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Two lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, bathtub & shower, floor-to-ceiling windows.

Large Outside Stateroom (fully obstructed views) (HH)
Decks: Deck 4
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Large Outside Stateroom (fully obstructed views) Cabin Reviews
Cabin 4065
Apr 2017
We had never had an obstructed view cabin and were a bit concerned. We would definitely choose this category again! We had floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows which let in so much light, more than some full ocean view cabins. About two-thirds of the window was obstructed, but you could see out above the life boat and down to the deck and sea below. It was a great mid-ship location with easy access to the public decks below (we always took the stairs) and to the pool decks and other restaurants. This cabin was incredibly quiet at all hours and, with no inside cabins in the corridor there was very little traffic. Storage space was adequate and we enjoyed having a large flat screen TV with dozens of free movies and music choices. I would highly recommend checking out this particular cabin or any others in this area. It is a great value!
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Cabin 4061
Mar 2017
First Cruise By: Joanbeat
The cabin is larger than I thought it would be. The view was not totally obstructed.
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Cabin 4109
Mar 2017
Great room, nice flat screen tv, very light despite being obstructed view.
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Cabin 4119
Nov 2016
Happy Memories By: leonardozuid
Excellent, peaceful cabin. No outside noises or noises from above or below. Love the ceiling to floor window.
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Cabin 4610
Oct 2016
Helland America By: Nomad Leicester
Apart from air con problems very comfortable bed and pleasant cabin.
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Cabin 4128
Jul 2015
Incredible Journey By: Aerun
The obstruction is one of the tender/life boats. You could still see the water and shore through the top and there was plenty of light that came through the window. We like to have natural light in the room – the view from the room is not that important since we are mainly in other parts of the ship. We have booked this type of room on the Westerdam for our Alaska cruise and never had any problems, but this time we had some very serious and inexcusable issues. On the second day of our cruise and continuing for every single day until we were finally moved, a workman would come and work on something in front of our window while we were in the room. This occurred early in the morning at 5 a.m., 6 a.m. or 7 a.m. while we were in our bed or late in the evening like 7 p.m., 9 p.m., and even 10 p.m. while we were dressing or getting ready for bed or in bed. We leave our shades open because we like to have the light and be woken to the light, which is why we did not get an inside room. We had NO warning at all – and most of what the men were doing was not extensive or anything they couldn’t do when we were not likely in the room. The first time it happened I did not complain because I figured it was just an anomaly and would not happen again, but I kid you not – it happened every single day until we were moved. A couple times I was naked and changing. I was enraged as this was unacceptable. We complained and were told we would be warned ahead of time etc. But we never were warned. I finally said this was unacceptable and asked how would they like it if this happened to them? I know this doesn’t have to be like this because we had a similar room on the Westerdam. Also no warning prior to booking that this would happen. Finally, they moved us to 8082, which is a Veranda room, I guess to make up for what happened. - Anyway, a quick review of 4128 – it’s a pretty standard HAL room and was pretty roomy as usual. There was a sitting area, a vanity area, a small flat screen TV, and then the bed. The beds are super comfy. Storage space for some reason didn’t seem as good as other HAL rooms, but there is a good amount of storage space. The bathroom was big for a cruise ship and all rooms I think have bath tubs. You can also control the temperature in your room. 4128 is very conveniently located one floor above the main dining room which was very convenient for us and is in the middle of the ship, so it’s a very comfortable location. We would have been fine with it, if it weren’t for the peeping toms. - 8082 is the same room as 4128, except that it has a pretty good sized verandah. I do appreciate the unfettered views and the Baltic is a lovely place for such views, but it was cold (like an Alaskan cruise), so hanging out on the balcony wasn’t practical. I did not see many people hanging out because of the weather. I really don’t see the point of a balcony for these colder cruises; I definitely see the value of an Ocean View room. I guess it’s nice to have if you want some fresh air or something. However, you will appreciate this irony. The hotel manager upgraded us about 4 days before the end of the cruise and told us no workers would be out here (I don’t feel that this is enough, since our privacy was severely violated), really I did not expect it because the person I spoke to on the phone basically told me to suck it up – I was planning to go down and complain in person to a manager but the itinerary is extremely packed so, I did not get a chance to complain and I also was dreading it because nowadays, customer service is pretty non-existent and I did not want to waste precious vacation time arguing that peeping toms, even if they are employees, are not acceptable. On the last day of our cruise, I kid you not, while we were dressing in 8082, a worker walked onto our balcony and proceeded to hose it down. I swear this has never happened to us before. - By the way, I am not one to really complain and overall the cruise was wonderful with great service, but this was so bad I feel I have to not only complain but put this in my review. Be mindful of this and if it happens to you on day one – PLEASE COMPLAIN right away – it’s unacceptable and I wish I did complain right away. I plan to contact HAL and see what they say and hopefully, they will change their policy in this regard.
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Cabin 4082
May 2015
Large, very clean, bed very comfortable. bathroom was also spacious. Cabin Stewards, Ardi and Martin were extremely attentive and pleasant.
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Cabin 4073
Dec 2014
Very Relaxing Week By: vaugirard12
There is a floor to ceiling window at the end of the cabin with a large lifeboat just outside. We like the window to get a little daylight in and don't spend time looking out so it was fine. We could see the sky and could peer out below the lifeboat to see what the waves were like. Prefer the smaller windows on lower decks, though (Category H) because then the twin beds are set up against the back wall making it easier to access suitcases placed under the bed and easier to move around. The cabin was smaller than others we've had on the smaller ships: there were no drawers by the desk (there was a mini-fridge instead) and the drawers in the bedside tables were shallow. There were 3 closets: one with three shelves, the safe and a hanging bar for shirts and jackets; one for full length clothes and a third, closest to the door that we realized mid-cruise could be converted because there were two shelves along the back wall that can be pulled down or left up (we thought it was a full-length closet). Laundry service is $49 for the week-- the front desk confirmed that this is the new price. We'll be taking advantage of that in the future by packing lighter. Clothes are delivered clean, fresh and pressed the next day-- on hangars or folded, according to your preference. Pressing services are $28/week.Our stewards had put out fresh fruit before we arrived and added to it whenever a piece was missing.
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Cabin 4061
Sep 2014
Although this is classified as a fully obstructed view cabin , it is not . We had a floor to ceiling window that let in a lot of sunshine with a view between lifeboats . It was only partially obstructed . There was ample storage for all the clothes we packed in our 4 suitcases. The location near midship was convenient when having to go to the bow or stern .Hints - bring magnetic clips to hang up notes etc ... all surfaces are metal - we hung up 2 notes outside our door with arrows .. one read " Pointy End - Entertainment // the other - Blunt End - Food . We never went the wrong way and received many compliments from fellow passengers who used them also. - from our hall message bracket we hung a Viking helmet that we could see from either end of the very long hall so we could always locate our cabin . - bring a length of twine to use as a clothes line in the cabin . The one over the tub is not always long enough .
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Feb 2013
Christmas at Sea By: Galtlady
Great size, lots of storage nice and quite. Lots of light. Great location, close to elevators. Bad boat!
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Cabin 4079
Dec 2012
The stateroom was nice. Closet space was very generous. I was glad to see that there was bathtub. Stewards were really nice and cleaned the room twice a day and if you take a nap they come back and fix the bed again.
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Cabin 4104
Apr 2012
30/70 By: tinrose56
Should not sell cabins with "obstructed views" unless at a deep discount.
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Cabin 4101
Sep 2011
The cabin was the same as a veranda cabin without a veranda. My view was of a lifeboat. The only time this was an issue is when they lowered the lifeboats to use them as tenders and this made a lot of noise.
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Cabin 4084
Oct 2009
Hal vs Princess By: powderhorn
The cabin was as expected with a restricted view. One thing we suspect is that the better cabin stewards are assigned to the better cabins....logical. This was an economical choice for a cabin and served our needs, however, the cleaning and care of the cabin fell below HALs usual high standard. When we checked in there were several clues that showed a less than thorough cleaning had been done. After informing the front desk, an inspection was done and the issue was rectified.
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May 2009
Closet space is very ample with plenty of room. I didn't even use all of it. Though there was a floor-to-ceiling window in my cabin, there was a fully obstructed view as a lifeboat was just outside. I could still see the ocean, however. Things were a little noisy in the morning as the cruise director came on the PA system in the hallways fairly early. A door to the promenade deck below tended to slam when passengers walked through it. Not really a serious problem as I should have been up anyway!
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