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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size) and private bathroom. (152 sq. ft.)

Interior Stateroom (N)
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Interior Stateroom Cabin Reviews
Jul 2017
July 2017 Mediterranean Cruise By: Commodore Art
Our cabin was slightly aft of mid-ship and was configured with the most comfortable King size bed I've ever slept on. Even with the large bed the cabin had plenty of room. We selected the early seating dining to allow time to view the shows and other evening activities.
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Cabin 6525
Jun 2017
Cabin was at the front and on the 6th floor is probably the middle of the ship. It was just what we had expected, clean and cosy. If you don't think you will spend a lot of time in your room then its the best fit. With no window in this cabin it can be very dark at night with the lights out but there was a night light if you don't like it too dark but I loved it. Best nights sleep I've had on a holiday ever. The kingsize bed and pillows helped, we really liked it.
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Cabin 7469
May 2017
Perfect location
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Cabin 6363
Apr 2017
Loved it! By: myyear16
This cabin was fine for the 2 of us. We are used to camping and this cabin was no different than staying in our trailer without the kitchen. We were able to unpack all of our clothes in the closet and the vanity. There was a small cabinet in the bathroom and a shelf under the sink that held all of our toiletries and medications. There is a loveseat size sofa in the room.
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Cabin 9219
Feb 2017
Average, but Slipping By: Colatech
Good and great steward!
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Cabin 6457
Dec 2016
Interior cabin...tiny, dark and quiet. Not much else to say. Two big guys fill it up fast. It was exactly what we expected and just what we needed.
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Cabin 6467
Aug 2016
Our cabin itself was great. We have stayed in "Q" category rooms and prefer the "Q", but that was not available for us this time. No big deal, except that we were closer to the Center Atrium that we realized and we could hear all the party noise from the Main Dining Room and the Promenade. We are moderately early to bed and would have appreciated a room down the hall away from elevators and party areas. Our Stateroom Steward, Sean, was fantastic. We did recognize him with a "WOW experience" envelope and gift. He always had something to say to us in the hallway, knew our first names and asked us "how our day was?" "did you enjoy the port today?" "How was dinner?" "you look spectacular!"
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May 2016
The cabin had dated furniture, but we were expecting that for this price point. The room had ample space & storage for two people; it never felt claustrophobic, despite being an interior room. Everything was clean & well-maintained, thank to our amazing room attendant Ronnie (the only crew member we remember fondly). Since RCI has a deal with Dreamworks, you occasionally get to see their animated films on your tv, though expect to see mostly Shrek Forever After & other thrilling sequels. Good thing the room was nice, because we spent a lot of time in it on sea days due to boredom & never being able to find an open lounger. I would say overall it's a standard stateroom that gets the job done, but is nothing special.
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Cabin 6219
Feb 2015
The room was small but served its purpose as a place to sleep.
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Cabin 7473/7471
Jan 2015
Needs updating badly! The bed skirts are NEVER taken off and washed which is hideous. And there's a small bed sham on top comforter at bottom of bed that should never be there. Those should be removed from all rooms ASAP! They are just as bad as bed skirts. Room attendants basically make beds, empty trash, and give towels during your stay. Nothing is vacuumed, no mirrors cleaned, or sheets changed til you depart again. Very disturbing.
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Cabin 7471 & 7469
Dec 2014
Rooms were fine, clean. Glad there's a shower door instead of a curtain.
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Cabin 7123
Nov 2014
My room was as expected. It was an interior Stateroom, so I didn't have that much expectations. It was small, but livable. There was a couch and TV. Sometimes the interactive menu on the TV didn't work.I was in the front part of the ship (bow). I felt a little rocking, but at least there wasn't any vibration from the engine. My stateroom was relativity quiet. away from the Promenade, so I didn't hear that much news.
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Cabin 2369
Aug 2013
2369 Quiet location, little movement
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Cabin 7355
May 2013
Boy, our cabin was small! The closet was a good size, but there was hardly any drawer space. Especially for two girls who brought quite a few clothes. The shower was hilarious, until you had to use it. It was a challenge. But, we didn't spend a lot of time in there, so it was ok.
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Cabin 6665
Jan 2012
6665 is a typical interior stateroom. Bed was a dream, pillows were great. Lots of little nooks and crannies to store your stuff. Shower required an acrobatic feat to try to shave your legs in....The bed had a curtained area so that you could keep the bed area dark when your spouse woke early....Very nice touch, as my husband has a strange fascination with the sunrise.
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Cabin 7665
Jan 2012
Freedom of The Seas - Wow! By: Bubblesqueaker
Cabin was fantastic. Ok it was small but perfect for getting a good nights sleep. On an odd occasion you would hear a child running down the corridor but on the whole we had a brilliant experience with no complaints.
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Cabin 9609
Sep 2011
9609 is a great interior cabin, midship but very close to the aft elevators. Only 2 floors to the ships main food and pool deck. Everything seemed nice and close by, no engine noise, no significant movement in the room either.
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May 2011
Our cabin was an inside cabin - midship - 9th deck - very quiet but the showers are really tiny, no view of course and the inside cabins are very dark once you turn off the lights, we overslept twice because there was no way you knew what time it was, we usually are early risers. But overall you get what you pay for and the beds and linens were great, hence the oversleeping.
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Sep 2010
Happy Cruisin By: sooby50
Although smallish we found it adequate for our needs.
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Cabin 6371
Feb 2010
Our inside cabin was small, but very clean and quiet. When I book a cruise I make sure not to be near any elevators, especially service elevators. We got a good price for the cruise and had a price reduction after final payment which went as a obc.
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Cabin 3605
Sep 2008
Convenient location and surprisingly quiet. Because it is an adjoining cabin there is not a loveseat, but a comfy chair instead. I'd do it again.
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