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Margaritaville at Sea Paradise docked in Freeport (Photo/Chris Gray Faust)

About Margaritaville at Sea Cruises

Margaritaville at Sea brings all the tropical fun and the late Jimmy Buffett vibes of the Margaritaville resorts to the ocean. The line currently operates two-day itineraries between Palm Beach and Freeport on Grand Bahama Island on its ship, Margaritaville at Sea Paradise. A second ship, Margaritaville at Sea Islander, debuts in summer 2024, sailing from Tampa to Key West and Mexico on four and five-day itineraries.

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Margaritaville at Sea Cruises Tips, Activities, and Overview

Who goes on Margaritaville at Sea cruise ships?

Passengers will be people who have cruised before and those who have not, with a lot of crossover with the Margaritaville resorts on land. Expect to see couples, groups of friends, international travelers, families with children and local people on weekend getaways.

Do I have to dress up on a Margaritaville at Sea cruise?

During the day the attire will be very casual, so don't be surprised to see a number of people wandering the ship in their swimsuits (although technically the dress code requires shirts and shoes). Most passengers dress up a bit in the evenings, with women often appearing in sundresses and men wearing long pants for dinner and entertainment.

Is everything free on Margaritaville at Sea cruises?

No. On Margaritaville at Sea, passengers pay for shore excursions, onboard gratuities, Wi-Fi, specialty dining, spa services, soft drinks and alcohol and some room service items. Included in the cruise fare is dining in the main dining room, the buffet and live entertainment.

What are Margaritaville at Sea’s most popular activities?

Whether just getting on the ship or coming back from the island, passengers hit the bars and lounges, the pools and spa, the salon and fitness area. This is fun cruising, and the tie-in with the late Jimmy Buffet means that there is an emphasis on live music, althought the entertainment goes far beyond Caribbean-style music. The casino has traditionally been popular on this ship. All venues have Buffett-themed names such as Landshark Sports Bar and the 5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar. Kids enjoy the various activities offered by the designated kids' clubs, available for cruisers ages 3 to 17.

Best for: People who love easy, breezy, tropical fun and a short Caribbean and Bahamas escape.

Not for: Anyone looking for a week-long cruise, or zip lines, skating rinks, and other add ons.

Margaritaville at Sea Cruises Cruiser Reviews

First time on Margarita

I enjoyed every minute of this cruise.Margaritaville really maximizes the time for you having the most out of your cruise.Read More
User Avatar

couple2-5 Cruises

Age 28s

Great food, entertainment and personnel

We recognized him from a previous cruise.We recognized each other from our Feb cruise and it was fun reconnecting with him.Read More
User Avatar
El Monahan

many10+ Cruises

Age 71s

Perfect Mini Vacation in Paradise

Each cruise was unique in its own way and all were equally amazing.This was my 3rd time on this ship in 6 months, and looks like I am going again really soon because I received a certificate for a FREE CRUISE!!Read More
User Avatar

few6-10 Cruises

Age 38s

Fun cruise!

We booked an excursion through the ship and that was a breeze to get to where we needed to go and they scooped us right up when it was time to go.They had karaoke in one area of the ship that was so fun to watch.Read More
User Avatar

oneFirst Time Cruiser

Age 34s

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