13 Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) Celebrity Summit Cruise Reviews

We were very excited to go on our first Celebrity ship. As we celebrated our Anniversary this ship is most definitely relaxing. If you're looking for a party cruise, this is not it. As we walked into the ship we were welcomed with ... Read More
We were very excited to go on our first Celebrity ship. As we celebrated our Anniversary this ship is most definitely relaxing. If you're looking for a party cruise, this is not it. As we walked into the ship we were welcomed with Champagne and Mimosas which was very nice. The ship is beautiful especially the Atrium. We had an inside cabin and it was very spacious and clean. The only problem we had in the cabin was when we got to Nassau, because we were on deck 2 we smelled the fumes when the ship docked? We've stayed on lower decks before and never smelled anything like that. The food was good in the buffet area, not too many options and the buffet closed at 9 pm. I get that the pizza area stayed opened late, however the pizza that was out was very cold. I liked the fact that we had an ice cream station that you can add toppings which was nice. Our first dinner we went to the main dining room and the food was not that great and the service was very slow and we sat next to some elderly ladies that complained and argued with the staff throughout our dinner and this made it very uncomfortable so we decided not to go back on the second night. Since the buffet didn't have too many options such as the desert area we only had cupcakes with all types of different frosting. We've never seen a buffet with only Cupcakes as a dessert option so on our second night we went to the coffee shop where we had plenty of desert options and it's FREE (the Raspberry cheesecake was very good). The roof top offered even more of a relaxing setting and we got to watch movies. The comedian was very good and I'm glad that we at least had that as entertainment option. The one show that they had on the first night was just okay. The Wi-Fi is very expensive and this was a 2 night cruise. This ship is also not that great for Kids. The arcade was very small with about 5 games and we didn't see too many kids on board anyway. I wouldn't go back on the Summit but I am looking forward to out next cruise with Celebrity. Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
This was our 5th Celebrity cruise. Maybe it was an exception but they were a lot of negative points during this cruise. First of all, I will start with the Celebrity website. My account was always locked, had difficulty with the purchases ... Read More
This was our 5th Celebrity cruise. Maybe it was an exception but they were a lot of negative points during this cruise. First of all, I will start with the Celebrity website. My account was always locked, had difficulty with the purchases and the online checkin. If you go now, you will notice that they still have alerts for the hurricane which were in 2017. The copyright is still 2017. It is a big fail if you don't take care of your window with the cruisers. Now for the cruise itself. Please keep in mind that I'm French and writing this review in English. There maybe some errors. My husband and I had a Concierge class room. We expected an priority check-in, it wasn't the case. They mixed everyone up when we arrived, even though there was a line in consequence. The ship was small then the other ships we cruised on. The getting around was easy. Everything is accessible. With the Concierge it was advertised that there was an exclusive embarkation lunch, which again wasn't the case. We went to the Oceanview Cafe. The buffet is small but with a good selection. Every day it was a different theme. Starting at 4h00pm, they offered tea time treats. We never tested the buffet for dinner but what they advertised was interesting. We had the late night dining. The service was perfect. The food was good. The fish and meat are always too cooked, but I expected it. Since I have allergies, they made me choose my meal for the next day in advance, to make sure that it was safe. Now the entertainment, this is were it was mostly lacking. The activities were mainly for the early diners. At 10:00 pm, we had one late night comedy and 2 games where people were shouting at 2 captains to reply the answers. The traditional entertainment like The not so newlywed game, The liars club, ... was not on the program. The cruise director was always repeating the same jokes. When you had the chance to cruise with the cruise directors, Richard, Sue and Chloe, the bar is set pretty high. Patrick wasn't in the same league. Manuel was cool and did a good job. The production dancers were good. Most of the singers were good. I liked to be entertained on a cruise. This wasn't the case most of the time. Service at the dining room was excellent as previously indicated and the Coffee shop also. However, every where else, I felt that the servers were tired and did not want to be there. They seemed indifferent. I even asked for a coffee americano at the OceanView and the server brought me a filter coffee, like I wouldn't notice. Due to weather, Punta Cana was replaced by San Juan. Captain Charris had our interest in mind. We had choppy waters one day and it would have been the same the following day. Instead he diverted his route, even though it would be longer, for a calmer cruise. The ship is well kept but it need to be updated. The roof was even leaking at the Revelation. The water wasn't always working. Once we had black water. There was some odor in the hallways. We had 3 days at sea and it never felt crowded. Our favorite place was the rooftop terrace. Finally the disembarkation was perfect. You don't wait. We were out in 15 minutes. I will travel with Celebrity again since we are now at the Captain-Select tier, but not with the Summit. Read Less
Sail Date February 2018
Let me start out by saying that this cruise was our 5th. We have done 2 Norwegians and previously we have been on Celebrity Silhouette and Reflection. After some serious research we have decided to remain loyal to Celebrity as they seem to ... Read More
Let me start out by saying that this cruise was our 5th. We have done 2 Norwegians and previously we have been on Celebrity Silhouette and Reflection. After some serious research we have decided to remain loyal to Celebrity as they seem to suit our life style. We like good food, exciting cocktails, fantastic service and an older more refined crowd that still likes to enjoy themselves. We chose Summit this year because of the Caribbean itinerary. We want to go to places that we have not yet been which starts to get a little difficult after having been on 5 cruises. Summit is an older, smaller ship than those we have sailed on in the past however, reviews were good and a smaller ship can be a more intimate experience they stated. We opted for the Aqua Class having done Concierge class on past Celebrity Cruises. In a nutshell, it was explained to me by Celebrity Aqua Class generally includes all the amenities of Concierge Class plus additional perks such as access to exclusive Blu restaurant and the Persian Gardens Spa. The boarding process was painless and stream lined. One of the first things I noticed once on board was the age of the ship. Although maintained well one could not help but notice the rust that is inevitable when saltwater comes in contact with steel. Having never sailed on an older ship one could not help but feel a little sad to see what was once been a grand lady of the seas starting to show her age. Not a deal breaker but lesson learned. After taking a walkabout the ship we were ready for some lunch. Upon arriving at the main dining room we were informed that the lunch this day was only for Concierge Class. Whoo, Whoo, Whoo, stop the clock. We're Aqua Class. Aqua Class is higher on the food chain than Concierge and Blu is not open for lunch. Where are we to eat? Well, where else...the buffet. People cruise for many reasons. Some people cruise for the all you can eat buffet. We're not one of them. If you've never been to the buffet on a cruise ship it’s a feeding frenzy. I don't want to come off as an elitist, I’m not, it’s just that we are more quality than quantity although we have been known to enjoy the buffet for breakfast and coffee on port days before an excursion. OK, not a deal breaker just another lesson learned. Blu was nice with amazing service. The staff were attentive, remembered our names, preferences and always seated us quickly. The food was what I would consider average. After several nights we started comparing the Blu menu to the Main dining room menu. This night we liked what was being served in the main dining room so we decided to eat there. It’s a different experience. Blu is small and intimate. The main dining room is grander with its 2 story ceiling to floor windows, grand stair case and is more akin to the tradition of cruise ship sailing from days gone by. “Table for 2 please.” “What’s that? Were Aqua Class and we have to eat in Blu?” “But we don’t care for the menu in Blu tonight. I’m sorry sir but you must eat at Blu”. And before we could say a word the hostess was on the phone with the matra de at Blu explaining to him that 2 of his diners had gone rogue and were currently off the reservation, no pun intended. We returned to Blu where our matra de was waiting for use. He seemed genuinely disappointed in us. We told him that we love Blu, it’s just that this night we decided to go for a change. Would it be possible to order off the Main Dining room menu? After all both restaurants share a common kitchen. We were told that this would be nearly impossible and would take forever. Do you see where I’m going with this? Perhaps we are just not Aqua Class people. Perhaps, just perhaps were are Concierge people. After it was all said and done we were able to get the meals from the main dining room in Blu but not without feeling a little like pains in the ass. OK, I have yet to have a bad day on a cruise ship and these turn of events were far from doing so. It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering wrong. There is nothing wrong with the meal. I just didn’t care for it. Getting back to the age of the ship. Did I mention that it was starting to show her age? She was. And along with that it seemed that a lot of things were not working as they should. No deal breakers but accumulatively it started to become a Nuisance. Let me give you a couple of examples. Our refrigerator in our room didn’t work, no problem they replaced it however the new one never really got to temp. My card would not work in the door to our cabin. It would work for a while and then it would just stop. I literally had to have it changed 4 times. The door to the balcony would not stay open in high seas. I would put the deck chair in the door way to keep it open while we slept. The bottom of the shower door did not make a good seal and the bathroom floor would fill up with water during showers. We did the best we could until the seal completely fell off. I told our cabin steward about this and told him that I would leave the seal in the sink. The remote for the TV did not work and had to be replaced. When we had returned to our cabin it still had not been repaired. One night we stopped into the wine cellar for a happy hour. My wife had 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, her go to drink and I had a Monkey Shoulders Scotch. Keep in mind I am not a Scotch drinker I ordered it because I like the name. The next morning we saw a charge on our account for $70.00. When I enquired about the charge I was told it was for 2 glass of wine and a glass of scotch. Whoo, Whoo, Whoo, stop the clock. I have the Premium Drink package. Did I mention that I was Aqua Class.? Shouldn’t your bartender give you a head up if you are ordering something out of your package? Shouldn’t you have to sign something if you are ordering out of package? I was pretty sure I did not sign anything and I told the Guest Relations Rep that if I did I would own it but I don’t think I did. And to add insult to injury I would have enjoyed the scotch a hell of a lot more had I know what I was paying for it. In the end they voided the charge. Anyhow I’m rambling. Despite this less than stellar review I still love Celebrity and I have already booked my next cruse on The Equinox in Jan 2019. I still feel that Celebrity is a great value and will continue to cruise with them. Hope this is helpful. More to follow....................... Read Less
Sail Date February 2018
We were staying in FL, and this short cruise seemed like a good and fun way to get to Key West for the day. But my husband and I are used to higher end, smaller ships, so this was not what we were used to. And we also prefer all-inclusive ... Read More
We were staying in FL, and this short cruise seemed like a good and fun way to get to Key West for the day. But my husband and I are used to higher end, smaller ships, so this was not what we were used to. And we also prefer all-inclusive cruises, so this was the first time we experienced this type of "nickel and diming". If this was the only cruise line we had been on, it probably would have been better for us. But it's hard not to compare, and compare we did. It looked like a lot of people were having a great time, so this is a personal preference. The ship itself is very nice, but we found our stateroom with verandah too small. Also, although we did not eat in any specialty restaurants, we thought the food in general was just mediocre. And that includes desserts, which my husband generally loves. So he was especially disappointed with that. Re: the staterooms, we were on the concierge floor. There was one overworked (very nice) concierge on that floor, and most of the times there was a very long wait if you wanted to ask her something. There was also a designated phone line where they were pretty responsive if you had a question. We had purchase a "premier beverage" package, but were very surprised when we had no water (that wasn't a charge for us) provided for usin our mini refrigerator. We had to "purchase" a bottle and bring it back to the room. I also did not care for the fact that there was a shower curtain, not a shower door in the bathroom. The storage space in that small bathroom was pretty good. Our room attendant was very nice and helpful. Re: the food, we thought the buffet (where we went for our breakfasts and a few casual dinners) was way to long and unwieldy. One had to walk quite a long distance to get to the omelette station, and many people didn't even know it existed. There was also sporadic help for people (getting coffee or answering questions) at the buffet, but it needed to be more consistent. One morning, the food was cold, and it appeared the burners were not on high enough. The response from the manager was good. We did find the necessity of showing our "premium" cards every time we wanted a water or drink (even orange juice) was annoying and arduous. Showing one card should have been enough if we wanted two drinks, as our accounts were linked, but every time we wanted a drink each, we had to drag out our cards. We are not use to this. There also should have been more hand sanitizers in a ship that size. Boarding and disembarkation was smooth and most of the people working there were nice and helpful. It was tough to get a seat by the pool or the spa area (which was away from the loud music and spring-breakers by the pool). But this is usually the way on any cruise ship, especially a day at sea. Read Less
Sail Date March 2017
As an Elite member of the Captains Club have cruised several tmes with celebrity. I was 50 at xmas and my partners birthday is on 24th Feb, so we decided to push the boat out and treat ourselves to Aqua Class rather than balcony. So ... Read More
As an Elite member of the Captains Club have cruised several tmes with celebrity. I was 50 at xmas and my partners birthday is on 24th Feb, so we decided to push the boat out and treat ourselves to Aqua Class rather than balcony. So booked stateroom 9095. As most people do rsearched the extra amenities we should expect for the 'aqua class experience'. Embarkation day did not start so well as our stateroom was filthy, dont think it had been cleaned at all (over 18 years cruising now with Royal CAribbean and celebrity) never had to ask for a stateoom to be recleaned.... Gave the stateroom attendant the opportunity to clean it again, he did it but only the bits we pointed out to him...not a great start, complained and asked to speak to his supervisor. Ship overall, tired and obviously old but I guess we knew that... By day three we realised that some of the amenities we were expecting for the 'aqua class' had not been provided so what we did not receive were....oversized bath towels, lip balm, facial spray, aromatherapy diffuser, pillow menu, personal spa concierge, impoved rooom service menu, Whilst I am not bothered about not receiving a lip balm or facial spray, these amenities are what they state they will provide and there were quite a few that were not provided, not just the odd one or two. Olga the Captains Club Host totally understood and tried to deal with our complaint - she even googled the amenities they should have been providing and think knew where we were coming from... However noone seemed willing or able to resolve our issues. Olga informed us there was no such person as Personal Spa Concierge on this ship - but she had asked the Spa Manager to ring us - we did get a call from the Spa asking us what treatments we wanted to book eh...no? we wanted to speak to ur spa concirge and discuss options like they say in the brochure???And the manager did not ring us. For the oversized towels they gave us towels from the pool, what a joke they were oversized I guess but not what I expected in my bathroom...... On the positive side loved loved Blu the dining room, the food, the service brilliant...... Olga provided us with some money ff certificates but they expire soon so have written a long letter off compaint to celebrity , so we'll see what response we get...... We had a great holiday, enjoyed the caribbean but wanted what we paid extra for otherwise could have just taken a balcony cabin and saved ourselves the extra expense......... Read Less
Sail Date February 2017
The Sushi on Five was the best of all! My mom and I ate there 3x. Blu & Qsine came in at a close 2nd and a tie. Luminae came in 3rd and Tuscan Grill was a definite NO! I enjoyed eating at the restaurants one because the Ocean View and ... Read More
The Sushi on Five was the best of all! My mom and I ate there 3x. Blu & Qsine came in at a close 2nd and a tie. Luminae came in 3rd and Tuscan Grill was a definite NO! I enjoyed eating at the restaurants one because the Ocean View and Main Dining were NOT up to par; the choices didn't alter per night and basically we ate the same thing every meal, every day. I do not know if that is a ploy to get you to pay for the extra dining or not... but we did. You REALLY need to improve on the Main Dining and Ocean View! The staterooms were really nice and larger than I every thought! The Men and Women who worked on the cruise line where the best!!!The exiting process was nightmare'ish to say the least. Celebrity, stop nickel and diming every little thing. Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
Good to get away in Jan for 5 days to Key West and Bahamas. Key West was much better as Nassau had 6 cruise ships in port. What a zoo it was. Did not walk around town because you almost couldn't. Not Celebrity fault of course, just ... Read More
Good to get away in Jan for 5 days to Key West and Bahamas. Key West was much better as Nassau had 6 cruise ships in port. What a zoo it was. Did not walk around town because you almost couldn't. Not Celebrity fault of course, just bad timing. Took a tour in a mini bus to some of the highlights of Nassau and it was not well planned. Driver asked us IF we wanted to go to a restaurant for lunch, a no brainer as it was on the schedule, but majority of passengers said to skip it and go somewhere else. Tour lasted 45 minutes longer. Ship is showing its age in some areas and we did not feel it was worth the cost. BEST part is always BLU restaurant for the Aqua class passengers. Loved the food and the entire staff. Enjoyed the Persian Gardens with is part of the aqua class package. Martini bar always good and fun to watch. Entertainment was just OK and same old Broadway hits and comedian that was good. Hate to say it but Celebrity is losing its sparkle. Sad! Read Less
Sail Date January 2017
My husband and I are retired and travel extensively, taking 1-2 cruises annually. Celebrity was our favorite cruiseline. The Dec 7-21, 2007 Panama Canal Cruise on the Summit had highs and lows. We had air included. The flights to Ft. ... Read More
My husband and I are retired and travel extensively, taking 1-2 cruises annually. Celebrity was our favorite cruiseline. The Dec 7-21, 2007 Panama Canal Cruise on the Summit had highs and lows. We had air included. The flights to Ft. Lauderdale from Seattle were on the red eye and changed by the airline which rebooked us in middle seats - awful. To make matters worse when we arrived Celebrity's airport reps were disorganized. About 130 people arrived at the same time and we had to wait 2.5 hours for the busses to arrive to take us to the ship. Check in wasn't bad since we are Captain's Club and had a suite. The cruise itself was typical with the expected ports of call and tours. The entertainment was fantastic - better than the Jersey Boys production we saw in Seattle the night of our return. The musicians on board were very good but their repertoires were limited - we heard the same 10-12 songs for 14 days. Dining room and stateroom attendants were excellent. The crew in general was courteous and respectful. The food was a big disappointment - of the 14 nights there were only 4 I found something on the menu I would eat and then it was overcooked. My husband said the meats were very fatty and tough. Even the vegetarian menu was unappetizing. The ice cream was gritty. Quite a letdown from what we were used to on Celebrity. They changed executive chefs in 2007 and it shows. We were also disappointed with all the smoking allowed on board. Second hand smoke was every where and we frequently had ashes flying in our balcony from other staterooms. Security was lax all over the ship - in the theater people were permitted to sit in the aisles and take pics; poolside people saved chairs for hours; the dress code was ignored at night so after a couple nights my husband stopped wearing a coat and tie on informal evenings. We probably won't travel on Celebrity again although we like the suite class and entertainment. Bad food and second hand smoke outweigh the pluses. Read Less
Sail Date December 2007
Background My family has been on many cruises, though this was our first on Celebrity. We consisted of myself, my husband, our 13 year old daughter and my in-laws. We booked 2 cabins on deck 2, both ocean view. Flights and pre-cruise ... Read More
Background My family has been on many cruises, though this was our first on Celebrity. We consisted of myself, my husband, our 13 year old daughter and my in-laws. We booked 2 cabins on deck 2, both ocean view. Flights and pre-cruise hotel My in-laws traveled from El Paso, Texas while we came from Colorado Springs, CO. We met up in Houston and flew together to Fort Lauderdale, FL the day before the cruise. I made independent air and hotel arrangements and was very pleased with our flights on Continental. We arrived in FLL and called the hotel, Sleep Inn and Suites in Dania for our free shuttle. I'd read many mixed reviews on this hotel, but with the free shuttle and breakfast, decided to try them out. It took 2 phone calls to finally get them to send the shuttle. My in-laws were surprised at check-in by their oldest friends who happened to be in Florida and spent the night at the hotel. All 3 of us had rooms on the second floor. We were surprised by how nice our rooms were, based on previous reviews, both from Cruise Critic and other sources. We did immediately check the bedding and found it to be fine. Sleep Inn and Suites is in a residential area. However, there is a Walgreen's next door and a strip-mall across the street. There is a Publix grocery store (they don't sell hard liquor, only beer and wine), a Chinese restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, an Italian restaurant (where we ate... the food was mediocre), and a "Dollar Tree" store in the mall. We set up our port shuttle at check-in, as did others who would become friends on this cruise. Make sure to reserve space for your trip to the port, or you will need to make your own arrangements! The pool was a bit chilly...this from my 13 year old daughter who will swim anywhere. The hot tub looked dirty. Breakfast was fine with an assortment of juices, coffee, hot chocolate, milk, fresh fruit, cereals, make-your-own waffles, breads and pastries, and hot biscuits and gravy. Fine fare for the price. We used our AAA card and got our rooms for $89 each. Embarkation The shuttle arrived as promised and took us on a 10 minute (or so) trip to the port. When we arrived, our luggage was dropped off with a porter who produced luggage tags for us (we were e-ticketed and didn't get our tags beforehand). We were leery about leaving our luggage, but did so anyway. We were then directed to the first of MANY LONG lines. I had expected check-in to be quicker and less painful than it was. And, though I knew that there would not be many children on this trip, I was as surprised as my daughter at the age of our fellow passengers. Even my in-laws who are in their late 70's were surprised by the elderly crowd. I'd guess that the median age on our trip was 70 years old. In all, there were 34 passengers on our trip who were younger than 18. More about that later. We spent over 1 ½ hours in lines to board the ship. We arrived at noon, and were onboard a bit before 2PM. Our first welcome to the ship was with a hand-sanitizer wipe....the first of hundreds we were handed. No welcome champagne or escort to our cabins was offered. Cabins, part one We moved in the direction we were pointed and found our way to our cabins. My in-laws were in cabin 2023 and we had cabin 2014. Very convenient for us to be so close yet so far apart! Our cabin was smallish, but serviceable. We immediately met Corazon who agreed to remove "anything that costs extra" from our cabin, including overpriced water, a bottle of wine, and the contents of our fridge. The cabin had been prepared for the three of us with 3 life jackets, beach towels, robes, etc. I was very pleased with our first room stewardess. MAJOR point here....while unpacking, I got out our power strip. This was not a brand new one, but one which we've used both in our house and on trips. Plugged it in (no, not in the bathroom "shaver only" outlet OR in the European plug...duh) and heard a pop, fizz sound and watched it as it began to smoke and melt. Unplugged it and tossed it across the bed to my husband who threw it into the shower and doused it with water. After that, we tried the nightlight (the least expensive plug in item we had) before we plugged in camera chargers, laptop, etc. Have NEVER had that result when plugging a power strip in. As I'd done a lot of research on the ship and prices, we had visited Publix the day before and used our spare "roll up" suitcase which we always pack to bring our own water, soda pop (I'm a Pepsi girl and the ship carries limited Coke products), and fruit juices (in case I'd somehow packed some rum in our suitcases for in-room drinks). This suitcase came to our room quickly, as did all of our other bags and fit well under our bed. Our daughter had a pull-out chair as her bed...smaller than a twin and probably not great sleeping for anyone over 5'2" and 100 LBS. After finding our rooms, we went to the Waterfall Cafe and Grill (aka: the buffet) for lunch. Seating was horrible for the number of guests trying to eat. More on that later, as well..... The Ship I'd expected the ship to be in much worse condition than I found it to be. Yes, there was some frayed carpet and peeling paint, but I spent the first day wondering why it was scheduled for dry-dock. I figured it out later, though! We split up from the in-laws and started at the top of the ship. It's a ritual we always do when we first arrive on-board. Since I prefer going DOWN stairs to climbing up, we took the elevator to deck 11 and started at the top. This tour allowed us to see some of the worst artwork I've ever imagined. Luckily, we didn't use most of the stairwells from then on. My daughter peered through the windows of The Tower and looked forward to going there. Unfortunately, they never did open the tower...even though the "meet and greet" the first evening was scheduled to be there. After waiting for 10 minutes for it to open, we were directed to the Fun Factory. I'd read that there would always be 6 counselors on any cruise, but there were actually only 3. Therefore, they didn't have the staff to open the Tower. So, we tried to find the Fun Factory. Be advised that it's difficult to find and can only be accessed by either passing though the Waterfall Cafe or by using the aft bank of elevators to level 11. It took 4 of us about 10 minutes and a lot of misdirection to find the place. Most of the ships public areas were nice. There were a number of nooks and crannies so that you rarely had the feeling of being on an overcrowded ship. Although I'd read that the Bar at the Edge of the World had horrid dEcor, we actually LIKED it. It was usually a pretty quiet place. Lifeboat Drill A fact of life onboard a ship. However, I fear that if this ship ever needs to use the lifeboats, it'll be absolute chaos! We mustered in the Celebrity Theater (along with hundreds of other passengers). My husband commented that on all of the cruises we've ever taken, it was by far the worst. We mustered, heard instructions, and were herded to a lifeboat. No roll-calls, so I suppose that anyone who chose to could skip this ordeal, if they found a place to hide-out. Dining I'd come onboard expecting marvelous food. Boy, was I ever disappointed! There were only two or three exceptional items served throughout the whole cruise. One night, my "medium rare" filet came out as VERY well done. Our server offered to send it back, but since we sat each night for nearly 2 hours at dinner, I refused. One night, my husbands' lamb dish came out with no meat! My in-laws ate most of their breakfasts and lunches in the dining room. We chose to eat in the buffet. Standard fare with little variety. We got late-seating dinner (though we'd been wait-listed for early). Hence, our daughter either had to skip evening kids' activities or eat elsewhere. She loved getting room service for dinner, but had little room to eat in our cabin. Entertainment The Party Band seemed to know 15 songs (and not too well). Jefferson Ang was a guitarist and we spent many evenings listening to his music. He. too, had a limited repertoire. Karaoke was a joke, with 2 guys who were pretty good and some truly awful singers, besides. Our daughter really enjoyed the juggler, but he off-loaded after only doing one show. There was a singer who was good, but she made sure that everyone knew that she was selling her CD's outside of the theater. The Acapella group was pretty good, but they reminded me of a small Mormon-boys-choir. I enjoyed them once, then skipped future shows. Also, there was a ventriloquist who was funny the first night and really stale by the second show. Mostly, the entertainment was geared towards the median age....slow during the day and nearly non-existent come night-fall. Enrichment There were a couple of lecture-series. One was an expert on the canal who got many of her facts wrong (though her slide show was correct). We sat through only one of her 3 part series. She also sold a book and map outside of the theatre. There was also a mystery writer. We skipped her talks. Activities Huh? The only great activity that we did was a kids-club "Family Scavenger Hunt". We were the only family to show up, so they pitted 4 teens against us. My daughter won a backpack filled with "X Club" merchandise. Otherwise, the activities were slow to dead. Kids Club Again, with so few kids, the kids' club activities were "modified". Apparently, they continued to offer the activities, but if the kids weren't interested, they let them pick what to do. I didn't bring our daughter on this trip to sit and watch movies and play endless rounds of "Guitar Hero". She, however, had a blast! DD notes that I haven't said enough "good" about the Fun Factory. So, to be fair to her, I'll add that they had a long wall filled with Playstations and they offered 30 minutes of free play in the arcade. They also had a ball pit and a small outdoor wading pool. When fully staffed, I'd say that the Fun Factory is probably a blast for the 7-12 y/o set. Photographers They were out in force. More photo opportunities than I've ever had. However, they didn't do a "hard sell" once the pics were done. Also, my daughter decided to get a "Mom and me" shoot done, and specifically asked to pose us, herself. Once the photographer understood what she was after, he did the best job I've ever seen, actually having us lay on the floor with him taking pictures on his stomach! That sure got a lot of watchers, and sold many more pics, as folks started requesting "special poses". Prices were high for photos ($19.95 for an 8x10), but we bought 8 (and I usually HATE getting my pictures taken). Service/Staff Second in my cruises only to Regent. Our room stewardess/stewards were good to excellent (more on that later). Our waiter was great…. Although the assistant was only fair. We were all surprised to see the Maitre'D each night…that's a first in all of our 20+ cruises. We had a very drunk and loud lady at the table next to us each night and by mid-cruise I asked him to intervene. From then on, she and the table-mate she argued with took turns in the dining room and it became much more peaceful. Our daughter LOVED the Ice cream lady. She put up with a lot of rude passengers, yet remained lovely. Guest Relations staff were terrific, within their abilities. The shipboard medical crew were a very mixed bag…from lovely to horrid…read on for details about that! Daughter and I availed ourselves of the spa one day. We did the "hands and feet" service. I've never done a spa treatment on a ship, and likely won't again. Our attendants were Jamaican and spoke to each other during the whole treatment in a language we didn't understand. Internet Cafe In a word….SLOW. Once, it took 7 minutes to load up their Yahoo front page. (I had their expert watching and he offered me a credit, but then I had to push a couple of times to get said credit. When it finally showed up, it was at $.65/minute as opposed to the plan I'd bought at $.42/minute. Wasn't going to hassle it for a couple of bucks….Also, we weren't able to access any computer until well over halfway through the trip. That sure felt weird on top of the other "events" which were happening to us, by then. Casino I've never seen such a stingy casino. Celebrity should up the payoffs on the machines. Very few people were in there, unless it was cold outside and they wanted to smoke. The casino is divided into smoking and non-smoking. Half the slots and all of the table games are non-smoking, while portside slots were for smokers. Surprisingly, the non-smoking part wasn't terribly smoky. Good ventilation, I guess. More on Smoking Many of the public rooms were divided into smoking/non-smoking. I'm pretty sensitive to smoke, but didn't seem to be bothered much by it (unless I was on the port side). I saw some horribly rude folks sit down on the smoking side in lounges and proceed to fan/hold their noses/etc. Hey, if it bothers you, go starboard! Also, in our final cabin (deck 7 balcony) we had a cigar smoker next door. Now, that's strictly prohibited, but as we were told numerous times by staff…."unless a passenger complains and can pinpoint an offender, we won't do anything about it". Funny, but EVERYONE who walked past the cigar smoker at the pool bar chose not to complain. Nor did folks complain about people in jeans and t-shirts at dinner…. Shore excursions We booked 2 prior to our trip. The first was the "Semi-submersible" in Grand Cayman. What a great trip for the family! Our daughter got to swim, husband and I got to snorkel, and the in-laws got to see loads of fish from the comfort of 6' below water benches. I'd highly recommend this to families. Our second Celebrity excursion was the interactive sea-turtle release program in Acapulco. My in-laws didn't sign up for this one, so it was just the three of us and 29 others. It was a long (boring) bus ride to the farm, but once there, we had a great time. My husbands' turtle won the race and his prize was a silly plastic turtle which he treasures. We did the other stops on our own, and generally hired a cab for city tours. I'd read to speak rapid-fire English in Columbia to get a good driver. It was great advice. However, the guide had his own ideas of where to go and had 11 of us in his van (fully air-conditioned, my behind!) Although none of us wanted to shop, many stops at shops still happened. Advice for the whole trip: If you have the advantage of speaking/understanding some Spanish, don't give away your secret too quickly. I found the drivers and "guides" discussing things which never would have been talked about had they known I understood them so well. Debarkation I'd heard that this goes well…. We were supposed to be called around 9:15, so had an early breakfast and went back to our staterooms. We were asked to go to public areas by 9AM and there we sat for over an hour. LONG lines, again. They never did call for our group to leave the ship, so eventually lots of us just left. Could have been much better. San Pedro to LAX I had researched this and decided to not take Supershuttle or Celebrity's shuttle. Instead, we got a cab after debarkation and spent $52 for all of us and our luggage to get to LAX. Was VERY disappointed with US Airways, as our flight to Phoenix was delayed over an hour, my husband, daughter, and I were removed from the plane because they gave our seats away to stand-by passengers, and our connecting flights were delayed, as well. We didn't get home until 2:30AM when we were supposed to be home at 9:30. I'm not sure I'll ever fly with them again. The Buzzards and the Vultures A strange title, but certainly the feeling I had when dealing with crew and fellow passengers. The Vultures were the folks who sold the gold-by-the-inch, "special priced t-shirts", art auctions, amber, spa treatments, etc. I was shocked by the "nickel and diming" throughout the cruise. I'd expected more refinement. The Buzzards were the ones who pulled the only XL tee-shirt left out of my hands, butted in the buffet line, etc. It was the feeling of being a "mark" to one group or the other for much of the trip. There were some nice folks on this trip. And then, there were the rest of them. There were a LOT of motorized scooters and their drivers were reckless, to say the least! I've never seen so many obese people in one place as I did on this trip. I also can't remember EVER meeting so many entitled and rude people in one place. The median age also affected us…I'm in my late 40's and felt like a kid. Now, to the dirty details of our trip and why I'm unhappy with X….. 12/7 FLL Embarked 12/8 At sea I woke up with some bites on my legs. Had our Cruise Critic Connections party and met a couple of the staff. We hadn't been "in" on the CC list for long, and I didn't feel really welcomed (besides the fact that the connections boards told me in no uncertain terms that folks didn't want kids on this cruise). 12/9 Grand Cayman MISERABLE night. Spent most of the night in tears with the feeling of being eaten alive. Took Benedryl at 4AM and slept until 8. Went to Guest Relations and was told to go to Medical between 9AM-noon. Since we had booked an excursion, I wasn't willing to skip the paid-for excursion, but had my complaint in prior to our first debarkation. They also said that they'd be changing out our mattresses while we were onshore. 12/10 at sea Went to medical, signed a sheet of paper which said I'd pay for all charges, and was told that I was allergic to bedbugs. Was told that I wouldn't have to pay for the consultation, after all. Apparently, I was the second passenger to have this problem, although it's an ongoing problem with the crew. This was by a lovely female doctor from Peru. (By this time, I had over 100 welts all over my body). Many folks in and out of the infirmary while I was there….Big problem with a virus which quarantined the sick person for 3 days and anyone else in the cabin for one. Nothing on the ship about sickness, but suddenly many more hand wipes showing up. I was put on Benedryl, Prednisone, and cortisone cream. We were told to stay out of our cabin for 2 hours while they removed our luggage to get it fumigated. Also was told to stay out of the sun and not drink alcohol until I was done with the Prednisone (3 days). Well, we got done with lunch and went back to cabin 2014. One whiff at the door, and our asthmatic daughter went into an attack. We kept her out of the room. Once we opened the door, we were assaulted by so much insecticide throughout the room that we could only stay in the cabin for minutes at a time. DH interjects here with "There were puddles of white liquid everywhere". My Mother-in-law got some wonderful pictures of wet EVERYTHING (and slipped in the bathroom while doing so) while I went directly to Guest Relations and brought back Janine, the manager. She was aghast at the amount of insecticide used (and all over…our daughters' lap-top screen is ruined, our toothbrushes were completely sprayed, and an assistant head-housekeeper was busily trying to wipe everything down while telling us that we were going to lose him his job). He proceeded to go the aft elevator area and cough so badly that I worry even now for the effects of his time spent in our cabin. Janine told us that the room was now uninhabitable, so we were asked to leave our luggage (which had not been removed) and move our belongings to room 3008. Of course, most of our clothing was wet, so X offered to launder 8 pieces of laundry for free. Our daughters' stuffed Snoopy was slathered, as well, and they put a rush on washing him so that she could sleep that night with her stuffed animal. We submitted about 15 of the worst of the wet, and didn't get a bill (though I haven't checked my Visa statement since I got home). So, we packed up everything in about 10 Celebrity bags and a bunch of Wal-Mart bags which we use to carry our shoes in. Talk about feeling like hillbillies! The stewards carted everything to our new cabin, but we had to spend a LOT of time in a poison-saturated room to get it all together. Had to make another trip to Medical, as the prednisone tablets had been put into an envelope which was doused with insecticide. I couldn't take those pills. People might say that all cabins are the same size, but 3008 was much smaller than 2014. Our daughters' bed went from small to what she fondly called her "big kid bed"….referring to it as a toddler bed. The table had to be removed, as it didn't fit with the bed pulled out. Also, I continued to itch in that cabin, so I asked Janine for help. She told me that if, in Columbia, a couple failed to catch up with the ship, we'd be moved again. 12/11 Cartagena The itching was nearly intolerable last night, so back to Medical. This time, I sat and waited a LONG time before seeing the chief doctor. Although his tag read that he was from the United States, he barely spoke English. He stated that it was NOT bedbugs, but was a contact dermatitis because while we waited, he went to 2014 and found no signs of bedbugs…well DUH! between the insecticide and replacement of the mattresses TWICE, do you think they'd have been dancing around in the sheets mid-day? Now, I'm told to avoid sun, alcohol, tight clothing (underwear!), and turkey and pork (the turkey is apparently basted in pork juices for flavor). I broke down and cried about the restrictions. The doctor informed me that since he doesn't drink alcohol, it shouldn't be an issue for me. Hey, it is my VACATION! Well, actually, it became my livers' vacation….. What a way to detox one's body. He put me on a triple dose of prednisone, use a "special soap" twice a day (which doesn't lather and smells a LOT like cabin 2014 did after the fumigation), and told me to use ice packs to numb the itching. He said that if it were bedbugs, everyone in our cabin would have the same reaction. By the end of the cruise, everyone in our group had welts…. Also, I spoke with one of the waiters stationed to pass out anti-bacterial hand wipes about their ineffectiveness against viruses. Within an hour, announcements began that nothing replaces hand washing. However, the staff now begins to wear gloves, some wear masks, and the ship is being wiped down with bleach. (Many folks later complained to Guest Relations about ruined clothes. New announcements commence about not leaning on wet surfaces.) In the meantime, the couple doesn't make the ship and we're moved again to 7047. We've got a balcony and I'm not getting any new bites in our cabin. Also, the second move was so much easier as our stuff wasn't wet with insecticide. The card room seems to have bugs, though, as each time we go there, we all get new bites. In our newest room, the steward does not remove contents of fridge, add another robe, or bring us an extra beach towel. He does get us the third life-jacket, though. He was a fair steward, but I'm fed up. Oh, by this time, I've had 6 room keys….2014, a replacement as my new one won't access the internet (nor does this one….couldn't get online until after Acapulco), 3008, a replacement because I can't charge anything (dh says he had to pay extra for that card!), 7047, a replacement because my key won't let me off the ship in Columbia….. Days pass with my liver on vacation and myself being in the shade and they're finally admitting a "Norwalk-like virus is on the ship and hand washing is the best way to deal with it". 12/14 Back to medical asking for a copy of my records. Request refused. 12/15 Late last night, we hear that one of the bar servers has bedbugs. I gave her some benedryl and dh told her to see the female doctor. She reports today that she's cleaning her cabin, but her cabin-mate won't let her go to medical, as it would mean the ruin of a lot of their things. Apparently, they all know what the fumigation team is capable of! Note from dh in our daily log: "12/15 There is noro-virus on the ship. All of their cleaning programs will be ineffective as long as people are keeping their symptoms to themselves. They have seen others go into quarantine, so they don't mention their diarrhea. Instead, they use the pool and public restrooms along with the healthy cruisers. I saw evidence today in the men's room by the T-Pool. Oh, by the way, I now have visible and itchy bites". 12/16 Waitress-friend goes to medical and gets diagnosis of bed-bugs. (More details which I've deleted to protect her privacy. Do have her name and that of another passenger on this trip and am awaiting response from corporate.) Also, have now heard that we're "Code Red". However, reading these boards tells me that "code red" means different things on different X ships. Still self-serve at buffet, still have salt/pepper shakers. However, no staff may leave the ship in LA and even back-to-back must debark in LA and won't be allowed right back on the ship. Has me wondering what time they began loading folks for the next trip. 12/16-12/19 Liver's still on vacation, but the "special soap" is helping. Still itching, though…. 12/19-12/20 Quit the prednisone and drink heavily of the fruit-juice I brought!!! Quit the soap and immediately start getting numerous new bites in multiple public areas. 12/21 OFF THE SHIP and headed home. Conclusion We're all of the firm belief that nobody has the power to ruin your day but yourself. Hence, it was a good trip. We hadn't seen the in-laws in 4 years and to get the experience of the Panama Canal with them was priceless…. The staff on this trip put up with some of the rudest people I've ever encountered, and (for the most part) handled them graciously. I saw a woman berate one of the guys at guest services and he stood and took it. (I made a point of going to Guest Relations daily just to say, "HI". After all they dealt with regarding my issues, I felt it important to show them my gracious side). HOWEVER, I expected X to immediately contact me. They haven't. Nor have they responded to my e-mail. I've asked my TA to find a remedy for this trip, but he's on vacation. Right now, though, I'm still trying to find out what the insecticide was, as our asthmatic daughter has had non-stop coughing since the fumigation and her doctor needs the information. No word yet….. Karen Jones Read Less
Sail Date December 2007
Well, it was an interesting cruise. Some background: * We were brave and travelled with our 9 month old son. * Our son caught a cold on the way down. We all ended up sick on the cruise. * We were with my in-laws. In light of all of that, ... Read More
Well, it was an interesting cruise. Some background: * We were brave and travelled with our 9 month old son. * Our son caught a cold on the way down. We all ended up sick on the cruise. * We were with my in-laws. In light of all of that, we had a good time. To borrow from Clint Eastwood, I'll talk about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Good: * We got the Family Suite, which was very nice from a space standpoint. * Our cabin attendants were great and very efficient. They worked around our son's nap schedule very nicely. * The ship was very pretty. The gym never crowded (however, judging by the condition of most of the passengers, it's easy to why). * Our son had a wonderful time. He was the only one under 1 year old, so he was adopted by all of the grandparents and female crew members. * The service staff went WAY out of their way to try to accommodate his meal requirements. They were very patient with the mess he made (we tried to minimize it but it still looked like an explosion in the grocery store). * The Panama Canal tour where you sail through the locks is well worth the $150 per person. You got to see the rain forest and really appreciate how much you have by seeing the poverty of the interior. * Aruba is always nice. We really liked Curacao as well. Cozumel was OK but not great. * They offer casual dining on the 10th deck. We ended up doing that because it was the easiest way we could get dinner with our son. The staff was great but the food was just OK. * We all caught colds. We had to take our son to the ship's doctor. They were all very nice and they didn't kill us on the price (we have to file for our insurance). * They offer portraits in the photo area. No sitting fee and buy only what you want. Very nice! Also, they don't bombard you with roving photographers. * Our in-laws were in the Sky Suite -- although it's not a suite. They had a butler but weren't quite sure what to do with him. The butler service includes canapes and apertiffs (sp?). They said they'll get Concierge Class next time -- the Sky Suite wasn't worth the money. The Bad: * I wish the 10th floor dining area opened a little earlier (ie, 5 or 5:30) and served a buffet. The only options you had were a la carte or sit down. None of them started before 6 p.m.. * Despite what the reservation line tells you, children under 3 are not allowed or cared for in the Fun Factory. Very disappointing to find out when we boarded. * The ventilation system processes air from the bow to stern. So, if somebody is smoking up the hall from you, you're going to smell some smoke. Ugh. * The back of the boat (which is where we were) really sways with the motion of the ocean. If you get sea sick easily, watch out. * Our room was very worn. The carpet had stains. The sink showed marks where cigarettes had burned into the marble. The air was stale (see above). We heard that the ship was going into dry dock for an overhaul in Jan 05 -- which it needs. * I thought the Promenade staff was hit or miss. One person was nice but many weren't. Don't buy T-shirts on the pool deck. If you have to return one it's a real pain. They aren't very accommodating. * Regarding kids, they were there but Celebrity is not geared toward children. Yes, they have the Fun Factory but the kids always looked bored. I suggest to anybody that they don't cruise with children under 3 years of age. Next time, we'll look at Disney or Royal Caribbean -- lines that have more for kids. The Ugly: * I was really looking forward to Costa Rica. We planned to walk around town and check everything out. Once we left the port area, we were swarmed by people wanting us to hire them for cab rides or tours. We couldn't shake them (they literally followed us) so we ended up heading back to the boat. Very disappointing. * Some of the sites (read: people) around the pool. Some modesty would have been really appreciated. There should be a weight limit for those who want to wear string bikinis/Speedos. * Unfortunately, tendering was required in Key West. With 5 foot swells, we didn't go. Many passengers reported that they waited 45 minutes just to get on the boat (coming and going). Once on, the swells made many of them sea sick. * I used to be able to get cash against my ship account on Celebrity. They now send you to the casino (where they charge you a percentage on how much you get) or to an ATM machine which charges you a flat rate. I don't think I should be charged for the privilege of giving Celebrity money. * Disembarking the ship was insane. They dump everybody off at the terminal, everybody has to scramble for their bags, and you have the scramble to get a cab (please remember that many of the passengers are older and all of this is physically demanding). Then, Ft. Lauderdale airport was just as bad with a REALLY long wait to get through the security check. Conclusion: The ship was very nice and the service was good. The food was a little bland but OK. However, I don't think we'll cruise Celebrity again. I don't think it was their fault per se -- we just need to find a cruise line that is more kid friendly. Read Less
Sail Date December 2004
This was our 6th cruise - our first with Celebrity. Our others have been Festival Mistral, Royal Caribbean Voyager and Explorer, Norwegian Star and Costa Atlantica. Our experience didn't start off too well, when we discovered ... Read More
This was our 6th cruise - our first with Celebrity. Our others have been Festival Mistral, Royal Caribbean Voyager and Explorer, Norwegian Star and Costa Atlantica. Our experience didn't start off too well, when we discovered Celebrity had booked my wife and myself onto our American Airlines, Heathrow-Miami flight, in a group of 6 (with 4 others). This meant we were allocated seats in the middle block of 5 and would have had restrictions had we not found the Celebrity agent to complain. I am 6'4" tall so really needed an aisle seat. We arrived at Miami to find the baggage reclaim belt had broken, which changed our very quick 10 minute immigration passage into an inconvenient 1hr+ wait. This was obviously not the fault of Celebrity, but did cause frustration. The transfer bus took us to our hotel - the Sheraton at Ft Lauderdale airport (unfortunately, not the ones at the beach which would have been much better). The reception staff gave us a copied sheet with details of our ship transfer for the following morning. Although the sheet was headed Royal Caribbean and not Celebrity, we were assured it was the correct sheet. It stated to meet at 11am for the transfer bus. We left our bags in our room and took a taxi which dropped us at Los Olas, an area we enjoyed for the evening. If you are staying pre/post cruise in Ft. Laud, we can recommend walking the length of Los Olas Boulevard. On embarkation morning, we went to the lobby area at the appointed time of 11am and sat with the other cruise guest (around 150 others). What we didn't know - and what nobody told us - was that we should have registered with the Celebrity staff on duty, in order to be allocated a bus (there were 6 buses). We also didn't need to be at the meeting point until 12 noon. As none of this had been explained, we were allocated the last bus. We then had to wait nearly 3 hours for our bus to arrive. This time could have been better spent exploring the Ft Lauderdale area for the morning rather than having to sit in the hotel lobby. We were very disappointed with the handling of the transfers. Once we arrived at the ship, things went very smoothly - we were onboard in around 20 minutes. This would have been even quicker had people completed the various forms before arriving at the desk!, but we could hardly complain at 20 minutes as we have waited over an hour with some previous cruises. We then boarded the ship and a staff member "escorted" us to our cabin - except that he couldn't read our stateroom number and didn't know the way. When we got to our cabin (8094) we were pleasantly surprised that it was larger than the normal balcony cabins we've experienced before. However, there was a connecting door to the adjoining cabin, which had coloured tape around all of the gaps (apparently to cut down on the noise of the TVs between the two cabins). The toilet seat was also very badly worn. These were not going to ruin our cruise experience but were not expected in a ship of this class. We enjoyed the ship for the afternoon and then got ready for dinner (late sitting at 8:30pm). We had requested to be seated at a large table of 10, but were allocated a table for 2 (420). This table was situated next to the serving area and was in the main run of the waiters. We spent most of the evening expecting a plate to come crashing down on our heads from the busy waiting staff running past - this table was in a very noisy area. We decided to speak with the maitre to enquire about being moved. The food was of very good quality, excellently presented - although limited in choice, with not that much variety thrum the cruise. We had pre-booked our excursions before we left the UK. Unfortunately, of the six tours we booked, two were cancelled and one (St Kitts Railway) ended prematurely due to a breakdown. We had read of a previous problem with the St Kitts Scenic Railway (aka The Sugar Train), but had booked already so continued with the tour. Unfortunately, we soon discovered why the train is called the Sugar Train - if it rains and you have to sit in the downstairs carriage, all you will see is sugar cane! The train was painfully slow as it had trouble gripping the tracks, until it finally broke down with engine trouble. We cant complain too much as we had got three-quarters of the way and were immediately informed that a full refund was being given. Alas, the guests waiting for the 12:30 tour had already boarded buses and were sat at the station before being informed their tour was cancelled - this was a wasted day for them. Our other cancelled tours were Grenada Flight-seeing (mechanical trouble) and Ft Lauderdale Highlights (poor sales). We questioned why the Ft Lauderdale tour had been cancelled (due to poor sales) with 4 days of the cruise still to go - we spoke to many people who were yet to think about final day excursions and would possibly have booked. We can't accept that tours needed to be finalized so quickly. As we had done the Everglades Tour (which was the only other option) several times previously, we didn't want to do it again. We asked the Concierge desk to try to source any alternatives for us. They suggested that as we had a hotel transfer and day room booked at the Miami Hilton, they would forward our bags so that we could enjoy our day in Ft. Lauderdale without the hassle of carrying bags. This was a good idea, so we spent some time in the internet cafe locating things to do in Ft Lauderdale - this cost $15 in internet fees. Unfortunately, when we approached Guest Services on our final day, they informed us that we had to physically go with our bags to the hotel - this totally ruined our plans again! Regarding the cruise in general :- We found that despite 20% of the guests being British, it was still very much a US-focussed cruise (quizzes etc on US TV shows and personalities etc). The age range was definitely much higher than previous cruises we've enjoyed. I would say the average being 55+. The entertainment was generally good - the production shows were excellent and SoulD Out were fantastic. Some of the others were definitely aimed at the target audience of oldies. The food was good in the main restaurant, although a little limited in choice over the cruise. The buffets were much better although something should be done to extend the lunchtime from 2:30pm to 3:00pm or so. Bars were OK, but the staff were a little slow to spot customers at times and the ship ran out of draft beers on the last day. In-cabin air conditioning - this was very noisy. Our final complaint of the ship was the smell. At several times during the cruise the front part of the ship (especially around Revelations and the Theatre) smelled of what can only be described as sewage. Would we cruise with Celebrity again - No. Read Less
Sail Date November 2004
Our first cruise: Celebrity Summit. I had contacted Celebrity with concerns and as of Oct '04 (five months later) have not heard back from them. Poor customer service! First, we paid for the Concierge Class, not just for the ... Read More
Our first cruise: Celebrity Summit. I had contacted Celebrity with concerns and as of Oct '04 (five months later) have not heard back from them. Poor customer service! First, we paid for the Concierge Class, not just for the balcony, but for the service. It was our stateroom attendant's first cruise and he was clueless. I spent my own vacation time trying to educate him that champagne should not be left on the small table for three days after being opened. He would not remove it. As far as room service goes, I had looked forward to picking up the phone and getting shrimp cocktails in the afternoon. Three out of four times I called, I was told that shrimp was being offered at dinner and that it would not be available for us in the afternoon? Then why print it on the menu? Canapes that were left in the rooms were room temperature, not a good thing for caviar and cream cheese. Who knows how long they had been warm? There were dark stains on the room carpet. We had to repeatedly ask for our promised assortment of pillows to choose from. Flowers in a vase were wilted when we came on board and were probably not changed for the next occupants when they arrived. Our toilet seat had peeling paint and was not repaired or replaced. I would never recommend the highly touted Concierge Class to anyone. Get a room with a balcony on the deck below,it would be a much better value. We had dinner in the Normandie, the highlight of the cruise ship. Simon was the cruise director and lived up to his reputation of being entertaining. Belize: took a wonderful bus tour to Xunantunich Mayan ruins, arranged by the cruise line. The tour guide was a former school teacher and kept the wanderers in line and was very informative. It was a long ride, several hours there, lunch at a local motel restaurant, and the long ride back. The local Belizians do not have indoor plumbing, and I was astonished to find clean, flushing toilets at the entrance to the ruins. The long climb uphill is steep, temp hot and the humidity high; need to be healthy to do this trip. There were local citizens, positioned in small covered stalls near the river raft after we came down from the ruins, selling hand made goods that were the best quality we saw in Belize. They were clean and sweet: glad to do business with them. We purchased hand carved small replicas of the exposed Xunantunich ruins, dated and signed on the back by the artist. Roatan, Honduras: We did not take an organized tour here. Rather, we disembarked and walked on a muddy road to the cameo shop proclaimed to be wonderful by the cruise "shopping director." First, we were flanked by two children who were not in school at that time, and knew we were being eyed by adults, gave us a very uneasy feeling. We walked in the middle of the road, walked very fast, protected our pockets, tipped the children when we arrived at the cameo shop, and were relieved to be there without our throats being slit. We have traveled the world and not felt this unsafe anywhere else. The cameo shop was not even interested in talking to and doing business with the few of us who had checked them out. We met up with some strangers who also felt threatened, and collectively hailed a cab to take us back to the tenders. We had the cab driver take us down through the main street of Roatan where we witnessed a drunken man beating a large, bloody pig in front of a house, a dog strangled with thin wire and left to die on the sidewalk, and the stench of raw sewage. It was a horrible experience. Some of our dinner companions had prearranged tours for the opposite side of the island and had a good day. We would certainly say this: ignore what the cruise "shopping director" tells you is a good place to check out, and do not go anywhere in Roatan unless you are with a tour guide of good repute. As for Celebrity, we went to the Concierge Desk and reported our experience. So did a handful of other cruisers when we were at the desk. Sill have never heard one word about it back from Celebrity. We actually felt that the shopping recommendation put us in mortal danger. Aqua Spa: Okay, but I can get a better massage at the local gym. The Aqua Spa Cafe was excellent, perhaps the best every-day dining spot on the ship. Beautifully presented fresh fruit and salmon, salmon, and more salmon. Public areas were clean, expect for the last two days when the crew seemed excited about leaving the ship for their time off. Towards the end things got smudgy. As far as the ship's shops are concerned: the jewelry shop manager was overheard complaining he was not being paid in a timely manner by management... the merchandise in all the shops seemed fingered and not fresh. Was not refreshed or rotated. Would I do another cruise with Celebrity? No. Would I do another cruise with a different cruise line? Yes. This probably seems harsh, but we have stayed at five star hotels, and the Summit's Concierge Class seemed more like a worn Ramada Inn. And where is the Customer Service piece of this cruise line? Read Less
Sail Date April 2004
Sail Date February 2004
Celebrity Summit Ratings
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Cabins 5.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.7
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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