visited only two ports on this short cruise: Coco Cay and Nassau. Both were places we have visited many times, but we still enjoyed our time ashore. On the Nassau stop, we took an excursion entitled "Atlantis Beach Day." This tour offered us round trip ferry transportation to the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island, a full-access tour of the property, casino, and the amazing and worth-seeing aquariums, lunch at their shoreside casual restaurant, and access to their beach with beach towels and chairs included. It was a really nice day from beginning to end! The casino on the ship was a spot we enjoyed, but it was extremely crowded each night. There was only one five-dollar minimum blackjack table, and getting a seat there was really difficult. The slot machines offered a good variety, from penny slots on up to the high dollar amounts. The pool deck was beautiful, with more than enough chairs to go around. Bingo was, well, bingo! No different than any other cruise, but the entertainment staff was so much fun, and so pleasant, that bingo and all the trivia games were enhanced by the staff's enthusiasm. The shows in the evening were well done, including the ever present "love and marriage game" which was so much fun because of the couples who played. One of the couples was blind, and they brought their guide dog up onto the stage with them; I was appalled by the lack of knowledge displayed by the cruise director, who incessantly kept petting, scratching, kissing, and generally interfering with the dog - who in this day and age doesn't know that you do NOT pet or play with a working guide dog?? Anyway, the show was fun. The art auction was conducted by an auctioneer whose foreign accent was so extreme that it was almost impossible to understand a word he was saying. I enjoy the auctions - free champagne is always nice - but his auction was not so great. Disembarkation was delayed quite a long time by the immigration department on shore - not something Royal Caribbean had any control over. However, once we were permitted to begin disembarkation, it went quickly and smoothly, with all baggage sorted and placed in designated areas based on your departure number. VERY well organized. We were totally sorry to see this cruise come to an end. The ship, the staff, the food - all excellent, and I would not hesitate for a moment to sail the Enchantment of the Seas again. It was a great trip from start to finish! Read Less
Sail Date November 2008
I am a moderately experienced cruise line customer having sailed five cruises totaling 42 days in the last five years. This cruise was scheduled at the last minute, two weeks before sailing as a last minute getaway. I had to fit the exact ... Read More
I am a moderately experienced cruise line customer having sailed five cruises totaling 42 days in the last five years. This cruise was scheduled at the last minute, two weeks before sailing as a last minute getaway. I had to fit the exact dates of a five weekend around Labor Day and the cruise dates were a perfect fit for me, on of only three available that left the Thursday before Labor Day returning on Monday, Labor Day 2008. I chose it this cruise primarily because I preferred Cozumel to other destinations, hoping to see the Mayan ruins at Tulum. Hurricane Gustav was in the news the week before the cruise but the Royal Caribbean sneakily did not announce the change in itinerary until the night before departure. While I understand the cruise lines need and right to change the itinerary, I would not have chosen this cruise if it had been sold as a Bahamas cruise. With the change in route there were no weather problems from the hurricane. The weather was hot and humid with occasional rain showers. We arrived at the FLL the day of the cruise. There were several Royal Caribbean employees in the baggage claim area offering transfers to the ship. I was able to get a transfer even though I had not booked this advance. We were kept waiting an hour for a bus that was due to arrive "any minute." The RC employees warned against taking a taxi because that would take longer due to port security issues. I later found out that was not the case. On the bus ride the driver gave an entertaining talk about the Port ending with two insistent requests for a tip. This after part $14/person for a ten minute bus ride. The bus was packed to capacity; Royal Caribbean made $700 for one run of this two- mile ride. Nice work if you can get it. Check-in and embarkation was fast. The lines went very quickly and we were on board by 12:30, just 40 minutes after arriving at the cruiseport. We steeled ourselves for a long ordeal having waited 6 hours to board ship on our previous cruise, a holiday cruise departing Christmas Eve. The ship was still being cleaned from the previous cruise. We were told we could not enter the cabin until 1:00; perfectly reasonable. Passengers were invited to the cafeteria for a meal. The cafeteria was hot and crowded. The food quality was fair. Fellow passengers were a relatively downscale lot. Many tattoos in evidence. Many loud young people calling out to each other. Many young children running back and forth unsupervised. Surprisingly small cafeteria area for such a large ship. Later on we noticed that the staff would regularly rope off one third or more of the cafeteria making a small space even smaller The running track was one level above; the ceiling rumbling each time a jogger thumped by. Went to cabin to rest. Cabin deck corridors are narrow, it's not possible for two people to pass each other without one spread eagling against the wall. The cabin was cramped. The furniture was battered. There was an unrepaired three-inch tear in the wallpaper near the bed. We had a ocean view cabin with two double beds pushed together to make a "queen" bed. The cabin was near the front of the ship on deck three. The curvature of the hull cut into the usable space of the cabin. Looking out through the portholes was like looking into a tunnel. The cabin was also very close to the anchor gear. For an hour before each port departure there was a deafening and violent rumbling shaking the cabin as the anchor chain was retracted. The bathroom was very tiny. It was not possible to turn in the shower without rubbing the walls or dingy shower curtain. Water pressure was barely adequate. There was a black slime covering the grout space where floor meets the bathroom walls. I was disturbed to see that the water in the toilet was noticeably straw-colored. I thought perhaps it was a matter of an inadequate flush but it turned out that the water coming out of the tap was the same color: Disgusting!!! This made it impossible to brush my teeth without using the $2.50 pint bottles of water thoughtfully provided by Royal Caribbean. I went to the front desk to try to change cabins. I was told that the ship was booked solid and anyway, all the bathrooms were that small. This was my first Royal Caribbean cruise so I can't compare to other RC ships but ordinary cabin bathrooms on HAL, NCL and Carnival were much larger with two person showers and plenty of counterspace around the bathroom sink. Even a Yangtze river boat cruise in China had a better bathroom. I usually hide all my toiletries and bathroom items to avoid cabin attendant mischief but this time I didn't bother. On the third day, I was rewarded by having my lens cleaning cloth thrown out by the cabin attendant. A small inexpensive item that I had made a special trip to the optician to buy, more annoying than anything else. Next time I'll be sure to hide all my stuff like I always do. A long time ago I read online story, probably apocryphal, about hotel maids using exposed toothbrushes to clean guest bathrooms and toilets. This small bathroom by itself makes me unwilling to ever sail with Royal Caribbean again. Duarte the cabin attendant was friendly enough; he left the standard Andes chocolates and towel animals. Unfortunately he did not once put ice in the icebucket, something that was routinely done each evening on previous cruises. He also chose to store his housekeeping wagon just outside the cabin door for the entire cruise. There was also an unwanted chair and side table abandoned out there so that we had to squeeze past every time we made our way to the cabin. Just the kind of minor negative that by itself is nothing but taken as whole makes for an unsatisfactory experience. We had 6:00 pm seating in the My Fair Lady dining room. The maitre d' and waitstaff were attentive and pleasant. The food was decent but usually arrived lukewarm or cool. There were long waits between courses, typical of main dining room service on a large ship. Food selection was good. Water refills were slow or non-existent. It took 2 hours plus to get from appetizer to coffee even at a table for four. On the first night there was an obese female passenger sitting opposite us. Her pants rode down slightly from squeezing her bulky backside into the dining room armchair, revealing two large expanses of butt cheek separated by her thong bathing suit. This "lady" sat this way for over an hour with her rear end exposed to everyone who passed by. She was near a waiter's station yet no one took the trouble to ask her to cover up. I said nothing but did get a picture with my cell phone. Had lunch once in the My Fair Lady: it was the best meal of the cruise apart from Chop's Grille. Fast service and excellent quality. Had one meal at Chops Grille, the extra-cost steakhouse. I went early one afternoon to make a reservation. The Eastern European waitress eventually came to front after keeping me waiting for a while. She said they were booked solid with a waiting list. I came back that night and Abdullah the maitre d' was kind enough to give us a table an hour later. Food and service was excellent. We did not see any shows in the theater nor take any tours offered by Royal Caribbean. The spa, fitness center and room service were not used. Late night snacks were very limited and of only fair quality. The bars were located conveniently throughout the ship. The ship is not Cigar friendly. The Viking lounge at the the top of the ship was the only place were cigars were permitted. At night this transformed into a disco with deafening selections from Abba and KC and the Sunshine Band. There was an annoying ID check set up at the entrance to keep out underage passengers with a concomitant delay. I've been on other ships where comfortable cigar areas were provided. NCL in particular had a nice glass enclosed cigar lounge with deep armchairs. The ports of call for this cruise were Key West and Nassau. Key West was fine. The ship docked conveniently close to the main attractions. At Nassau there were four giant cruiseships huddled together hiding from Gustav. Getting off the ship into town was convenient enough but it was still a disappointment not to go to Cozumel as planned. I noticed that most passengers took the change without any complaint. The last day of the cruise had been scheduled as a sea day to accommodate the longish 380 mile trip from Cozumel to Fort Lauderdale. Nassau is just 190 miles from Fort Lauderdale yet we spent an entire day slowly sailing back. Disembarkation was fast and easy. We chose the "Travel-lite" option of carrying our bags off the ship ourselves. Much better than having to give up the bag the night before and hope that we find it when our turn is called to leave the ship. The morning of departure was pleasantly hassle free. On other cruises the cabin attendant has come very early opening the cabin door after a quick knock to shoo every one out. Duarte knocked very lightly at 8:00 am but was polite and respectful with no "get out" urgency. We had planned to have breakfast before leaving the ship only to find that breakfast was only available from 6:00 am to 8:00 am. Our mistake for not checking the times beforehand but another little negative added to the others. Overall unacceptable. I have weighed in my mind whether it was worth the effort to complain but so far have not made written the cruise line. The price paid (about seven fifty) was so little that demanding compensation or a rebate seems ridiculous. Perhaps this experience proves the old adage that you get what you pay for. Instead I have written this longish essay as a warning to other travelers. Apart from the cabin bathroom, there was no one deal killer but taken as a whole it was a negative experience. I will not soon sail on this ship or with Royal Caribbean again. Read Less
Sail Date August 2008
Enchantment Of The Seas - Sail Date: August 28th, 2008 Cruise Theme - Avoid Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna Introduction My wife, Joanne and I booked this cruise about two weeks before sailing. We had a Junior Suite on deck ... Read More
Enchantment Of The Seas - Sail Date: August 28th, 2008 Cruise Theme - Avoid Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna Introduction My wife, Joanne and I booked this cruise about two weeks before sailing. We had a Junior Suite on deck eight, cabin number 8644. We are Diamond Crown & Anchor members that earns you all kinds of extra benefits. More on that later. The scheduled stops were supposed to be Key West and Cozumel. Prior to departing for Ft. Lauderdale from Atlanta, all you had to do was watch a weather report, which tracked Hurricane Gustav and you knew this cruise was going elsewhere. If we headed to Cozumel as scheduled, it would have involved sailing through the category three hurricane, TWICE! Not recommended. Thursday - Departure Ft. Lauderdale Our 10 a.m. flight from Atlanta was in Ft. Lauderdale by noon. A short cab ride to the pier ($20), a very quick check-in and we rolled our two pieces of luggage into our cabin at 1 p.m. At the check-in desk on the pier, we learned (happily) that the cruise would visit Key West and Nassau. This was our first cruise on a "Vision" class ship. The Enchantment of the Seas was launched in 1997 and had a passenger capacity of 2,446. Signs at the Guest Relations desk, said no cabin upgrades were available indicating the ship was full. A couple of years ago, the Enchantment was sawed in half and they inserted an extra 73 feet of cabins and stuff. Hence the pool area is huge and there are fewer laps now for you runners to do a mile. This is a beautiful ship. It's very similar to the Radiance class and we've sailed the Radiance of the Seas three times now. When we booked our cruise on-line, we also made reservations for Chops Steakhouse for our departure dinner. We had a wonderful dining experience, with excellent food, service and ambiance. The captain entertained two junior officers at the table next to us. It is worth the extra $25 per person for a wonderful dining experience. Over the next couple of days we talked to a number of fellow cruisers who wanted to dine in Chops but were unable to get a reservation and were put on waiting lists. You may want to book on-line early to make sure you get a table when you sail for the day and time you want. Friday - Key West Great weather and no hurricane...yet. We've been to Key West before and really like the port. For the first time we took the Conch Train tour of the city. We bought tickets ashore ($29 each) and had a great two-hour tour. It really gives you a wonderful flavor of the history of Key West. I recommend it. We later had a nice lunch on Duval Street at a place called "Death By Cheeseburger" or something close to that. My wife and I can't remember the real name, but you will know it when you see it.We sailed at 4 p.m. and headed North versus South into the hurricane. Dinner in the My Fair Lady dining room was wonderful. We were on the deck 4 level of this two level facility. The food, table mates and service were excellent. Saturday - Nassau We pulled into Nassau at 10:30 a.m. There was one open berth at the pier complex to accommodate the Enchantment. The captain had been on the ship's P.A. system to tell us that you just don't say "You know,I don't want to sail through a hurricane, 120 mph winds and 75 foot seas to Cozumel today, instead, let's go to Nassau!" It takes a room full of logistic experts back at the RCI home office in Miami to analyze the weather and the optimal dispersal of the whole company's fleet of cruise ships whose destinations may be affected by the storm. I suspect it takes more than a few phone calls and some "baksheesh" to get your ship into a safe port like Nassau while you are competing with half a dozen other cruise lines with the same agenda. We have been to both Cozumel and Nassau several times each and were delighted to spend the day in Nassau. The skies were sunny. As we exited the ship around 11:00 a.m. you slip your sea pass card into the scanner to log you off the ship and walk down the ramp to the pier. We hit the bottom of the ramp and looked left (East) towards the foot of the pier and about a mile away was a wall of brown water descending from the black clouds above. This wall was racing towards us like a freight train at full throttle. There was no boarding ramp set up yet to re-board the ship. Running at full speed, we knew the storm would hit us before we could make it to the buildings ashore. There are several 20'x60' shelters on the pier. The shelters had roofs but no sides of any kind. One shelter held dozens of phone booths and was full of people. Another had no phones and no people so we ran to that and went to the far end opposite the direction the approaching storm. Fellow passengers followed our lead and in no time we had lots of company. When the storm hit, there were suddenly 50 mph winds and rain blasting sideways at fire hose velocity. Our position at the far end of the shelter and the fellow passengers windward of us kept us perfectly dry. Five minutes later, the storm was past us, the skies were blue and sunny and we continued into town avoiding the evaporating rain puddles. Every hour on the hour for the next three or four hours we received two inches of rain in five minutes with the accompanying high winds. These were the outer bands of Hurricane Gustav that was passing the Western end of Cuba hundreds of miles away as it headed for the Gulf of Mexico. To have such violent weather so far from the central eye says Royal Caribbean made a good call on our modified itinerary. Hurricane Gustav was Southwest of us and Hurricane Hanna was a couple of days out, Southeast of us. Sunday - Sea Day The weather was perfect and the Enchantment spent the day doing seven-knot lazy doughnuts in the ocean South of Grand Bahama Island. Carlos, another Piña Colada por favor. Ft. Lauderdale was just a few hours steaming to the west. The Ship The Enchantment of the Seas was built in 1997 and is similar to the newer Radiance Class of ships. There is an atrium with a group playing each evening, filling all of the vertical spaces with wonderful music. Our favorite groups were the George's String Trio and The Evergreen Trio. The My Fair Lady dining room is a two-story affair. We ate there twice, but made sure we gave our waiter and staff full gratuities. One night we ate at the excellent Chops and another night had hors d'oeuvres in the Concierge Lounge followed by more munchies and cocktails at a Crown and Anchor member reception. After all that we didn't need dinner. We booked this cruise two weeks prior to sailing without much concern for the itinerary. We didn't attend the shows in the Orpheum Theater and can't comment. However, the group, Surfside, up on the pool deck, set a fine Caribbean party mood and the other musical groups we like have been noted. To me, it seems the larger the ship; the more space there is despite the expanded passenger load. This ship was totally booked, but at no time did it feel crowded. Despite walking all around the ship, four days is not enough time to get to know her. Our Cabin Our Junior Suite cabin was probably three feet wider than a standard balcony cabin. It doesn't sound like much, but it gives you a huge living space. We had a three-person sofa plus two club chairs and two foot stools plus a glass topped coffee table. The balcony had two comfy chairs with a table in between. The bathroom had a full bathtub versus a stand-up shower and was larger than what you get with the usual cabin with balcony. We have grown spoiled to cabins with balconies I'm afraid. There was a huge amount of storage with a big closet, plenty of shelves and drawers. Diamond Crown & Anchor Status Dude. Put on your his and her fluffy bathrobes, and eat your chocolate covered strawberries. Diamond status is pretty corrupt. When you check in, you receive a second Sea Pass type card that gets you into the Concierge Lounge on deck eight. In the morning, this lounge spreads out a fruit, pastry, juice and coffee buffet. In the evening, hot and cold hors d'oeurves plus an open bar with a wonderful ocean view and the attention of Julian brings you back. Your attendant, Julian, by the way, could be the double for Denzel Washington. Ladies take note. There was a Diamond member luncheon get together that we forgot to attend on day four of the cruise. As Diamond members on this cruise, there were three days of food and drinks to schedule. One night was a Crown & Anchor member reception. Joanne and I had settled into a table at the back of the lounge and just enjoyed the cocktails, food and music. One of the ships officers asked to join us and we of course asked him to sit down. He really wanted to know why we kept returning to Royal Caribbean. This was not a rhetorical question but a RCI officer doing some marketing research. We talked for about ten minutes and he seemed genuinely attentive to our responses. The bottom line is Royal Caribbean works very hard to make sure repeat customers keep repeating. I've got to say they do a very good job. To paraphrase Arnold, we'll be back. We also had chocolate covered strawberries left in our cabin one day and his and hers baseball caps left by the cabin elves on another. When we first got to our cabin there were two Diamond Member coupon books. The coupons got you things like a 20% Spa credit, a complimentary cocktail, water or soda, a free photo, casino credits, internet credits, 10% off in the gift shop, and much, much more. There was a special line for Diamond members when boarding in Ft. Lauderdale, however at the time we arrived at the pier, 12:30, there was no wait time for anybody boarding. At the end of the cruise, we were issued white luggage tags. This was the first group of color-coded passengers to be called to disembark. How To Get A Free Cruise AND Make Money No I didn't hit it big at BINGO or in the casino. Here's how you do it. I have a small business and charge 20 to 30 thousand dollars each month on American Express. If you are signed up with their Membership Rewards program, you earn a point for every dollar charged, so my points build up quickly. I purchased the cruise with my AmEx card and was told when the statement comes, call them and they would convert my Membership Rewards points to dollars and pay the cruise charge. O.K. so we get a free cruise. Next we own 100 shares of Royal Caribbean. Let them know that and provide RCI your stock and cruise info and on a four-day cruise, they credit your account with $50. (On a longer cruise, the credit is $100.) Next, we had points built up on our Royal Caribbean Visa card and converted them for another $250 credit to our Sea Pass account. Lastly we had signed up for an excursion in Cozumel when we booked the cruise and so there was another $196 credit to our account due to the cancellation. After four days of bar tabs at the pool, wine at dinner and browsing the shops aboard we had to go to the customer service desk on our last day and collect $265 of unspent cash in our account. They would not credit it back to the credit card we provided at check-in to cover our Sea Pass charges. Summary What a great four days. We are really low maintenance cruisers. We are not gourmands, entertainment snobs nor passengers that expect to have their butts constantly kissed. Give me a chair on the pool deck in the shade where I can listen to the band du jour playing "The Electric Slide" while I read my book and I'm good! Carlos, another Piña Colada. If you are on the fence about booking a cruise on the Enchantment, drop me a note. I'll convince you to go and I may possibly join you. If you've followed me this far, drop me a note and critique my review. I really do these reviews to connect with fellow cruisers such as yourself and make a journal of my travels. I look forward to hearing from you. Austin Kearney, Dunwoody, GA, pepperdog@mindspring.com Read Less
Sail Date August 2008
This was our second tour of duty on the Enchantment of the Seas, and our first since it was stretched. We drove down to the Port and arrived just after lunch time. Embarkation was a breeze, especially since we are Platinum members. But ... Read More
This was our second tour of duty on the Enchantment of the Seas, and our first since it was stretched. We drove down to the Port and arrived just after lunch time. Embarkation was a breeze, especially since we are Platinum members. But even the regular lines were very short. Port Everglades seems to have their act together. Our staterooms were clean though the general state of things like the shower and bathroom fixtures were showing their age. There were no sewage smells as we have had with other lower interiors. Our stateroom attendant was great - he took great care of us and the kids, who were in the adjacent but not connecting room. Because we booked late, we were on the wait list for first seating. Well, they came through and gave us a table in the "private area" of the main dining room. It was very quiet and quite nice. Our table mates were very pleasant, though the empty nest couple could not have been thrilled about dining with 2 teenagers! We had a decent waiter, not one to knock your socks off but he did well. Our assistant waitress was wonderful. Our diet coke glasses never sat empty! The ports of call were not exactly great. Coco Cay was very nice as always. The water was too cold for snorkeling, so we laid out and relaxed for a bit. We came back before lunch and hung out at the solarium for a bit. It was almost completely empty and was very enjoyable. At about 2 they announced that tendering had stopped to Coco Cay because of the weather and they were trying to get everyone off the island. We were glad we didn't have to tender back with the lines and the rough seas. We were more excited about Key West since we had never been there. It was nice and we walked around for a couple of hours, visiting the shops. The weather in Key West was beautiful making the day enjoyable. The day at sea was great. There were lots of fun activities to enjoy. We had nice weather. In fact the Captain found a quiet spot and just floated most of the day. We attended the Crown and Anchor reception which was quite nice. What set this apart from a normal short cruise was the entertainment and activities. Marc Walker was our cruise director on the Jewel back in April. He has a great personality and runs a superb staff. Of the 4 shows, 3 were excellent - the opening show had a great comedian. The second show was headlined by two comedic jugglers. And the last night show was a Christmas show with the singers/dancers. This was especially a treat for us. Only the production show was Blah, and in part because we had seen the exact show on a different cruise. The exact one! In fact, the production shows tend to be the one weak spot in the entertainment. Disembarking was quick - we were on the road very early Christmas Eve. All in all this was a great way to spend the weekend before Christmas. Read Less
Sail Date December 2007
This was our 20th cruise and 4th with RCI. this was our thoughts as to how the cruise was for us. I'm not doing a review but just grading things and adding some thoughts. My rating's are based on our 20 previous cruises as ... Read More
This was our 20th cruise and 4th with RCI. this was our thoughts as to how the cruise was for us. I'm not doing a review but just grading things and adding some thoughts. My rating's are based on our 20 previous cruises as comparisons but not against another line. We had a great time and meet many nice CC folks on this sailing. I will definitely sail RCI again and this ship again but it did not turn me into a RCI homer, Day 1 Coco Cay best private island yet. Day 2 Key West Day 3 Sea Day Embarkation 10 best ever, I almost felt tired because we went through everything so fast. (arrived at 11 am) Ship 8 Very well maintained with lots of Holiday Decorations. Dining Room food 5 It was just ok with no wow factor Dining Room Staff 10 Went the extra mile. Windjammer Food 5 Again just average at best Windjammer Staff 8 Cleared tables promptly and refilled drinks Windjammer layout 5 I thought it was hard to find where the line began and ended. Room Mini Suite 10 Could not ask for anything more. Room Staff 9 Good and efficient. Room Service 5 very slow 30-45 minutes Room Service food 5 just OK Chops food and service 10+ Awesome Staff all around 10 did a very nice job. Shows 7 good, but been there done that. Debarkation 10 quick and efficient. Overall we had a great time and I would give this cruise a 8 overall. I would recommend this ship to any one. Its a very comfortable and relaxing ship. It was very easy to get around and we never felt crowded except a few times in the Casino and the first day in the windjammer. I only had 1 issue and it turned out great in the end. After we sailed from Coco Cay we went to play bingo!!! ($35 for the small and $50 for the large package) kind of high, I think more would play if it was a little less money. Anyhow we played and there was to be 5 games. The first 4 went normal with money like $120, then $140 and so on. At the beginning of the 5 game they said this game was for a upgrade to a suite. First I heard anything about that. Well guess what I WON wow I have never won bingo before. So I go up to get my prize and guess what It was a JR Suite, I was already in a JR Suite. She said they had no way to pay me other than the JR Suite, I said I didn't want to pack and move 3 doors down. She said well why don't you give it to someone. I said just give me back my $35 and I would be happy and they couldn't. We meet a nice young couple from cc celebrating there 5 anniversary that had a deck 2 inside cabin, We gave them the JR Suite and they loved it. I was glad to do it. I would think that RCI could have a better plan if something like this happens again. I have been contemplating writing them about it. Not sure if I should. Again it was a great cruise and hope to do it again some day!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2007
We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Fort Lauderdale. Although this hotel is not near a beach or major shopping areas, the convenience was worth it. The hotel offers free shuttle from the airport to the hotel for the fee of tipping the driver. ... Read More
We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Fort Lauderdale. Although this hotel is not near a beach or major shopping areas, the convenience was worth it. The hotel offers free shuttle from the airport to the hotel for the fee of tipping the driver. In addition, the hotel suggests restaurants to eat at and will offer you a free shuttle to and from restaurant. We ate at Rendezvous which was on the water. It cost the three of us $100 to eat there for dinner. It was okay. The hotel itself had nice sized rooms and a free hot breakfast buffet in the morning. The shuttle also took us to the cruise ship for free - again we just tipped the driver. The convenience of having a free shuttle and a hot breakfast was worth staying there before and after the cruise. We arrived to the cruise ship around 11:30 a.m. and by noon we were on the ship but had no access to our rooms or luggage until 2:00 p.m. Bring a bathing suit for hanging around the pool that you can change into while you wait for the cabins to be ready. The windjammer was opened and we began our first buffet on the Seas of Enchantment. The buffet had many different selections - you could eat healthy or not so healthy. I was disappointed with the oranges and grapes but the rest of the food was very good. Our cabin was on the 2nd level and we had three of us sharing one cabin. I am five feet tall so the cabin and beds were great for me. I found them roomy but I can't imagine anyone taller or bigger than me using the bathroom or shower stall - the shower is so small you can't turn around. The beds, sheets and comforters on the bed were clean and fresh and very comfortable for sleeping. Our cabin was quiet and we didn't hear any sounds except the occasional hum of maybe an engine or something but it wasn't annoying - it was white noise. We also brought a tiny fan that someone else recommended and that helped with air and white noise for sleeping. We also read to bring a power bar for extra outlets = glad we read that and followed through. It came in handy. The cabin had a hair dryer but no iron and you could not get one so our clothes remained wrinkled because we didn't want to pay the valet service. Our cabin attendant Barbara was very helpful, nice and seemed to know whenever we were out of the room to clean it one more time! We were near the front of the boat and the rocking on the 2nd level and near the front was hardly noticeable. We noticed the rocking more in the dining room much higher up. We went to the dining room one night and were surprised at how relaxed they were with the clothing. Some people were very dressed up and others were in comfortable casual clothing. Our waiters were attentive and there every second cleaning plates and offering more drinks and buns. I ordered a steak and it was okay. However we eat out regularly at home in fancy restaurants so this wasn't a treat for us. We also decided not to go back to the dining room again because we wanted to dress more casually and not worry about dressing up and worry about the time table of the dining room schedule. So we had dinner every night at the Windjammer which was nice for us and offered lots of different foods. I also liked the lighting better in the windjammer in the evening than the dining room. We had the first dining seating because we didn't' want to be eating at 9:00 p.m. at night. A poolside buffet was also available at midnight. There is an endless supply of food on the cruise so regardless where you chose to eat - you will be full. I loved the soft ice-cream bar that I found and had endless supply of soft ice cream whenever I wanted one. The windjammer offers a breakfast buffet, a lunch buffet and than a snack buffet from 3:00 -5:00 p.m. which is different than the lunch buffet. The snack buffet has nachos and cheese! The pool area is busy but you can always find a place for yourself. It is loud during the day with music, people and noise however if you want more quiet time around a pool go to the solarium which is beautiful and children are not permitted. The solarium also offers french fries, hot dogs and burgers. The chairs are more comfortable with padding. I used the exercise room and it was busy with many people exercising and taking part in yoga classes. The ship also has a walking or jogging trail around the boat that people use and seem to respect for the people who want to move. I was disappointed that they didn't have a dark place on the ship for stargazing and the lights on the boat took away from the beauty of the night sky. I also sat in the library for a few minutes one day to find some quiet time. We went to one comedy show which was very funny and went to the casino one night but didn't win anything. One of my family members drinks coffee and was disappointed with the coffee on board so she paid for lattes and cappuccino's at Seattle coffee place that was onboard. I think it was about $4.00 for a specialty coffee - cheaper than a Starbucks in Canada. ice tea, lemonade, water, coffee, tea and orange juice are free. If you want to drink pop you have to pay for a drinking card. It seemed inconvenient to me to have to drag the pop cup with you all the time so I stuck to ice tea and water. I would highly recommend you get a string that can go around you neck with a clip on the bottom for your sea pass. You can go to guest relations desk and ask the purser to punch a hole in the sea pass for you so you can carry it around your neck at all times. This pass gets you in and out of your room, buys things on the ship and gets you on and off the ship. it was convenient carrying the pass this way. We went to Nassau and went to Blue Lagoon. It was beautiful and I am sad the beach area wasn't opened as I would have spent my entire day there. We went swimming with the dolphins - that was fabulous! We also bought the DVD of our swim and glad we did! You have to find a taxi near the straw market to take you to the ferry terminal to get on the ferry to go to Blue Lagoon. I think the taxi cost us $10 with a tip each way. We never did anything else on the island. Our excursion was at 10:30 a.m. and we returned to the ship around 2:30 p.m. I booked this directly with the company online at dolphinencounters.com - If you love dolphins and want to hug and kiss a dolphin in the water - this is a must! The second day we went to Cococay which was a nice island. The water was a bit rough that day but I enjoyed being on the beach for an entire day. The windjammer provides a buffet on the island that day so again your food and buffet are free. There is no shopping except for a few dresses and things so this is not a shopping day. beach only day. We rented snorkeling equipment for the day - $27 per person. We did some snorkeling when we first arrived but not much to see. I did see a school of yellow fish and a few bigger ones but not much else. It would be okay for a first time snorkeler but if you have snorkeled before, you might be disappointed. The island has several areas -if you are staring at the water and you go to the right of the beach there is a smaller beach area that is less busy and the water is calmer. There is also a nature trail that my family did and said it was nice. I just wanted to lie in the white sand and play in the ocean which I did. If you are a shopper - Nassau is the only place for shopping. I didn't go to the Atlantis only because I am not a shopper and didn't want to spend my day indoors but apparently others loved it. This was my first cruise and I think it was a good way to introduce me to the world of cruising. I prefer more quieter vacations that are less busy so I think I will try an all inclusive resort next before I say if I would do another cruise or not. I would do a longer cruise next time. I noticed people on this cruise were in large groups such as grandparents with children and grandchildren. Body shapes of all sizes. The cruise ship was clean. They have hand sanitizers everywhere and in fact you have to use it before entering the windjammer. The staff are pleasant and take care of you. We had one night when we could really feel the movement on the ship. We brought ginger pills which worked like a charm. We used those a few years ago while in a sailing adventure. So buy yourself some ginger pills - they work like a charm! Remember the alcohol drinks aren't free. A pina colada cost us $5.95 per person and I know many people were shocked when the bill came at the end of the few days. So beware! Plan to spend approximately $10 a day per person for tipping the staff - it seems to be an expectation. Well happy cruising everyone and hope you find this helpful! Read Less
Sail Date January 2007
Enchantment of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 4.5 4.0
Entertainment 3.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 4.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.0
Rates 4.0 4.2

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