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9th cruise-2nd on Carnival. I have sailed Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Norwegian and Carnival over the past 20 plus years. I have to say each has it's own style yet all are very similar. I really can't say I favor one ... Read More
9th cruise-2nd on Carnival. I have sailed Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Norwegian and Carnival over the past 20 plus years. I have to say each has it's own style yet all are very similar. I really can't say I favor one over the other that much. I have always received excellent service on all cruises. Yes, like anything in this world, sometimes it might be better at times than others, but give me a break, the world isn't perfect. Sometimes the service staff may not be at their best, however, I can say the cruise experience is by far better than dealing with different hotels, restaurants, airlines, car rental agencies etc. Even Ritz, Hyatt, Four Seasons etc have break downs in service at times. I believe some people just like to complain and love finding fault vs finding good. Considering the cost of cruising has actually decreased dramatically over the past 20 years, over all the quality of the experience is still a fantastic travel bargain! Yes, food quality has suffered some, but the ships are much larger. Try doing dinner parties for 1000s of people and get everything perfect. You can go to a 5 star Beverly Hills restaurant and get crappy food and service at times. The next time it will be superb! Breakfast and lunch in the dining room was great. Dinner was ok. Biggest problem was food would never come out very warm. I can't say it was due to the wait staff as the service progressed at a nice pace and was very attentive by every wait person we had. The ships carry more passengers so the crowds and lines are somewhat longer. However, the ships now have more amenities. More food outlet choices, recreation, gyms, etc. Considering the 3000 plus people on the Glory, I have to say, it never seemed overwhelming to me. Food: We ate all meals in the dining room except for snacks. Avoid the buffet and you will be much happier. Quality was good. Not spectacular, but good. Nice variety. GREAT SERVICE ! Very attentive. We had "Anytime Seating" and never waited long. You will wait much longer going out at your local restaurant! They even learned our names and we didn't always have our same servers! I find that amazing. New Food Outlets added in Nov 2012- Guys Burgers--EXCELLENT Blue Iguana--EXCELLENT Taste Bar--EXCELLENT New Pizza recipe--Very Good Deli Sandwiches--VERY GOOD Fish and Chips--EXCELLENT Room Service--Only used it for breakfast--Limited menu--but ALWAYS DELIVERED on TIME we scheduled with the door HANG TAG the night before! Bars: NEW ALCHEMY BAR WAS AMAZING! The 2 girls there from Eastern Europe were such masters at their craft! NEW TEQUILA BAR--GREAT Rest were fine. Lido Pool: New decor---Very CUTE--somewhat crowded, but re-done very attractive Amber Show lounge--Just ugly decor !! Atrium--Just ugly decor!! Golden/Platinum Dining Rooms--Just ugly tacky decor!! Red Sail Buffet--nice decor--very crowded--sub par food Night Club and other bars--Ugly tacky decor Cabins--nothing fancy, but comfortable. Great linens, immaculately clean and meticulously maintained. Comp fruit basket if you request it. Comp extra duvet--just ask. Comp use of fridge--just ask to have the mini bar contents removed. Free use of safe. Rooms well insulated from noise of adjoining rooms. Just be aware of noise from busy hallways and cabins below pool decks and lounges. Like a hotel, be aware of your cabin location to avoid noise. We were far forward and it was very quiet except early port arrivals. Bow thruster noise, line winches, etc woke us up on the early mornings !! Cabin Corridor--Very nice, well maintained and pleasant. Serenity Adults only area on forward deck was FANTASTIC. 2 new hot tubs, nice shaded and non shaded loungers, hammocks, sofas, and chairs. Even rocking chairs! Bar service, padded lounges and comp towel check out. What more could you ask for? DECK 3--LOBBY DECK--Always a great place under the Life Boats in the shade to escape from other passengers. Their are loungers and benches to sit on. Service as a whole was fantastic. Never did I feel pressured to buy a drink. We drank some, but mostly drank soda with the unlimited bubbles card for $51 including tip. No one in the dining room, pools, deck or bars ever gave us a second look for only drinking soda. I believe if you smile, act nice, treat the staff nice, you will get treated even better than expected. Same with passing crew and staff. If you smile and say "hi," you certainly will get a smile and a hello back. I swear after reading many of these reviews some passengers are just grumpy and will always be unhappy and knit picky!!!!! Gym--FANTASTIC! Great Steam Room and Sauna Nice Life Fitness Equipment--well maintained and extremely clean. Great View from the bow of the ship. Live Entertainment-Music--hit and miss. Some good, some not so good. The piano bar singer was just plain horrible !! LOL oh well. Cruise Activities--fine Ports--St Thomas - GREAT San Juan - GREAT Nassau-Ok Grand Turk--Fantastic new development right at the dock created by Carnival. GREAT POOL free to passengers, GREAT BEACH with free loungers and shaded areas. Complete with change rooms, showers, and bathrooms. Limited Shopping. Flow Rider for a fee. Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Franchise with strong drinks and great service pool side. Beautiful development and setting. Better than the private island ports! Conclusion/Summary--Not that crazy about the ship. Though it was clean and maintained extremely well, I didn't like the decor in the dining rooms and atrium. Just tacky. (I believe Carnival is gradually getting away from the tackyas they continue to renovate the ships.) However, not a deal breaker as the cabins are great the rest was fantastic. Considering what I paid, the popular ports, the fantastic service, the quality of the ship, I felt it to be an excellent cruise. Fellow passengers were well behaved middle class people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Never did I feel I was on board with a bunch of "low lifes" as others have indicated. Just a good mix of people! If you don't want to meet people and are more of a hermit, then a cruise is not for you. If you like to have a good time, meet others, kick back, roll with the flow--then you will love Carnival and most mass market cruise lines. If you want gourmet food, less people, intimate settings, ultimate pampering, then charter a yacht !! Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We book a family cruise for my parents 55th wedding anniversary, mom's 80th birthday and dad's 75th birthday. It had been the first family vacation we had all taken together in nearly 35 years. We were all very excited about it ... Read More
We book a family cruise for my parents 55th wedding anniversary, mom's 80th birthday and dad's 75th birthday. It had been the first family vacation we had all taken together in nearly 35 years. We were all very excited about it especially since a few of us had been on the Carnival Legend in 2007 and fell in love with the ships and the service. Wow, were we surprised. The service was terrible. I don't think they could have gotten an order right in the dining room or on the room service tray if their life depended on it. And we ordered the same breakfast every morning! The food was disappointing. While it was good, it wasn't outstanding like we found on the previous cruise and the selections became routine. It got to the point where you ran out of new things to order. And I have to say our wait staff was the worst. Not only could they not get an order right we would wait forever to get something they forgot to bring out with the meal. By the time they did bring it you either ate without it or the food was cold. And the wait staff made no attempt to get to know our names. The maitre d' appeared once and that was the last night. On the Legend we were called by name nightly and the maitre d' sat us every night. Here getting to your table was like a cattle call. They opened the doors and everyone ran to their seat. And the little song and dance thing we enjoyed each night at dinner before was lackluster at best and no one seemed to want to do it. Disappointing! The cabin steward did the same towel animal every night and maybe that seems trivial but we enjoyed seeing those each night. The cabin was clean but they certainly didn't go the extra mile. No one seemed to have any information about anything. We had more miscommunication than anything and I found the majority of the crew quiet rude and unprofessional when we did ask questions. The shows left a lot to be desired. Weren't that mean, at odd times after being out and about all day, and just not great talent. We did attend the comedy shows and the magic stuff and while they were ok, they weren't great and if you saw more than one show with the same person you saw the exact same act. They changed nothing. The Lido deck food was average and it was always way to crowd to get around. You had to wait forever to get a drink. They took orders fast but they never came back fast. One of my favorite things is taking the pictures when you come into port so you have a memory and a good photo. On the Glory, the pictures were snapped as you walked down the gangplank and in Puerto Rico that meant having the terminal rafters in the background. What happened to the great scenic views we had in the past? Not a great memory. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
This was our first cruise, my wife and I, and it was fantastic. The Glory is a very beautiful ship that offers everything you can imagine. You can do pretty much as much or as little as you desire. We had a balcony room and I could never ... Read More
This was our first cruise, my wife and I, and it was fantastic. The Glory is a very beautiful ship that offers everything you can imagine. You can do pretty much as much or as little as you desire. We had a balcony room and I could never imagine cruising in any other cabin. They are definitely worth the additional charge. VERY relaxing and beautiful. One good piece of advice I read on another review that I took advantage of was to bring a bungy cord in order to hold the balcony door open. Great for listening to the ocean while in bed. I have read some negative comments and I also heard some negative comments while on board by a few people. The way my wife and I chose to look at it is hey, you can find a negative in anything you do but why do that. There is more very good food than any person could ever desire. There is plenty of entertainment options that you could find enjoyable and the alcoholic drinks are good and reasonable. If you desire quiet time alone with one another there is no problem finding plenty of beautiful places on board to enjoy. If you desire to party hardy, dance the night away, and have a grand ole time, no problem here either. Great fun for sure..... We chose to do the party thing and the quiet thing and LOVED it..... Yes, there are a lot of people on board but once you're on the ship, you never feel crowded. The embarkation and debarkation is a bit crowded but that's understandable. If you have ever traveled internationally and have experienced a large influx of people at the US immigration lines you can understand why it takes time to process 3,000 people when you arrive back to the US. In our opinion Carnival did a very good job managing this process to help keep the passengers as comfortable as possible while waiting to exit the ship. It took us approximately 3 hours to wait to be cleared on the last day but we comfortably waited at the casino bar. Just be patient and enjoy yourself. That's why you chose to vacation in the first place so have plenty of fun and relax. Believe me, you won't be sorry you took this trip. FANTASTIC!!!! Read Less
Sail Date September 2005
My Husband and I enjoyed our honeymoon aboard the Carnival Glory starting May 1st, and cruised back-to-back for the May 8th sailing as well. We had originally planned a Hawaiian Honeymoon Cruise aboard NCL's Norwegian Star, after ... Read More
My Husband and I enjoyed our honeymoon aboard the Carnival Glory starting May 1st, and cruised back-to-back for the May 8th sailing as well. We had originally planned a Hawaiian Honeymoon Cruise aboard NCL's Norwegian Star, after being disappointed when our cruise was cancelled just a few weeks prior due to a ship malfunction we returned to CCL, for what would be my 4th and 5th cruises with the line. Having Cruised in on the Victory in November 2000 and 2 weeks on Destiny (in September 2001, having to extend our trip due to 9/11 difficulties), I was confident of the quality and caliber of cruise vacation I could expect onboard the Glory. Our travel agent arranged our airfare from Toronto through the Carnival booking agents, this made for fewer worries related to scheduling and delays. Though neither my husband nor myself are a confident air passenger, we had no problems and arrived at Orlando airport, found our luggage and located the Carnival Shuttle service agents. We did have to wait at least 40 minutes before boarding the shuttle, but once aboard the ride to the ship was a fairly pleasant hour or so. Embarkation: At Port Canaveral we quickly learned that the time we took to carefully fill out the on-line 'Fun Pass' boarding passes was basically wasted, we had to hand fill out all the same paperwork with the Carnival Embarkation Staff, perhaps because we are Canadians. In any case they were very pleasant and efficient, and we boarded approx. 20 minutes before Life-Boat Drill. We were able to find our room fairly easily, and met our first week room steward Mara (Unfortunately we were not able to maintain the same state room back-to-back). Our Cabin was an Oceanview Stateroom, Main Deck Forward. For the Week of May 8th, we had another Oceanview Stateroom, Main Deck Aft. Both rooms were well maintained, but that is to be expected when cruising on the fleet's newer ships, something I would recommend highly. Dining: Meals in the Platinum Upper Dinning Room (late seating) were excellent, the food quality and wide range of selections make for an enjoyable gastronomic experience. The Team waiters as always are superb, and really make you feel welcome every time you join them for dinner. My only complaint was that we were assigned a table for 4, and were told that another couple was scheduled to join us, but they never did. This makes for an awkward amount of seat shuffling, as my husband would sit beside me in the booth each night, and after waiting half an hour slide over across from me so that we could dine face to face. I would advise people who do not intend on eating in the main dining rooms to request to dine alone, out of courtesy to other passengers and/or call the Dinning Room Maitre D' early in the cruise to let them know you will be forgoing your assigned table for the week. Luckily during the second week of our cruise we were seated with a really fun couple that were married in Cozumel during the cruise, we became good friends and we hope to keep in touch in the future. We also enjoyed many a meal in the 'Red Sail' Cafeteria, Fish and Chips, Late Night Pizza, and Burgers and Fries from the Grille were favorites. We ordered room service for a few breakfasts, but found it faster and easier to line up at the 'trough' or visit the dining room a few times. A little tip, If you order room service, order extra brownies, we saved ours and made brownie sundaes at the 24 hour soft serve ice cream machines, we topped them with m&m's brought from home. Yummy! Dining in the Emerald Dining Room (Reservations Only Supper Club) was also a treat not to be missed, and well worth the 25 dollar cover fee, though they claim to book up almost instantly for the length of the cruise by the first night, we had no difficulty making an early reservation on the 2nd formal night, especially when we told them it was our honeymoon. I am not sure how the lines got crossed, but at the end of the evening they presented us with a cake celebrating our 'Happy Anniversary', we laughed it off and told them it was our first anniversary (first month!) he he. But further to my claim that you can dress me up but can't take me anywhere, when we got up to leave I promptly dropped the cake on the lovely Emerald Carpet (I swear we hit a really big wave!), the staff scrambled to clean up my big mess, and even gave us another cake, which my husband carried back to our cabin. PS. The cake was awesome and well worth it! Ports-of-Call: I have very little to say about the various Ports-of-Call, though I can offer a unique perspective because we sailed both the Eastern and the Western Itineraries. I would say that if you love to shop go for Eastern, If you like adventure try the Western... both offer a variety of great beaches for those inclined to frolic in the surf. Nassau, Bahamas - My second visit to this port, I am not very fond of it, Paradise beach is a nice one, and getting a cab is very easy, this time round we opted to wander around the port and save our excursion money for more exciting ports. PS. Ladies with long hair, unless you want those braids for formal night... wear a ponytail tucked up under your sun hat. The braid ladies are relentless, though they usually subside after a few firm 'no thank-you's'. St. Thomas, USVI - My fourth visit, we were lucky enough to be directed by a crewmember to a private beach attached to a resort, we spent a few hours there and then went downtown for shopping, and to walk up to the Historical St. Thomas Synagogue, I have visited before and it is always worth the uphill climb. Talk to your cab driver about beaches that are a bit off the beaten path, or ask crewmembers on board (i.e. your waiters) they usually have some inside info. St. Maarten - My first visit, we opted not to take an organized tour here either, though friends highly recommend Orient Beach, the port side shopping area was excellent and many bargains could be found. We also managed to bump into some acquaintances from Toronto who were aboard a RCCL ship. Small World. Costa Maya - We mostly shopped around the Port area, once again. I found the salespeople a little on the pushy side, but mostly very pleasant. They have quite a plaza set up, with live costumed dancers, wading pools, restaurants and bazaars. One tip, avoid the temptation to buy things at the first store you go into, there are dozens of silver goods stores and places to buy Mexican handicrafts. Make the rounds before committing. Belize - We didn't even get off the ship here, firstly you have to tender in to port and secondly, if you fail to book a tour we don't advise going ashore. It is a very poor port and several people on our ship were followed about by groups of 'shady' locals. We did hear very good things about the Rainforest hike/Cave tubing excursion though. Cozumel - We took the 'Passion Island' excursion, the Beach was very nice and well maintained, the Mexican buffet was tasty and the limitless Coronas were fun, but I soon longed for Carnival fare again, also, our ferry was delayed and we only had a few minutes to shop in Cozumel afterward, but we managed to find some great stuff in the Port Area. Yucatan - We opted for the Chichen-Itza Tour and the long bus ride that was to go along with it, but it was worth it, the Ruins are mesmerizing but the visit is cut short because of the long bus ride back to the port. We barely had a moment to buy a souvenir before re-boarding. Another tip, the tour makes a 'pee pee' stop at a souvenir stand, we found the same $20 t-shirts at the pier for $5 before re-boarding. Ship Board Entertainment: Overall the entertainment is high quality, we found the comedians hilarious and the Cruise Director to be very good. His Jokes however did appear far less spontaneous during the second week, amazing that he got the same exact stupid question about a woman being 'trapped' in her stateroom 2 weeks in a row. Art Auctions: Having never purchased Art at sea before, we decided to take our time and scope out auctions the first week before buying the second week. This worked out well and we bought 3 small framed pieces by Jewish artists, we were given a bottle of Champagne to celebrate our honeymoon and 'won' another three unframed items during the rest of the week. I have long been a art fan, and student of art history, I found the auctions relaxing and educational, but buyer beware, do not be tempted to purchase items outside your budget simply because they appear to be investment opportunities. Only buy what you love and you cannot go wrong. PS. Park West is no longer responsible for Actions aboard CCL, they now have an in-house Fine Art program run by some talented auctioneers. Hats off to hard working Eddy, Cindy and Jeff and the rest of the auction staff. All other areas of our cruise were thoroughly enjoyable, the dedicated crew and staff mad our trip very memorable. Don't miss Renaldo's Latin Dance Class and get involved in the Carnival Color Wars... Bring a Red, a Blue and a White t-shirt so you can dress up and support your team. As I mentioned we were cruising back-to-back, the transition went fairly smoothly from week to week, we did have to get off the ship and go through customs, but later we found our purser had moved all our repacked luggage to our new room, we also received a fruit basket from the groups Coordinator and were invited to a VIP cocktail party, very fancy. Only one negative, as repeat cruisers we were supposed to receive invitations to the 'Repeat Cruiser' cocktail parties both weeks, but never did. After pointing out the oversight we were happily compensated with drink coupons and vouchers for photos from the photo gallery. So in the end no harm done, and we are looking forward to a future CCL cruise. Read Less
Sail Date May 2004
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Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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