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Majestic Line Cruises

11 Reviews
The Majestic Line

About Majestic Line Cruises

Founded by two friends in 2004, The Majestic Line operates four tiny ships from Oban, in Scotland, offering three-, six- and 10-night itineraries between and around the Hebrides, Argyll and to the remote island of St. Kilda.

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Majestic Line Cruises Tips, Activities, and Overview

Who goes on Majestic Line cruise ships?

Passengers vary from gregarious couples to groups of friends, families (who sometimes charter a whole ship; otherwise, children under 12 are not permitted) and singles (two cabins on every sailing are sold without a single supplement). Most are from the U.K., including Scots keen to discover more of their own country, although occasional North Americans and Australasians also make up the passenger mix. The age range varies, but the relatively high prices of the cruises and the unstructured nature of each voyage tends to attract an older clientele.

Do I have to dress up on a Majestic Line cruise?

Absolutely not. The dress code is extremely casual. Warm clothing, good walking boots and waterproofs are more important than a dress for the evening. Nobody bothers to dress for dinner beyond changing out of the day's walking clothes.

Is everything free on Majestic Line cruises?

Not quite. House wine is poured generously with lunch and dinner, while other alcoholic treats are presented from time to time, not least a generous slug of whisky to have with your porridge (oatmeal) at breakfast. Bar drinks cost extra, as do crew gratuities.

What are Majestic Line’s most popular activities?

There is no organized entertainment, so passengers make their own -- doing crosswords together, chatting and reading. During the day, you're dropped ashore by tender to explore independently or hike, with all walks self-guided. Other popular activities might include visiting a local castle or finding a decent village pub. Dining is also a top activity as each ship carries fishing tackle and lobster pots, and the fish and seafood for all meals is freshly caught or bought.

Why go with Majestic Line?

  • Superb Scottish food of the highest standard
  • Tiny ships that fit unobtrusively into remote harbors and anchorages
  • Informal, friendly country house atmosphere, with communal dining

Best for: Brits or anyone of Scottish descent looking to explore tiny, rarely visited ports

Not for: Introverts, late-night party animals and claustrophobes

The Majestic Line Cruises Cruiser Reviews


It turned out the steward who was supposed to crew our boat was unavailable meaning we had the manager for three days and then a temporary steward.This led to numerous problems such as not getting our cabins cleaned, no hot drinks at breakfast, having to ask for everything, no service at the bar etc etc - the engineer was very inexperienced and we did not feel safe in the tender (small boat transferring us to land).Read More
User Avatar

few6-10 Cruises

Age 60s

Lovely cruise around Jura, Islay, Gigha and the sea lochs

We were very lucky with the weather at the beginning of August and from the complimentary taxi in Oban to amazing food on board, a great crew, brilliant fellow passengers & interesting land trips we were very happy with our 6 day cruise on the Glen Tarsan.This was a very relaxed cruise and we got to see some lovely scenery whilst enjoying good food & company.Read More
User Avatar

couple2-5 Cruises

Age 50s


In contrast our fellow passengers on the Glen Massan, which salied on the same day on the same itinerary, had a much different expererience where their captain stopped at many other places, sailed after dinner from Tobermory to get the ship in a better position in the morning for passenger benefit with the resulting passenger reviews on the Majestic Cruises website reflecting the great experience they had --- in the same weather conditions!In summary I am sure if the weather is good you could have a good experience but if like us the weather is not so kind then it would have been far cheaper and quicker to get on the local ferry for the 3 hour trip to Tobermory, rather than take the 3 day 'A Taste of Hebrides' cruise.Read More
User Avatar

many10+ Cruises

Age 70s

A delightful exploration of the Outer Hebrides

We even picked up the mussels for one nights dinner at the mussel farm in Mull and were eating them two hours later.The vessel had stabilisers and although it moved a little for a few hours one day it was generally very smooth sailing.Read More
User Avatar

many10+ Cruises

Age 60s

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