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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), private balcony, sitting area and a private bathroom. Rates vary from deck to deck. (188 sq. ft., balcony 50 sq. ft.)

Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony (D3)
Decks: Deck 6 | Deck 7
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Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 7642
May 2017
Spring 2017 TransPacific By: SargassoPirate
The cabin was quiet, with cabins adjacent, across the corridor, above, and below. Cabin was roomy with a full-sized sofa. The balcony was a bit narrow and overlooked some kind of extension on deck 4 so that your downward view of the ocean is a bit obstructed. The cabin was not dusted during the 24 night cruise - as evidenced when I moved my stack of accumulated Cruise Compasses on a shelf and I could see the clean spot surrounded by accumulated dust. The cabin floor was vacuumed sporadically, as evidenced by a small bit of paper that was on the floor for three days in a row that I knew of. I left it there after I noticed it as an indicator to see how long before it would be vacuumed up. The mattresses were broken down so much that we flipped them ourselves and then asked for an additional single mattress for a topper. No more morning achy backs after that.
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Cabin 7266
Apr 2017
Good Overall Experience By: Hang Tuah
It was comfortable with sufficient space for clothing, etc, although suitcases had to be placed under our beds to allow us room to move around.
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Cabin 6660
Feb 2017
Good not great By: nickfromsyd
nice cabin apart from the holes that are covered by stickers and the balcony is partialy obstucted on the sides (like most balcony cabins on board)
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Cabin 6520
Jan 2017
Too many kids. By: Yogs007
Very creaky with loose floorboards under the carpet but clean and tidy. The beds were their standard stiff as a board.
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Cabin 9642
Oct 2016
Great ports - Good cruise By: TXranchgal
Cabin ready at 1:00 and room steward had delivered our water and wine (we are diamond plus). He kept the cabin clean and refreshed and was very friendly and helpful and always called us by name. His name was Made Darmka and he was great. The bed was hard as a dining room table and we asked for a foam topper. Evidently, they no longer have them. We used extra pillows for softness.
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Cabin 6089
Sep 2016
Average room with balconey. Beds were comfortable, bathroom very adequate, room was clean. Enough storage space. Balconey floor had water pooled on it, making for wet feet whenever you went out there.
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Cabin 7546
Aug 2016
Wonderful By: DebbieS109
I was worried since we were near the elevator. This diid NOT present a problem at all. No dinging at all, ever. No noise from the elevator. We did hear the constant slamming of the stateroom doors. This noise was heard by all passengers, not only our stateroom. You need to fix this RCCL!!!!!!! We could hear the daytime sounds from the Promenade, so if you are a napper, do not chose this stateroom. We liked the close proximity to the cafe and the stairs. The room was clean and had more than enough space for us. We thoroughly enjoyed the balcony. That hard "couch" has to go. Ugh,,,,,,,,
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Cabin 7638
Jul 2016
HAD A GREAT TIME! By: cathypiwowar
There was plenty of room for the two of us. The king sized bed was very comfortable and the curtains blocked out the sun very well, especially since the sun comes up at 4:30 am! There was plenty of drawer and closet space (could have used more hangers, but never asked). The room was cleaned everyday by such friendly staff and always looked great when we would come back.
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Cabin 8330
Jun 2016
The cabin and bathroom was larger than I expected, with lots of storage area for your clothes and luggage. The balcony was also roomy with 2 lounge chairs and a table. While we were cruising through the Tracy Arm Passage, the boat rotated 540 degrees so that everyone with a balcony room could get a good view of the Sawyer Glacier. The Explorer of the Seas ship was said to be the largest ship that's every sailed through Alaska.
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Cabin 7364
Jan 2016
Terrible Cruise By: npezdek
Very nice on the first leg. Terrible on the 2nd leg (cabin 8324).
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Cabin 6338
Oct 2015
Spacious, well-managed, fair-size balcony and QUIET!
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Cabin 7336
Jun 2015
Good size and layout. Very comfortable and well positioned for ship services
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Cabin 7562
Jun 2015
Perfect and all the space you need for 2 people and a nice clean balcony with table and 2 chairs. New flat screen TV and fast room service.
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Cabin 7332
May 2015
Cabin ok very clean. cabin steward lovely.
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Cabin 9692
Mar 2015
Room was great, clean and well maintained
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Cabin 6360
Jan 2015
Nice, spacious and enough storage. That space across from the door of the cabin is the crew stairs and elevator. We were afraid that it would be noisy that last night when luggage was taken down to be unloaded, but it wasn't. We had to call three times that first day to have the toilet fixed so it would flush. Finally they got it right and all was good for the rest of the cruise. Over five times we had to call to fix the safe. That got to be frustrating. I expect all will be wonderful after dry dock in March.
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Cabin 9364
Jan 2015
First Time and Loved It!! By: goingtocarolina
The cabin was bigger than we expected. Yes, it may be somewhat "dated" as the ship was build in 1999, but you're not really in the room that much anyway, so it was very sufficient. The water pressure in the shower was amazing, better than our house!! The beds were comfy and the balcony was plenty spacious for sitting out on.
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Cabin 6338
Dec 2014
Good cruise to relax By: cruisetiludrop
We stayed in cabin 6338 which is a balcony room. Fairly standard balcony room with everything in good shape and good working order. We had a flat screen TV whereas we had heard other say they still had CRTs. We attribute this to the ship replacing defective CRT TVs with flat screens as time goes on. During retrofit next year they should all be changed to flat screens.
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Cabin 6234
Oct 2014
Fantastic experience By: chapers33
The cabin was well positioned and had all of the requirements of a cruising patron. The bathrooms are VERY small and the showers even smaller!! The final night comedian made quite a good part of the show about the size of the showers. Our Stateroom Attendant Michael Ashmeade was excellent and helpful at all times. Although we didn't use our balcony much as the weather was cooler than anticipated, it was nice to have access to a balcony whilst in port.
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Cabin 9526
Sep 2013
Explorer Showing Her Age By: Cruzinforpeace***
Quiet cabin. Not smelly. Good location.
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Cabin 6334 6439
Jun 2013
6334 was a perfect stateroom location. It is mid ship just aft of the hump. a short walk to the stairs and aft elevators. (the aft elevators have 8 total elevators, all were working this trip.. the forward elevators have 6. the room was in very good shape, small rust areas on balcony, some wear in the shower doors but we had no complaints. We loved the location as we mostly used the steps for all activities in the dining room, theater, casino, promenade and bars. we only took the elevator to the Windjammer and Dizzy's and this was very convenient because the elevators were inaccessible after the shows and we could walk and avoid waits. the other great thing about this room's location was that it was mid ship, so during rocky seas we had less movement. One other thing to note was our door looked straight out into the interior access hallway that had some increased traffic with attendants and people. If our door was open we had to make sure the other person inside was descent. 6439 was an interior room where my three children stayed, it had two regular beds and two pulllmans. (they came down from the ceiling) It was in good shape and we had no complaints. the muster station for this room was D18( outside on 4th floor) and for 6334 was D21.(4th floor dining room )
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Cabin 6640
Jun 2013
While the room showed some sign of age, it was a nice size and was well designed. There was plenty of storage space.
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Cabin 8376
Apr 2013
EOS What a Breeze! By: RHODIEBAMA
8311 (Promenade view)needs an overhaul and badly - AVOID IT.... 8376 is magnificent!
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Cabin 8528
Feb 2013
Excellent Time! By: DrDiggz
Cabin 8525 Deck 8 Fore, port side Balcony Stateroom was perfect, far enough away from elevators as to avoid hallway noise, Tv's need to be updated to flat screens. otherwise a fine room.
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Cabin 7248
Jan 2013
There were stains on the carpeting - not sure if was blood. The balcony had paint chips all over the deck. We took photos if RCCL would like to see the mess. Shampoo with conditioner makes hair greasy. Lots of scratches on furniture. Time to send ship to DRYDOCK.
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Cabin 6388
Oct 2012
Loyal to Royal Part II By: Jersey Travelers
Our balcony looked out the back of the ship. The space directly below our balcony was the kitchen crews break area. It seemed someone was always out there smoking, preventing us from leaving the balcony door open.
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Apr 2011
I don't know how anyone could stay in anything less than a balcony. The rooms are small, but with the balcony they don't seem claustrophobic. It was quiet and my steward was lovely. I'd like a bigger shower, but hey it's a ship.
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Jan 2011
Balcony Cabin on the Explorer. Incredible experience, our own getaway on the water. Beware of people though who use their balcony as a smoking room. Our next door neighbor almost always came out and we had to go back in to keep from choking.
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Cabin 6548
Aug 2010
From what I'd heard on here, particularly early this year, I had some concerns about the state of the ship. For anyone worried (or complaining) about the state of repair of the ship, I can only say that's certainly not that we saw. The ship was gorgeous pretty much anywhere that counted. Yes, if you looked at the floor of a table in the windjammer, or along a hallway baseboard, you're going to see a paint chip, or fingerprints on a railing here and there. But seriously, relax. The public areas of the ship were, in my opinion, beautiful, well maintained and cleaner than most high-end hotels I've stayed at. As for the rooms, our 2 D3 cabins - 6546 and 6548 - were in amazing shape. Honestly, I really saw nothing. I had to look (hard) for issues inside and found only a bit of rust in the bathroom trim. Outside, yes the handrail needed varnish, and from the outside of the ship looking UP you could see rust UNDER the railings. But in our rooms anyway, no peeling paint, no furniture-so-soiled-I-had-to-put-a-towel-down, no broken drawers, no plumbing issues, no broken switches, no soiled rugs, nothing. Everything worked, everything was clean. The deck 6 balconies do have the solid wall at the bottom (rather than the glass of the upper decks), but that didn't phase me. From my point of view, as long as you can see the water from the chairs and the bed, which you could easily, I was happy. Our kid's balcony had a smoked glass divider on one side, but our cabin had solid walls floor to ceiling on each side which made it very private! ;) The room's location was also fantastic. We were somewhat forward, portside, right behind the elevators, but never heard a noise. The location was also very near the staircase, which put the promenade just a flight down and a few steps away - very convenient for getting coffee or heading to the pub to pick up a glass of wine before dinner. It was also close to the Maharajah lounge for shows and had great access to the elevators for everywhere else. For anything aft, we simply walked the promenade. Highly recommended location.
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Cabin 6366
Nov 2009
6366 - enclosed balcony, smelly bathroom6369 - nothing wrong, just small and it's inside.
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