5 Disney Wonder Cruise Reviews for Spring Break Cruises to Mexican Riviera

We were two adults traveling without children that stayed in an inside stateroom on deck 7 midship of the Disney Wonder. We had an amazing experience with superior service and I cannot wait for my next Disney cruise! -The main dining ... Read More
We were two adults traveling without children that stayed in an inside stateroom on deck 7 midship of the Disney Wonder. We had an amazing experience with superior service and I cannot wait for my next Disney cruise! -The main dining food was superb- many options on the menu! -Our servers in main dining were wonderful- best I’ve ever had on a cruise. They were personable, and very efficient. -Our inside cabin was very comfortable and clean. -Entertainment is high quality. The main stage shows are of a high caliber with Frozen the musical stage show being a highlight. - We enjoyed all the adult entertainment options on the ship! We liked trivia, bingo, crafts, adult only game shows, adult only pool area and the adult only restaurant, Palo. Cruise entertainment staff were very upbeat and personable! - Ports of call were Cabo and Ensenada. -In Cabo we took an excursion to the Breathless all inclusive resort! It was gorgeous and staff were wonderful. -Port of Ensenada we took a wine tasting tour that was fabulous! We LOVED our guide and the countryside was beautiful. This was an amazing cruise and you cannot beat the Disney experience. I have previously sailed on Holland America and Disney beats out Holland in the service and entertainment categories! Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
We took our 4th Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riviera during Spring Break. This was our 4th trip on the Wonder, so we were very familiar with the ship. In fact, sailing on the Wonder feels like we're at our vacation "home." ... Read More
We took our 4th Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riviera during Spring Break. This was our 4th trip on the Wonder, so we were very familiar with the ship. In fact, sailing on the Wonder feels like we're at our vacation "home." Dining: Our waiters were great! They interacted with our 10 yr old son and the other children at our table. They remembered not only our drink orders each night, but also our preferences. For example, as a Texas girl, I don't like my steak smothered in sauces, so my sauce was always on the side. My son was always anxious to get back to the Oceaneer Lab and missed dessert each night, so our waiter assembled a plate of cookies and milk for him to enjoy in our cabin later in the evening. He even remembered to send chocolate chip and not oatmeal raisin cookies! Since this was our 4th cruise with Disney, we've made some observations. First, the quality of the waiter is not a direct reflection on the cruise, but on the waiter and if you're not getting the service you believe you should, this should be taken up with the head waiter immediately. Our servers on our 2011 Alaska cruise were not up to par and we should have said something. Second, this cruise was the first one that we've had the first dining time and we noticed a huge improvement in the qualify of the food in the main dining rooms as well as how quickly we received our meals. The first 3 cruises we requested 2nd seating and dinner took 2+ hours. This allows for a more leisurely meal. The food was never that fantastic but we couldn't put our finger on the reason. This time we requested first seating and there was a 110% improvement in the food and the speed to the food getting to the table. We ate the same food we had had on previous cruises expecting a certain flavor/texture, but it was much much better this time. We truly believe the food must be getting "held over" for the second dining and is not as fresh. We're requested 1st seating on our Nov 2012 Western Caribbean and our 2013 LA to Vancouver cruises! Cabin: We had a wonderful stateroom host who ensured our room was always clean and neat! We noticed a couple changes to the room. The have added Velcro to the sliding closet doors so they no longer move back and forth with the movement of the ship. A down side is that one of my nice blouses kept getting stuck to the Velcro. I wish they would have put that up high or down low on the door, but not at hanger level. They've replaced the old bedspreads with the new duvets (I think the same ones used on the new ships.) And, during our cruise to Alaska in 2011, we noticed they changed the clocks in the room to one you can actually see in the middle of the night. The only down side is the clock is entirely too bright. The first night of our cruise, our cabin had unusually LOUD creaking noise and resulted in very little sleep for my husband and I. We mentioned this to our cabin maid first thing and he said he reported it. (He was fantastic all week, so we don't doubt that he did indeed report the issue.) However, when we were in our room getting ready for dinner that night it was obvious the noise had not be resolved. One brief stop to the front desk, and all of a sudden we had the Head Engineer in our room placing little wedges around our room between the ceiling and the wall. Surprisingly this pretty much fixed the issue. They also sent up ear plugs to our room just in case, and asked us to tell them right away if the issue persisted or if we had any other issues during our stay. We received several follow up calls asking if the noise was ok, and they sent chocolate covered strawberries to our room and gave our son a $15 gift card to be used in the arcade to help make up for our first night without sleep. I learned two things here. One, tell the front desk. They know who to call to get quick resolution. Two, Disney does a great job at trying to make a situation "right". Consistency: We chose Disney for our cruises because we've had some fantastic cruises and each cruise has been consistently great. However, Disney does not make any real changes in their programming from year to year. In other words, the Disney Broadway shows on this last cruise were the same ones that were on the other 3 cruises, dating back to our first cruise in 2008. So, we tend to skip the shows every other cruise. this is the same thing with the game shows. We love "Who Wants to Be A Mouseketeer" and "Mickey Mania" but we'd like to see some new game shows and other entertainment. Our son has been in the same kids club since 2008 (he was 6, now he's 10)and he's made Flubber, cookies in the Ratatouille Cooking School, and solved cases in the Goofy Files 4 times now. He needs some new programming. Oceaneer Lab: Some of the counselors remembered our son from our Alaska cruise last year and he made some new counselor friends as well, which he enjoyed. However, now Disney does not segregate the Club from the Lab and so there's very small kids (4 yr olds) in the Lab, which goes through age 11. My son was not interested in several activities because the children participating were so young. He didn't even want to play the Wii because the boys playing were so young. He didn't feel it would be fair to the little ones so he spent lots of time visiting with the counselors and using the computers for individual games. Not exactly what we're paying for when we book a Disney cruise for our son. This huge age range needs to be whittled down, or let the older kids go into Tween club. Ports: Our ports were Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. We booked excursions at both ports, although we did not enjoy these ports like others we've been too and were disappointed in Disney choosing these. We especially didn't enjoy the tendering at Cabo and can't imagine how scary it would have if we would have had small children with us. Embarkation: This was our first time to ever arrive before noon but we were excited to get there this time to get on the ship early. We had to wait and got on around 1pm which wasn't too bad. It was nice to get on and have time to eat leisurely without rushing to finish in time for the safety drill. Right after eating, our son had his swim suit in his day bag, so he hit the pool! Debarkation: This process we found to be very smooth on our cruises out of Port Canaveral since our bags "magically" went from the hallway the night before all the way to Dallas without us having to touch them. However, this was a complete nightmare in Vancouver last year where we had to WAITE for our bags to be taken off the ship and then FIND them at the port, take them through customs, etc. So, this year we did something different. Our suitcases are large rolling bags, so we decided to NOT put them out the night before and take them off with us. That way we also didn't have to wait until our turn to get off the ship. This was AMAZINGLY smooth and will be our choice going forward if we are not at Port Canaveral. Aging Ship: Yes, the ship is aging, needs dry dock time, and overall upgrades. However, through out the week we did notice workers repairing sections of carpeting, painting etc., so they are trying to keep the ship in good repair. This is not to ignore the fact that the bathrooms do need new tiling and paint, the sleeper sofas should be replaced, etc. I assume all of this will be accomplished in the next dry dock and none of this diminished the enjoyment our our cruise in any way. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
My husband and I are both teachers so our only time to cruise is during winter, spring or summer breaks. As we live in the Northwest, by the time January hits, our theme for the past three years has been... "Okay, where should we ... Read More
My husband and I are both teachers so our only time to cruise is during winter, spring or summer breaks. As we live in the Northwest, by the time January hits, our theme for the past three years has been... "Okay, where should we cruise for spring break?" The year before we sailed the Mexican Riviera on Holland America and had an experience that nearly kept us from cruising for good. However, I had been on a Disney cruise ten years prior and had an amazing experience with my family, so once 2012 started, my DH and I decided to give cruising a go one more time. If we hated our experience with Disney, we vowed we'd never be back. A lot of people gave us raised eyebrows when we said that we would be sailing on a Disney cruise during spring break (especially since we are around kids all the time with our jobs but we don't have kids ourselves). However, Disney did such a great job of intentionally creating specific areas for kids, teens and even babies to be during the day so adults could have their own time. Quite frankly, being around families warmed my heart because it showed my DH and I what our future vacations may possibly look like some day. Disney's productions at sea are out of this world. Twice I found myself tearing up because they were so beautiful and really communicated that special Disney magic. Our service was phenomenal and we loved our servers each night as we rotated through various dining rooms (a nice Disney touch). We also appreciated being paired at a table with three other couples in our same age/life demographics-- no kids at the table! We have stayed very close friends with a couple we met at our table and have even planned upcoming vacations with them and joined them recently on a trip to Disneyland. Friendships on this cruise are definitely encouraged! One of the highlights of our cruise was eating at Palo. We ate there for an incredible dinner and a mind-blowing brunch. We definitely rolled out of there and had to nap afterwards-- the food was beyond our expectations! I would definitely eat there as much as I could in the future. We had a wonderful room in a great location. We loved drinking wine and reading on our patio at night. We also thought all of the food on the ship was great (except breakfast-- we never could find a good breakfast. Oh well.). The ONLY thing I would complain about with Disney is the price. It's Disney-- what would you expect? You pay for the Disney experience and because the experience is so good, it keeps families coming back for me. I would absolutely do another Disney cruise in the future, especially when we have kids, however, we have found better cruise deals on some other really strong cruise lines and have decided to give them a shot so we don't feel like we have to penny pinch on our cruise like we did with Disney. We are getting a comparable room, cruise and itinerary for about $1,000 less. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
Over all, we had a great time. And my kids especially enjoyed it; they have fantastic kids' programs for all ages (both oldest son and youngest son ended up with the 11-13 year olds all week). So bottom line, if you have ... Read More
Over all, we had a great time. And my kids especially enjoyed it; they have fantastic kids' programs for all ages (both oldest son and youngest son ended up with the 11-13 year olds all week). So bottom line, if you have children or grand children, this is a fantastic cruise! Lots and lots of activities for the kids, lots of family type events, etc. They do have adult only sections so once you drop the kids off at their activity (youngest son and oldest son came and went on their own since it was the 11-13 year olds), then you can find some quiet areas. Also, after 9:00 p.m., a lot of the lounges that were open for kids were now off limits. Not an issue normally but we really wanted to do some family game nights and we never found a place to do that after 9:00 p.m. That was kind of a bummer for us. The food was just OK. Some dishes that were supposed to be hot were cold, others had little flavor while other dishes were fabulous! I guess we were spoiled by the Regent Seven Seas Mariner but now that I look at their current prices, I really cannot compare them to Disney. It's like comparing a Four Seasons hotel to a Best Western or Holiday Inn Express (we love BW and HI). Apples and oranges. But for the value, it was excellent. We spent about $1200 per person and we had 2 seperate staterooms. The same 2 staterooms on the Regent Mariner would be a lot more! Also, you do have to tip and pay for all alcoholic drinks on the Disney Cruise. On the Mariner, it's ALL included. On the Disney Cruise, we had to pay for just about everything including internet. It does add up but not what we would pay on the Mariner! (We paid an additional $1500 for shore excursion, internet access, surcharge for the adult only restaurant, alcohol, club sodas, lava flows for the kids and laundry). The noise level was over the top. I guess I should have expected this since it was a holiday cruise and the ship was full. Lots and lots of small children. Even some of the 11-13 year olds were allowed (by their parents) to run wild. Not my kids' style, thankfully! When we walked into the dining room the first night (and this was after watching the kids run up and down the hallway), it was quite loud. All hard surfaces and many of the parents ignored their children as they banged their spoons and forks on their plates. It did settle down a bit as the cruise went on and we changed dining rooms each night (rotation dining). We ate a peaceful and quiet dinner on the 2nd night in their very casual restaurant since none of us felt like dressing up (formal night). On the 3rd night, my husband and I went to the adults only restaurant (an extra $20 surcharge per person) and it was a lot more like what we experienced all over the Mariner. It was very quiet (except for some large adult parties) and the food was outstanding. We cancelled our reservations for Saturday night to have dinner with the kids; I kind of wished we had not done that and enjoyed yet another great meal at that restaurant (called Palo on the Disney Wonder). I asked my husband to move to the later seating but he really wanted to eat at the main seating (he gets up early to workout since he is a triathlete). So I told him to get ear plugs! I was told by our server and main server that the second seating has a lot less kids and is somewhat quieter. I was very impressed with the service! On the 1st night, I guess they could tell my husband was a bit annoyed (mostly at the 4 year old, curly haired blonde boy that played the drums on his plate all evening while his mother at the other end of the table completely ignored him), the Head Server asked us there was anything he could do for us. Well, the bok choy with oldest son's meal was outstanding! And my husband was hoping for some green vegetable. So he came back in a few minutes with a huge bowl of the bok choy and a 2nd bowl of steamed broccoli. Also, whenever we went to the Outlook Cafe and Lounge (an adults only place), "Vendy", our server from the Czech Republic) automatically brought me a class of La Crema Chardonnay and a club soda with lime. This so impressed this other family on the 5th night when I sat down to say hi! The bar tender at Diversions was equally responsive to our needs. My husband and I had some difficulty finding activities we liked. The trivia games were fun. I'm not a big fan of Bingo but that seemed to be a big hit with a lot of other folks. The live entertainment was very "Disney" and more suitable for smaller children and total Disney freaks (there were a lot of these on the ship!). They had a great movie theatre and showed first run movies. Unfortunately, I missed Cars 2 and I do not want to see The Help until I finish the book (which I read on the cruise). They also showed the new Muppets movie the morning it opened (at 12:01 a.m.). We liked most of the lounges and enjoyed meeting other parents with kids our age. The adult only lounge at the bow of the ship was a popular place to get an after dinner drink after the kids took off for their kids club. Very quiet, adult's playing cards and we met quite a few folks there. It also had a killer view! There was no Bridge playing on the ship. But a lot of grandparents. I was surprised that this was not an activity like it was on the last cruises we took (the 1st being NCL with my mom in 2000 and again on the Mariner to Alaska, all had Bridge time). The kids clubs were fantastic and I think this is what would bring me back to a Disney cruise. They had 5 different areas: The Vibe for ages 14-18 just for teens (and they did not allow anyone younger), The Edge for ages 11-13 and the kids could come and go as they pleased, The Oceaneers' Lab for ages 8-10 and Oceaneer's Club, ages 3-10 with some younger activities. Kids could come and go as they please at the Lab but ONLY with parents permission (they had to wear an electronic bracelet). Unfortunately, the activities were a bit "babyish" for youngest son and he did not have very much fun. But then on the 2nd day, we met a family with the same aged children and she told me that her almost 10 year old was going to The Edge. Since they never checked the kids, I thought I would just let youngest son go in. He loved it and fit right in! My youngest son hangs out with his big brother's friends (all in 7th grade) all of the time. They also had a Nursery, play room for the babies and toddlers. We never went in there :). My kids spent most of their time in The Edge with all of their activities including Xbox 360 games, Wii, card games, scavenger hunts, t-shirt painting, Dodge Ball, or on the Sports Court playing soccer or basketball. We also discovered that we all love Foosball! Looks like Santa may be delivering one of those this Christmas. We often hung out at the Outlook Cafe or in loungers near the bow while they played. On Saturday, it was too windy on the Sports Court (we were heading back up Baja at this time), so my husband set up a server (he bought a router at the Wal-Mart in Puerto Vallarta) and they had a Quake Fest in the Diversions Lounge with 4 college aged kids. It was quite the site to see the 7 of them playing Quake! I relaxed and read. So if you thinking about this cruise with your grandkids, it was fabulous. Disney does a great job with the kids and the adult areas were extremely nice. Don't expect the food to be "Cafe Firenze" but it was OK. Also, if you absolutely LOVE Disney and enjoy all that Disney offers in shows, characters (my husband got to ride the elevator with Donald Duck), than it's also fun. The Disney Vacation Club members were all over this cruise and they eat, breath and live Disney. ;) With no kids, stay in the adult area sections, eat at the late seating (8:45 p.m.) and hang out in the lounges. So my friends asked me to be honest about the noise. It bothered both my husband and me and we have kids! So maybe another cruise line geared towards adults might be a better choice if you are sensitive to the noise level generated by children unless you want to try my suggestions. They were very strict about not letting children in the adult only sections. They had a fabulous Cadillac Lounge in the Route 66 area (yes, an entire area devoted to Route 66) and the piano bar was great. I told them they needed to add a picture of the Cadillac Ranch in Texas to be complete! Also, the carpet had the entire Route 66 map from Santa Monica to Chicago. But for some reason, it stopped at Santa Rosa, NM and resumed at St Louis. I gave them a real hard time about skipping Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas especially since the National Route 66 museum is in Oklahoma! The location of our staterooms was key. Mid-ship (minimum movement), on the same level and right around the corner as The Edge, only one deck from the main dining and lounges. We also had easy access to the elevators, stairs and laundry room! I guess my biggest disappointment was the quality of food (which would explain why I actually lost weight!). The pool areas that were open to the children were zoo like on sea days (again, the ship was full because of the holiday). Neither one of my children opted to swim on the ship; just too hectic! But the younger kids seem to enjoy it quite a lot. A comment on loungers in the pool area. I noticed a lot of people dropping off their stuff to save their place and then take off. The Disney pool staff was well aware of this practice and if they saw this happening, they would take the towels off the loungers to free it up for someone who would actually use it. Of course, if you went into the pool for a little while, they would not do this. But some "campers" were obvious. For instance, my youngest son and I wanted a place to sit and eat lunch. We had a table but not chairs. I borrowed two chairs from a table behind me just long enough to eat. I thought I would wait until they came back and return their chairs. They never came back. The Disney staff also did a great job with getting more chairs, etc. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
We are avid Royal Caribbean cruisers...but I sooo love Disney that we decided to try one when it came to this side of the world. We went on board, expecting a lot of Disney to be the decor and theme of the ship, but it was limited. Also, ... Read More
We are avid Royal Caribbean cruisers...but I sooo love Disney that we decided to try one when it came to this side of the world. We went on board, expecting a lot of Disney to be the decor and theme of the ship, but it was limited. Also, the Disney Wonder looked and felt like an old ship. We were disappointed with the upkeep - lots of items in and around the ship were in need of repair. No wonder it is going into dry dock the end of the Alaska run.The shows were spectacular, the food as good as other cruises, the staff were just as friendly, but I must admit - too many kids...I know, what does one expect on a Disney ship, but other ships you hardly see the kids as they are all in their adventure clubs...but it seems like the kids did not stay in the clubs on the Wonder.Music was below par - one overall kind of music - rock and roll- was prevalent...Lots of Mickey Mouse and the characters. Animator's Palette restaurant was amazing.I enjoyed the cruise - after all it was a cruise- but I would not sail with Disney again. Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
Disney Wonder Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 4.5
Public Rooms 4.5 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 4.0
Enrichment 3.0 3.9
Service 5.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.0 3.7
Rates 4.0 3.5

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