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Red Square, Moscow, Russia (Photo: MarinaDa/Shutterstock)

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Na Zdorovie. Raise a toast to the land of the Tsars as you sail down Russia's historic Volga or Svir rivers. Volga voyages typically sail between Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the Svir connects Europe's two largest lakes with a stop in St. Petersburg on the way. Tour landmarks like Moscow's Kremlin and Red Square and the Catherine Palace and Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

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Hanseatic Spirit
Hanseatic Spirit (Image: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises)

16 Night
Expedition Kamchatka And Kuril Islands - Archaic F...

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Hanseatic Spirit
Hanseatic Spirit (Image: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises)

20 Night
Expedition Kamchatka, The Kuril Islands And The Al...

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More about Russia River

What is the best time to cruise to Russia River?

Russia river cruise season is from May through October, with June, July and August being the busiest months.

Which cruise lines go to Russia River?

Most of the well-known river cruise lines including Viking, Uniworld, AmaWaterways, Grand Circle, Vantage and Scenic Tours offer Russia river cruises that navigate the Volga River.

What are some things to do in Russia River?

River cruises allow passengers to spend more time in St. Petersburg and Moscow compared to traditional ocean cruises -- river cruises typically dock in each city for at least two days, which allows for more time to sightsee and explore significant historic sites and architectural marvels. Additionally, passengers will have the opportunity to visit smaller cities within Russia's interior where they can shop, dine on authentic Russian dishes and see religiously significant sites.

Do you need a passport to take a cruise to Russia River?

Yes, passports and travel visas are required for Russia river cruises. For more: Russian River Cruise Tips.

What should I pack for a cruise to Russia River?

Comfortable shoes are a good idea, and if you plan to visit the theater you should pack at least some semi-formal attire. Additionally, if you have a hard time sleeping without total darkness, you should pack a sleep mask if you're visiting during the summer when Russia experiences "midnight sun" or near 24-hour sunlight.

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