7 Princess Crown Princess Cruise Reviews for Cruises for the Disabled Cruises to Caribbean - Western from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Hey everyone! First and foremost, we had a great time on the cruise! We left out of Port Everglades, FL, went to Grand Cayman, Roatan, Honduras, Belize City, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico. The weather was perfect, seas calm, until we got to ... Read More
Hey everyone! First and foremost, we had a great time on the cruise! We left out of Port Everglades, FL, went to Grand Cayman, Roatan, Honduras, Belize City, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico. The weather was perfect, seas calm, until we got to Cozumel, it drizzled in the morning, but the sun came out later in the day and the seas were a little choppy, but nothing unbearable. The entire crew was very accommodating and friendly! Kudos to Allen in the DaVinci Dining Room, everyone at the excursions desk, Amanda, the Captains Circle Hostess, our Cabin Steward, ALL the bar staff, especially the guys on the ramps, helping you get on and off the ship and tenders(amazing!), and the Hostess at the DaVinci Dining Room(sorry I can't remember her name, she is from Mexico, though.) I have a few favorite ports: Tortola, Antigua and now Roatan! The Island isn't as commercialized as Grand Cayman, The Bahamas or St. Thomas, which is what I love! I have a scooter to get around, due to a broken knee, and there are some doors you can't get out onto the decks, due to the scooter being low to the ground, but there are designated doors that open automatically. If you have a walker, scooter, wheelchair, electric chair, etc. You definitely need a handicap cabin, the doors to the regular cabins won't work. C312 is right next door to the laundromat, which wasn't a problem at all. Only thing, when the carts are in the hallway, it can be a challenge to get around them, but the cabin stewards are always happy to move them out of the way when needed. Prior to booking a cruise with a disability or handicap, please make sure you check if they use tenders or docks when in Port. If they use tenders, per Se, in Roatan, they use their own tenders, so they let me take my scooter on the tender both ways. In Belize, they outsource tenders, so they didn't let me go on the tenders with my scooter, so make sure you double check before booking, just in case. And first thing on the ship, go straight to the excursions desk to see which tours would suit you best. We had to cancel the tour in Belize, because. there was nothing in the "easy" section to choose, and in Cozumel, we changed to a different tour, so we weren't able to see any of the ruins. If you get the DVDs at the end of the cruise, all the tours are included, so you don't miss anything. I have sailed 5 time prior, and 3 times on Princess...A couple things I noticed on this cruise: We chose Anytime Dining; the waiters didn't dance around like they usually do on other ships, usually one night out of the week. (I would not recommend Anytime dinning if you are younger than 40 years old, we are 33 and each night, we were sat with a big table of older people that like to one-up each other on how many grandchildren they have and how many cruises they have been on and train trips around the world-not that there is nothing wrong with any of that, we were just there to have a good time, not hear about their lives.) One night we were sat with a couple, the wife ordered EVERYTHING on the menu 3 times and we missed the last show in the Princess Theater because of her. If you can Choose a dining time, I highly recommend it, but if you don't mind taking hours to eat dinner and listening to people, Anytime Dining is for you. There were no carved ice sculptures; and NO midnight Buffet, although the buffets were open until midnight. This was the first cruise I have been on that that had happened...they did have a beautiful Champagne Waterfall in the Piazza on Formal Nights, maybe that replaced ice sculptures?! And no towel animals, like on Carnival-which was fine- a lot of people would expect it if they haven't cruise Princess! I do think Princess should include hard liquor, beer, wine, etc in a drink plan that people could purchase, instead of paying for each drink....it would be nice. I know Celebrity has several of those plans to choose from. You can purchase 2 soft drink plans, I think they started at $49/pp/wk-includes coffee, hot chocolate, soda, juice, milkshakes, etc, which is extra. I think when you book the cruise, it would be a nice option to add onto your cruise, so as soon as you board you don't get bombarded with people trying to sell you drink plans. The food was great, plenty of options for everyone, you can even ask for the children's menu if you don't see anything on the regular menu/vegetarian menu to your liking, which is nice, there is also the Buffets/Pizza/Ice cream/Burger Bars as back up. My Brother said the Seafood at dinner was amazing...so if you eat seafood, go for it! The Ice cream is so good and get the Dream Boat for Dessert! You will not be disappointed! The dining rooms are loud, so once everyone starts leaving it quiets down some. The entertainment was fantastic. We haven't been on a Princess Cruise in years, so we didn't see all the shows/acts/etc...everything was great! Lisa Ball was our Cruise Director, and she does her job well. She seems to be all over the place at the right times, if not herself, her Deputy Cruise Director, Stu and her Assistant Cruise Directors. We had fun on the tours, but please keep in mind, there were no "Handicap Accessible" transportation via the excursions, so if you can walk steps to get in and out of the vans/buses, the tours are for you, if not, I would make other arrangements. Grand Cayman-the sidewalks are not scooter/wheelchair friendly, just be careful. The tour bus was a mini-bus, not a motor coach, but had A/C! Roatan- TONS of walking(really long walk) from the ship through the port shops to the buses, and even if you want to go to the beach, so if would be great if you had a scooter, if you are older and can't walk long distances or if you are going on tours, you can take the scooter to the bus and the security guards will watch the scooter while you are on the tour, and will be there when you get back. The tour buses are little mini buses, not motor coaches, so it's a tight squeeze. They have A/C! Belize- As I said earlier, you can't bring scooters on the tenders, and the boat ride is about 25 min to Belize from the ship, there are stores right at the doc and a Fat Tuesday's right there, so if you can walk into the boat and walk a little, you can do what we did, took the tenders, went into the shops, bought souvenirs/beer, waited on line to go back on the tenders. We can say that we went to Belize. My brother walked outside the gates and said Belize City right there is scummy, within 5 steps he was offered a massage, tour, drugs, taxi, etc, so he turned around and came back. From what I understand anything outside of the City is beautiful, but we couldn't do a tour, so I can't say for sure. The ride is nice to and from, though! Cozumel- Great Tour-the tour guide had beer/soda/water waiting for us on board, then we went Tequila Tasting, then to a show, the show was a little hot and dark, so we kinda took a nap, because. of all the beer and tequila, but it was a fun tour! I was able to take my scooter and they put it in the compartments under the coach bus. And plenty of A/C to go around for all! Port Everglades- we had to fly in the night before and Stayed at Sleep Inn in Dania Beach-I've stayed here prior, and love the location bec. there's a Walgreen's in the parking lot and across the street-a Strip Mall with Publix Supermarket, a Chinese, Mexican and Italian Restaurants as well as a dollar store. There is free transportation to and from the Airport and Cruise-port, but we had to take a taxi bec. of the scooter, it was just easier. If you scooter comes apart like the GoGo I'm sure you can get on their free vans, but it's just a hassle sometimes. I did have to go to the infirmary because I had bronchitis the entire cruise, and the staff were great! If you are traveling with illnesses, make sure you fill out the paperwork on Princess.com and have your doctor fax it to Princess, bec. it helps the doctors a lot when have to go visit them. There are tons of pools on the ship, the Adults only pool is in the back of the ship, but there are steps to get down to it, there is a bar too, so it's nice not to have kids running around like maniacs, like at all the other pools. The shops are basic, clothes, trinkets, souvenirs, Duty Free, etc. Wait until the last few days of the cruise, things go on clearance, and will be cheaper to purchase at that time, they do have jewelry, purses, ties for $10/ea during that time. I bought two bangle bracelets at a nice discount! The Casino is a good size, and on certain nights they have no smoking, which is really nice for those of us that don't smoke. There are also designated areas on the ship for smoking....they even have "how to play" Activities throughout the cruise, for those of us that have no clue how to play games! It's a Cash Casino. The Photo Gallery- Photo's are $19.99/each and there are tons of opportunities to take portraits all over the ship. If you don't want to shell out $20/picture, just take your own, and kindly decline on photo's. They do have photo packages available for a reduced rate. I purchased the DVD Package, includes 2 DVDs from the events and each port/excursions and another DVD with still photo's that you can print/upload/set screen savers etc.-$39.99, so DO NOT purchase the stock photo's on board if you are getting these DVDs, you will save a boat load of money. There are tons of activities every day on ship for everyone....just make sure you make it out of dinner on time, or you will miss some of the late shows, like the one we missed. Don't miss the Shows in the Princess Theater--they were fantastic! The Comedian, Hypnotist, Pianist and Magician were great as was the International Crew Show! You will laugh! There are also little things going on in the Piazza throughout the day, like Hula Hoopist- Ashley Winn, don't miss her! And some of the dancers/singers perform throughout the cruise there, as well as the Choir, on the last day, performs, which is interesting. There is Bingo, Dancing Lessons, Art Workshops, exercise classes, trivia, etc. all day, as well. I didn't have anything done in the Spa/Salon, but the staff is friendly and the facilities look nice and clean. On the last two days they have specials, so be on the look out for those packages in the Princess Patter. We went to the first Art Auction, I wasn't impressed. The Guys running it only catered to the people that were actually going to shell out money for art, which irked us, because, I am an artist, and I would of bid on some things, but their attitudes turned me off. Princess has their own auction company, so it was a little different than on Carnival or our previous Princess Cruises...BUT there was free cheap champagne. There are nice decks that you can just sit and look out, that are nice and quiet. The TVs have The Wake Show with Lisa Ball & Stu, to tell you the goings on the next day/that day, and there are shopping channels, excursion channels, Movie Channels, Ship View Channel, Ship Stats Channel, which has the clock, so if you sleep with that on, you will catch a clock. We had to change time zones in every port, so It's a GREAT Idea to get a wake up call, because. the phone's clock that you can't see, automatically change, which is helpful. OR BRING YOUR OWN ALARM CLOCK! There isn't one in the cabins. The Wake Show explains Disembarkation, so you should be all set, and pay attention to your Princess Patters/mail at the door/on the beds/desks/etc....valuable information! I hope my review helps you understand the ship/cruise a little bit more than, coming from a 33 year old Single Female that has a scooter, other than the average person. (I know it was long, but I had to share!) If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me: iaminadaze@yahoo.com Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
I feel obligated to let you all know my experience on the Crown Princess the week of Feb 12, 2011. As a travel agent, I escorted a small group of eight cabins with people of various ages, cruising experiences, and disabilities. I am ... Read More
I feel obligated to let you all know my experience on the Crown Princess the week of Feb 12, 2011. As a travel agent, I escorted a small group of eight cabins with people of various ages, cruising experiences, and disabilities. I am very disappointed with the experience we had on the Crown Princess. I read many reviews prior to our cruise. I was hoping all along that our experience would be different. It was not. This was very disappointing. I have never wrote a review before and I am a new member. I feel very obligated to tell our experience with this ship and cruise line. I will divide the review by sections. Dining - We chose Anytime Dining. I was advised that we could make reservations for the week for my group only to find out that you can only make reservations one day at a time the day before and because of the size of my group I was given either very early or after 7:00 PM reservations not the 6:30 PM my group wanted. This was very frustrating. There did seem to be a line if you just arrived and requested a table. The food selections were limited. The menu that they had available everyday included fillet medallions which were very low end. Normally we look forward to dinner. There was only a few nights (mainly formal nights) that dinner was worth looking forward to. The lobster was very good. The pork tenderloin was awful. Desserts were just ok. The service in the dining room was hit and miss. The first couple of nights we had terrible service. The wait staff did not understand English very well. They seemed preoccupied with what was going on around the dining room and did not seem to focus on the guests at their table. When we did find a waiter and asst. waiter that we liked, we requested them the remaining nights. This is not how it should be. Everyone should experience good service in the dining room. I don't expect 5 star at budget prices however I expect good service. It was very confusing to figure out who was suppose to take your drink orders etc. because other wait staff would show up at your table other than the traditional waiter and asst. waiter. It would take so long to get drinks refilled that you would end up asking two different people for a drink refill just to hope that one would respond to your request. We enjoyed the Pub Lunch on sea days, it was very good. We also visited the Crown Grill. The food was very good. My fillet was excellent as was the other steak and lobster meals that my party ordered. The main complaint we had about the Crown Grill was it took 3 hours. We did not plan on spending that much time but it seemed that we had to wait 20 minutes for our coffee/tea and then we waited a long time for our check to come at the end of dinner. It was not very crowded that night either so we don't understand what the hold up was. They do tell you in the beginning that everything is freshly prepared so we were patient waiting for appetizers however, there was too much time wasted between the other courses. International Cafe was very nice. I wish they had complimentary beverages available there but the food is very good. The cookies are great and the pastries/donuts/etc. in the AM are very good also. Breakfast buffet was very limited and we found the eggs to be cold. Overall the buffet seemed limited even for lunch. The tables were preset with silverware. Drink service at the tables was okay. There were a few times we had to hunt staff down to clean off table or to retrieve drink orders. We visited the buffet for dinner one night only to find a very long line, only one section open and it was single file. There were no stations. There were pre made salads, the selection was awful, and people were complaining like crazy about the single file line. If you wanted seconds, forget it you had to stand in line another half hour. There really was nothing you would want seconds of. We opted for a late night pizza snack because we left the buffet hungry. I thought the pizza was good, I would have to say better than the other cruise lines we have experienced. Room Stewards - None of my group had any complaints about the room stewards. Most did their job. Nothing outstanding. No towel figures which the children and my first time cruisers would probably have enjoyed. Gratuities - The automatic gratuities are a problem. There is no incentive for good service. We opted to have our gratuities removed so we could reward personally for good service which was few and far between in the dining room. Disappointingly, we eventually found out that even though you personally hand an envelope of money to these people they must turn that in to be put in a pool and divided among everyone. Again, there is NO incentive for good service. The staff that perform poorly get the same amount that the outstanding staff receive. Casino - There were no $5 blackjack tables. This was very disappointing. I asked why and was told that passengers do not want them. I don't believe this. I think that they should have a few available. By the way, it is possible to get $200 from the slot machines without paying a fee. I read a previous post regarding this and I think some people thought you were getting $200 just free period. Free means no 3% surcharge or transaction fee that you would normally pay with ATM or using your card at one of the gaming tables. Shows - The comedians were good and the hypnotist was entertaining. The other shows were not impressive. Wheelchair request - One of my guests requested a wheelchair two days in advance to use in Cozumel. The request was lost by passenger services and the wheelchair was never delivered. I had a meeting with the Maitre D and the Manager of Passenger Services for 45 minutes regarding all of the disappointments we experienced on this sailing. I told them I am embarrassed to have invited my guests on the Princess Crown and I feel I need to apologize to my guests. I should not have to do this. Princess was always rated close to Royal Caribbean in my opinion. Not anymore. I will be personally be sailing Royal Caribbean and will strongly hesitate to recommend Princess to my customers. I hope that my recommendations and complaints were heard at my meeting. That is all I can do. I also thought it was important to write this review. It is harder writing a review than I thought. I hope it is helpful to you all. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
Embarkation was a breeze, considering we had a 90 year old in a wheelchair...we were whisked right in and were in our rooms within 15 minutes...We had a gentleman help get my dad onto the ship, then a ship attendant took over and brought ... Read More
Embarkation was a breeze, considering we had a 90 year old in a wheelchair...we were whisked right in and were in our rooms within 15 minutes...We had a gentleman help get my dad onto the ship, then a ship attendant took over and brought us up to our rooms...they were great!!! the scooter I rented on line was waiting in our room, so that was a plus also. This was our second time on the Crown Princess. I loved it the first time when it was just my wife and me, but this time it seemed that there were not enough public area restrooms...seems you had to search for them when you wereby the pools...and for a man on a scooter, it became a hassle, but otherwise, the ship was great.... The dining staff was the best ever, along with our room attendant, Marie, who went above and beyond also. The food in the dining room was good, most of the time. Once in a while it was great, but not a four star restaurant...the Buffett food has dropped a bit in quality and choices...We were on a Royal Carib cruise this summer and the buffett blew away the food on the Crown Princess...The food on all the cruises has suffered a bit, except maybe for Celebrity. But believe me, we did not starve and many nights walked out of the dining room full. Debarkation was also a breeze, just as embarkation. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
On the January 2-9, 2010 cruise, we had a wonderful time despite some inclement weather. It was very relaxing and we had some fun adventures as well. Our family consists of DH, DS - 19, DS - 13 (autistic) and myself. We reserved 2 cabins: ... Read More
On the January 2-9, 2010 cruise, we had a wonderful time despite some inclement weather. It was very relaxing and we had some fun adventures as well. Our family consists of DH, DS - 19, DS - 13 (autistic) and myself. We reserved 2 cabins: one inside and one minisuite. It was our autistic son's choice to do a cruise vacation this year instead of Disney World. We ate most anytime meals in the DaVinci Dining room because the Horizon Court was a little too chaotic and crowded for our younger son. For a couple of morning breakfasts, I ordered our tea, juice and fruit from room service and I went up very early to the HC and brought back some waffles and bagels for us. Normally, at home, we limit soda to one per day for our younger son. However, for this trip we purchased the ultimate soda card for him and he definitely enjoyed his soda, mocktails and many milkshakes during the week. We ate at the Crown Grill twice that week, really enjoying the food and experience. Service was wonderful throughout the cruise. Our cabin steward, Grenny, sometimes needed to come in while we were in the cabin only because we spent most of our time relaxing there. Hotel: We Pricelined two rooms at the Hyatt Place hotel which was full that night. It wasn't ready when we first arrived, but the very busy desk person took our number and promised to call when they were ready, which she did at about 2:30 pm. We ate lunch at a local strip mall sports bar, the Grumpy Gator - not great food, but we were so hungry that we ate it all anyway. After checking in, we took our rental car and drove around, getting a feel of Ft. Lauderdale, which we had never been to before. We did a little shopping for last minute items (sunscreen, bubble bath, etc.) Since it was New Year's Day, some of the restaurants we thought we'd eat dinner at were closed. So we ate some excellent Five Guys burgers and fries at the nearby strip mall. We were kind of excited about the cruise in the morning and had a little trouble settling down for the night. Our biggest surprise was the fire alarm that woke us up at 4 am! Along with the other hotel guests, we exited the hotel while waiting for the fire trucks. Luckily, there was no fire, just someone who smoked in the hotel room. We couldn't get back to sleep, so we decided to drive over to the beach and watch the sunrise. Imagine our luck that we also saw the Crown Princess coming into port! Embarkation: We took the hotel shuttle to the ship and arrived at Port Everglades around 11:30am. We were in group 5 and were on the ship and in our cabins by 12:15pm. Very uncomplicated! We wanted to eat in the dining room rather than the Horizon Court and it took a little while to find a crew member who would tell us were to go, as they were directing everyone to the Horizon Court. Once we found the DaVinci Dining Room, we were treated to a wonderful lunch at a table that was next to a window overlooking Ft. Lauderdale. Preparing for the cruise, I was concerned about how the muster would be for my son. He doesn't do well in crowds or loud noises. I didn't need to worry so much - it was a smooth operation with designated muster stations where we could stake out a less crowded spot since we went down just a few minutes early. Another worry was how to handle the possibility of balloons ruining our cruise since our son is very phobic about them. For this, fellow CC members advice has been very valuable. On the Crown, balloons are put outside cabins for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Also, there is a balloon drop on the second formal night, which starts being filled in the afternoon. We double-checked this information with the Purser's desk when we stopped by the first day to get room cards for the second rooms. The only balloons that caught us off-guard were those used in the pool games on the first sea day (relay teams blew up balloons and then sat on them to make them pop) and some decorative balloons were in one of the boutiques on a sale day. Teen Club: We registered my autistic son for the teen Remix club the first afternoon. We were able to talk with the staff and orient my son that afternoon, but the club activities started too late that night for us, since we had been up since the fire alarm event at 4 am. My son spent some time playing PS2 games and playing Rockband with some of the other teens. We nervous-Nelly parents were given a pager so we could be notified if he/they needed anything from us. Day at Sea: We're from Wisconsin, so we and a few other fans braved a chilly, windy afternoon to root for the Packers which was showing on the MUTS. First formal night - great food, it was fun to see so many people dressed up. My favorite part was that my family was all dressed up with a wonderful photo to prove it. Grand Cayman: The ship ended up at a port that was about 3 miles from Georgetown. There were plenty of taxis at $5pp to whisk us into town. Our taxi driver showed us how the island is getting rebuilt since Hurricane Ivan as we drove by new construction next to piles of rubble. The water was choppy and murky, so many of the water-based excursions were cancelled. My DS 13 and I ended up finding free Internet at a Subway and shopping. My DH and older son shopped, ate and had a couple of drinks at a local restaurant. On the whole, we found GC pretty expensive. Roatan: When we docked in Roatan, it was pouring rain but by the time we finished breakfast and left the ship, it had stopped raining. We had a private car and driver through Victor Bodden tours. Our driver, Frankie, was very knowledgeable and personable. In my email to Victor Bodden, I mentioned that one son was autistic. Frankie shared with us that one of his sisters was disabled as well. He was especially kind to our son, who had some anxiety issues during the drive around the island. We planned to visit Victor Bodden's zipline and the monkey exhibits. We met Victor, himself. He was wonderful when it became apparent that I couldn't join my son on the zipline and he paired my son up with his son who was just a little older than my son. Just as they completed the first zip, the heavens opened up and it started to pour! My son didn't want to continue ziplining and Victor's son helped him back to the beginning. My husband and older son played a little with the monkeys and then we were back on the tour of Roatan. We ate lunch at Bernie's Creole Cuisine - it was wonderful! At the highest point in Roatan, we stopped for pictures and met a couple of brothers selling trinkets who were my younger son's age. My son now is hoping to be pen pals with them. Cozumel: It was the first warm, sunny day of our trip. Older son and DH rented a beat-up VW and tooled around the island. They really liked the "other side," where there were some quiet, beautiful beaches. Younger son and I rented a brand new subcompact car and went our own way. We found free Internet at a McDonald's, returned to the ship for lunch and then went in search for the Mayan ruin on the island. When we did find it, it was pretty underwhelming - not much more than a pile of rocks in a pyramidish shape. Then we looked for a place for my son to zipline, since it was such a beautiful day. We ended up at Flying High, which wasn't too far from the port. It was twice as much money as the one in Roatan and it was much more out in the open. My son had an anxiety attack when he was climbing the first tower. The guides were quite patient with him, but ultimately he decided that he didn't want to do it after all. Sea Day: second formal night. We dressed up, but didn't have any pictures taken this time. After dinner, DH and I went to the casino because it was a non-smoking night. It had been a long time since I'd been to a casino and I was surprised at all the poker-related tables. Princess Cays: Another beautiful day. An old ankle injury was flaring up for me, so I stayed on the ship while DH took our sons ashore. DH and younger son rented a water bike and had some fun on it. They were back by lunchtime on the ship. Ship activities: I learned how to play bingo by participating in a couple of the bingo tournaments. Our main activities were reading and relaxing, so we didn't see any of the shows or entertainers. I did go to the cooking demonstration and galley tour which was interesting and fun. DH and I did the Maitre'd's wine tasting which was nice, even if some of the explanations ran so long that folks at our table were unsure which wine they were supposed to be tasting. Spa: One night, I treated myself to a massage and facial. It was heavenly! The only downside (and it was expected) was all the up-selling for products and services from the Lotus Spa. Food: We really enjoyed most meals and the only entrEe we had that we would not recommend was the filet medallions that were offered every dinner in the dining room. They were like chewing rubber. DS 13 really liked the fettuccine alfredo and ate is almost every dinner (except at the Crown Grill where they made him a special shrimp appetizer.) the pizza was fantastic and it was pretty quick to get 4 slices and bring them back to our room - generally faster than the room service. I really liked the sushi from Vines. We also treated ourselves to some pastries or gelato from the International Cafe on most afternoons (we were too full from lunch usually to eat the dining room desserts. The last night, we ate at the Crown Grill, watched Star Trek on MUTS and then frantically packed our bags for the EZ check. I did lay out clothes for all of us to wear in the morning and made everyone put Friday's dirty clothes into the checked bags. The next morning, I realized that the jeans I set out for me were not mine and were way too small for me. No pants for me! I can't believe I'm telling you this, but I ended up spending the day at the airport in my jammies! Thank goodness, I didn't pack my nightgown for the trip. So, the moral of the story is to check the sizes of clothes that will be the only ones to wear the next day when you can't get to your bags!! Despite that, the EZ check worked out pretty well as all our bags made it to Milwaukee with us. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
We needed a quick break and the prices on this cruise were excellent. I had polio as a child and now have difficulty walking due to post-polio problems. We reserved cabin C312 and inside accessible cabin. Since cruise ships are large I ... Read More
We needed a quick break and the prices on this cruise were excellent. I had polio as a child and now have difficulty walking due to post-polio problems. We reserved cabin C312 and inside accessible cabin. Since cruise ships are large I travel with my scooter, a travelscoot. This scooter is very small, weighing only 35 pounds but also very strong, capable of handling ramps easily and has long lasting batteries. We chose to drive to Ft. Lauderdale, about a 12 hour drive from our home in NC. This was almost all interstate driving and we avoided the hassle of air travel. We stayed in Ft. Pierce Fl. for one night on the way to the ship and drove straight home after the cruise. We would consider driving again if we had a cruise from Florida. I wish Princess cruised out of Charleston, SC or Norfolk, Va. Embarkation was easy although we were at pier 21 and parked at the mid-port garage. Princess had lots of shuttles to take us back there after the cruise since we came back into pier 2. The check-in personnel were quick but not overly efficient. Our lady could not figure out how to swipe our card and called another woman for help. Later in the cruise we had to go to the purser's desk to see why our card was declined. It wasn't declined, it was never swiped. The ship is lovely with lots of muted colors and small private area. Everything seemed in good repair EXCEPT the elevators. We never went to a bank of elevators where one was not out of service. As a scooter user I would prefer if elevator use was done at night. The service personnel, both waiters and steward were warm, welcoming and efficient. We chose anytime dining and never waited for a table. We shared tables and also ate by ourselves. We usually ate about 6 PM. We had dinner at both Sabatini's and the Crown Grill. Both were outstanding. We also enjoyed our meals in the dining room although food is very subjective. We especially enjoyed the goat cheese souffle and key lime pie. We were disappointed there were so few dessert souffles this cruise. We found the entertainment to be satisfactory with the best show being that of the hypnotist who was quite entertaining. We had already seen both productions shows on previous cruises and did not repeat them this year. We liked the different acts in the piazza especially the doo-wop group Spank. They were excellent. We played trivia each day and had great fun and lots of laughs. Debarkation was excellent. It was the easiest we have ever done. I did not go to the handicapped area but just drove my scooter off when our color/number was called. As we are platinum we used this lounge and it was quite easy. Thankfully there was no bumping or crowding. The shuttle to the mid-port parking was easy and we were on our way by 9 AM. Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
We were worried that Hurricane Ida would ruin our cruise but it didn't. We had received word that our itinerary would be changed which worked out well! Boarding was easy although we arrived right after 10:30 AM and could not board ... Read More
We were worried that Hurricane Ida would ruin our cruise but it didn't. We had received word that our itinerary would be changed which worked out well! Boarding was easy although we arrived right after 10:30 AM and could not board until 12 PM. It was a very pleasant surprise to find our room was ready! We were in a mini-suite on the Dolphin Deck - Cabin 332 which was a nice location. Our room steward, Edwin, was great throughout the whole cruise!! Our cabin was very nice but the bathroom was very small compared to other ships I have been on. There was adequate storage space in the cabin for clothes but the layout with the closet and shelves by the bathroom door was tight- and you had to close the bathroom door to get by. Other than that, our only complaint was no clock in the room. I realize you are not supposed to be on a schedule on a cruise but a clock is a necessity!! The food was good - not outstanding but certainly good. My last cruise was the Celebrity Solstice and it's tough to beat that which was outstanding in every way so I guess I am prejudice! Previous also was the Norwegian Gem whose food was not as good with the exception of the specialty restaurants which were better. The breakfast buffet wasn't as good as other cruises- pancakes were not at all good and waffles were always cold - only flat squares of hash browns which had little taste. We ate at the Crown Grill to celebrate our 35th anniversary. We actually didn't find the food any better than the main dining room (I had lobster tails and my husband had filet Mignon). The sides they served were nothing special. The one thing that does stand out above other cruise ships is the pizza!!! Another problem we noted was the lack of servers at night in the clubs and their poor knowledge of the drink menu. There was one server in Club Fusion during a show with one bartender so you couldn't even go pick up your own drinks. By the pool, the server brought 3 wrong drinks to our party of six. It really depended where you were and at what time. Princess Cays was very nice and we enjoyed our time there. We rented a clam shell which I would highly recommend. we did not use the floats or aqua chair as the water was too cold to stay long in. Our favorite was Grand Cayman where we booked a ship excursion for the dolphins/sting rays. It was wonderful!! However, the picture pick up took so long that we were only left with an hour to shop in town before we had to catch our tender. I could have spent a few more hours there. It was my favorite port. In Roatan, it rained but we did walk around the few shops there. We were docked but then to ship had to move and we waited in the pouring rain for a long time for our tender as it had to wait for a new ship to dock to get around it. Cozumel was nice. Our semisub tour was canceled and we took a private island tour which was okay. We stopped for a drink at a place along the coast but it was dirty and we chose to wait. We had a wonderful lunch in town at Margaritaville which was a highlight of the trip- lots of fun and good food. My friend and I had a spa treatment for Ladies Night Out which was very nice. Princess is very organized with their excursions. We would not hesitate to book Princess again as overall it was very nice! The ship was immaculate and all the staff was very nice! Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
We sailed Crown Princess out of Fr. Lauderdale November 7-14, taking my older (80+) in-laws along, for their first cruise (my wife and I have previously cruised 5 and 4 times, respectively), and found that Princess took wonderful care of ... Read More
We sailed Crown Princess out of Fr. Lauderdale November 7-14, taking my older (80+) in-laws along, for their first cruise (my wife and I have previously cruised 5 and 4 times, respectively), and found that Princess took wonderful care of them. My mother-in-law uses a wheelchair, except for shorter walks, transferring to and from the dinner table, etc., and my father-in-law is gluten intollerant, both of which presented challenges. Princess staff accomodated us very well, in each instance. A wheelchair accessible balcony room was made available to my mother-in-law, and this proved very spacious, and the bathroom set-up was ideal for her needs, including a spacious shower without a rim, and plenty of room to accomodate her chair, as well as a movable ramp for their balcony. Staff were always accomodative to her needs. My only concern was a little confusion as to just who would transport her in the event of an emergency, to her muster station (my wife an I were aft, the in-laws were forward, as far as cabin placement, due to their late decision to join us). We were to ld to contact the steward or the purser, and the steward seemed a little confused about that. Dining accomodation was excellent. Because my father-in-law is restricted on foods, and very hard of hearing, we requested the same table for just the four of us (he would have had difficulty with conversations with a larger number of people), with the same placement, at the same time, for all seven nights. The maitre' de was very obliging, on the first night, and arranged the same table near a window for the duration, with the same waiters (so we wouldn't have to explain his status each night). Both our waiter (Ferdinand) and his assistant (Nemesio) were wonderful and accomodative, once they learned of his status. Beginning the second night, they brought him gluten-free bread each meal, and each night, either the head waiter or Ferdinand would bring him the next night's menu, so he could decide ahead of time what he would like, and they would arrange gluten-free preparation or suggest an alternative, if this was not possible. Be forewarned: to bring this about, we had notified the line well in advance of his restrictions, both on the web site and by faxing a letter, as the web site requests, to the appropriate personnel at Princess. Both my in-laws raved about the food, as well as the service we received. My wife and I found it very good, as well. With the stringent economy, I've noticed minor cut-backs, like 4 courses instead of 5, lately, and lobster accompanied by prawns (to reduce extra helpings, I assume), but still feel that with the service and cuisine, that is a small sacrifice to make. To be honest, when I read reviews where people complain about the quality of food, whether in the main dining rooms (i've not used the specialty dining rooms.), the breakfast or lunch service, or the buffet, and note by the date and ship that we were on the same cruise, I often wonder whether or not they were in a bizzaro dimension (to use a Superman analogy). For what we paid, we were easily satisfied, overall, with Princess. Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
Crown Princess Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.8
Entertainment 4.0 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 4.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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