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Marella attracts a broad cross-section of the British working class along with people of all ages. Marella's fleet of five ships offers an onboard experience that sits somewhere between traditional and ultra-casual.

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Marella Cruises Tips, Activities, and Overview

Who goes on Marella Cruises cruise ships?

Marella's passengers are almost exclusively from the U.K., with everything onboard geared to British tastes, from food and drink to stand-up and pub quizzes. Most are over 50, but the age range comes down considerably in the school holidays when competitive pricing and convenient flights from local airports, as well as free kids' clubs, make Marella attractive to families. However, a handful of the line's ships are adults-only and draw an older crowd.

Do I have to dress up on a Marella Cruises cruise?

Not too much. The dress code is casual apart from one dress-to-impress night per seven-day cruise, which can be interpreted as you wish. Tuxedos and ball gowns are a rarity and, in fact, would seem out of place, but people do make an effort on these nights to dress it up.

Is everything free on Marella Cruises cruises?

Not quite. Marella's cruises are fairly inclusive with gratuities and basic drinks included. Meals in select venues are also included. Extra costs include an upgrade to premium wine and spirits, bottled water and specialty coffee, spa treatments, shore excursions and specialty dining.

What are Marella Cruises’s most popular activities?

Marella's ships are packed with activities, which is just how Marella cruisers want it. Among the more popular activities are poolside contests, lively evening entertainment and, on ships that have them, virtual reality games, escape rooms, climbing walls and mini-golf.

Why go with Marella Cruises?

  • Food and entertainment geared to British tastes, from Yorkshire Tea to Marmite
  • Big program of departures from the U.K. with opportunities to create cruise-and-stay packages
  • Excellent value and all-inclusive pricing

Best for: Younger Brits looking for a friendly, activity-packed cruise; families

Not for: Luxury cruisers and culture vultures

Marella Cruises Cruiser Reviews

Loved it

Food not as good as before, Notice the fork was dirty one night , glasses not very clean .Drinks all good ,Bar eleven has improved tremendously, cleaned pipes , glasses , tables etc .Read More
User Avatar

few6-10 Cruises

Age 61s

A mixed bag!

But it gave me time to reflect on WHY we cruise - it’s partly because it works on a practical level for us, but it’s also because cruising makes you FEEL special.It made no sense and in some cases drinks that were standard in one bar were considered premium in others.Read More
User Avatar

few6-10 Cruises

Age 39s

Birthday Cruise- you get what you pay for!

Overall we enjoyed the experience with great premium cocktails, some nice food and entertainment.The poor bar is awful with no nice seating areas or shade.Read More
User Avatar

few6-10 Cruises

Age 55s

Great experience

Positives are good quality food is lovely, the snack shack has some great sandwiches and burgers in the daytime, the glass house is my fave area and they do late night dinners (special shout out to Anistaysia who works there who was super lovely) but my other half who is pescetarian found that the menu was limited for non meat eaters and missing pizza which we have had on every other cruise line for late night snacks.I will be honest, I had low expectations of this cruise because I had researched and seen that most reviewers had said that there was fights that broke out and people getting aggressive due to being drunk cos of the all inclusive aspect but I have not experienced this whatsoever and for me the highlight has been the staff on this ship.Read More
User Avatar

few6-10 Cruises

Age 35s

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