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4 Disney Spa Cruise Reviews

We sailed Disney Magic a few years ago and had the best couples spa experience of any cruise line we've tried. When my sister's fam/2 kids decided to take their first cruise, we knew Disney was the way to go. They chose Disney ... Read More
We sailed Disney Magic a few years ago and had the best couples spa experience of any cruise line we've tried. When my sister's fam/2 kids decided to take their first cruise, we knew Disney was the way to go. They chose Disney Dream. The kids, even the shy one, was soon hooked on kids club, so parents got lots of relaxing time. The fee dining room, Remy, they said was the nicest dining experience they'd ever had. Husband's a Dr. in Jacksonville, FL. The chef who makes menu just got another Michelin Star at his Paris restaurant, so he's now a Top Chef in World. The 3 hour dining experience was a seamless tasting feast for our eyes and pallets. Time flew by. My husb and I have dined at Victoria and Albert's in Orlando. Remy is Right there with that experience, but WAY cheaper. We returned for brunch the next day, but wished we'd of done the Italian place brunch. Remy has a set tasting menu. It was good, but brunch is just more fun when you have LOTS of stuff to try. One thing I noticed and LOVED on Dream were the see thru mesh chairs on our balcony! I'm always stacking and moving chairs out of our view on other cruises. We loved our balcony room. Not a single complaint. But this was our First cruise ever we never knew our room attendants name or was called by our name. Maybe the only 4-night thing. He did a great job though, so oh well. Dining was awesome, Every night. So were breakfast and lunch. Delish. The shows were not good compared to Magic. Magic had me teary eyed at the show with the stuffed animals on shelf! THAT show had that "Disney Magic" where adults got in touch with their young self/family memories. Dream shows were either too informational/heavy, or too sarcastic and crazy. One night I was soo bored I nodded off during the crescendo singing act! We all had a good laugh about that. Shops were good/we bought stuff. Only got off ship on private island. Words of warning, SEA LICE! My sister took her kids to the new jungle gym in the water and noticed everyone scratching. Moments later her kids were scratching, then crying! And just like that, Castaway Cay, the talked up best part of the cruise was a bad memory. The family left island and kids played on waterslide and empty ship the rest of the afternoon. On the way back to ship they saw a small sign that mentioned Sea Lice. None of us had ever heard of this! For whatever reason, guess the tides had the lice in the jungle gym cove but not the family beach cove. We tried the famous konch kooler. It's a regular frozen drink. The island DJ was awesome this visit, so we hung out near him for some time. About the couple's spa... This was our FAVE part of our last cruise, and like I said, our best spa exp on Any cruise, so we were Really looking forward to it. We went while at Castaway Cay. It was one lame moment after another!!! The shower room had no hair ties or shower caps like other spas. The shower pump soap was up high and you had to pump it 100 times to get Any kind of bathed feeling. It didn't lather and I felt like I still had sunscreen all over me. NO joke, I had pumped SOO many times my neck kinda kinked! Then we were led to a room with the questionnaire, & I knew from other reviews to write we had No Issues so they wouldn't try to sell us products. It worked!!! The problem was we knew we had a certain amount of time at the spa, and they never told us when they'd come to get us. So, we were a nervous wreck thinking they'd forgotten us. TOTALLY unrelaxing! FINALLY they led us to the spa room balcony for our foot/leg scrub. I told my attendant I had sensitive skin, so not to scrub my legs. So she washed off the stuff and did NOTHING! Would have loved my feet done! Then they left us to use the Jacuzzi for like 20 minutes. But, they never showed us how to turn it on. We figured it out, BUT THE WATER WAS COLD!!! There was a sign that said due to health regs the temp was set at 101 degrees I believe. That's Barely above body temp. I was shivering after 10 mins and just got out. We did enjoy the choco fruit though. Then we had our massage. My attendant was NOT doing deep tissue as we paid for. I said something 3 times then gave up. After this, more cold Jacuzzi time. After massage you fill out the tab/receipt and my husb even tipped them the extra so they'd get the requisite %20. Why, I don't know. Then they came to escort us out/forgot to do our tea service! That was the LAST straw. My husband said we'd be staying for tea, and they nervously hopped to it. We told our family to cancel their spa treatments before the time deadline. It's like kids were running the joint. And just like that, we're done with Disney. We don't have kids and now that spa personnel is lame/Disney let that luxury fall, forget it. Too many new NCL ships to try, booked two already! Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
We are fairly experienced cruisers. This was our 11th cruise and third on Disney. We were on the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Dream as well as going on the Pacific route with the Disney Wonder which is our favorite route. We booked late, ... Read More
We are fairly experienced cruisers. This was our 11th cruise and third on Disney. We were on the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Dream as well as going on the Pacific route with the Disney Wonder which is our favorite route. We booked late, literally two weeks before the cruise and got a great price through the Disney website on an ocean view room guarantee. We spent a week at the Walt Disney World Dolphin before the cruise so we used Disney transfers which if you are staying on Disney property or coming direct from the airport is always the best and easiest way to go. Since we booked so late we had received our luggage tags or cruise document book yet. Disney is one of the few (if any) cruise lines that send out a attractive book with all your stuff including real luggage tags not the paper ones which you get through email. We were picked up at the Disney Beach club because they don't pick up at the Dolphin or the Swan. Where ever you are picked up at on Disney property they will have luggage tags for you that you can write your information on if you don't have tags. Its a breeze because you don't see your luggage again until your in your room. Embarkation was a breeze and we were on the ship within 1 hour and in our room right when we boarded. The ship was clean and always kept clean as well very friendly all over the ship. Since we are past Disney cruisers we received gifts in our stateroom upon arrival. It was a very nice back pack with some snacks. Disney always treats past guests great with nice gifts instead of worthless discount coupon books which really don't sum up to much of a discount. We were originally in a ocean-view stateroom on deck 2. Very roomy and spacious as well as a great view out of a good sized portal. Also had the great split bathroom which is a big plus of cruising with Disney. One bathroom has toilet and a sink, mirror etc..second had the roomy shower and tub (big enough to have a nice soak in). Great plus on Disney. After two days I saw some people on our floor had been upgraded so I figured what the heck I will ask all they could say was no. They said yes and within the hour (thanks Alister at Guest Services) we were in a balcony room on deck 6. Great job by both room stewards Naomi and Lana. Any time I can save over one thousand dollars with Disney on a free upgrade I will take it. You all know how Tinker Bell can spread that good ole pixie dust on your wallet and make money disappear. Here is the downside with that room which was 6062. It was pretty much over the Buena Vista movie theater. Disney plays many movies late and they play it loud. Now I love the Avengers movie and have seen it several times but when I can hear and feel Hulk Smash in my room its a little much. But hey we had a balcony so what the heck. We slept in a couple times to make up for lack of sleep. Entertainment was of course top notch with the Disney brand. I really have not seen many bad shows at sea but Disney is always the best and done with an attitude of excellence. Wishes which we had not seen before on the Dream or Wonder was great. Buckets and Boards were also unique and great as well. Kinda like Stomp but much better. Make sure you see their act at sea. Couple of wonderful guys. The Pirate night fireworks show was different than on the Dream and featured Capt Jack Sparrow. I won't go into details so you will be surprised . Try to get a position on the port side top deck right next to the roped off area for a real close and personal view of Capt Jack. Disappointed that the usual late buffet was going on right when the Pirate show was happening. Not because I missed any meals but because I like to take pictures of the ice carvings and decorations. We went down right after the firework show and it was already shut down. The food was great. Cabanas always had a pretty good selection even though it pretty much stayed the same during breakfast. Lunch was great with different food selections in different ports. Go to the Royal Court for breakfast. They have a french toast pineapple stack similar to what has been served at the Disney Polynesian resort. Then go do some laps on deck 4 to work off the carbs. Service in Cabana's was pretty good. Not as good as Princess cruise lines buffet area. Lot's of opportunity here with crew members just standing around talking. Have not seen this on the Wonder or the Dream. We had a great service team in our dining rotation Alexa and Mickey. Mickey did magic tricks most every night at our table. Alexa was pretty detailed about the menu every night. Maybe to detailed at times. I have ever had a bad wait team on Disney but I need to say the Head Waiter/Maitre D Candice was a real negative experience. She started the first two meals out extremely negative toward her team and was such a bad experience if we had not had other table mates at our table I would have told her to be quiet and leave our table. She acted like she expected something to go wrong and told us if anything went wrong she would immediately correct it and the cast member and then went through a laundry list of things that could have gone wrong. She throughout the cruise gave dirty looks to her staff and seemed to want to try to intimidate and belittle them. Candice also only went to certain tables during the cruise and totally blew off our 10 anniversary celebration which was under her duties not the wait staff. And in spite of Candice our wait team was great.Candice belongs on Carnival or some other cruise line that has lower expectations.We did finally get our anniversary celebration and buttons once I complained to guest services but it was not on the day of our anniversary so there is opportunity for improvement here. First negative experience with Disney though. Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy was better on the decorations then the Dream but missed having all the princess's coming around like they did on the Dream. Animators Pallet was great. Got to talk to Crush (still a thrill at my age Dude) and they did a very unique deal at the last night there. We had place mats which you drew body figures and faces on they collected them at the start of dinner and as a finale they showed it by the nearest screen at your table. Now they only showed the figures that were drawn in your area which was cool that you did not have to go through everyone's drawings. They also showed the drawn characters interact with many of the Disney cartoons you know and love. You then receive your place mat drawings back with a certificate acknowledging you as a official Disney animator of sorts. Spa wise we did the private villa Couples Choice experience. First time we splurged this way on Disney and have got to say for the 475.00 price tag I expected better and would probably not do this again. The spa staff asked us to come 15 minutes early to our appointment which we of course did. We showed at 5 PM to find out that the room was not ready and ended up waiting until 5:30 as they hurried to get the room ready. It felt slapped together. The treatments itself were good we had the seaweed wrap and couples massage. We also had use of the outside private jacuzzi but we were not clear on the time allowed and everything seemed a bit hurried. Found a dirty used towel in the bathroom and a used ice bucket under the deck chairs on our private deck. Not the preparation I would expect for 475.00. We also used the Rainforest Day pass which was very nice and not crowded at all. The ship is a beautiful ship with lots to do . We were told that the Aquaduck was faster on board the Fantasy compared to the Dream. We didn't notice any difference in speed but rode it several times and it was great. Did not play the Muppets Detective game but saw many adults playing it. Will try it next time. They had some very nice pool areas for the adults such as Satellite Falls and did a great job of keeping any young ones out of the area. One of the big problems on this cruise was security in the hallways. Yes we know there will be kids on a Disney cruise but we had kids running wild up and down the hallways and also heard reports of things getting stole off the doors such as decorations etc.. Adults started to take things into their own hands I noted all over the ship with kids who were riding the elevators and pressing all the buttons. Because of a lack of security I saw several children getting scolded by adults who were not their parents because of their behavior. It seemed the Red Bull was flowing on that cruise. Shopping was pretty pricey on the ship with the average adult t shirt at 23-29 dollars which is pricey even for Disney. They had a few kids items on clearance. Nothing for adults. I was surprised there was a guy who was he port shopping guy on TV but he was not on board and there were no on board shows talking about the port???? Leslie the cruise director was nice and gracious and had a very visible presence on the ship. She was kind of thrown in between cruise directors because of Brent's vacation so there was no cruise director morning show but she still did a nice job and stepped up to the plate Even with the bumps Disney is still my favorite cruise line. Embarkation was a breeze and we used Disney's airline check in program which saw our bags safely all the way home to Dayton. Breakfast was a bit of confusion on embarkation because we were told to go to the restaurant we ate at the night before. We went there at around 8 and they were not letting anyone in which was a drag because we had tips for the wait staff. We went up to Cabanas which we were told was only serving a continental breakfast but they actually were serving full tilt. Again all in all a great cruise and if you love Disney or just a kid at heart go on a Disney cruise. Its worth the price tag. remember you get what you pay for. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
May 14-18, 2012, I surprised my 8 year old son by taking him on the Disney Magic for his birthday present. I found the price of the trip to be fairly reasonable and my thought was that I could get the excitement of Disney and the luxury ... Read More
May 14-18, 2012, I surprised my 8 year old son by taking him on the Disney Magic for his birthday present. I found the price of the trip to be fairly reasonable and my thought was that I could get the excitement of Disney and the luxury of a cruise all in one. My excitement was extremely short lived. At the terminal we were pleased to see Mickey Mouse!! Just as soon as we got in line to meet and get our first picture with Mickey, it was his break time so Minnie came out. I can understand that everyone needs a break, but I would have thought that on Day 1, when all of the passengers were waiting in the terminal, Mickey would have been around THE WHOLE TIME! I came to realize that this was to be expected with every character appearance for the remainder of the trip. Each day brought on new realizations that this Disney Cruise was a HUGE waste of money!!! Going into this trip, I was under the impression that it would be Disney everywhere, but I quickly realized that it was not the case AT ALL. The character appearances were few and far between and it seemed that every time we saw a character, the line would already be cut off. Our excursion to the Aquaventure in Atlantis was exciting!! That feeling was short lived when after only about an hour into the fun, the water park was shut down due to sever thunder, lightening and pouring rain. I understand that weather is not predictable. Back to the ship we went to find ourselves bored out of our minds!! What is there to do besides spend money playing bingo, or in the arcade?!!? My son did not want to go into the youth activity room so other than that, there is truly nothing to do as a family when the weather is bad. By the 2nd night on the ship, we both wanted to go home. Day 3 brought us to Castaway Cay. Another HUGE disappointment!!! It was a boring island. Leading up to the cruise, I was under the impression that Disney's private island would be packed full of Disney fun. All we found was a beach, 2 waterslides, and small game area. The weather was cloudy which made for even more of a disappointing day. Not to mention, a few short character appearances. We went back aboard the ship early...again The Pirate Party which wasn't much of a party. It was signing and dancing by the staff and a few fireworks. Oh, and this so-called "party" started at 9:30 which is not exactly a good time for CHILDREN! My whole extended family is planning to go on a Disney Cruise next year and I thought it would've been a memorable trip. I was looking forward to experiencing one of the newer ships but after this past week on the Disney Magic, I will not be going on the family trip next year and I am actually trying to get them to book another cruise line, or just a trip to the parks. I feel that the advertising for the Disney Cruise is extremely misleading. There should have been Disney characters EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME!!!! There should have been more Disney decor and activities. There should have been more family activities for families like mine who have children that did not want to be separated and sent into "daycare". I did not take him on vacation to have him spend time with other people I tried very hard to make the best of our disappointing week because, remember, this was my son's 8th birthday present. Looking back on our trip makes me incredibly frustrated and sad. I feel like my son and I were robbed of a fantastic vacation that we deserved and paid for. I spoke to a few others on the trip and they had the same feelings that I did. They were disappointed as well. I would definitely NOT recommend this trip to anyone. I sent my concerns to Disney Cruise Line but have yet to hear back from them. I will never agian cruise with DCL but look forward to going on another crise with a different company. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
My wife and I finally decided to go on a cruise to celebrate our 50th birthdays. After much homework we finally decided on the new Disney Dream and boy were we glad we did. Right from the time we entered the airport, Disney took care of ... Read More
My wife and I finally decided to go on a cruise to celebrate our 50th birthdays. After much homework we finally decided on the new Disney Dream and boy were we glad we did. Right from the time we entered the airport, Disney took care of everything - they were the most organized company that I have ever dealt with. The ship itself is absolutely gorgeous - our stateroom was immaculate and roomy. The restaurant's and meals far surpassed my expectations, and this is coming from a master chef who has been in the hospitality business for over 30 years. Make sure you book a night in Palo - a truly wonderful experience. A day in the spa as well was a blissful but costly treat. The service was impeccable from everyone on-board. The shows were true Disney delights and there was so much activities going on throughout the day that it is impossible to get board. I could talk all day about the great things on this ship, but I find it more helpful to report the negative so that both Disney and the cruisers can learn from this. The few negatives I found, and believe me they are very minor in the scheme of things were as follows. The pool areas are simply too crowded during the day. We stayed in the adult section but the pool is not well thought out. There is no swimming, but rather soaking in a small crowed area with a bunch of other adults - not very inviting. Disney should consider another adult pool in the forward section of the boat where we found lots of free space. The elevators, though beautiful were constantly full and a waiting period was almost a certain. Perhaps a few more in the main section of the ship are needed. There were 2 free drink stations for soft drinks, coffee etc in the stern area of deck 11, but none in the forward part of the ship - this meant a bit of a walk if you wanted to get a drink. Have 2 stations in the forward as well. Other than these minor complaints we really cannot find anything else to complain about - the cruise was simply fantastic and we cant wait to do it again. Disney made sure everything was as smooth as silk - from the time we boarded to the time we dis-embarked, to our bus rides to and from the airport, our luggage - all went exactly as planned with little or no waiting. Well done! Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
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