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1 Disney Quebec City Cruise Reviews

I think this must be my second review even though we are world cruisers, for years, and have sailed many different cruise lines. We have a lot of experience with all aspects of a cruise. I have cruised Disney once before to the Bahamas. ... Read More
I think this must be my second review even though we are world cruisers, for years, and have sailed many different cruise lines. We have a lot of experience with all aspects of a cruise. I have cruised Disney once before to the Bahamas. My perspective is of an adult, and safety for the children. Arriving a day before the cruise at Quebec City, we found it quaint. (We had been there once before on an excursion with another cruise line). Our embarkation seemed to have gone smoothly, until i found that all my cruising info papers, med sheets, all the papers i bring with me were missing, and were lost somewhere between the port and the stateroom. I called the front desk, they didnt have them. Okay we can deal with that, there are always the originals to find on the computer. Although i didnt like my information out in public. The problem was they had no service to speak of and my husband after using his free 100 minutes, paid for 200 mins(I dont know why they dont go by Megabytes), and by the time he would get on, it had "used" up all the time he had. You couldnt sign off, and for some reason their antiquated system kept you on, if you didnt "officially" sign off. Luckily we were in a concierge room, (which we paid a lot more for) and our concierge had printed out our entire itinerary, and was excellent. All three concierge "cast members" seemed seasoned, and Disney schooled. We especially liked Andy. A major problem occured when we tried to sleep the first night. Our "special" concierge room was under the Cabana's outside buffet. It was oddly configured, possibly 2 staterooms put together to make a large suite with 2 full bathrooms, and a tiny closet. There was lots of draw space. BIG PROBLEM....I didnt sleep for the 1st night because there seemed to be no sound insulation above the master bedroom, and the outside buffet. Until late, the first night all we heard were shoes thumping and chairs screeching. My husband and I missed the first excursion, the following day....we were exhausted. By the way the room number was 8602. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS ROOM, if you want to sleep. This is the basis of any trip, not feeling like your dragging and are sleep deprived. After the first night i called the concierge to ask them what they could do. They said they couldnt control the people eating in the cabana. I had gone up to the cabana and evaluated the situation and found that if the could rope of or take away 2 tables right above us, that may help the situation. I gave each person working there including the "officer" $20.00 each and ask them to please remove or rope off the tables. They said they couldnt promise to do this. Second night, same thing. I called the concierge, who happily came to my door(2 females) and in a disney manor jumping and smiling told me how great i looked. After that went on for a while i asked them to come upstairs to see what i was talking about. The Cabana was roped off for that one night. After that i gave up. it was hit or miss whether i slept or not. On to excursions. They were not great, and somewhat boring. I spent most of this review on the stateroom, so i am not going to recap them, except to say, there was one dangerous part of an excursion where we asked if we wanted to walk over a dilapidated walking bridge. I thought disney wouldnt allow this if it was dangerous, so we embarked. The bridge was held together at certain parts with what seemed to be rotten fiber board. We had to tell children and others to watch and we turned around and got off the bridge. This was in Baie-Comeau. The only other bad experience with excursions, was when we returned to the ship and were delightfully welcomed with hot chocolate. It was a chilly day. The drink was so hot the first sip i took, i immediately had to spit out because it was scalding the inside of my mouth, and i wasnt about to swallow it. I angrily told the servers, who just looked at me, that they need to test the temperature on this, before serving it. The burn stayed with me until after NY, but under the circumstances of all else, it wasnt something continuously happening so I protested no further to the servers, who i am not sure understood English anyway. I should note also that while we on an excursion, our stateroom door was left propped open all day, and the Executive Hoosekeeper, mortified by this was so anxious to apologize(which i appreciated greatly). This only happened once. Good stuff: The entertainment during dinner, where your waiting service followed you to each venue, was excellent! Best part of the cruise. Manuel, was excellent, and gave service with a smile. Cant say enough about the wait service. He even did magic Palo, their upscale italian restaurant, had wonderful food, and our waiter, was a consummate disney actor who made the experience almost real. His name was Roberto, excellent. We had children of 4 different ages. I think they all enjoyed their clubs and especially their special dress ups, princess gathering, Royal Teas.....we scheduled them for every ago approrriate activity you could do on the ship. This is why we went on the cruise, for the children. So this is the thing....We do family cruises every few years, with up to 47 people. I am torn because i have reserved 12 rooms for a family cruise next December, to the Bahamas, and this cruise is in no way an adult cruise. It 99.9% for children, or adults who have younger children, or adults who would prefer to be a child. I am hoping i made the right decision. I am hoping the more than one bad experience i had on this cruise will not happen again. The last Bahama cruise i went on with Disney seemed awesome compared to what happened on this one Read Less
Sail Date September 2018
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