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6 Princess Emerald Princess Luxury Cruise Reviews

The Alaskan Inside Passage cruise aboard the Emerald Princess was chosen as the cruise du jour for the month of August 2017. The weather forecast for August 20 - 27 was for temperatures ranging from 52o to 64o F. for our 20 August ... Read More
The Alaskan Inside Passage cruise aboard the Emerald Princess was chosen as the cruise du jour for the month of August 2017. The weather forecast for August 20 - 27 was for temperatures ranging from 52o to 64o F. for our 20 August departure from the Port of Seattle. On board the Emerald Princess, the atmosphere was bright, cheery and festive in an environment of luxury and cruise ship pampering to die for. It was a good day for cruising. We were welcomed aboard the Emerald Princess promptly upon our arrival and proceeded to our elegant stateroom on the Aloha, deck 12, that was ready in anticipation of our welcome-back arrival. As is the Princess ‘Captain’s Circle Elite’ travelers perk and tradition, there was a full complimentary bar setup, an upgraded balcony stateroom with an incredible view for those romantic, moonlit evenings when a nice cocktail and a quiet serenity make for special moments. We are always greeted soon after our arrival in our stateroom by our stateroom steward and this cruise was no exception. ‘Edward’ (from the Philippines) greeted us with a cheery “welcome back” in recognition of our Elite status and our 27th cruise with Princess. Edward assured us that he would serve our every need and then some, during our week-long cruise and we assured him we would graciously accept and enjoy his services. Having enjoyed the spectacular Emerald Princess on previous cruises (Southern Caribbean (2011) and Western Caribbean (2014)), we were excited to be re-joining the beautiful Emerald Princess for an Alaskan Inside Passage cruise, our 7th cruise to Alaska. It was clear to us that we had a perfect recipe for a fun cruise to ‘sea’ remote Alaskan port stop-overs as we plied the inside passage. Our cruise included stops in Ketchikan, cruising the scenic Tracey Arms Fjord and glacier, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria British Columbia, Canada then back to Seattle, Washington 7 days later. It was no secret to us that Captain Vicenzo Lubrano and the Emerald Princess staff would provide an incredible variety of entertainment and activities from line dancing and ballroom dancing, the quiet serenity and relaxation of the adults only ‘Sanctuary’ and the old world environment and charm of the breathtakingly elegant piazza with all of the splendor we’ve come to expect from a Princess cruise. Evenings on a luxury Princess Cruise are always spectacular, and this cruise was no exception. There is an ample population of youthful ‘eye candy’ for the young. The ‘Welcome aboard’ show hosted by the cruise director was punctuated by a ‘Princess Singers and Dancers’ superb production show and summary of all of the activities and adventures we had to look forward to in the next 7-days. In addition to solo entertainers, Las Vegas style productions are common on Princess Cruises and the Emerald Princess was no exception. Not only have we noticed continued high-quality stage productions, but there is always a refreshing rotation of a variety of entertainers to make every evening, an evening to remember. The Emerald Princess hosted many exciting entertainment venues on this Alaskan Inside Passage cruise. Aside from the always spectacular Princess Singers and Dancers there were cabaret musical duos, magic shows and game shows like ‘Voice of the Sea’ based loosely on the popular TV show ‘The Voice’, to please any entertainment palate. The entertainment was only beginning! A.J Jamal, comedian, amused us with his special brand of comedy that kept the entire audience in stitches for more than an hour. Then came an array of production shows to rock our ship-world: ‘Magic to Do’, a Disco Tribute – ‘Blame it on the Boogie’ and ‘Motor City’ – a Motown tribute that made you want to stand up and ‘shake that groove thing’. We found it impossible, after a production show, to leave the Princess Theater without a bounce in our step and a heart full of memories from bygone eras of great music. After the myriad of cruises that we’ve taken, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade for cruising like this one: 1. Identify a good travel agent and use him or her religiously; loyalty gleans generous rewards and terrific tips for great vacations. 2. Whether resort vacationing or cruising is your forte, a repeat performance at the same resort or with the same cruise line is generously rewarded with perks - loyalty counts. 3. Luxury resort vacations compete well with luxury cruise ships and may offer all-inclusive pricing that could include round-trip air fare. Our experience is with Barceló Hotels & Resorts and the Grand Mayan, luxury 5-star resorts in prestigious locations. They are all sure to please! 4. You can’t eat all the food made available on a cruise ship; don’t even try. 5. Remaining loyal to Princess Cruises will start paying dividends early but have significant impact beginning at the platinum level – the 5th Princess cruise. It’s well worth it. 6. Make your vacation and air travel commitment early e.g. 6-months before the vacation is to begin, longer if possible. It helps keep budget planning under control and facilitates uncompressed, last minute payment. 7. Check back with the airlines and cruise lines or travel agent frequently in advance of travel; prices change and you could benefit from a substantial refund if they do. Southwest Airlines is good at crediting refunds toward future flights. 8. Many cruise ships accommodate casinos. When possible, consent to player-club tracking. There are many rewards driven by the player-club tracking mechanisms in the form of cash rewards, free canapes, fruit, wine, iced bottles of champagne delivered to your room, stateroom upgrades and complimentary dinners at shipboard upscale specialty restaurants. 9. Don’t over pack. I never think I do but Peggy says that I always do. (I did this cruise, as usual!) 10. Take advantage of the activities and the shore adventures provided. If you leverage the purchase power of Princess Cruises for your reservation, if something goes wrong Princess Cruises will know about it and could delay a departure to accommodate an unexpected Princess Cruises sponsored adventure delay. 11. We always purchase the cruise travel insurance. It’s inexpensive peace of mind for unexpected events. 12. Finally, throughout your travel, the travel services people providing travel comfort along the way and that help make an ordinary vacation an exceptional vacation deserve your tipping generosity commensurate with the service provided. Tip them generously, because they made a difference, from the cab or shuttle driver to the airport, the baggage handler, stateroom steward, the casino ‘umgestalten’ – pit bosses and dealers. It’s important to mention here that in most cases, casino service providers make only $10.00/day. They make their monies on the tips given by the players so tip generously. A special thanks to Princess Cruises, Explore Cruise & Travel & to my wife, Peggy for another spectacular Princess Cruise – what an outstanding vacation cruise team - you’re the best. Epilogue: There are few things that I do that give me more enjoyment than reflecting on the life and times of Peggy & I. We do it every day when Peggy calls a ‘Happy Hour’ at 4:30 PM to get me away from whatever I’ve involved myself with throughout the day. At some point in our 37-years+ together, Peggy had an epiphany – if she could identify some event that we could both enjoy together, she would be able to pull me away from whatever I had been focused on and make me focus on just her - the epiphany came when she decided to have a daily cocktail hour and serve one of the 63+ martinis we have collected throughout our many cruises on Princess cruise ships. With 63+ libations at her disposal and at a burn rate of one martini selection per day, by the time day 63 rolls around we wouldn’t be able to remember what martini we enjoyed together on the first day and she could start all over again. It worked! Happy hour is our time together, focused on just us, reminiscing about our 37+ years, 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 27 Princess cruises together. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry and sometimes we just stare into each other’s eyes and remember our special life’s ride together, that we hope will never end. Just like we do for every Princess cruise. Read Less
Sail Date August 2017
My wife and I read previous reviews and were concerned. We need not have been. Anyone can find fault if they want too. The ship was in excellent condition, the service was excellent, the food was really good. We missed the shows as we ... Read More
My wife and I read previous reviews and were concerned. We need not have been. Anyone can find fault if they want too. The ship was in excellent condition, the service was excellent, the food was really good. We missed the shows as we were doing other things. I watched some of Payl McCartney on the big outside screen which was great. We went in the hot tubs and wow, they were hot too. We had breakfast in our mini suite twice. This was not bad. I used room service for late coffee and cookies twice. They arrived within 10 mins. We were on Dolphin D419 with no noise from lifts. The ship is well maintained and my belief is that those who moan need to get a life. There will always be genuine isolate issues. The only issue that we had was although there is a non smoking area in the casino, smoke drifted into it and we both stank of smoke which we hate. They had one no smoking day there. Rich & Fran UK Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
1. It took almost 3 hours to check in. The queue was mainly outside and we had to stand through the whole process. We went at the exact allocated time e mailed to us which said was to prevent all of this. Given the there were so many older ... Read More
1. It took almost 3 hours to check in. The queue was mainly outside and we had to stand through the whole process. We went at the exact allocated time e mailed to us which said was to prevent all of this. Given the there were so many older people and people with disabilities, the priority boarding seemed busier than the regular boarding. 2. Our toilet blocked x 3. Each time the ship rocked, the toilet water emptied into the shower room. My friend was unaware of this on the first occasion and thought I had left the shower room soaking. She showered, not realising she was wading through toilet water /urine. She was very distressed by this. 3. The ship was late to leave Southampton. We arrived in Barcelona very late. We had booked a half-day tour and planned to spend a half -day going around on our own. We only had time for the tour and nothing else. The ship got in at 12 noon but we did not get off until 2 pm. The tour was rushed and we had no free time. This was the first organised tour I had ever been on. I felt like a herded sheep. It was certainly not worth the money as was so rushed and all we saw of Barcelona. 4. There were queues throughout the cruise. We had to queue for so many things and hours were wasted in queues. It seemed like organised chaos. 5. The first time we went for breakfast, it took 40 minutes from getting to the buffet area to actually being able to sit down and eat. They regularly closed parts of the buffet area, making it a challenge to find a seat. We often had to queue for food, for drinks, to find a seat and then to wait for the table to be cleared. There was not enough staff for the first part of the cruise. I think additional staff may have come on at Barcelona. 6. Every single day, our toilet stopped flushing for a period of time. 7. I was not aware smoking had been banned from balconies until after the cruise was booked and paid for. There were only 2 places outside where you could smoke. As the journey was rough a lot of the time, Deck 7 (one smoking area) was closed. Deck 16 was not sheltered and very busy. This left 2 inside smoking areas, a part of the casino (open most days) and the cigar lounge. It was packed full with not enough seats and as a result was far to smoky. I do not like smoking indoors but felt I had to on occasion. My clothes and hair etc ended up stinking. 8. The menu of the TV in the cabin was blocked so could not be altered. It was fixed so that when there was writing on the screen, it could not be read. 9. Many things were over priced. This includes drinks, tours, bottled water etc. 10. Wifi was exceptionally expensive. I do not think there is a need for such expense when it is so cheap to provide, even onboard a ship. 11. The entertainment was abysmal. It reminded me of Butlins in the 1970’s. We tried various shows but did not manage to sit through a full one. It was dated and aimed at the 75+-age range. It was also mainly poor quality. I have seen much better at street fairs, karaoke and on a ferry. What was on the main stage is usually something you would see in a little bar or something. 12. The activities were again aimed at much older age group. Most of the talks were about physical ailments such as back pain and arthritis. They had a veterans group and a knitters and natters for example. We were left so, so bored. Something I have never experienced on a cruise. There is usually too much to choose from. 13. The company must have known prior to the cruise what the age group was and should have made this more public. There was no list or notification of who or what the “entertainment” was before we set of. This would have given a clear indication of the age range the cruise was aimed at. We would not have gone on this one if we had known this. Wartime songs, song sheets, sing a long, Bernie Flint! To name a few. 14. They ran out of milk at one point. How could this be for such a basic thing? 15. English breakfast tea was only available sometimes. They continually ran out and it was a challenge to try to find some or to wait for a long time before staff found some. 16. I got very sick after eating at the crab shack one night. I do not know for sure what the cause was however. 17. Marseille port was a shambles. Nowhere did they tell us we had to wait in yet another queue to buy a ticket for the shuttle bus. We waited for about half an hour in the queue for the bus, only to be told when we got to the front that we had to have a ticket before hand. We then had to wait in another queue for a ticket before getting back in a queue for the bus again. It took over an hour overall. There was only one person selling the tickets, who was also giving port information. This is just appalling for a ship for over 3000 people. 18. The shuttle for Marseille was overpriced. There was apparently a local bus for only $2. I heard some had complained about the over charging of $8 each way (which we paid). Some said they got a refund. We did not. 19. If the ship docks far beyond the town / port, surely shuttles should be inclusive and not an additional charge, nor even more queues. Extortion! 20. We paid for a tour a whole day tour in Florence. It was way too busy. In fact of the 3 tours, we had to walk at a snails pace. There were at least 30+ tours going to the same spots at the same time. We were crowded and again herded like sheep. We only lasted about 15 minutes before asking to leave and meet up with them later to get back to the ship. Despite having paid for this, we could not bare it any longer and went off and did our own thing. 21. In Corsica, we were deafened by the microphone / speaker system on the tour bus not working. Each time it was switched on, it screeched. This did not deter them from continually trying to put it on. They did this to the point where I practically begged them to switch it off and I then had a headache. The tour guide then spoke without this, so could not be heard. Surely this should have been sorted/ in place before the tour took place. 22. Yes there was nightclub but it was usually empty with no atmosphere at all. I know the cruise company cannot force people to go but again, if we had known the cruise was aimed at a much older age group, we would not have gone on it. 23. The DJ in the nightclub had very little of the music we requested and she tended to play the same tracks every night we were there. This got monotonous. In the age of the Internet, surely the majority of music can be accessed. If they had been in my local club, they would not have lasted more than a week. 24. We were offered water and coffee on our first night in the dining room. We accepted without realising it had to be paid for. We did not know we had to specifically ask for un- bottled water and regular coffee for it to be included. 25. The drinks packages were excessive, over priced and inflexible. For alcohol, it was $49 per day but you had to buy for the whole 14 days, even for the days when you were off the boat. I don’t know many people who would drink that amount daily for 14 days! 26. We got charged room service for asking for a shower cap! 27. The photographers were very poor. I have never seen such horrible photos; even of people we met who were very good looking. They even managed to make babies look bad. 28. Other issues we had although I cannot blame Princess for but added to this being the worst holiday / experience of our lives included: a) Fellow guests wanting to debate Independence with us at every meal time, to the point we stopped going for dinner. Some being positively rude about it and making nasty comments. b) The weather and resulting rough seas, making my friend very sick and preventing access to the pools and decks for long periods, sometimes whole days. 29. Some of the movies were fantastic however the TV availability was very poor and so repetitive. Given this became our main source of entertainment; we ended up watching things more than once, just to pass the time. 30. The waste of paper. There was too much mail sent to our cabin every day and much of it repetitive and of no use. It would have been better to include port transport information for example, in the daily guide. This could have made getting off and on the ship smoother and faster. 31. Maintenance being done whilst we were on the ship, for example painting on the balcony and working on the toilets/ water systems. Surely this should be done when the boat it is not in use. This happened one day after another, so became inconvenient. 32. Due to the ongoing issue with the toilets, they were regularly worked on later in the evening, as were other problems, involving workmen being outside the cabin and making such a noise to prevent us from sleeping. 33. Lack of communication. For example, I rang to advise our toilet had stopped working one evening at 9.30 pm. I was advised someone would be there to fix it soon. As I had not heard anything by 11.40 pm and was keen to get to bed, I rang again. I was advised the whole area had been broken and they were working on this. I said I was keen to get to bed and asked for an estimated time of them coming to our cabin, only to be advised they did not need access as were working on it from outside. Surely they could have called me to inform me of this to save me waiting up for over 2 hours. 34. Given all our poor experiences with getting off the ship. We opted for the last disembarkation. We were due to get in to Southampton about 7 am. We decided to book to get off at 10.30 am. The plan was for us to stay as late as possible in the cabin, have breakfast then head off. It was not until after we did this were we told we had to be out the cabin by 8 am! This meant carrying all our stuff around for at least 2 ½ hours. To top this, we were then advised the breakfast area closed at 9 am! This is just ridiculous. I am well aware there is a turnover time but surely they could clean the rooms of the people who get off early first and continue to service them as more people get off. This outraged me. There was no leeway at all. To make it worse, they decided to close part of the buffet area at this time also. It was pandemonium up there, people with bags and cases, trying to get breakfast in limited areas, trying to find a clean table, seats etc. It was like a zoo!. The boat was also late at getting in, so made our wait even longer. We got a note in the evening to say this did not effect our time to get off then later at night, another note to say this was delayed. A fitting end to a disastrous holiday. 35. My sister was on time to pick us up but took about 40 minutes to get through the traffic jam at the port, caused by the next groups of people getting on as we were getting off. Again, more organised chaos. It is not like this is new to the company. Surely they could organise this better. I know it can be. I have cruised before and had such a contrasting experience. The last one was perfect in comparison with no issues what so ever. 36. I wrote a complaint about some of the above issues on Day 7 of the cruise. We were asked to meet with the Customer Services manager On Day 11 or 12. She asked what could make the remainder of the cruise better, my friend asked for a helicopter off the ship! We were offered a meal in one of the paying restaurants. I felt insulted by this. Between us, we spent over £5,000 for this trip. The cost of a balcony cabin, the cost to get to Southampton, the new clothes for the formal nights (of which we went to 1 due to the debating going on), my considerable onboard spend of over $1500, what was spent at the ports etc. It was for my friend’s 50th Birthday. It is advertised as a 5 star experience, a once in a life time experience. I certainly hope never to “experience” this again. We spent all of this and were offered a $20 meal to compensate! Unbelievable. I had said in the meeting that I had offered my friend an all expenses paid cruise in the Caribbean or somewhere, to prove to her it was not always like this but she declined. To add insult to injury, we got a letter after this, acknowledging the complaint and stating “we look forward to welcoming you back on to the Emerald Princess in the very near future” It made me doubt anything I had written or said in the meeting had been listened to at all. A standard response letter perhaps? Having been on cruises before and absolutely loved the experience, I persuaded my friend to come with me on this one. It was meant to be holiday of a lifetime for her. She made all sorts of negative references about her ideas of cruising. I dispelled all of this with facts about how enjoyable my previous experiences had been. She decided to come and saved hard for this “experience of a lifetime” It was just awful! I spent much of my time apologising to her, as I felt very responsible for having persuaded her. All she thought negative about cruising was experienced within the first couple of days. If we were not so close and having been on holiday several times together in the past, this could have ruined our friendship. I could go on but I think the above is more than enough to explain why it was so bad.   Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
I have just had a wonderful holiday on the Emerald Princess. After a change in the flights the day before, due to the good old English weather, we finally arrived on board in good time. This is only our 2nd cruise both with the ... Read More
I have just had a wonderful holiday on the Emerald Princess. After a change in the flights the day before, due to the good old English weather, we finally arrived on board in good time. This is only our 2nd cruise both with the Princess Cruises, from the moment you arrive at the port we love the slick way they get us processed and into our cabins, we had a balcony, everything we needed was there. We visited, Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados,St Thomas, St Kitts. and Finished in Princess Cays. Every port was wonderful, we swam with the turtles in Barbados on my birthday, and finished off on the island of Princess Cays leaving us relaxed. The food on board, the staff, the information, everything was organised so well. We had a little medical emergency, and even this was dealt with 1st class. We have had 2 great Cruises with Princess, we have great expectations of any other cruise we may go on. Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
Emerald Princess, ten days in the Eastern Caribbean. Great service, especially in the bar areas and cabin stewards. Very clean at all time, and all crew members were extremely helpful and always gracious in their manner. Food pretty ... Read More
Emerald Princess, ten days in the Eastern Caribbean. Great service, especially in the bar areas and cabin stewards. Very clean at all time, and all crew members were extremely helpful and always gracious in their manner. Food pretty good for a vessel of this size, but gourmet in the specialty restaurants - one night in the regular dining room, and we opted for the specialty areas the remaining nights. A great selection of ports, with easy get/off, get/on in each. Plenty of choices in excursions. A large Internet Cafe with ample terminals and a support staff member there nearly all the time. As expected in the ocean, connectivity to the Internet was spotty at times. Otherwise, very functional and accessible. And yes, the usual "art auctions", and always a photographer in your face - even in the specialty restaurants. I guess we're a little spoiled by the all-inclusive tours - I can understand the nickel and dime bit every time you want a cocktail - but charging for coffee and tea each time? - "May I see your card, please?" At lease some of the bar stewards would suggest running a tab during the evening for cocktails and wine. My wife and I, and my cousin traveling with us, were extremely disappointed, however, with the advertising of the "Chef's Table". The "Chef's Table" is advertised as a gourmet meal served an unusual setting, and the courses described by the Chef. This was one of the features that I was really anticipating. A healthy upgrade charge, but it included the meal, cocktails and wine, as well as the Chef. Indications were that we were to call for reservations immediately upon arriving on the ship. I did so, and was told that reservations were closed. Only by pressing was I able to be told that I would be on a "waiting list". The next day I received a letter in my suite saying that the waiting list was closed. Being told there were ten table settings with about ten per table - meaning about 100 settings on a vessel that carried 3,000 passengers! What's wrong here? We feel that the advertisement was very misleading What's Princess thinking to advertise something so desirable like the "Chef's Table", and then make it so very inaccessible? The last stop of the voyage was at Princess Cay - a spot in the Bermuda Islands set up by Princess. A lot of great sand and sea activities. My wife and I are not sun/sand enthusiasts, but we took the tender over to the Cay for lunch. When we arrived at the food service area at 1:25, it was closed. Not only closed, but food was already packed away. A sign was posted at the food area stating the hours it would be serving, but there was no mention of the serving time listed in the on-board daily paper, "Princess Patter". We were extremely disappointed - especially with the attitude of the steward barring the entry - saying that we should have checked the1:30 serving time ending. And, the same steward was not wearing a name tag - said he had "lost" it somewhere. When I mentioned the discrepancy of service notice to the Customer Service personnel, she said that it was an "oversight" and that they'd do better posting the serving period time the next cruise. Sure didn't help our lunch! Overall, an enjoyable cruise, but still a "cattle call" with so many, many passengers. Be prepared to spend time in a line quite often! Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Well lets start from the top. We have sailed with the Walmart of ships aka Carnival as well as Royal Caribbean and Disney. Princess was on par with Disney even though once onboard we had a bit of a rocky start with some really horrible ... Read More
Well lets start from the top. We have sailed with the Walmart of ships aka Carnival as well as Royal Caribbean and Disney. Princess was on par with Disney even though once onboard we had a bit of a rocky start with some really horrible service from guest services. We stayed at the Ramada Cruiseport Everglades which isnt much of a hotel but has a free shuttle and pretty well organized. beware here though. They had told us we got a free shuttle back after the cruise to the airport. Not true we had to pay 20.00 apiece for this service. We took the early shuttle 10:30 am to port and Princess has their own terminal and very well organized. We were in the first bunch (number 1) they let the suite guests on first and then we were on board and actually straight to our room at noon. Then out to a meet and greet with some cruise critic friends around 3pm. This is a really great good sized ship is great repair and brand spanking new looking. Cleaning was done everywhere all the time kudos to the hard working crew here. Well the usual muster drill took place and the weather out of Lauderdale was a bit wet so no sail away party to speak of. The purpose of our cruise was celebrating my 4 years cancer free so I was told by a Princess rep I spoke to on the phone as well as my AAA rep that I could go to guest services and ask how I could celebrate my 4 years cancer free anniversary. I had originally signed up online for the anniversary celebration since there was nothing specific to my situation thats why I visited the guest services desk. I was appalled, embarrassed, and got pretty red faced at the poor service I received from some young lady from Brazil. There was no one in line at guest services so the young girl motioned me over. I let her know that this was my first Princess cruise and I was celebrating my being 4 years cancer free and wanted to know what I could do to celebrate that. She kinda looked down her nose at me , snickered, and stated "We dont do anything like that here". I told her that I had been directed by a Princess rep to ask do this and she again restated we dont do that here. Walked away from me and then pointed and joked with her fellow guest service members. Man I felt about two inches tall then I got ticked. I went back up and told her I wanted to cancel all my anniversary plans I made online. She grinned and said ok and then went back to talk with her other cohorts. Well the next day I spoke with Crissy Reid who was the Captain Circle Host and Crissy seemed to get pretty concerned stating she would report this to Miguel in guest services. Crissy stated they did the Susan Komen deck walk so there were things to do for cancer survivors. Two days went by heard nothing from Miguel spoke to Drayton Pinton who assured me Miguel would contact me. It was only after persistent followup that I finally did get a meeting with Miguel who comped and my wife a meal at Sabatini's (I asked for nothing free) as well as sent me a letter of acknowledgment of being 4 years cancer free signed by some of the staff as well as a very nice Swarovski pen as a gift. The problem here was I hadn't asked for anything free I just wanted to know how I could celebrate on board the ship. One of Princess stated values was that they never say no to a guest and they always go to a supervisor and look for an alternative. This was not done by a guest service member. I liked the outcome but if not for a lot of my own follow up(7 days worth) I have to wonder what would have been done. Sorry about the rant.. here is the rest of the review. Princess is every bit as good as Disney. Our room was a simply inside room. Very comfy we usually go balcony but wanted to save a little and it was still a great room great shower amenities. Opportunity was we had asked online for robes and extra pillows as well as the egg crate on the mattress. None of this was done at all. It was done after we asked our room steward Eduardo who was a great hard working guy but I think their is some opportunity here for communication between online and the ship. Why offer it if you don't follow up Entertainment wise they had a great cruise director in Billy London. Great show.. Beatle maniac's was one of the best beatle tribute shows I have ever seen with period costume changes. All the other shows were good as well. Pretty decent bands in the lounges. Food was very good. Presentation was not as good as Disney but there asparagus soup was the best I have ever had. Finally real Baked Alaska on board a cruise ship as well. Bravo. The Champagne waterfall was very classy and neat. Plenty to do on board lots of fun without the typical lowbrow games played on board other cruise ships. Halloween party was great. The head lady in the Lotus spa was rude that why we didnt go there but the gym was great. Free sauna and steam room in there as well. I had never been to a church service on board a ship and being a Christian I wanted to check one out. The service lead by Colin was one of the most solid and wonderful services I have been to anywhere. Great service. This is not a blanket endorsement just a good service. Thank you Colin nice job. The Da Vinci dining room had it together much more than the Michelangelo dining room. We did Anytime dining. You really should try Sabatini's the service and everything here is excellent top notch really. Its at least a 2 1/2 hour meal so pace yourself and don't try to eat everything put in front of you or you probably will pass out. The dining staff here was the best I have ever had at sea most of all in the buffet. Really top notch servers that even remember your name. Not really much in the way of a Chocolate buffet or themed buffets with specially craved items or ice sculpture and decorations. But fair trade off for a very ever changing variety of food. Lots of different stuff every day. We choose the walk off disembarkation and got there about 45 min early. Very easy off. Pretty good job by Princess even though there is a huge opportunity with guest services. We will sail on her again. All the ports were great Princess excursions were good and reasonable priced. Plus you could reserve online with no up front cost. One other little stumble was they said the tips would be 10.50 per person per cabin per day. It actually stated this on the paperwork as well. Once on board we were charged 11.50 per person. I had the charges removed and paid in cash. Don't want to sound cheap but don't quote me something and then change the price. Again though I would suggest a Princess cruise to anyone. I remember the last Carnival cruise I took and it was a photographer trying to block my way and my families from getting on board the ship insisting we took a picture. After a complaint to Carnival I was offered a 12.95 chocolate covered plate of strawberries by Kay Savage on my next cruise with them. Princess will take better care of you than that Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Emerald Princess Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 4.0 N/A
Dining 4.5 3.8
Entertainment 4.0 3.5
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursions 5.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 4.0 N/A
Service 4.0 4.2
Value for Money 4.5 N/A

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