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4 Disney San Juan Cruise Reviews

That being said, the adults that are bringing the kids are probably going to be disappointed. The focus of a cruise is itinerary, food and entertainment. Since we are a slightly mature couple couple, I will give the entertainment ... Read More
That being said, the adults that are bringing the kids are probably going to be disappointed. The focus of a cruise is itinerary, food and entertainment. Since we are a slightly mature couple couple, I will give the entertainment a pass as we did not attend or participate in a lot of the shows or events that were mostly geared towards kids. We did however attend a couple of shows by the comedian/entertainer/juggler Michael Jolly and were very pleased with his performances! Also, Magic Dave's magic show was very good. We walked out of the Golden Mickey show as we thought it was pretty lame. It was intended for adults as well as children, but we just thought is was lacking in real entertainment. For a huge name like Disney, I expected a lot more. Another reason we chose this cruise was itinerary. Overall it was pretty good, at least there was a different port most days to break up the trip. They could have left Grenada off the schedule. There was a lot of poverty in Grenada and I do feel for the people that live under those conditions. I know there are very poor places in the world and suffering that goes along with it, but this was vacation and seeing the abject poverty up close did take away from "paradise". Next up is the food. This was one of the main reason we chose Disney. At some point in the past we heard the food was supposed to be great. In reality, it was overhyped, too salty, too sweet, overdone and bland! A huge disappointment considering you pay a premium for a Disney cruise. The fish was overcooked and dry everytime, so I just quite ordering it. What a waste of seafood. The soups were way oversalted when they didn't need to be. The worst part was the later evening places to grab a bite. I think the burgers were a 50/50 meat/fat mix...very poor quality. The fries were not very good either, but I did spy some good looking steak fries in the dining room. Should have ordered them. The pizza they offered was limp and tasteless. I can make pizza ten times better at home! In the dining room, the servers were nice, but towards the end of the cruise they were stressing the importance of leaving a good dining review. I did leave a good review of "the dining experience" on their form for the servers sake, but did not rate the food good because it wasn't. Disney could have better food, but it would cost them more and they obviously care more about profit than providing a really quality product. There were a couple of things wrong with our cabin. When you took a shower there was still some water still coming out of the tub spout, so our shower pressure wasn't very good. A couple of the electrical outlets were very loose and a plug would not stay in them. NEVER again! Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
Well where we can start. When we as a family (14 people, 4 cabins) book a cruise we rae looking for a GREAT SERVICE and ESPECTACULAR food. And so far we were lucky in our previous cruises. But with Disney Cruise I never see the magic. ... Read More
Well where we can start. When we as a family (14 people, 4 cabins) book a cruise we rae looking for a GREAT SERVICE and ESPECTACULAR food. And so far we were lucky in our previous cruises. But with Disney Cruise I never see the magic. The food is just terrible!!!!! the buffet selection was very limited at all times, the quality of the food is not acceptable and I'm very disappointed not to see Mickey waffles every day (just 3 days), the other days the waffles they serves looks like the one you buy in the supermarket already cooked. The "omelet station" is a station with pre-cooked omelets that you just pick them up from a hot tray. If you ask for a custom omelet they look at you like you are making his life miserable. The hours of the buffet are unacceptable, the breakfast is around 7am -10am, the lunch is 12pm - 2pm and the dinner is like 6:30-10pm. If you go in a port adventure when you get back you only get hot dogs, very low quality hamburgers and chicken tenders with tons of batter and off course French fries. The pizza is not good and the only decent food are the wraps and the salads. The ships is just ok, the tear and years already notice, but at least it was acceptable clean. The entertainment was nice but to many princess considering I'm traveling with 2 little boys. The Toy Story Musical it was very nice and the kids have a lot of fun!!! but they have Woody and Buzz Ligthyear only one day for the opportunity of pictures and we did not get to them. One of my boys has his birthday onboard and I expect some kind of recognition or amenity like other cruise lines does, but nothing with Disney Cruise. So not expect anything special if you have a special occasion on a Disney cruise, went somewhere else. The embarkation and disembarkation were acceptable. The servers at our main dinning seating (Jonathan Berkenshaw, Sidney Da Luz and Deniz Baran) are the only great experience in the cruise. They care about us but seems to be very limited (by the cruise rules) in terms to be able to meet our requirements. For example, if my kids doesn't like what is in the menu that day they are not allow to get us another plate other than the ones in the menu. With Princess Cruise you ask whatever you want to eat and they make it possible. And do not talk about the room service, are the same items of the pool deck and sometimes you have to call several times because the line is busy or just ring like 40 times (honestly I counted). The pools are very smalls and my kids get a throat infection, so we have to take them to the cruise doctor in the middle of the week. The medical services are good, my kids just recover very well with the antibiotics and be able to enjoy the rest of the cruise. In summary, we have a nice time because we are in family, but absolutely could be do better in another cruise line. Disney Cruise is not a cheap cruise line and for the money we paid for that cruise we expect A LOT MORE!!!!!!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
A frank review from a veteran cruiser, to include 5 Disney cruises. First of all, as always, attentive service is a Disney hallmark. However, the crew is under such pressure to achieve "excellent" ratings that they begin to ... Read More
A frank review from a veteran cruiser, to include 5 Disney cruises. First of all, as always, attentive service is a Disney hallmark. However, the crew is under such pressure to achieve "excellent" ratings that they begin to push you for it and we had numerous private spiels on how anything less than an excellent is tantamount to destroying the employee's career. Therefore, it is very difficult for Disney to receive honest reviews in their surveys. They even ask in the post-cruise survey, were you pressured to provide an excellent ? Well, the answer has to be no, or else some poor worker who is trying to support his family back home loses his source of income. 1) Entertainment was tired on its good days and something akin to an off-strip Vegas sideshow on its other days. You absolutely would not pay money for this entertainment off of a cruise ship. They present three Disney productions, and the rest are the typical cruise ship night club act. This is partially due to the fact that this ship in particular has not changed its lineup of shows for a considerable time. There is no reason that Disney cannot change its enterainment line-up every year or so. One night the main entertainment was a movie showing of Star Wars. Three weeks after its release and after the ship showed it in the theater daily. It was like the kings of entertainment were struggling to imaginear a show to put before its guests. There was so little adequate entertainment in other venues that it was not worth pursuing, some very tired lounge singers with less than a handful or people watching. Remember there is no casino on Disney, but Disney has not made an entertainment compensation for the adults. The most energetic and frequent presentations were the Shopping Guide and the unending Vaction Club presentations. 2) As mentioned in other reviews, dining opportunities are regrettable. You dine on a designated rotation at a set time. The menu was exactly the same in all three restaurants on three nights and then was a set place menu based upon where you are seated in one of the three restaurants. The food is so trying that the servers frankly tell you which dishes to try, usually one-two from each category, and then honestly and quietly tell you that you will not enjoy anything else. They were unfailingly accurate in that assessment. So the menu may have 5-6 choices for the main entree but there are only a couple that are acceptable. Fish is consistently dry and tough as are the chicken choices. So, you have three very mediocre restaurants. The servers told us that if we rank the food bad in the Disney surver, then it will hurt the servers. The servers tell you that the food is prepared properly, it is just a matter of personal choice whether you like it or not. Hogwash. Good food is good food and many of these dishes were overspiced or served cold or there was an inadequate set of choices. If you choose to deviate, there is a casual restaurant that serves selections from precisely the same tired menus in the main dining rooms. There is no dinner buffet. Your other choices are the top deck choices. They are a pizza place that uses pre-fab pizza crust with an unimaginative topping thrown on. Or there is a quick serve that offers hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken strips. At that place, a resentful cook, literally throws a dry bun on a paper plate, slaps a dried burger patty on top and then a piece of standard industrial pre-sliced cheese on your plate with a grunt. Right before your eyes. Bon appetit ! It is amazing that a cruise line like Carnival that charges half of Disney or less, can offer such a wider variety of food offerings to include gourmet walk-ups. Guy's Burgers on Carnival, and yesterday's cafeteria lunchroom buger on Disney. 3) Smoking. Rules are not enforced, might as well take a casino ship. We watched a lady at the adult pool blow thunderclouds of e-cigarette smoke and no one uttered a word. The employees all do the Corporal Kink, they see nothing, when it comes to breaking rules because they are terrified of getting anything less than an excellent on a comment card. Disney opened up the 4th deck for smoking, which is also the deck where you can walk or run laps, play shuffleboard, or watch the waves. Both sides of the deck had smokers, smoking anywhere they wish. Nothing like taking an after dinner stroll through a camel cloud. 4) The Wonder is old and overdue a dry-dock. There is a lot of rust. She creaks and groans and on this cruise rolled a lot during the sailings. However, there is no excuse for the lack of cleanliness. We are frequent cruisers and my wife brings cleaning wipes just in case, but in this case, she had to clean the cabinets and drawers and the wipes came out black. The bathroom was very clean at eye level but was not down in the corners and up in the corners. Yes, this was a tough cruise for the crew there were a lot of challenges with the plethora of very young children, but public spaces were dirty. At times, there would be one crew member working to keep a large section of public tables clean and it was physically impossible for him to do that. 5) Disney publishes a daily Navigator, similar to many cruise lines. In past times, the wait staff and stateroom attendants would also relay important information on ports, dining, and activities. No so much anymore. The Navigator is shallow and unless you are an experienced Disney cruiser, it is difficult to get your arms around what is going on. 6) Excursions. Even though it is Disney, they are no different than any other cruise ship. Disney gathers the group on board and delivers them to a local tour operator. Disney does not send a ships representative, so there is no quality control, you are completely in the hands of the local tour group. There is no feedback mechanism. Sure, the cheaper cruises do this precisely this way, but this is a premium cruise. 7) They moved up the luggage drop. You have to put your luggage in the hall by 10 oclock the night prior to departure. Then you keep your toiletries, a change for the next day, night things and shag them out in a carry-on. We were on second dining, that means in our semi-formal attire. The second dining usually ran untl 945 and even 10 oclock, leaving no time to get back and change and put out suitcases. And no time to do anything else. So we opted not to go to the formal dining. Disney closes its only other dining option on the last night. So it is everyone eat off the same fixed menu in all dining rooms, or.... The or was they even close the pizza place during dining, so the or is a dried hamburger patty or chicken strip for dinner. Seriously, every other cruise line get this right and does this better. We sat on the top deck with several other guests who were eating a dried burger for their last dinner on board. Oh, Disney does not put out napkins. There are little signs that say napkins available upon request. Finger food without napkins. I saw more frustrated finger sucking and wiping hands on clothing than I have ever seen. People leaving messes on the unattended tables because they do not have napkins to clean up. I actually went into the bathroom and got paper towlels from the lavatory so we could try and finish our dinner. Disney used to do much better. We have cruised all of her ships, three of them in their first year. Disney is absolutely one of the most expensive lines in the market, in many cases double the cost of its competitors. We have sailed on most of them. Once you get past the wow factor of having your kids meet Mickey or Tinker Bell, and the wow of sending them away to play in a Disney venue, there is a need for some varnish in its tired line-up of dining, entertainment and customer support. Why did we come back to Disney ? It used to be the standard setter for the industry. All of the other cruise lines are providing much more diversity in their dining and entertainment options. If Disney has more options that what I described, well then after multiple cruises, no one has presented the options to us. The Disney entertainment empire has so much it could offer and it should get back to Walt's core values which were focused on the guest. I know Disney is losing some if its core entertainment market in television, but there is no need to try and make up for the profit margins on the back of its guests. This Ship misses Walt's mark greatly. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
We recently returned from a seven night Southern Caribbean cruise on the Disney Wonder. After our first experience on the Dream one year earlier, we were expecting to be "wowed" in typical Disney fashion. This was not the ... Read More
We recently returned from a seven night Southern Caribbean cruise on the Disney Wonder. After our first experience on the Dream one year earlier, we were expecting to be "wowed" in typical Disney fashion. This was not the case...at all. We now understand that there are striking differences between the new Dream and the older Wonder. But our entire cruise on the Wonder was a different, and less enjoyable, experience. First, boarding the ship was unremarkable. Long lines and nothing really exciting and dramatic like the Dream. We walked on with little fanfare and searched out a lunch spot. When we got to Parrot Cay, all of the waitstaff were wandering around aimlessly. When we were finally seated, no one ever came by to grab drinks for us. It was this moment, ten minutes in, that we knew it was going to be a different cruise. A waiter we flagged down began arguing with us about the drink of the day, making us feel uncomfortable. We ate quickly and left to search for our room. Our first impression of our room--shabby and unclean. The bathroom was covered in hairs. They were even on the walls! Ew. The bedding was shabby and that red "dream" pillow was in desperate need of replacement. The walls were so thin, we could hear every single word our neighbors spoke. Awkward to say the least. Our stateroom attendant was nice, but never introduced himself and was ALWAYS in the hallway. It was very strange. He was there morning, noon, and night. But never chatted with us or made any attempt to be friendly. Again, not what we were expecting from Disney. The biggest disappointment on the cruise was, undoubtedly, the food. All I can say is GROSS. Everything was served cold. The buffets were underwhelming. The food was not appealing in any way. This was especially true in the fast service stops on the top decks. Dry, crumbly burgers and cold fries. Yuck. We just kind of gave up halfway through and ate sparingly. I actually lost weight during the week because the food was just so unappetizing! So there's that. Our daughter loved the kids club and we enjoyed the smaller size on the Wonder. It was a bit less overwhelming for her this time around (4 years old). The staff was underwhelming and seemed unhappy whenever we stopped in to drop off or pick up. The Wonder is in desperate need of a makeover. It creaks...a lot. The ceilings feel very low and there is a constant stream of maintenance men running around fixing things. Honestly, if the staff had been friendly, the food had been edible, the ship clean, we'd have been fine with the state of this older ship. But as the week dragged on, we began to realize we were just numbers they were shuttling through. Although they desperately tried to drum up positive feedback for their precious survey as the week ended, it was really obvious that there's something wrong here. Here are some examples of what we experienced: * Staff was unhelpful and unfriendly. Any time we asked a question, we felt rebuffed. There were no attempts made to go above and beyond to offer us assistance with anything. Disney has a reputation for amazing customer service...I would say about 90% of the staff we encountered seemed disenchanted and "off," even angry. *Staff monitoring the character lines were horrific. We began to dread encountering the crew they had monitoring those events. *Staff at the spa were aggressive and made me feel uncomfortable. I had three treatments and felt extremely pressured to purchase hundreds of dollars in products afterwards. I found myself locked in a room after my massage with my therapist demanding to know which products I was going to buy. I stammered a response and she continued on again and again about how important it was to my health to purchase their products. Yes, there were things we enjoyed on the ship. Palo was lovely, and we enjoyed the adult spaces on the ship. Was it enough to make us return? Nope. Our entire family came down with viruses on the ship or immediately after disembarkation. We spent an insane amount of money to be treated poorly, eat bad food, and get sick. After our first Disney cruise, we thought we'd be cruising for the indefinite future. After this one, we know we won't be back. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
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