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About Polar Latitudes Cruises

Polar Latitudes was founded in 2010 and specializes in upscale expedition cruising to Antarctica. The company's goal is to provide a robust and active Antarctic experience without sacrificing the comfort and ease people would enjoy at a fine boutique hotel.

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Polar Latitudes Cruises Tips, Activities, and Overview

Who goes on Polar Latitudes cruise ships?

Passengers are predominantly from the U.S., the U.K. and Australia, though a significant number of people come from Asia and South America. Ages range from as young as 12 (the minimum age to sail) to older than 80. Most people travel as couples or in multigenerational families, but you'll also find a handful of singles on most voyages.

Do I have to dress up on a Polar Latitudes cruise?

Only if you want to. Dress code is always casual and informal, but you are always free to spiff up a bit.

Is everything free on Polar Latitudes cruises?

Cruise prices include one or two pre-cruise hotel nights, shore excursions by Zodiac, 100 free minutes of Wi-Fi access and wine and beer during the evening meal. All passengers also get a free waterproof expedition jacket to take home with them.

Also complimentary is the line's Citizen Science program, which gives cruisers the opportunity to get involved in a number of real-world research projects during their time onboard.

You'll pay extra for a night of camping on the ice, kayaking, laundry, bar drinks, tips and items from the gift shop.

What are Polar Latitudes’s most popular activities?

This is Antarctica and the most popular activities are those that take passengers as close to the White Continent as they can get. That includes kayaking among icebergs, Zodiac excursions and the line's immensely popular overnight camping on the ice experience. Many of the itinerary's Citizen Science projects also tend to fill up.

Onboard talks by the knowledgeable expedition team, including experts on marine mammals, penguins and geography, always draw a crowd, and a photography coach is always on hand to assist interested passengers.

Why go with Polar Latitudes?

  • Chance to camp overnight in Antarctica
  • Kayaking between the icebergs
  • Upscale ships with country house ambiance

Best for: Cruisers wanting to explore Antarctica without giving up their creature comforts

Not for: Budget-minded folks, party-hardy types or families with small kids in tow

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