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5 Disney Pacific Coastal Cruise Reviews

My family and I was able to finally experience a Disney Cruise for a fraction of the price! We saved a total of $6,000 for two balcony rooms! We are a family of four adults and decided having two rooms would be best. We are Disney fanatics ... Read More
My family and I was able to finally experience a Disney Cruise for a fraction of the price! We saved a total of $6,000 for two balcony rooms! We are a family of four adults and decided having two rooms would be best. We are Disney fanatics and all but my mother has worked for the Disney company at some point in time. With that being said; this was by far one of the best cruises we have ever taking and we have been on 6+ with various companies. The embarkation process was very simple, 30 minutes’ tops; my sister and I flew in and meet up with mother at their hotel; which was 7 minutes away from the airport. They booked a beautiful hotel directly across from the port (Wyndham San Diego Bayside) and we were able to see the ship from our balcony. We took the shuttle across to the port to drop off our luggage at 10am and then walked back to the hotel and waited for my father to get off work. At 1pm we walked back to ship and jumped in line; it was far shorter then what we expected it to be and we were threw security in less than 10 minutes. After getting checked in and taking pictures; we were announced as we walked onto the ship. (Little tip: if you would like to see if there are any upgrades for CHEAP; head down to the Supervisor booth…we were trying to upgrade to one of the Suites but they were all sold out). The Wonder is exactly that…a Wonder. She is an older girl, first established in 1999; but she has been well maintained and has a very classy and elegant atmosphere. The first thing we did was head over to Triton’s to sign up for the multiple tastings they offer, we did four total. Chocolate and wine from the Lasseter vineyards with Nancy Lasseter; which was very exciting considering her husband is the CEO of Pixar. We also did Rum, Mojito’s, and Martinis; the others included Cognac, Margaritas and Wine. They were all reasonably priced $20-$35, considering how much top liquor you receive; if you volunteer to demonstrate how to make the drink you get to keep what you make!! (FYI-demonstrated drinks are in these HUGE glasses!) We also made our reservations for Palo, the adult only dinning. Afterwards we went to Guest Services to apply cash onto our accounts; we were so glad we did because we avoided the ridiculous lines later. Once we were done downstairs; we headed to our rooms. My room was 6124, which is Aft and my parents room were 7116 also Aft. Most of our luggage was already there. These rooms are amazing!! Biggest normal rooms we’ve been in; there is tons of storage, two bathrooms: shower, bath and sink in one, toilet and sink in the other. The room consists of two parts: the main room has a queen size bed, the bathrooms, closet and two dressers. The second part has a convertible sofa bed, mini table, vanity, and TV. The rooms can be separated for privacy by a sliding partition. The balcony has two chairs and one small table. My sister and I would rotate who would get the bed and who would get the couch every night. The room is 268sqft. including the balcony; it can sleep 3-4 people. I believe the room would be a little cramped for more than two adults. Our room Stewart was amazing! Very tentative and pleasant. Our waiting staff was Excellent as well; they rotate with you for every dinner and get to know you what your preferences are. There are three main dinning rooms: Triton’s, Animator’s Palate, and Parrot Cay. The adult only dinning is Palo on this ship…a must do!!! There are also 3 eateries and the Buffet on deck 9. If you don’t feel like leaving your cabin you can order room service 24/7 and it’s already included in your fare…we used this often!!! There is plenty of places to eat on this ship…you will not go hungry! On Pirates night the cast members all dress up and we dressed up as well; the festivities begin about 5pm with pictures. Captain Jack comes out twice throughout the night so make him a priority if you are taking pictures. At dinner there is a little pirates parade and the show/deck party starts after second dinner about 945pm. It was extremely cold (so bundle up) and the waves were pretty high but the show went on and the fireworks were shot off. It was show geared for all and everyone who went and saw it had a blast. Afterwards there’s another buffet!!! We went through to grab some dessert and headed back to our rooms. (Little tip: MICKEY BARS are available upon request from the dining rooms and room services…they are not on the menu) The cast members are always smiling and will go out of their way to make sure you are having a “magical” time. A big shout out to Brett the host for the adult activities on Route 66; he was a big ball of entertainment and definitely made sure you knew the Disney cruise wasn’t just for the kids to cut loose. Route 66 transforms into an ADULT ONLY Haven after 10pm: there is dancing, trivia, shows and more! My parents were the winners of a Newlyweds spin-off show they played; they won two passes to the Rainforest at the Spa (also a must do), a Disney Vacation Club beach bag filled with goodies and a bottle of Champagne on the house!!! Although, this is a cruise geared towards children; I can definitely say there was PLENTY to do for adults. There are also adult only areas and pool; the spa is another place to hangout to get a break from the little ones. You absolutely have to try the Rainforest: 3 saunas’, 3 specially designed showers that have different attributes and warming lounges perfect after a message. You are able to get passes 7 days prior to your cruise online for $16 for all day access, once on the ship it’s $27 for all day access. My mother got a seaweed warp and acupuncture treatment; she loved both!! We stopped in San Francisco but we didn’t do any of the excursions provided by Disney. We are Californians and have been to SF often, so we decided to do the Big Bus Hop on- Hop off tour. It was $45 per person and it took you to all the major sights; you are allowed to get off at any time and basically create your own tour and hop back on when you are ready to continue to another place. We stopped in Chinatown and Fisherman’s Warf Pier 39 for carb legs and Ghirardelli. It was a great choice and much more inexpensive to do it on our own. Overall; this was an amazing experience and we highly enjoyed ourselves. We saw every show (another must do…you can even watch them in your room if you want). We went and watched Civil War and Jungle Book at the movies on the ship. We tried to do every activity but there is literally something every hour and sometimes we couldn’t keep up and ended up needing a nap lol. This is a cruise for all ages, young, old and the young at heart. Read Less
Sail Date May 2016
Disney Cruises appears to be trying to attract an "older crowd", meaning older than 6 maybe, not sure of the definition. So we thought we'd try it. We have about 10 cruises under our collective adult belts. Let's ... Read More
Disney Cruises appears to be trying to attract an "older crowd", meaning older than 6 maybe, not sure of the definition. So we thought we'd try it. We have about 10 cruises under our collective adult belts. Let's start with the plusses. Food - Remarkably good relative to other cruises. In fact, we felt the food was better than the food on any cruise we have taken after 1990 (before that, different in those days of glory). Even the buffet was pretty tasty. Palo was actually on a par with land designer restaurants. The service in Palo was impeccable, like Capitol Grill or Ruth's Chris. Didn't try room service. Even snack bars had pretty good fast food EXCEPT pizza kiosk. That was dreadful. Several of our party dined in Parrot Cay. Bad news. The music/noise was ear splitting (see my comments about Disney noise later). Other dining rooms much better. Main deck had 24 hour coffee and soft drinks. Nice touch. Staff - excellent. Always friendly and generally efficient. Kudos to the staff in the Disney costumes, especially the Cinderella-types who are literally acting in front of the kids. They show remarkable restraint with recalcitrant children, and there were plenty of them. (Cue rants and flames between people with small children who are "only expressing themselves" on airplanes, and people without) The "averages": Bars - Typical. Prices not unreasonable. Service okay. (See noise comment following). Modest selection of wine and cocktails. "Adult" sections of boat - Not so good. So called adult pool area forward had two problems. Kids passing through all the time and hanging around the pool. At least I did not see any of them IN the pool. Other is entertainment racket. The area is small and semi-enclosed by the next deck up so the acoustics suck, but the entertainer felt he had to amp his "music" volume off the charts. Couldn't hear yourself think. Conversation impossible while he was strumming. Disney also felt that more is better so it piped the music through the area PA system, even one deck up, at much louder than reasonable volumes. Couldn't be escaped. Disney's idea of "attracting older crowds" is apparently millennials, but there were none of those to be seen, so the rest of us slightly older folks had to endure. "Adult entertainment" was definitely of the Carnivale Cruise Line's beer-pong crowd genre, but the adult dance areas and adult entertainment areas were kid-free. Cabins - Okay. Disney lauds its larger-than-average cabins. That's probably true except for the layout. They certainly are larger than average but also, for good or bad, have considerably more storage closets, effectively reducing all that "extra space" to closet extra space. It's understandable since some of the cabins must have housed 2 adults and 23 children judging by the incredible messes on some cabins' floors as I walked past. So there is probably less actual usable floor space than other cruise lines' cabins. Bathrooms are split into 2 areas with 2 doors. Again, for families, probably great for privacy. But for just adult couples, not so much. The toilet was awkwardly angled and the room so small you had to step into the hallway to pull your pants up. But they were mostly clean, given wear and tear. Beds comfortable. Nothing exceptional but nothing to complain about either. Other posters have complained about cabin noise, but mine was whisper quiet all the time. Oddity - The ship must have undergone a refit. My cabin was a "porthole balcony" and almost the last one aft on my 6 Deck. Just aft of my cabin door was a heavy bulkhead door. Behind that door the companionway continued with more cabins further aft, but, the carpet there was thinner and the walls plainer, as if this had been crew quarters and converted to passenger cabins without matching the carpet and walls to the forward cabin areas. More oddly, continuing further aft was another bulkhead door. Behind that, more passenger cabins but even cheaper carpet, steeper staircases, narrower hallways, even more plain walls. Bizarre. It was like walking from 1st class to 2nd class to steerage, all within a few feet and all on the same deck. The only bright spot was a dark and steep staircase aft of my cabin that led up directly into the buffet. Note - If you book the Wonder, do not book cabins 6 Deck aft of the area where the deck begins to curl inward with the ship bow. You'll feel the Ritz cabin you paid for was actually at Motel 6. Embarcation - Average. Long lines. That might have been because there were a lot of families trying to herd children, but the process took A LOT longer than ANY OTHER cruise we have been on. Boat in general - clean. Only notable was that every time you passed a restroom the disinfectant smell was overwhelming. Chalk that up to virus paranoia probably, but a better ventilation system in those heads would eliminate that smell in the adjacent companionway. Very small Internet cafe. Rarely anyone there. I never tried it. One amusing note though: On several occasions as I used the dark steep back staircase ("stair tower" if you want to be nautically correct), there were three pre-teen girls cloistered around an iPad watching porn and giggling. That's funny, not because they were watching porn (easy to see as I walked up the stairs past them), but funny because (1) Internet access on the boat is staggeringly expensive and their streaming porn video will eat up a lot of data and money, and (2) the Internet usage invoice will show their parents which sites they visited. Gonna be hell to pay! And the bad............... NOISE! Staggeringly loud NOISE! Everywhere! One morning there was a kids' dance game in one of the bars. There were exactly 2 kids there. The 2 Disney DJ's were playing music at ear splitting levels through their amps on the stage AND through the entire bar's PA system! WHY? They did manage to chase way all the adults who just wanted to sit there with their morning coffee. And that is the Disney problem. Noise! Disney believes that, if you are not within, say, 30 feet of the stage, then you MUST listen to music on the area's PA system, on the PA system in the nearby hallways, probably in the restrooms, and everywhere within a 5 minute walk of that stage. And if you think you can escape by walking to another area - forget it. Another "event" will pick up in the PA system as you escape the first event down the hall. NOISE everywhere, even when there wasn't a soul in sight! Entertainers entertaining NO ONE at ear-splitting volumes. The buffet. As I mentioned, food was very good. Unfortunately as other posters mentioned, there are very few tables. During the daytime, with the adjacent pool full of kids, there can be literally nowhere to sit other than on the deck or in some hallway. The buffet seating area is WAY TOO SMALL. It's not that families hog the tables. Most are in and out fast, but there are just too few seats. Some retrofit! Dis-embarcation - Bad news. More lines. (San Diego) Taxi wait was about an hour in the searing sun with little shade. We were miserable enough in the interminable lines but I really pitied the frazzled parents with kids. And the lines to actually get OFF the boat stretched the entire length of the companionways inside the boat, creeping forward astonishingly slowly. Score on Disney for crowd management out of 10, a bad 3. We took the cruise to try Disney. It was end of September, middle of school year, so we expected few children. The boat did indeed have few North American children, but was packed with Asian kids. Might have been some sort of Asian school holiday. But it was not really the kids that were an issue, just the supposedly kids-oriented noise and racket. For an adult on a Disney cruise - nope! Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
Somehow, going into this, I had myself convinced there would be services over and above regular cruises. I suppose the price gave me that idea. We cruised with our 9 month old twins. Crazy? Likely a little. 2 pack n plays took up the ... Read More
Somehow, going into this, I had myself convinced there would be services over and above regular cruises. I suppose the price gave me that idea. We cruised with our 9 month old twins. Crazy? Likely a little. 2 pack n plays took up the entire room, and breaking them down every day was kind of a pain, but we knew there'd be inconveniences from the start- so ya, we are a little crazy. We were in stateroom 6103. Inside basic cabin. Looking back, a balcony would have been much better. Somewhere to go during the boys nap time. Our room was missed cleaning twice. I wish they'd come clean during our dining times. Food was good but nothing exceptional. I'm comparing this to Carnival only, because they are the only other cruise line we've experienced. Flounders Reef nursery was wonderful.. The staff was great and it provided a nice break for my husband and I. It's not free though... Disembarkation was a breeze. Quick and efficient albeit quite early, but that is normal. Our dining team staff were wonderful and accommodating. They Pureed the boys food for supper time. All in all, I have to say, if you are ok with the typical Disney lineups.... Then go for it. For us, we will do the lineups at the theme parks and cruise with Carnival from now on. The Disney Line is nothing spectacular compared to its price point. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
We embarked at the San Diego Pier. Check-in was easy and well-organized. We arrived at the terminal at 11:30 AM and were on the ship by 12:08 PM. The ship was clean and had a good smell - some cruise ships have a harsh chemical smell ... Read More
We embarked at the San Diego Pier. Check-in was easy and well-organized. We arrived at the terminal at 11:30 AM and were on the ship by 12:08 PM. The ship was clean and had a good smell - some cruise ships have a harsh chemical smell because of the cleaners, but the Wonder had a pleasant smell throughout. Also has the best bathrooms on any cruise ship I've been on, and I've been on several. Because the cruise line is geared toward families, the ship had more bathrooms and better toilet paper than any other ship I've sailed on, which can be very important when you take medication that - shall we say - makes the need for facilities all the more necessary. We had lunch at Parrot Cay, one of three main dining venues on board. It was buffet style, while the wait staff brought us our drinks. Food was delicious, with lots of selections to choose from. Nothing was too salty or under/over cooked. By 1:30 our stateroom was ready. Our room steward, Sumarta, was very helpful and friendly. I introduced myself and my husband to him, and asked that he keep our stateroom well stocked with soap and towels, as we are large people. I have always believed that a little kindness and a little cash goes a long way with hotel staff, and I can't emphasize enough how well that practice ensures a pleasant trip. We were never without soap, shampoo, towels, or stationery, towel animals, or the cute little chocolates on our pillow at night! The stateroom has recently undergone a renovation, with a new bed and new carpet, as well as new pillows and sheets. I did notice a little bit of rust around the porthole opening - ours was a navigator's verandah, but that is to be expected with an older ship. All the staff we encountered, from guest services to wait staff to pool attendants, were friendly and helpful. Never a sour attitude among them! Whenever I had a question, they were more than happy to find an answer/solution. My husband had forgotten his cufflinks, and the guest services staff made us a cute little safety pin solution. Thanks again to Jerry at guest services! We dined at Palo, and our server Alvaro was top notch. The food was delicious - cooked exactly the way we wanted it. I requested a well-done filet, and it was cooked beautifully, while my husband had a rare Miyazaki beef that he said was one of the most delicious cuts of meat he's ever tasted. The next night we had room service - it was delivered within the half-hour and it was pretty good. The hamburger and the steak sandwich was excellent, but the chicken strips were too fatty - but that's usually the case with chicken strips. We didn't dine at the main dining venues for dinner, as we had Palo and room service, so we can't comment on the service/food. The port at Ensenada is pleasant enough, but we've been there several times and decided not to get off the ship. Rather, we enjoyed the pool and hot tub, and it was great - though heavily chlorinated, perhaps a bit too much. My only disappointment is with the entertainment. I had heard that the nightly shows weren't too good, and they weren't lying. Poor singing, bad lighting, bad acting - we did one show and called it quits on that. A duo playing in the main atrium was also a poor act - they kept hitting sour notes. The only highlight for the entertainment was in the Cadillac Lounge, where the piano player was superb. In all it was a pleasant voyage, one that I would happily take again. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, there are a lot of children on board. Yes, it's head to toe Disney-themed. But if you take a Disney Cruise with the full knowledge of the prices, themes, and the kids, you'll do just fine. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
So, for starters: most people would assume that Disney is a destination for families with children. Well, since childhood, both my wife and I have been obsessed with all things Disney. Our cruise was last week, and it was just the two of ... Read More
So, for starters: most people would assume that Disney is a destination for families with children. Well, since childhood, both my wife and I have been obsessed with all things Disney. Our cruise was last week, and it was just the two of us. With the small exception of brief sea-sickness, this cruise was everything a young married couple ever could have dreamed of and more. To begin with: we had an issue when we first signed up for the cruise with some of the information we initially placed being written in wrong. The airline was going to charge us an additional $500 dollars to change my wife's name from "Jessi" to "Jessica" in their records. One quick phone call to Disney Cruise Line's customer service fixed that within 24 hours. It was quick, painless, and exceeded every expectation we had. We got off the plane to two adorable older women holding a Disney Cruise Line sign, and escorting us and our bags quickly and easily from the airport to the cruise ship in port. From the moment we met them, to the moment of our return trip, we never once had anything short of the most exceptional service from every single member of the Disney Cruise Line Staff. Each day of our cruise, we had a brilliantly performed Broadway style play for us and all of the other guests. We were able to see "Toy Story the Musical," "Disney Dreams," and our personal favorite, "The Golden Mickeys." All three were full of great actors and actresses, brilliant changing sets and lighting, exceptional choreography, and the trademark magic that comes with everything Disney (*this statement excludes any "Disney Channel Original" series or show). The plays were fun for children of all ages, as they dealt with childhood hopes and wishes, but tugged at the heartstrings of every adult with any piece of neverland left in their hearts. My personal favorite moment was when, amidst the slight rocking of the boat, Tarzan came swinging gracefully in to center stage to do one of the most brilliant acrobatic shows I have ever seen, despite the aforementioned rocking. Next, our server; Reagan. I don't know how many cruise ships do this, but our server was assigned to us the entirety of the cruise. He was well mannered, efficient, and unafraid to laugh and smile with our entire table. He made brilliant recommendations on the food, and moved faster and more effectively than Captain Hook fleeing from the ticking Crocodile. The food was absolutely divine. I sampled everything I could get my hands on, and over the course of my three night cruise gained TWELVE pounds (this is not an exaggeration). The steaks and other meats were cooked exactly to my specifications. The vegetables were never mushy, and never raw - instead cooked to perfection, and seasoned with pixie dust. I have never eaten finer food in my life. Animator's Palate and Triton's were both such wonderful restaurants that I will undoubtedly dream of those morsels on my death bed. We also had the extreme pleasure of eating at the Palo restaurant for brunch one morning. Our server, Hristo, was kind and entertaining, and recommended some of the best food on board. The meal selection was grand, but nothing compared to the desserts. Finally, we also very much enjoyed our kayak tour of the Encenada Mexico Coast. We loved seeing "La Bufadora", and the rare treat of spotting a couple of sea lions. I highly recommend this particular port excursion for anyone sailing to Encenada and back. Overall, I expected that I would enjoy the Disney Cruise experience, but that I would anticipate it being more of a 'children only' experience. I was wrong. My wife and I would be back tomorrow if we could afford it. Sometime, though, we will be back. Highly recommend it for anyone, but for young disney fanatic couples especially. Thank you Disney for exceeding expectations yet again. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
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