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I chose this cruise because of the fact my tour group was interested in gathering with like minded people. I couldn't believe the odor on this ship (smelled like urine and a stale ashtray!) The ship stunk! The food was terrible ... Read More
I chose this cruise because of the fact my tour group was interested in gathering with like minded people. I couldn't believe the odor on this ship (smelled like urine and a stale ashtray!) The ship stunk! The food was terrible and disorganized especially in the ocean view cafe. Nothing was where is should be, nothing made sense. Hamburgers and hotdogs outside were cold and laying in tins, nothing freshly made. Cold french fries anyone. Staff members could be seen talking amongst themselves. Horrendous. Officers barging in front of guests to get there own food! Horrendous. No eye contact save a few staff members. Ugh! No towel animals, no umbrellas in drinks, drink and wine menus obsolete. "Sommelier" bringing to the table crappy wine and turning the label away from passengers (we had the drink package so I think he didnt care), when asked for another wine, more of the same. Ugh again. The food in the dining room had minuscule and insulting small amounts on the plate. Tbs. of mashed potatoes etc.. the escargot was cut into 4ths and put into this dishes with holes, and very chewy and overcooked. The french onion soup was thick broth, salty, tasted like it came out of a can with a blob of cheese that was dark brown and overcooked. I hear they are renovating this year but who cares. Are they renovating the horrible food, horrible service, the attitudes of the staff I don't think so. There is so much wrong with this line that its too much to list. You don't feel like your on vacation. When I got on board I "schlept" my own bags, was not greeted or shown my room or offered a drink! Horrible Horrible. I also hope you like caribbean stews every day, and you really have to search that cafe for the food you like. Every day salty ham, turkey and american cheese ugh. Never again. Dont do it. The suite people said they had filthy mattresses and all the amenities that were supposed to be with those classes they didnt get and when questioned they were told they did away with it. One woman took a picture of what she was supposed to get on a flyer handed to her by her cabin steward only to be removed by a man banging on her door to retrieve it back with an oops! She photographed it instead!! So it was apparent in all cabins, that service, quality, food, and attitude was just horrendous! Read Less
Sail Date April 2018
Researching this ship and Cruise Critic for over a year in advance of our sailing left us dismayed at our experience. The evening before we spent at the Hyatt Pier 66. At noon the following day we boarded the less than inviting ship. As ... Read More
Researching this ship and Cruise Critic for over a year in advance of our sailing left us dismayed at our experience. The evening before we spent at the Hyatt Pier 66. At noon the following day we boarded the less than inviting ship. As our first cruise, we expected the white gloved-champagne service to our room. Yes, a tray of Champagne was apparent ... No they did not offer us a glass nor, did they extend the "welcome" previously written about. A less then enthusiast person half heartedly guided us to our stateroom. Our first stop was to make reservations with the Normandie for three evenings. Sam Aivaras was making reservations on their behalf. We gave our nights, he said "no" to each, leaving us more than disappointed. He seemed more than arrogant, plainly rude. He truly was our first impression of Celebrity and not a good one. We were then introduced to our Butler "Desmond" ... things suddenly changed. He put everything into order, including our reservations at the Normandie; then "why" our "Bon Voyage" items: champagne, flowers, shrimp etc., never arrived. In a word: indispensable. The Sky Suite became worth every penny. Our stateroom was simple but adequate. Celebrity continued to drop the ball several more times. Desmond picked the ball up and ran with each mistake to solve it. When we did dine at the "Normandie" however; it was the "Cirque du Soleil" so advertised. The new simply watered down menu being installed that evening for those who never dine and don't need a Sommelier was shocking. Yes, Celebrity has watered down the menu for those who don't understand (including Celebrity) the tradition/duty of a Sommelier. Celebrity sommelier's are expected to serve "water" in the Normandie ... and on the side if so asked ... provide wine service. French dining ... please? Sorry, we have traveled in France ... not even close, such a facade. In addition Chief Michel Roux decided that evening to introduce the: 20 min. Choc. Souffle (less the decadence). Perhaps Chief Roux needs to dine with Master Exec. Chef Gerard Boyer of Reims and order his with the egg yoke for reference. Not to mention adequate time for the sommelier to discuss/decant a $325 bottle of 1989 Chateau Lynch Bages without being pressured to tend to everyone's water? Celebrity never cared/nor recovered ... nor will we ever give Celebrity another chance ... it WAS JUST our 20 year anniversary. We never had a chance to relax and sit by the pool or the "spa." The "SPA?" Not a quiet/relaxing area. Crystal ... we understand now the difference and apparently, would have been a better "first" choice. Live and learn. Celebrity's loss ... From what we were told we gave them the largest order on board for Emilo Robba on the Summit. Celebrity a premium cruise line? I don't think so. They need to make up their minds who they want to be honestly ... and provide that service they advertise. Celebrity and the Summit was a waste of vacation time, money and in our opinion, more than a disappointment. Read Less
Sail Date January 2005
PleHi-- first let me tell you-- this was my 5th celebrity cruise....but this one definitely had some problems... The first was embarkation in FLL...got there at 11 am and did not get into line up for ship til 1 1/2 hours later (and YES, ... Read More
PleHi-- first let me tell you-- this was my 5th celebrity cruise....but this one definitely had some problems... The first was embarkation in FLL...got there at 11 am and did not get into line up for ship til 1 1/2 hours later (and YES, we are Captain's Club-not that that made any difference).............Everyone was complaining because after waiting standing up in line, we were then marched to seats to sit for another 1/2 hr and then move to the last set of seats for the final 15 min...TOTALLY unacceptable..and TOTALLY disorganized.. Finally got on board--went to cabin- 3063--cabin was fine- and the cabin steward, Albano was a dear--but the LOCATION of the cabin was right across from the pantry that the stewards bring you room service...Mornings were the pits due to the NOISE level from that pantry...we complained 3 times during the cruise to the guest services, and each time we complained, the noise stopped for a day or so and then proceeded to get bad again...Got to the point, we just went up to pool deck way earlier than usual and slept up there in the am...WOULD DEFINITELY NOT get this cabin again, even if it were FREE---But the location was good-totally midship and easy to get to other areas in ship.... Food on this ship was exactly how another poster described it....skimpy and not as good as past Celebrity cruises...Prime rib was about 1/2 inch thick== sirloin steaks looked like minute steaks and were almost impossible to get cooked medium rare due to the thinness...RACK of LAMB was FABULOUS!! Lobster was the pits--all rubbery or mushy from being previously frozen--plus they only brought out 1 lobster tail at a time---FISH was SUPER SALTY--we tried it 3 nights in a row and gave up on fish.... Service in the main dining room - the Cosmopolitan- was FABULOUS!! Our waiter, Lance-from South Africa and Lazaro from India (asst. waiter) were top quality..and right on the ball with our likes and dislikes..the cruiseline tried to move Lance to another section of the dining room- AFTER we had him for 2 nights and fell in love with him..A talk with the maitre'd 2 days later got him back to our table... Tables in the dining room--MOST all were for 6 people MAX except for a few table for 10 and a few table for 2.. we were used to tables for 8 from past cruises--so this was surprising....However, we did have a FABULOUS table with old friends and new friends.. The Waterfall Cafe on the pool deck was GREAT for breakfast--WAFFLES were fantastic- and there was also an omelette station--plus the normal breakfast items..breads were to die for! As were desserts during lunch... Our BEST lunches daily were at the AquaSpa lunch buffet..WONDERFUL- Low CAL beautifully presented spa food..Wanted to take THAT chef home! Room service was on time--but got the orders mixed up on a continued basis--we just laughed it off and went up to the Waterfall if the room service breakfast arrived wrong..however, serving OUT OF DATE milk was a definite NO NO!! and that happened on day 1 for room service! Nothing like curdled milk in your cereal! Yuck! Dinner in the NORMANDIE RESTAURANT was FABULOUS and sooooooooooo worth it...service was impeccable and food was totally awesome...had a leisurely 3 hr dinner-- not that you were eating that long-only that the courses were carefully spaced out and left time for food to settle and tablemates to talk.......truly FINE DINING!! and well worth the price for the service alone. We had the Cheese souffle, chateaubriand, cheese course and chocolate souffle for dessert PLUS a second dessert of a sampler plate of desserts-one of which was passion fruit creme brulee........and then they bring out petite fours...INCREDIBLE!! The Martini Bar was our favorite place to sit before dinner- gorgeous room and you have to order a weird martini--I fell in love with the Chocolate Martini... Pool chairs were held like in previous cruises..everyone was doing it.. Thallosotherapy pool was wonderful only one day someone turned up the heat so much that the regular pool felt like a jacuzzi.... Entertainment on this ship was some of the BEST we have ever had...Samantha Jay- a English female who played the obo, violin, piano and saxophone was TERRIFIC.. Elliot Finkel-pianist-was also good..the COMEDIAN- Steve Solomon is NOT to be missed--extremely funny!! and their aerialists were also good...The Celebrity entertainers were FABULOUS...the voices on these people were TERRIFIC-- Islands--- St Martin- we did our usual shopping. ST Lucia- we stayed on the ship and did it as a ship at sea day as we did not want to do any excursions here... St Kitts- FABULOUS- got our own guide- toured the island and stopped at Rawlins Plantation for a traditional West Indian Lunch- $26 pp and well worth it...Need reservations-and our guide made them for us after he picked us up... Barbados--AWESOME catamaran sailing excursion- booked on our own..boat only held 12 people and we were only 8--so it was perfect..Day started off cloudy,then rainy, then the sun came out and it was wonderful---swam with turtles and went snorkeling.. St Thomas--shopped... BEST BUY for watches or jewelry were on St Martin..although a friend got some gorgeous things in St Thomas at Lucky's..................... Saw a friend's AFT cabin-- HUGE DECK-but don't know if I would want if due to the movement... First 2 days at sea felt like you were rocking and rolling out of Ft Lauderdale..then it calmed down... We arrived home in Ft Lauderdale at 2am for maintenance....wonder if that was why ship was so rocky???Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Met cruise director- Simon Wier-super funny man and a terrific cruise director. All in all, a good cruise...would I take the Summit again- YES- IF they got rid of the chef and decided to cook things properly...and PLEASE CHANGE THE DINING TO PERSONAL CHOICE like PRINCESS-- I hate eating at 830pm and 630pm is too early for me... To me, Princess had MUCH BETTER food. ( we went on the Golden in Dec.03) than Celebrity and it USED to be the other way around.......... But we did LOVE the ship- and all the public places-- the pool band, Voltz, was TERRIFIC~ This was NOT the CELEBRITY that we were used to cruising on............cutting back bigtime-- Come on Celebrity--go back to 2 years ago when we last cruised on you! Read Less
Sail Date April 2004
As previously avid supporters of Celebrity (Century, Galaxy, Millennium and Constellation) this little four-night junket left us with doubts about our favorite cruise line for the first time. Perhaps Celebrity isn't geared up for the ... Read More
As previously avid supporters of Celebrity (Century, Galaxy, Millennium and Constellation) this little four-night junket left us with doubts about our favorite cruise line for the first time. Perhaps Celebrity isn't geared up for the four-night experience and maybe it was just dumb bad luck on our part to book it, but we came away slightly bewildered, somewhat disappointed and wondering if our favorite cruise line is changing its focus? This was our first cruise on Summit. Once you've experienced the M Class ships, getting around is a piece of cake. Summit did not however, seem quite as well appointed or elegant as Constellation and our Category 2A balcony cabin looked somewhat tired and perhaps in need of refurbishment. EMBARKATION: Timely, except that a pleasant gentleman with a big smile handed out Debarkation Forms (the ones you fill out to get OFF the ship) in the embarkation lounge and failed to advise us we needed to complete them prior to boarding. This proved to be embarrassing and a bit awkward when we got to the Captain's Club desk to check in. The agent wasn't pleased, nor polite, that we hadn't completed the form and questioned my statement that we'd not been told to fill them out before boarding. I scrambled for our return flight information and filled out the form but I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened had I packed our return flight info in our checked luggage? And also, the last thing you want to think about on sailaway day, is debarkation! CABIN: This was partially my mistake, but forewarned is forearmed. I asked for Cabin 9173, slightly aft of mid-ships on the Sky Deck because it had an angled balcony. We've been in cabins on the Sky Deck before on two other Celebrity ships and never had a problem, but 9173 had a major flaw. In the wee (wee) hours of the night/morning, there was something very noisy going on upstairs in the Waterfall Cafe that sounded for all the world like a roller derby. We learn something new everyday. I learned never to book this cabin! One additional lesson learned...some cabins have drop-down third berths in the ceilings. Unless you're not opposed to potentially having a family with children in the next cabin, you might want to avoid locating next to one of these cabins. So check your deck plans before you make your cabin selection. We are empty-nesters with a grandchild. We love babies, especially our own, but were not necessarily ecstatic when we discovered the couple in the adjoining cabin had brought along their two year old grandchild. I don't know why I thought families with children were put in specific areas on each deck. Obviously, they are not. FOOD AND SERVICE: We had requested a table for ten (there were four of us, two couples in our 50's). We got a table for six on the upper level. The two gentlemen assigned to the remaining two seats at our table had requested a table for two and the maitre'd had told them not to worry because we were all "about their age". NOT. Thank Heavens they were delightful guys but a little offended by the suggestion they looked twenty years older than they were! It appeared the usual matching of tablemates wasn't deemed important for a four-night cruise as I heard this complained about more than once. Some people had it worse, assigned to tables taken up mainly by family groups traveling together. This can be a miserable situation. Or perhaps we were all just displaced by the corporate groups? Either way, it was a disappointment and didn't appear to have been given thought to. Service was very good to excellent and we loved our 2nd in command at table, Milton Alexander from Honduras who had a lovely smile and a great sense of humor. We all like and expect competence in the dining room wait staff, but personality is important as well. Celebrity seems to be overlooking this lately. The food was shaky the first night, but excellent every other night of the cruise. The Normandie was superb, thanks to the excellent staffers who rotate between Summit and Millennium. I knew I recognized them! Top notch food and service! There cannot be much of an excuse for the ship's not having received their wine order before our sailing. Two out of the four nights onboard, the wines we ordered were not in stock for this reason. Disaster! Cafe Cova...read my lips. Starbucks would be better, much. Understaffed and sometimes unpleasant wait staff. We've noticed this trend on other M-class ships. What's up here? ENTERTAINMENT: Went to The Night of Stars, the first night's entertainment in the Celebrity Theatre. It was pathetically amateurish and rather creepy. It came off looking like a porno film with everyone wearing their clothing. Weird. We didn't bother after that. Where were the comedians? Where was The Newlywed Game? Every time I cruise on Celebrity, I wonder why on earth they don't bring in some small jazz groups. I'm tired of Yellow Bird and steel drums. SCARY STUFF: Returned to our cabin on sailaway night shortly after 1 AM. Hubby removed his shoes and immediately stepped on something sharp. Ouch! We flicked on the cabin lights and picked up what amounted to an entire pile of large, sharp shards of glass embedded in the carpeting all over the floor on his side of the bed! Someone had broken something in the bathroom, cleaned the bathroom and hadn't bothered to check or vacuum the rest of the cabin. Housekeeping had to send someone up at 1:30 AM to do so and I'm sure the noise woke up the two year old next door. CELEBRITY HAS GONE CORPORATE? Arranged to meet our fellow cruisers in the Martini Bar before late seating. We were astonished to discover a corporate meeting going on down in the public atrium below the Martini Bar, where normally there is a dance band between dinner seatings. My husband cruises to get away from corporate speak. I can't print on this website what he said about this one. SHORE EXCURSIONS: Only two stops on this four-nighter. Both times there were as many as four to six other large cruise ships in port. Wow, lots of folks! Getting to our shore excursion in Cozumel was a disaster. Many people missed their group because ship's shore excursion personnel didn't know where groups were assembling. Just too many people in port for the transportation to be appropriately handled. Instead of the usual large, air-conditioned bus we were stuffed into van taxis four passengers per seat for a thirty five minute drive over unpaved roads. Corporate groups got the big buses with a/c. Most unpleasant and mildly sweaty. OVERALL: Maybe, after all, it was just dumb bad luck. Read Less
Sail Date April 2004
Celebrity Summit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.7
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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