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Two lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, bathtub, shower, sitting area, private verandah, floor-to-ceiling windows.

Deluxe Ocean-View Verandah Stateroom (VC)
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Deluxe Ocean-View Verandah Stateroom Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8092
Jun 2017
The cabin was nice. Seemed to be about the standard size for a balcony room based on our other 4 cruises on different lines. It was clean and well kept. If there was a surprise to me it was the bathroom had a bath tub in it (all of the other cruises we have been on there was just a shower). The room attendants were very good and very friendly/helpful. We had no complaints about the room.
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Cabin 7095
May 2017
A very nice stateroom, with plenty of room and storage. A very attentive steward making sure we had what we needed on a daily basis. He went out of his way to provide us with an extension cord for Cpap devices.
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Cabin 8164
Dec 2016
Nice size cabin with huge balcony. More pronounced vibration at times due to aft location but beautiful views of the wake. Balcony chairs comfortable with footrests but tiny table to share. Bathroom small and storage very limited. Nice closet space. Big flatscreen on wall perfect for pre-sleep viewing from bed.
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Cabin 4157
Dec 2016
Desk Hassock collapsed on me, duvet was lumpy and stained. Furnished makeup mirror was never cleaned, found hairs on my clean towels twice. Cabin was larger than most in same category. mattress was old and hard as a rock had to request a topper. commode overflowed once, had a strong sewer smell in it at the port of st Thomas. Should a five star room have these problems?
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Cabin 5151
Dec 2016
Our cabin was excellent. However, we had selected 2 cabins that were next to each other so we could be next to our children's cabins. HAL moved us without asking us in spite of the fact that our TA put do-not-move on our reservations. The 2 cabins were close to each other but not next to each other.
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Cabin 6120
Jul 2016
Clean, comfortable size, big TV, luxury towels, bed linens, lots of closet space, comfortable seating, good size refrigerator, safe, & tub with shower.
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Cabin 6121
Jul 2016
A Nice First Experience By: paulandmaryanne
We had a Queen bed and a verandah. My wife, in particular, enjoyed the verandah. The cabin was very nice, seemed new, adequate room for two, all clothes and bag storage, more than enough hanging space and clothes selves, window and verandah made it visually larger, sitting area offered just enough room for breakfast (but would be tight if you wanted to spend time sitting in the cabin), bathroom was well-designed, we heard no noise from other passengers' cabins and almost no ship noise, felt very little motion, verandah was okay size for two, lighting was good and switches well-placed, just adequate outlets, we reserved an extension cord for CPAP machine, reading lights were not good for serious reading, pillows were our main problem with the cabin, the two large pillows were too large and hard and the two small pillows were too hard. HAL should give guests more choice.
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Cabin 5076
Jun 2016
Europe Adventure By: cruiser 3015
Comfortable bed, nice flat screen TV with ample viewing options, shower and tub. good storage and balcony.
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Cabin 8175
Apr 2016
I thought the cabin was great, with lots of storage...we had room to spare in the closets (which is a total surprise if you knew how I pack!) The temp was always perfect, Budi and Elen kept it so nice and clean, and we had no service issues whatsoever! The TV channel selection is great...four different choices for news, many different movies to choose from, as well as TV stations/programming. Was very impressed with the selection!
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Cabin 5160, 5164
Mar 2016
Best cruise so far By: NovaCruise888
We had rooms 5160 and 5164. The rooms were identical/mirror of each other. In Room 5160, you walk in with bathroom on the right and closets on the left. Then bed on the right, TV on the opposite wall. Then the sofa on the right, make up desk on the left. Balcony had two chairs and two ottomans. There were plenty of storage in the room. Besides the closets and the night stands, there were additional drawers under the bed and under the sofa. We (2 people) were comfortable in the room. The beds came with two pillows for each person (1 large and firm, 1 smaller and soft). The bed was firm and very comfortable. The sheets and towels were nice and fluffy. I think the room could be comfortable for 3 people, but it would be difficult to get to the balcony if the sofa bed was being used. The ceiling was low. Being 5' 4", I could stretch my arm and touch the ceiling. The bathroom was relatively large for a room on cruise. It also has a shower/bathtub combination. It had dispensers for (minty) shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. A bar soap, shower cap and a small bottle of lotion was also provided. There is one plug near the light in the bathroom. It was not the standard American plug. The ceiling to floor distance is even shorter in the bathtub. Just keep that in mind if you're tall. Since the bathroom and closets were right near the door, there were a lot of doors right at the one corner of the room. We were able to deal with it, but it was not the best design. My only complaint about the room was the lighting in the room. When you first walk into the room, there is one light right past the door. When you open the closet, the closet door blocks the light completely. There is not enough light from anywhere else in the room, so that it is nearly impossible to see anything in the closet. And the full length mirror on the closet door was also useless, also due to poor lighting. The make up desk by the balcony door had the same issue. The lights were all installed at the wrong places. Ladies, you have to do your make up in the bathroom. But you have to do your hair at the make up desk because you can only plug in the hairdryer (provided by the cruises ship) at the electric outlets on the wall next to the make up desk. The flat screen TV in the room was nice. The restaurant menus were available on TV. There were also a lot free movie selection. And we enjoyed watching movies at night.
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Cabin 1471
Dec 2015
Eurodam By: tstueve
Nice. Loved the balcony. We had 2 big football player teens with us so in the morning when the beds were out, it was annoying. My son who is 220 was on the shelf bed above my head all night! It didn't break and kill me. I wanted to go on the balcony to see the view and had to scoot sideways around the pullout bed. The other complaint I had is that we do not drink coffee. We need a Diet Coke when we wake up. You can't get one until 9am. I saw someone in line to get on the ship with a case of soda. Wish I would have known!
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Cabin 5059
Aug 2015
Just OK By: txblossom
Worn furnishings. Blah décor.
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Cabin 4174
Jul 2015
Better than expected By: federalexpress
This is a smart choice because its balcony is quite a bit bigger than the other decks. Be careful of deck 4 cabins in the middle; these have small balconies and obstructed views. Our cabin only had a shower but we don't tend to use baths so this was fine. It wasn't huge in size and we sometimes got in each other's way with the wardrobes but given we're on a ship, it was acceptable. In fact we spent quite a bit of time here, it was something of a sanctuary. The weather was quite cold but we still used the balcony a lot, helped by the very clever provision of warm blankets.
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Cabin 6123
May 2015
Holland America’s Eurodam is a very classy vessel. In fact, this ship is one of the largest ships in Holland America’s fleet. We received an upgrade from Deluxe Verandah Oceanview (VF) which was a partial view to Deluxe Verandah Oceanview (VC), an outstanding view. Our stateroom (Room 6123) was modern with a large queen bed, flat screen TV, and ample storage space for the two of us. In addition, we had a very attractive balcony to see the sun set and rise.
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Cabin 5035
Nov 2012
The cabin- the cabin was overall better than we have had on both Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. It was slightly larger and the bathrooms were bigger, the bathtub was a plus as it kept the water from going all over the floor! We never took a bath because it is tool small, but it is a nice plus. There was plenty of storage and the Veranda was perfect size. We wish the TV was larger and in a better location as we did have one night that we were not feeling well so we stayed in the cabin and watched a movie. It is a little tough due to the TV's location, however, watching TV is not why you are on vacation! The cabin is in a quiet location on the ship, however it is across from the crew space so if you sleep past 8 or so you will hear the stewards in the AM. Overall I give the cabins an A.
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Cabin 5003
Mar 2012
5003 Our cabin was on deck 5 Verandah, forward. I was worried about the rocking and rolling being literally the front of the ship. Surprisingly, it was a gentle rock and roll that I wish my bed at home would do. Our room was a Quad stateroom. Two twin beds, sofa sleeper and a drop down out of the ceiling bed. We did not use that bed! Once its lowered it is directly over the heads of the people in the twin beds and not a lot of head room. Anyone using the bathroom during the night would most likely bump their heads trying to get out of bed. The little sofa was just enough room for me and my husband to snuggle. So if you like your snuggle buddy than 2 will fit just fine on this little bed. The first 2 nights the verandah door whistled. By accident we solved that...the curtain got locked in the door and we never heard any noise again. This room was tiny for 4 adults. But we still enjoyed every minute! Don't stay here if you don't like your traveling buddies very well. There were 3 closets, plenty of hangers for us and 2 huge drawers under the bed. They were used to store the extra bedding. I just crammed it all in the cupboards above the sofa and used the big drawers for our clothes. Also behind these were open spaces for all of our suitcases to hide under the beds. We had a wheelchair and left it at the foot of the beds folded up. It was easy to roll out of the way when we needed to access the drawers. The verandah had 3 wicker chairs and 2 tables. I sat on the round little table and used the larger wicker one to hold our room service tray. Plenty of room for 4 adults to sit out and enjoy while in port. It was windy while out at sea, but we still sat out there but not for long. Being at the end of the hallway, we never heard voices or noise. Had to open the door to hear the speaker announcements. Only once did we hear the captain on the room speakers. Also we never smelled any smoke while sitting out on our verandah. Maybe we were all non smokers??? This room had a shower/tub bathroom. In the shower were shampoo, conditioner and shower gel dispensers. There was a hair dryer in the desk under the TV. We never used it so I can't comment on how well it dried hair.
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Cabin 4155
Mar 2012
Wonderful large balcony, lots of storage space, quiet, very cramped when all 4 beds are out.
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Cabin 5021
Dec 2011
Good and Bad By: jje_cruise
Spacious room, quiet location, tons of storage, great view
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Cabin 5177
Oct 2011
Loved the Eurodam By: Mikrin
We had a balcony which we used only a few times. Several times someone with a cigar came out to smoke and it headed right for our balcony. It felt private and offered us a great view of the passing landscapes. We never saw any sea life the entire 10 day trip.
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Cabin 5180
Jun 2011
This stateroom is opposite a service room; you will be woken up early every morning of your cruise. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS STATEROOM IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE!
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Cabin 4155
Dec 2010
Near the aft elevators, good location
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Cabin 5148
Nov 2010
Great balcony with little motion detected while sailing. Liked how convenient it was to the elevator and to reach the main dining hall.
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Cabin 7009
Jun 2010
Just cruisin' By: mary alan
7009 Eurodam - Deluxe verandah cabin - quiet location, starboard side, good under-bed storage space - roomy.
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Cabin 5147
Apr 2010
5147...little tight...great location
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Cabin 5043
Mar 2010
We found cabin 5043 comfortable and convenient. It is too small to spend much time here (but, that was no problem for an older couple like us!). It is a few steps from the door to the elevator, and I feared this might cause us noise problems, but it did not. I loved the convenience of being near the elevator! Veranda was very nice to have and the floor to ceiling window/wall was a great feature -- expanding the sense of space and providing stellar sunrises while you're waking up. A flaw: the glass panel on the veranda was stained with salt water when we arrived, marring the view when seated on the veranda. There is plenty of space beneath the beds to store emptied luggage, but we did not discover this until half-way through the cruise. Otherwise, storage was plenty for clothing, but surface space was sparse. Maybe we live with too many doo-dads. Two problems: (1) the lighting controls were configured by a maniac. It took many tries to figure out how to get the lighting the way we wanted it. (2) there are only two 110-volt outlets in the room, both together on the crowded and small vanity top. Thus, plug-in devices are a tad complicated to use and you can't use more than two at once. Improvement: the cable TV supplied to the cabin was miserable in selection. None of the main broadcast networks are available, only CNN "news," and tons of ship-produced commercials for their own wares. Channel surfing before falling asleep is not an option.
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Cabin 5025
Nov 2009
Love that Eurodam! By: loveandcruises
Good location near forward elevator, very comfortable, good veranda.
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Cabin 5047
Apr 2009
Great roomy Balcony, good placement, plenty of room in the cabin. You were near elevators, but not too close that they could annoy you with foot traffic. At the time of my cruise, I was not happy with my room stewards.
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Apr 2009
Our Cabin was great it had large floor to ceiling windows and a large balcony
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Cabin 5032
Mar 2009
Cabin 5032 was great! Large enough for two. Large bathroom with tub/shower instead of corner shower. Quiet area of ship, well insulated...never heard any noise from surrounding cabins. Very comfortable bed and well appointed.
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Cabin x019
Jan 2009
The size of our veranda stateroom category VC (balcony room) was reasonable and seemed to be about the same size as Princess' mini-suites. There was more than enough closet space. (3 sizable closets). The photographs on the ship's website accurately show room, couch and counter/desk. The couch is small but seats 2 comfortably. There is ample overhead storage above the couch also. The previous review telling us about the drawers under the bed was helpful b/c we never would have found them. They are under the dust ruffle. The beds and pillows are firm. Ask the steward to empty the mini bar or do it yourself and you have a fridge. The bathroom was clean and the shower/bath combo worked well and had plenty of pressure and hot water. There is a clothes line in the shower. The sink is very small. The soaps and beauty products were complimentary and were of high quality (the signature line from the spa). The inside staterooms of our children also had plenty of storage but didn't have a tub - only a shower. The balcony was nice with two chairs and a table. The room was clean and we always had ice in the bucket and clean wine glasses. Safe worked well. Room for the suitcases under the bed. The towel animals were a bit creepy. Nice cloth robes provided. Two plugs on counter/desk and one in bathroom. Plenty of lighting. Closets are in hall along with cabin door and bathroom door. Congested area. Full length mirror in closet. Lighting is bad in that area. There is a lighted magnifying mirror on desk. Insufficient amount of lighting at mirror over desk for makeup.
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Dec 2008
MS Eurodam Delight By: gnp1962
Nice balcony, ample closet room, nice sitting area, large safe.
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