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82 Disney Miami Cruise Reviews

The Disney Wonder 5 night cruise from Miami to Mexico is fabulous. Disney does it right. There was a long line when we pulled up to drop off our luggage, however as we got closer we realized that it was not our ship with the line. In ... Read More
The Disney Wonder 5 night cruise from Miami to Mexico is fabulous. Disney does it right. There was a long line when we pulled up to drop off our luggage, however as we got closer we realized that it was not our ship with the line. In fact, our ship had no line. Imagine the company that runs the theme parks running a ship. Yes, it works, and it works well. A company with incredible customer service at it's standard? Yes, it works and it works well. Boarding was fast and easy. Entertaining kids, while adults have alone time....you guessed it, Disney, yes, it works and it works well. We booked the cruise with another family member, during the week of spring break out of the port of Miami, with a Florida residents rate, 5 night cruise. It was our first cruise as a family and it was out of this world wonderful. Disney dreamed it, and did it. ONce on board, we had lunch on deck at the buffet and enjoyed the skyline of Miami as we left port. We took a bag each as hand baggage with bathing suits and sunscreen so we could change and enjoy the pool as bags were taken to room. By the time we were done with the sun, it was late afternoon and we arrived at our state room (on a lower deck) with our luggage and a welcome note from the cruiseline awaiting. For our party of seven, we were introduced our first evening to our crew. On the Disney cruises, guests rotate restaurants with the staff, so you really get a chance to know your team, and they treat you like family from day one. Pierre, Pierre, Pierre, what can we say other than you run an amazing crew in your restaurants, you are truly the James Bond of cruise ship dining. We saw you each and every night of our cruise no matter what seating or location, and you were always kind, and made the kids feel incredibly special. Thank you. Mahmet, the same. Always working and always with a smile and time for everyone. Vishal and Gerta, the kids LOVED you too. Vishal, I do not believe we have ever been taken care of at a restaurant in the manner in which you took care of us. Our favorite family dining restaurant was the Animators palace. Menu options were perfect. Adult only spots of note, Cadillac lounge and the sports bar Diversions. The entire crew at Cadillac is amazing as well as the entertainment. Being remembered by first name by day two is quite a task, and the staff at Cadillac is amazing. Highly recommend the tastings on board. We were introduced to the Cadillac lounge due to the tequila tasting, and found it a great place to hang out late night or after dinner for some great live music with Clara at the piano taking requests. Early afternoon on a rainy day, look for Vedran in the Diversions. A quick snack of chips and salsa, wings or a hot dog, and great service and conversation with Vedran. Pools are clean and deck is very well kept throughout the day. There are photographers on board however, we didn't take advantage of them as we could have, so the dvd photo purchase wasn't for us, as we only had photos from arrival and meals. There is ample opportunity to have your photo taken at Castaway Cay, and on board at the various meet and greets with characters throughout the voyage. As always, photo cd's are expensive, but even though I only had 10 photos, I regret not purchasing them, as the photographers are amazing. The dolphin discovery excursion on Cozumel is highly recommended! Staff is bilingual friendly and well informed. We did the "push and pull" dolphin experience. I had been to a dolphin swim in Orlando at a theme park, but this was much more than that. This was incredible. The park and natural setting, staff and beach, snorkeling, swimming etc. Highly recommended. Our only glitch on board was a cancellation of an excursion we booked at Castaway Cay. The catamaran snorkel. This was the 2nd Disney cruise for our co-travelers and the same excursion was cancelled on their cruise the last time, coincidence? We were told "I'm sorry, this was an outside company and there is nothing we can do" What? Was I at the customer service desk on a Disney Cruise, or lost in a time warp.....My only complaint was how this was handled when I asked. I would expect Disney to say "I'm sorry for the cancellation. It is an third party company that we cannot control. Let me see if there is another excursion that we might find for you." That was easy....and would have made us feel better taken care of and not ....this was the "customer service" desk.....It did leave a bad impression. Phrasing is everything. There wasn't even a line of customers waiting. The best part was that we were able to spend time on the beach at Castaway Cay, so we enjoyed the day at this beautiful spot. The water was cloudy and snorkeling just less than okay, but it was fun to swim out and see the sunken mickey and minnie. The Jet Ski adventure on Castaway was also great. Full throttle over jolly rancher blue water was so much fun, it left a lasting impression. We were the only ship on the island, and the island never seemed crowded. At night, the kids ages 9, 10 and 11 would spend the entire night in the kids club. We had two days at sea, one with bad weather. Disney added two screenings of OZ, their newest in cinema film. All in all, this was an amazing experience and I can't wait to find the time to do it again!!! Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
I went on this 4 night cruise with my husband and 2 kids (ages 7 and 9). This was our 2nd Disney cruise and it was as great as the first one, though too short! As repeat cruisers, it took us less time to get acclimated and we immediately ... Read More
I went on this 4 night cruise with my husband and 2 kids (ages 7 and 9). This was our 2nd Disney cruise and it was as great as the first one, though too short! As repeat cruisers, it took us less time to get acclimated and we immediately started taking advantage of the evening shows and other special events. The cabin size (outward-facing with balcony) was comfortable for 4 people and stateroom service was great. We again enjoyed Castaway Cay and really liked the day excursion to the Atlantis water park, as well. But my highest praise comes around the food, which is the main reason we sail Disney. My daughter was multiple severe food allergies (egg, dairy, peanut, tree nut, sesame) and the dining staff is fabulous. We felt confident that her food was safe, and they went out of their way to offer alternative desserts. We'll be back! Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
Saturday-Embarkation on board the Disney Wonder was fast and smooth. No problems were encountered. It was exciting to hear Disney Cruise staff call our last name as we walked on board. We felt like celebrities and we had only been inside ... Read More
Saturday-Embarkation on board the Disney Wonder was fast and smooth. No problems were encountered. It was exciting to hear Disney Cruise staff call our last name as we walked on board. We felt like celebrities and we had only been inside the ship less than 1 minute. Sunday- DAY AT SEA- It was a relaxing day. The weather was beautiful. There was no rain. This day and the remainder of the cruise was great because we never got any rain! Wherever we went, you saw Walt Disney's pictures, pictures of animated drawings, famous movies, and you would also hear music playing from Classic Disney Movies such as Mary Poppins and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The staff was professional. The service was "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"! We met a waiter from the Dominican Republic near the adult pool area. He was very friendly and helpful. He told us of a "cafe" where other fancy desserts and additional snacks could be found free of charge and were super delicious. By the way, the Toy Store musical was amazing and I would recommend it to both children and adults! Today and every day we saw different princesses and Disney Characters roaming around the ship and taking pictures with both young and old. I felt like a little girl reliving my childhood Disney years. Monday-Our day in Cozumel was amazing! We arrived at a port we had never been before. This was our 4th time in Cozumel. It was clean and bigger. There was an indoor mall. We were lucky to find a gentleman who took us on a horse and carriage. The gentleman took us on a tour of the place which included: A Catholic Cathedral, a nice neighborhood, and nearby stores. The gentleman even allowed us to go inside the church and take pictures while he waited for us. The weather was perfect at Cozumel. We did a little bit of shopping. We thought the prices were reasonable. We ate some home- made tacos at a local restaurant and had dessert at a "Mc Donalds". The dessert tasted different and was delicious! We will love to go back. No complaints whatsoever! The Disney show that evening again, was great! Again, it was nice seeing princesses and characters all over the ship. We also had an upper deck party with Disney's Characters. Mickey even went across a zip line! How professional everything looked! We also saw fire works. What a wonderful surprise it was! Tuesday-Day at Sea-We enjoyed doing some more shopping and this time, inside the ship. We spent some time relaxing and getting to know the ship. We relaxed and went to another show. It was great to be able to celebrate my husband's birthday inside the Disney Wonder. While at Palo's Restaurant, a staff member wrote on one of their restaurant plates "happy birthday" with my husband's name in chocolate. It was so classy. While inside this beautiful restaurant, we met the chef who cooked our lovely meal on that day. Our chef was nice enough to even interview a couple and friend of ours who are Vegan and asked them what they "did not like". The food was to die for. If you ever go on board the Disney Wonder, you need to select at least one day and visit PALO restaurant. You will not regret it! The only problem you will encounter is that you will not be able to eat for the remainder of the evening after indulging a five course meal. Our server, Eve, was fantastic. Thank you!!! Wednesday-Disney's Castaway Cay-Today we visited Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. What a beautiful island and place it was to spend the entire day! We laid out near one of the Cabana's at the beach and stayed there for a few hours in the shaded area. It was nice to just be able to relax on the sun, read a book, and just enjoy some quiet time. One of the highlights of been at Castaway Cay was several crew members, including our waiter on board the ship went to the island and cooked for us. We even had a long selection of desserts, ice cream, and fruits enough to feed an army. It was again, over the top! It was nice to see all of Disney's Characters late that evening in the lobby greeting their guests one last time and allowing everyone one last opportunity to take pictures with them! What a beautiful day it was! That day will stay with us for an eternity! Disembarkation-Today we left to go home, but we left the Disney Wonder very happy and with beautiful memories. The trip was a great success. Leaving the ship was such a smooth process. We can honestly say we will be back on another Disney Cruise. Disney Cruises are not just for kids. Disney Cruises are for both young and old. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
So I have tried writing a review of the Wonder twice on my smartphone but it turns out I am not smart enough and kept losing it. Hopefully, the third time is a charm! We sailed on the Dream in 2012 and had such a great time that we ... Read More
So I have tried writing a review of the Wonder twice on my smartphone but it turns out I am not smart enough and kept losing it. Hopefully, the third time is a charm! We sailed on the Dream in 2012 and had such a great time that we booked another cruise on DCL before we disembarked. We were limited as to when we could travel because of our kids school schedules, coupled my need to escape the northeast during the winter, so we either had to sail on the Fantasy or the Wonder. Since the Fantasy trip would have cost over $4000 more, we decided to sail on the Wonder. I have to say, though I am usually a 'glass is half full' kind of girl, I was definitely pessimistic about the older ship! When we pulled up to the port in Miami for our 2:30 boarding time, and saw the size of the ship, we were all snickering. The Wonder looked so tiny compared to the Dream. To my family's amusement, I literally drove around three times before finally just asking somewhere where I was supposed to park. Finally situated, we went inside to start the boarding process. There was almost no one there! We were worried that the boat was going to be empty. When we went on the Dream a year earlier we waited in line for half an hour. This time we walked right up to the counter. For a brief moment I thought maybe we had come on the wrong day! I also couldn't help but notice how much less ostentatious the decor in Miami was compared to Port Canaveral. I have to say, at the time I saw this as a bad thing. Once we got our room passes we headed to the ship to board. Where was our welcome? On the Dream they announced us and clapped as we walked on. Here...nothing. On the Dream as soon as we boarded they grabbed us for a photo. Here...we walked right past the photographer who was situated not on the ship but in an alcove in the terminal. They had to yell after us to get us back. I only give this background to say that this was all BEFORE we were even on the ship so knowing that the Wonder is older and smaller than the Dream, I was ready for disappointment and was already feeling it. Add to that, when we got to our adjoining staterooms (6028 & 6030) there was this horrible musty odor coming from the shower room in 6028. We immediately called our Host who poured some chemicals down the drain and scrubbed the floors. The odor did not completely go away but was much much better. I am happy to say that all these little issues now seem so trivial given that we had the time of our lives on the Wonder! STATEROOM: As I said, we had the one issue with the stateroom. Other than that, as stupid as this may be, the only other problem I had with the stateroom was that, unlike on the Dream, you cannot get all the free Disney movies whenever you want them. Instead they have a schedule of certain movies that just played over and over at specific times. Unfortunately for me, the one I wanted to watch always either started too late or too early. I never did get to see it from beginning to end! Of course, the rooms were older than the Dream but still nice enough. And...I can't say enough about the bed. Just so comfortable! ENTERTAINMENT: My three older kids (6, 8 & 10) could not get enough of the Oceaneer's Lab. On the Dream we really didn't take advantage of the kids' clubs but this time we definitely did. The kids had a blast and couldn't wait to go there! They even loved going to Scuttle's Cove (kids' club) on Castaway Cay, which didn't exist the last time we had sailed. The only issue that we had was that our 2 year old just refused to stay in the Nursery, so we were never able to enjoy the adults' only places on the ship. Maybe next time. POOLS: I had no real issues with the pools. In fact, since the Wonder holds so much less people than the Dream, there was plenty of room at the pools. My only advice would be that on "at sea" days, you should grab a chair or lounge chair as soon as possible because otherwise you won't get one near the pool. My only issue, and the one area where the Wonder definitely showed its age over the Dream was the toddler area. Nemo's Reef on the Dream definitely far surpassed Mickey's Splash zone, which kept my 2 year old entertained for all of 5 minutes. I was definitely surprised that Disney would have something so lame, given that Disney's whole purpose is catering to families. FOOD: I've seem several reviews where people lamented that the food and service on DCL sucks. I had the opposite experience. I found the dining staff to be completely attentive, flexible and entertaining. My kids loved the origami sculptures the assistant server made for them every night. I am a picky eater and DCL was extremely accommodating. Letting me order turkey off of the children's menu (which they gave me a full portion of) and letting me order 5 custom-made appetizers instead of an entree one night. PORTS: In Cozumel my husband took my older kids on an excursion which they were unimpressed with (Salsa & Salsa) while I walked around with the toddler. I wasn't long before I went back on board since I felt much safer on the boat then out-and-about by myself in Cozumel. Despite not planning any portside adventures this time in Castaway Cay, my experience there this time was more fun than last time. As I told my husband, I do not book a DCL cruise for the ports (which I am not a huge fan of) I choose it for the whole experience. SPA & FITNESS: I irresponsibly allowed myself to get a bad sunburn on my shoulders and went to the spa for a 'sunburn massage.' It was a wonderful massage, though I did find their constant peddling of their products to be a little annoying. As for the gym, my husband signed-up for a boot camp class that we had to pay like $120 extra for, which I thought was ridiculous given how much money we were already paying to DCL. Having said that, he absolutely loved the class and will definitely be taking it again if it's offered on our next cruise! All in all, the shows, clubs, activities, Buena Vista theater experience, pools and food either was comparable or actually surpassed my experience on the Dream. In the end it made no difference to us or the kids that the Wonder was a little bit more worn than the Dream. It was every bit as fabulous and given the smaller crowd, in some ways it was better! I am looking forward to February 2014 when we sail on the Fantasy! Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
This is my third cruise with DCL. We took 2 cruises on the Disney Dream in 2012 before trying out the Disney Wonder for the first time. First, even though I will share the good, bad and everythign in between, let me say that I still think ... Read More
This is my third cruise with DCL. We took 2 cruises on the Disney Dream in 2012 before trying out the Disney Wonder for the first time. First, even though I will share the good, bad and everythign in between, let me say that I still think Disney is the premiere cruise line for families with children, and for adults w/o children for that matter who seek out the magical Disney experience. We were uncertain about the older Wonder ship, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that the service quality, staff friendliness, shows, kids activities, and ship cleanliness were all superb on this ship just like it was on the newer Dream. I will quickly go through the list of things I think Disney can and should improve about the Wonder experience to make it even better, but all in all still a great cruise experience. This is out of Disney's control, but the Port of Miami check-in procedures seemed more hectic and chaotic than checking in at Port Canaveral. We arrived at 11:00 for early check-in (that was our scheduled time to arrive), but they didn't clear the ship until 12:15 for those already checked-in to enter the ship. That was a frustrating full hour to just sit around with absolutely nothing to do, no snacks, no nothing in that tiny waiting area. We never had an experience like that at Port Canaveral. Those ships at that Port cleared by 11:00 on both occasions for us. The food was very good overall, but we did find that the food quality was not quite as good on the Wonder compared to the Dream. Animator's Palate was spectacular as far as the dining room experience. What a neat place to eat dinner! We really liked the atmosphere and food at Triton's too. Parrot Cay was just okay, and unfortunately we got assigned to eat there 2 out of the 4 nights. Our waiters were friendly, but they seemed overworked and stressed out part of the time. The ship was packed (full), so that might have explained why we felt the waiters were so slammed and assigned too many tables. Not their fault. We never once felt this way about the wait staff on the Dream. The shows were great as always, with the exception of the Toy Story musical. That show was a little bothersome for us and we think other families with children felt similar. They way overplayed the "evil" kid in that musical, so the show took on too dark of an experience for Disney if you ask me. The music in it was just plain weird when the evil kid played his parts. The "Dreams" show was absolutely incredible and easily the best Disney show we've ever seen. Incredible acting and music in that show...they need to take this one to Broadway! We had already seen the Golden Mickey's. It's a good show, but it's probably time for Disney to retire it soon since all of us who cruise regularly are going to tire out from that same show. The kids activities were great as always. One of our kids just became a tween, so he enjoyed the Edge a lot. Heck, we all enjoyed it during Open House and my wife, myself and his 7 year old sister enjoyed about an hour playing games in there one day. Bingo, always fun. Disney trivia, always fun. Pools were great on this ship. Thank you for keeping the Goofy pool heated, in January! That made all the difference. I have to admit our kids and I really missed the Aqua Duck that is only on the Dream and Fantasy, and the Mickey slide on the wonder was way too slow and no thrills for our 7 and 11 year olds. The ship needs to upgrade and put in some type of new slide or water attraction beyond what's there (2 small pools for kids and a dinky slide). The b-ball and soccer courts were great, as was the ping pong and fusball tables at the front of the ship. We hung out there a few times and loved that part of the ship! This was better than the Dream's sports deck if you ask me. Our interior cabin on Deck 2 was very clean and we loved our cabin steward. He was very nice and always asking about our experience with the room and with the cruise in general. We did miss staying in a room with a veranda this time, so if you can spend a little more to stay in a room with a balcony on DCL I highly encourage it. It makes a big difference to experience that natural sunlight and ocean breeze right from your room. All in all, a fantastic cruise and ship. We have our sights on the Fantasy next time, and can't wait to enjoy the longer 7 nt. cruise experience on DCL. Also, I'm SO ready to return to Port Canaveral. I'm just not a fan of Miami or the Port there. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
Having sailed years ago on the Magic, the Wonder is pratically identical. After sailing on innumerable cruises, I find that the size of the Wonder and Magic are perfect. The Wonder is immaculately cared for and did not show her age in ... Read More
Having sailed years ago on the Magic, the Wonder is pratically identical. After sailing on innumerable cruises, I find that the size of the Wonder and Magic are perfect. The Wonder is immaculately cared for and did not show her age in the least. Cabin: Cabin 2140 is a 9C oceanview stateroom that is 214 sq feet. It has a treasure chest for additional storage. Cabin noise is minimal except when the ship is docking as you do hear the engines and the vibration of the vessel. I prefer the aft cabins because there is less motion in the rear as opposed to the front. The Cabin attendant, Filip, was one of the best we have ever had. Food: The food on the Wonder is much better than it was years ago on the Magic. Dinner at Triton's (French Restaurant) was very good and even included souffle for dessert. We ate 3 nights at Palo and highly recommend it. The Maitre D at Palo is Antonio who was fantastic. Our Palo waiter, Alvaro, was outstanding. Among the top choices ar e the portobello/polenta appetizer, the lobster ravioli, the filet mignon and the chocolate souffle. Breakfast service is my only complaint. Triton's has the best breakfast but closes at 9:30 am. After that, the only choices are Parrot Cay or the buffet on the pool deck-- both are buffets. The pool buffet is better than the one ate Parrot Cay. Disney should have 1 buffet and an a la carte breakfast restaurant like most cruise lines do. Never had a chance to have great breakfast on the Wonder. The last morning, there is no room service snd the 9th floor buffet was extraordinarily crowded. Again, Disney could have had a limited room service menu on the last morning to ease disembarkation. Kids Clubs: Our kids, 8 and 9, loved the Oceaneer Lab and Club. The activities and terrific staff will keep the kids entertained for hours. This is the best kids program at sea. Entertainment: The shows were spectacular. We saw the Golden Mickey's and Disney Dreams, which were both top-notch. The first and last show were good but not as great. Movies in the theater on board are terrific and included Lincoln as well as Wreck it Ralph, the Avengers, and Brave. Ports: Cozumel was great. Highly recommend paying more to go to Palancar Beach. They have free beach loungers, clear water, and shady spots. Downside of beach is there are too many rocks as you enter the water. Castaway Cay was not as good because of the cold and cloudy weather. We did not have beach day. Otherwise, it would have been great as Disney's island and Holland America's island are the 2 best at sea. All in all, Disney is one of the best cruise lines especially if you have small kids. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
This was our fourth cruise, second with DCL. Our first was on the Disney Magic last year out of Port Canaveral. We drove into Miami the morning of embarkation; it took 3.5 hours with a stop for breakfast. We parked at Premier Cruise ... Read More
This was our fourth cruise, second with DCL. Our first was on the Disney Magic last year out of Port Canaveral. We drove into Miami the morning of embarkation; it took 3.5 hours with a stop for breakfast. We parked at Premier Cruise Parking, booked through Global Airport Parking. Not to be confused with Premier Parking Ventures! This parking facility was a garage with gate. We parked on the top floor and our car was intact, albeit a little dirty upon our return. The shuttle service was top notch. We didn't have to wait long for a shuttle in either direction. Check-in went very smoothly and is set-up similar to that in Port Canaveral. The main differences being the size of the terminal. In Miami, they are currently using terminal F. It is long and narrow in the check-in area. There may have been more room further on, but we didn't have time to check things out. The shuttle dropped us of at 11am exactly. We gave our bags to the porters and there was no wait to check-in once we got inside and we received boarding group #3. We had just enough time for a bathroom break, organize our lanyards, and take a peek at the Personal Navigator. By 11:35, they were announcing the family of the day to board and regular boarding commenced immediately after they got on. We were boarding the ship at 11:45a! We attended the Welcome Buffet in Parrot Cay, the main dining room which is set up as a buffet for breakfast and lunch. We had a nice leisurely lunch while we waited for the rooms to be ready. After, we brought our 2 year old to the nursery and club, for open house, to check out what was there for her to play with. She enjoyed both areas very much and made another reservation for her to stay in the nursery while we were there because we had booked a Tequila Tasting for the first sea day at guest services. A little before 1:30 we decided to head to deck 7, where our staterooms were located. A rope was across the hallway that stated 2:00pm was the official time rooms are to be opened. We knew from past experience that it could be as early as 1:30pm. We were in our rooms before 1:40! We had stateroom 7102 and our family was in the connecting stateroom of 7100. The staterooms were in a good location, close to the AFT elevators and therefore close to 90% of the dining options. It's a long walk back to the room from the shows at night, especially with a sleeping toddler in your arms. I posted a small review of the stateroom for more info. We visited two ports, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. The tender process in Grand Cayman was efficient. We got to the Buena Vista Theater early to get our tender tickets. We were doing the Turtle Farm on our own and didn't have the priority boarding that the excursions get. We made it onto the first tender, easily. It was an early arrival (7:30am), so there weren't as many people waiting for the first tender as I expected. We were able to get to the port quickly and had time to shop a little before we had to meet the bus at 8:30 to the turtle farm. I have posted a review of the turtle farm as well, here on cruise critic. In Cozumel, we docked at Punta Langosta which is near downtown. We took a taxi to Mr Sanchos Beach Club for $25 each way. I posted a review of that too. The ship is in good condition, considering it is over 14 years old. Nothing was bad enough to put me off. Everything we encountered was in good working condition. The lounges we went to for the entertainment were very nice. I especially liked the events put on by our cruise staff. I feel they were better than what we encountered on the Magic last year. The shows, in my opinion, weren't as good as the Magic. Golden Mickey's were OK, but I felt it was lacking some positive energy? I cant quite put my finger on it. Toy Story was good, but basically just a condensed version of the first movie. I saw Dreams on our last cruise, so I skipped it this time to pack and watch my daughter in the room. I do regret doing that, I should have seen how this set of performers did the show... maybe it's just a case of lackluster performance on our cruise. Golden Mickey's is fairly highly rated by most cruisers and I was surprised when I was slightly disappointed in most of it. The dining on this cruise was top notch. Everything I had was delicious this time around. I can't say the same for the Disney Magic. The chefs must be better on the Wonder! Our dining staff was fantastic. Our daughters food came out quickly after the first night. They brought her milk and the fruit appetizer as soon as food service started each night without us having to tell them. Our meals were quick to follow and we were done before the mini dining room shows each night! Some nights this was a real blessing because our daughter started to melt down. One night I had to leave dinner early. They covered my food and my family was able to bring it to me in the room when they finished their meals. We didn't do PALO dinner on this cruise because we wanted to enjoy all the menus in the main dining rooms. DH and I now know for certain that Parrot Cay's signature menu is not for us and in the future we will book PALO for that night. We did do PALO brunch again. It is so worth the $20 add on! So much good food, so little time and stomach space to eat it all!!! Our daughter is an early riser so we had to eat at either Goofy's Galley or the buffet every morning, as soon as they opened. I love the omelet station in the buffet and Goofy's Galley has really good yogurt smoothies and fresh warmed croissants. For lunch, we did the welcome buffet, PALO brunch (sea day), Pluto's Dog House (after Grand Cayman), Mr Sanchos All Inclusive (in Cozumel), and Pluto's/Pinocchio/Goofy (sea day). Everything was very very good! I left my running shoes at home, oops! Really, I forgot. I brought my running clothes and everything, just forgot to grab the shoes on the way out. Too much craziness that morning in our house. I was hoping to make use of the gym and running track this cruise, but alas, it will have to wait again. I didn't set foot in the spa either, not even a tour. I organized all our shore excursions myself, so I cannot comment on the DCL port adventures. I recommend the tasting seminars. Go to guest services when you board and inquire about them. I only did the Tequila and Margarita tasting, but it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot about how Tequila is made. I also recommend Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer, Wonder Quest, Mickey Mania, and Bingo. Two of those are heavily dependent upon your knowledge and love of everything Disney. Wonder Quest was SO much fun, it's like a scavenger hunt but you have to stay in the room and have it on you already or find it nearby. We didn't pay to play BINGO, but the cruise staff puts on quite a show and it was fun to watch while we ate a snack indoors. I also attended the drawing class for Donald Duck. I wanted to do more of them, but the times didn't line up. The teacher takes you through line by line, its a lot of fun! I thought all of the activities I was able to attend were very well put together and the cruise staff made them all super fun. The only non-Disney entertainment I went to was a ventriloquist. I am not a big variety act kind of person, in general. I thought it was OK and convinced myself that I just need to stay away from those types of acts on cruise ships. They are never quite as good as I expect them to be! This worked out well because the other adults wanted to see those shows and I watched after my daughter while they went. The rates in general, for the Wonder out of Miami are much more reasonable than the sailings on the new ships Dream and Fantasy. We booked this cruise on a FL resident deal, because of that we got a very good value for our money. We were able to get a balcony stateroom for the first time. We didn't use it as much as I would have liked, if I paid full fare for it. For that reason, we will stick to interiors or oceanview in the future. Like any cruise, the photos are outrageously priced! I wish they would put together smaller packages so you can get a little break on prices. The smallest photo package was for 10 photos and we didn't even have that many good photos to choose from between the two cabins! Which reminds me, I was disappointed in the character meet and greets. It seemed like there weren't as many times that characters were out for portraits. For that reason, the lines were CRAZY long and the times were always right before dinner seating. We didn't want to be late for dinner, but we also would have liked to be dressed up for some of the character opportunities. Last but not least, the service on this ship was excellent! We did not encounter one cast member that could even be considered a 4 out of 5. They were all 5+. Maybe we were lucky, but I think if you don't get that service, it must be incredible bad luck. A cruise like we had this week on the Wonder makes me want to sail DCL over and over again. If only we could afford to all the time! :) Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
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