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121 Disney Romantic Cruise Reviews

A quick note about embarkation, we stayed and did some park days prior and then got to port (we park offsite), had a fine experience getting our shuttle and getting to port and getting right on. We were eating lunch on deck by 12:30 and if ... Read More
A quick note about embarkation, we stayed and did some park days prior and then got to port (we park offsite), had a fine experience getting our shuttle and getting to port and getting right on. We were eating lunch on deck by 12:30 and if we had gotten out earlier, we could have been on even earlier than that. Embarkation at Port Canaveral is a breeze, even with a crowd. This was our second Disney cruise, and one that we planned far in advance (as opposed to the first one on the Dream last year which was short notice and we didn't know a lot of what to expect.) Our 2013 Dream blew us away so we booked a 4 night this year on the updated Magic. Because we loved our Blue Lagoon Sea Lion experience at Nassau so much, we decided to do over the same itinerary as last year, and both islands again wowed us. (Nassau and Castaway Cay.) As for our cruise experience, overall, its definitely in one of my top cruises. A big part of this is due to the incredible staff we experienced all over the ship. Special kudos to their Adult Cruise Entertainment Director Andy from England. From the very first 80s themed night and Magic "Quest", he and his crew had us literally (and I mean quite literally!) rolling all over the floor in absolutely laughter. It was one of the funniest nights of our life. It was wonderful that Disney had the adults only entertainment that was top notch without needing 4 letter words or getting a bit too uncomfortable. Perfect balance here. We actually spent time every single evening in the AfterHours area in O'Gills Pub (with trivia, and also had a wonderful nacho, veggie and dip and appetizer bar which helped get us to our 8:15 dinner), and Keys (incredible pianists and very relaxing and the best Martini our friends had ever had), and Fathoms (with karaoke, or game shows, or dance club, or trivia, or bingo, a little bit of everything.) Continuing on the Entertainment theme, should be a very special mention for the Twice Charmed stage show. This show currently sits in my top favorite due to its high end look and feel (even though it is about Cinderella, it wasn't overly juvenile). I felt like I was watching a colorful, perky version of Cinderella meets Les Mis, that is how good the caliber of talent was. The set and costumes were top notch. Prince Charming, is this guy for real!? 5 Stars there alone for him! :) A close second was the very enjoyable but somewhat more juvenile Disney Dreams stage show. Big applause goes to their Peter Pan, who committed every minute to his character. I would have loved to play all night in my room with him like Ann Marie did. All the talent in this one was good also, and lots of good effects. It was like every Disney movie you have ever watched: Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Peter Pan, Pinnochio, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and so on. Definitely not one to miss, but slightly less appealing to me than Twice Charmed. If you like Disney parades, you would like this show. It had a staged parade feel to me with all the characters. Very fun and a great way to the end the cruise. In third place was the variety ventriloquist who had the kids laughing in the aisles (and we enjoyed it too.) A very distant fourth place mention goes to the Magic version of Villains Tonight! We had seen this show on the Dream, and its set and talent were quite a bit better (nothing against Ursula or Cruella though). It seems like they needed something to fill the night, and it wasn't nearly as elaborately done as the Dream version. Hades did carry his roll and there were laughs, but I was glad that they placed it on the opening show night, since it got dramatically better from there. Unfortunately some of our group who went to Villains didn't bother coming back to Twice Charmed the next day, which as you can tell, I find very unfortunate! Since that was the star for me. Still, anyone of these shows blows away the competition for any of the other cruise line staged shows I've seen. Not at any point did I wish to have my 45 or so minutes back. And the Twice Charmed and Dreams left us utterly delighted. In addition to these live entertainers, we enjoyed thoroughly the new Captain America movie that played in the giant theater on the sea day. We packed the place out, it was a cool enjoyable afternoon and we appreciated the movie admission included. Never made it to Frozen, unfortunately. Speaking of which, the Kids karaoke, that was about all any of them sung! If you go to the DLounge for Family Karaoke (typically a favorite), be prepared to hear a TON of Snowman and Let it Go! since they just got those songs in about 2 sailings ago. My condolences to the karaoke crew! Moving on to dining, we had top notch experience again. Bo from Croatia was impeccable. He was perfect for our mostly adult needs (in that he didn't do magic tricks, but he got all the orders right), and you can tell he likes delivering professional service. The beverage waiter, although highly recommended, seemed a bit behind this time. However, I got plenty of tea and coffee so I can't complain. Andre from South America was our Palo brunch waiter. Bo and Andre were both STELLAR for handling out Gluten Sensitivity. We had placed this on our reservation early, and we had all kinds of goodies waiting every night. The chef would already order a GF desert for us so it would come with everyone elses. Additionally, Levent from Hungary was our Head Waiter. I would dearly love to take that man home with me! He ordered an entire apple pie made for our table (not the kiddie pie) since my husband LOVES apple pie, he made sure all of our allergies were handled (I think he was the one ordering the GF deserts for us), and even had 2 platters of GF chicken tenders made for us, and warmed up for later since we weren't able to pick them up at 6 before the show. This is a Head Waiter who earns every bit of his tip. (Normally on cruise lines, its like who is that guy? NOT so with either of the Head Waiters on Disney.) Top marks to all our dining teams. Andre would snap his fingers and order us GF pizzas, and the king of the Palo brunch for us: DEATH BY PANCAKES, gluten free. Where else could we ever eat so decadently and not pay for it later? I give our dining a 99% grade. And as far as dining goes, this one fits snuggly right in between DINING and ENTERTAINMENT as we got to experience the highly anticipated interactive drawing show in Animator's Palette on the last night. It was MUCH more involved and delightful than I had thought. They even inserted the characters into classic Disney scenes, and we had just drawn them a few minutes earlier! Major kudos for this technology. It was REALLY special. I was glad, because last year's Nemo themed Turtle Talk in Animator's on Dream blew our family away, and they had high expectations. My favorite dinner choice was Carioca's, because it was a meat/seafood paradise. Although I did enjoy the brown rice risotto (it was off the vegetarian menu but they added tiger shrimp for protein for me.) Some kind of pink marshmallow dessert the chef sent us was our favorite desert and we are still talking about it. Also, the cheesecake was great too. We couldn't finish it before Pirate night, but we took it back to the room with us and had it with tea before bed. In all instances, having a good sensitivity presented no problem at all. I would give the food a solid 90%! And we had great service from quick service at Pete's Boiler Bites too. The shwarma stand was well received in general. Another note about Palo brunch, my steak and potatoes man did not like it, it was a waste for him. My oysters rockerfeller loving brother in law was in pure HEAVEN and thought the cheese plate alone was worth the extra fee. So if you have a husband that like burgers and steaks, skip the brunch. If your husband (or you) LOVE seafood, than sit by me and we will enjoy it! :) Moving on to the actual ship, I have already mentioned the updated Animator's Palette, which was high tech and BEAUTIFUL. Carioca's, lively and exceptional menu and pretty as well. These are new updated areas. We did ride the Twist n Spout (felt the seams along my back, and a bit slow for adults, but you gotta try it right?) We also did AquaDUNK. Not Duck, DUNK. Thrilling, most definitely. Fast, like lightning. My experience featured getting tons of water EVERYWHERE it could go. In my eyes, in my nose, and more, but I'll leave it there. Time and preference meant I only rode it once. I ended up in the Quiet Cove hot tubs more than on the slides. Nice guitar music, I LOVED that area. Somehow, despite the rock concert loud pool deck, this spot really was quiet! Unless you happen to be in the hot tub when the ship horns sound to leave the island, like we were. What? I can't hear you! Talk about an UNQuiet Cove at that moment! (The horns are right above us.) But this was a lovely area in general. Adults only too, but they didn't seem to be entirely strict about that. We have the premise that as long as you don't bother us, we don't care. None of the "are they really 18?" bothered us, so we didn't care. The halls, the atrium, the dining areas, the show areas, the AfterHours areas, all the NEW areas were every bit as nice as the Dream. Unfortunately, the staterooms don't come close. The bathrooms were not part of the update, and you can definitely tell. One stateroom (7129) in our group had a continual leak, but they didn't complain because it's more Disney's problem than theirs. We had an AC vent (7127) that was creaking and clamoring all night, and when an officer in the atrium asked, my husband told him about it. It never did creak again (they might have had maintenance come while we were on the island because it was much quieter after), but I had constant telephone calls from Guests Services the entire cruise asking to follow up about it, (and 2 bottles of wine were left in our room as apologies. Sadly, we never got to open them, but we did appreciate them! Family drove back with them since we were flying, and they will be our next family reunion goody.) The biggest complaint came from our parents in 7130, a solid wall veranda. Turns out, that solid wall is QUITE high, so even though I told my parents it would be solid, they couldn't see past it at all. That wasn't necessarily Disney's fault, just fyi to everyone else out there. They claim they would have paid more for a see-through one, but who knows. Their chief complaint about their room came from some sort of floor problem. Either a major dip or hole or some kind of big bump under the carpet. They complained throughout the trip. On the final cruise morning, the staff finally moved them to another room, and this time they could see through the veranda. So guest services did finally do the right thing and move them, but with one night left. Not sure how much of this was my parents complaining or an actual concern that with them being aged, they could actually trip over it. Our room was comfortable, but the consensus of the group is that there is a lot more to be desired for the room conditions and their updates. The beds slept GREAT!!! They were so comfortable, the carpet and hair dryers (although they left the nasty old ones up?) were great updates. I also just now remembered that our friends in 2139 actually got stuck in their bathroom when the door jammed. The room steward busted them out, but someone else I met on the cruise talked about actually having to be let out by maintenance. We didn't spend much time in our rooms, our room steward was wonderful, and after they fixed the vent, we slept well. But the dry dock did not fully address the rooms, and as I have been told, they are still continuing to work on the AC and plumbing problems. This was the biggest part that we noticed that could use more pixie dust. The youth counselors didn't effect me personally (no kids here), but friends that were with us noted that they seemed very overwhelmed and did not give their service or their activities as high marks as their Dream counselor activities. The 8 year old with them was glad when we picked him up from Castaway Cay clubs, and that was in stark contrast to his first Dream cruise on Castaway Cay where he begged and begged to stay longer. We also dropped him off after 12 since he went on the catamaran snorkel with us, so it could have been timing too. They wouldn't let him do the whale dig after that. In general, I can say that the ship entertainment and dining and guest services staff did a wonderful job with what they had, which is a really pretty older ship with new carpeting and water slides, updated dining and adult areas, and atrium, and a fresh coat of paint. But its still an older ship and you can tell. It was fine for me for 4 days, but I was not jumping at the gun to book it again for something as expensive as Europe. After my 4 days, I felt like I had done everything I needed to do and enjoyed my trip immensely, although the family complaints were a bit annoying. The non cruise of the bunch (brother in law) actually said he had no complaints and thought nothing was wrong with the cruise. That is about as good as we could have hoped. We had great weather, great experiences on the islands again, but the ship did feel crowded to us (and most of the time, people think Dream is more crowded) and the island did too. I feel like the entertainment staff outdid themselves because they had perhaps less people so they could connect more with us, or maybe its because we were there every day. It felt very personalized. I have been on some beautiful newer ships on other cruise lines that I couldn't wait to get off because the staff was so unprofessional and rude, or unfriendly and not helpful. So to me, I appreciate the wonderful ship experience in terms of the people. We got photos with Rapunzel and she was SO fun! (But there were lots of lines for characters, I even saw one mother about to jump the handler if she didn't get a photo with Jack Sparrow when he informally cut the line off.) The photographers took wonderful photos and we bought a few, and they also took some with your own camera. So the experience was definitely Magical! It does make me question booking on the Wonder though. Family members still preferred the Crush show on the Dream to the interactive animation show. Others lamented that their weren't the midship detective interactive games all over the ship, and I was hoping for the on demand channels similar to the Dream, although we always found something good to watch when we wanted something. I think for us, we will stick to the newer ships if we are with our family. Regarding Pirate Night, we still preferred the Dream with Jack Sparrow as the pirate dance party seemed much, much more geared for young kids. (Although lookout for Stitch's awesome moves! Wowee!) Mickey comes down the zipline, and its ok. But the fireworks still receive great marks! But it wasn't the same as the Dream for us, it was just for the younger crowd. (Thankfully, it was 2 for 1 happy hour so I enjoyed myself anyway! And we got GREAT pirate costume photos!) We really enjoyed our catamaran snorkel on Castaway Cay, although they didn't take you very far around the island (so not a lot of boat time), but we did see lots of fish and even a barracuda and had wonderful service on that excursion as well. Our Blue Lagoon sea lion was changed up a bit due to sea lions in encounter training (the one we had last year was recovering from some sort of ailment so they had to bring in a younger one), and so the majority of the encounter was out of the water and it was HOT (even though they had shade.) The last part in the water was nice, but not as good as last year. Still, they are much more concerned about their animal's welfare and for that, I appreciate and salute them. The dolphins were great to watch, and one came and threw a basketball up to me while I was waiting on the deck! We passed it back and forth, so that was neat. Bottom line, I wouldn't hesitate to book the encounter or go to the island in a minute as it still wowed everyone anyway. Thankfully, all the rain that came through the few days prior had stopped and we had nothing but sun, and LOTS of it. We also had calm seas the entire time and not a bit of ship motion. Thank goodness! One note about cleanliness, which Disney typically receives incredible remarks for. A few of the public restrooms' conditions surprised me. I figured the cleaning crew hadn't been by yet... On a different note, we used the fitness room on the Magic, and while it was really cramped, there was plentiful equipment and it was as good as any gym I have used on a cruise ship. It didn't look old and was well kept up. Everyone on the machines had fun things to choose, such as movies or even games like solitaire. If it is just me, I would cruise Magic or Wonder in the future since I loved the personal experience and entertainment and don't need moving pictures to make my cruise. In general, everyone had a really great time on the cruise, and it was as successful as one could have hoped. (Which is more than I can say regarding the Land portion in the parks with their new fast pass system. But that's not the cruise line's fault.) However, as a group, I would consider only the newer ships from here on out. We started on the Dream, and the Magic was just slightly under that from a ship point of view. Another quick note about debarkation, we let our parents collect our luggage that we put out the night before, and we ran to breakfast, got through customs at about 7:40am and made it to SeaWorld by 9:20 (we had to wait for a few others, or else we would have been even earlier.) Our parking shuttle was right there waiting for us even at 7:40, and it was easy peasy to debark the ship. I hope this summary helps you in your cruising future!   Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
This was our third time sailing aboard the Disney Dream and our first cruise as Gold Castaway Club Members. We chose a Concierge-level stateroom as we were also celebrating our wedding during our stop in Nassau! If I could afford to ... Read More
This was our third time sailing aboard the Disney Dream and our first cruise as Gold Castaway Club Members. We chose a Concierge-level stateroom as we were also celebrating our wedding during our stop in Nassau! If I could afford to sail Concierge-level on every sailing (we're embarking on number 9 in three months), I absolutely would. The Dream-class ships with Disney (the Dream and her sister ship, the Fantasy) not only have regular concierge services, but also an exclusive lounge and sundeck. We spent a lot of time in the lounge, and of the 30 passengers that sailed with us to celebrate our wedding, 12 of us sailed Concierge-level. The one thing I love about the Bahamian 3-night sailing is the fact that you absolutely do not have to leave the ship when it's in port in Nassau. That was my wedding day and while my husband and his friends took a snorkel excursion, my mom and I and some of my friends spent the day at a very not-crowded-at-all spa and rainforest room. Since we'd seen Nassau on two previous sailings, I didn't feel like I was missing a thing by not setting foot onshore. We knew that we could book a less expensive sailing on one of the classic ships (Magic or Wonder), but we really wanted to WOW our guests with the onboard activities and the massive size of the Dream. We had some nervous cruisers, so we chose the Dream because of her state-of-the-art high-tech stabilization system and, honestly, I believe the massive size of the ship absorbs some rockiness on the seas. We also fell in love with the Outlook Lounge and were so happy when we were able to book the space for our ceremony. The event coordination of our cruise was flawless and I highly recommend using Disney's Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons to plan your ceremony or vow renewal. It was way less expensive than a ceremony at the land-based parks and everyone in our party, including me and my husband, appreciated the all-inclusive feel to a cruise vacation. We even booked a few repeat cruises with some of our guests! Our cruise included just one minor and he very much enjoyed himself in the kids clubs. All the adults found something to love about the ship -- from the adult-only sundecks and pool to the clubs and lounges. And everyone loved the food. No one ever went to bed hungry -- and if they did, they ordered burger after burger from room service. After three similar itineraries, my husband and I have outgrown the basic Bahamian cruise, but were so happy to hear that DCL is reimagining some areas of the ship to include updated kids clubs (my husband is jealous about the new Star Wars-themed area just for kids) and, our absolute favorite, Satellite Falls, a water feature for adults-only that was borrowed from the Fantasy. I hope that DCL gives the Dream some new itineraries so we can sail on her again!! Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
This was the first cruise I had ever went on with my husband - we were both in our mid/late twenties at the time. I had been on nearly a dozen cruises with other cruise lines with my parents growing up - Holland America, Royal Caribbean, ... Read More
This was the first cruise I had ever went on with my husband - we were both in our mid/late twenties at the time. I had been on nearly a dozen cruises with other cruise lines with my parents growing up - Holland America, Royal Caribbean, and Princess - while my husband had been on only three cruises that were all with Disney. At first, I was very hesitant about choosing a cruise with Disney - my husband had last been on a Disney cruise when he was still young enough to attend the teen programs on board the ship - and I figured that it would only be fun for kids/families. However, there was a special deal going on last year that allowed us to take this cruise for the same price as the lines that I was used to, so I agreed to take the plunge. Overall the cruise was absolutely amazing! Dining - Since we were traveling as a party of two, my husband said that we would be paired up with others. We were both a little nervous - how would we get along with complete strangers? Well, Disney was incredible at pairing us up with the perfect couples! Both couples were just about the same age as us and had so much in common! We were frequently one of the last tables to leave in the evenings. Since one of the couples were newlyweds, they only attended the dinner occasionally. When they did not make it, we often had the luck to have some of the young performers eat with us instead. One of the performers had his fiance visiting, who was working at the Disneyland in Hong Kong. Getting these opportunities to eat with such interesting individuals was a major highlight of the trip. Cabanas - I liked the look of the buffet, but typically perferred to eat in the main dining rooms or at the outdoor snack shops on the main deck. The desert portions were extremely small (most were one or two bites in size) and were not nearly as good as the desert options at dinner. The coffee was a major highlight of Cabanas. By far the best coffee I have ever had anywhere! Entertainment - We loved the Disney performances; they went above and beyond the Broadway performances that I am used to going to see, albeit shorter (only around 45 min. long). It's a shame that the performances don't change or rotate between ships frequently though -- I'm not sure how much fun it will be to repeat watch on our next trip. Movies - Iron Man 2 premiered on our ship, which was a huge deal! We also enjoyed the wide range of movies nearly constantly ongoing on board the ship in the spectacular theatres. I tend to be a morning person, while my husband likes to sleep in, so I would often take in an early morning movie while waiting for him to get up. I was particularly amazed at how many 3D options were available. Adult Only Top Deck Areas - This is something that is typically highlighted as an option on every cruise line, but never have I seen it done as well as on this ship! There were almost never any kids in this area, and the few that went through literally went through - I forgot many times that there were even kids on this cruise! Rain Forest - Probably one of the main reasons I am hooked on the Fantasy. I LOVED the showers! They are almost impossible to properly describe - scented with colored lights, sounds, multiple shower head types, etc. Basically if you go in the tropical rainstorm shower, you feel like you are actually in a tropical rainstorm! The sauna rooms were also wonderful. The hamam (sp) was the best! Very relaxing music, hot, and relaxing. However, if my husband had his way, he probably would have spent all of his time on the heated chairs looking out over the ocean. The highlight had to be the two person hot tubs, looking out over the ocean. We were disappointed by the cool temp (which was apparently an issue throughout the entire cruise) and lack of pressure from the jets, but the overall experience was great! Excursions - I was very impressed by how Disney handled letting people on and off the ship - this was done better than any other cruise I have been on - more efficiently and less stressful. We went on two excursions - a Mayan ruins tour at Costa Maya and a tequila and tacos tour at Cozamel. We did not like Costa Maya and would have been happier just staying on board the ship or walking around the pier area. The tour at Cozamel was better, but again would have been equally happy staying on board the ship or walking around the pier. The Castaway Cay was alright, but not as great as I had hoped. The food was just okay. The burgers were overcooked and it felt extremely rushed by the crew even though there were only a few people in line for food. I preferred the closest beach to the ship because there was a netting that kept the fish away from the shore area. While the adult area was definitely quieter, there was no such netting there, and we saw a number of fish. I'm scared of being touched by fish so this was a negative for me. Also, it took two buses to get out to the adult beach, so it was not the most convenient. Room - On this cruise, we had the option of choosing a general category and being assigned a room at random. This option was a special deal that we have not seen available for any ship this year and saved us around $1,000. However, we got a room with an extended veranda, which was really nice. I could definitely see how the two room toliet/tub/shower situation could be very beneficial for families with young kids, but was disappointed that the tub was not big enough for comfortable adult use. The theme of the room was great and I enjoyed the free on demand movie/tv shows and room service available in the room. Although I thought the ship was very clean, I got sick on board the ship and spent a significant portion of the trip in the room, so I was glad it was so comfy. I was disappointed that the verandas were opened up between the rooms toward the end of the trip through and were never closed because it greatly removed a lot of the privacy, which I wanted while sick. My husband and I will be going back again on our first Eastern Caribbean cruise in a few months. It turns out that we will be on the first Halloween on the High Seas for the Fantasy and are super excited! I definitely think that Disney needs to continue these types of special events so that there is always a different experience each time we take a cruise. Next time, I think I'll try to convince my husband to take a trip in early November so that we can do a Chistmas one as well! So exciting to have the opportunity for these special events without having to literally travel on Christmas or Halloween. Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
My husband and I just recently returned from a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise to St Maarten, St Thomas and Castaway Cay. This was our 6th Disney cruise and our 1st without our son along (he was home with Grandma this time). The weather ... Read More
My husband and I just recently returned from a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise to St Maarten, St Thomas and Castaway Cay. This was our 6th Disney cruise and our 1st without our son along (he was home with Grandma this time). The weather was amazing the entire trip, the ports of call were fun. We had an excursion to St. John from St. Thomas that took us to beautiful Trunk Bay, amazing! On Castaway Cay we rented bikes to explore the island. We enjoyed the adults BBQ lunch along our path. We took in views of the island from the observation tower and some great pictures, too! While onboard we felt like royalty! Many crew members noticed our "anniversary" buttons we were wearing and wished us a Happy Anniversary. That made us feel special. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner for the first time at "Remy", brunch at Palo, nice dinners at Cabana's a few nights and of course the rotational dining was very enjoyable, as always! We especially had fun talking with Fiona from Australia and Diara from Scotland in The gallery onboard. We were privileged to meet David from Godiva Chocolate's while he was onboard, we Learned to make chocolate lava cake! Yummy!!! My Husband had the chance to meet and cook along side Mark from "Remy" During an "Anyone Can Cook" lobster ravioli demonstration, what fun! Wonderful stateroom choice. We only had one balcony neighbor. The other side is aPorthole stateroom, so no outdoor neighbor. The clear glass makes for beautiful views ofthe sea on lazy sea days and during morning coffee. The bedding is perfect, so comfortable! The split bath is the best. I can't imagine Cruising without this feature. It makes for a happy husband and wife while getting Ready for nice dinners out! Alvin, our stateroom attendant, couldn't have been better! Our room was kept just so the entire stay! Thank you, Alvin! P.s. Love Disney spa soaps!!!! As always, we had an excellent Disney Cruise Line vacation! We've already booked Our next DCL Cruise while onboard. Let the countdown begin!!!!   Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
I "Wonder" why we didn't do this sooner! Oh, I know. The cost! This ain't cheap, but it IS something you have to do for your kids. Overall, I was very satisfied (except for the weather, which we know is uncontrollable). ... Read More
I "Wonder" why we didn't do this sooner! Oh, I know. The cost! This ain't cheap, but it IS something you have to do for your kids. Overall, I was very satisfied (except for the weather, which we know is uncontrollable). The ship is lovely and well-maintained. No matter where you were or who you bumped into, the staff always had a smile and friendly face. Getting to see all the characters without having to wait in hours-long lines is a great perk. The food was very good, the stateroom was nice, the movie theater awesome, and the kid's club was very good. Dining: I love the idea of going to different dining rooms each night and having your waiter follow you. Much better than going to the same place every night like on other cruises. By night #2, our servers (Eddie and Desmon) knew that each of our (3) kids wanted a bowl of strawberries, and that I wanted lemon in my water. The buffets were well-stocked and yummy, and the pizza and grill by the pool were great options, as was Goofy's Galley with wraps and salads. Oh, and the ice cream machines were fun! Palo was well worth $25 per person. Our server, Felice, was the best I've seen in any restaurant. I truly felt like a valued customer and the food was great. Overall, the food was very good everywhere on the ship - better than I thought it would be. You are never wanting for anything because you can get everything! Nightly shows: Toy Story was top notch! Golden Mickeys was cute. The theater itself is very nice. The room itself was rather nice, but its location on the ship not so much. This cabin is in the rear of the boat, with close proximity to the rudders, etc., so we heard quite a bit of noise at terrible, middle-of-the-night hours. Choose a room more in the center of the ship so you can actually sleep! As for the room, Disney is great with 2 baths...one has a shower and sink, and the other has a toilet and sink. This worked well for our group. However, since this is so kid-centric, it was very surprising that there were no step stools in either of the baths. I suggest that they install flip-back stools below the sinks in both baths. The sleeping areas were good - as soon as my son noticed there was a flip-down bed, that's where he wanted to sleep. And though there was only a curtain separating him from our bed, at least it was heavy-duty. Our stateroom host, Nerine, was FABULOUS. Always had a smile, kind word for us, and always left our room perfectly made-up. Immigration in Key West: though the line moved rather quickly (for an adult), there was not enough staff on-hand to direct the flow of people. Most people on line were questioning if they were where they were supposed to be. Plus, since nearly everyone had kids with them, it was tough to wait in line with them. Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
We greatly enjoyed our recent cruise on the Disney Wonder traveling to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. A bit about me: I am in my early 20s. I travelled with my husband, mother, and teenage brother. No children in our party. We all love Disney! ... Read More
We greatly enjoyed our recent cruise on the Disney Wonder traveling to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. A bit about me: I am in my early 20s. I travelled with my husband, mother, and teenage brother. No children in our party. We all love Disney! This was my first Disney cruise, previously we have cruised Carnival and Royal Caribbean. We will start with the not-so-good -Food-the food was just okay. It was better than what we eat at home, but the food often came overcooked & really didn't impress us much at all. There are also very limited choices in venue & variety out of the dining room compared to other cruise lines. Room service choices were very limited. The iced tea is also a no-go. -Entertainment-generally in the "good" section other than Toy story, the musical, which was truly terrible. Everyone in our group agreed that they took the least interesting & funny parts of the story and wrote mediocre songs about it. I was very impressed by the sets and costumes for about 5 minutes, then literally fell asleep. -Communication-It was very difficult to figure out any information on our specific cruise prior to boarding the ship. When we arrived, it was difficult to discover what was going on each day. Their activities page "The Navigator" isn't in your room the first afternoon. You have to go to guest services to get it. When you do receive it on all of the subsequent evenings, it is disorganized & has unclear or no description of what particular activities are. -Lack of shops-I am shocked that I am saying this about a disney venue, but I wanted to buy a few disney souvenirs and I felt that I had incredibly limited options in their only 2 shops! -Shore excursions-We take "duck tours" as a family every place we visit, however I do not recommend the tour of Grand Cayman that we scheduled through Disney. There was very little interesting or historical information on this particular tour especially for the prices that they charge. We had much more fun doing excursions through the vendors on shore. We primarily used the same companies that serve Disney, however for much lower costs than booking through the cruise ship. -Layout of the ship-Usually by the 2nd day, I know how to get anywhere I want to go on a ship, however I just couldn't get the hang of this layout for some reason. It is odd, because it is the smallest ship that I have ever sailed on! -Characters-we wanted to get a picture with Mickey & waited in line 45 minutes to see him. It would have been faster to drive down to Disneyland! Now for the good and great! -Service-this is where Disney truly is exemplary, going above and beyond in every way. Every single staff member in every department went that extra mile, which would truly make a difference when you have young children. For example, our dining room server pre-ordered the desserts that we liked even though they weren't on the menu, the merchandise team searched high and low in their back room to obtain products we wanted, and when we complained of construction noise in our room, the guest services team's attention to the situation verged on annoying. In every not-so-good mentioned above, a cast member did more than expected to make it right. -Music-there wasn't as much live music as we would have liked, but what we did see was exceptional. -Palo-I wasn't sure if it was worth the extra cost myself, but during dinner, my husband said "I would pay $100 to eat this steak again." So he was impressed enough for both of us. -Entertainment-the broadway-style shows were almost all exceptional & the comedians & other entertainers were family-friendly even in the adult shows, which I enjoyed. -The ports-we spent the maximum hours on shore! In Grand Cayman, we snorkeled off the shore, simply renting the equipment for $18 from a little place walking distance from the tender called "Paradise." In Cozumel, we visited the mayan ruins & walked around shopping at little markets & bartering a bit. If you enjoy history, the mayan ruins are a must! -The regular coffee was actually much better than I had expected. -Seeing current disney movies on a cruise ship-yes please! Just be prepared for a crowded & noisy theater of small children. With every song from Frozen, there were at least a half dozen little ones singing along (which I found to be completely adorable). -Adult areas-very nice. Not as overly-crowded as other cruise ships seemed to be. -Decoration and overall feel of this ship, including stateroom =) Summary-We enjoyed ourselves completely! I would definitely consider a Disney cruise again when we have young children. I think that simply the service of the staff would make all the difference in the world! Until then, we just would not justify the rising cost of Disney in comparison to other cruise lines & will most likely return to Royal Caribbean & Carnival.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
The Disney cruise was wonderful! I had a great time with my grandson, daughter, son-in-law and best friend. We had adjoining cabins which my 5 year old grandson loved. We had Deluxe Oceanview Family Stateroom and it was so spacious with 3 ... Read More
The Disney cruise was wonderful! I had a great time with my grandson, daughter, son-in-law and best friend. We had adjoining cabins which my 5 year old grandson loved. We had Deluxe Oceanview Family Stateroom and it was so spacious with 3 beds plus a pull out sofa and large window. The shows were fantastic and entertaining, but I didn't like the ventriloquist. She appeared two more times in the lounge other than having additional entertainers. My Grandson attended only Believe and he really enjoyed it. I miss the piano bars and lounges that are on other ships. We enjoyed the singers in the atrium but there wasn't any chairs or sofas to sit and enjoy the music. The pools were absolutely packed. I didn't put my foot in one. My family enjoyed the AquaDuck. The last night we enjoyed the adult pool and Jacuzzi. I loved the Enchanted Garden dining room and wished I could eat there every night. Animators Palate and Royal Court were just as nice. Children had their own menus but my Grandson ordered some food from the adult menu. I am a vegetarian and there just wasn't as much choices as I would like. As a Platinum member of Princess, I can say that they switch my meals around for me, offer me the next days lunch and dinner menu etc. Disney dining couldn't handle me making changes and often I had two plates in front of me. I was disappointed. The buffet upstairs was very good, but so spread out. It was incredibly noisy! If I could say the one thing that I missed the most was the service on Disney. You had to get up and get your own soda, coffee and drinks. I think I was served three times all week. Drinks were very inexpensive alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They were also very good drinks. My goal was to spend time with my family which I accomplish. My friend and I cruise with older family members and friends all the time. I felt there was nothing much to do as an adult on the ship. My daughter and her husband went to a tequila tasting for entertainment for $15 pp. They really need to add something more for the adults. We did go to the movies one day. The port of Nassau and Castaway Cay were visited on the ship. I have been to Nassau numerous times, but it was my first time at Castaway Cay. The weather was questionable and we didn't do any activities but enjoy the sand and sun. The buffet was delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed the day. I can't say enough about the children's clubs. They were so entertaining and the kids all seem to love them. My Grandson had so much fun in the Oceaneer Lab he didn't want to leave. Pirate's night was so much fun and we loved getting dressed up! New Year's Eve was delightful as the champagne poured and the fireworks blasted. They know how to do it right.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
My husband and I chose the Disney Dream for the first cruise of our lives, quite an adventure as it was our first trip without our children to celebrate our 21st anniversary. Some people thought we were crazy to take a Disney Cruise ... Read More
My husband and I chose the Disney Dream for the first cruise of our lives, quite an adventure as it was our first trip without our children to celebrate our 21st anniversary. Some people thought we were crazy to take a Disney Cruise without kids, but as Disney fans, we knew it was the right choice for us. We had a WONDERFUL time!!! Yes, there were a lot of families, but Disney has so many adult-only areas and activities that we were able to have plenty of quiet adult time. We were treated like royalty, from our excellent cabin steward, to our favorite barista, to our friendly and attentive serving team, we felt catered to and pampered throughout the entire cruise. And the Disney magic spilled over into our table assignment, where we were paired with another couple celebrating their 16th anniversary, travelling without their children for the first time. By the end of the cruise, we were dear friends, and hope to plan another cruise together in the future. Our cabin was pristine, as was the entire ship. If you are impressed with the cleanliness of the Disney parks, you will be awed by the cleanliness of the ship. Every public space was spotless. It is apparent that the crew takes a special pride in the care and keeping of their ship. We loved our balcony, and one of my favorite memories from the trip was rising early to watch the sunrise from our verandah as we sailed. We splurged on an anniversary dinner at Remy, and it was well worth the upcharge. Remy is an experience, one that everyone should enjoy once in their lives. The food was out of this world and the service was impeccable...a very special treat. We had such a wonderful time, we are doing it again next month, this time WITH our kids!! Counting down the days with great anticipation! Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
My boyfriend and I were spending a few days at Orlando and we began our planning very early. I was checking the Disney website for information about the parks when I found out about the Disney Cruise. I thought it was going to be too ... Read More
My boyfriend and I were spending a few days at Orlando and we began our planning very early. I was checking the Disney website for information about the parks when I found out about the Disney Cruise. I thought it was going to be too expensive and only for families but then I started reading more and wondering if we could do it. After a lot of research about other cruises lines, we decide we could book 3 nights for the Bahamas at Disney Dream, for 1100 $. It was more expensive than other cruises, but they gave us a lot of options to pay, as little as 20$ each time, so this was the decisive point. We do like Disney and this was our first cruise....we didn't know what to expect but keep reading it was amazing. They were right!! Of course it's Disney, so everything was clean, like new, and perfect. The service was just wow, people was always happy. They work really hard for you to be comfortable and spend a great time. Of course kids loved it, but I was surprised to see that we weren't the only couple without kids on the ship. There were more than I thought so, and it's true, you have pools (I miss the hot tub), bars, even a beach!, only for adults! Everything was decorated for Christmas and yes, we did see some Disney characters. The ship is amazing, I'm not going to describe it because you can find that info at the website and what they show you is what you will get. I loved my room, I was expecting something small but was surprised it was a lot bigger that I thought, and enough for us. The bed was excellent, I loved the virtual porthole, and I could just connect my iPhone and listen to music while getting ready for the day. I wished we would have booked a longer cruise, 3 nights aren't enough to do everything!!! We even went to the movies, we watched Frozen 3D and Saving Mr Banks. We dance, ate way too much at Cabanas, even played mini golf. I loved that when I couldn't find a dessert I wanted, I could just ask for chocolate cake! Free room service? Check! Ice Cream any time you want? Check! Castaway Cay, wow! Paradise! We liked even more that Nassau. We are definitely booking another Disney Cruise again, alone or/and with kids!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
Who doesn't love a Adventure? My New Bride had a choice of going on a Road trip to Savannah, Ga. or Disney Cruise? Cruise won out. We had gotten lucky to go on the Disney Dream Built in 2011. This ship is huge.. Being out first time ... Read More
Who doesn't love a Adventure? My New Bride had a choice of going on a Road trip to Savannah, Ga. or Disney Cruise? Cruise won out. We had gotten lucky to go on the Disney Dream Built in 2011. This ship is huge.. Being out first time on any cruise It was exciting for us both. The crew were Way past friendly and bending over backwards for us. Which I'm sure they did for all the people on board. Our room was more than I could possible hope to get on such short notice. There are so many thing to do I wish we had a idea of what and where to go. You can get lost here a bit. We both knew that there are children on board so we expected to see the little ones running around. My new wife and I are in our 50's so we have already gone through having children to watch. They have adult sections on board that are just Adults Only. To be Honest I had more trouble with Parents and Grand Parents that felt no shame of holding up the Buffet lines to make sure their little ones had there choice of foods. Really? The kids have no clue as what they want. If anyone with kids reads this get them their food they like and bring it back to were their sitting. Don't Drag the kid through the line and ask about item on the Buffet line. My particular Beef was the main dinning, which was second shift 8pm. When your stuck with folks you don't know makes it difficult.. If the folks your sitting with turn out to be Duds ( for lack of another word) ask to be moved to the first shift IF there are OPENINGS. I told my child bride I wouldn't give a hoot to sit with these folks ever again and forgo that part the next night. One Example as to why my Move? Guy sticks his hands onto the bread and begins ripping at the bread and eating after dipping into the Olive Oil. I prefer not to have to eat what he just had his hands on and double dipping . Why not two different loafs of bread & oil mix for each couple I'll never know. My Second Beef was with our first stop Nassau Bahamas. This alone made me stop and think whether I would ever return again. (Most Likely Not at this point) I get enough hassle from work without having to be subjected to all the Locals trying to beat me about the head and shoulders with Taxis, Tours, Guides, Scooter rides etc. I heard other Cruise lines have a escape to avoid this Pain in the Ass! By Diverting their passengers away from the 3 blocks of Hey Mon! and getting in your face. On the Brighter side, with just a couple my personnel issues. Disney Dream and the Crew deserve credit for what they do. Our Second stop was to Cast Away which is a private Disney island that had a Adult only Beach which my wife & I found Breath Taking. And relaxing. After departing the ship we found our bags ready to go and uneventful.. A side bar Note had been seeing Mickey, Snow White etc. with these kids warms your heart. The little ones still believe!! The expression on their little faces was simple Magical!   Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
I am not sure what cruise line some of these other people went on. This was our 4th cruise and every one of them have been nothing short of phenomenal! This cruise was just my 16 yr old daughter and myself. I have been a single mom since ... Read More
I am not sure what cruise line some of these other people went on. This was our 4th cruise and every one of them have been nothing short of phenomenal! This cruise was just my 16 yr old daughter and myself. I have been a single mom since my daughter was 2 and I have saved and planned for each cruise and it is the best money I have ever spent. My daughter has chosen the cruise every time and plans to go on many more (she is now 18) Quality time together and met wonderful new friends on every one. This cruise we were sat at a table with a family from England. We are still friends today and are planning another cruise together in 2017. This is probably the best thing about Disney. The customer service is out of this world. They try to match the families with similarities when seating them for dinner. Our first cruise, they sat us with a family where the youngest daughter actually had the same birth date as my daughter. This time they were very close in age. The food has always been fantastic and I am a light sleeper and I sleep wonderfully every night on every cruise. The rooms are cleaned twice a day and I think it is great that the bathroom is split, one person can be showering while the other person goes to the bathroom or is getting ready in the other part. These cruises are truly for every age, married or not, children or not etc... I cannot think of anyone who would not enjoy a Disney Cruise. If you do not want to be around children, there are plenty of areas you can avoid them. If you have children and want some adult time, there are supervised activities without an extra charge. We have been on a cruise in December and 3 in October, having the Christmas and Halloween themes has been great as well. I have recommended Disney Cruises to everyone I know, even strangers. I have had friends follow my advice and they have went on more and are planning on more because they agree, the best vacation ever. Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
My husband and I just returned from a three night cruise on the Disney Dream. We had a ton of fun and enjoyed this cruise much more than a cruise we previously had on Royal Caribbean. Embarking seemed pretty simple and easy. We were able ... Read More
My husband and I just returned from a three night cruise on the Disney Dream. We had a ton of fun and enjoyed this cruise much more than a cruise we previously had on Royal Caribbean. Embarking seemed pretty simple and easy. We were able to go straight to our cabin. Our cabin was HUGE and we spent a lot of time in it during those three days. I'll never cruise again without a balcony! We loved the adult sections on the ship. We rarely had to venture in to the busy sections filled with families and children. The adult pool was lovely, the hot tub divine (specially after riding aquaduck), and I loved The District. All the different bars had such unique character. We did a tequila tasting ($15pp) and we definitely got more than our moneys worth. The bartender doing the tasting was humorous and became one of my favorite people on the ship. The adult section was definitely different than some of the sections on other ships. I appreciated that it was quieter, a little more subdued. We enjoyed listening to live music every night, and on halloween night we participated in their adults halloween costume contest. It was a ton of fun and there were a lot of people participating. The DREAM Good: Adult sections - quiet, plentiful, fun, but not total binge-drinking shenanigans Cabin Space - loved having a balcony, loved the disney on demand movies Customer Service - Our room attendant Goodluck was great, but the service desk was also always great. We had some slight motion sickness the first night and they gave us some motion sickness medicine. Also, the husband got stung by something at Castaway Key and he was able to get some bandages from them. They were just always helpful and smiling. It felt like the type of customer service you come to appreciate from Disney. The shows - I loved the Golden Mickey's, Villians, and Believe. I thought all three of them were fantastic! Alcohol tastings - Totally worth the $15 surcharge! Live music - They had great live music on board and they were fun and did song requests. Halloween night! The DREAM mediocre: Food - food was ok the ship. I loved Cabanas for breakfast in the morning and lunch. The rotating dining room idea was interesting, but I tired of the set dining times. Assigned Seating - it was really awkward being at a table with three other couples and every couple at the table spoke a different main language. We had Spanish, English, Chinese, and Japanese speaking individuals at our table. We may have all been around the same ages but I think that is the only thing we really had in common. On our last cruise with Royal Caribbean they had two person tables, so I may have just been suprised with the shared table arrangements. Our waitstaff - they bordered on ok/bad. The first night ourselves and another couple were sitting down and we had grabbed some of the dinner rolls and we apparently were using the wrong bread plates because they were swooped up from our table in no time at all from our assistant server who never bothered to greet us or introduce himself. He just grabbed our plates and gave us very disapproving looks. I felt like throughout most of the cruise I received disapproving looks from him for using the wrong plate or silverware. It was strange for me sitting at a table with six other strangers trying to make sure I'm using the right silverware at the right time so I'm not making our assistant server irritated. So overall dinner was not an enjoyable time for me at all. Maybe I'll have to buy that wine package next time so I can drink more during dinner and just not care. Honestly though compared to some of the waitstaff we had at a la carte breakfast or waitstaff we observed at other tables, I just really felt ours missed the mark. Cabin Maintenance - The only issue we had with our cabin was that it was arctic freezing. I had turned off the air conditioning and set our cabin temperature as hot as it would go, but it didn't seem to be making any difference. We told our room attendant and he mentioned it could take some time for the room to warm up. The next day it still wasn't any different at all so he sent maintenance to our room. Maintenance said the temperature sensor was malfunctioning and recommended we put a bucket of ice in front of the sensor. It was extremely random. Then we got a call at 1130 on the last night of our cruise to be told that they were going to fix the sensor for the next guests (well isn't that nice for them). CROWDING - Most of the time on the ship we were in areas where we could avoid the huge throngs of people, but occasionally we got caught in the floods. You could get trapped in some of the shops and not be able to move there would be so many people in them. Most of the time you could avoid the crowds though with some pre-planning. Honestly we loved the cruise and would probably go on another Disney Cruise in the future, but I doubt we would ever pay full price for one. We had them do the pricing for us on board for future Disney Cruises, and if we do go on another Disney Cruise in the future it will be booked last minute like this one and "affordable". Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
First off, if you don't love Disney, then this probably will be a little too much wholesome fun for you. However, being Disney lovers who also wanted a couple friendly/romantic type of vacation, we wondered when we decided to spend ... Read More
First off, if you don't love Disney, then this probably will be a little too much wholesome fun for you. However, being Disney lovers who also wanted a couple friendly/romantic type of vacation, we wondered when we decided to spend our anniversary on if we really could have the best of both worlds. Let me just say that DCL delivers! Dining We chose the second seating for dinner and hardly even noticed other kids around, but then, that could've been because we were seated with another great couple and had almost nonstop conversation the whole time. On our second night, we ate at Palo, which was a very reasonable surcharge of $20 per person. Our waiter was amazing and provided both excellent service and fun personal interaction. He was very knowledgeable about the food, which was phenomenal. That said, with three dining rooms that are included in the regular rotation, the need for paying extra for variety in dining just isn't there. We only ate a late breakfast at the buffet, which we loved (I'm a smoked salmon addict, and they had THREE KINDS of it!) and a bit of a snack at the poolside counter service spots in the late afternoon. The food on Castaway Cay was great for lunch, especially all of the fresh fruit that they offered. Also, another plus for us on this cruise was that soda was included in the price. I have seen beverage packages on other cruise lines that cost around $17/person per night. While DCL is certainly pricier than many other cruise lines, just taking into account and extra $34 per day you'd pay elsewhere for equivalent beverage packages, the value of free non-alcoholic beverages adds up a lot on longer cruises. Stateroom Our stateroom was roomy with lots of storage for our belongings. We had a family room with a verandah that was also handicap accessible, making it lacking in the standard tub, but also having more square footage than a standard room. Bed was comfortable, LOVED the Disney Spa toiletries! If they weren't so darned expensive to buy from Disney, I would be shelling out for that at home. Of course, the hidden Mickeys in the room were not so hidden for the most part, but we just loved how the room had a classy, elegant feel, yet had the whimsy of the Mickeys tastefully sprinkled here and there. Service Bar service was always excellent for us, with little wait to get our drinks. The housekeeping was excellent and always provided cute towel animals with each turn down service. Our servers/waiters were solid for dinner. They were personable and were familiar with the dishes. At both the regular dining rooms and Palo, we received a special treat for our anniversary, which was a lovely extra. Sometimes the dining room waitstaff were a bit slow, but that would be my only critique. Embarkation involved a long-ish line that moved fairly quickly, and debarkation was an absolute breeze! Get up, eat breakfast, and go! We opted to keep our luggage, as it was just the two of us and we didn't have but a suitcase on wheels each to maneuver. Ship Activities/facilities/entertainment The nightly shows and deck parties that we attended were truly magical. The talent level was up to Disney standard. We laughed. I cried, and we both enjoyed all three nights at the shows. We were glad that there were plenty of places for a couple in their 30's, such as us, to get away from the crazy family crowds and enjoy some quieter, more romantic times. The adults only pool was shallow and not super roomy, but having the bar there and a place to dip my feet without worries of getting splashed by a 10 year old perfecting his cannonball was really nice. We spent some time in the bar that is on the top deck, forward. Standing up there with the wind blowing in my hair and a drink in my hand after dinner at night was certainly enjoyable. Speaking of drinks, the Mr. bought a DCL beer mug and got discounts on draft beer plus a souvenir to take home, which was a great value. We also bought a wine package to have three bottles during our cruise from the standard selections, which we drank with dinner. This was, in my opinion, also a great deal, as we enjoy having wine with meals and aren't too fussy about which kind goes with what foods. Castaway Cay's serenity bay was a wonderful beach escape for adults only. After the stingray experience, we relaxed and enjoyed the quiet peace and the beautiful views. The only thing missing from this ship was nightlife. It just wasn't there, which is not surprising. Not only that, but a late night game similar to the newlywed game was still so wholesome it ventured into cheesy territory. Come on, it's a bar. We're all over 21. You don't have to use phrases like "the magic happen" (air quotes included) for euphemisms. I know it's Disney, but sheesh! All in all, if you're a couple and you love Disney, this ship can be a real Dream!   Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
We have tried other cruise lines (Princess, NCL and Carnival) and saw a decent deal for a verandah cabin on the 4-Night Bahamas cruise on the Dream. Since we love Disneyworld and Disneyland and have been impressed with the quality of ... Read More
We have tried other cruise lines (Princess, NCL and Carnival) and saw a decent deal for a verandah cabin on the 4-Night Bahamas cruise on the Dream. Since we love Disneyworld and Disneyland and have been impressed with the quality of Disney vacations we decided it would be a great opportunity to try Disney Cruise Line, even without bringing the kids. We had a great time, don't get me wrong, but I think because we hold Disney to a higher standard, it overall it did not live up to our expectations. We knew Disney Cruise Line would be highly kid-oriented, which was fine for us, and we didn't mind the kids' entertainment, but the adult offerings did not make this cruise worthwhile for us as an adult couple. Check-in was quick and easy, the ship was pristine and beautiful. Our room and verandah were huge! The production shows were great, but one night they simply didn't have a show, instead they showed the new "Planes" movie in the theater. You had to BUY the popcorn for $6 (something Princess offers for free along with milk and cookies. This seemed very desperate for a Disney cruise that is much more expensive than others. They needed more entertainment in public spaces. A comedian, or even a juggler would have been refreshing to attend at night. Even the karaoke didn't have anyone participating (not even a crew member to get things going). We were able to sign up (meaning pay) for a mixology class (it was the only one not sold-out). This was a lot of fun and I wish they had more opportunities like this. The food was disappointing. Maybe because they need to appeal to such a wide age group. For instance, in the dining room we had scallops and they were over cooked and sandy, you couldn't chew them without cracking a tooth. Most of the other offerings we tried were lackluster, with the exception of the carrot soup at lunch at the Royal Palace dining room and the Grand Marnier soufflé at dinner also at Royal Palace. We took advantage of room service and had them deliver Mickey ice cream bars (not on the menu, but we learned about on cruise critic!) which was a nice treat to have on the verandah. The buffet is not open during dinner hours, just "Tow Maters Grill" which is counter service, open until 11. It would have been nice to have another option for dinner, especially considering our disappointment with the dining room offerings. The service was fine, not exceptional, but good. The waiters went out of their way at dinner to say that they wanted to make our experience the best it could be, but then were not around when I would have liked to exchange my dinner for something more appealing. Some things we come to expect on a cruise were lacking: They sometimes offered fresh ground pepper, but not until our meals were half eaten; they brought us an anniversary cake and sang, but not until after we had eaten the dessert we had ordered and were ready to leave. Our favorites: The fireworks at sea were amazing! Castaway Cay adult section of the island was beautiful and really relaxing! There was plenty of space, umbrellas for shade, lots of chairs, great service and even the buffet was not too crowded. Being able to walk of the ship and not have to deal with tender boats was a huge plus! Having the trams to drive you around the island was genius! There was plenty of adult deck space, the adult pool and hot tubs were busy but we really enjoyed them! We did have a nice trip, we just were expecting a lot more from Disney. We will choose other cruise lines before we ever take another Disney Cruise Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
My husband and I got married in August, but I litterally searched for the "perfect" honeymoon for months. We decided on a cruise and then it was up to me to choose the cruise line. I have wanted to go on a DCL cruise since I was ... Read More
My husband and I got married in August, but I litterally searched for the "perfect" honeymoon for months. We decided on a cruise and then it was up to me to choose the cruise line. I have wanted to go on a DCL cruise since I was a kid, and after researching every major cruiseline I could think of, Disney was the only thing I was going to be happy with. We flew to Orlando the day of the cruise (hectic!) and used the "Disney Magical Express" for the 45 minute ride to Port Canaveral. I recommend doing this, it eliminates confusion & there is no chance of getting lost; it's worth the extra money! The Disney terminal was BEAUTIFUL and boasted a beautiful view of the ship as well! Check in was a breeze as we had brought all documentation and had signed our cruise contracts ahead of time as well. We received our "Key to the World" Card (great idea btw) and boarded the ship an hour before our scheduled time, which I was impressed with, since I didn't have to wait! I have to add it was so much fun for the crew to welcome us to the ship by announcing my new last name! Staterooms aren't available until 1pm, so we headed to Cabanas for lunch. I must say, I was so impressed by the buffet, we ate breakfast there everymorning except the last and I NEVER FOUND THE END OF THE BUFFET, there were so many delicious options! Our stateroom was 7574 a Standard Ocean view room with verandah. The room was HUGE compared to what I had heard about cruise ship staterooms and the verandah was breathtaking with it's view of the vast blue sea. =D Our stateroom attendant was wonderful, our room was always clean, we never wanted for anything, and we always had chocolates and a fun towel animal waiting for us when we returned from dinner! The 3 main dining rooms were great & we really enjoyed Disney's "Rotational Dining" setup. By the end of night 3, our waiter even knew I hate whipped cream with my icecream! Disney was nice enough to set us with people our age and there was nevere a dull moment at our table, making us some of the first to arrive & last to leave! My favorite of the 3 was Animator's Palate, I LOVED the talking animated Finding Nemo characters & the fact that they had a real-time conversation with my husband, thoroughly making that the best and most entertaining dinner of my life! If you are traveling kid-free I suggest second seating, we had it & there were fewer kids than what I saw leaving first seating. We just had to watch the shows first, which was a little different to how we do it at home, but isn't vacation about living a little out of the box anyway? We stopped and Nassau the second day, it's dirty, and if I'm ever on another ship that ports there, I will likely hang out on the boat for the day. We did have a beautiful view right from our breakfast table on deck at Cabana's as we were pulling in to port though! The third day was Castaway Cay, and let me tell you, Disney has created nothing short of paradise on this island! We enjoyed Serenity Bay & a couple's massage in the cabana before heading to the family beach for a BBQ & some after lunch snorkeling. If you ever get the chance to snorkle, do it! For $10 we had about 3 hours worth of fun & a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was too sad when we left for Port Canaveral that evening, I wouldn't mind to be a "castaway" there! We watched two of the 3 shows, "The Golden Mickey's" and "Believe" we skipped out on "Villains" to enjoy more time at Castaway Cay, which I think was worth it, since I heard most didn't care for that show. Pirates night was a lot of fun, the fireworks weren't all they are cracked up to be, but it was still neat. Ride the AquaDuck, it's worth your time to wait! I hated hearing the ship's horn at 5:30-6am on the final day! That was just way too early to be ending such an amazing trip! Disembarkment was a breeze, customs took about 10 minutes (and that included waiting in line) and we took the Magical Express back to MCO. The only problem we encountered the entire trip was our door key not working, turns out the battery was dead and it was about a 5 minute fix that earned us a pass for a free trip to the spa. My husband and I both said if we ever cruise again (which we will!) it will be a Disney Cruise! Our boat was spotless, the food was great, and the Carnival ships we were in port beside of just looked dirty! Oh, and I have to add, I called Disney a good 5 or 6 times leading up to the cruise, and recieved nothing but kind customer service & reassuring help! Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
BACKGROUND INFO Wow! What a great cruise! We are a newlywed couple who decided to spend half our honeymoon on a Disney cruise (both male, age 32 and 35), and what a great decision that turned out to be. HOTEL INFO Coming into Orlando ... Read More
BACKGROUND INFO Wow! What a great cruise! We are a newlywed couple who decided to spend half our honeymoon on a Disney cruise (both male, age 32 and 35), and what a great decision that turned out to be. HOTEL INFO Coming into Orlando from New York, we decided to stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel, as the airport is included in the Disney transport to Port Canaveral. The hotel is a very convenient choice to do unless you really want to do the Disney hotels (our usual choices). The hotel is nice, well kept and provides adequate (expected) service. We didn't make much use of their amenities as we mostly used them for the lodging. TRAVEL TO PORT OF EMBARKATION The Disney's Magical Express to Port Canaveral magically sweeps you from the airport to the port, and all the friendly Disney cast members courteously guides you along the way. It is greatly hassle free, something we value and appreciate. I didn't find it an expensive add on. SHIP INFO The Disney Fantasy is at the time of this review the newest ship in the Disney fleet, and certainly looks the part, too! The crew keeps the ship impeccably clean at all times, and your stateroom is made neat and tidy twice a day. The only thing we can complain about here, is other guests either throwing garbage into the sea, or on deck in places where its hard for the crew to spot. The common areas are plentiful, spacious, and themed down to the tiniest details. You will wander around the ship in awe for a couple of days before its full glory actually starts to settle on you. In fact, the amazing service and familiarity started acting like our "safe spot" once we got into the different ports. If we ever ran into something less likeable ashore, a feeling of wanting to get back to the ship asap quickly emerged. STATEROOM Our stateroom had a veranda, and we got it to "spoil ourselves" for the honeymoon. I was worried we wouldn't use it, but we did every day. It's quite nice to have your own outside area within your stateroom to enjoy the view and watch every different scene that floats past you outside the ship. Had it not been for the fact that staterooms with verandas are nearly double the price on the Mediterranean cruise we book for June 2014, we wouldn't have hesitated to get it again. Very little noise, only children and parents screaming at each other every now and then. DINING The Disney Cruise Line dining rotation is nice, and makes for a comfortable and easy "choice" each night. We opted out once for dinner at Remy, an experience you should try. It is VERY high class fine dining, so if you're uncomfortable being pampered, served by five-six different servers, every meal an artwork, and being surrounded in a quiet luxurious setting by other guests also wearing suits and nice dresses, then Remy is not for you. Probably the most exclusive dining experience I've ever had, and Gianluca (from Italy, yay!), our main server, deserved every bit of the 30% tip we gave him. Had it not been for the fact that we came straight from a mixology (drink mixing) class that same nice we would have also tried the wine pairing menu. Interestingly, the entire Remy crew was European, so we felt very much at home. At Palo, where we had lunch, the environment is slightly less upscale than at Remy's, but that does not need it's any less incredible. Food is ridiculously good, and so plentiful and beautiful to look at. I've never seen an all you care to eat restaurant like it before. Amanda, our server from Mexico, may have been the most memorable Disney server I have ever had. Not only was she a theatrical delight, but she brought surprise plates of food and desserts to us, and made us laugh and enjoy the brunch even more. I hope they recognize her, and push her upwards in the company. My only complaint with the dining, is that our table on the regular dining rotation consisting of only adults and no children, seemed to get far less attention than the tables that did have kids. I found this odd, having been a Disney server myself. I know that "happy parents" usually are good tippers, but I would never have left any table out of the extraordinary Disney service you are supposed to provide each and every guest. Oh well, it only meant I found the service adequate. I don't even remember the servers' names, and we had them for nearly a week! The food elsewhere on the ship is bountiful and at every corner. You get as simple or as incredible food as you would like. ACTIVITIES The ship has so many activities that you will find something you'll like no matter what your preferences are. We did minigolf, the spa, and participated in several adult quizzes that were a lot of fun! The days are so packed with fun things to do you just have to pick what you think sounds most fun, and do that. You can't do it all. Chocolate and wine tasting, and mixology class, is highly recommended. SERVICE Well, the Disney service standard is world renowned, and pretty much sets the standard for any other competing company. They all smile, and are always friendly, polite and helpful. I can't remember one single time I felt they didn't do well. The only place where it is a bit lackluster, is when reentering the ship from a port through security. When booking, we were asked (DCL website) if we were celebrating anything. I do remember mentioning this was our honeymoon, and thought they might recognize this in some way. Well - they never did - not at dinner, either. I saw other tables get attention for birthdays and other occasions, but they never said a word to us about anything. Maybe they were just asking for statistical and marketing purposes, and you have to tell DCL again later while onboard. ENTERTAINMENT Besides the first show which is an odd infomercial Disney mix about your cruise, and the tedious cruise director appearances ahead of any movie or show (I mean, he's funny, but does he have to be there every time?), the shows are Broadway worthy. They are that good. The actors are super good, and the entire theater is used on several occasions. Don't miss out on any of them. Also, they show all the latest Disney movies, and may even premiere one on the ship if they can. Often we basically ran back from a Port Adventure and straight into a show or movie starting up. Then you get a little break before heading to dinner. They also play live music in the atrium / lobby area, but I found that a bit cheesy and off. I did see some people dance though. PORT & SHORE EXCURSIONS I am very underwhelmed by the Mexican ports Costa Maya and Cozumel. Maybe we chose the wrong excursions, I don't know, but several of the experienced cruisers either just strolled a bit through the shopping areas or stayed on the ship. We probably will, too, next time. Snorkeling at Stingray City on Grand Cayman and hanging out at Castaway Cay were definitely the highlights! I have gone into a little more detailed in the port reviews. I do on the whole feel like they are less interested in catering to gay couples on these Caribbean destinations though, unfortunately. DISEMBARKATION Very easy, and we did the Express Walk Off. You get up EARLY, and drag your suitcase with you straight back onto mainland on Port Canaveral. The Disney bus brought us right back to the airport, and everything was a breeze. There was very little you had to do, except for customs which was very quick, too. SUMMARY Did I mention we booked another Disney cruise in the Mediterranean next year? It was that good. All in all, the seamless experience Disney provides makes everything incredible easy - and you actually start to forget what time it is. Being without a steady cell phone service and internet, and in incredible surroundings with a line of top notch experiences lined up all the time, sucks you in. Reality is slightly more bleak after this cruise. We can't wait to go back. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
I hope this review doesnt get lost in the vast sea of reviews already posted because Im going to write the review that I would have liked to have read before stepping onto the Disney Dream. I was stressed out right from the time my wife ... Read More
I hope this review doesnt get lost in the vast sea of reviews already posted because Im going to write the review that I would have liked to have read before stepping onto the Disney Dream. I was stressed out right from the time my wife suggested sailing with Disney as I had hoped to celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary without a few thousand screaming children around. After reading every review on line my worst fears were echoed as person after person complained about children misbehaving in elevators and hallways, children screaming throughout dinner and children invading the adult sections of the ship. Being the father of three I love children and remember the wonderful times we spent at Disney parks when they were young, but for me our 25th anniversary wasnt the time for bad behavior and temper tantrums. Please know that our cruise was 100% full and just after schools were out for the summer. My wife and I arrived in Florida a day early and stayed at a nearby Holiday Inn Express as they advertised shuttle service to Port Canaveral and then back to the airport following the cruise. The hotel was clean but the shuttle service was sketchy. The service was provided by an outside company who quickly jacked the price up from the amount quoted over the phone. Then for the trip back to the airport following the cruise the rather scary looking driver wasnt able to find the correct pick up spot for Disney passengers. After an extended wait he pulled up, grunted as we got in and shot off towards the airport. Im afraid I cant recommend using the service again. Arriving at the port terminal we were immediately met outside by Disney staff checking passenger identification and directed to the main terminal, this was where Disney took over. Although our on-line check in time was for 3:00 PM, we were directed to a check-in desk and, of course, immediately checked in at 11:30. We waited on a comfortable couch for a very short time until they called our number and then just followed the others right on board. One picture and it was just that easy. Just a hint, this first picture is for passenger identification purposes and probably shouldnt be skipped. My wife and I decided to spend the time until our luggage arrived exploring the ship, this turned out to be a good choice as it gave us a general familiarity of the ships layout right away. Within just a few minutes of boarding we were offered tropical blender drinks as we walked on deck, this was a nice way to begin our cruise experience. When the cabins were opened to passengers we found our luggage waiting, along with cruise information, a great towel animal and chocolates. We had an outside cabin without a veranda and the biggest port hole Ive ever seen, my wife actually climbed inside. The two closets had plenty of space and our suit cases slid under the bed with room to spare. Also in the room: end tables, dresser, cabinets with a small bar type area, a fold down couch with coffee table and a flat screen television. The two bathrooms made it easier for us to co-exist and the split lighting let me slip out to early without waking my wife. Our cabin attendant was very nice and took care of our room without fail. All cruise information was placed on the bed neatly each day and he never failed to leave me more chocolate. The rotational dining seemed like a strange idea until we experienced our first meal. We were lucky and clicked with the other diners at our table, great people. The following night when we met again at the same table but in a different restaurant is was like seeing old friends again. When the same servers showed up it was great that we all knew their names. The food was very good with small portions per course. This worked out well as each meal left me enough room for desert. If you dont like what you see on the menu, ask your server what he can do for you. We ate at Cabanas off and on when we didnt feel like a big sit down breakfast or lunch. To say the least the food there was terrific and your choices are almost never ending. From salmon and swordfish to pizza and mac & cheese, everything was cooked well and there was always somewhere to sit. We enjoyed eating on deck in the sun, why waste a great view. The free ice cream and soft drink station was nice and I never saw the mess as described in other reviews. Room service was very fast, dont forget to tip. We dined at Palo for dinner the night of our anniversary and nothing I could write here would do it justice. If fine dining is for you, dont miss it. The family pools were definitely full, but not to the point of craziness and Moms and Dads were able to sit in the water with their kids. The big outdoor television (Funnel Vision) played all day and deep into the night, would have loved to have been able to see a ball game on it. Clean towel stations seemed to be just about everywhere so you never had to take clean towels from your room. The family pool section also served as a party area for Disney staff to sing and dance with the kids. We could only imagine the fun our kids would have had if we had done this when they were young. Cabanas is conveniently located by the family pools so parents were able to spend the day on deck without having to drag wet children through the ship. The restrooms always seemed to have just been cleaned no matter what time of day it was. I saw a large group of wet kids walk out of a restroom by the pools and a crew member immediately ducked in to check it out. I believe I counted at least 18 elevators aboard ship, each one was as clean as the next. During the busiest of times the wait was only a few minutes and I never experienced a child pushing all the buttons as was noted in other reviews. The stairs worked just fine as well and were never on another floor when you needed them. We took as many pictures with the characters as possible without getting in the way of families with excited children. The lines were very short and the escorts were always willing to take a second photo with your own camera. Now onto the adult section of the ship as this is where so many of the reviews went wrong. The pool was a good size with both a sitting area to just hang out and a deeper section to get totally wet. It was clean and the water was always crystal clear. The pool bar was literally in the pool, something none of the other reviews I read mentioned. The bartenders and servers were quick to learn names and greeted passengers with smiles. They made a drink of the day that was cold, tropical and delicious every time. Next to the pool were the hot tubs, these hung over the side of the ship and had a window at the bottom that looked down at the ocean. People rotated in and out pretty quickly and we didnt have much of a problem finding space. Theres an air conditioned lounge next to the pool but we never used it, too much going on out on deck. Another section of the adult area is one deck up with stairs right next to the pool. The first thing you see is a decent size bar where they serve anything and everything, also with a smile. On either side are sitting areas where you can relax and enjoy all the views that deck 12 has to offer. These are also divided into smoking and non-smoking, yet another great idea. Behind this is the entire bow section of the ship, perfect for quiet times and a sunrise with my wife. And what of my expectations of children crashing this adult domain? Nope, not on this ship. On many occasions I watched as kids walked to the adult pool or ventured up the stairs to deck 12. Each time they were politely turned away and asked to leave. During the fireworks many parents brought their entire families to deck 12 for a better view, each were asked to return to family sections of the ship. All though the age limit is 18, there were a few 16 year olds who made it up, they sat and talked and never brought attention to themselves, worked for me. Many reviews mentioned the annoyance of people saving deck lounge chairs with towels so that none ever seemed to be available. Well it looks like Disney reads these reviews and has taken care of the problem. Crew members roam the deck areas removing towels and stacking lounge chairs as they find them empty, because of this there were always places to sit up on deck whenever we wanted, even during the busiest of times. Castaway Cay was one of the hits of the cruise and we didnt want to leave at boarding time. The water was crystal clear and everything else was purely Disney. I recommend getting off of the ship as soon as they open the doors and get the full Castaway Cay experience. We were told that Disney is in negotiation to buy and occupy the entire island, I can only imagine what else theyll possibly come up with to fill it. Tipping while on a cruise can be confusing. Theyll tell you that gratuities are automatically taken out for dinner servers and the folks who maintain your cabin, but we found that we wanted to do a little more for the staff that treated us so well. I brought $50.00 in ones and fives and it worked out perfectly. Disney provides a print out of how much theyve charged you for each gratuity as well as individual envelopes. This perforated sheet of paper can be broken up and placed in the envelopes to present to each of the 4 crew members. We were very pleased to be able to put a little extra into the envelopes for all of the excellent service we enjoyed. If travel plans allow, I recommend attending the sit down breakfast before disembarkation. It gave us time to say good bye to the friends wed made and exchange email addresses. Bring all your bags with you as you can leave them by the door while you eat. Disembarkation was nothing more than walking off of the ship with your bags and that's what I recommend you do. We stepped into line for the customs check point that moved along at a good pace and then walked out right next to the shuttle pick-up area. Negative comments: I have to dig really deep to think of anything. The beautifully carved wooden bar stools on deck were a bit uncomfortable, but we persevered. The mens restrooms on Castaway were a bit too rustic inside for the setting, reminded me of what Ive seen at camp grounds rather than at Disney. I hope this review is helpful when making the decision where to spend that hard earned vacation time. Please remember that I was dreading taking this cruise after reading the comments on line, what I found was a cruise line that made every effort to ensure that we had the best time possible. Thank you Disney, well be seeing you again soon.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
My wife was very upset when she found out I chose a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon. That being said we ended up having an excellent time, and she was very surprised to see that there were plenty of adult things to do. I'm 23 and ... Read More
My wife was very upset when she found out I chose a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon. That being said we ended up having an excellent time, and she was very surprised to see that there were plenty of adult things to do. I'm 23 and she's 25, and I grew up going to Disney World at least 3x a year as I grew up so I was very confident that their cruise would be a phenomenal experience.The ship itself was phenomenal. It was beautiful, And it seemed as though someone was always cleaning something. However, it was almost as if you didn't notice/care. I will write as much as I can remember!The forward adult only area of the ship was awesome, and we never saw a child up there. The chairs were so comfortable, and we always caught some sun up there. The main pool is cool. It has a big tv where they show Disney movies, so you may want to avoid that. The Aquaduck is really fun... especially when you're at sea. The adult only district "Europa" is really fun. We went to the Tube almost every night. The entertainment was great - magicians, ventriloquist, hypnotist, and juggler... They were all world class! These entertainers were 100% geared towards adults bc there are no kids in the room! The shows were okay for adults. We enjoyed them, the Walt Disney Theater is beautiful, but they are definitely geared towards kids. We played Bingo twice, did a wine tasting class, a towel folding class, and played some adult trivia - all activities were fun. I don't think my wife and I ever felt like we were bored and had nothing to do on the ship.The food was pretty good. The service was EXCELLENT! We loved our two servers - Daniel from Romania and Boris from India. We seriously looked forward to dinner just to get to see them. We ate at Palo one night - it excellent as well. The food was good, the service was good, but we felt like it was a little overboard (neither of us is extremely fancy/elegant). We almost always just ate the "theme park" fast food stuff on deck 11 by the pool. One great thing about this cruise is that you can bring a carry on of alcohol. So pack some wine, champagne, and liquor if you drink, and enjoy in your stateroom as you can just go get soda from deck 11. Our stateroom host was excellent as well. Our bed was always made, and our room was cleaned at least twice a day. One other thing about our room... We had a huge verandah in the aft/starboard side of the ship. We didn't use it much, so I'd recommend either a standard verandah or a port hole room. We spent most of our time on the top deck to catch all the views, but we both like to be up where the action is. It would have been really nice if we had preferred a lot of alone time. I also recommend doing a massage and going to the Rainforest Spa Area. If you want a day pass to the rainforest then definitely get it before the cruise departs. I payed $20 I think per person about 2 months before we set sail and literally payed 10x less!The ports were okay. We snorkeled in Grand Cayman which was great. Costa Maya and Cozumel were whatever. She got her jollies by shopping for overpriced junk in the touristy areas while I just watched my wife be happy! I will say you can get $1 Dos Equis if you look hard enough. It rained in Castaway Cay, but we were able to do the nature walk/kayak. The kayaking was fun, but the nature walk was kind of long and boring.Overall, in my one time cruiser opinion this is an excellent choice. My wife even thinks she wants to become a Disney Vacation Club member as we've been to Disneyland twice and WDW once since we began dating. I think the best part hands down of this cruise was the service. Other great things: the beauty of the ship, the overall entertainment, and the fact that there weren't a bunch of drunk college kids running around. We met so many great families who loved that we were honeymooning on a Disney cruise. Both of us are looking forward to hopefully being able to do an Alaskan Cruise with Disney. One final thought... Keep in mind this cruise may or may not be for every honeymoon couple. I can say with complete confidence that you will not feel overwhelmed by the amount of kids on the ship bc they're all so happy in the kids areas. But if you are completely unfamiliar with Disney the. You may have trouble enjoying about a third of the things on the ship. If you have specific questions feel free to email me at dpick84@gmail.com Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
I literally just cruised in the Celebrity Sillouette less than 1 month ago and this cruise was not planned. My husband and I had a few days that we had planned to go away and were too lazy to book anything. I threw it out there on a whim ... Read More
I literally just cruised in the Celebrity Sillouette less than 1 month ago and this cruise was not planned. My husband and I had a few days that we had planned to go away and were too lazy to book anything. I threw it out there on a whim that I would love to do a short little cruise and he made it happen! Thanks mom for watching the kids! I'm going to keep it short. The last time we sailed Disney was the Wonder in 2009 with the kids. We loved it and have pretty much compared all ships to Disney since. I was starting to think that my memory was fuzzy and magical and that maybe it wasn't that special. But, it is. Disney is incredible. Stateroom number was 9596. We initially got 10576. I read some reviews about noise and we were told we couldn't switch but Disney treated us right and we got it switched at guest relations right at checkin. We booked at the last minute and got what we could. Stateroom was lovely. Noise was not a serious issue. You could hear talking on the balcony but that was rare. Veranda was tiny. No table. Only 2 chairs and a tiny table. But I was so happy we were not close to any smokers! Yay!!! Stateroom attendant Noel was very friendly. No complaints. Castaway Cay. Breathtaking. It was actually prettier than I remembered. I was so busy running after kids the first time so I didn't really soak it all in. Loved the adult side of the island. I cannot wait to go back! Got some sun and made some vitamin D! Spa. Tried the Rainforest spa. Wow! When I take the kids I go straight to the pool. With my husband in the future I'm heading straight there. Tour it. Check it out. Maybe try it. I fell asleep there 2 days in a row. That's how relaxed I felt. Adult pool. What did they do? I remember wanting to go to the adult pool on the Wonder and never making there. I looked at the pool on the Dream and was so disappointed. Oh well. We only had 3 days. On a 7 day I would have more issues. But a 3 day cruise is so ridiculously short. I only got over it because I'm going back. Gym. No crowd. By far the emptiest Ive seen in a while on a cruise ship. Loved it but I'm thinking parents get in here and take care of yourself! My husband and I always take turns working out when we've got the kids. But we enjoyed going together. Very nice. Movie theater. Saw Oz. Before the kids! Fancy! 3D! Wreck it Ralph and Lincoln were playing as well. Remy. Didn't book ahead but got in. Wonderful date night. Loved the dishes. Service was impeccable. Glad I did it but I do think the uncharge is too steep. I don't think I will go back unless the kids are paying! I had to experience it! Palo. Didn't book but was lucky again. Another wonderful date night with my man. I will return someday if the stars align. Great service. Delicious food. Nightlife. My husband and I are part of the boring club. We had some cocktails at a few bars and went to bed early! Disembarkation. Pretty much walked straight off. No line at customs. Perfect ending. Bottom line. You can have a nice romantic time here. I will return with the kids. We took advantage of the prebooking sale on the ship. Till next time Disney! Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
Background information: Just the two of us. Couple in our late 30s. First cruise on Disney, previously on NCL. We had been dreaming of a Disney Cruise since they first announced the line 20 years ago. That is many years of building up ... Read More
Background information: Just the two of us. Couple in our late 30s. First cruise on Disney, previously on NCL. We had been dreaming of a Disney Cruise since they first announced the line 20 years ago. That is many years of building up expectations and Disney delivered. It was our 18 wedding anniversary and we found a great rate called GTY Verandah. We booked on March 11 paid in full. Two weeks later we received our cabin 8536. Flight and Hotel: We used sky miles to fly into Orlando and Priceline to find a hotel room for one night near the airport with a free shuttle to and from the airport. We utilize Priceline often for hotel and car rentals. We enjoy the gamble of name your own price. Our flight got in around midnight. I had verified with the hotel about our late arrival. They picked us up after collecting our luggage and off we went. There was a gas station across the street that we were going to stop by to pick up some water but we forgot. In the morning we got up enjoyed the free breakfast and headed back to the airport around 10. Travel to Port: We had purchased Disney transfers and once back at the Orlando airport we went to check in for the cruise transport. We waited maybe 15 minutes until they collected our luggage and escorted us to a bus. On the bus the driver was friendly and knowledgeable as were all the cast members at the airport. It was a fun drive over. They show videos with Disney Characters about the cruise and then some trivia and cartoon shorts. The buses looked like a cruise ship with portholes and they are well cared for, clean and comfortable. Ship: I had butterflies seeing the sparkling ocean and the beautiful ship. The cruise terminal is very nice (until after the cruise down in the dungeon) we had little to no wait in the security line and waiting to check in. We walked around the terminal to look at the model ships and enjoyed watching people pose for photos with Mickey and Minnie. Throughout the cruise many photo opportunities were available with or without Disney characters. We did not choose to pose for any. They did seem to handle the lines well and were always busy. Half an hour after arriving they called out boarding group and we went aboard. They announce your family name which is slightly embarrassing so we pretended to be with the family in front of us. Which my hubby found hysterical as we are both blond and they were beautiful dark haired and foreign speaking. There were a large number of vacationers from South America and it was fun to hear the accent. The Fantasy is beautiful and classy. SO clean and the attention to detail and keeping her ship shape was something to behold. Round the clock they are sparkling her up. The chandelier it breathtaking. Every public space is themed and clean. Nooks and crannies to relax in or explore and only a few times did we feel crowded. I had studied ahead of time and knew we wanted to take a tour of the ship and eat in the Enchanted Gardens for lunch. We wondered around a little in awe as it is gorgeous the Fantasy, we just fell in love. We had a great table for lunch and the food was delicious. Everything was just magic. We were offered a water bottle package and we purchased it. They delivered it to our cabin and we used it all week. Cabin: After our ship tour we went to our cabin and WOW! It was good sized the split bathroom- what a great idea and plenty of storage. We each had our own closet. This felt generous in space. I loved the vanity with mirror across from the coach where I could do my hair and make up and store everything. I appreciated all week that we could watch on demand Disney movies from live action to old classics for FREE. It was a hoot to watch Pirates of the Caribbean while getting ready or before bed on the ocean. I was disappointed they did not have the shows on the main stage viewable on the cabin TV as I heard they offered that. The room is like two in one as there is a heavy drape divider which is perfect if one wants to retire early or rise and not disturb the sleeper. The coach was large and comfortable. We adored our verandah. Sitting out there and watching the open sea or searching for flying fish or islands as we pass by. It was very private and except for the cabin next to us leaving the light on all night out there it was grand. I also was glad they did not come on with loud voices over the PA speakers all the time which we appreciated. They do have a channel you can tune into to hear messages from the Captain and cruise director. Our cabin attendant was pleased to provide superior service. He had the most genuine smile and embodied the Disney touch. Our wait staff also we grand in fact not once on this cruise did we feel we were not given white glove service. If it was a cast member cleaning a bathroom to a shop clerk to the club hosts it is friendly professional service. Thank you Disney for delivering on service. The muster drill seemed really long. Because we had so many different languages it took time to get organized and started and repeated. After the drill we went up top for the sail away and grabbed a few items from Fillmore’s grill as snacks. Watched the sail away party and unplugged from the world as we glided away from all cares. We didn’t get far out to sea when all of the sudden we were back in Port Canaveral. There was a medical emergency of a man with chest pains. (Hoping he is okay I thought about him all week.) Adults on a kid cruise?: Being kid free just two adults we thought will we feel overrun by children? Not at all. Disney is amazing when it comes to pampering the adults. There are adult only spaces galore. Two pools, awesome night clubs, the spa, and adult only beach at Cast Away Cay. It was heavenly. I felt many times we were on an adult only cruise I know it sounds bizarre. If we walked by main pool it was crazy kid soup. But with late dining I think it was perfect for us. For example on my new favorite island in the world we first snorkeled on the family beach then headed to what felt like a perfect provate oasis. Because most were there with children they were all at the family beach and the 18 and older only is enforced leaving us to bask in beauty. We love the clean Disney fun and superior service. There are family areas as well like a night/day club for families. I took some cooking classes there. Not once did we miss the lack of a casino. There was so much to do from sun up till we dropped. My favorite area is called Satellite falls which I felt we had almost to our selves. It is on the very top of the ship with comfy loungers and soft towels and attentive bar staff. Plenty of shade for me and sun for my husband. The view is terrific. It was a haven for us. The main adult pool Quite Cove is not so quiet and has all ages walking around it often it is a busy space and for some reason reminds me of an old love boat episode. Aqua Duck terrified me until I tried it. Very fast and very fun. We did the Muppet Detective agency and enjoyed the art all over the ship. We learned to avoid the central elevators and use the ones at the aft or front of the ship. But ride the lobby elevators at least once to see the fun paintings. Lots of musicians and bands around the ship. The entertainment was great. I felt compelled not to miss and some were mini Broadway shows. Excellent talent. My husband even went a few nights to watch the show a second time. First run movies at sea with 3-d were fun. And on the Fantasy you can go to the pool deck refill your drink cup for free 24/7 and grab a cookie as your movie treat. Food: Our rotation began at Animators Palate. Yummy food, great service and entertainment. Looked forward to each meal there to see what was in store visually. Enchanted gardens is beautiful. It felt like dinning in Paris in a garden and watching the “sunset” and flowers bloom and night sky twinkle is really delightful. This was the only place on the ship I could feel the engines and movement of the sea. Royal Court I would say was my least favorite. They do have some mosaics. I thought the food variety was good and if we enjoyed something they brought more. How grand to have most drinks free. Juice and soda. We had most breakfasts at the buffet and talk about fresh and selection. It felt like it went on for miles and yet it is in stations so little to waiting. Had lunch a few times there also. The midnight or late night feast after the pirate party was something else. They have carved fruit masterpieces. Crepes and turkey legs a potato bar all kinds of food you don’t want to eat that late but can’t resist. Had room service a few times it was okay not as good as the main dining rooms. Ports: St John is a favorite island so we did the Truck Bay Adventure in St Thomas. Loved it. San Juan: Enjoyed the ship to ourselves in the morning then headed out as others were heading back. Took a tour to old San Juan and had a great driver. Stopped by El Morro and did a little shopping. Cast Away: BEST ISLAND EVER! A day in paradise. Disembarkation: What a letdown. After a perfect week nothing like customs to bring you back to reality. Once that ship is back at port I felt the magic disappeared. No one seemed to be around to help answer questions and they are antsy to get you off the ship. I understand it is a quick turnaround but it felt like night and day. I needed to use the bathroom after waiting in line for so long and they acted like I had committed a crime against country. They would not let me use the bathroom in the terminal but had me walk out by the drug dogs to a parking structure very dirty and unpleasant. That is my whine ( hope you had some cheese). We loved this cruise so much that we cruised again 6 months later. Thank Disney! We hope to try out other ships in the Disney fleet but we are partial to the Fantasy.   Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
We don't have children but trying and big fans of Disney. It was my Wife's first cruise and I was looking to make it fun and special. I had high expectations for the cruise and Disney did a good job of meeting most of them. The ... Read More
We don't have children but trying and big fans of Disney. It was my Wife's first cruise and I was looking to make it fun and special. I had high expectations for the cruise and Disney did a good job of meeting most of them. The problem wasn't so much the ship or staff but the people you cruise with. Disney markets their adult areas well. The problem is most times these areas were empty. The Quite Cove was too quite, this may have been due to the very cold weather and you would assume then people would flock to the adult lounges and night clubs. Instead these areas which are beautifully decorated were dead. I figured out the problem on the cruise. Parents with children are just to tired to have fun late at night knowing that they have to get up early with their children. The Food: I am a foodie and gourmet chef. The food on the ship was terrible at best 2 star. Its over salted and several dishes I couldn't finish. An example, went to the beach BBQ and expected to have a choice of freshly grilled meats. Instead the hamburgers and steaks had been pre-cooked and left in a warmer. The Mahi Mahi had been cooked on the ship and brought to shore. Most of the food on the ship was tasteless and boring. Last May I had taken a Royal Caribbean Cruise on the 2 1/2 star Majesty of the Seas. Their food was much better than Disney. We had room service once, it was just OK and very limited menu. The Drinks: Disney did a great job on the drinks. The juice for my vodka and orange was real juice unlike the Majesty's drink mix. The mojito's used fresh lime juice, muddled and not pre-mix. The Espresso Martin in the Cove was one of the best I have ever had. The prices were very reasonable, much cheaper then many lounges in my city. Unlike many cruises lines Disney didn't try and nickel and dime you on soft drinks, coffee or tea. They were always available for free. Their Service: Except the morning of departure Disney's service rivals Ritz Carlton's. The morning of departure we choose to wait until 9am to leave the cabin. At about 7am and for every 15 mins the ships intercom system would blare reminding us that we had to get off the ship by 9:15am. On top of that our room attendant kept knocking on our door from 8am. We were already packed but just wanted to have a nice relaxing breakfast in our room before leaving. The Room: It was very large, clean and well designed. The round bath tub that so many others have talked about was to small for my Wife who only weighs 104lbs. It would be great for small kids not adults. Another reminder that this is not a cruise for couples. The Entertainment: The shows where great/amazing for a ship but the lounge acts terrible. I saw one lounge group singer reading the words for a song from a tablet! They were just awful. The Children & Parents: Not the kind of topic that you are use to seeing in a review? Yet this cruise is designed for them and I felt I should discuss it. For the most part the children were well behaved and parents did a good job. At times though I had to ask children even with their parents standing right next to them not to press all the buttons on the elevator so we stopped at each floor or other minor nuisance caused by poor parenting. When I did, often received a vicious stare from the parent who then corrected the child. Fellow Adult Cruisers: Boring! Most looked tired, didn't bother to dress up or put make-up on. Very little happiness or joy from most of my fellow adults. Luckily the children loved the cruise and they made up for their boring parents. Someday we will take a Disney cruise again but as a parent. It is an awesome experience for a family and kept thinking the whole cruise our children would love it. I highly recommend for family's. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Arrival and check in: As a concierge member, your check-in for the bus to the port is a separate counter with NO lines. Sweet. We were placed on the available bus and left immediately for a 40 minute ride to the port during which they ... Read More
Arrival and check in: As a concierge member, your check-in for the bus to the port is a separate counter with NO lines. Sweet. We were placed on the available bus and left immediately for a 40 minute ride to the port during which they showed a movie about the ship - very informative. Upon arrival at the port, we went through security with everyone else but then went to a separate counter for concierge check-in, avoiding the hundreds of people on line. We were escorted to a separate waiting area with comfortable chairs to wait a few minutes for boarding the ship. As you might expect, as concierge members, we were all the first passengers allowed on the ship. Getting to our room: It is quite the fan fare to enter the ship. There are rows of white coated cast members who all clap as you enter the ship. Then we were escorted to our concierge lounge by a cast member. The lounge has three staff who met with each guest with a typed itinerary of our dinners, port excursions, other information and were available the entire cruise for our personal guest services. We never once had to stand on line for any guest information. While we waited for our room to be ready, we were served drinks and small, exquisite snacks (think tuna tartare in martini glasses). Dining Remy's is an culinary experience worth EVERY penny (18 and older only). I would have paid even more for the joy of such a meal. The $75 pp charge is soooo cheap for the food and service. Adding wine and tip, you are at $300 pretty quickly. The menu is a tasting menu - about six courses including amuse bouche, cheese plates and other items not listed on the menu plus extra candies, cookies to take back to your room along with a rose. We were over the moon with the experience and tastes. Do not miss. Palo is a wonderful Italian restaurant with home made pastas and delicious meat and fish choices. Service is again wonderful, as all restaurants are. For $20 each, it is also a bargain. We dined in the Enchanted Garden for breakfast (buffet) which was varied and typical to other cruises. Breakfast in the Royal Palace is from a menu and has a good variety as well. All excellent service. Lunch at Cabanas is a buffet which is huge and satisfying. We also had lunch at Flo's (hot dogs, wraps, fries) which were very tasty and no lines. In between meals, the Concierge Lounge always had breakfast and yummy snacks along with free drinks from 5:45-8:00. Bottles of water are also free in the lounge along with soda to bring to your room fridge. Entertainment: Shows were Broadway quality with lavish costumes, lighting and great singers. However, it is all about Disney characters and stories so if that is not your cup of tea, you will be bored. The Quest activity and Battle of the Sexes, common to most cruises was quite tame by comparison to non-family cruises, but fun none the less. Bars: There are 23 bars on the ship, all themed and relaxing. Yet another place to go without children. They serve all levels of liquor and drinks are from $7. Not too bad considering it is a cruise. Port Excursions: We selected Blue Lagoon for swimming in Nassau which was a lovely beach but next time would skip and stay on the ship to explore it more. We went to Castaway Cay which is a private Disney Island which is lovely with a private beach for adults and free food. It is a magnificent island with warm, tranquil waters. The island tour on a catamaran was fun and informative (90 minutes). We did not shop anywhere, including the ship, because I have found these tourist traps too high priced and quality relatively poor. Disembarkation: Since we had only carry on luggage, we had breakfast in the Concierge Lounge and then simply walked off the ship with our luggage and got through customs in about 10 minutes. The Disney staff put us into a small coach to take us to a Disney hotel so we would not wait for a bus to fill up. Again, effortless. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
We are fairly experienced cruisers. This was our 11th cruise and third on Disney. We were on the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Dream as well as going on the Pacific route with the Disney Wonder which is our favorite route. We booked late, ... Read More
We are fairly experienced cruisers. This was our 11th cruise and third on Disney. We were on the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Dream as well as going on the Pacific route with the Disney Wonder which is our favorite route. We booked late, literally two weeks before the cruise and got a great price through the Disney website on an ocean view room guarantee. We spent a week at the Walt Disney World Dolphin before the cruise so we used Disney transfers which if you are staying on Disney property or coming direct from the airport is always the best and easiest way to go. Since we booked so late we had received our luggage tags or cruise document book yet. Disney is one of the few (if any) cruise lines that send out a attractive book with all your stuff including real luggage tags not the paper ones which you get through email. We were picked up at the Disney Beach club because they don't pick up at the Dolphin or the Swan. Where ever you are picked up at on Disney property they will have luggage tags for you that you can write your information on if you don't have tags. Its a breeze because you don't see your luggage again until your in your room. Embarkation was a breeze and we were on the ship within 1 hour and in our room right when we boarded. The ship was clean and always kept clean as well very friendly all over the ship. Since we are past Disney cruisers we received gifts in our stateroom upon arrival. It was a very nice back pack with some snacks. Disney always treats past guests great with nice gifts instead of worthless discount coupon books which really don't sum up to much of a discount. We were originally in a ocean-view stateroom on deck 2. Very roomy and spacious as well as a great view out of a good sized portal. Also had the great split bathroom which is a big plus of cruising with Disney. One bathroom has toilet and a sink, mirror etc..second had the roomy shower and tub (big enough to have a nice soak in). Great plus on Disney. After two days I saw some people on our floor had been upgraded so I figured what the heck I will ask all they could say was no. They said yes and within the hour (thanks Alister at Guest Services) we were in a balcony room on deck 6. Great job by both room stewards Naomi and Lana. Any time I can save over one thousand dollars with Disney on a free upgrade I will take it. You all know how Tinker Bell can spread that good ole pixie dust on your wallet and make money disappear. Here is the downside with that room which was 6062. It was pretty much over the Buena Vista movie theater. Disney plays many movies late and they play it loud. Now I love the Avengers movie and have seen it several times but when I can hear and feel Hulk Smash in my room its a little much. But hey we had a balcony so what the heck. We slept in a couple times to make up for lack of sleep. Entertainment was of course top notch with the Disney brand. I really have not seen many bad shows at sea but Disney is always the best and done with an attitude of excellence. Wishes which we had not seen before on the Dream or Wonder was great. Buckets and Boards were also unique and great as well. Kinda like Stomp but much better. Make sure you see their act at sea. Couple of wonderful guys. The Pirate night fireworks show was different than on the Dream and featured Capt Jack Sparrow. I won't go into details so you will be surprised . Try to get a position on the port side top deck right next to the roped off area for a real close and personal view of Capt Jack. Disappointed that the usual late buffet was going on right when the Pirate show was happening. Not because I missed any meals but because I like to take pictures of the ice carvings and decorations. We went down right after the firework show and it was already shut down. The food was great. Cabanas always had a pretty good selection even though it pretty much stayed the same during breakfast. Lunch was great with different food selections in different ports. Go to the Royal Court for breakfast. They have a french toast pineapple stack similar to what has been served at the Disney Polynesian resort. Then go do some laps on deck 4 to work off the carbs. Service in Cabana's was pretty good. Not as good as Princess cruise lines buffet area. Lot's of opportunity here with crew members just standing around talking. Have not seen this on the Wonder or the Dream. We had a great service team in our dining rotation Alexa and Mickey. Mickey did magic tricks most every night at our table. Alexa was pretty detailed about the menu every night. Maybe to detailed at times. I have ever had a bad wait team on Disney but I need to say the Head Waiter/Maitre D Candice was a real negative experience. She started the first two meals out extremely negative toward her team and was such a bad experience if we had not had other table mates at our table I would have told her to be quiet and leave our table. She acted like she expected something to go wrong and told us if anything went wrong she would immediately correct it and the cast member and then went through a laundry list of things that could have gone wrong. She throughout the cruise gave dirty looks to her staff and seemed to want to try to intimidate and belittle them. Candice also only went to certain tables during the cruise and totally blew off our 10 anniversary celebration which was under her duties not the wait staff. And in spite of Candice our wait team was great.Candice belongs on Carnival or some other cruise line that has lower expectations.We did finally get our anniversary celebration and buttons once I complained to guest services but it was not on the day of our anniversary so there is opportunity for improvement here. First negative experience with Disney though. Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy was better on the decorations then the Dream but missed having all the princess's coming around like they did on the Dream. Animators Pallet was great. Got to talk to Crush (still a thrill at my age Dude) and they did a very unique deal at the last night there. We had place mats which you drew body figures and faces on they collected them at the start of dinner and as a finale they showed it by the nearest screen at your table. Now they only showed the figures that were drawn in your area which was cool that you did not have to go through everyone's drawings. They also showed the drawn characters interact with many of the Disney cartoons you know and love. You then receive your place mat drawings back with a certificate acknowledging you as a official Disney animator of sorts. Spa wise we did the private villa Couples Choice experience. First time we splurged this way on Disney and have got to say for the 475.00 price tag I expected better and would probably not do this again. The spa staff asked us to come 15 minutes early to our appointment which we of course did. We showed at 5 PM to find out that the room was not ready and ended up waiting until 5:30 as they hurried to get the room ready. It felt slapped together. The treatments itself were good we had the seaweed wrap and couples massage. We also had use of the outside private jacuzzi but we were not clear on the time allowed and everything seemed a bit hurried. Found a dirty used towel in the bathroom and a used ice bucket under the deck chairs on our private deck. Not the preparation I would expect for 475.00. We also used the Rainforest Day pass which was very nice and not crowded at all. The ship is a beautiful ship with lots to do . We were told that the Aquaduck was faster on board the Fantasy compared to the Dream. We didn't notice any difference in speed but rode it several times and it was great. Did not play the Muppets Detective game but saw many adults playing it. Will try it next time. They had some very nice pool areas for the adults such as Satellite Falls and did a great job of keeping any young ones out of the area. One of the big problems on this cruise was security in the hallways. Yes we know there will be kids on a Disney cruise but we had kids running wild up and down the hallways and also heard reports of things getting stole off the doors such as decorations etc.. Adults started to take things into their own hands I noted all over the ship with kids who were riding the elevators and pressing all the buttons. Because of a lack of security I saw several children getting scolded by adults who were not their parents because of their behavior. It seemed the Red Bull was flowing on that cruise. Shopping was pretty pricey on the ship with the average adult t shirt at 23-29 dollars which is pricey even for Disney. They had a few kids items on clearance. Nothing for adults. I was surprised there was a guy who was he port shopping guy on TV but he was not on board and there were no on board shows talking about the port???? Leslie the cruise director was nice and gracious and had a very visible presence on the ship. She was kind of thrown in between cruise directors because of Brent's vacation so there was no cruise director morning show but she still did a nice job and stepped up to the plate Even with the bumps Disney is still my favorite cruise line. Embarkation was a breeze and we used Disney's airline check in program which saw our bags safely all the way home to Dayton. Breakfast was a bit of confusion on embarkation because we were told to go to the restaurant we ate at the night before. We went there at around 8 and they were not letting anyone in which was a drag because we had tips for the wait staff. We went up to Cabanas which we were told was only serving a continental breakfast but they actually were serving full tilt. Again all in all a great cruise and if you love Disney or just a kid at heart go on a Disney cruise. Its worth the price tag. remember you get what you pay for. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
We sailed the Canada five-day itinerary on the Disney Magic from September 7-12. This was our 6th cruise (our third on Disney -- our first two cruises were on the Wonder and the Dream). We drove down to New Jersey the night before ... Read More
We sailed the Canada five-day itinerary on the Disney Magic from September 7-12. This was our 6th cruise (our third on Disney -- our first two cruises were on the Wonder and the Dream). We drove down to New Jersey the night before and stayed at the La Quinta Suites in Secaucus (won on Priceline). Decent hotel for a night. It was right next to the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, which gave us quick access to the cruise terminal in Manhattan. Parking on the roof was easy, as was the trip down into the terminal to check in. Embarkation: We arrived at the terminal at 11:30, and had only a short wait to check in. Actual check in took probably 3 minutes. We were in boarding group 3, with a boarding time of 11:30-12:00. They did not even begin boarding until noon, but they quickly went through the first 2 groups, and we were on board by around 12:10. We quickly realized this was going to be an unusual Disney cruise, as we mainly saw adults waiting to board. We heard later that there were only about 100 kids on board (due to the fact that school had just started, as well as the itinerary being less interesting to kids). Cabin: We were in cabin 5520. We loved our cabin, our best yet on a Disney ship! It is classified as an inside cabin because it is an obstructed view, but really, you can see out just fine. There is an outside wall to the one side, and you look out over some barrels, but none are hanging right in front of the porthole. We had a fine view on sea days. The cabin itself was comfortable -- no smaller than any other cruise ship we've sailed on. The split bath is awesome -- with two sinks, there was a lot less fighting over getting ready! Dining: We had the main seating at dinner (5:45). This was an error, as we had requested late seating, but we decided to give it a try and really liked it. It gave us more time to do other things after dinner, and we were not quite so stuffed. Our waiter and assistant waiter were awesome as always, and got us everything we requested. As a vegetarian, I appreciated that all the vegetarian appetizers and entrees were presented in a separate section of the menu so I did not have to hunt around for them. Most all of the food was average to above average. The buffet on Deck 9 was good if you wanted something quick. It's nice to eat on the patio on the back of the ship. The other eateries around the pool (pizza, burgers, etc) also were decent for what they are (fast food). There is also a soda fountain by the kids' pool. We've found it helpful to bring our own re-usable mugs (the ones from the WDW resorts work perfect). The paper cups provided are pretty small, and it seems like such a waste to throw so many away. Just seems more environmentally friendly. In addition to soda, there is also coffee and cocoa available. There is also a selection of meats, cheeses, sandwiches etc. available in the Cove Cafe (coffee bar by the adult pool). If you can't find something to eat on this ship, you just aren't trying! By far, the best food on the ship, however, is at Palo. We made our reservations as soon as we boarded the ship (they were actually set up downstairs in one of the clubs the day of embarkation, so make sure to check on their location to avoid going all the way up to the restaurant.) We were able to get dinner and brunch reservations. There is a $20/pp upcharge for each meal. And totally worth it! The food is excellent, and there is a wide variety of selections. Dinner is ordered strictly off the menu, but brunch is a combination buffet/order from the grill. Brunch also included champagne (all alcoholic drinks at dinner are extra). We had the same server for both meals who made sure we had everything we could possibly want (even went to the trouble of sending someone to one of the other restaurants to get soy milk for my coffee). We loved the selection at brunch, and the view was spectacular (it was a sea day). At dinner, it was dark, so we really couldn't see the ocean, even though we were next to a window. Ports: We had two ports (Halifax and St. John). In Halifax, we mostly just walked around the port and browsed in the shops. In St. John, we rented a car. The Enterprise dealer was about a 20 minute walk, but in hindsight, we could have made arrangements for them to pick us up at the port. When we returned the car, they drove us back and saved us the hike. We drove to the Fundy Trail, along the Bay of Fundy (The beginning of the trail is about an hour drive from the port). Absolutely beautiful scenery! Definitely a must for photographers. We wish we had more than a day to enjoy it all. Activities on board: For those who are concerned about taking a Disney cruise without kids, I can only say -- it's not a problem! While this cruise had an abnormally small number of kids, we have been on other Disney cruises that had a high population of little ones. The kids clubs are so popular that a lot of the kids seem to stay in those areas, and the cast members really do a great job of keeping them occupied. We've had more issues with kids on Royal Caribbean cruises, where they just seem to run wild on the ship. At dinner, we have always been seated with other adults traveling without kids -- if you like Disney, you will make new friends who love it just as much as you do! And even though there is plenty of Disney theming on the ship, it is not as over-the-top as you might think. There are plenty of activities for adults. The quiet pool is very peaceful. We never found the whirlpools to be crowded in the evening. The spa is very nice, and I enjoyed some time in the rainforest, which is a collection of steam rooms, sauna and heated loungers (I think it runs around $15/day for use). Very relaxing. There are also a variety of clubs, which are restricted to adults after a particular time in the evening. We liked the sports bar, which has a variety of board games you can play. It was particularly popular on Sunday for football. They also had a small buffet every evening with finger foods. My husband loved their wings. We did not see any of the shows, but we did watch Brave and The Avengers in 3D, both of which we really enjoyed. There were several other movies shown as well. In addition, you can take advantage of tours of the ship (we did tours on both the Wonder and the Dream, and it's fascinating to hear the thought that went into the design of the ships), and animation classes -- I can almost draw Mickey! There are usually pretty long lines to take pictures with the characters, but it's similar to the parks. I did happen to catch Snow White in the hall on her way to a meet and greet and she was gracious enough to strike a pose, so sometimes you just have to be on the look-out. We also enjoyed walking around to see the variety of artwork around the ship. There is a lot of really fun animation. Debarkation: Debarkation was pretty painless. We were scheduled for breakfast in the dining room at 7 am, which was too early, so we headed up to the buffet just before it closed at 8:30. By the time we finished eating, our debarkation group had already been called, so we walked right off the ship and collected our luggage. It only took about 5-10 minutes to get through customs and we headed up to the car. My only complaint about this trip was that it was too short! I've read complaints that the Magic was looking unkempt, but we just didn't see it. It definitely is ready for dry-dock to spiff it up, but we really saw very little peeling paint, faded carpeting or chipped wood. If anything, they were constantly cleaning and painting. Little things here and there, but you really had to be looking for them. For her age, she looks fabulous. Even though Disney cruises are more expensive than other comparable cruise lines, we think it is worth the premium. The cast members go out of their way to make your vacation special. As you walk around the ship, everyone from the Captain on down to the guy painting the railings will stop and greet you and ask if they can help. The ships are classic looking, well maintained and fun. Feel the magic, and you can't go wrong! Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
We booked a category 6A guaranteed stateroom on the September 8 sailing of the Disney Fantasy to the Eastern Caribbean. II have previously sailed Carnival and found the experience to be too loud and energetic for my personal tastes so this ... Read More
We booked a category 6A guaranteed stateroom on the September 8 sailing of the Disney Fantasy to the Eastern Caribbean. II have previously sailed Carnival and found the experience to be too loud and energetic for my personal tastes so this time around I was very interested in the new Disney ship and was not disappointed. My fiance is a Petty Officer in the US Navy and while he has been on many "cruises" this was the first one he didn't have to work on! We flew into Orlando the day before and used Disney's transportation to their resorts where we stayed the night. We have been to Disney World previously but have never stayed on the property so we took this opportunity to give it a test run. Since it was just the two of us in the off season the cost was comparable to staying near the airport and a nice way to get us excited for the cruise. We also used Disneys transportation to and from the port. It removed a bit of extra planning and stress out of the equation for me and so I found it to be very enjoyable but would be unlikely to use it for a group larger than two or three as it becomes very expensive at that point. When we arrived at the port around 2 there was no line and the longest wait was probably at the security checkpoint, about 15 minutes. We walked right on the ship and to our stateroom which had been upgraded to a category 4B on deck 8! It had the round tub, extra chair and more floor space. We were in between stairwells so there was a bit of noise from traffic but it wasn't enough to take away from the overall trip. We loved the views from our veranda on the port side. After getting settled in our room we ventured out to Cabanas to get something to eat. It was very very crowded and we spent a large amount of time searching for an open table. I was already prepared for this though from my last trip and so we scouted the area BEFORE getting any food so that we could avoid walking around with plates piled with food while running into everybody. After the first day Cabanas was never that busy and we had no difficulty finding seating. The food was ok, pretty much your basic buffet fair, nothing really special to make note of. The dining at the restaurants was much much better. My favorite restaurant would have to be Royal Court, it didn't feel very crowded and the food was excellent. My least favorite was Animators Pallet, but my fiance disagrees, it was his favorite. The shows in Animators were cute and definitely worth seeing, but being there with no kids I was glad to not be directly interacting when Crush came out, though the children that were there seemed to love it and we enjoyed watching him talk to them. One night we ate at Palo and I cant stress enough how much we loved it. The atmosphere is more upscale but not intimidating and our server Michael was one of my favorite crew members on board. He even took the liberty of ordering desert for us and brought out three for us to try. We walked out very full and very happy that night. I also have to recommend eating at Cabanas for dinner, there was almost no one else there and you get seated right next to the glass walls overlooking the ocean as the sun sets. The food was the same that they served in the other rotating restaurants so was very good. I personally am more of a lounger when it comes to vacations, but even I was enticed out of my cozy room several times by the entertainment and attractions offered. The quizzes in the adult lounges were a lot of fun and we really enjoyed Aladdin. We only saw Wishes after that and it was ok but a little hokey if you are over 12. Amazing productions though, the sets and skill involved in each was very evident. We had one excursion at St. Maarten where we kayaked to a beach at a resort and snorkeled. The group was nice and small so it didnt feel chaotic like some other excursions I've been on. Unfortunately I was unable to do the snorkeling bit as I had come down with a pretty bad ear infection and couldnt get my ear wet. I did however get to experience the ships health center and can say that I received excellent care and was given antibiotics and ear drops so that by the last few days of the trip I was feeling much better. The cost to see the doctor and get the medication was about $250 all together, which considering I couldn't use my insurance on board was not bad at all. We stayed on the ship for St. Thomas and took advantage of the nearly empty ship to visit the spa. The spa hot tubs were our favorite with the open windows over looking the port. The themed open showers are also worth a try, we enjoyed tropic thunder the most. Castaway Cay was wonderful and met all our expectations. Its a beautiful island and Disney has really designed it well. We spent most of our time at Serenity Bay which was very peaceful and serene. Next time though I really want to check out the family beach as well and maybe go down a slide or two! Disembarkation was very painless if not a little sad, we had the earlier dinner seating so we were scheduled to have breakfast at 6:45. I don't recommend the eggs, it seems the other reviews I've read on here were correct, they are powdered and not very appetizing, stick to fruit and cereal. Once breakfast was over we took our carry on luggage out and breezed through customs where we picked up the rest of our luggage before being taken back to the airport. Over all I'd have to say what impressed me most about this trip was not just the beauty and size of the ship, but all the little things you don't ever think of until it's there in front of you. I feel like Disney does this very well and there is no end to the little "wow" moments they provide. So if you are like us and are willing to pay a little more in exchange for a one of a kind experience, then Disney Cruise Line really delivers and we will be back again December 2013, this time with the rest of the family in tow! Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
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