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62 Disney Spring Break Cruise Reviews

My husband and I are both teachers so our only time to cruise is during winter, spring or summer breaks. As we live in the Northwest, by the time January hits, our theme for the past three years has been... "Okay, where should we ... Read More
My husband and I are both teachers so our only time to cruise is during winter, spring or summer breaks. As we live in the Northwest, by the time January hits, our theme for the past three years has been... "Okay, where should we cruise for spring break?" The year before we sailed the Mexican Riviera on Holland America and had an experience that nearly kept us from cruising for good. However, I had been on a Disney cruise ten years prior and had an amazing experience with my family, so once 2012 started, my DH and I decided to give cruising a go one more time. If we hated our experience with Disney, we vowed we'd never be back. A lot of people gave us raised eyebrows when we said that we would be sailing on a Disney cruise during spring break (especially since we are around kids all the time with our jobs but we don't have kids ourselves). However, Disney did such a great job of intentionally creating specific areas for kids, teens and even babies to be during the day so adults could have their own time. Quite frankly, being around families warmed my heart because it showed my DH and I what our future vacations may possibly look like some day. Disney's productions at sea are out of this world. Twice I found myself tearing up because they were so beautiful and really communicated that special Disney magic. Our service was phenomenal and we loved our servers each night as we rotated through various dining rooms (a nice Disney touch). We also appreciated being paired at a table with three other couples in our same age/life demographics-- no kids at the table! We have stayed very close friends with a couple we met at our table and have even planned upcoming vacations with them and joined them recently on a trip to Disneyland. Friendships on this cruise are definitely encouraged! One of the highlights of our cruise was eating at Palo. We ate there for an incredible dinner and a mind-blowing brunch. We definitely rolled out of there and had to nap afterwards-- the food was beyond our expectations! I would definitely eat there as much as I could in the future. We had a wonderful room in a great location. We loved drinking wine and reading on our patio at night. We also thought all of the food on the ship was great (except breakfast-- we never could find a good breakfast. Oh well.). The ONLY thing I would complain about with Disney is the price. It's Disney-- what would you expect? You pay for the Disney experience and because the experience is so good, it keeps families coming back for me. I would absolutely do another Disney cruise in the future, especially when we have kids, however, we have found better cruise deals on some other really strong cruise lines and have decided to give them a shot so we don't feel like we have to penny pinch on our cruise like we did with Disney. We are getting a comparable room, cruise and itinerary for about $1,000 less. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
I'll start by saying this is my very first cruise review, and I feel compelled to write it because we had such an amazing time. Also, having read some of the not-so-shiny reviews from other cruisers, I wanted to address concerns that ... Read More
I'll start by saying this is my very first cruise review, and I feel compelled to write it because we had such an amazing time. Also, having read some of the not-so-shiny reviews from other cruisers, I wanted to address concerns that future cruisers might have. ENTERTAINMENT: I'll start with the entertainment, because it is here that I think Disney was heads above the rest of the cruising industry. I didn't see the first comic musician (John Charles), but my mother went, and she raved about it for the rest of the cruise. The restaurants are entertaining in themselves. Firstly, they allow the kids to scribble all over the tabletops every evening, which, I must admit, is a real plus. My daughter colored every evening. And some places, like Animator's Palate, have enough entertainment going on that it sometimes distracts from what is supposed to be happening (eating!) But I'm not complaining. With kids, you want as much to do as possible, and I thought Disney came through in this regard. The three main shows were: Villains Tonight, Disney's Believe, and the Golden Mickeys. Believe and Golden Mickeys were a tie for supreme Disney awesomeness. I think the "Broadway quality" label is well-deserved here. The actors were fantastic, the music wonderful, the emotions real and the tears flowed!! However, the Villains Tonight show fell flat. Not b/c is wasn't well-executed...it was. The actors were great, and the the effects were cool. But the script/storyline just wasn't very catchy. Also, I'll say that my 4-yr-old daughter did NOT attend Villains, and I'm glad for that, as it was kinda scary in parts for little ones. So...if there's a show that is skippable, it's Villains Tonight. However, I stress that the Golden Mickeys and Believe should NOT be missed. They are well-worth getting to the theater early. I also enjoyed the fact that movies were on every evening, although I didn't get to see any. War Horse was playing, but I didn't have time to see it. (Rats!!) On the whole, the "didn't have time" is pretty accurate for my cruise experience. The Dream provides SO MUCH to do that it's literally impossible to do it all (maybe if you had 7 days, and never went into the ports?) But the "animated art detective agency" and the digital portholes and the Aquaduck and Nemo's Reef and minigolf and shuffleboard and a very long jogging track (only 2.5 laps for a mile!)...it was plenty to keep us occupied and then some. I would go back to do everything I missed. FOOD: The food was great. It wasn't gourmet every evening, but it was sometimes. It was certainly good enough to please me. I was happy to have fresh fruit and yogurt and Royal Palace's Eggs Benedict was AMAZING.....so maybe I'm easy to please? But honestly, I never had anything that WASN'T good, and the staff was very accommodating (i.e. when I didn't finish a meal, they were very concerned that I didn't like it, and offered SEVERAL times to bring me something else. I was just full in reality, and it had nothing to do with the food.) Cabanas was typical buffet. Pizza and fries and wraps were available on Deck 11. One of my complaints was that food was NOT available for the very early risers (such as my 18-month old) who are awake at 5 AM every morning. No food is served until 7 AM...so we started banking food in our room fridge for our son's early morning nibbles. I think this could be improved, but we adapted, and the in-room fridge allows flexibility. We also dined at Remy during our last evening. It was wonderful, and a typical gastronomic experience (if you've ever eaten at Everest in Chicago, or a Michelin-starred restaurant, then you'll have a good idea of what to expect). Very quiet, very AMAZING food, and very friendly, unobtrusive, yet very personal, service. Great experience at Remy overall. (When I asked my husband if he had anything to add to this review, the one thing he mentioned was that Remy was the complete highlight and it was awesome) A note about the last day breakfast: It's skippable. They serve a limited menu, and it's pretty early (our time was 0645) So if you need to get out early to drive back to work or catch a flight, don't feel bad. You're not missing anything that last morning (except saying goodbye to the awesome wait staff :) CHILDCARE: No one does it better than Disney. I was just knocked sideways by the size of the children's areas (at least ten times the size of most children's program areas on other ships). And the locator bracelets, the wave phones that can be used on the ship AND Castaway Cay...these are bonuses. Just...very well done. We used the nursery for our son about ten hours total during the trip. No complaints there either. They even fed him in there without us asking. (They do this in the kids' programs as well.) However, the nursery is on first-come-first-served basis...so make it a priority. We never had a problem fitting him in though, and I encourage parents to use the wait list (we were put on it twice, and we were called twice to say that spots had opened up). Castaway Cay ALSO has Scuttle's Cove, so even while on the island, you can STILL take your kids and have a few moments of peace if you desire. We used Scuttle's Cove one day, and played with our daughter on the beach during other Cay day. NO ONE DOES CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMING BETTER THAN DISNEY. Period. (as it should be, right?) STATEROOMS: Fine. This was my fourth cruise, so I've come to expect towel animals and turn-down service. No complaints, and nothing out of the ordinary here. I will say that one cool aspect was the digital porthole (we had an inside stateroom. In fact, as this "magical porthole" allowed us to see what was outside, as well as magical Disney characters floating by, AND we could turn it off at night...I think I prefer the inside stateroom. Also, my daughter slept in the Pullman bed, and above it were stars. That was a nice touch. Storage in the coffee table was also appreciated. And although inside staterooms only have one bathroom instead of the typical Disney split-into-two baths, it still had a bathTUB instead of just a shower...so this is always nice for kids. PORTS: (2x Castaway Cay, 1x Nassau) Castaway Cay is my kind of beach. I'm not a "beach" person...in fact, I slather myself with sunscreen and find shade and only stay out for two hours maximum, in general....but still, this was the kind of island I prefer. I visited BOTH days with the kids, and still, plenty of things we didn't get to do because there was SO MUCH to do. There's an "adults only" bar and beach area, and plenty of things to eat/drink/do. I liked the fact that Castaway Cay was still a part of Disney (characters on the beach, the wave phones work, there were children's dance parties and other programming, and the BBQ was free!!) And the water and beach itself was beautiful. I've traveled to 31 different countries, and I live in Florida...and this may have been the loveliest beach I've seen yet. Really worth visiting. Just magical! Nassau: Hmm. I'm pretty sure it's true what they say: Nassau, in English, means "Stay on the ship." COOLNESS FACTORS: You can bring alcohol on the ship. Definitely can save you money. Magic portholes. Tres chic. The animated art DETECTIVE game onboard!! Neat-o. The art gallery...visit it! And ASK about the art. There are really cool things hidden in a lot of the paintings, and the art itself is pretty cool and whimsical. We purchased a small Peter Pan painting to remember our trip. ( I wish I could have afforded the large one...but I didn't have a Grand to drop on art, unfortunately). Remy/Palo: I've heard GREAT things about Palo, even though I didn't go. But if you eat at one of these, you'll get to go to Meridian (a special Bar just for these.) It's very romantic and lovely view!! You can find quiet areas in the adults only sections. If you are NOT traveling with kids, you could, technically, spend a decent amount of time alone. There are TONS of children...so I won't say they are avoidable...but you could still read/sunbathe/etc. alone with little effort. I really enjoyed the character experiences. Get in line early if you want to see the Princesses, but all other character lines move quickly. I like Disney music as well, and you are INUNDATED with it whilst onboard. This constant music annoyed my husband after awhile, but I enjoyed every moment of it. However, in the adults area, they play other music (or no music) besides Disney. THE BOAT: New, technologically awesome, and BIG. WE ALL LOVED IT. And the Aquaduck was pretty nifty too :) Fun. Not crazy or anything, but worth trying and getting quite wet! THE BEST PARTS: Seeing my kids light up at the Disney magic...this was honestly the coolest aspect. There is a "window of opportunity" when kids still truly believe, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of it. We will be going on another Disney cruise as SOON as we can afford it. IN CLOSING: I think the main takeaway is that, after you've taken a Disney cruise with kids (and I've cruised with my youngins on RC and Carnival as well), then you'll never want to go back to another cruise line. The extra price is worth it for the awesomeness of the children's programming. (I'm speaking for children 10 and under...while I heard cool things about the Tween/Teen areas, I can't speak about those as I have zero experience with them personally). I can't imagine a better cruise experience with kids than one you can get with Disney. We took our 18-month-old, and, while there was accommodation for the very young---which is NONEXISTENT on many other lines---we still think we'll wait until he's three years old to cruise again. We all would have had a much more relaxing experience if he had been old enough to participate in more of the programs. (but that had nothing to do with Disney...just our timing! In fact, Disney does the under-3-yr-old set better than anyone else out there, so, if you must cruise with infants and toddlers, I encourage Disney all the way!!) There's so much more to say. I'm going to encourage my mother's husband to write a review as well. He's legally blind (uses a cane, though he can see pinpoints of things), and he was quite worried about tripping over children during the entire trip. But even HE was wowed by Disney's shows, music, service, and technology. And he's said he would go on the Dream again in a heartbeat!! (yep, it's that cool.) Young families and Disney lovers (and even those who liked Disney only when they were young....) GO!!! You'll return to your childhood state of wonder, and I promise you'll enjoy yourself. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
Kiki and Mamps are 65 and 70 respectively....most think we are in our 50s. We took our boys 6 & 7 on this cruise. It was a first time for them, and they knew about it since Christmas. They were really excited. When they got the call ... Read More
Kiki and Mamps are 65 and 70 respectively....most think we are in our 50s. We took our boys 6 & 7 on this cruise. It was a first time for them, and they knew about it since Christmas. They were really excited. When they got the call from Mickey 2days prior, they said "Mickey is really excited to have us come on the cruise." Since we live in Naples, Fl and the boys had come down for spring break with their Mom and later joined by their Dad, we had a 4 1/2hr drive to Port Canaveral on Sunday the 18th. Got to the Port as timed about 2:15pm. Unload the bags, park the car, Kiki and boys had already had us checked in before I got to the desk. Then quick registration for the Youth Activities and their arm bands which work great for droping and picking up the boys from Oceaneer Club. Probably our only disappointment was with the Oceaneer club, as we had the impression the counselors, at least at check-in to the club, seemed totally disinterested in seeing that the kids got to what they wanted to do. We had to direct the boys to Professor Make O Mess...which they loved. However the day we were at sea they wanted to do Make a Puppet, and they were never directed to the activity and needless to say were disappointed. Except for this criticism, if you can call it that, this cruise was everything and more we expected. Disney does it right! Embarkation was very easy and Disembarkation likewise (altho breakfast is too early for 1st seating--but keep in mind most ships don't even offer sitdown breakfast. The Staterooms (we had two)were connecting and perfect. Lots of room, and the under the bed for the luggage a fabulous idea. Lots of closet space, drawers, etc. Flat screen TV with everything you would want, including the ship's entertain shows were playing as well as almost any Disney movie you could demand. The service both stateroom and dining rooms was first class. Attendants were very courteous, wait state very friendly and helpful, along with making sure you had more than you would ever need. The ports of call were Nassau, which Kiki and Mamps have been to before, and felt there was really nothing for the boys there. We chose to stay on board, and it was a great idea. Many did the same thing. We were able to ride the "Aquaduck" which we loved! What a fabulous ride. There is also a small slide for kids up to say 10, and the boys loved it and probably as much as the "duck" because the wait time was minimal. The other port of call is Disney's Island--Castaway Cay. It is everything you would think Disney would do, if they were going to do a tropical island. Well they did it! Beautiful and again loaded with more activities than you could hope to do in several cruises or I should say days on the Island. Here the kids had a ball with the Oceaneer Club, and specifically FIONA FOSSIL looking for Whale's teeth. Fiona was terrific, actually from England, cute and perky with great rapport with the kids. They loved it! The island food was very good. Served from Cookie's BBQ, they had Mahi Mahi, BBQ Chicken, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, corn on the cob, cole slaw, tomato salad, chips, etc. They also had the ice cream machine, self-serve, like on the ship and the boys loved being able to draw their own cones. This was in addition to the other desserts available cookies, etc. The shows were first rate. The Golden Mickeys was the boys favorite, and loaded with music, color, high tempo, as were all the shows. The Villains Tonite was the least favorite, but still cleverly down, the character Evil Underground played the Genie in the last nite show, Disney Believe. This is the one that Kiki and I thought was the best, and we liked it the most, but then again the boys loved all three although a little less thrilled with the Villains Tonite. The fourth show as Peter Gossamer, Magic and Comedy. He did incredible illusions and his shrinking his wife, and then cutting her up was just amazing and the boys, as we, were amazed. On Monday nite, they had Mickey's Pirates of the Carribean. What a high energy show. It was held on the poolside stsge,with a huge not to be believed screen so all can see the action. We got up close and it was just FABULOUS! The fireworks were impressive, only thing is they are 10:30pm and really too late for 6 & 7yr olds, but we managed to do it with a little hour rest after dinner and before the fireworks. The most difficult part of the cruise is figuring out when to eat. that is because with the kids, who need to sleep by 7:30 or so, they will either miss the show or dinner...unless you pass on one or the other. We did not pass on the shows, and we went to Flo's V8 Cafe, Tow Maters Grill...chicken fingers, bratwurts, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries.... The great thing about the shows on Tuesday and Wednesday they provided a 4pm Tuesday after Castaway Cay and so that matched with dinner at 5:45; then on Weds, our day at sea, they had a 3pm show, which was full so you could see we were not the only ones looking for more convenient times when you have smaller kids. With the early show they were then able to get the autograph session with the characters, we managed to get pictures and autographs with everyone, Pluto, Goofy, Donald & Daisy Duck, Mickey & Minnie, Chip & Dale...kids loved it! Characters and staff all very very accommodating....they want everyone to have a chance, and it works inspite of the number of people.... We had a capacity ship 4,000...Funny but it just did not seem so, and we never felt crowded except perhaps around the two family pools which are really for splashing around but not really swimming. I should mention, although we did not get to use the facilities, there is a whole separate section for Adults only, and there are adult only activities, etc. We saw the pool, bar areas, etc. Terrific. You could take the cruise as adult only and never have any real issues with children. In all fairness to all the kids we saw, we never saw any that were out of line. Must be something in the water. An activity we loved, was the Midship Detective Agency. It is a computer assisted clue game to find either missing paintings or puppies and the evil wrongdoers. It takes you all over the ship covers decks 2 to 10. Boys said this was their favorite activity. In summary...we'd do it again in a heartbeat, and actually are looking to see when we can do the next one. Scott says he wants to go on the Fantasy next, and Mitch says the Magic...oh well, we'll see if we can come to consensus. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
Over all, we had a great time. And my kids especially enjoyed it; they have fantastic kids' programs for all ages (both oldest son and youngest son ended up with the 11-13 year olds all week). So bottom line, if you have ... Read More
Over all, we had a great time. And my kids especially enjoyed it; they have fantastic kids' programs for all ages (both oldest son and youngest son ended up with the 11-13 year olds all week). So bottom line, if you have children or grand children, this is a fantastic cruise! Lots and lots of activities for the kids, lots of family type events, etc. They do have adult only sections so once you drop the kids off at their activity (youngest son and oldest son came and went on their own since it was the 11-13 year olds), then you can find some quiet areas. Also, after 9:00 p.m., a lot of the lounges that were open for kids were now off limits. Not an issue normally but we really wanted to do some family game nights and we never found a place to do that after 9:00 p.m. That was kind of a bummer for us. The food was just OK. Some dishes that were supposed to be hot were cold, others had little flavor while other dishes were fabulous! I guess we were spoiled by the Regent Seven Seas Mariner but now that I look at their current prices, I really cannot compare them to Disney. It's like comparing a Four Seasons hotel to a Best Western or Holiday Inn Express (we love BW and HI). Apples and oranges. But for the value, it was excellent. We spent about $1200 per person and we had 2 seperate staterooms. The same 2 staterooms on the Regent Mariner would be a lot more! Also, you do have to tip and pay for all alcoholic drinks on the Disney Cruise. On the Mariner, it's ALL included. On the Disney Cruise, we had to pay for just about everything including internet. It does add up but not what we would pay on the Mariner! (We paid an additional $1500 for shore excursion, internet access, surcharge for the adult only restaurant, alcohol, club sodas, lava flows for the kids and laundry). The noise level was over the top. I guess I should have expected this since it was a holiday cruise and the ship was full. Lots and lots of small children. Even some of the 11-13 year olds were allowed (by their parents) to run wild. Not my kids' style, thankfully! When we walked into the dining room the first night (and this was after watching the kids run up and down the hallway), it was quite loud. All hard surfaces and many of the parents ignored their children as they banged their spoons and forks on their plates. It did settle down a bit as the cruise went on and we changed dining rooms each night (rotation dining). We ate a peaceful and quiet dinner on the 2nd night in their very casual restaurant since none of us felt like dressing up (formal night). On the 3rd night, my husband and I went to the adults only restaurant (an extra $20 surcharge per person) and it was a lot more like what we experienced all over the Mariner. It was very quiet (except for some large adult parties) and the food was outstanding. We cancelled our reservations for Saturday night to have dinner with the kids; I kind of wished we had not done that and enjoyed yet another great meal at that restaurant (called Palo on the Disney Wonder). I asked my husband to move to the later seating but he really wanted to eat at the main seating (he gets up early to workout since he is a triathlete). So I told him to get ear plugs! I was told by our server and main server that the second seating has a lot less kids and is somewhat quieter. I was very impressed with the service! On the 1st night, I guess they could tell my husband was a bit annoyed (mostly at the 4 year old, curly haired blonde boy that played the drums on his plate all evening while his mother at the other end of the table completely ignored him), the Head Server asked us there was anything he could do for us. Well, the bok choy with oldest son's meal was outstanding! And my husband was hoping for some green vegetable. So he came back in a few minutes with a huge bowl of the bok choy and a 2nd bowl of steamed broccoli. Also, whenever we went to the Outlook Cafe and Lounge (an adults only place), "Vendy", our server from the Czech Republic) automatically brought me a class of La Crema Chardonnay and a club soda with lime. This so impressed this other family on the 5th night when I sat down to say hi! The bar tender at Diversions was equally responsive to our needs. My husband and I had some difficulty finding activities we liked. The trivia games were fun. I'm not a big fan of Bingo but that seemed to be a big hit with a lot of other folks. The live entertainment was very "Disney" and more suitable for smaller children and total Disney freaks (there were a lot of these on the ship!). They had a great movie theatre and showed first run movies. Unfortunately, I missed Cars 2 and I do not want to see The Help until I finish the book (which I read on the cruise). They also showed the new Muppets movie the morning it opened (at 12:01 a.m.). We liked most of the lounges and enjoyed meeting other parents with kids our age. The adult only lounge at the bow of the ship was a popular place to get an after dinner drink after the kids took off for their kids club. Very quiet, adult's playing cards and we met quite a few folks there. It also had a killer view! There was no Bridge playing on the ship. But a lot of grandparents. I was surprised that this was not an activity like it was on the last cruises we took (the 1st being NCL with my mom in 2000 and again on the Mariner to Alaska, all had Bridge time). The kids clubs were fantastic and I think this is what would bring me back to a Disney cruise. They had 5 different areas: The Vibe for ages 14-18 just for teens (and they did not allow anyone younger), The Edge for ages 11-13 and the kids could come and go as they pleased, The Oceaneers' Lab for ages 8-10 and Oceaneer's Club, ages 3-10 with some younger activities. Kids could come and go as they please at the Lab but ONLY with parents permission (they had to wear an electronic bracelet). Unfortunately, the activities were a bit "babyish" for youngest son and he did not have very much fun. But then on the 2nd day, we met a family with the same aged children and she told me that her almost 10 year old was going to The Edge. Since they never checked the kids, I thought I would just let youngest son go in. He loved it and fit right in! My youngest son hangs out with his big brother's friends (all in 7th grade) all of the time. They also had a Nursery, play room for the babies and toddlers. We never went in there :). My kids spent most of their time in The Edge with all of their activities including Xbox 360 games, Wii, card games, scavenger hunts, t-shirt painting, Dodge Ball, or on the Sports Court playing soccer or basketball. We also discovered that we all love Foosball! Looks like Santa may be delivering one of those this Christmas. We often hung out at the Outlook Cafe or in loungers near the bow while they played. On Saturday, it was too windy on the Sports Court (we were heading back up Baja at this time), so my husband set up a server (he bought a router at the Wal-Mart in Puerto Vallarta) and they had a Quake Fest in the Diversions Lounge with 4 college aged kids. It was quite the site to see the 7 of them playing Quake! I relaxed and read. So if you thinking about this cruise with your grandkids, it was fabulous. Disney does a great job with the kids and the adult areas were extremely nice. Don't expect the food to be "Cafe Firenze" but it was OK. Also, if you absolutely LOVE Disney and enjoy all that Disney offers in shows, characters (my husband got to ride the elevator with Donald Duck), than it's also fun. The Disney Vacation Club members were all over this cruise and they eat, breath and live Disney. ;) With no kids, stay in the adult area sections, eat at the late seating (8:45 p.m.) and hang out in the lounges. So my friends asked me to be honest about the noise. It bothered both my husband and me and we have kids! So maybe another cruise line geared towards adults might be a better choice if you are sensitive to the noise level generated by children unless you want to try my suggestions. They were very strict about not letting children in the adult only sections. They had a fabulous Cadillac Lounge in the Route 66 area (yes, an entire area devoted to Route 66) and the piano bar was great. I told them they needed to add a picture of the Cadillac Ranch in Texas to be complete! Also, the carpet had the entire Route 66 map from Santa Monica to Chicago. But for some reason, it stopped at Santa Rosa, NM and resumed at St Louis. I gave them a real hard time about skipping Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas especially since the National Route 66 museum is in Oklahoma! The location of our staterooms was key. Mid-ship (minimum movement), on the same level and right around the corner as The Edge, only one deck from the main dining and lounges. We also had easy access to the elevators, stairs and laundry room! I guess my biggest disappointment was the quality of food (which would explain why I actually lost weight!). The pool areas that were open to the children were zoo like on sea days (again, the ship was full because of the holiday). Neither one of my children opted to swim on the ship; just too hectic! But the younger kids seem to enjoy it quite a lot. A comment on loungers in the pool area. I noticed a lot of people dropping off their stuff to save their place and then take off. The Disney pool staff was well aware of this practice and if they saw this happening, they would take the towels off the loungers to free it up for someone who would actually use it. Of course, if you went into the pool for a little while, they would not do this. But some "campers" were obvious. For instance, my youngest son and I wanted a place to sit and eat lunch. We had a table but not chairs. I borrowed two chairs from a table behind me just long enough to eat. I thought I would wait until they came back and return their chairs. They never came back. The Disney staff also did a great job with getting more chairs, etc. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
We booked a 7 night cruise with Disney aboard the Disney Magic for Spring Break week. This cruise was a total surprise for my 10 year old daughter. She thought we were going to the Port to watch the ships leave the docks! She had no ... Read More
We booked a 7 night cruise with Disney aboard the Disney Magic for Spring Break week. This cruise was a total surprise for my 10 year old daughter. She thought we were going to the Port to watch the ships leave the docks! She had no clue that we were actually going on the Magic! The Disney crew is top notch! They played along with everything that we were saying, never giving any indication that we were actually going to be sailing that day. She found out as we were unloading our luggage at check-in. I think that is the first time in her life that she was speechless! Our room was ready as soon as we boarded the ship, about 2pm. It was nice and clean, and more spacious than I had thought. We had lunch at Topsider's Buffet. It was pretty good. Everyone on the ship was so nice and polite. There was so much to do. My daughter was enrolled in the Oceaneer's Lab, and loved it. She made so many friends. I felt safe leaving her in the Lab as all of the children wore "Mickey Bands", an electronic device that holds their name & staterooms while on board, as well as whom may or may not pick them up, and the password. The staff was super friendly and always willing to help if needed. Our stateroom host was fabulous! He never got upset if he came to clean our room and we weren't ready. He just smiled and stated that he would be back later. Our room was always turned down and ready for us after dinner at night. He made the most amazing towel animals for my daughter each night, as well as left her chocolates. The Dining staff was spectacular. We had the same dining room server and assistant server throughout our entire cruise. They knew what we wanted to drink each night and were aware of our food allergies. They made sure that we didn't order anything that would cause an allergic reaction. They checked all of the food that we ordered to make sure that there was no cross-contamination as well.There was so much to do on board! They had Broadway style shows, movies, shopping, bars, pools. They had a place for everyone! There is even an adult section on the boat, so you can take some of that "ME" time that we all seem to miss. The adult section on the boat consisted of a pool, two hot tubs, a bar, a coffee shop, a spa, and the famous Palo restaurant. Both my mom and myself took full advantage of the spa. We got manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials. Not to mention the Rain Forest Room! That place was so relaxing. We also visited Palo for the champagne brunch. The servers there are very nice and attentive as well. Granted, Disney does charge more for their cruises than it appears that some cruise lines do, but they live up to what they promise! This was a wonderful family vacation that will be repeated in the years to come! Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
I enjoyed the Disney cruise, as did my husband and ten year old son. We have been on many cruises and I must say Disney is by far the best and suited to kids of any age! The magical art is fantastic! The only so so would be the food, ... Read More
I enjoyed the Disney cruise, as did my husband and ten year old son. We have been on many cruises and I must say Disney is by far the best and suited to kids of any age! The magical art is fantastic! The only so so would be the food, nothing to rave about. Disney is more expensive, but I would say worth every penny. They also have no problem with you bringing your own alcohol, a definite plus. I also didn't feel pressure, like they were trying to sell me something every moment of the cruise.. Loved the time at the Disney private island, Castaway Cay. We could have stayed a week there and been happy, the best! Another negative would be the spa. On most cruises I've been on I've gone to the spa for a massage. The massage's have always been wonderful, relaxing then at the end they try to pressure you into buying their products. Big turn off and it almost ruins the relaxing treatment you just had. This is the same on any ship and on my next cruise I will skip the my massage. Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
We are avid Royal Caribbean cruisers...but I sooo love Disney that we decided to try one when it came to this side of the world. We went on board, expecting a lot of Disney to be the decor and theme of the ship, but it was limited. Also, ... Read More
We are avid Royal Caribbean cruisers...but I sooo love Disney that we decided to try one when it came to this side of the world. We went on board, expecting a lot of Disney to be the decor and theme of the ship, but it was limited. Also, the Disney Wonder looked and felt like an old ship. We were disappointed with the upkeep - lots of items in and around the ship were in need of repair. No wonder it is going into dry dock the end of the Alaska run.The shows were spectacular, the food as good as other cruises, the staff were just as friendly, but I must admit - too many kids...I know, what does one expect on a Disney ship, but other ships you hardly see the kids as they are all in their adventure clubs...but it seems like the kids did not stay in the clubs on the Wonder.Music was below par - one overall kind of music - rock and roll- was prevalent...Lots of Mickey Mouse and the characters. Animator's Palette restaurant was amazing.I enjoyed the cruise - after all it was a cruise- but I would not sail with Disney again. Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
Embarkation: I had read some horror stories on here and other sites about the embarkation process with the Dream. As a result, I was really concerned with having a bad experience and trying to decide what time to arrive at the port. On ... Read More
Embarkation: I had read some horror stories on here and other sites about the embarkation process with the Dream. As a result, I was really concerned with having a bad experience and trying to decide what time to arrive at the port. On past cruises, our goal has been to be among the first to board to maximize our time, and this was no different. Note that Disney now assigns you a check in time. Ours was approx. 1:30, which was much later than I wanted to be there. Well, for those of wondering, that time really doesn't mean anything. We arrived early, around 10:30 (expecting boarding to start around 12:00). Long story short, we had zero issues. Check in was very organized, and we were assigned boarding group #7 (out of 42 total). Boarding started at 11:45, and we were walking on the ship by 12:15. As some have mentioned previously, the terminal can get crowded and there is limited seating, but we didn't find it to be too bad. We immediately went up to Cabanas to eat, getting a table with no problems. However, by the time we finished, there was a wait. Complicating things was the fact that we had t-storms and rain, so no one could be out by the pools.Ship: The ship itself is incredible. If you've been on the Magic or Wonder, then the theme will be familiar. However, the size will overwhelm you. Since the ship had only been sailing for two months, everything still looked brand new. We had a great time exploring on the first day before sailing. Frankly, that's really all we could do since the storms precluded use of the pools and there were no other activities going on. That's one of my only complaints, but it's minor. I assume that the lack of activities is because the crew is engaged in other duties. The Enchanted Art and Midship Detective Agency are must see's and do's for young and old. Take some time before sailing to learn the ship, as it will pay off later for you.Cabins: We had deluxe oceanview rooms, meaning we had rooms with the GIANT portholes (9006 and 9008). The rooms are OUTSTANDING, and the porthole was great. The kids loved laying on the ledge and looking outside. As we were getting unpacked, they watched 4-5 dolphins swimming below us.Food: As a rule, if you go on a cruise expecting 5 star dining in the main dining rooms, you're going to be disappointed. You can't produce that level of quality for 4000 people. The Dream was no different, but we were very happy with the food (better than the Magic). We ate at the rotation restaurants and had great experiences at all three. Some reviews have complained about small portion sizes, and they certainly were. But, it's a cruise! Order more! Our waiter, Florin, told us that on the first day and he took good care of us and we got everything we wanted and more. The only disappointment in the food area was with breakfast. We ate in the dining rooms each morning, and at best I can say that the food was ok. That area could use some improvement.Service: Topping everything else on the Dream was the service. Our dining room staff (Florin, the waiter; Vladimir, asst waiter; and Nikolai, head waiter) were unbelievable. They were great guys, and we had a blast with them. They provided great service, as well as lots of laughs for all of us. Frankly, these guys made the cruise for us. Our cabin steward, Putu, was great as well and we had fun helping him further his English language skills. Everyone we encountered was great, and we had a lot of enjoyable conversations. I highly recommend taking some time to get to know the crew members, and learn a little about them and their countries. Castaway Cay: Amazing! It is much improved over the last time we were there on the Magic. When we were there previously, it felt crowded and it was hard to find chairs on the beach. It's been expanded for the new ship, and never once did we feel crowded. We had chairs and hammocks in the shade, and it was absolutely perfect. My oldest son and I brought our own masks and snorkels, as we didn't want to pay $20 ea to rent. Disney requires a snorkel vest for everyone, but they have them available for no charge on the beach if you've brought your own equipment. Note that if you want to see fish, you need to swing out 200-300 yards. It's worth the effort, as we lots of variety and size. The BBQ was great...food was good, no crowds/wait since there are multiple serving locations. It was literally the perfect day! Entertainment: It was great, as expected. We enjoyed all three shows immensely. Note to those of you with younger kids: For the Golden Mickeys, 7 kids are selected during each show to be a dwarf during the Snow White scene. If you are interested, get to the theater early to have the best chance. You might even want to ask the theater crew about it. They take the kids and one parent down to reserved seats in the front row, and just before the scene, they take them into a room next to the stage to get ready. It's a short scene, but the kids have a lot of fun and even get certificates to commemorate their performance. Also, I highly recommend taking part in the activities in the D lounge. They do a variety of family game shows each night, and they are a blast for all. They were sparsely attended, so you have a great chance of participating. Debarkation: This is quite unlike any other cruises that we've been on. We were assigned a 6:45 breakfast time at the Royal Palace (where we had dinner the previous night). You have your regular wait staff so it's another opportunity to say goodbye. For us, we ate breakfast, finished up by 8:00, and literally walked off the ship with no hassles at all. We were in our cars by 8:15. It couldn't have been any easier. I have to think that by 9 am or so, it might be a different story. Summary: We had a wonderful experience, with no complaints. Can some things be improved? Sure. However, I'd rank it up there as the best cruise that we've taken. Everyone in our family, parents, grandparents, kids, loved it and we were sad that we only took the 3 night cruise. We would certainly do it again! Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
We, DB(45) TB(50) EB(16), took a 4 day cruise on the Disney Dream. We were skeptical on how great of a vacation it would be considering it was spring break, our family usually gets sea sick, and our daughter was going to have no one she ... Read More
We, DB(45) TB(50) EB(16), took a 4 day cruise on the Disney Dream. We were skeptical on how great of a vacation it would be considering it was spring break, our family usually gets sea sick, and our daughter was going to have no one she knew to hang out with. Despite that fact she was the most excited out of all of us to go on the cruise. She spent hours on the website memorizing the floor plans and "pre-ordering" her meals on the online menus. BOARDING THE SHIP: Disney has a very efficient check-in system. Being that at the time we were vacation club members, check-in took around 5 minutes. However the line for regular cruisers is never too long due to the surplus of workers. At check-in they take each individuals picture before giving the individual their stateroom key. So later when you pay for something using your key a picture pops up on the screen to prevent "identity theft". Also in the terminal you can register your children for the clubs (younger kids only). Here they put a wristband on your child. It is actually a tracking device so that if anything happens to go wrong you can locate your child quickly. Your first steps on the boat truly are magical as the crew announces your family's name and applauds your arrival. ON BOARD DINING: The dining for me was good but not great. I am not a picky eater so I enjoyed what I ate but I only found one dish that I constantly crave, even now months after my cruise. There are two dinner rotations, early around 6 and late around 8. We had early dining which proved to be better for us. The first dining rotation has to have everyone seated, fed, and out of the restaurant in a matter on an hour and a half to set up for the second rotation. This was great for our daughter because she wanted to eat and leave to go back to the teen club. The second rotation tended to last around two hours. CABIN: We had a deluxe family oceanview stateroom with verandah and it was perfect for us. The bathroom was separated into two, one with toilet and sink, the other with shower and sink. So while my husband showered before dinner, my daughter could get ready in the other bathroom. This was very nice for us. There was plenty of room to store our luggage and clothes, we found the cabin quite cozy. Although my daughter is 16 she wanted to sleep in the bed that came out of the ceiling instead of on the pull out couch. Our room-keeper gladly pulled the bed down every night while we were at dinner to accommodate our needs. **One nice touch was that there were no light switches. Your stateroom key served as your switch. After you use it to open the door you slide it into a holder right inside and the lights turn on. When you leave and take your key out the lights go off to conserve energy. GREAT IDEA! **WAVE PHONES saved our vacation. I do not let my daughter wander around on the ship alone, better safe than sorry, so she was going to have to have us walk her to the teen club and we were going to have to pick her up. Very embarrassing to a child her age. The wave phones allowed us to call/text on the boat without having to use our own & pay international fees. This was great and made the vacation soooo much better. ENTERTAINMENT: While my husband and I are not big into night life our daughter had the time of her life on the cruise. The teen club has the best counselors, my daughter tended to talk to them more than the actual teens. They maintain a calm environment while still keeping the club fun and parent free. You have to have a special access card to get into the club which the kids get on the first day. This really keeps the club parent & little sibling free. They also have their own pool deck on the bow of the boat. With misters, pools, lounge chairs, and more. The club is where she spent 90% of her time on board, the other 10% was eating and sleeping. ***AQUADUCK was fantastic!!! SERVICE: Without a doubt hands down the best service ever. The room-keepers never missed a beat and the dining team was stellar. I could go on and on about the Disney service but I will keep it at a solid 10 stars. Every employee, whether server, deck crew, or cashier, always gave a smile and a "may I help you?" The Disney employees without a doubt are the top in the world for customer service. SPA: Great in every way. There even was a teen spa for my daughter to go to and get chocolate wraps and massages. We spent lots of time here. DISNEY'S PRIVATE ISLAND: PERFECT. CRUISE TIP: We did not get off at any of the ports of call. We prefer to do things on the boat rather than rush to get off the boat, rush to have fun at the destination, and rush back before the boat leaves. Its stressful and we don't like to deal with it. Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
Disney's Mediterranean Cruise: Preparation, Reservations, Hotels and Flights As an intro, let me cut to the chase and say that I loved this cruise. My somewhat skeptical French husband loved this cruise. My 4 year old was in preschool ... Read More
Disney's Mediterranean Cruise: Preparation, Reservations, Hotels and Flights As an intro, let me cut to the chase and say that I loved this cruise. My somewhat skeptical French husband loved this cruise. My 4 year old was in preschool nirvana and even the 18 month old came home a Mickey convert who now makes "kissy" noises every time he sees a photo of Minnie Mouse. But, as those of you who know me are well aware, I have 5000 ways to say that I don't like something. So I am going to break down the cruise into the good, the bad and the stupid. Once again, there was enough good to make us book a Caribbean cruise on Dec 10th, 2011 while still on the boat, but there is always room for improvement. .. and complaining. At the end of each section here, you will find a 1 to 4 star rating for all encounters. Pre-prep and planning To start with, I had not planned or foreseen that we would be going on the Disney Cruise this spring. I had not spent hours of time researching and plotting, like I used to do when I was young and childless. Now, with two boys under 5, plotting, obsessing and compulsive behaviors are purely leisure time activities. The initial setup for going on this cruise started something like this. Julien: You know, Lucas has a school vacation. Me: No, again?? He just went on vacation. When does it start? Julien: April 16th Me: Oh. We had this conversation sometime around March 25th. Now you must understand that school vacations in Paris are sacred family time, and therefore most of the interesting things to do were already booked by more organized parents ....or the extraordinarily wealthy. So, I got online and started researching options in somewhat of a blind panic. We had pretty much decided on going to Djerba la Douce Club Med for 7 days, but it was going to be 4500 Euros and honestly, I didn't really relish the idea of lying around feeling like "I am the Walrus" on a beach in Tunisia in lukewarm weather. In addition, the kids programs looked like they were great if your kids were 9 and above. It didn't seem so great for younger kids. I had looked at the Disney cruises, and even went so far as to call and ask about their childcare option but it just seemed too expensive. So, I went to the Disney cruise site again just for hyucks and giggles. Once there, I found a standard inside stateroom on the April 24th 11 Night Mediterranean Cruise for 3500 US dollars if I booked through the US site! 3500 dollars vs. 4500 Euros. 11 nights vs. 6 nights. I thought it was a no brainer, but called Julien to see what he thought. Of course, he agreed. But by the time I went back to the site, the room was gone and the next nearest option was $5000...much swearing ensued before I was able to calm down enough to go to bed. But the next morning, the lovely husband got up at 5 am and checked the site again, and it was back, so he booked immediately. So, we were on! We decided not to tell Lucas until we got to the ship, which was really hard for Mom! I also had to have all the cruise info routed to my sister in Nashville, as that is the only US address we had, but my fabulous and organized sister was kind enough to forward all of our info to us in Paris, at some expense to her (love you, Myra!). All we had to do then was book our plane flight to Barcelona for the day before the cruise, get our hotel, and pre-book our "Flounder's Reef" nursery time. "No biggie" I thought....hmmmm. Let me take these one at a time, as some things I could have controlled but most I could not. Hotels: First, I tried to book one of the hotels that was recommended on the Disney site. All of them were fully booked. So, I called the customer service line to have us put on the waiting list. In the meantime, I did some research and could not find anything remotely decent for under 350 US dollars per night. I later found out from our friend Nick Lesser, that there was some sort of festival in Barcelona, but this resulted in us booking a fairly expensive hotel called the Hotel Boria. When I next checked on line with the Disney Cruise website ( which takes for *(*#@ ever to log on to and then can't reach your intended destination half the time) it told me that I owed 750 US dollars NOW or my cruise would be canceled. You can just imagine how bad my blood pressure went up during the 4 hours that I had to wait in order to call them. As it turns out, they had just added a hotel room once it became available without checking with me. Let me repeat that. They had 1) added 750 dollars to my bill 2) without telling me 3) for a HOTEL room and 4) had the audacity to come across with a threatening tone on the god awful website. Now, unless the room comes with , I don't know, Johnny Depp, who offers additional add ons, then I can't fathom a hotel room for 750 dollars for one night. I know they exist, but let's face it, with 2 kids in tow, there is nothing that will be worth $750 dollars a night...not even with sexy celebrity man because I would be too tired to make any use of him. So, I called, I shrieked and they took it off the bill sheepishly. So, Hotel Boria it was. After meeting Nick Lesser in Barcelona, I found out we could have gotten much cheaper if we had called him...so that was a learning. Flounder's Reef Nursery: BE FOREWARNED. This is a big development area for Disney Cruise and they are a bit evasive about it when you call. The Oceaneer's clubs are for children starting at 3 years old and are open from roughly 8 am until midnight ....and they are included in the price of the cruise. This is NOT true for the nursery, which is your only option for kids 3 and below. Your are fairly limited on the number of hours you can reserve ahead of time, and on the hours you can book in general. When I was researching the cruise, I found that the website did not provide any information on how many hours of nursery time you could book. They were upfront about the incremental cost ( 6 dollars per hour) but very evasive about the time. This resulted in the one bad phone call that I had with Disney customer service. They allow you to reserve up to 28 hours or so of Flounders reef nursery time before you get on board for an 11 night cruise. I called to find out how many more hours they might allow you to book once you got on board. The customer service representative said , basically, that I should be happy with 28 hours. I told her that this was less than 3 hours a day if you could manage to split it up that way. If you happen to want to take one of their all day adults excursions, that eats up 10 to 12 of your hours and you are then left with roughly an hour a day. What I wanted was to be able to get and keep Seb on a schedule of spending the morning with us and then going to the nursery after his nap until dinner time. The woman at customer service told me that SHE ENJOYED spending time with HER grandchildren and would never consider putting them in the nursery that long. I responded by saying, "Excuse me, but are you insinuating that I am a bad mother because I want a vacation?" to which she responded "Oh no, some people just don't like to be with their children as much as others". At this point, I hung up, called back and asked to speak with a manager and recounted the story with as much dry ice and acid as I could muster. I will say that they responded appropriately by falling all over themselves to apologize and upgrading my room, but really, how did this person slip through the cracks of the Disney armor. Once on board, we did manage to wheedle enough hours to create a little bit of a routine for Seb, but it was far from easy. In addition, there are few, if any, places on the boat that are both contained and specifically for toddlers. They are not allowed in the pools unless they are potty trained, so be prepared to chase your toddler around the boat and put up with his protests when he can't get in the pool. All this being said, the nursery itself was great and well designed. After the first couple of days, Seb stopped complaining about being dropped off and actually bonded quite well with the care givers. Flights: What can I say? Iceland blew up. Who knew? But our airline came through, so good on ya Iberia. So we had made it to Barcelona, to the hotel, and were ready to get on the cruise for the next day!! The Ship, the Characters, the Clubs and the Crew The Ship: The Disney Magic is Ginormous!! The thing is at least 13 floors, with some possibly hidden beneath where the White Rabbit sleeps. And it must be fairly well designed as it was put to the test on the last full day of our cruise when we encountered a somewhat scary storm. The waves were big enough that they closed the port in Nice. We were already at sea when it hit and it was truly spectacular. The waves were high enough that some of the spray made it over the top of the ship. They closed all the decks but the clubs remained open. Lucas and I spend time in the Oceaneers club bouncing from one side of the ship to the other when the ship lilted. He said it was "like flying". At some point, the ship's captain came on board and said that this was a rough storm but that we were not in any danger. He also said that the Disney Magic had been through 2 hurricanes without incident. However, they decided to take the ship closer to the shore and between two islands to minimize the discomfort for us. I am not normally prone to believing things people tell me, but my gut told me that we were never in any real danger. The ship felt incredibly stable. Given the size of the waves, even the rocking was minimal. While a lot of people stayed in their rooms, there were a few of us who were not prone to motion sickness out and about and enjoying mother nature at her finest. I have to say that this was a truly memorable experience for me and I was actually quite glad to have experienced it. My poor husband might not feel the same, as he ended up with seasickness on his birthday. But the rest of the family was fine and enjoyed the show. In short, the ship itself felt super solid and as safe as you can be. It goes without saying that there are railings everywhere, most with plastic covering them. The stairs are such that there are few places that a child can fall very far. And there are Disney crew members roughly every 6 feet. For those with kids who don't sleep, this cruise thing has an added bonus. The gentle rocking of the boat keeps the kids asleep and makes it much easier for them to soothe themselves back to sleep. Both of our boys have been notorious non sleepers. Our oldest just now sleeps through the night, and he is 4. The youngest wakes up multiple times. On the cruise, they both generally slept through. So it is a real vacation for you parents who don't sleep. I forgot how much energy I can have if I get sleep. The Stateroom & Stateroom Attendant : We had a deluxe inside stateroom. This means that the layout consisted of one queen bed, 2 single beds in a bunk bed arrangement, and a crib for Sebastien. The bathroom is "split" in the deluxe stateroom which means that there is one room with a sink and tub / shower and another with a sink and toilet. This proved quite useful in the "getting ready" process. A nice addition is that they put a sliding drape between the queen bed and the rest of the room, so that after the kids go to bed, you can still have a light on in the parent area. You also have a small fridge, a TV and a tiny table. Let me say that I liked the inside stateroom, as we could control the "environment" and create a bedtime atmosphere whenever we wanted. The lack of window didn't end up bothering me at all. In fact, it all felt quite cozy...so much so that this is what we chose for our second cruise. When it comes to upkeep, they come to clean your room just about every time you leave it, even if it is only to go get a snack. We are AWFUL when it comes to making messes. I mean, really world class. One day, Sebastien decided to climb on the unmade bed and eat at least 1/2 dozen cookies. Then Lucas joined him. So when we left the room, in addition to all our usual mess, there were cookie crumbs on the unmade bed, the floor, the walls, the TV, the counters and in the tub. When we came back from lunch, it was completely spotless, crumb free and our suite attendant had made the towels into hanging birds. Truly amazing. After a week of this, he actually sent us a bottle of wine at dinner. Let me repeat. HE sent US a bottle of wine. All I can figure is that he likes a challenge. The Pools: This is another of the "development" areas for Disney, when it comes to toddlers. In general, there are three pools on the Disney Magic. First, there is an adults only pool area with a small pool, a Jacuzzi and a bar. This seemed nice enough and really was kid free. But I must admit, we only used the bar part of this area. Once we had a couple of hours of non kid time, we didn't really want to waste it in the pool...and Jacuzzis gross me out as I have been in one too many that seemed to be growing either new life forms or fat, randy men. Instead, we went to the pool bar, got a drink, sat on the deck and soaked up the scenery. This was great for us, so I am not complaining at all. Second, there was the Goofy pool that was one of two family pools. This one was a bit confusing to me as I could not really see the benefit. The pool itself was small and was located right in front of the big screen TV which showed constant Disney movies. So, I guess this is where you are supposed to watch Little Mermaid and get appropriately water logged. But having a pool there really seemed a bit superfluous. Maybe when my kids are older it will make more sense. It did have some nice deck chairs to sit in and watch the movie though. The last was the Mickey pool, which was the hub of most activity. It was surrounded by all the outside eateries like Pluto's dog house, where you could get hotdogs, chicken nuggets, burgers, tacos and the like. There was also Pinocchio's pizza near the Goofy pool which serves...well...pizza. In addition to kid food there was also a Goofy Grotto that had nice sandwiches and fruit. The pool itself was shaped like Mickey's head, and thus divided into three sections. There was the regular pool with a waterslide for the older kids...which Lucas loved loved loved. There was a couple shallow "ears" for kids who were potty trained but too small to swim. Then on the side there was a water play area for the toddlers. This was where I have my "issue". The water play area is right next to the pool area but the toddlers are not allowed in it until they are potty trained. So, Sebastien could see ALL THE FUN the other kids were having in the pool and wanted to go. As the area is not closed off, it meant that we spent all of our "family" pool time with one of us chasing him as he made his mad dashes for the pool, the stairs, the bathrooms, the handicapped door leading to the elevators, you name it. OK, it wasn't intolerable but it would be much better with fewer escape routes. The Oceaneers Club/ Lab and Flounder's reef and Character Experiences: This is the heart of it. This is why you came. This is why you chose Disney rather than Royal Caribbean or Princess. This is what they do...and they do it better than anyone else. And let's face it, no one else has Mickey and the Princesses. I am lumping all three of these things together, as I feel they are really at the core of your child's experience...and the joy they will have. There are lots of pluses here and a few negatives. When I called about this cruise, one of the nice customer service reps told me that you don't want to book this cruise if you want serious bonding time with your child. He was mostly right. The Oceaneer's Club and Lab are hard competition. These clubs are for ages 3 to 11. The Oceaneer's Club is more for the younger set. It has a play area with a pirate ship theme. There are slides for sliding, ropes for climbing, a large open area for games, activities and general running around, and a back room area with a bank of computers loaded with age appropriate games, in addition to blocks, crayons, paper, books and just about everything else you could imagine. Just about every hour there is some activity lead by a unnaturally enthusiastic counselor or an actual character. During the course of the cruise, Lucas was taught how to fly by Peter Pan, how to dance with Snow White, and how to be a pirate by Captain Hook. He also had story time with Belle, surfing lessons with Lilo and Stitch and a pajama party with Goofy. And this is not all of them but merely the ones that seemed most memorable to me. The only downsides to this area are that there are movie screens here that show Disney movies almost nonstop, so if your kid is a TV addict (like mine) you will want to tell the counselors to make sure that your child is engaged. I must say that they did a great job with this, as most of the times that I came to pick up Lucas, he was playing rather than watching the tube. The other downside is that the play area is a little dark but the kids didn't seem to mind at all. After Lucas' first day in "the club", we were awakened each morning with "I want to go to my club". When we came to get him for dinner, we were met with "I want to eat in my club". We did get him on a couple of excursions, but in retrospect, I would have pared that down significantly. By the end of the cruise, he was more open to doing things with us again, as he had participated in so many of the activities that he didn't feel like he was missing out anymore. The Oceaneer's lab is more for the over 7 set, although both clubs are accessible to ages 3 to 11. The Oceaneer's lab has more by way of manual activities. They have a kitchen, blocks, computers and it seems like a gazillion interactive video games. You can also bring your toddler into either of these clubs to be with their siblings as long as you stay there with them. Seb seemed to enjoy these areas almost as much as Lucas, and got a thrill out of bullying the bigger kids. Flounders Reef is the nursery where you can book time for your infant or toddler. I have mentioned the problems here earlier but to reiterate, you MUST book your hours in advance as they fill up. You are also very limited in the number of hours that you can book, so be prepared for that. In addition, you will need to bring your own diapers, wipes, formula and baby food , if needed. If your child is eating regular food then they will serve them meals. There is a service that allows you to preorder diapers, wipes and the like before the cruise, but I didn't book early enough so we couldn't use this service. I would recommend it as diapers take up lots of room in your suitcase. Once you get past the annoyances of booking and logistics, the nursery itself is quite good. There is a slide in the area, games, toys and a TV as well...which they seem to use sparingly. There is also an area in the back with cribs for sleeping. The counselors all seemed to be that special type of person who bonds to infants and toddlers. All were very patient and loving. After the first 2 days of whining at drop off, Seb got quite used to it. I think he felt that he had to have a token whine at every drop off but it only lasted until they took him in the room and he saw the slide. Then it was "mom and dad, who?" One additional point to add about the counselors in general is that they treat your kids like rock stars. Walking down the corridors of the ship, the counselors would say " Hi Seba" or "Hey, Lucas, are we going to dance today?" They remember names, and usually there are one or two that specifically seem to bond with your child. I don't know if this is planned but it certainly seems to work out that way. Julien and I joked that we were clearly just" those people" standing next to SEBASTIEN in the hall. There is also a club for tweens, as well as one for teens, but I had no experience with these so I can't comment with any authority. The Characters: This ship is a character-fest. There are two basic types of character encounters: the scheduled and the ad hoc. Scheduled Character Events: For anything scheduled, I cannot stress enough the need to READ THE PERSONAL NAVIGATOR that is delivered to your room every night. And I mean read the full content, don't just read for the holding (for all you lawyers out there). They have a schedule that tells all of the times and places for character experiences. It also lists shows, which are character based. We found that a lot of the character experiences occurred between 5:30 and 7, which was a bit hard for us, as we had dinner at 6. So this is one benefit of having a later dinner. There were also character experiences around the lunch hour. Twice during the cruise, they had the massive Princess Fest. During the course of the cruise, one sees the Princesses at dinner, or in the clubs or other random places but this has most of them in one place. In ours, we had Princess Tiana, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora..along with Alice in Wonderland who wandered down the line to entertain all the little girls dressed in their princess attire. BE FOREWARNED IF YOU HAVE GIRLS, they do sell some princess gear at these events and I saw more than one screaming meltdown because someone could not have YET ANOTHER set of gloves that she already had. Make sure you bring your autograph books to this one, and your camera. They will take pictures but we found their photos really too expensive, and didn't buy any of them. Ad Hoc Character Experiences: There are also lots of ad hoc character moments. We had a fun encounter with Donald duck at breakfast one morning. Most of the princesses made occasional appearances at dinner. For example, Beauty AND the Beast came to Lumieres one night. For the older crowd, they also have a Pirates in the Caribbean deck party one night. It started at 9:30, so it was a bit late for younger kids, and Lucas was hard pressed to stay up. In addition, the theme was that Pirates (including Captain Hook and Captain Jack) take over the party for a while. This was a little scary to Lucas, even though Mickey saves the day at the end. However, it was worth it to see his face when they had the fireworks. Apparently, it is the only cruise line to do fireworks at sea, and they did a great job. Once again, BE FOREWARNED, they sell a lot of stuff at this, and I had to deal with a whiny 4 year old until I finally gave in and bought him yet another plastic pirate sword. I don't give in that much, but I didn't want to spoil the moment and I figured it was an example of "pick your battles". On the whole, the character experiences are great. The drawbacks are the lines at the scheduled events. It seems better to go a bit late rather than early but that was just our experience. The ad hoc experiences were much more memorable and fun. The Crew in General: Anyone who has done any significant traveling has, sooner or later, learned one fact. People who work in tourist areas hate tourists. Maybe it comes from the fact that the most obnoxious tourists are usually the most visible and vocal ones. Maybe it is simply a case of "you hate what you need". Whatever the reason, it is what it is. So my expectations for any adventure where I must be in contact with those providing services for tourists go something like this. 15% will be new hires ....and the other 85% will hate me on sight. Of those who hate me, only 5% will be able to completely mask that fact, while 20% will be openly hostile. The rest will fall somewhere in the range between vague contempt and barely contained annoyance. On the Disney Cruise, I was pleasantly surprised that the aforementioned ratios did not seem to apply....with a couple of notable exceptions. The restaurant staff, housecleaning staff, room service and pretty much everyone else was so pleasant that I had to wonder a bit if Disney issues drugs with the uniforms. The fact that the cheerful attitude rarely seemed forced made me all the more suspicious that happy pills are used. Either that or they have a truly kick ass selection process and every naturally happy person who is born is recruited to work for Disney while still in diapers. Hmmm, this may explain a lot about the state of the world. In any case, all of the people who interacted with my children were great. Most of the ones who interacted with me were also fairly fabulous, except the Vista Spa and Guest Services...of all things. I will cover Vista Spa later, but let me rant about Guest Services now. Guest Services: OK, I expect a few things from Guest Services, which are 1) that they are able to answer my questions 2) that they do so with a pleasant attitude and 3) if I am face to face with them when this is happening, that they better be #@%$ing smiling...particularly if they are telling me something I don't want to hear. About half the people I encountered at the Guest Services desk failed on all accounts. Therefore, I gave up going to the desk and just used the phone after the first few days. As these people were useless, I won't mention them again. (Note to Disney: these people hurt your brand...fire them) Dining,the Vista Spa, and all the things I left out. Dining at Disney I have already mentioned the various kids offerings around the ship. Besides this, there is a fairly nice buffet called Topsiders, which is open often. There is also room service, which is open ALWAYS. Really, always. I called a 2 am to get slices of white bread for a hungry and grumpy Seb. They delivered it within 15 minutes...and with a smile. But the heart of the Disney dining experience is your evening meal. As you will read in any decent Disney cruise book, they have a rotational dining system. Every night you eat at one of 3 restaurants: Parrot Cay, Lumiere's or Animators Palate. But, the nice thing is that, as you rotate through these 3 restaurants, you have the same wait staff. Our servers, Grace and Laurent, got to know our kids so well by the end of the cruise that they automatically brought them strawberries as an appetizer without having to be asked. (My kids only eat red fruit...sigh). In addition, you also share a table with another family, who rotates with you. Normally, I am not super keen on eating with strangers but we were paired with a really lovely British couple, Emma and Jim. They had two children very similar in age: a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. Coincidence? I think not. This is the kind of attention to detail that makes Disney different. By the end of the cruise. Elliott and Lucas were chasing each other around the table screaming, and the toddlers were enjoying Baby Einstein dinner dates. "? This system also means that the boys automatically had someone that they knew fairly early on in "the club", and I saw Lucas and Elliott playing together there as well. As an added bonus, I got additional insight on the excursions from Emma, as they were much braver than us and did the "Rome in a day" extravaganza. When they appeared at dinner that night, they both looked a bit like war survivors. In short, the takeaway seemed to be "what were we thinking"? They also had a bad Tunisia experience, but with the market in Tunis. I will she or Jim comment, if either feel inclined. A note on dinner planning. "READ THE PERSONAL NAVIGATOR", she says again. It tells you (on the top right heading for those who overlook headings) the dress code for each evening. There IS a formal night, and we completely missed that little piece of information. We showed up in rumpled sundress (for me) and rumpled khaki's (for Julien) as we had made zero effort. I won't even mention the state of the kids. The staff was super attentive and fairly amazing during almost every moment of our cruise.... except for one. Here it comes. Our head waiter, Grace, asked me THE question...the one question you never ask a woman who has kids. The question you should really know better than to ask if you are a woman who has had kids. So, there I am, about to dig into my delightful appetizer of scallops when Grace says (loudly) "so I never asked you when you are due?" Yes, she did. Dinner suddenly turned to ashes. God, I hate this question. Mind you, I have gotten it fairly often because I am a fairly thin woman in all areas except the belly, where my muscle tone and cartilage have been shot to hell after baby number 2. As I have been told by a doctor that this cannot be fixed with anything besides the longed for tummy tuck, I will have to come up with a better quick response to this question than " Uh, um, I'm not pregnant" which is what I said to Grace. I could not really see her blush, as she was from Jamaica, but she began stuttering like crazy and back pedaling.....but damage was already done. Really, one should know that one does not ask that question unless one has been TOLD that the woman is pregnant or unless she YOU SEE THE HEAD CROWNING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. I will say that she had the good sense to avoid me like the plague for the rest of the meal but the ego takes a huge hit after this sort of thing. In a way, I felt bad for her as she did such a lovely job otherwise, but still. Note to Disney Training folks: you need to train on this...end of story. Overall , the restaurant experience was fun and lively. Be prepared for characters. Be prepared for parades. Be prepared for Opera singers who may force you to sing in a microphone. I will say no more. The Vista Spa For the most part, were exactly what I would expect at your average spa on land...but they were not "Disney". They were polite but not particularly pleasant. The woman who did my pedicure was subtly hostile about her work experience, but didn't seem to take it out on me or my toes. The person who cut my husband's hair was irritable but did a good job. Thus, it was not unlike any other spa experience and better than quite a few. Happy Feet in San Jose comes to mind :). But none of this would keep me from going back because they offered at least one really unusual service...the Exotic Rasul. The Exotic Rasul is basically where they take you and your husband to your own private room. This comes equipped with tiled floors, a shower and a plethora of body scrubs, lotions and oils. The other area is a steam room. They spend about 10 minutes telling you about the products, close the door, and leave you alone to do whatever you will do for the other 50. At the 50 minute mark, they knock discreetly and you come out sheepishly whenever you can. Before going in, they stress that the couples LOVE this and that this is YOUR time. So, for us, this was a not so subtle way of saying "go , have sex, with our blessing". With that in mind, we didn't really need the 10 minute diatribe on the different oils but one must keep up appearances. Also, the steam room was a bit treacherous from that perspective. But, all things considered, this was a very lovely experience that couples can use however they see fit. From other readings, I have found that other couples did not take the hint and wore bathing suits, actually tried all the oils and tentatively played in mud. To my mind, all that is fine if you were doing this alone, but there is a reason your mate is there. Enough said. I thought it was quite amusing that after we came out, the staff who wandered by merely smiled knowingly and avoided eye contact. No one said anything to us and they let us leave at our own pace. Tons of fun, and surprising from Mickey!! Shore Excursions: Mickey is NOT responsible. Let me make one BIG forewarning about the excursions. They are NOT, repeat, NOT run by Disney. They are run by vendors hired by Disney. As this was only the second season (I believe) for the Mediterranean cruise, there were definitely some vendor management kinks to work out. The shore excursions, on the whole, were spotty and bifurcated in range of experience. I will break down the ones we attended but there were many more, so do your homework before hand, and you may avoid some of the mistakes I made. For the Disney shore excursions, see the port reviews below. For the non Disney ones, read on. Non Disney Excursions After the first two planned excursions, we decided that we would not do anymore planned excursions that we had not already bought. Instead, we did a few on our own, and all of those were wonderful. Julien and I got off in La Spezia and took a cab to Portovenere, where Byron was inspired and not too far from where Shelley died. It was a glorious lovers day, and definitely worth a visit. In Villefranche, we took the kids to the beach ourselves and all of us had a great time. It cost nothing and the boys were in toddler and preschool heaven. So, the takeaway is 1) for simple pleasures, do it yourself and 2) for non simple pleasures, do it yourself. For the extraordinary things, like the winery or perfumery, you can't really do it yourself and it is well worth it. But be conservative as the shore excursions are very expensive and will eat up your budget faster than anything else. Ratings: Dining Experience: *** ( would be a 4 but for THE comment) Vista Spa: ** Summation :) I want to put in a caveat here in that, believe it or not, I have not covered everything in this review. There are lots of additional adult bars and activities that we didn't really have the energy or inclination to do. There were all sorts of classes and tastings, such as cooking classes, how to make the towel animals, sangria tasting, margarita tasting for those who want to either get educated or get toasted. For the "let's all share a family activity" types there was karaoke, something that seemed vaguely like "Family Feud", a family dance club and bingo. For the "let's get away from the family" types there was a sports bar, a dance club, a couple cocktail bars, a coffee house and several adult only shows at the clubs. Also, as I mentioned earlier, there is a club for the 11 to 13 set, as well as "the Stack" for teens. There was also a gym which I avoided like a vampire avoids the light. I mean, this is a VACATION after all. For those gym rats who actually enjoy working out (my husband, Matt and Shelley come to mind) this might be useful but it is unlikely to be the gym of your dreams. Julien went a couple times and thought the facilities were OK but not great. Lots of the bikes were broken and they had no way to fix them as the vendor was back in the US. In short, I think this gym exists really for those who have eaten a bit too much and want to spend 20 minutes in the gym so that they can alleviate the guilt...but that is just my perception. As we didn't really use any of these things, I can't really make any assessment of how worthwhile they are. I can only say that these things exist, along with lots of other options, so it is fairly hard to get bored unless you really dedicate yourself. All in all, taking into consideration all the pro's and con's, this was a great family vacation. In truth, it is probably one of the best "family" vacations that I have ever taken...including family vacations taken when I was a kid. It was not perfect, but that is part of the joy of the family vacation. It is not going to be perfect. Kids will be kids. Things will not be what you expected. Plans with go awry. Someone will eat poop. But maybe it is these moments that we remember most vividly and talk about most frequently, like veterans remembering a war (or lawyers remember law school). What Disney does, and this cruise did exceptionally well, is mitigate the pain of these things so that you can enjoy the moments more. You have to love the fact that their onboard store had : Infant Tylenol, children's Tylenol, Benadryl, Dramamine, diapers, wipes, various baby foods and a couple of binkies...just to name a few. They seem to know that your children have sucked the intelligence right out of you, so they pay attention to all the details that you are incapable of concentrating on for more than a few moments. They also know that togetherness, to be truly enjoyed, must be paired with time apart. As a result of all this, and before the cruise was even half over, Julien and I had waited in the surprisingly long line to book our next cruise. So, for Christmas 2011, Sebastien, Lucas, Julien and Lexy Delorme will be joining "Auntie M" and "Uncle Bean" on the Disney Magic for the Western Caribbean Cruise. Between now and then, I guess the boys will have to be content with Disneyland Paris :). Ratings: Not covered below Disney Customer Service Line: *** (annoying grandma woman aside) Disney Cruise Line Website:* (their website sucks, don't get me started) Flounders Reef Hours:*** Flounders Reef staff and care: **** Hotel Boria Customer Service Line:** Hotel Boria:*** Nick Lesser:***** Iberia:**** The Ship ***** The Stateroom Attendant ***** The Pools *** The Oceaneers Clubs ***** The Character Experiences ***** Guest Services * Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
We are "cruise veterans" having been on several over the years - mostly on Carnival, but also on Princess and Norwegian. We have always wanted to try the Disney Cruise Line because it seemed different than the others - but never ... Read More
We are "cruise veterans" having been on several over the years - mostly on Carnival, but also on Princess and Norwegian. We have always wanted to try the Disney Cruise Line because it seemed different than the others - but never did until now because of the price. Although still expensive, Disney was running a "Kids Sail Free" promotion so all four of us went just for the price of the two adults. So we figured now was as good a chance as we were going to get. For the most part, I would say that a Disney Cruise is very similar to a cruise you might take on any other of the big lines. I'll highlight some differences, but overall I would say they are more the same than different - which makes it hard to justify Disney's much higher price (roughly 60% on average higher than Carnival for cruises with similar staterooms and lengths). My overall recommendation is to try a Disney cruise if you can get a deal on one (they do offer deals sometimes) or you just aren't that concerned about the cost. Embarkation - Very smooth - and also similar to Carnival's embarkation process. The Disney terminal at Port Canaveral is very nice, and has couches and lots of TVs showing Disney cartoons. But just like everywhere else, you check in and are then given a boarding group number. You board the ship when your number is called. We arrived around 11:30 and were on the ship a little after 12:00. The literature Disney sends you will say that boarding begins at 1:00 PM but I think it is almost always earlier than that. If you are staying in a suite or have done lots of Disney cruises you get priority boarding - but this wouldn't have been that much of a "perk" since boarding was quick anyways. Stateroom- We had a category 6 balcony cabin which was quite nice. Disney's split bathroom concept (one side has toilet/sink, the other has shower/sink) is convenient. Other than that difference, it's similar to a balcony cabin on any other ship - except it has decorations with Disney themes. Plenty of closet and drawer storage space. Four of us fit quite nicely into it, the additional bunk bed folded down out of the ceiling. Ship - It is really well maintained and very elegant in most areas (unlike Carnival which is more flashy). They don't give the decks names (Lido, Empress, Riviera, etc.) just the numbers. Very clean everywhere. Not sure if they have had problems with Norovirus in the past, or just don't want to, but there is hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE. When entering any restaurant at any time, there is a crew member with hand sanitizer wipes giving them to EVERYONE - they don't rely on people to do it themselves. Dining- Overall the food was excellent, as we have found it to be on every ship we have sailed on. It always amazes me when reviewers say the food is "terrible" - I do not see how anyone could say that. Everything we had was excellent - and the portions were sensible (not gargantuan). If you wanted more than one of something, just like on any other ship, you could simply ask. The food was comparable to Carnival's. We also tried Palo one evening - and it was excellent and the atmosphere very nice (similar to the specialty restaurants on other ships). A couple of differences: Disney rotates you among three different restaurants instead of seating you at the same one the whole cruise. This is kind of fun because the restaurants have different themes. They also don't seat you with strangers (even at lunch and breakfast) like other cruise lines do - at least it never happened to us and I didn't notice it happening to anyone else. They also give the food cute names ("Ariel's surprise", etc.) but it is the same food you would get on other big lines. Also like other lines, the coffee is awful. You can get "specialty coffees" (for around $3) - these are better but don't expect Starbucks. I do not understand why it is so difficult for cruise ships to make good coffee. Servers- The servers are very good and especially focused on the kids. If the kids order something big (like roast chicken) they will cut it up for them. They also engage the kids in conversation at least as much as the adults. They provide crayons on the tables for the kids to play with. They also have children's menus - though our kids (11 and 10) preferred to order off of the adult menu. They are the same mix of international staff that you see on any other big ship. Other Passengers - Families with kids are by far the biggest group - which makes the average age on this ship way less than typical. There were "senior citizens" but almost always as part of large family groups (with grandkids). There were very few wheelchairs/walkers like you see on some of the other lines. Most of the wheelchairs I saw belonged to kids - there were a lot of "special needs" type kids on this cruise - wheelchairs, Downs Syndrome, autism, etc. The staff seemed to go out of their way to make these kids feel special - so if you are traveling with a special needs child, I think that Disney would be a great choice. Shows and Entertainment - The shows were excellent - but they all had a Disney theme so if you don't like Disney (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, etc.) you may not care for the shows. Most of them are around an hour. Also, the ship has a separate movie theater where they show first run movies (Disney of course) - on this cruise they were showing Alice in Wonderland. They also have 3D capability in this theater. There is also a Big Screen TV over the "Goofy" pool - which shows movies and occasionally other things (again mostly Disney though there was one basketball game). Disney characters roam around the ship and are available for meet and greet and photos (they publish a schedule in the daily "Personal Navigator"). They have the typical trivia contests and other games - again mostly with a Disney theme, but not exclusively Disney. Adults- They do have areas just for adults - one pool and its surrounding lounge chairs, a coffee bar type place, the specialty restaurant (Palo's), and a nightclub area. Oddly, since there are so many families with children, these areas don't tend to be crowded and are actually less crowded than other ships. Disney does strictly enforce the no kids rules in these areas. Smoking/Gambling - Smoking is restricted to very few areas - mostly outdoors (and on Deck 9 "the pool deck" only on certain parts of the starboard side). Smoking isn't allowed in the staterooms. There is no casino - but they do have a few Bingo sessions (which we didn't attend). Seems like smoking and gambling often go together - so maybe because there isn't a casino there aren't as many smokers. We didn't see many. Kids Programs - Very well attended and popular. Kids areas take up most of Deck 5. Lots of computers/video games. Our kids enjoyed very much. However, kids have to be 10 and up to participate in the "Out and About" program - where they go do different things around the ship - pools, basketball court, etc. Otherwise, they just stay in the kid's club on deck 5. Teens have their own club called "Aloft" which looked good. They give kids little tracking devices that they wear on their wrist so at any time the staff can tell you where your kids are if you can't find them. They also give each family a pager so that they can send you a message about your kids if needed. Castaway Cay- Disney's "private" island experience is excellent. Everything you could want and very well laid out. Snorkeling was good though it was a little chilly. Plenty of beach, games, sports, and a brand new waterslide. This is really a fun time. We actually "aborted" our trip to Castaway Cay on the first attempt (Tuesday) due to high winds and seas. Because we were on the 4 day cruise, we were able to try again on Wednesday when the weather was much better. This is one of the big advantages of the 4 day over the 3 day cruise. The 3 day cruise can't try again. Castaway Cay is really a highlight of the trip and you don't want to miss it. Debarkation - Again very smooth. You are given a time and place to have breakfast - and you bring all your carry on stuff with you. Then when you are done with breakfast, you just walk off the ship. No numbers are called. Luggage is waiting when you get off and you are on your way. Conclusion - A fabulous time was had by all. If you can get a deal, or don't mind the cost, go for it. If you want to take a cruise but can't afford Disney, go on Carnival or one of the other big lines. You won't be missing that much and you will probably pay a lot less. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
I took my girlfriend on this cruise for spring break and it was a blast! We mostly relegated ourselves to the adult areas of the ship. They were very comfortable and relaxing. SHIP: Beautifully designed and decorated. Clean as a ... Read More
I took my girlfriend on this cruise for spring break and it was a blast! We mostly relegated ourselves to the adult areas of the ship. They were very comfortable and relaxing. SHIP: Beautifully designed and decorated. Clean as a whistle. Classic oceanliner style with Disney flair! CABIN: VERY spacious with a large bathroom. Beautifully decorated. FOOD: Nearly everything was delicious. Buffets were great, main dining is wonderful, and a night at Palo is an absolute MUST. STAFF: Wonderful staff. Very attentive in both the hotel divisions and the food service. Cruise directors and hosts were great! PORT CANAVERAL: What an incredible terminal. Disney really went above and beyond. Embarkation/Debarktion were a piece of cake and didn't take more than 10 minutes. SHOWS: Be sure to get to every show! They are wonderful! Read Less
Sail Date March 2009
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