5 Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Reviews for Spring Break Cruises to Caribbean - Western from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Chose this cruise based on dates (need specific dates when traveling with teachers and kids), ship, and cost. We also looked at Allure and Rhapsody. Rhapsody was too small and not enough for the kids and Allure was more expensive. We ... Read More
Chose this cruise based on dates (need specific dates when traveling with teachers and kids), ship, and cost. We also looked at Allure and Rhapsody. Rhapsody was too small and not enough for the kids and Allure was more expensive. We traveled with three families total (6 adults and 6 kids, ages 7,8,9,9,10,12). We all had interior rooms on deck 8 (8445, mine, 8457, and 8469). Rooms we as to be expected, small yet manageable. I was actually pleasantly surprised how easily 4 fit in one small room. Before we got on the ship we stayed in an Airbnb in Weston, FL. It was nice to be away from the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami crowd. We went to Everglades Holiday Park and enjoyed seeing gators in their natural habitat and the kids each got to hold a baby gator. Embarkation was as expected. Lot of traffic getting to the Port. Once in, the lines weren't too bad. Dining in the Main Dinning Room was great. We signed up for My Time Dinning and made reservations for the whole week. This ensured that we had the same wait staff, but weren't restricted to eating at 5:30 or 8:00. Our nightly reservation was at 6:00, except on one night, which was 8:00 since the ship didn't leave port until 7. We had two in our party with allergies (gluten and dairy). Our wait staff did an excellent job of making sure we were able to order what we wanted and have it prepared to suite our dietary needs, even if the menu did not indicate it to be gluten or dairy free. The wait staff also did a great job with the kids. They gave them different logic puzzle to figure out each night. It kept the kids entertained quiet. Dinning in the Windjammer was a little less than I expected. Our last cruise, in 2017, had a whole section of gluten free options (sandwiches, cookies, desserts, pastas, etc) but Adventure only had 1-2 breads and 1-2 desserts. I was told I could ask anyone wearing a white shirt to get special orders of GF, but because my allergy is not severe I just picked things I knew to be GF and didn't bother with asking. Kids club was hit and miss. The two youngest loved kids club and asked to go back repeatedly. The middle three did not care for it, saying the activates were too "baby" and they didn't have the option to sit out. They only went twice. The oldest was in a group by herself, but was able to go to the middle age club, when they went. For the most part the activities and entertainment were excellent. There was not a Broadway show, as there is on other RC ships, but the shows were good nonetheless. The Fire and Ice show was great! I am always amazed all they are able to do on such small sheet of ice. My biggest complaint of the cruise was the "Sexiest Man Competition" held at the main pool in the middle of the day. This was completely inappropriate to have in front of children. The men were conducting lap dances to receive the title of sexiest man. Even when I had my kids stop watching and go back to swimming the competition was broadcast on the big movie screen for all to see. RC really should have put a stop to the crude behavior, but instead they were encouraging it. Read Less
Sail Date April 2019
We just returned from a Caribbean Cruise on Saturday, March 30. The staff was wonderful - attentive, kind, welcoming...all you could hope for. As usual when this many people are being served, the food is fair. They do the best they can ... Read More
We just returned from a Caribbean Cruise on Saturday, March 30. The staff was wonderful - attentive, kind, welcoming...all you could hope for. As usual when this many people are being served, the food is fair. They do the best they can given the limitations and the massive number of people they are serving. It seems healthier options are gradually moving in. Our balcony room was lovely and had enough room for our needs. We had a junior suite and were surprised to find a walk in closet! Prior to booking this trip we had done as much checking as possible - online cruise forums, speaking with folks at RCI, etc - to be sure that the children's program on board accommodates children with special needs. We narrowed our decision down to a Royal Caribbean Cruise vs a Disney Cruise. In the end, it seemed the quality was comparable but the Royal Caribbean won since it was less expensive and we had cruised on their ships twice before (without kids) and were happy overall. We now regret the decision. We had been assured by Royal Caribbean agents that the childcare staff is all trained for dealing with children with special needs and there is even a program for autistic kids, though it was vague. As the cruise date came closer I tried harder to get specific information about what accommodations are made for children with special needs, including what the ratio is and could not get a clear answer but kept getting assured that the kids would be well cared for. Both of our kids have special needs, but our 6 year old son in particular is impulsive and hyperactive. He has to be well supervised. Our group was counting on having at least one hour per day of a break from him. Here is what happened: 1) my travel agent was told by someone at RCI the day before departure that upon arrival we needed to check in with guest services to get us set up as a special needs family. 2) upon arrival, we went straight to the guest services desk, waiting in line for about 20 minutes with a very hyperactive, impulsive and agitated child (!!) only to be told that guest services doesn't handle that at all. I insisted, but then an assistant manager who said he'd been managing that desk for about 15 years told me that absolutely the guest services folks have nothing at all to do with special needs accommodations. Then he said that someone would come to our room to do a private drill so that the crowds wouldn't be too upsetting for our son. That was nice, but not super helpful since we then had to sit in a lounge with NOTHING TO DO while the rest of the passengers were undergoing the drill and our son was spinning out of control from boredom. It was a very stressful way to begin our trip. 3) we headed straight up to Adventure Ocean where we met very nice people, shared our specific issues/concerns about our son. They said there would be no problem handling him but would give us a phone to contact us in case there was a problem. They then informed us that their ratio was a surprising 1:25! My adult kids who didn't have any sensory or behavioral issues would have come undone in that chaotic of an environment. I said that our son in particular needs a lot of supervision and we had been told that they can handle special needs and...what about autistic kids? Surely they can't have autistic kids in that kind of environment. They assured us that they have planned activities and all would be well. 4) the next day (2nd day of our cruise) we took the kids into Adventure Ocean but had to WALK THROUGH A VERY LOUD AND OVERSTIMULATING ARCADE to get in there. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE thing to do to any family, but most of all special needs kids - the sensory overload was not a good way to enter the children’s program. We arrived to a scene that was so chaotic and disorderly that it looked frightening frankly. While standing there trying to assure my kids that they would in fact have fun, two children bumped into each other and neither adult in charge witnessed it because there were nearly 50 kids in the tiny space with only 2 adults - one of them frantically trying to check people in and out and the other ONE PERSON (!!) was trying to manage all of the children in the two sections of the space. It was really a crazy scene. I pushed through, thinking I'm overly sensitive and all of these other parents have left their kids so it must be okay. The child whose head got bumped was crying so hard he was hyperventilating but no one could take the time to comfort him. He looked about 8 or 9 years old. The child who bumped into him was clearly ashamed, feeling like he'd done something wrong and was in a corner in a sort of fetal position looking so disturbed and vulnerable. But again, no one could possibly take the time to comfort him and handle the situation. I stood there for a while and in the end both boys were just encouraged to get back in the ball game but neither looked at all comfortable or happy about playing anything. The boy who was crying was asking to see his parents. I don't know if the caregivers even heard him. 5) I stupidly left both of my kids in there for about 45 minutes and when we picked them up the place was still so chaotic we never went back. 6) we NEEDED this cruise to play but also to relax a bit. We didn't relax at all except for the one hour we had massages booked and our older daughters took care of the kids. We were counting on getting some relief from the kids and them having some fun organized activities, but that did not happen. 7) I complained to the Adventure Ocean manager by phone on the 3rd day, hoping that there was possibly some other program for kids who are sensitive, but nope. The only thing she said was that we could be let in the back door so the overstimulating arcade could be avoided. And she said that on port days the children's program has fewer kids. We took our kids out to enjoy islands on port days! So that's not helpful. We ended up having a very stressful experience on board. I am writing to let others know that at least on this ship, they don't have any sort of accommodations for special needs kids. And secondly, to have an adult to child ratio of 1:25 doesn’t even adequately meet the needs of typical children, in my opinion and from what I observed with my own eyes that day. My kids refused to go back there to try another day and they are kids who usually are game for any kind of adventure and fun. If I had even been told that the ratio was 1:25 we would have gone ahead and paid the extra to go on a Disney Cruise for fewer days. It is dangerous even to have ratios that high. After writing a letter to RCI, I received a phone call from someone who said they read my letter, thanked me for my feedback and suggestions, and have a nice day. Disappointing response for sure. At the very least, they need to have it posted where parents are able to see on their website when shopping for a cruise, that their ratio is 1:25. That information should not be impossible to learn until boarding the ship. Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
We chose this cruise due to date "spring break" and location. It was my son, 13yo and me traveling alone. We wanted something close to home and a chose a cruise since we wanted to stick to a pre-set budget so we pre-paid all ... Read More
We chose this cruise due to date "spring break" and location. It was my son, 13yo and me traveling alone. We wanted something close to home and a chose a cruise since we wanted to stick to a pre-set budget so we pre-paid all our gratuities, excursions etc. We had a few ship sailing options from Miami and Ft Lauderdale in the end we chose this ship because the itinerary was more interesting for my son and it was right on budget. We had no issues with arrival/departure or baggage delivery as we were local and had carry-on bags. We checked-in later in the day somewhere around 3pm so our cabin was also ready upon arrival. DINING- After unpacking and ensuring everything was ok in the cabin we headed out to the PROMENADE CAFE where we had an afternoon snack daily. They had a nice variety of food choices daily. The wait times here varied based on time of day, but was fast moving and fortunately we never had an issue finding seats (time of day we went, I guess). The only critical feedback is that the bussing was slow and there was no area for one to self bus thus giving an unkempt look and presenting issues with seating. COFEE BAR - Adjacent to Promenade Cafe - wait times can vary, busier during morning hours. Service was good and coffee was good. I recommend buying the Coffee Pass which allows you up to 15 premium selections throughout the sailings (note; Fraps count as 1). MAIN DINING ROOM - This is my pet peeve. We booked this cruise in advance, as I stated just my son and I traveling, we confirmed MAIN Dining 8pm and Table of 6 - we wanted to meet and socialize with other cruisers. First evening on our way to dining room we come to find out that we now have MY TIME DINING When did this change? Why weren't we told? Everything, all of my documents, which I had with me, even at time of online check-in when I verified dining again we showed dining noted as Main Dining 8pm Table of 6. So here we are 1st night, having to make a tedious long line for dinner, we are finally seated near 9pm and in a Table for 2 - this is all they can give us they said. The waiter Brian, not great, mediocre. The assistant waiter, Charmaine, was graciously charming and all smiles, happy to serve, she made up for what Brian lacked. After our first nights dinner we spoke to the Maitre'D to discuss our dining mishap, he was not able or willing to honor my confirmed dining preferences, all he could do was book us reservations for 8:15pm the remaining of the week for the same TABLE OF 2. Next day, I went to guest services to see about getting this changed, and again they said there was nothing they could do. So please be ware, and when you check-in at the Pier immediately review your SEA PASS for dining accuracy, unfortunately, I failed to do that, lesson learned! To make matters worse, Charmaine, unfortunately, was sick most of the week so we were left with back-up assistant waiters and the boring Brian who it seemed was always rushing about, we were fortunate to get her back on our last night. We made the best of dining, and friended our neighboring tables of 2, together we had an informal table of 6, ha! It is however funny and sad, that each evenings conversation included a discussion of the "service" mood for the evening. The first parties would warn the others of what to expect. All of us also felt rushed at dining. As the evenings went on, I connected the dots and associated this "rushed" sensation to the MY TIME DINING, of course it makes sense, you have tables coming in (of all sizes) at all times, the wait staff is going crazy and unfortunately not able to give their full attention equally to all, or is it that the quiet, bashful table of 2's get lost amongst the bigger and louder parties? That said, I don't recommend My Time Dining to anyone, instead, on the nights you need flexibility visit the WINDJAMMER CAFE, here we found the service and the food options EXCEPTIONAL, even at peak morning hours. Oh before I forget, food quality in the Main Dining room was as expected it was good with great variety from night-to-night. SHIP - Overall it was fine. Few things I would like to mention. The running deck is on the main pool deck, if you are a runner you need to come out here early when not crowded or go and use deck 4. Seriously why do cruise lines always do that? Place the running deck on the most crowded deck and often times windier deck too. The gym was very good. I used it daily. The equipment was in good condition and gym goers wiped after themselves and re-racked weights. I didn't partake in classes, but I did use the treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, free weights and some machines. I didn't visit the casino or bars or shops, so cannot speak to them. Pool/Towels - In my opinion they should have more than 1 towel station, it is located on the main pool deck in a very crowded area. If you are lounging in the upper decks you need to go down 2-decks to get/return towel. Another station, even if only part of day, would I think benefit cruisers. ACTIVITIES- FREE Recreation on board was fun, there was putt-putt, ping-pong, sports deck, rock climbing & slides. With regards to the sports deck and ping-pong, there are lots of hoarders that will take the ball and keep it for a very long time, we only got to use the basketball 10-minutes before the teenagers ran us off the court to play a double court game. For ping pong we often had to wait 30+ minutes to get a table as the unsupervised kids would just keep playing and other kids would keep joining. I think that RCCL can do much better, maybe require guests to check-out the SPORTS equipment and provide a sign-up sheet this way EVERYONE has a chance. I can tell you when my family had the ping-pong table we would play one-game and then share with any other family waiting. We would play one game, they would play one game, then winners would play each other. I didn't see enough of that, very disappointing. The slides were fun, I would go later in the day when the wait time had dropped off. We did not partake in rock climbing, when I remembered it was there, it was too late they were closing up and it was last day of sailing. We did not partake in surfing as that involved an additional fee and well we live in Florida and travel to Southern California yearly. TEEN PROGRAM - I was looking forward to this, but was disappointed. My son is shy, he is an only child, quick to make friends with Adults but with other kids he needs a little more time, so the couple of times I did get him to the Optix lounge there was no one there. It seems that most of the teen activities are un-supervised, there was a calendar of events but not too much explanation of what the events were, so when we went around to inquire no one could help us. The other teens seemed to be traveling with large families and groups so they had the advantage, I really recommend that cruise lines maybe offer SINGLE FAMILIES or FAMILIES in general a couple of social meet/greet nights, they do this for target markets which included the older teens 18-21, Adult Single Cruises, LGBTG and others. TRIVIAS and misc activities were fun but some hosts were better than others. Seriously if you have a Harry Potter Trivia make sure the person running the show has seen the movies and knows how to pronounce the questions. CABIN- We booked the lowest inside cabin available at the time and I was very happy with our cabin and our service. We were assigned a cabin on deck 6 overlooking the promenade. Our cabin attendant was friendly and brought us ice daily. We unfortunately only received a cabin towel animal on the last night :-( EXCURSIONS- We pre-booked our excursions, they were as to be expected. The tour providers were all great and kept to schedule. The only feedback here was the towel service. You have to get your towel before leaving and it wasn't clearly communicated how/where. Additionally it was different every day, wouldn't it be simplest to have teams dispatching towels in the same place every day? The last stop was the best organized where they handed out the towels right on the pier after getting off the ship. ON BOARD COMMUNICATION AND APP- I downloaded the app, have used similar on other cruise lines, I thought this would enable me to communicate with my son during the cruise, it does not!!! There was no way for him to download it too unless he had an e-mail account and additionally there wasn't a feature to communicate with your cabin mates and/or other friends on board. People, you don't have WIFI on board, how else can you communicate with your family and children? Yes you can purchase wifi- but why, we wanted to, and needed to disconnect. I saw other families using walkie-talkie type of devices, wish I would have known, now you know. Also the app didn't show any of the TEEN or KID CLUB options, so again, very hard to know what was going on in those areas. The app also defaulted to "recommended" every time I had to go and select to "see all" you can also filter by type of activity (e.g. Dining, Entertainment). ENTERTAINMENT - mediocre. Not impressed, the only hi-light was a comedian on board and a comedian/musician. Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
We recently returned from a cruise to the Western Caribbean with Royal Caribbean on Adventures of the Seas. We traveled with my daughter, son-in-law and 4 grandchildren ages 15, 12,10 and 8. The whole experience was fantastic. We first ... Read More
We recently returned from a cruise to the Western Caribbean with Royal Caribbean on Adventures of the Seas. We traveled with my daughter, son-in-law and 4 grandchildren ages 15, 12,10 and 8. The whole experience was fantastic. We first spent two days in Fort Lauderdale at the beach and took an airboat ride through the Everglades. We stayed at the Ocean Mile Motel which was an older place but very nice and within walking distance to the beach. The owner of the Motel was an awesome young man that made sure our ever need was met. We had rented a car at the airport and turned it in near Port Everglades which provided a shuttle to the cruise port. Once there we were able to board and I was surprised at how smoothly boarding the ship went. Shortly after being on the ship we were able to go to our stateroom which was very nice sized as we had two of our grandchildren in our room. The food on the ship was superb. Our waiter in the main dining was Roberto and he did above and beyond to serve us and meet our needs. Our first port was Falmouth, Jamaica where we did the Dunn's River excursion. I highly recommend this as it was beautiful and so much fun. The next day was Grand Cayman where we did a Dolphin swim and a trip to Stingray City both were so memorable for all of us and l will never forget the look on my grandkids faces as they petted stingrays. Costa Maya was next and we took a van to a beach area and had drinks at the Krazy Lobster 2.00 beer and 5.00 margarita's nice beach area with lounge chairs, and shopping near by last port was Cozumel and we used the Cozumel Activities just outside the port area who took us to a resort beach area where we could snorkel and swim for 25.00 a person which included the snorkel gear. Our driver was awesome and made sure we got back to the ship in plenty of time. The entertainment on our ship was fantastic; two different comedians, a Spainish gaucho who had a very funny, entertaining act, an ice show in the ice rink, great music and dancing by the cruise ship entertainers. My grandkids never lacked for things to do and they didn't even spend anytime in the kids programs which were plentiful. All in all would highly recommend it. Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
Everything was seamless- the boat was easy to navigate, crew went above an beyond to ensure a great experience. Our inside stateroom was perfect for the two of us... many storage compartments and beds and pillows were super comfortable. ... Read More
Everything was seamless- the boat was easy to navigate, crew went above an beyond to ensure a great experience. Our inside stateroom was perfect for the two of us... many storage compartments and beds and pillows were super comfortable. Many activities for teens. Entertainment was either very good or disappointing but the parties and outdoor movies were great. Food was delicious in both dining rooms. Valentines was celebrated with a fantastic chocolate buffet. I truly appreciated how the staff encourages people to wash hands. Issues: the app isn’t reliable , announcements can’t be heard in the cabin, smoking areas are not located in great areas..... casino stinks of smoke and the smoking area on deck 11 is too close to the doors and towel station... several of the staff at the customers service desk were not fluent in English which led to mistakes and misunderstandings. Our stateroom assistant was outstanding.... he couldn’t do more for us. Read Less
Sail Date February 2019
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Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.0

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