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Cruises out of Ketchikan

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Common Ketchikan Cruise questions

What cruise lines depart from Ketchikan?

Popular amongst many cruise lines including Lindblad Expeditions.

What cruise trip options do I have from Ketchikan?

Most commonly, cruises from Ketchikan go to exciting destinations such as Alaska.

How many days are cruises from Ketchikan?

Ketchikan cruises often range from 6-9 nights providing cruisers with a variety of different entertainment and dining options.

Ketchikan Cruise Reviews

Amazing memories

My sister and I cruised the Inside Passage Sojourn from Sitka to Ketchikan Aug 27-Sep 4 2023. We each booked a room to ourselves using a single supplement waiver. All cabins have a window and view.Read More

American Queen Voyages Expedition Cruise on the Ocean Victory

In an attempt to appease us he said that King Crab Legs will be available since they received a shipment when we were docked in Ketchikan.Read More

Misleading advertising

I think it merits repeating that the crew was amazing and really did their best with the limits given, one time a zodiac driver even went out of her way to take us to a location where a bear had been seen on the shore earlier when we were supposed to be doing something else.Before I continue, I do want to point out that I understand that wildlife is going to do what it wants, there's never any guarantee of seeing it, and I get that's it's a possibility of going on an entire cruise and not seeing much of anything and that's no one's fault.Read More

Would make this a 6 star if possible

So you can see, we wanted more in the cruise than just open bar, good food, and fun stuff.One on excursion, I was injured and while the guide got out the first aid kit, the steward who was accompanying us helped me to stop the bleeding and made some very good suggestions that I followed (even though I was trained in wilderness first aid).Read More

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