53 Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas Caribbean - Southern Cruise Reviews

Flight to Baltimore was good on AA. Stayed at Admiral Fell Inn. Nice stay and much to do. Spent Saturday, prior to the cruise, in D.C. on a guided tour. Had a good time. Spent Easter in Inner Harbour. Embarkation: The worse we ever ... Read More
Flight to Baltimore was good on AA. Stayed at Admiral Fell Inn. Nice stay and much to do. Spent Saturday, prior to the cruise, in D.C. on a guided tour. Had a good time. Spent Easter in Inner Harbour. Embarkation: The worse we ever had. Spent over 2.5 hours in line to go through security. Brought 2 botlles of wine and was told that wine was not allowed. When we said yes it was now, we were asked who told us so. We replied RCCL and the sign the gentleman was leaning on. Getting checked in was a breeze and got to our cabin right when they were released. Public rooms: Even though she was recently "upgraded" we were not impressed. Very dark. The dark red carpet not appealing. Not impressed by the artwork. Husband and I thought she was the uglist ship we had been on. The Centrum is beautiful but waiting for someone to slip and be injured on the stairs since the are marble and hard to see where 1 stair ended and another 1 started. Too much was planned at the Centrum. Viking Crown underutilized during the day. Many activites could have been held there due to space but instead held in small bars. Cabin: We were in an aft JS. Nicer than expected. Balcony was nice but closet smaller than excepted. Still no real complaints. Unfortunately had the worse steward we have ever had. Kept asking for little things; i.e. ice and a sharp container. I had notified Special Needs that I would need a sharps container. I take shots on Friday and finally got one on Thursday night. I reminded him daily. We finally got a plactic "bowl" of ice each night, but it was half melted by the time we got back to the cabin. The safe did not work so maintance had to come fix it. On the second night (formal) the tub backed up and we had sewage in the bathroom, so we missed formal night. Toilet would not flush 2-3x on the trip. Maintance got to know us. Dining: As usual we ask for a small table and end up with the largest table in the dining room. Luckily we had the best table mates on any of our cruises. Services was wonderful. The menu was so-so. Ate off the ""classic" menu about half of the time. Husband spurged and got the Chops steak and Turf n Surf. He said they were outstanding. Windjammer not very good. Very limited vegetables. Park Cafe was good. Entertainment: Pretty good. Shine, the country western band, was very good. Was surprised that the RCC dancers did only 2 shows. Serivce: I had heard the the crew was very friendly and helpful. We found this not to be really true. Sudesh the bartender at the R bar was the one that we rely on ther most. I don't know if the crew was sad that they were leaving Baltimore but saw few smiles. Excursions: For the most part very very good. We booked a cabana in Labadee and it was the best thing we did. Very relaxing. We had booked a rainforest trip to the waterfall in San Juan but it was cancelled. When we went to change they did not tell us that there were still other excursions to the rainforest. Also, I had booked to go to the Virgin Baths. My ticket stated to meet on the pier at 0800 to leave at 0815. I got there at 0755 and they were leaving. Half of the tickets said to meet at 0730 to leave at 0745 and half were like mine. No explaination or apology given for miss understanding or misprint. I enjoyed the Baths very much. Husband is a diver and thought the dives were very good and ran very well. Debarkation: We were off fairly early but could not get our luggage. They unload the luggage by number and you have to wait till it was completely unloaded. We could not get a porter becasue the ones that unload the luaggage are also the porters. Overall Impressions" This was a "geriatric" cruise, median age was between 70-75. Ambulance was at each pier and even Baltimore upon arriving. Activities were geared to older group. Found out you don't get in the way of trivia.The ship needs repairs. On deck 10, we noticed the wood railing were apart for the metal beams that should hold it together, some places up to 2-3 inches seperation. The propelers on some of the life boats were so rusted that I don't see how they would be able to turn if needed. we did meet some nice people and if though this sounds like a gripe fest, we enjoyed our time. Needed to get away and just relax, which we did. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
Being a satisfied cruiser with RCCL, I booked this cruise as soon as heard of it on a Monarch cruise. With 6 cruises on the MOS, I rate it above the EOS. True, it did not have a Solarium and Park Cafe, or a Chops Grille. However, I was ... Read More
Being a satisfied cruiser with RCCL, I booked this cruise as soon as heard of it on a Monarch cruise. With 6 cruises on the MOS, I rate it above the EOS. True, it did not have a Solarium and Park Cafe, or a Chops Grille. However, I was always satisfied with the dining choices on the MOS. And I found the Solarium to always be misused, with no lounges by the pool. So, those additions did nothing to enhance my enjoyment of the cruise. Thoughts on the cruise. Embarkation - Baltimore(& other ports) needs to learn from Port Canaveral. I arrived around 11:30. My daughter was dropping me off. Beginning in the parking lot, there was confusion. We were receiving conflicting instructions from attendants. Once inside terminal it seemed they had mostly new staff members. Guides giving directions were totally basing it on Deck. No consideration for even Diamond Plus, even though there were obvious signs for those observant enough. But I accept those things and wont allow them to spoil my time. Port Canaveral just seems to have it down to a science, both embarkation and debarkation. Cabin and Attendant - Two highlights of the cruise. The cabin was always very clean and Ida was very attentive. I made use of the DND card in the afternoon and he was always there to ask if I needed anything. When the cabin if basically unused I find it wasteful to occupy this time. Ship Appearance - I found several areas where there were exterior areas that needed maintenance. I had taken pictures in the event RCCL questions this. The windows in my OV cabin were dirty from the time we left Baltimore till they finally reached Nassau. It was not possible to get a clear view for pictures or sighting. And we had four previous port calls where I had held out hope they would get cleaned. I noticed they were refinishing most of the wooden handrails on Decks 9 & 10. There staff were using a block with sandpaper attached to prepare them for finish coat. It would have been less time consuming if they had utilized battery powered sanders(would have provided time to clean windows). Staff - The Master was very likable and available. All staff seemed to enjoy what they were doing. Dining - From what I had heard and have since read, I'm glad I used the Windjammer for meals. I always enjoyed the selections and varieties. As I mentioned earlier, I didnt eat at Chops Grille. The Tea in the afternoon from 3PM-5PM provided a nice touch. I was disappointed with the late night buffets on two nights. Again Monarch knew how to throw a late night buffet, including a Roasted Whole Pig, and more choices. Entertainment - I missed Mark, Cruise Director, and Irky from Turkey. Those who have had the pleasure of experiencing them will understand. The Blands provided sufficient activities but just wasnt able to liven them up. The Singers and Dancers were above average. I was surprised to see they only performed on two of the 12 nights, well 3 with the farewell show. The Irish comedian had a well received show, as did the female country singer. The outstanding performance was the magic show. For the Singers and Dancers & Magic Act this had been their final show for their contracts. Ports - St Marteen is always a good stop. One day I will eventually get over to Maho beach to experience the aircraft. Weather or cloudiness has always seemed to keep me from going. Need to try Guavaberry drink that is produced here. St Kitts - Wasnt much there to impress me. I passed on the Brimstone Fort this time. Aruba - A lot to offer for all. Curacao - First time there and took advantage of the $20 2-hr tourbus at the port. I had a very pleasant guide/driver. Presented a broad explanation of Curacao life during the tour. We stopped at The Liqueur Factory where the Curacao liqueur is made. He gave us the option of getting off on the downtown side of the floating bridge, and some rode back to the port. Nassau - Have stopped many times and merely walked Bay Street this time. Disembarkation - I became a Self-assist a long time ago. As I said earlier it is amazingly quick at Port Canaveral. Off the ship and through Customs in no time. Usually 20 minutes max. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
I recently cruised on the repositioning cruise of the Enchantment from Baltimore to Orlando and had a really great time. I was a solo cruiser, although did have a buddy on the same cruise that I hung out with. I hope to provide a brief an ... Read More
I recently cruised on the repositioning cruise of the Enchantment from Baltimore to Orlando and had a really great time. I was a solo cruiser, although did have a buddy on the same cruise that I hung out with. I hope to provide a brief an honest review of my experience. (hope I don't bore you too much). Getting Started I flew overnight from the Los Angeles area to board the ship the next day. When I arrived early that Saturday morning I caught a super shuttle (look for discounts online they are there) for $20. The driver of the shuttle tried to pack (shove) all the luggage he could in that van and I had to keep an eye on him to make sure he did not damage my luggage (or others). When we arrived at the port he dropped us off at a shack outside the port in case you did not have tags. I had my tags and they were placed inside a nice holder that I purchased from Cruise Critic (I recommend getting them they look and work great!). He told me he could not drop me at the luggage area so I took off without tipping (I hate doing that but he deserved nothing, so that is what he got) Checking In Dropped my bags off with the porter; no problem. I arrived about 10:30 am so the lines were not long. As a Diamond member I went to a line that allowed me to pretty much walk into the main check in area. Again, there was no long wait. I would say the entire check-in process took about 10 minutes. After checking in I left the terminal to try to get a "real" Maryland crab cake before I left the city. Some friends in the city took me to a place named the "Rusty Scupper" for a quick lunch. The food was GREAT and the service fantastic. (and it was free, my friends treated me, BONUS! Ok, ok, I picked up the tip leftover from the van ride) After returning the terminal I boarded the ship and the cabin was available. I was in an outside cabin #3556. I usually travel in a balcony and I prefer being as high up and as far forward as possible because I am one of those that actually enjoy the rocking and rolling of the ship. The cabin was efficient and contained all I needed. I know some may complain about the size but I have been on the Monarch and even the Empress so I know what small can be and this was just fine. The Ship This was my first sailing on the Enchantment and I understand that it has been stretched and recently refurbished. I see evidence of both and I can tell you that the ship looks great. There are areas where you can see signs of he rage but these are areas that I am sure that the crew continues to monitor and handle. I mean things like minor painting and so on. In fact during the voyage they were revarnishing the wood along the rails of the ship and minor touch-up painting was ongoing. In short, she looks wonderful. The Crew I have heard that the crew on the Enchantment is one of the friendliest and I must agree. Everyone I encountered was really great, helpful, efficient etc. The CD, John Blair was great and his right hand man Katrina (lol) was great too. I thought the shows were mixed in quality, but I enjoyed them all. Some of the adult late night comedy was really adult. I am waaay ok with that but if you are going to go there just make it funny shock only goes so far. The Royal Singers and Dancers were adequate, however I have always been a little harsh on entertainment in that the performances can be a bit canned. I wish they would, especially after performing for many months together, throw away the playbook and show me what you really got. The talent was there, but perhaps they have directions from the HO to stick to the canned approach. One bright spot was some of the headliners brought on board and The CD John Blair gave what I thought was a surprisingly great tribute to Neal Diamond. I was glad I had a chance to tell him that because there was some special moments in that show for me. (shout out to John if you read this and your right hand man too!) Captain Gus in his daily announcement would offer his quotation of the day and I LOVED that! He seems approachable, knowledgeable and in charge. Leadership can be a tricky thing and this captain seems to have found that right balance as evidenced around the ship. The Food Look folks, if you want five star then no mass marketing cruise line will provide that level of service. With that said I thought the food was fine. There were many offerings. I was never satisfied. If I were to provide a percentage I would say that 85% of the food was great and the other 15% was ok but what can you do. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I was happy. They even had grits! Lol! The dining room service was fine and I had dinner in Chops one night and that was great as usual. Complaints Before I wrap up allow me to share a couple of complaints and this is not really about the ship or RCI. I have read on CC about two things and I got to witness both. One are th chair hogs. I mean I would see people get up and 6AM to find the perfect chair and they even has special colored clips to attach towels so they could claim their property, I mean really people? They would claim the prize and then go back to their cabin for hours, really?! The other is the good folks who snack while getting food in the Windjammer. Really?! These people would get some item put it on their plate and then snack away and they grab the tongs with those disease infested hands to gather the next item for their consumption, My goodness.these are the ones who either get sick or spread their special brand of "love" to others but you can't say anything, or at least I can't because I am sure that would be seen as a hostile act.. but if you are reading this, and you know who you are CUT IT OUT! Eat at the table!!! Special Mentions My cabin steward (Danny) was great! He was cheerful and did a fantastic job. The thing I look for is the ability to gauge my schedule and take advantage of it. It took Danny a day and he was always on the spot to freshen up the cabin. I had a minor problem and he had it taken care of in a few hours. The server (Hansraj sorry if I spelled it wrong) in the MDR was personable and always provided great suggestions of what to try for dinner. The gentlemen in the Diamond Lounge were great and I visited them for my "medicine" each evening. They were great. Other servers were also great (Ivon, Candice and so on). Ports of Call All were good stops. I did the usual stuff island tours but the one that stood out for me was taking the city bus in St. Maarten (actually a van with a cardboard sign in the windshield) for $2 to the airport to watch the planes land. Simple stuff I know but I enjoyed it. We also stopped in Nassau because Coco Cay was unavailable and we had a medical emergency onboard. I was happy with the substitution. Disembarkation Leaving the ship was a breeze. The bags were ready once I got off the ship. I picked up a rental car and spent a couple of days in Orlando prior to flying back to Los Angeles. Final Thoughts I have read that some have issues with the food, or the cabins, or the age of the ship or the entertainment and so on. In my opinion your vacation will really be what you make of it. I actually slept for the first couple of days and spent limited time doing the many many activities. But this is what I needed to do for me. However, whenever I did plug in I found that the crew, the ship and the people always provided a really pleasant atmosphere and an overall great experience. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
My husband and I have been on a dozen or so cruises over the years, and this sailing out of Baltimore was a bargain, especially since we could drive to the Port. The departure was effortless and we were on-board snacking in the Windjammer ... Read More
My husband and I have been on a dozen or so cruises over the years, and this sailing out of Baltimore was a bargain, especially since we could drive to the Port. The departure was effortless and we were on-board snacking in the Windjammer Buffet within about 30 minutes of getting dropped off at the port! I had tried to change our cabin a few days before sailing and was informed that it was a full ship... only 3 empty cabins in the entire ship. We also had to settle for Late Seating in the main dining room because of our last minute booking. We could have chosen the anytime dining option, but one of the things we enjoy most on our cruises is getting to know our table-mates over dinner throughout the trip. The seas were pretty calm, the Captain was friendly, and the ports were a good mix, with plenty of various activities available to suit all tastes and budgets. As is our habit, we chose to explore each island on our own, renting a car in Aruba and St Maarten, taking a tour we booked after arriving on St Kitts, and taking a taxi to Mombo Beach in Curacao, rather than booking any excursions through the ship. We found the ship to be very neat and clean and the staff were, without exception, helpful and friendly. Neither of us drink or gamble so I can't really comment on the casino or bars, but I heard no complaints. I liked the big screen by the pool, as well as the reggae music played there. The shows were pretty standard, though the David Haines Magic show was great! So far, so good, right? So here are the things that were not so good...Our main complaint was with the food in the MDR--it was always served lukewarm, and the quality was not what we were expecting based on previous RCI cruises. The steaks were tough to the point of being inedible both times we ordered them, the fish was very overcooked and mushy, and the tiny lobster tail served on the last formal night was very overcooked and fishy tasting. That same night we had "Baked Alaska" for dessert, except instead of a slice of white cake, filled with ice cream, frosted with meringue, then quickly broiled to brown the tips of the meringue.... we got a small flat dish of completely melted Neopolitan ice cream covered with a layer of browned meringue! Also, the traditional appetizer of escargot was included on every single night, but was NEVER avaialable, and on every menu the explanation was that because of a worldwide escargot shortage, tiny bay scallops (dime-sized) would be substituted-- if they could print the substitution explanation, why not just say they are SERVING BAY SCALLOPS nightly? The food at dinner in the Windjammer was generally better than the MDR, mainly because it was served hot and there were more choices. We also enjoyed the late snacks at the Park Cafe in the Solarium, though it seems like asking for trouble to eat chili dogs and pizza at 1:00 AM on a moving ship! Aside from the issues with the food, this is the first time I have ever had a cabin with no refrigerator, no mints or chocolates on the pillow at night, where you had to ask for an ice bucket, no water pitcher, no toiletries at all in the bathroom save the generic all-purpose shampoo dispenser in the shower and the mini soap bar on the sink. I realize these are little things, but they all add to the cruise experience, and we missed them. The disembarkation at Port Canaveral was smooth and efficient, however the area where passengers await the various shuttles, taxis, and buses could have been better organized... it wasn't too bad once we figured out that our shuttle would have a different company name and logo displayed on it than the name that was on our booking paperwork! All in all, we enjoyed the trip, saw beautiful scenery, met lots of nice people, and visited interesting ports, but I think we will most likely try our luck with a different cruise line next time to see if similar cutbacks are being made. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
This was our 3rd Royal Caribbean International cruise with our very first cruise on the Nordic Prince in 1986, followed by a 4 day Majesty of the Seas getaway in 2009, and now a repositioning cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas. Here is ... Read More
This was our 3rd Royal Caribbean International cruise with our very first cruise on the Nordic Prince in 1986, followed by a 4 day Majesty of the Seas getaway in 2009, and now a repositioning cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas. Here is a short and sweet review: Ship: Recently refurbished with updated interiors, addition of Park Cafe (light snacks). Cabin: Inside 4511, yes it is small with limited space to move about and closet storage. Location was good: one flight up to main showroom (could hear entertainment going through the cabin ceiling) and some noise when preparing to dock in port. We could hear a thumping sound while underway (stabilizers?). Dining: Windjammer Market Place was crowded at peak service times with a limited menu and selections.with only one 'eggs to order' station. We used it only for breakfasts and lunches. Occasional breafast and lunch in the Main Dining Room with a leisurely pace (to put it nicely). All dinners except for one evening at "Chops" were taken in Main Dining Room. Food was average in the Windjammer, fair to good in the Main Dining Room (some entrees came out warm, nice presentations though). The Chops dinner with 2 other couples was forgettable beyond the filet mignon. Family style vegetables service was amateurish for a fine dining restaurant. Very limited desserts (one selection was not available) and a plea to substitute main dining room desserts almost fell on deaf ears. I believe the mention that one of our dining companions was a travel agent got the head waiters attention. Lounges and bar service: Main showroom is too small for the ship requiring an advance party to stake out seats. It is actually against the pleas of a recorded plea not to save seats. I enjoyed the Schooner Bar the most for late afternoon cocktail. The Viking Crown lounge was mostly reserved for the higher tier Crown and Anchor customers, although there was 'quiet time' listed for the morning and early afternoon hours. (Try walking up the stairs from say deck 4 to deck 10: you will be winded by the time you reach the Viking Crown lounge.) I didn't care for the Bolero lounge (too dark and off of major walkway). Cocktail prices were high with 2 for 1's specials usually at late night hours. Other times one might find a 20% off deal for drinks. Entertainment: Two excellent production shows were presented. These were the curtain calls for the song and dance ensemble after 8 months or so on the Enchantment. Other musical groups were average at best. Guest hypnotist, juggler, comedians, violinist (saw her on the Eurodam in June 2011 with same music set), two solo female singing acts were presented. Cabin and Dining Room services: Arsenio provided excellent service tiding up our cabin. Leslie and his assistant waiter were excellent. We had My Time Dining and lucked out with getting their table 41 at the first dinner service. We and two other couples stayed with that table for the entire cruise. Embarkation and Disembarkation: Baltimore is a nice port to sail out of, especially if you live in the immediate area. It was very evident that the Enchantment had repeat customers out of Baltimore. Our pre-cruise arrangement was the La Quinta hotel in Bel Aire which included parking and later pickup at BWI airport. Disembarkation at Port Canaveral was very smooth and efficient. We did an RCI transfer to Orlando International without any problems. Shore Excursions: It seemed that RCI had to work long and hard to finalize excursion choices. St Kitts and Aruba were the only islands which were new to us and we booked typical sightseeing excursions. St Martin, Curacao, and Nassau (replaced Coco Cay due to sea conditions and a medical emergency) were mainly shopping stops, although we took a short excursion on Curacao (aquarium, etc.) which was excellent. Overall Impressions: The Enchantment of the Seas was in excellent shape although she needs some TLC on the hull. A very friendly staff greeted us around the ship. Captain Gus was probably the most entertaining (literally) Ship Master we ever sailed with. We thought the days at seas (a lot of them which was a major draw for us) needed some enrichment programs beyond the typical pool parties, bingo, casino activities. By the way, on deck 5 you literally walk through a very smoky casino layout to get from main showroom aft. Same goes for deck 6 where one has to navigate through a twisty path for the shops. Here is hoping that the new 3 and 4 day sailings out of Port Canaveral are kind to the hard working staff. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
We mainly took this cruise to relax and visit with a family member aboard the Enchantment. We knew it had also been refurbished so we wanted to see that also. This was the first cruise ship we ever sailed on and right now it was our 30th ... Read More
We mainly took this cruise to relax and visit with a family member aboard the Enchantment. We knew it had also been refurbished so we wanted to see that also. This was the first cruise ship we ever sailed on and right now it was our 30th and was our sixth time aboard her. We made private flight accomodations to fly into Baltimore Maryland in the morning. We took a taxi cab to the pier and it took approximately 1/2 hour. When we arrived it seemed as though this was prime time and everyone was in line at once. This was the WORST embarkation we ever experienced. We stood a Disney World like twisting line which seemed to stretch on endlessly. We heard someone finally mention after 45 minutes that Diamond and Diamond Plus members could proceed to the front of the line. Too bad that wasn't mentioned when we first arrived. We finally got through the security screening and were able to proceed to the Diamond Plus line for boarding. We had all our documents signed and ready so we boarded the ship within 5 minutes after that. We proceeded to our stateroom 7072 and were pleased with the ample space for two. We then went to the (new to us) Park Cafe in the Solarium. After seeing the offerings there we went to the Windjammer to see what they had for lunch. Food was fine, nothing spectacular. We went to see our Dining Room Table next since we asked for a small table. We found that it was a table for 4 which was fine with us. We went back to our room and met our stateroom attendant Nichela who received our Wow envelope at the end of the cruise with extra gratuities for her outstanding service. We went to the muster drill and explored the updated Centrum. We decided to dine at Chops the first evening since there was a buy 1 dinner get 1 free coupon in our Diamond Plus booklet. We spent the evening in the Concierge Lounge and saw our family and met some outstanding bartenders there. Service here is top notch and was rewarded at the end of our cruise with another Wow envelope with gratuities for both gentlemen working there. We dined at Chops and would tell anyone that the specialty restaurants on board all RCCL ships are worth the extra $$. We dined there 3 times this cruise and enjoyed Chops every time. The other evenings we dined in the MDR on late seating. We met a charming couple there. The waiter and assistant waiter were fine, nothing memorable. I asked the main dining room maitre di for berries each night I dined there and he did deliver. My husband missed the escargot as they replaced them with scallops. On lobster night my husband only received one lobster tail and was very disappointed. We met many wonderful people every night in the CL. I still keep in touch with some of them and one is a family member. My stateroom shower and sink were a big problem. Not enough Hot Water. We had maintenance try to fix but still unsatisfactory for me. We had tours at every port except one and enjoyed the itinerary. We didn't see too much of the shows. We saw the big screen TV on the pool deck only when we would walk by. Too noisy. Debarkation was just as awful as the Embarkation. We chose early morning walk off on your own and so did the rest of the ship. We were in another endless line waiting for customs this time. We loved spending time with our family member aboard the ship and don't know if we will sail again now that it has been changed to 4 day cruises. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
We are mid 60's, fairly active, and enjoy travel. This was our 26th cruise. We selected this ship based on itinerary and price. Also, since we live in Michigan and fly to the ports, we try to book 10 days or longer. We flew into ... Read More
We are mid 60's, fairly active, and enjoy travel. This was our 26th cruise. We selected this ship based on itinerary and price. Also, since we live in Michigan and fly to the ports, we try to book 10 days or longer. We flew into Baltimore the day prior to the cruise and stayed at Spring Hill Suites on Redwood Street. Taxi from BWI to hotel was about $35. It is a very nice hotel, and we had stayed there prior to another cruise 4 years ago. We walked around the Inner harbor, stopped for lunch, and later had dinner at Gertrude's Restaurant, located at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The morning of the cruise, we took the free shuttle from the hotel to visit Fort McHenry. It was very nice, and only took about 2 hours. We then took taxi ($15) to the ship. EMBARKATION: WORST I have ever experienced, due to the security check. I have written this story on the Eastern Departure Ports page. We stood in security line for 90 minutes. Once through that, we were registered and on the ship in 10 minutes. Cabin: We had an inside on deck 4. Nice and quiet. Room is showing some wear and tear, although there was a new flat screen TV. Crew: A very good crew on this ship; very attentive, professional, and eager to please. Food: no complaints. Took breakfast and lunch in the Windjammer and all dinners in main dining room. We had My Time Dining, but liked a particular waiter, so we were with him most of the time. We did try the Park cafe in the Solarium a couple of times, but did not really care for it. Entertainment: all musicians were good. Production shows were some of the better ones I have seen. Special entertainers Tony Pace and the Happenings were very enjoyable. BIG COMPLAINT: The new large screen TV installed on the pool deck is VERY annoying. I wrote of this on the RCCL page. They show movies and sports in the evenings, which is okay, as the people who want to see them go there and watch. BUT, for some reason, they BLAST the CNN news each morning from 8 to 10, when the pool should kind of be a "quiet" area. Have not heard from anyone who enjoyed watching 2 hours of news. They also show some candid camera type videos each morning about 11. Some people liked to watch them, but WHY have the music and laugh track playing. That is not necessary to enjoy the video and just irritates the 90% who are not watching. DIS-EMBARKATION: walked off the ship about 9:15, went through customs, got our bags, and taxied to the airport (flat rate-$30) by 10:00. Easy. SUMMARY: Without the big screen and embarkation issues, this would have been one of the best, and relaxing, of our cruises. Can't do this one again, as this ship is re-positioning to Florida to do 3 and 4 day cruises. I think Grandeur is taking her place out of Baltimore. Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
First the good stuff. The ship is super, clean, nice decor, smooth sailing, loved the solarium, etc. Staff- wonderful!!! Can't think of any negatives. Drinks - good Islands - WOW! Check in - smooth I really like the ... Read More
First the good stuff. The ship is super, clean, nice decor, smooth sailing, loved the solarium, etc. Staff- wonderful!!! Can't think of any negatives. Drinks - good Islands - WOW! Check in - smooth I really like the no-smoking policy in the casino on formal nights. Great idea - now lets make it a few more nights!! Now the bad stuff. I don't want to come across as nit-picky BUT it seems the cost cutting has gone a little overboard. First let me say that RCI and Princess are the top 2 cruise lines on our list. However this was our first sailing in 4 years and it appears that a lot of small changes have been made. The breakfast buffet has definitely gone down hill in my opinion. From very hard bread products to watered down gravies, etc. Grapefruit is no longer available in the buffet, only in the dinning room. Had to ask for smoked salmon and certain other items that were in sight and plentiful on previous cruises in the buffet area. Dining room breakfast was good. Ran out of items on a daily basis in both areas - one day english muffins, another pineapple, another bananas, etc. For most of the cruise the 6 soft ice cream dispensers on the pool deck only had one flavor - strawberry!!! We loved to be able to go to our cabins in the afternoon, relax with a drink an a shrimp cocktail or two. Not anymore. Shrimp cocktails are no longer available for room service orders! What is this all about??? The dinners were so-so with a lot of repeats. We were told by staff not to eat the steak because the cuts were bad - and they were chewy, chewy, chewy. We had to find out for ourselves!!! We were told that RCI corporate mandates what food is purchased and how much - take it from there!! Entertainment was not bad but not that good either. Two of the best shows were done in the Centrum that seats about 100 people so naturally the late seating diners had no place to sit and sometimes limited standing room to watch the shows. Whose idea was this? Bad idea!!! Put those shows back into the theater where everyone can sit and enjoy them. Yes we enjoyed the cruise and maybe the things mentioned above have been going on for a few years but this is the first time we noticed them. Maybe what we experienced was an anomaly because we know a couple that came back from a5-day RCI cruise out of Miami 2 weeks before our cruise and they said they didn't have any of the issues we had. Was it just this ship? - time will tell. Will we cruise again?? You betcha!! Not so sure with who but we will! Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
We really enjoyed our cruise - wonderful ship, excellent service by the staff, comfortable accomodations. My husband and I were on the Enchantment for the 12-night Eastern Caribbean cruise that left Baltimore on January 14, 2013. This is ... Read More
We really enjoyed our cruise - wonderful ship, excellent service by the staff, comfortable accomodations. My husband and I were on the Enchantment for the 12-night Eastern Caribbean cruise that left Baltimore on January 14, 2013. This is only our second cruise - the first was on Holland America for the Alaskan Inside Passage cruise, so our observations are from cruise neophytes. Embarkation: We're really pleased that Royal Caribbean sails out of the port of Baltimore as this is very convenient for us. We used the Airport Shuttle to pick us up from our home, deliver us to the cruise terminal, and pick us up after the cruise. So easy! Embarkation was straightforward. I had attached our RC luggage tags before leaving so we dropped off our luggage at the carts outside and headed into the terminal. The first line was for security - walk-thru scanner and X-ray of any carry-ons. Be sure to let them know if you have wine in your luggage as they want to check it. Wine and champagne only - no liquor allowed in your luggage. Then we stood in the line for our cabin type (about 30-45 minutes) and checked in. Then, zoom - right to the ship. There's a stop to get your photo taken then up the long ramp. You arrive on Deck 4 and you can go anywhere you like, but cabins weren't ready until around 1:00. We headed to the Solarium and enjoyed a delicious roast beef sandwich and light dessert. Stateroom: We had a balcony stateroom (#7084). Very roomy with a sofa and lots of storage, flat screen TV, hairdryer in a drawer. The balcony is on the smallish side but really a nice luxury. A little annoyed that passengers are allowed to smoke on balconies. The smoke drifts over and forced us inside several times although I think our neighbors were trying to be considerate when they knew we were outside. The bathroom is small of course and our shower had the dreaded "fondling curtain" that clings to you as you shower. Two outlets at the desk to recharge electronics. We used one for a small electric clock (I like to see the time at night) which gained a minute or two each day. They don't want you to leave items charging when you're not there. Our room attendant unplugged ours if we were out. There is a safe, but it's pretty small. It fits the iPad and my Kindle and DSLR camera, but the bigger camera wouldn't fit. It operates with a number keypad to open and close. Enchantment: Our trip was post-rehab and everything looked fresh. New carpeting, flat screen TVs, and a bright Centrum with pretty lighting displays all made for a pleasant voyage. The jogging track on the top deck was nice although it was often closed when windy. The promenade deck on Deck 5 was open all the way around just once. They seem to block off the ends to do maintenance. I liked the touch screens around the ship to tell you how to get places. Everything seemed to work well. Food: We ate at the Windjammer buffet for breakfast and lunch and a few dinners. The food there was kind of hit or miss. Breakfast offers scrambled eggs, omelets, bacon and really good sliced ham. Nice selection of sweet rolls, muffins and croissants. Coffee was good. Stay away from the cardboard-like pancakes!! Lunch and dinner offered meat dishes like stir frys, pork chops, sliced roast beef, barbecue, salads and desserts. Some of the desserts were excellent (cheesecake, chocolate cakes) and some not so good (mousse and nougats seemed to have no flavor). All had a nice presentation. We could usually find a table for two and the wait staff was excellent keeping tables clean and bringing coffee and drinks. My Fair Lady Dining Room. We chose the My Time Dining option and I set reservations online before we left, but adjusted them each day as needed. The food there was really good with a lovely presentation. Pasta dishes were nicely seasoned, the salmon dishes were flavorful and perfectly cooked. I'd recommend the fruit "soups" as appetizers - really a nice fresh start to dinner. Desserts were really good - the Chocolate Sensation was great, Warm Chocolate Cake was nice, Kahlua cake was delicious. Wait staff excellent! We had Hemant and he was terrific! The dining room is a much better choice - the food is much, much nicer than that of the Windjammer and the service is great! We had a table for two, near a window as I had requested and we had the same table and waiter throughout. Really lovely to watch the sunset while dining. Entertainment: We attended only one show the last night, but wished we had attended more. The comedian was really good and the singing talent was great. Most nights we enjoyed the bands in the Centrum (Evergreen Trio and Shine) and watched the dancers. A pleasant low-key way to enjoy the evening. Several movies: Bourne Legacy, The Amazing Timothy Green, Dark Knight Rises, Hope Springs, Premium Rush. Don't miss the "Captain's Cake Decorating Contest". Captain Gus and the Hotel Captain square off to decorate cakes. Lots of laughs! Ports: British Virgin Islands (Tortola) : We took the RC excursion to The Baths at Virgin Gorda. A speedy catamaran boat ride to the island and then a bus trip to the Baths. A short hike down the hill took us to the shore and then a walk through the boulders. You have to be able to duck under rocks and scramble over some rocks a bit, but the water is no higher than knee deep. A pretty place and worth the trip. On the boat ride back everyone was treated to a cup of Rum and CocaCola. We arrived back in time to do some shopping in town. Antigua: Not our favorite place. Hoards of taxi drivers descend on passengers once you arrive and throughout the day. We walked up to St. Johns Cathedral for some photos. It was once a beautiful church but it's in bad shape now and under restoration. We returned to portside and forged our way through the taxi hawkers to do a little shopping, but quickly returned to the ship. St. Maarten: Very nice island. We took the RC Island Tour bus excursion and really enjoyed this. It takes you on a loop around the island and crosses the border to the French side. The tour bus stops in town for you to do some shopping and visit the vendors at the marketplace. Be sure to do some bargaining as the price goes down as you walk away. It's an interesting place with all the signage in French. Back on the bus and the tour returns you to Philipsburg. The driver let us off close to town for shopping and we walked about a mile back to the ship. St. Thomas: We took the RC tour to St. John which involved a short boat ride over to the island, an open air tour bus takes you on a loop around the island and stops at several of the beaches and overlooks so you can spend a few minutes taking photos and enjoying the beach. We enjoyed this trip and the driver had some interesting and funny commentary along the route. You arrive back at the dock and have about an hour to do some shopping before boarding the boat back to St. Thomas. It's about a mile walk to Charlotte Amalie (water taxis are available) for shopping. We were here 30 years ago and it was much more crowded and noisier than I remember. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Our favorite stop of the trip. This area of San Juan is really pretty. There are two old forts within walking distance - San Cristobal and El Morro. Both are worth the visit to see the old battlements and learn a bit about the history of the island. Take a few minutes to look down the side streets to see the nicely maintained houses with the colorful fronts and decorations. The ship was only here for a few hours - 8 am to 1 pm and I wish we had more time here. Long lines to get back on the ship - this was the only port where we had to show a photo ID to get back onboard. Labadee, Haiti: First I need to say we're not beach people, so Labadee wasn't so great for us. Royal Caribbean has put a lot of money into making this into kind of a beach/amusement park. There are zip lines, a children's water play area, cabanas (which cost extra), and some nice beaches to relax on. It's just for Royal Caribbean so the only people here are the passengers and the attendants and merchants. Lunch is served at a large pavilion - chicken wings, ribs, salads and cookies. When we arrived all the beach chairs are stacked up with guys standing next to them. If you want a chair you have to ask and then they expect a tip. They all work for Royal Caribbean - why not just set the chairs up when the ship docks. I could have done without Labadee. Debarkation: Easy! We got instructions the night before and filled in our customs form for purchases made during the trip. We did most of our packing the night before. On debark day, the Windjammer opened at 6 am (super crowded!) so we had breakfast there. Back to our room to finish packing and when they announced that we could leave, we stood in line to debark. One last ding for our Seapass and we were off the ship to Customs. That was quick too. My only complaint was the Baltimore Cruise Terminal - we had to wait outside once we cleared customs. It's January, raining and cold. They did have overhead heaters, but they really don't help much. I don't understand why we couldn't wait inside for our shuttle to arrive. This isn't a problem if you parked here, but there were a lot of folks shivering outside waiting for their ride home. Some nits: The Park Cafe in the Solarium is nice, but really fills up at lunch. Also, people "reserve" the chaises with towels and items so that means none are available. Most were left like that for hours. The music in the Windjammer is way too loud. It's already a noisy place and loud rock/pop music doesn't help. The big TV on the pool deck was usually tuned to loud MTV pop videos. I think less than 10% of the passengers even knew who the musicians were. I'd like to see the Main Dining Room menus posted for the whole trip so I can plan what nights I want to go there. Please, RC, ban smoking on the balconies! Smoke drifts all around, spoiling a very expensive cabin upgrade for non-smokers. Please pause the movie during announcements. We were at a critical point in a movie where plot points were explained, but missed the whole thing. Also, please offer a TV news station other than Fox News. CNN International was okay, but another US news station would be appreciated. Luggage: Only one of our two suitcases arrived with most of the luggage. My bag was nowhere to be found - not a good feeling as the ship pulls away from the dock. After 6 pm they said there was no more luggage to be delivered so I asked our room attendant (Renato) to check for me. He finally found my suitcase and delivered it to our room around 7 pm. No one knows why it was late - it still had all the tags on it and looked fine. Really had me worried though, trying to imagine what I'd need to do without it! Next time I'm keeping my bags with me when I board. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
Enchantment of the Seas Review March 19-31, 2012 We were overdue for a cruise: the last time we sailed was 1974 on our honeymoon from NYC to Cherbourg, France on the QEII. We spent our honeymoon in Paris before returning to Berlin ... Read More
Enchantment of the Seas Review March 19-31, 2012 We were overdue for a cruise: the last time we sailed was 1974 on our honeymoon from NYC to Cherbourg, France on the QEII. We spent our honeymoon in Paris before returning to Berlin Germany, our home for the first three years we were married. Our TA was able to find this 12-day Southern Caribbean cruise which fit perfectly into our schedules. I used Fodor's Caribbean Cruises and the AAA Caribbean Tour Book guides. Cruise Critic ship and port review were invaluable as was the Roll Call. We drove 5 hours to Baltimore from our home in eastern Ohio and stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn Express at the Stadiums/Russell Street, a package our TA arranged for us. See my review of the hotel on TripAdvisor: "Holiday Inn-Express to the Pier." Our included shuttle departed the hotel at 11:00 a.m.; we were at the Baltimore Cruise Terminal by 11:10. The shuttle driver handed our bags to the ship porters. Be sure to keep your carry-on with you in the van or it could be whisked away with the checked bags. Our carry-on was scanned along with our credit card and passports. We were assigned to a boarding area (#29) and waited to be called for boarding. While the procedure is efficient, we did not enjoy being sandwiched with other cruisers while waiting. We were onboard by 12 noon, oriented ourselves and explored the public areas. I purchased a helpful app for $1.99 called "ShipMate," specifically for the RCCI line. One of the helpful features was "Explore the Ship" with a map for each deck. We used the deck map for several days. We noticed that the our sailing was mostly older adults with varying degrees of mobility. Our stateroom was ready at 1:30 as promised. Our amazing attendant, Milton, came around to introduce himself and then it was off for the muster drill which was over in about 30 minutes. Serious business, post Concordia. Names were checked off. Don't even think about missing it. Stateroom: Balcony/Stateroom 7060 is mid-ship, port side, equidistant from the staircase or the Centrum area. The room was so well insulated we never heard any noise coming from the Centrum area or the staterooms on either side of us. I had read about the spaciousness of the balcony stateroom and we were not disappointed. The storage space is amazing. There were 23 hangers in the closet which also had 3 drawers. Our large suitcase and garment bag fit easily in the closet; we stored the lifejackets on the side of the vanity. Our other roll-a-board suitcases fit easily under the beds. Other storage includes a 5- shelf angled closet; 3 shelves at the end of the vanity; 3 drawers on either side of the vanity; shelves on both sides of the vanity mirror; and, 2 drawers in each bedside nightstand. The beds were very comfortable. The bed linens were crisp, clean and fresh. Each bed had two pillows: one firm, one soft. I brought my own tempur-pedic pillow for my personal comfort. The bathroom medicine cabinet had 3 large triangular-shaped glass shelves behind two glass-fronted mirror/doors. The bathroom lighting was excellent. I appreciated the mirrors on the side of the sink which allowed me to apply makeup easily without having to lean over the sink (I'm quite nearsighted). An open area under the sink holds a 'built-in' wastebasket. There are shelves in the shower for toiletries which also has a soap/shampoo dispenser which was filled daily. Other reviewers have commented on the 'friendly' shower curtain. It never made a move on me; however, I did weigh it down with two clothespins (previously suggested) and left one side of the curtain open a little for airflow. When Enchantment goes into drydock in December 2012, glass shower doors are supposed to be installed. Our stateroom had a new, smaller flat-screened TV and a digital safe. The ship must be rolling out these updates since others mentioned older TVs and safes which are accessed by a credit card. It was difficult to hear Captain Gus' announcements clearly in our stateroom. We stood near the door and could hear him clearly from the hall. The only time we could easily hear announcements in the stateroom speakers happened when passengers were late for a port sailaway. Captain Gus ended his 12 noon briefing with words of wisdom. Among my favorites: "There are 50 ways to leave your lover, but only one way to leave the ship: the gangway." We really enjoyed our balcony (and the refrigerator) - well worth the extra cost. It had two chairs and a glass-topped table, the perfect size for our morning room service tray. The balcony is not 100% private since the translucent divider is curved and you are able to see your neighbor by standing at the railing. Others have commented on the lack of varnish on the balcony railings: true statement. However, I like to think the varnish was worn away from cruisers leaning on the balcony talking with their new neighbors or staring at the ocean while slowly decompressing and falling under the ocean's spell. I can assure you there is lots of varnish on the public decks, polished to a high gloss. Room Service: I concur with other reviewers: the crew works incredibly hard for 12-16 hours a day while away from their families (up to 8 months at a time, depending on their contract). I wish I could name each crew member who smiled at us, asked us how we were doing or made us feel special. We came to know: our amazing, insightful stateroom attendant, Milton Pasos (Nicaragua); Keshia Ellis (Jamaica) who delivered our coffee and then breakfast to the stateroom on time, without fail; Peeter de la Cruz (Peru) the Deck 6 bar attendant in the Orpheum Theatre. Although we did not order drinks until the last night, Peeter came over to say hello every.single.night and to ask about our day. Mark in the Windjammer Marketplace greeted us every night and always had a nice word. RCCI is fortunate to have these four crew members and all others in their employ. Hint: on Day 1, we called Room Service to have a standard coffee order delivered between 7-7:30 am. Another nice touch? We got a call to let us know the order was on its way. We filled out a breakfast room service card and hung it on the door each night. Every morning, breakfast was delivered within our 7:30-8:00 a.m. window. Now you know why we didn't want to get off the ship! If you like strong coffee, room service is the best on the ship. Windjammer coffee is weak and Latte Tudes is very expensive. Meet and Mingle: Prior to the cruise, I registered with Cruise Critic(.com) and joined the Meet and Mingle held on the first full morning at sea in the Spotlight Lounge. Many people attended the well- organized event which included lots of goodies: signature RCCI travel accessories, a gift exchange and personalized visors for each person. Grandma Gail, organizer of the event, made the visors, a nice memento of the cruise. Following the M&M, we participated in a "Cabin Crawl" to visit four types of staterooms. Other organized activities included a Casino Slot Pull; group lunch; a shuffleboard tournament; and a dinner in the Chops Restaurant. Since we were first-time cruisers, I benefited from reading the posts on our cruise Roll Call. Experienced cruisers willingly shared information and answered questions. Their advice helped us adjust to ship life and to know what to expect. Join Cruise Critic for a wealth of information on everything cruising. Entertainment: We enjoyed the early/6:30p.m. show in the Orpheum Theatre each evening. Many have commented on the crowded shows and the need to show up an hour early; we did not find that necessary. We staked out seats on Deck 6 in the upper balcony each night at 6:00 p.m. and people-watched. Entertainment summary: Day 1: The "Sailaway Show" emceed by John Blair, Cruise Director, and his wife, Katrina Blair, Activities Manager (60-100 activities are scheduled daily). Day 2: This was an SRO crowd for a production show, "Can't Stop the Rock," a tribute to rock and roll featuring an energetic young cast finishing up their 6-month contract on board. Day 3: Joey Van, music, comedy and impressions. Day 4: Rodney Johnson, comedian. He joked a lot about shipboard life and parenting. Day 5: The music and comedy of Judy Kolba, international comedienne/singer. If guests were listening closely, they took away this message from her closing song: "Enjoy yourself; it's later than you think." If I learned anything on this cruise, it was just that. Hello. Day 6: The Grand Illusions of David Haines, illusionist, featuring (wife) Abi. Because of the anticipated large crowds, we were in 'our' seats by 5:50 p.m. Day 7: El Gaucho, singer/dancer/rope twirler/audience participation. Day 8: Johnny Thunder from The Drifters. Day 8: Matt Henry, juggler. Day 9: Production Show featuring the RC singers and dancers in "Stage to Screen" - the Broadway hits that made it to the Hollywood. Day 10: Matt Henry, comedy juggler. Later: Cruise Director, John Blair, starred in a tribute to Neil Diamond: "Longfellow Serenade." Day 11: Your Three Tenors, singing highlights from famous operas. Day 12: Farewell Showtime, featuring many of the previous entertainers and the RC singers and dancers. Each show had two interpreters for the (only) deaf passenger onboard. Their services are contracted with RCCI at no extra cost to the passenger. Website: Terpsatsea.com. They also interpreted for the passenger on shore excursions and at a daytime Centrum event toward the end of the cruise. Onboard Observations: If you are a runner, you will enjoy the ' mile track on Deck 10. Keep in mind, however, that you will compete with casual walkers who will not necessarily keep to the right and who may stroll three abreast. During inclement weather and/or high winds, Deck 10 will be closed. Although running is not permitted on Deck 5, we walked that deck many nights when Deck 10 was closed. It is more protected from the elements than Deck 10. Shopping Talks: Frequent port shopping presentations are scheduled with Earl, the shopping guide. They focus on how to buy diamonds and gems. "Official Shopping Maps" for each port are distributed with the "Royal Picks" noted: those vendors endorsed by RCCI. The cruise line receives commissions from passengers. Art on Royal: Art Gallery on Deck 6 with an art dealer and scheduled seminars, collections, and auctions. Music: The ship is alive with music in the Centrum, lounges, and pools. The groups included: DJ Conrad/Lucian; Rosario Strings; Viva Band; Lightning Wave; Max Difaz; Evergreen Trio; Enchantment Orchestra. Shops at Centrum: Shop till you drop at the onboard shops. Hint: toward the end of each cruise, many items are reduced significantly. If you can, wait! Ditto for spa treatments. Watch the Cruise Compass and signage for details. Disembarkation/Embarkation Procedures: When leaving the ship in port, each passenger inserts the SetSail Pass into a machine to document who has left the ship. When returning, all sunglasses and hats must be removed. Do this before you reach the gangway. There are many people behind you! Screeners match each passenger with the photo taken at Baltimore on Day 1. Each passenger is required to produce the SetSail Pass and sometimes, photo id. I was asked once for my photo id. All backpacks, phones, and cameras are put through a scanning machine, just like airport security. A crew member squirts passenger hands with antibacterial solution. Purell dispensers are found throughout the ship. While rules are prominently posted at the gangway and in the Cruise Compass about taking food off and on the ship (including warnings about fines if caught), our bags we were never inspected. Fruits and vegetables are the big worry. Enrichment Lectures: Joe Condrill presented enrichment lectures in the Spotlight Lounge. His one-hour topics: "Age of Discovery in the Caribbean;" "Piracy in the Caribbean"; "Enchanted Isles-Tortola, St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico"; "Twenty-five Amazing Dates that Changed the World"; "Nostradamus Speaks to Us"; "Fascinating Tales about US Presidents, First Ladies, & Veeps"; Handouts were available. Religious Services: Saturday Vigil Catholic Mass was held on Saturday at 4:45 p.m.; Jewish Sabbath Service at 4:45 p.m. on Saturday; Interdenominational Video with Joel Osteen 6:00 a.m. -- noon, Sunday, on Channel 27; Interdenominational Religious Service at 4:45 p.m. on Sunday. Cruise Compass: The Bible of your cruise. The stateroom attendant will bring two copies to your stateroom the evening before for the next day's activities. The multi-page leaflet includes: Important Things to Know Today; Programs Onboard; Offers of the Day; Activities and Entertainment Highlights; Open Hours (for onboard venues); Daily Planner; Today's Activities. The CC also includes a daily insert: Cruise Specials and More, focusing on shopping and onboard services; and, when in port, the omnipresent Official Shopping Map. Towel Exchange: Not as annoying as reported. Check-out RCCI beach towels on the Pool Deck and exchange for the same number of towels. SetSail pass is required. A $25 charge will be applied to the shipboard account if the towels are not returned prior to disembarkation. Library Deck 7: A nice, quiet retreat. Games and books are available for checkout. Daily Soduku and Trivia puzzles are available. I was happy to see a used book exchange, too. Imagine my delight when I traded my paperbook from home for James Michener's Caribbean. Reading it after the cruise helped to 'extend' our cruise and teach me more about the fascinating history of the Caribbean. Future Cruise Sales Deck 7: Take advantage of special prices by registering for your next cruise onboard. Hint: If you are even considering a future cruise, sign up early for a 30-minute appointment with the (two) cruise counselors. Hours are limited. Onboard we applied for a RCCI Visa card (approved the next day); registered for the NextCruise Program (a $100 per person nonrefundable deposit with ability to decide later on a specific cruise); registered for the Crown and Anchor Society. I guess you could say we are now "loyal to Royal." The disembarkation was as smooth as the embarkation. The night before departure, an instruction sheet and new (numbered) luggage tags were placed in each stateroom. Each number (ours was '41') was assigned a departure lounge on the ship and a time to gather. All passengers were divided into groups. All "41"s waited in the Orpheum Theatre, Deck 5 forward at 9:10-9:20 a.m. Coffee (undrinkable), juice, and sweet rolls were available. At 9:15 a.m., we formed a 'conga line' and were led off the ship, walking through the Enchantment one last time. We didn't want to leave! Passengers could choose to do a 'self-carry' departure between 7:30-8:00 a.m. Our luggage was already waiting for us in Area 41 in the terminal. Our 5 bags were all together. However, no one checked to see if we were the owners of the bags. Kudos to RCCI for pulling off this amazing feat. We gathered our bags and proceeded to the "Pick-Up Lot" to call and wait for our hotel shuttle. Porters with rolling carts are available to assist with bags but more are needed. Caution: Even though guests are staggered as they exit the ship, there is a lot of congestion with people and baggage. Don't fall over the person in front of you who decides to stop for no reason simply because h/she is dazed and confused! Everyone is still on island time. We called the Holiday Inn Express at 9:20 a.m. for a shuttle; he arrived at 10:00 and we were back at the hotel at 10:20. We used the bathroom, grabbed a cup of coffee, gassed up and departed Baltimore at 10:45 a.m. The Enchantment worked her magic: we arrived home rested, relaxed and ready to sail again: September 28-October 4 to Bermuda. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
I went on my second cruise this past March. My first cruise had been on the fabulous Oasis of the Seas, so I was a little bit worried that I wouldn't enjoy my second (on a much smaller ship) as much. I needn't have been ... Read More
I went on my second cruise this past March. My first cruise had been on the fabulous Oasis of the Seas, so I was a little bit worried that I wouldn't enjoy my second (on a much smaller ship) as much. I needn't have been concerned. My 12 nights on the Enchantment of the Seas were so much fun, I'd give anything to be back on there now, soaking in a hot tub with a cold Drink of the Day While all of the ports (Tortola, St. John's, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, San Juan, Labadee) were wonderful, it was the shipboard experience that was most memorable. The one thing I felt was lacking on the Oasis was the opportunity to meet people and become 'cruise buddies' - because the ship was so large, you just never ran into the same people twice. That was not the case on the Enchantment - making new friends onboard was one of the best parts of the trip. We all had many laughs hanging around the pool, in the lounges, in the casino, etc.! Cabin- I did not upgrade to a balcony this time, and was concerned I night feel sort of claustrophobic in an inside. Surprisingly, I never did! It was absolutely fine...very clean and cozy. Our stateroom attendant, Curt, did a sensational job, and was always extremely pleasant and helpful. Dining -- We were assigned late dining (8:30) which would never have worked out for my crew. If I have dinner that late, I just want to fall asleep : ( I tried a few times to have it changed but everybody was trying to do the same thing so no luck. We decided to just have dinner in the Windjammer every night, which actually worked out great - the food was always excellent, with many choices...no complaints! We had lunch in the dining room a few times, always delicious. The salad bar was absolutely fabulous -- I just loved the way the salad guy would chop, chop, chop! your salad and present it to you perfectly mixed! Staff -- I can not say enough about the people who work on the Enchantment of the Seas. All were friendly, helpful, kind, and willing to go way above and beyond to ensure your cruise was enjoyable. Entertainment - We saw every show, and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Comedians, juggler, magician, singers, dancers, all were so professional! The Quest and Battle of the Sexes games had people rolling in the aisles, while the Belly Flop and World's Sexiest Man contests on the pool deck were also hilarious. The Cruise Director and his Assistant (Jon and Katrina), were excellent and kept everyone entertained and involved. There were 5 sea days on this cruise, but never a dull moment. So, so fun! Will sail on the Enchantment of the Seas again as soon as I can! If anyone would like more info, I can be reached at ekb2004@comcast.net   Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
We boarded the Enchantment of the Seas for a 12 day Southern Caribbean Cruise at the Port of Baltimore. We like this port. It is 3.5 hours from our home and very easy to find. We arrived at 11:50 am and handed our luggage to the porters. ... Read More
We boarded the Enchantment of the Seas for a 12 day Southern Caribbean Cruise at the Port of Baltimore. We like this port. It is 3.5 hours from our home and very easy to find. We arrived at 11:50 am and handed our luggage to the porters. The security screening and check-in took a ½ hour. By 12:20pm we were headed to the Windjammer for lunch. It was crowded, but we found a seat quickly. Make sure to try the Honey Tung Chicken—an Enchantment of the Seas (ENOS) specialty. The staterooms were ready by 1:30pm. We were bargain hunting this cruise, so we booked 3015, an inside stateroom near the front of the ship. (We have sailed in inside, ocean view, balcony, and junior suite cabins in the past-- We balance the benefits of each category with the additional cost to see what is the best for each cruise.) This was the smallest cabin we have ever had at 140 sq ft. There was plenty of space for our clothes and our suitcases fit under the bed for storage. It was a place to sleep and we spent very little time there. Our cabin steward, Lyndon Jackson, provided excellent service. The first three days were "sea days." The weather was sunny and in the high 70's, but it was too windy to sit poolside. We tried it for a time, until the wind picked up my full beach bag and blew it across the deck. The ship rocked some. We used the heated pool in the solarium (adults only) and watched 3 first run movies on the big screen in the 2-story theater. (The Artist, Tower Heist, War Horse) There was a family friendly matinee each afternoon and a show at 9:30pm. By the time the late movie ended the dancing was just getting warmed up in Boleros and the Viking Crown lounge. The DJ, Conrad, kept a nice mix of dance music going. We selected the 8pm late seating for dinner. It is usually at 8:30pm—we were happy for the time change. We find early seating is too rushed on port days. Another big plus is that it is much less crowded and you get better/faster service. Our waiter, Manny Kimhoko, was excellent. Food in the main dining room was good—but, not spectacular. The chicken and fish dishes were better than the beef (generally tough). There were 3 formal nights. (1 too many) We ate at the Windjammer buffet for most breakfasts and lunches. It was very crowded and difficult to find a seat. The food was average. On previous cruises we found eating in the MDR was often a tedious process for these two meals. We were pleasantly surprised that the service on this cruise was better. The ENOS advertises their 30-minute "Brasserie 30" service. It was the correct mix of a relaxed lunch atmosphere with faster service. We ate all three meals in the MDR the last two days at sea. We were sorry we had not done so sooner. The only show we attended was the late night comedian, Steve Shaffer. He was excellent. Our dinner tablemates had good things to say about the other shows and raved about the "Tenors." Although this is our 11th cruise we attended our first "Quest." It was great fun and we will go again. I attended the first scrapbook session—but, the second session was scheduled for the middle of a port day and I missed it. Usually these are held on sea days to help pass the time. There were six ports of call: Tortola: 8am-5pm—This was the only port we had not visited before. The ENOS arrived early and we exited the ship by 8:15. We walked to the ferry dock and caught the 9AM Speedy's Ferry (30 minutes) to Virgin Gorda to visit the Baths (not to be missed). This was one of the highlights of the cruise and very easy to do on our own at half the cost of the ship's excursion. We took the 12:40PM ferry back. (the same time as the ship's excursion) We felt the 3:30 ferry was taking a chance. Antigua: 8am-5pm —We had visited Antigua before and did not want to take the standard island tour. We found a couple from Great Britain that felt the same way. We shared a cab and set off for the more rural, northwest section of the island. We visited an old sugar plantation (ruins and a restored windmill), an old Anglican church, and Devil's Bridge (a natural formation). St Martin: 8am-5pm —After 2 busy days we were ready for a beach day. We spent the day at Dawn Beach. It is on the border between the French and Dutch side. It was a nice beach, but, we are not fans of the excessive seaweed in St. Maartin. St Thomas: 8am-5pm —This was the only shore excursion we purchased aboard ship. (STL1-Destination St. John: Coastal Cruise of National Park Beaches, 6.5 hrs) It was $40/person and left from the cruise dock. It included the ferry ride to St. John (45 min), a cruise around the northern part of the island, 3.5 hrs of free time on St John, and a rum punch on the ferry ride back. They even came around with refills. ? This was a bargain. San Juan, Puerto Rico: 7am-1pm—Hundreds of cruisers disembarked between 7-8am, but, none of the businesses opened before 10 am. We took a city tour to pass the time and walked around the old city. We felt this port (with this schedule) was a waste of time. Labadee, Haiti: 8am-3pm—We have always liked the relaxed atmosphere of Labadee. Unfortunately, there was another ship in port with us. The lunch buffet line and the security line to get back on the ship were so long it took away from the whole experience. In the past we walked to the far beach (soft sand) but, we did not like walking through the aggressive vendors. So, we stopped at the main beach area. It lacked vendors, but, there were large pieces of rock and coral along the shoreline. (bring water shoes) We did not swim. We carried our own luggage off the ship in Baltimore and were through customs by 7:45am. We had an excellent cruise experience and will book the Enchantment of the Seas again sometime. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
We cruised on the Enchantment from 3/19 - 3/31/12. This was the longest cruise we have ever taken (this was our 24th cruise), but it certainly didn't feel like it. Wish we were still cruising and looking forward to our next cruise ... Read More
We cruised on the Enchantment from 3/19 - 3/31/12. This was the longest cruise we have ever taken (this was our 24th cruise), but it certainly didn't feel like it. Wish we were still cruising and looking forward to our next cruise in August. We drove to the Port of Baltimore - 4-1/2 hours from our home in VA Beach. The trip to the port was easy and exciting knowing we were soon to be on the ship! Although the Enchantment is an older ship, without all the bells and whistles of the newer ships, she is still beautiful. We are however, looking forward to sailing on her after her refurbishment which I believe is scheduled for December. Our favorite location of the ship is the Centrum where there are tiers of gorgeous marble flooring.....many activities happen there from dancing to art shows, etc......we always feel a sense of camaraderie when guest gather to take part or just to watch the activities in the Centrum. We just turned 60 years old. This sailing had many seniors probably in their 80's and older. We hope we can be cruising and having fun when we get to be their age!!! We met many seniors with lots of interesting stories. We also met many couples who were our age which was fun. We chose a large inside cabin (7061 - cat L)which had plenty of storage space. Our cabin was kept spotless by Milton who was very professional and friendly at the same time. We enjoyed getting to know Donna in the Crown Viking Lounge. She was the bartender up there when we cruised although she will be moving to another part of the ship for the next sailing. Donna has a super upbeat personality and a gorgeous smile!!! The cruise director and his wife did a great job. The shows were good and we didn't experience any seating issues. We had fun in the casino every night - we came out $50 ahead which was unbelievable for a 12 night cruise!!!! We enjoyed My Time Dining each evening. We have had the current hostess as our Assistant Waiter on previous Enchantment cruises (we have cruised 3 times on the Enchantment)so it was like "coming home". She recognized us immediately and so did one of our previous Waiters Anthony. The food was good - the lobster being our favorite. To our surprise the low fat cobblers (all of them) were super delicious. Our Waiter Jerome and Assistant Waiter Arvid did a fantastic job. Sure do miss them! Thank goodness we walked the stairs and never took an elevator.....soooo much food anytime of the day!!!! My husband and I love to dance and I must say there was plenty of dance music every night. Dancing is one of the highlights for us of cruising, so we are always happy when the bands, dj's etc., are good and on this cruise, they were! Everything type of music was played from Beach Music, to Ballroom, to Current......perfect!!! We didn't take any excursions this cruise. At all ports we walked around a lot and bought some souvenirs, etc. St. Marten was probably our favorite. Walked to the boardwalk and ate delicious Gelato!! In Antigua we took a taxi ride to a distant beach which was gorgeous but a bit expensive. Probably wouldn't do that again but it was worth it to be away from the crowds. This was a great cruise. Thanks to the Staff of the Enchantment for providing us with another wonderful vacation! Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
This was our 21st cruise and we have also sailed on the Grandeur of The Seas (sister ship to Enchantment) out of Baltimore previously. I totally understand some of the comments on cruise critic and on other sites made from long time ... Read More
This was our 21st cruise and we have also sailed on the Grandeur of The Seas (sister ship to Enchantment) out of Baltimore previously. I totally understand some of the comments on cruise critic and on other sites made from long time cruisers concerning the cost cutting in cruising in general. I really noticed it on this ship. It has been very evident in our last two Royal Caribbean International (RCI) cruises. It is pretty clear they are trying to pay for building massive ships they can't fill. RCI didn't fill this one either because the ship was about 600 passengers short. RCI jacked up the price the last two months (before sailing) and had they not done that the ship would have been filled or close to it. This was the first time I have sailed on a ship not full. My first comment is the staff on this ship is top notch (except Cruise Director) and this ship is very clean. They were rated cleanest ship in the RCI fleet. The food in the My Fair Lady Dining Room was good to very good. The breakfast was very good and they had some nice specials like strawberry pancakes. And you can get smoked salmon in the dining room and if you ask at the Windjammer. The lunch salad in the dining room was fresh and had multiple selections. It was one of the best I have seen on any ship and is only available in the dining room. You can get the standard salad bar in the Windjammer but it is not even close to the same. Dinner had good selections and was good to very good. I also want to clarify the comments about not being able to get a table for two. We had no problems getting a table for two during any meals in the dining room. We also had a great table with six others for lunch one day and mixed it up a bit the whole trip. All you have to do is ask and the staff is very accommodating. Windjammer.....bottom line it is on par with Golden Corral. This is the first time in all my cruises I have ever given out a "poor" mark and it was because of the food and selection. This is an issue for people on 12 day trips because it is your only option at times in port and you don't eat the same things every day at home. Why would you want to on vacation? I did however not have any issues with lines at the buffet. BUT the ship was not full and I can see where that would be an issue. Our solution was to eat as many meals in the main dining room as possible. Room service breakfast is also very good and can be used as a wake-up call. Luckily the Windjammer and My Fair Lady have two separate galleys (kitchens) so the food doesn't suffer in the dining room. Congratulations RCI, because of the Windjammer and some other issues, you have now reached Carnival Cruise line levels. I have never seen a cruise line push so many hot dogs, pizza and burgers as I have on the last two RCI trips. Can you say cheap!On the bright side the service in the Windjammer was excellent as it was all over the ship. This is a very good crew and we gladly tipped extra to all because they earned it. I was also allowed to tip in cash and not stuck with pre paid tipping (it is available if you want it). Chops Grill- we ate here for our 25th wedding anniversary and it was excellent.Nice staek and good seafood (extra charge). Except for us and one other couple, it was all officers and the show dancers. The dancers on this ship do what they want, when they want and only perform(3)times in two weeks. They all came into the dining room one night for dinner and we lost our assistant waiter who was told to serve them (What?). This really put extra pressure on our waiter and head waiter. They also use the passenger gym even though the crew has a gym. My issue with this is that the waiters, assistant waiters, cabin stewards and other staff (who work their butts off) don't get the same treatment. When all crew can eat in Chops then I'll be okay with it. Pool towels- you have to swipe your card every time you want a pool towel and will be charged $20 per towel if you don't return them by the end of the trip. My suggestion is to get as many as you want and just ask to exchange then each time. On the last day of the trip make sure you get the pool attendant to clear your account. They don't give receipts. RCI is ridiculous with pool towels (on all ships) and it is annoying. Bright side the pool deck is big and the Solarium Pool is very nice as well. I used the Gym most days and it was very nice for an older ship. The spa was used by my wife twice and the ladies were super nice and friendly. They run a lot of specials and we had one pre-pay treatment. We were given the price of the special and got a credit back because it was discounted during our cruise. That was very nice of the spa staff. Cabins-Showing age but very clean. You have plenty of hidden space for storage and you can fit most suit cases under the beds if you lift up on the bed. I didn't like the safe because you had to use a credit card to lock it. But I dealt with it. They were your typical 1990 cabins and okay for the time you spend. I did ask the cabin steward to add some foam padding the first night to get ride of the lump in the mattress. It worked out fine and I slept well. The ship goes to dry dock in December and I'm sure bedding will be addressed. Entertainment-all headliner acts were very good and you had a magician, comics, singers and some first rum movies played on the big screen in the main theater. The Cruise Director John seems like a great guy until you have an issue. He then hides from you and lets the Assistant Pursuer take the heat. His staff and the activities were pretty weak. Overall the trip was very nice. Tortola, Antigua, St Marrten, St. Thomas, San Juan and Espanola all beat a day in the office any time. If you go to the beaches on any of these islands, use a cab, you are safe and it saves you a ton of money. You can find cabs and other passengers who will go with you right on the pier. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
We arrived at the Port of Baltimore right around 10:30. We met several friends in line waiting for the parking lot to open. After a short wait we proceeded to drop off the luggage, park the car, and head into the terminal building. The ... Read More
We arrived at the Port of Baltimore right around 10:30. We met several friends in line waiting for the parking lot to open. After a short wait we proceeded to drop off the luggage, park the car, and head into the terminal building. The staff in the Terminal has the check in process down to a science. Once again, it was a very quick check in and then a short wait for boarding to begin. We went straight to the Windjammer for lunch. We hooked up with some friends and had no problem finding a table. Cabins would be available at 1:30 so we waited in the Internet Cafe. Our Cabin Stewart, Jose, came by and introduced himself and asked if we had a special requests -- we needed more pillows. He made sure our cabin was made up right after we left for breakfast and dinner. We started to unpack our carry-on since our luggage hadn't arrived yet. This was unusual because it has been at our Cabin before when we arrived. Muster Drill was very short; in fact, it was shorter than the time we spent waiting for other passengers to arrive. Then off to the Sail-Away party where Katrina (Activity Director) got everyone dancing. At dinner we met our Waiter, Santos, and Assistant Waiter, Mylene. I have nothing but great things to say about this duo. They are probably the best wait staff we have had yet. They got to know all of our names and our individual needs. We had three great sea days. It was warm enough the first day for people to be in and around the pool. I played Bingo and we visited the Casino a lot. Since we were in a Grand Suite we had access to the Concierge Lounge. Reyno, the Concierge, had emailed us prior to boarding outlining the Perks with a G.S. He acknowledged everyone as they entered and made you feel welcomed. The Lounge is very small and you have to get there 15-10 minutes early to get a seat. Since we were traveling with friends we split our time between the Concierge Lounge and the Viking Crown Lounge where they held a nightly Diamond Event. The crew on EOS is the very best; they go overboard to make sure you have a good cruise. They all say Hello and have a smile on their faces. The food was okay. RCCL has gone downhill in that department. We went to CHOPS twice and that was excellent. EOS is showing her age but doesn't detract from your cruise experience. She is due for dry dock in December. We went to five different Ports. Tortola, St. Maarten, St. Johns, St. Thomas, San Juan, and Labadee. We rented a Cabana at Barefoot Beach. This was our third time renting and it was great. The upgraded buffet was very crowded since LOS was also there and Nellie's Beach guests were able to eat at the upgraded buffet. We had a wonderful time coming back into Baltimore. We love the sea days. There is always something to do. The Quest was played on the fifth day instead of the next to last. It was the night before a Port and that made for a very late night and early morning. Disembarktion was extremely easy and we were off the ship and home by 9:30am. Once again a great time was had on Enchantment. Looking forward to sailing on her again. A great bunch of Cruise Critic Members made the trip even more enjoyable. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
This was a 12 day southern Caribbean cruise on Enchantment of the Seas out of Baltimore. As we live an hour away from the port, we drove to the pier and took advantage of the $15 a day parking. Nothing like being able to walk off the ... Read More
This was a 12 day southern Caribbean cruise on Enchantment of the Seas out of Baltimore. As we live an hour away from the port, we drove to the pier and took advantage of the $15 a day parking. Nothing like being able to walk off the ship when the cruise is over, get in the car, and head for home. We arrived around 11:30. Baggage handling and parking went smoothly. Once in the terminal the security line was a bit long, but once past the x-rays, the Diamond line was quick and we were on the ship and chatting with other Cruise Critic folks by noon. Nice operation. We had an oceanview cabin on deck four, a few doors behind the Champagne Bar. Easy to find and convenient for the debark. Nice size, adequate storage, everything worked. The service on this ship from the cabin stewards and the dining room wait staff to the bartenders in the various venues was first class. However for the first time I have to say that the food in the Windjammer was better than the dining room. The first few days showed promise, but then the stroganoff had pickles and beets in it again. Really? I know the curries are used for the vegetarian option, but sometimes a nice lamb or chicken curry would be nice. Nine out of the twelve days, the vegetarian Indian option in the dining room contained cauliflower. Did RCCL buy a lot of this on sale or what? Anyway we opted for Chops Grille twice to avoid the dining room menu and were not disappointed. The only criticism at Chops was that the fish items tended to be overcooked; I'd stick to the beef. Chops is well worth the upcharge. Being a 12 day cruise, the passengers were mostly retired folks. Because of this the early seating was moved up to 5:30 instead of 6pm. It just made the time between dinner and the nightly entertainment longer. It would be nice if management would run a poll of their passengers on the longer cruises to see if this is what they really want. No one I spoke to, even some very elderly folks, were pleased about this. One more thing on dining. This twelve day cruise had three formal nights. Yeah, I know some folks just love to play dress up, but this was the Caribbean. No matter how well the air-conditioning works, some areas of the ship get hot and humid and a suit and tie in humid conditions is not a vacation to me. Another reason for going to Chops (where currently it is always "sharp casual") or the Windjammer. I actually skipped "lobster night" to avoid that third formal night. Please reconsider, RCCL, two is enough. About our fellow passengers. We knew we were sailing with a number of friends from past cruises and we met many new friends as well. Most of the passengers were delightful. However we also endured a few of the rudest folks I've ever seen on a cruise. Someone collapsed in the dining room and while the staff were ministering to them some "gentleman" from another table got up with a camera to videotape it. A good friend of ours was knocked to the ground on the gangway by an oblivious person pulling along luggage. They didn't even look back. The staff, as usual, were quick to respond. The ports were Tortola (BVI), Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, San Juan, and Labadee in Haiti. We did a ship sponsored island tour in Tortola. It was very good, but we are finding that all the islands in the Caribbean are beginning to look alike. In Antigua a group of us from Cruise Critic did a private tour with a local outfit one of us had used before, Lawrence of Antigua. Lots of fun, especially as we all knew each other. And the operator had refreshments for us including beer and rum punch. At the rest of the ports we just walked around and shopped or had lunch ashore. If you like Spanish tapas with a Caribbean slant, try Meson Amelia in Palm Passage in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas. It was our new place for lunch this trip. We liked it a lot. Enchantment provided quality entertainment. We saw a couple of really good comedians, Haines Magic and a juggler. We usually go directly to the theatre from dinner (early seating) as since this ship was stretched and more cabins added, the shortage of seats in the theatre has become pronounced. You actually see fights over saved seats. I wish staff would enforce the "no saved seats" policy, but I've never seen them say a word about it. Really, if your friends and family want a seat, then they should come early and sit in it. The passenger participation shows like the Love & Marriage game (think the "Newlywed Game") and the Quest (an adult stationary scavenger hunt) held in the nightclub are lots of fun. Our group won a gold ribbon in the Quest. Live music was everywhere on Enchantment and it was great. From the piano player in the Schooner Bar, the band in the Centrum, the Rosario Strings, and the steel band at the pool, having live music really made a difference. We also noticed more lectures and more movies being shown in the afternoons in the theatre. Nice selections too, WAR HORSE, TOWER HEIST, J. EDGAR; something for everyone. Lots of activities on this cruise; trivia games; Win, Lose or Draw (like Pictionary); beading; watercolor painting; dance lessons. If anyone was bored, they weren't trying. While the voyage south had a couple of rough days (always near Cape Hatteras), the return trip was all calm seas. Cruising in March always carries this risk. It is always best to come prepared with the seasickness meds. Disembarkation was amazing. We carried our bags off ourselves at 7am. We were through customs and in the car by 7:15 and home by 8:15. All in all a good cruise and a great experience. So much in fact that many of our group are booking the 12 day one again in 2014; we're just waiting for the schedule to be published. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
I have sailed with RCI over 50 times, with a number of those trips on Enchantment. I like Enchantment as it is one of RCI's smaller ships and has a Concierge Lounge - both of which are important to me. Embarkation in Baltimore is ... Read More
I have sailed with RCI over 50 times, with a number of those trips on Enchantment. I like Enchantment as it is one of RCI's smaller ships and has a Concierge Lounge - both of which are important to me. Embarkation in Baltimore is easy, terminal is a short, $40, taxi ride from BWI, embarkation formalities were easy and quick, now if only RCI would do something about its very delayed (on all ships) luggage delivery. This time, shorter than most, it took 4 1/2 hrs. even though my Diamond Plus tags are supposed to ensure priority delivery. First its time to check table assignment, and in my case make a change, and then its off to the very crowded Windjammer Buffet for lunch. Cabins available at 1:30 pm., safety drill at 3:15, and underway at 5 pm for three days at sea. Entire trip was very "RCI", all OK, nothing special, constant attempts to "sell", so-so food in Dining Room and Windjammer, excellent friendly service from crew, tired and old shows, headline entertainers that I had seen many times before, a poor destination lecturer, good Cruise Director and staff, overpriced shore excursions, great experience on Labadee - their "Private Island". I was particularly upset that as part of the constant attempts to "sell" that the Spa Director and "Dr. Botox" were paraded thru the Concierge Lounge and interrupted our cocktail time to "visit" and sell their wares. Also on many RCI ships little extras, e.g. fruit bowls, snack trays etc. are sent to their most senior cruisers - but not on Enchantment. Even those is the best suites mentioned that the only beverages in their cabins were one bottle of water and little else. Cutbacks are everywhere and all pervading e.g. you have to "request" ice service, suite passengers must "request" stationary etc. RCI has also again raised the surcharge in Chops (their steakhouse) to $30.00. As a result the first time I ate there I was the ONLY customer, the second time there were two other tables being occupied. Does it ever occur to the 'bean counters" that constantly raising prices leads people to stay away? Overall yes a good cruise because price is right, and friendly service and Concierge Lounge make the other irritants worth putting up with.. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
This was first time cruise for me and I WAS NOT Disappointed! I booked my cruise with a cruise travel agent which made it extremely easy from start to finish. The ship was very clean when we boarded and kept that way during the entire ... Read More
This was first time cruise for me and I WAS NOT Disappointed! I booked my cruise with a cruise travel agent which made it extremely easy from start to finish. The ship was very clean when we boarded and kept that way during the entire trip. They were very timely in leaving the port of departure and returning on time. Every thing was so organized from the moment we stepped on board to the time we left. Our cabin attendant kept us informed everyday with the Compass to let us know what was going on and how to do our luggage when we departed. Dining/Food The food at the Windjammer was pretty much the same from day to day. I heard the Chinese food that was served every other day was great but I did not get a chance to try it. Longer breakfast hours would be a real plus if they were extended a bit more. Lunch in the Windjammer was pretty much the same day to day as well. Great place to order a fresh omelet with whatever you want in it or an egg over easy, etc. very fresh! My Fair Lady was great! We ate dinner there every night and had the 6pm assigned eating time. The other meal time is 8:30 or you can chose "My Time" and eat when you chose. I enjoyed the set time because we ate at the same table and with the same people every night. We had a fantastic table with great conversation and we made a bunch of new friends. Our head waiter, Peter was very nice and helpful. He even gave all the women at he table a copy of the chilled soup recipes! The chilled soups served daily at dinner were outstanding! Every night of the 12 day cruise had a new chilled soup and I looked forward to that as my starter every night. Our Table waiter was Indra and he was from Indonesia. He was unbelievably great. He remembered all our names, and was so attentive and helpful. He had a great sense of humor. He brought us extra desserts each night so we could actually taste each dessert. we could not have asked for a better waiter! His assistant waiter was Oswald and he was outstanding as well! He even remembered what each of us drank every night for the dinner and exactly what flavor of tea we preferred. Can't ask for better than that! Food selection was great too, good variety to choose from. One night I did not like my fish and Indra went back a got me a new dinner of something else I chose. So accommodating! Breakfast at My Fair Lady was great too. The pancakes were terrific and so were the eggs benedict and the salmon, capers and cream cheese on a bagel.Eating formally at breakfast was a nice change from the Windjammer. If you have time in the morning My Fair Lady was great but if you were in a rush or don't eat much breakfast than the Windjammer would suit you better. Lunch at My Fair Lady was wonderful too. The make your own salad was phenomenal. The servers actually make your salad for you; you just pick out the ingredients and they put it together for you and mix it. Stateroom Quality Staterooms were great, plenty of room and lots and lots of storage. The towel animals were fun and entertaining. Our cabin attendant ,Tanya from Bulgaria, was very friendly and accommodating as well. Our room was immaculate every day with clean towels even though we did not ask for clean towels. The shower was a bit small but how much time do you spend in the shower anyway! Ship Staff Quality The ship staff were very pleasant. every time you passed by one they smiled and greeted us with pleasantries. They are very hard workers and they will help in any way they can. They were always willing to stop and say hello and ask if we needed any assistance. The people at the Guest Services desk were fantastic as well helping us on excursions and recommending the best ones for what interested us. Entertainment & Activities The entertainment was pretty good even though I never heard of any of the entertainers. I especially enjoyed the magic show and the comedian with his duck! Very funny! Activities were pretty good, lots of bingo, karaoke, and singers all over the ship. Good for the older crowd but not much for the younger crowds. It was hard to get a seat if you were going to the shows because they filled up real fast. People would claim their seat an hour or more before the shows. And even though they say you cannot save seats and it is first come, first serve, people do it on a regular basis and save not one seat but 4-6 seats. Shows generally ran 45 minutes to an hour. There was a shopping guide on board the ship, Paige, who did a few shows on how to shop in all the ports we went to. She was extremely helpful and handed out discounts like they were candy. She gave some great talks and told us where the best shopping and prices were. I was very pleased with my purchases and the prices I paid and all the freebies along the way. I really enjoyed the library for some quiet time and I found the trivia and Sudoku puzzles fun to do everyday. The fitness gym was small but than it was never full of people and machines were always available. They had just about everything machine you would need or want. The attendants were very friendly and helpful. I did not use the Spa but I was told it was very nice and chairs overlooking the water were very relaxing. They had a variety of different treatments to chose from at very affordable prices for a spa. Pools and Sunning The selection of pools was good for kids as well as adults. There was plenty of seating if you got there early on the sunny days otherwise you might have to go to the upper deck 10 to get a lounge chair. I did not go in the jacuzzi but they were well used from what I saw throughout the weeks. The bar attendants were johnny on the spot to get you drinks from the bar. The solarium was nice if you wanted to stay out of the sun or if it was a breezy or cool day outside. Overall it was a great trip! I would definitely cruise with Royal Caribbean International again and again. Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
We just returned from a 12 night sailing out of Baltimore to the Southern Caribbean. Previously we had sailed out of NYC in the winter on both Holland American and the Explorer of the Seas. For a change of pace, we decided to try sailing ... Read More
We just returned from a 12 night sailing out of Baltimore to the Southern Caribbean. Previously we had sailed out of NYC in the winter on both Holland American and the Explorer of the Seas. For a change of pace, we decided to try sailing from Baltimore as we are equidistant from both NY and Baltimore. Arrival at the port was quite easy. We dropped off our luggage and proceeded into the terminal for check-in. Having Emerald status allowed us to get into a priority line and move quickly through the process. We then walked over to the gangway which started at ground level, but wound up ramps through four decks to enter the Enchantment on deck 4. A woman on a "scooter" in front of us had some difficulty going upward along the ramps. There was a handicapped entrance on Deck 1, but it seemed that no one had offered her that option. Once on board, we were not able to get into our cabin until 1:30 so we went up to the Windjammer for lunch. It was mobbed and it took a few minutes to find a vacant table. Once seated, much to our pleasant surprise, a waiter came right over and offered to retrieve drinks for us. That was a great touch whenever we ate in the Windjammer. There was plenty of food, but nothing particularly exceptional. When we got into our cabin, we were quite pleased that the bed was closer to the door and the sofa was by the window. I have no idea why all outside and veranda cabins on all ships are not set up that way. With the sofa by the balcony door, we could sit there and watch the ocean when it was too cold or dark to be outside. Unlike on other ships, there was no light for the balcony. There was also plenty of space for our clothes and sundries in the cabin and I tend to over-pack so that is saying a lot! We did hang up as much as possible, but still had empty drawers and shelves and plenty of closet space. Usually we use every cubby hole and drawer for our things so this was great. The furnishings were not bad, but the bathroom was kind of beat up and in need of refurbishment. Our TV was not a flat screen and so small, as one of the comedians put it, you could steal it in a fanny pack. Surprisingly this ship uses curtains not the round shower doors, but the floor stayed fairly dry when using it. Our cabin attendant was great and took care of everything we asked him to do with a smile on his face. He helped make our voyage a very pleasant one. We had requested a large table during the late seating. We usually travel along and find a fixed seating a great way to meet people. The table was set for eight, but only two other couples arrived. The others did not want the maitre'd to add anyone and we went along with this so the next night they moved us to a smaller table for six. Our table was located on deck 5 where most of the guest were part of the "anytime" dining, but we liked being up there much better. Our waiter was very efficient, but sometimes rather grumpy. He was asked to stay aboard for an extra 2 months and he was finally headed home after our sailing. The assistant waiter was always pleasant and knew to bring our iced tea, lemonade and lemon for the water for everyone who needed it. Also, the others at our table had requested olives so from the second night on, we were served a large plates of olives, tomatoes, onions and mozzarella cheese. That made for a nice start to each meal, especially when there were no appealing appetizers or soups on the regular menu. There was plenty of food, but the quality has gone downhill over the years. Each year, they seem to eliminate more items. At the Windjammer, they did not put out smoked salmon; you had to ask someone for that. This year no lamb chops were served and on one of the formal nights, the menu was incredibly awful. Not only our table, but those all around us were returning 2 and 3 entrees in the hope of finding something decent to eat. The next day, many people at the various seatings all complained of the same issue. Desserts were uniformly fair with only the occasional fabulous item. The Royal Caribbean chefs seem to have trouble making a simple cake; they are all rather "custardy" and gooey. The Enchantment could use some refurbishing overall. In one of the lounges, the springs were literally popping out of the chairs. We had to keep switching seats to find one that was decent. Those things do not take a major dry dock to fix. There are not enough public restrooms and the ladies rooms were always crowded with full trash cans. The cruise director, John, and his wife, Katrina, the activities director, did a great job of keeping us entertained throughout our voyage. There were many varied activities throughout the day and the shows with guest entertainers were wonderful. All of the comedians were hysterical and the variety of types of shows was pleasant. We were somewhat disappointed in the production shows. The costumes were great, but otherwise the shows were rather mundane. Essentially we enjoyed our voyage on the Enchantment despite our disappointment with the food and the subtle, but noticeable cutbacks. We already reserved another trip because we really enjoy cruising and love the long 12 day trips where we do not have to fly. If you are looking for a cruise that is a decent value with good service, try the Enchantment. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
This was our second cruise with Royal Caribbean, and the second on board the Enchantment of the Seas. We live in Virginia Beach, so not having to fly to the port is an advantage. My parents were celebrating their 40th anniversary and the ... Read More
This was our second cruise with Royal Caribbean, and the second on board the Enchantment of the Seas. We live in Virginia Beach, so not having to fly to the port is an advantage. My parents were celebrating their 40th anniversary and the last time they cruised was 37 years ago. We were traveling with our 5 yr old son as well. We stayed the night before in the Holiday Inn Express by the Stadiums in Baltimore, free parking for 7 nights and $5/night after that. Free Breakfast and shuttle to/from the pier, and they handled our bags for us- what could be better? Morning of debarkation- Very easy, couldn't be any easier. We arrived at the port at 11am and my parents were on board before 11:30 ( My mom is in a wheel chair, so they were given priority boarding) We met them at the Windjammer by noon. We remembered last year the Windjammer was overrun with people on the first day and that was true again, but due to it being chilly outside, no one wanted to eat outside, so it was even more crowded than I thought it would be. Chaos is a good word to describe it. Our cabin was great, Large window and our son loved the Pullman bed and the ladder. The shower was great- no curtain that attacked us like last year (inside cat N) but rounded doors that our son also loved playing in. My parents cabin 4578 was a handicapped cabin and that was a very large room, lots of space for the wheelchair to move around in and the bathroom was very large- my parents were pleased with their cabin as well. The food was good. My husband is a very picky eater and he was pleased with seafood they offered. We ate dinners in the dinning room and lunches anytime they were served in the dinning room as well. The Windjammer food was good- I had a salad every day, and preferred the awesome salad bar in the dining room to the buffet hands down. For dessert every night I would get a plate of fruit which was always good. My husband was a little disappointed in the desserts though. We have to rave about the children's program on board. The Adventure Ocean program is why we cruised with Royal again. They had amazing hours 9-12, 2-5 & 7-10pm which meant my husband and I could really relax and enjoy ourselves. Our son LOVED going to Adventure Ocean and would cry when we would come to pick him up to leave. The teachers were nice, always had interesting and fun projects for the kids to do and were very helpful anytime there was an issue. Our son had a potty accident and were so nice and discreet about it to the other kids, and they gave him an Adventure ocean t-shirt and shorts to wear until we came to get him. Also, Family time dining is outstanding. The waitstaff would literally race to see who could bring our son his dinner first. Every night we would sit down, there would be 2 beautiful cups of cut of fruit for our son to eat at his place. The waiter, the assistant waiter and even our head waiter would ask what he was having, even before the adult menus were handed out. By the time the adults were ordering dinner- his food would be brought out, and our waiter and head waiter or assistant waiter would cut up his meat for him. As a mom, it was awesome to see them working so hard to make him feel special, and give me a break. At 6:40 every night, we would bring our son to the front of the dining hall where a worker from Adventure ocean would be there to pick up the kids so we could eat dinner together as a family, and then he would go to the evening session, and my husband and my parents were then able to enjoy some adult conversation and a wonderful dinner with out a tired 5 year old. It was amazing. The service on board was always very good- we were always treated very well, and with mom in the wheel chair - the staff did everything possible to help her out. The entertainment was good- we saw most of the shows, nothing outstanding, but a good way to spend the evening. The shops on board were nice, the liquor was very reasonably priced, and they guarantee the price, so if you find a cheaper price in port- they will match the price. My husband and I really enjoyed the pools, the rock climbing wall and the bungee trampolines- all were very fun and hardly had any wait at all. We would be in the hot tubs in the mornings and there was usually no one with us. The age of the guests were definitely older on this cruise that on our last cruise. We were one of a handful of couples under 35. We enjoyed the live music in the bars and in the centrum, and just enjoyed the slower pace of the cruise. Many days we would find ourseves in the Viking Crown reading or on the sun deck reading and talking. Mom and dad liked the movies they showed the afternoons, and mom did a Tia-Chi class for the first time ever (we really saw my mom come out of her shell around day 6 or 7) Overall it was an outstanding vacation and it was great to see my parents waited on hand and foot and really enjoying themselves as well. Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
We sailed the Enchantment of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) out of Baltimore. Great port to sail from, easy access, easy parking, etc. Nice ship, not in bad shape, some challenges getting from aft to forward on some decks - required going up ... Read More
We sailed the Enchantment of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) out of Baltimore. Great port to sail from, easy access, easy parking, etc. Nice ship, not in bad shape, some challenges getting from aft to forward on some decks - required going up or down one level, but not a major problem. We had an oceanview room, deck 2, forward. Not much movement, just enough to lull you to sleep at night. But the climb up the stairs in the morning to deck 9, Windjammer Cafe, was tough to do after about the 4th day. Must have been all the food I ate. We try to only use the elevators when first boarding with carry-ons and when leaving with carry-ons as well. Room was nice, nothing extraordinary but planty of storage space, just what one would expect on a ship. Older tube TV, but the downside was that there was no interface to check our onboard account using the TV - you had to go to the Guest Relations Desk to do that. The food onboard in all of the venues was very good, not gourmet, but again, what we expected of Royal Caribbean. Food was available at all hours, after 2am one could order from room service. My only disappointment was that there was escargot at dinner only on 2 nights, and we had to ask for the 2nd night. I was spoiled by Celebrity last year having had escargot EVERY night in the MDR. Bar service on this ship was mediocre to poor. When you consider that a ship obtains a majority of it's onboard revenue from bar sales, the beverage department on the Enchantment seems to be running at a loss. No bar on the ship ever had more than one bartender at any time, and this caused long waits when the bartender had more than 2 people to serve, make their drinks, create a bill to be signed, yada yada. I guess I'm just used to American bar service, where no one goes unnoticed at a bar for more than 30 seconds. But again, not a terrible issue, since it kept my bar tab for the voyage lower than usual. Entertainment on the ship was terrific, every night there was a good show, and there were 2 late night adult themed shows as well. Kudos to the entire entertainment staff - job well done! Labadie, Haiti - Their private island, lots of nice beaches, food was fair - a bit cold, brought from the ship. But we were there for the sun and sand and surf. Don't let the vendors intimidate you - just them "no comprende" or "no money". Puerto Rico - we were there from 2pm to 10pm, which allowed for some time to walk around Old San Juan, see some sights, and then have dinner at a traditional local restaurant. We chose Toro Salao, in Old San Juan, and 6 of us had a terrific meal, great food and drinks, in a wonderful atmosphere. This restaurant is highly recommended by us, check out their web site. St Thomas - we had a snorkel trip planned, but the weather was not co-operating so it was cancelled. We spent the afternoon walking around in the shops near the pier. St Maarten - we did a land and beach tour with Joyce Prince and it was one of the best excursions we have done in St Maarten, having visited there at least 4 times. Joyce has a web site, you can google her. She personally does the tour and has exceptional knowledge of the island, both the French and Dutch sides. She will tailor the tour to whatever your group wants - we were a group of 10 and had a terrific time. Also took us to a terrific local restaurant on the French side, Lolos, where we had a great lunch. Consider Joyce Prince to be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Of course, we made sure to visit Orient Beach, the clothing optional beach, where it apparently was senior citizen day - average age was 60!! (that's all I'll say about that!!) Antigua - (pronounced Anteega) we booked the Best of Paradise Island Tour with Gordon. Our tour with Gordon began at 9:30 am.We had no problems finding Gordon--at his designated meeting place-- on the boardwalk, wearing his straw hat. About 20 minutes later, we boarded Gordon's bus. We were a group of 17 which I put together on Cruise Critic before we sailed. Gordon had a cooler filled with soft drinks and water. As we departed from the cruise ship pier, we drove through St. John's, the capital of Antigua and passed the monument of V.C. Bird, the first Prime Minister of Antigua and its sister island Barbuda. Gordon then proceeded to take us to an abundance of historical sites in Antigua, and provided an excellent narration of facts and anecdotes. Our last stop was Long Bay Beach. We spent 1 hour there. Great beach, very clean, water was crystal clear, no hucksters on the beach. During the course of the day Gordon offered us delicious sour bread with cheese and fresh, juicy pineapple, and beef and chicken patties, and whatever beverages we wanted (soft drinks). Overall, we had a great day touring the island with Gordon. Gordon was an excellent guide. He kept his eye on everyone in the group and explained points of interest at all the stops. Tortola - this port had to be the highlight of our cruise. A number of us had made arrangements with a local tour operator for a beach/snorkel tour. But in late October the operator stopped communicating with everyone - no emails, no operating phone number. One person in our group came to the rescue. He quickly arranged to charter a catamaran which was large enough for 34 of us, plus a captain and mate - 2 delightful people, who served us well. We had the catamaran to ourselves for over 5 hours, all the liquid refreshment we wanted - water, soda, beer, rum punches and painkillers!! We sailed to one beach, got over an hour of beach time there, then went to another part of Jost Van Dyke to snorkel for about an hour or so. Lots of great coral and fish to be seen in that area. On the catamaran we sang, we sunned, we drank and had a terrific time with our group. All in all, this was a great cruise, and little blips we encountered were all overshadowed by the good ports, great people and fun time we had. Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
We arrive at the Baltimore by car at approx 1000a.m. At that point they were only allowing vehicles that were dropping off passengers to enter. Finally at approx 1045a.m. the gates were opened and we were officially "on ... Read More
We arrive at the Baltimore by car at approx 1000a.m. At that point they were only allowing vehicles that were dropping off passengers to enter. Finally at approx 1045a.m. the gates were opened and we were officially "on vacation!" Dropping off the lugguage was easy, then drove to the designated parking lot where we paid for parking, locked the doors then headed inside. WITH SEAPASSS and PASSPORT in hand, we entered the terminal quickly. It was still rather early, but the terminal was busy. We only waited in line for about 5 minutes then it was our turn to check in and receive our keycards. The Baltimore terminal is one of the best we have traveled from. They are always friendly...very efficient and orderly. We sat in our designated area and enjoyed a cookie w/coffee (I had water), and chatted with our friends...and making new ones. This is why we love to cruise...you meet great people! We started boarding shortly afterward and everyone heads to deck 9 for the Windjammer to have lunch while waiting for rooms to be available at 1:30. It's now 1:30 and the doors to the deck hallways have now been opened. Our room is midship, right where I like to be. Was a little disappointed that this room was a "connecting" room. This meant that we only had a small chair rather than a small sofa in the room. Otherwise, the room worked out great. One of our friends surprised us with a bag of decorations to help jazz up the room. Our attendant got a big kick out of that! One thing we used to do was put the luggage in the closet which really took up alot of needed space. Now, under the bed they go. Our attendant, Dennis, was a very nice man...very happy to help and did everything he could to make a trip a good one. Something I learned from another cruiser was to leave some goodies on the bed each morning before the attendant would come in. Each day I left something different...a couple pieces of hard candy one day, chocolate the next...and he loved it!! After all, he was working hard to please us, I wanted to make his day a little sweeter! Meals on the Enchantment were good...but there is always room for improvement. Six of us went to Chops one evening...a must do!!! I had the shrimp cocktail and the filet mignon...it was wonderful!! THEN, the red velvet cake (which had to go back to the room with me). One of our friends had the chocolate cake which was awesome. Chops is now $30 per person and worth every cent of it (your gratuity is included!) Our first excursion was in St Thomas. We took a pirate ship named "BONES" out and went snorkling. AWESOME!! huge turtles and gorgeous fish. My favorite excursion was to the most beautiful beach I had ever step foot on in Samana, Cayo Levantodo. The sand was like stepping on marshmellow fluff. I never sat in the beach chair once...I stayed in the water for hours. It was totally awesome! We had another great day in Labadee. Our friends invited us to spend the day with them in an "over-the-water" cabana. The beach was not as nice as the one in Samana...very rocky and there was alot of debris in the water. We hit some rocky weather returning to Baltimore. VERY windy out on the upper deck but other than that it was not a bad ride home at all. Captain Gus kept us well informed of what was ahead of us and what to expect. We arrived back in Baltimore right on time. We decided to take our own luggage off. Good idea? Maybe. They had those passengers taking luggage off lining up around the centrum, ending at the elevators. Those of us getting off the elevators had no where to go, therefore, MANY of us were blocking others who needed/wanted to use the elevators. That 10 minutes of standing, being pushed, or being grumpled at almost took the good edge off of a good cruise. Once we started moving, well, the cruise was still good...but it was over. We soared into the terminal, met w/customs, then out to the car and home. Will we sail again with RCCL and on the Enchantment? Yep, in Jan, Mar, and Jul of 2012!!! Come join us!! Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
From check-in to our departure, we totally enjoyed this cruise, its ports and its entire staff! Though the ship is aging and has a few bumps and bruises, it is well maintained by a fine crew. The Inside Cabin is small at 145 sq. ft. ... Read More
From check-in to our departure, we totally enjoyed this cruise, its ports and its entire staff! Though the ship is aging and has a few bumps and bruises, it is well maintained by a fine crew. The Inside Cabin is small at 145 sq. ft. and the shower is minuscule. However, I cannot compliment this crew enough. The captain is the best captain of any cruise we've sailed. Professionally he brought us through some rough seas and personally he was always enjoyable and accessible. He even visited the quilting group on board for about a half hour! He was happy and jovial and gave us some very fun words of wisdom each day. Almost every person with a RCI name tag on was personable and friendly and happy! The cruise director, John was a step above as well. He and his wife were always quite entertaining and never pushy. The shows provided each evening were high quality, especially the ships own dancers and singers. DO NOT MISS THEIR PRODUCTIONS! From the stage sets, to the costumes, to the choreography, the band, the lighting and the talent - they were fabulous. The casino was fun too. All of the dealers were personable and made me losing my money not seem so bad! The ports of call were good. We are simply beach bums as we have done all of the excursions that we care to do. We found nice beaches at each port. Sorry I cannot report on shore excursions. The food, except for Chops Grill - see below, was exceptional. The variety and quality were among the best on any ship. The service was outstanding - never rushed, but always highly professional. Maybe silly to some, but both my husband and I commented on the ships temperature all around the ship - not hot or cold, always comfortable. We also found the Enchantment a nice size and easy to navigate - no pun intended! One of the highlights of the trip was participating (for the first time) in Cruise Critics Meet & Mingle. KUDOS to the volunteers who arranged the activities!!! We had a grab bag, a cabin crawl so you could see all the different types of cabins, our own slot tournament and one of the organizers even made us our own decorated door sign. The veterans even had gifts for us in their cabins. It sure made for a fun day at sea. The Enchantment even gave away some prizes at the Meet & Mingle too. We did NOT have a good experience in Chops Grill however. The service was poor, my husband's steak was not edible as it was full of grizzle. My steak was nothing special at all - surely not one of "the best steaks at sea." The appetizers were very good as was the dessert. We visit the special dining rooms on all of the ships we sail and this one would rank right at the bottom. We did not complain, but were never asked if all was to our liking. We feel that the waiter should have noticed my husbands steak was not consumed - though it did look a mess on the plate from trying to cut it! Then as we were eating our desserts our waiter did apologize for his poor service and went on to complain about Royal Caribbean and how they are short staffed always. So, poor service, bad food and an inefficient and complaining waiter. Certainly not worth the $30 pp surcharge - not even close! This was the only RCI employee that let us down. I guess nobody is perfect. Overall, we found the Enchantment of the Seas very enchanting and will return some day. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
Let me start by saying that I really like RCCL...and after this trip, I still think they are the best when it comes to the care, comfort, safety and security of their passengers. I'll touch on this a little more later. The folks ... Read More
Let me start by saying that I really like RCCL...and after this trip, I still think they are the best when it comes to the care, comfort, safety and security of their passengers. I'll touch on this a little more later. The folks at the Port of Baltimore are always the best! They are helpful, friendly and efficient. Again, I will touch on this a little more later as well. Our stateroom was great...great location on the 4th deck behind the Champagne Bar...and believe it or not, even with all the LOUD activities in the Centrum (just four doors away), we barely heard a thing! Our friends had this cabin last year and after seeing it, we decided to book it for this trip. Once again I have to give the dinner menu a B-...they really need to step things up. The menu is really getting old and for those of us who like to cruise often, we would like newer choices without having to spend more money in another venue to enjoy a descent meal...then again, maybe this is their intention. With that said, I must say we had THE BEST wait staff we have ever had! Santos and Mylene were awesome! Whatever we asked for, we got it! And what's up with having THREE formal nights?!? Really! Does requiring formal attire make the so-so food taste any better?? Even the lobster was a little disappointing. Among the Ports of Call, St. Thomas is one of our favorites. We booked an excursion to Sapphire Beach where we got a nice view of the island while driving to/from the beach. At the beach we lounged in the sun, snorkeled, enjoyed a drink before heading back to the ship. It is one of our favorite things to do there. I finally got my nerve to parasail in Labadee...only to be shut down by high seas/winds. Although I was disappointed, I was happy that someone put my safety ahead of the $$ they were now missing out on. Oh well, we'll see if the nerve is still there next time! Now on to something I have never had to report on a cruise. I have never come across so may rude and ugly people as I did on this particular cruise...and I'm talking about the passengers! I watched people pushing others, saying nasty things to others, and my personal encounter with a woman (alone with two HUGE suitcases and a carry-on) in such a big hurry to disembark that she knocked me over with her luggage and just kept on rolling!! This after we helped her come down the ramp because she could not handle it all alone! What can I say...this was the icing on the cake of rude and ugly. Let me say one thing people...we are all in search of the same thing. We all paid a lot of money and took time away from everyday life to relax and enjoy ourselves, spend time with new/old friends, and experience things we don't get to experience on a daily basis. If you can't leave that crap home then PLEASE, take a trip by yourselves somewhere where others don't have to listen to you. I hear they may be offering trips to the moon for people like yourselves! Let's talk about RCCL and the Port of Baltimore and how they care for the safety/security of their passengers. We witnessed several falls and heard several calls (in code). The crew on the Enchantment responded IMMEDIATELY. They always took swift action to insure the passenger was well taken care of, even if only precautionary. My own personal experience outside the terminal, when someone took me for a bowling pin and went for the strike, two Port personnel were on top of me in nano-seconds. With the assistance of several other passengers, I limped over to a bench (oh yes, I landed first square on both knees, then on my hands). The Port personnel offered medical assistance, and after we all determined that I was able to leave on my own, one of them personally escorted us thru customs, then helped us locate luggage, and even helped take a piece out to the car. They could not have done more!! My deepest gratitude goes to those who assisted. So for the most part, were it not for all our friends new/old, this trip would have been a bust. However, I did learn something new. I now know that ignorant people exist everywhere, even cruise ships. When I see them, I will smile and walk in the other direction. I will NOT give them permission to mess with my vacation. BTW, GO STARFLEET!! FRIENDS FOREVER! Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
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Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 4.5 4.0
Entertainment 3.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 4.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.0
Rates 4.0 4.2

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