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3 Disney Spring Break Cruise Reviews

Embarkation in Miami a bit rocky, the check in was not well staffed in addition to enormous amount of first time cruisers, everyone confused & slow, slow, slow. Stateroom needed much attention lots of patchwork, shower loose and ... Read More
Embarkation in Miami a bit rocky, the check in was not well staffed in addition to enormous amount of first time cruisers, everyone confused & slow, slow, slow. Stateroom needed much attention lots of patchwork, shower loose and sprayed water from neck, missing caulking to messy over caulked area's and the noise, you could not get away from it on the 8th deck, do not book an stateroom with a connecting door and stay away from deck 8. Chair dragging, running, jumping quiet about 0100hrs. The ship is showing her age, deck 4 very narrow for running track. Dining same as the Dream class yet no one dressed for dinner on this ship but a handful of us. Minimum activities, everything everywhere trivia! Our stateroom host was on his phone almost always, left trash bins ajar never refilled soap, had to ask for it and shampoo etc. He smiled and always apologized, just off putting & we are neat freaks so he never had much to do. The movie theater had zero leg room, it was very uncomfortable if you are over 5'6". The sail away party was awful, I can go hear a DJ anywhere, if you have a choice skip this one. (Unless you enjoy really small elevators packed with people and stairs that are so narrow they are hard to navigate especially when there are children running up & down them with no parents in sight. No Magic on the Magic in our opinion, pretty bad when you are Okay with disembarkation day! Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
This was my second Disney cruise (first was on the Dream) and I have to say that overall, this one was a disappointment. I would honestly give it 2.5 stars but I rounded up; my husband who loves all things Disney gave it 3 stars. We ... Read More
This was my second Disney cruise (first was on the Dream) and I have to say that overall, this one was a disappointment. I would honestly give it 2.5 stars but I rounded up; my husband who loves all things Disney gave it 3 stars. We traveled with our 2 school aged children and my parents in 2 interior staterooms. No problems with embarkation. We arrived late (3pm) because we spent the day at Kennedy Space Center. Our rooms were ready when we arrived. Both bathrooms had hair in the tubs and on the floor but were otherwise clean. The vents in the shower were full of crud...best not to look up! Beds were comfortable and rooms were adequate. The good: We thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. The shows, especially Frozen, were top-notch. We saw several newly-released movies including Born in China and Beauty and the Beast. Our waiter was very entertaining. He was personable and friendly and very attentive. The assistant waiter was nice but did not interact with us much aside from taking drink orders. Our room host did a great job. Aside from the hairs upon arrival we had no complaints. The bad: The food was not up to the same standard as on the Dream. Steaks were rubbery and tough. Fish was hit or miss. Triton's was our best meal, and Tiana's Place was the worst. Shrimp and grits were completely flavorless and the sea bass was not good. Even sticking to our waiter's recommendations we encountered several bad meals. The kids' food was often the worst. Cardboard crust pizza with overcooked, hardened cheese or rubbery chicken tenders were the norm. We ended up ordering off the adult menu for them and splitting it but still usually got room service after dinner for them. The kids club was the biggest disappointment to me. I had hoped to use the adult-only spaces on this ship and enjoy some time alone with my husband but we got a call shortly after dropping the kids off that they wanted to be picked up, and we had a hard time getting them to go back. Both of my children hated the kids clubs. My son can be a bit of a "momma's boy" so if he had complained, I would have taken it with a grain of salt, but both of my children shared the same story and the same low opinion. After waiting his turn, another child quit playing one of the tablets in a gaming area. My son began playing, and after seeing that my son had been able to beat the level the other child was stuck on, the other child came back to reclaim the tablet. My son does not stand up for himself (he's 7 and quite sensitive), so he was disappointed and wanted to leave. He went to the first staff member he saw near the entrance and asked to be picked up, and was told that he had to go to the front desk. He thought he was at the front desk, so again, being timid, he went and sat on a bench and began to cry, not knowing what to do (at the open house, we specifically asked and were told that when he was ready to leave, he could tell any staff member wearing a blue and yellow shirt). My 10 year old daughter was also there and saw him crying, so she asked what was wrong, and then went to the front and again asked for us to be called. She happened to go to the same staff member, who then proceeded to snap at her, telling her that she had already told my son he needed to go to another area to have us called. Needless to say, this made both of them not want to go back. My daughter is a joiner and very outgoing and she did try going again, but there were so many kids in the club that she was unable to partake in any of the activities she wanted to do (building a volcano and making goo...there were not enough spaces or supplies for everyone). My son really wanted to do the whale dig on Castaway Cay but when he found out he would have to stay in the kids club to do it, he refused. Guest services was rude and disinterested both times we went to them. I lost my camera, and my husband lost a backpack on the cruise. Coming back onboard from Castaway Cay, someone accidentally picked up our back from the xray machine conveyor belt. We didn't see it happen but couldn't find our bag once on the other side. We went to guest services and they could not have cared less. They did not offer to call or go down to the gangway. We went back ourselves 3 times and fortunately the 3rd time someone had returned it after realizing their mistake. Guest services sent a form via our room hostess for us to sign that the matter had been resolved. That was the extent of their "help". This cruise was full of family members of the cruise ship staff. Cruise staff work very long hours and for months on end and I think it is wonderful that their families are able to join them. However, I truly believe that this lead to us having distracted and inattentive service instead of the usually superior service we have had from Disney cast members. I had pre-selected a 7 day Disney cruise out of San Juan to book while onboard to get a discount, but after this cruise, our family will be trying another line. We do not feel we got our money's worth, and even the kids were disappointed. The bottom line for us is that the awesome shows and amazing waiter were not enough to make up for the many other shortcomings. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
This is our third Disney cruise, we have sailed the Fantasy twice and this was our first time on the Magic. We are a family of 5 l; my husband and I mid-thirties with children aged 5, 3 and 18 mos. We traveled with two other families who ... Read More
This is our third Disney cruise, we have sailed the Fantasy twice and this was our first time on the Magic. We are a family of 5 l; my husband and I mid-thirties with children aged 5, 3 and 18 mos. We traveled with two other families who had children ranging in ages from 16 to 9. We were a table of 14 for dinner. My review will be based only on my perspective. Overall it was an ok cruise but for the cost it should have been better than ok. In fact, for our third Disney cruise it was, notably, by far the worst of the three. The short story - pros: *We were in group 2 and on the boat by 11:15 *Boat was spotless *Home for 4 days and no one caught anything from the boat (yay) *kids loved the camp *baby loved the nursery - staff was outstanding *Room was clean and nice *Room service was quick *Whiskey tasting was outstanding Cons: *Some kind of "technology" issue kept us standing outside of the port for about an hour *Castaway Cay was a total train wreck; I really feel Disney put us in actual danger *Service in the main dining room was poor *Food in main dining was poor *Coffee is the worst coffee I have ever had (still) *The ship shits down at like 11pm, midnight the latest - no food options except room service and literally nothing to do *Food at Palo wasn't as good as I have had before The details of the trip: We should have known we were in for it when our trip larger started on the curb at Port Canaveral. Some Disney employee did tell us we were outside because of some technology miscommunication so we stood there for a good 45 Min in the heat; it was kind of a mess getting in. That said, we are Castaway club Silver and the line for that was quick so once we got our key to the world card, we had time to get camp wristbands and then board. The ship was, as always, spotless and grand. Greeted by name and cheered for by crew. Unlike the past 2 trips, however, no one escorted us to the elevator or anything. It was fine, however, as it truly was not busy. We got a table to seat all 14 of us although the buffet didn't open until 11:45 sbut it was fine. Food was ok; less options than I remember especially for the kids but fine. We then went to our rooms as the Navigator said they would be ready at 1:30 but they were a good 15 min late so we sat in the crowded hallway waiting but again no big deal. Seriously tho, Disney, don't print 1:30 if you need till 1:45. Say 2pm and look like a hero at 1:45. Whatever I digress. The biggest issue of the trip was Castaway Cay which was our last day but such a big deal I will jump there next. I ran the free 5K and I have before so nothing changed there. Got off the boat, no one checked our IDs tho we needed them to get our bibs at check in. The race is more fun and not chip trimmed but they give you a bib as a souvenir and a "medal" that's made of rubbery plastic at the end. It's fun. There was an overcast which was great for running as it was breezy. Our family had a cabana and I asked a Disney employee "is there a storm coming" they said "no, the captain radioed the island, should blow past us". Ok so great. I laid around waiting for the rest of my family. They showed up about 20 min later and the host for the Cabana came, Lindsey. The sky looked way worse. I said "should we leave?" He said basically the same thing, storm should blow out to sea, hopefully miss us but if it does drizzle stay in the cabana, it's safest covered. Well we had TORRENTIAL rain with literally 50 MPH wind gusts. All 14 of us were totally stranded for almost three hours in our cabana. No food, no real shelter, freezing as we used all the dry towels and got soaked. It was awful. Lightening less than 100 yards away from us. All of the kids were terrified - the adults too! Shame on you Disney. I get no one can control the weather and you don't want people to miss out, but someone HAD to have seen this three hour monsoon on a radar - how you can encourage guests to remain out in weather like that is beyond me. Absolutely awful. We didn't have to pay for the cabana but still - the risk was terrible. The food was not as good as on other Disney sailing; my steak was overlooked on two different nights with two different preparations and they forgot to serve at least one person at our table. They only do Crush at the Animators Palate and not the animated drawings which was a let down as we only ate there once. The coffee is terrible. I think this is a known issue with Disney but still - fix it! They don't do enough chocolate desserts and the menu on Pirate night is the WORST! It's all spicy and seafood - I really struggle with that menu but that is true of all Disney pirate nights I have attended so far. We did have brunch at Palo. This was our third time and the only time didn't have calzone on the menu this time or the filet minion! Food was OK. I had the veal that was loaded with mushrooms that were hidden underneath which wasn't pleasant to me, but for some this could be a bonus. The chicken parm was good as were the desserts but the buffet sections were wierd. They had Nutella breadsticks and the next table had shrimp and prosciutto - just odd. It was worth the $30 but I was let down because I have had better at Palo! Camps were always a crowd pleaser for my kids and every time I called the nursery to check on my baby they were sweet and happy to check on him for me and gave me a full report. They never called me to take him for any issue and when I did check on him by stopping by and looking through the one way mirror - he was always happy and playing with an adult. They were always very professional and kind, excellent employees! We didn't get off in Nassau but those who did said it was nice. I did use the gym to run on the treadmill and that was very nice and clean and not too busy. They added a hot tub to the concierge sun deck; we were not Conceirge but one family who was with us was and that was a nice add - hope the do same with the Fantasy soon! We waited a long time for the Aquaduck but that's to be expected. 45 min with my kid was actually fun time for us to talk and giggle so it went quickly. I don't know why the soft serve ice cream and pizza stands close - I know other cruise companies serve this 24 hours. It's not a big deal for us but once in a while you kind of want a late night snack and the kids are asleep so room service isn't the best option. This never bothered me before but with the lousy dinner service it really stuck out to me on this trip. Disembarkation was a breeze; breakfast at our assigned table with our family before we lesurley walked off was great. I did fee relaxed on our drive home so it was overall an OK trip but having sailed Disney before I really was dissapointed with this trip. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
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