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15 Disney Los Angeles Cruise Reviews

This 14-day cruise was the second cruise for my husband and me, who are in our 60's. The first was 7 days on Carnival this past spring. Here are my impressions and comments. As first-time Disney cruisers, we read a lot ahead of time ... Read More
This 14-day cruise was the second cruise for my husband and me, who are in our 60's. The first was 7 days on Carnival this past spring. Here are my impressions and comments. As first-time Disney cruisers, we read a lot ahead of time on the forums so that we'd know what to expect. Overall, we had a very good time, but there were some problems. First, we never got to see the Animator's Palate dining room do its full-color transformation. Our dining rotation had us in Animator's Palate on the second night, and that was formal night. It was all black and white. I asked at Guest Services why there hadn't been a color change, and was told the reason was to avoid color conflict with the dressy clothes (because of the photography, I guess). The second time we were to eat in A.P., an Indian buffet was being offered in Beach Blanket. Since the closest Indian restaurant where we live is three hours away, we jumped at the chance to have Indian food, which we love. That was the one and only night on the 14-day cruise that the color transformation was done. We did not know this would happen only once. We were very disappointed as this was part of the magic we had looked forward to. When I asked about the color transformation at Guest Services, I was told we were “through the dining rotation” so we were out of luck. This was confusing, since of course we rotated dining rooms throughout the cruise. It's not that big a deal, but some sense of sympathy from Guest Services would have been nice. Because of peculiar scheduling, we also missed our character breakfast. Since we were on the late dinner seating, our dining host told us at dinner the night before not to miss a special breakfast surprise at 9:45 a.m. the next morning. When we got back to our room to see the next day's Navigator, we saw this conflicted with the next in a series of 9:30 a.m. lectures by a retired Panama Canal pilot leading up to the actual passage through the canal. So we called the desk to say we couldn't come to the breakfast because of the lecture. We didn't really know it was the character breakfast, although we later realized that's what it was. It's unfortunate that the daily Navigator was not in hand when our dining host told us about the breakfast; perhaps we could have arranged something else with her. Or perhaps we could have been told that the lecturer's slides and comments would be shown later on the cabin TV, as we later learned. As first-time Disney cruisers, we felt that a small bit of extra care with us would have gone a long way. I should add that I never saw our dining “tickets” (?) till late in the cruise, since they had been buried under various papers, so we did not have them to refer to. Personally, I think the Panama Canal lectures should have been scheduled for late morning anyway or some other time that wouldn't conflict with character breakfasts or other desired activities. Some of my complaints, like those above, have to do with scheduling. The ship showed perhaps Disney's best movie ever, Mary Poppins, so that it conflicted either with show time or dinner, no matter which dinner seating one had. I inquired at Guest Services when it would be shown again and was told that they didn't know but they assured me the scheduled movies would be shown many times throughout the cruise. In fact, Mary Poppins was not shown again. It puzzles me that Guest Services wasn't able to look up the cruise movie schedule. As novice cruisers we are curious whether all or most cruise lines keep planned activities a secret till the night before. Why not have schedules for several days ahead, or at least highlights for coming days? I do understand that changes might have to be made, but it would be nice to have an idea of what's ahead. Disney Wonder had a tastings schedule printed out for the whole cruise so that one could plan those. My husband and I thought the evening shows by the Disney dancers and singers were fantastic. Truly excellent! The talent brought in from outside was also outstanding. I was impressed very much with the way they interacted with the audience, especially the children. Those interactions were highlights of the trip, along with the actual Panama Canal passage. The Wonder is a beautiful ship. The hard floors on the outdoor decks throughout were kept clean and as dry as they could be to prevent slipping. The dining rooms were beautiful, the seats comfortable. The buffet venue was very crowded for breakfast and tended to be stuffy. The décor there was charming. We loved the location of our stateroom, close to the forward elevator bank. The layout of our room was great, with the seating area next to the window and the sofa feeling more like a sofa than the bench-like thing in our Carnival cabin. The room could have been cleaner; dust coated the bedside lamps, and when my husband looked under the bed to find another electrical outlet (to no avail), he found bits of things that vacuuming would take care of. We learned later that the stewards have only about 20 minutes per cabin, with no assistant - at least in our part of the ship. Our steward took really good care of us. He brought extra hangers and extra Navigators for us and changed the time on the cabin alarm clock for us since the instructions didn't help us do it ourselves. One of the lampshades in the room was cracked in two places, and this had been repaired by wiring the sections together. There was only one place to plug in electronics and my fan. I was glad I brought an extension cord. On the first day aboard, Saturday, a sprinkler head in the living room area leaked onto one of my husband's electronic gadgets (no damage). He told the steward, who put in a maintenance request. This would be a complex job involving plumbing, carpentry and electricians. On Monday, my husband spoke with Guest Services about it, and on Wednesday the repair was made, taking most of the day. The contents of the room were draped, so we did not have to move out, just stay out for most of the day. Problem solved. We loved the idea of the assigned cellphones so we could keep up with each other; however, we did not succeed in reaching each other at any point because they were set to just vibrate and buzz at a very low volume. We could never hear them, so we stopped carrying them. We appreciated being able to watch the news from time to time on the stateroom TV. Pirate Night was fun, and the fireworks were awesome. These festivities were scheduled on the Cartagena port day so people were tired, though. (Again, odd scheduling, not to choose a sea day.) The ship seemed to roll up the sidewalks, so to speak, pretty early. Most tables, chairs and lounges were roped off, stacked or otherwise put away by around 10 p.m. The tables and chairs in the adult area were still out, but the cushions on the adult poolside lounge chairs were removed in the evening. We read a lot but had a hard time finding outdoor seating that provided enough light to read by at night. The chairs in the Mickey and Goofy pool areas had mesh seats so were more comfortable to sit on than the wood-slatted ones in the adult area, but a large proportion of mesh chairs were put away at night. We did not spend time in the indoor adult cafe but it looked very nice and calming. As for daytime, the pool deck overall is so sheltered from the elements that cooling breezes were largely missing. We would roam around looking for a shady and breezy spot, or go back to the room to resume reading. There's no shade on the top deck. Deck 4 was wonderfully comfortable but did not have enough chairs and was a long way from the drink station. Some of the deck chairs were broken. The dining room seating assignment was our biggest problem. We were seated with a young stay-at-home mother and her preschool child at a four-person table. Things were pleasant enough but conversation was very limited. The child did not talk to us at all, despite our efforts at engagement. The mother was quiet, too, although she did share some of her cruising experience with us when we asked her questions. We got along well enough, but surely they were just as uncomfortable as we were. We flirted briefly early on with the idea of asking for reassignment but we felt that would seem rude and disruptive. This was a really stupid seating assignment, and we were reminded night after night how much we appreciate simple adult conversation. The food in the dining rooms was mostly very good. (By the way, adults should try the Mickey bar for dessert sometime  really good.) We ordered wine by the glass a couple of times but stopped because the servings were chintzy. (I would estimate 3 to 3.5 ounces, not even reaching the belly of the glass.) On the last night, I ordered “a glass of Chardonnay,” and then a second. It turned out that my drink server had chosen wine that cost $17 a glass. This was my fault for not asking for the wine list, but really, he should have offered. We found the tastings (cognac, whiskey, etc.) to be fun experiences and a good way to meet people. Although I'm not a particularly huge Disney fun, I had a blast watching the kids interact with the Disney characters. I took pictures of quite a few of the characters, and I had my picture taken with Donald and Daisy, though I didn't buy the photo. It was great not having photographers in our faces all the time the way they were on the Carnival cruise we took. On the other hand, the Disney Vacation Club people were persistent, with fliers, brochures and phone calls. We had unfortunately talked with one of the representatives in the embarkation area, thinking he was just a friendly Disney rep and not knowing he was selling time-shares. What else? I liked the attention paid to hygiene, with hand wipes offered before meals and trashcans placed near bathroom doors so that paper towels could be used when unlatching bathroom doors. At the drink station (yay, free soda and coffee!), there was only one container of wipes, on the coffee side, so most people were not using wipes before fixing their sodas. Public bathrooms were frequently cleaned, and I don't think I ever saw a bathroom counter with puddles of water. Boiled shrimp in the shell was offered nearly every day for lunch at the buffet. Cookies too! At the spa, I got a very nice haircut. Our port excursions were very good. The buses were quite comfortable and well air-conditioned, thank goodness. They had seat belts, too. The excursions were less expensive than those we did on Carnival. The disembarkation process seemed to fall apart in a push to get people off the ship. The person making the announcements had a very thick foreign accent that we could not decipher well enough to hear which groups were being allowed to go. The seven or more groups that passengers were assigned to suddenly became just two huge groups and within minutes one huge group and a very long slow line. The port terminal lines to collect our bags and then to go through Customs, though, were much longer. Baggage collection was easy because of the group assignments. For this trip, we were fortunate to have gotten a great fare by which we paid in full for a cabin category, not a specific cabin, at a discounted rate. All in all, it was a pleasant two weeks, and Disney gave us a lovely limited-edition lithograph commemorating the cruise.   Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
Choosing to celebrate a 70th birthday on a Disney ship was a Slam Dunk - based on all our previous experiences, Disney is absolutely TOPS in producing wonderful celebrations and glorious memories. Well, friends, Disney Cruise Line is NOT ... Read More
Choosing to celebrate a 70th birthday on a Disney ship was a Slam Dunk - based on all our previous experiences, Disney is absolutely TOPS in producing wonderful celebrations and glorious memories. Well, friends, Disney Cruise Line is NOT Disneyland or Disney World. The details of what went wrong here are not important to others who are thinking of sailing aboard the Disney Wonder. It is a greater service to pass along the caution against expecting Disney Cruise Line to come through for you on a pre-planned celebration with the same flawless professionalism, preparation, and attention to detail that people usually experience at the Disney parks. Moving on, this was a West Coast repositioning cruise and, as sometimes happens on repositions, there was a certain lackluster quality to a number of things. For passengers on repositions, crew members can seem tired, slightly slack, even a bit let down or detached. The quality of the food, of service, and of entertainment is frequently somewhat below par. It is as if "Prime Time" on any cruise ship is specific to a given region where itineraries are repeated for several months, so that moving the ship between, let's say, winter and summer cruise regions upsets and diminishes crew performance, engagement, and morale. All of these "sags" were noticeable on this particular cruise. The ship itself seemed clean, well-maintained and, other than equipment failures in the theater which disrupted the schedule of live shows, in excellent condition. My inside stateroom was large and comfortable, while the bathroom was really small (compared to other ships and cruise lines) and musty. As other reviewers have mentioned, the three main dining rooms feel cramped and crowded, with too much noise and distraction caused by too many waiter stations. Up on Deck 9, the casual Beach Blanket Buffet has far too few tables to accommodate the number of passengers on this ship and, as the ship moves North into colder regions, the fact that all swimming pools and surrounding seating areas are outdoors (no sliding roof) means swimmers, sunbathers, and people at tables (and their food) get unpleasantly cold, fast. The Wonder was just not designed to sail beyond warm waters! On the bright side, the Wonder's 2-day-1-overnight stay in San Francisco is a huge plus! People who already know San Francisco had ample time to do things they love to do there, while those interested in excursions were treated to an unusually long and varied list of options - some of them involving quite a bit of distance. Pier 35 is perfectly located right on the F (Heritage) trolley line, close to the Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf tourist areas, as well as to downtown, BART, and the cable car lines. Another plus was the thoughtful appearance of fleece throw blankets on most of the deck chairs, making it possible to brave the cold winds and spend some time out on deck, even to watch one of the poolside "funnel vision" movies. Also, the pizza on Deck 9 was consistently yummy, as were the panini. On the other hand, the hamburgers were pretty awful ... and you'd think that any enterprise called Disney would at least get the great American hamburger right. One last and serious minus. At every activity, indoors and out, the amplified sound was deafeningly, painfully loud. Children (Disney's bread and butter, after all) complained, covered their ears, even cried. Why does DCL believe that LOUD equals fun and FRENETIC equals exciting??? By the middle of the cruise, the physical and behavioral impact of these never-ending, ear-splitting, hyperactive assaults on passengers - of ALL ages - was easily visible. Children in particular showed signs of increasing neural overload. Good Godfrey, DCL: Please tone it down and calm it down a tad; everyone will truly function better and have much more fun! This was honestly not one of the more enjoyable cruise experiences I've ever had. I won't cruise with DCL again and, even though several members of the Wonder's staff made extraordinary, personal, and deeply-appreciated efforts to salvage my ruined celebration for me, I cannot recommend DCL either to those who want something a tiny bit out of the ordinary or to those who are not taking a cruise centered on the children in their family. Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
This is our 10th cruise but first on Disney, overall I would rate the cruise a B+ there were many pros and few cons. I will highlight them in the review. We do not have kids and at first was concerned about all the children on board ... Read More
This is our 10th cruise but first on Disney, overall I would rate the cruise a B+ there were many pros and few cons. I will highlight them in the review. We do not have kids and at first was concerned about all the children on board however it was not bad at all. Children normally would be seen in large numbers when it came time for character pictures. Daily they would have scheduled character photos and hundreds of kids with their parents would line up. I liked this photo opportunity however the downside was it was always at the wrong times. It was scheduled many times at 5:30pm and the first sit down dinner was at 5:45pm with the large lines we'd never make dinner. The second photo opportunity would come at 7:30pm and the nightly show would start at 8pm, again if we wanted to wait in long lines we'd miss a good chunk of the entertainment. So we did not get a chance to take many photos with the characters here only once did we get a chance to see Mike and Sully from "Monsters" and took a photos with them. I do want to mention that Disney does schedule a character breakfast which is great, you sit and wait for: Mickey, Mini, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale to arrive at your table and they will use your personal cameras to take photos of you and all these characters. We took advantage of this and had a lot of fun. We had in inside cabin 6053 and it was a sideways cabin, very spacious and great layout, perfect floor. Largest inside cabin compared to Royal, Princess, Holland, and Carnival. The cabin had a full coach not a love seat, plenty of storage and a large closet as well as a desk and bench. I loved this cabin, there was only one downfall to the cabin which was the bathroom. It was the smallest we'd ever seen; in order to use the toilet or shower we had to shut the door. The only nice thing about the small bathroom is it had a tub. The staff was very friendly; our room steward was very nice as well as our waiter and his assistant. However this is the first cruise where they never addressed us by our name. They would always say sir or maam. This may seem like a small point however in our previous 9 cruises the room steward along with the waiter would always call us by our name. Food and Beverage: The food on this Disney cruise was not that good. Compared to previous cruises I would rate it the lowest for food quality. The menu choices were poor and the flavor and taste lacked flavor. Sit down lunch was better because there were less people and the food was cooked to order for a smaller crowd. The soft drinks such as lemonade, ice tea and soda were all free which is a nice treat if you are a soda drinker. Warning...if you are a coffee drinker do not drink the coffee on deck 9 that is Nescafe liquid coffee it is not brewed, the coffee is already in liquid form and in a box inserted in the machine, it tastes awful. For a good cup of coffee you need to order it in the dining room or room service. If you want to spend money at the Cafe it's the same price as Starbucks and tastes similar. Again if you want a good cup of coffee just wait till sit down breakfast, lunch or dinner to order one. We did eat at "Palo" their specialty restaurant and the food was much better than the dining room, however I would not recommend spending the extra $20pp because this is the type of food quality we normally would receive in the sit down dining room on other cruise lines. However I would like to mention we did go to "Palo" brunch which is available on sea days and this was well worth the $20pp fee. You do receive one free mimosa and refills will cost you extra. They had Alaskan king crab as well as snow crab and other numerous items. There were so many different food choices, and very tasty. I would like to acknowledge that the gym on board is smaller than what I'm use to however it worked well for us since many mornings the gym only had 6-8 people in there. I did like their shower and dressing areas right near the gym room the decor is orange (something out of the 70's) but they have good products for lotions, soap and cleanser they use Elemis which is very good. The dress attire on Disney is very casual again not what I'm used to but that I can easily adapt to. The nice part about being so casual is if you're coming back from an excursion you don't have to rush to change your clothes to eat in the dining room. On formal night I did see a handful of men in tuxedos, maybe about 5 or so, most men wore dark suits. Woman had cocktail dresses and some gowns. Everyone who ate in the dining room looked very elegant. Disney's Entertainment was very good their shows were not boring and kept our attention the entire time. They were not too long or too short, their Toy Story show was excellent and probably one of the best show's I've seen at sea. They offered new movies to view in their move theater such as "Frankenweenie" that was a nice treat since that just came out in the theaters at home. The movie theater is big and can seat a few hundred people however if your tall and have long legs the aisles are cramped and most likely your knees will hit the seat in front of you. The Pirate night theme which was held on Friday night was great, many passengers got all dressed up in their pirate attire (us included) and then the deck party and fireworks at 10:15pm which were amazing. Immediately following was a buffet with large turkey legs and deserts. Our port of calls were San Francisco which we spent two days there, the weather was perfect. We sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge at 6:45am and it was a clear morning, a bit chilly about 60 degrees or so but it warmed up nicely to about 80 degrees later that day. We were able to spend the day site seeing with a friend of ours who lives there and she was able to drive us around all the scenic areas. On day two of San Francisco we took an Alcatraz tour which was a great experience and after spending ½ day there we walked around Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. San Diego was a full day in port we've visited several times before and decided to tour the USS Maritime which was docked next door and only a block walk. Great experience touring that massive ship it takes about 2-3 hours to tour depending on how much you want to see. Ensenada, we did their City tour and visited two wineries in town, not much really to see but we were able to taste test some wines and then spend 1.5 hrs in the city shopping. If you are looking to do laundry on the ship there are three different laundry facilities there are at least 5 washers/dryers on deck 6, other decks that have laundry facilities have more. There were several washers that were broken during the week so it made it harder for others to do their wash. Disney only charges $1.00 to wash, $1.00 to dry and $1.00 if you need soap. Great deal, no need to bring quarters it all gets charged to your cabin. Overall I did enjoy this cruise; there were a few downsides such as the coffee and food which was not enjoyable. Would I sail Disney again, probably not the Wonder...but maybe I would try the newer ship "Fantasy". Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
I had such a good time on the Disney Wonder I don't know where to begin. We took the Pacific Coast Cruise which I felt was a good start for a first time cruiser like myself and my husband. We were traveling with our two year old. ... Read More
I had such a good time on the Disney Wonder I don't know where to begin. We took the Pacific Coast Cruise which I felt was a good start for a first time cruiser like myself and my husband. We were traveling with our two year old. I was amazed at the detail of the decoration of the ship, it amazing. Our stateroom was spacious, and it was nice to have a curtain that separated our room from our daughter's room. The food was very good, we enjoyed every meal. One thing that I wish I could have done differently-it would have been nice to have the itineraries with the activities ahead of time. I had no idea on how to schedule the babysitting time, so I picked random hours here and there. Our daughter had a great time in the Flounder's Reef Nursery, but if I could have done things differently, I would have spent my days with her, and then at dinnertime, put her in the nursery so I could eat in peace. A two year old is not capable of sitting through a two hour meal, and it makes a very stressful situation. It got so bad at one point that my daughter was on my lap, crying, tugging at my breast and I couldn't eat my food. My waiter came over, and offered to cut my meat for me so I could finish my meal. I cried at the kindness he showed me, I was so stressed out and my husband was oblivious to my plight. From that moment, it was a turning point for me. I was hooked. We went to all of the shows, enjoyed the pools, enjoyed the gym and the adult area. The adult bar area was dead most of the time, but it was ok with us since we were traveling with a small child. In retrospect, I should have picked the later seating for dinner. It was too hard getting ready for the 5:45 dinner time, it seemed like we just got the day started and then it was time to eat dinner. The Ports of Call-not so good. Los Angeles-San Francisco, San Diego and Ensenada. I think this was done backward. It was freezing cold in San Francisco and we were there for two entire days. It should have been San Francisco-Los Angeles-San Diego-Ensenada. I would have been fine with one day in SF, one day in LA, two days in San Diego, and one day in Ensenada. Maybe cold-to warm-to warmer-to hot. I was miserable those cold days at sea and in cold San Francisco. My mood lightened the moment we arrived in Sunny San Diego. I preferred being on the ship, and there was a lot for us to get into. If not, I would have really of been disappointed. Overall, I would rate this trip 4 out of 5 stars. Service was top notch, entertainment was top notch, food was great, and amenities of the ship were great. Ports of call-eh...I would pass. Just booked my next cruise for next year on the Disney Fantasy. Now I know how a cruise works, I know exactly what I want to do and how I want to do it. Disney-you made a believer out of me!!! Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
We recently took the special Pixar sailing of the Disney Wonder along the California Coast. The entertainment and kids's programs were wonderful but that's about where the fun ended. The food was hardly edible, unless you ... Read More
We recently took the special Pixar sailing of the Disney Wonder along the California Coast. The entertainment and kids's programs were wonderful but that's about where the fun ended. The food was hardly edible, unless you like chicken strips and pizza every meal. Every night, we would have to wait for our main course at dinner until our dining companions (after arriving 45 minutes late for seating) had ordered and gotten through their first and second courses. Character interactions were great but unfortunately wasted a lot of time waiting in line to see them. Production shows were top-notch. Oceaneer's Club and Oceaneer's Lab were both fantastic. Cabins were comfy. Did not care for the split bathroom concept. They were even tight for my child to maneuver. Cabin steward was good but VERY slow. Room was not serviced until after 1:00 each afternoon and then again at 10:15 at night. Our almost six-year-old daughter had a great time but was ready to come home by day five. She told us she'd rather go back to Princess next time. I would say give it a try once for the experience but wasn't for us. :( Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
We took our 4th Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riviera during Spring Break. This was our 4th trip on the Wonder, so we were very familiar with the ship. In fact, sailing on the Wonder feels like we're at our vacation "home." ... Read More
We took our 4th Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riviera during Spring Break. This was our 4th trip on the Wonder, so we were very familiar with the ship. In fact, sailing on the Wonder feels like we're at our vacation "home." Dining: Our waiters were great! They interacted with our 10 yr old son and the other children at our table. They remembered not only our drink orders each night, but also our preferences. For example, as a Texas girl, I don't like my steak smothered in sauces, so my sauce was always on the side. My son was always anxious to get back to the Oceaneer Lab and missed dessert each night, so our waiter assembled a plate of cookies and milk for him to enjoy in our cabin later in the evening. He even remembered to send chocolate chip and not oatmeal raisin cookies! Since this was our 4th cruise with Disney, we've made some observations. First, the quality of the waiter is not a direct reflection on the cruise, but on the waiter and if you're not getting the service you believe you should, this should be taken up with the head waiter immediately. Our servers on our 2011 Alaska cruise were not up to par and we should have said something. Second, this cruise was the first one that we've had the first dining time and we noticed a huge improvement in the qualify of the food in the main dining rooms as well as how quickly we received our meals. The first 3 cruises we requested 2nd seating and dinner took 2+ hours. This allows for a more leisurely meal. The food was never that fantastic but we couldn't put our finger on the reason. This time we requested first seating and there was a 110% improvement in the food and the speed to the food getting to the table. We ate the same food we had had on previous cruises expecting a certain flavor/texture, but it was much much better this time. We truly believe the food must be getting "held over" for the second dining and is not as fresh. We're requested 1st seating on our Nov 2012 Western Caribbean and our 2013 LA to Vancouver cruises! Cabin: We had a wonderful stateroom host who ensured our room was always clean and neat! We noticed a couple changes to the room. The have added Velcro to the sliding closet doors so they no longer move back and forth with the movement of the ship. A down side is that one of my nice blouses kept getting stuck to the Velcro. I wish they would have put that up high or down low on the door, but not at hanger level. They've replaced the old bedspreads with the new duvets (I think the same ones used on the new ships.) And, during our cruise to Alaska in 2011, we noticed they changed the clocks in the room to one you can actually see in the middle of the night. The only down side is the clock is entirely too bright. The first night of our cruise, our cabin had unusually LOUD creaking noise and resulted in very little sleep for my husband and I. We mentioned this to our cabin maid first thing and he said he reported it. (He was fantastic all week, so we don't doubt that he did indeed report the issue.) However, when we were in our room getting ready for dinner that night it was obvious the noise had not be resolved. One brief stop to the front desk, and all of a sudden we had the Head Engineer in our room placing little wedges around our room between the ceiling and the wall. Surprisingly this pretty much fixed the issue. They also sent up ear plugs to our room just in case, and asked us to tell them right away if the issue persisted or if we had any other issues during our stay. We received several follow up calls asking if the noise was ok, and they sent chocolate covered strawberries to our room and gave our son a $15 gift card to be used in the arcade to help make up for our first night without sleep. I learned two things here. One, tell the front desk. They know who to call to get quick resolution. Two, Disney does a great job at trying to make a situation "right". Consistency: We chose Disney for our cruises because we've had some fantastic cruises and each cruise has been consistently great. However, Disney does not make any real changes in their programming from year to year. In other words, the Disney Broadway shows on this last cruise were the same ones that were on the other 3 cruises, dating back to our first cruise in 2008. So, we tend to skip the shows every other cruise. this is the same thing with the game shows. We love "Who Wants to Be A Mouseketeer" and "Mickey Mania" but we'd like to see some new game shows and other entertainment. Our son has been in the same kids club since 2008 (he was 6, now he's 10)and he's made Flubber, cookies in the Ratatouille Cooking School, and solved cases in the Goofy Files 4 times now. He needs some new programming. Oceaneer Lab: Some of the counselors remembered our son from our Alaska cruise last year and he made some new counselor friends as well, which he enjoyed. However, now Disney does not segregate the Club from the Lab and so there's very small kids (4 yr olds) in the Lab, which goes through age 11. My son was not interested in several activities because the children participating were so young. He didn't even want to play the Wii because the boys playing were so young. He didn't feel it would be fair to the little ones so he spent lots of time visiting with the counselors and using the computers for individual games. Not exactly what we're paying for when we book a Disney cruise for our son. This huge age range needs to be whittled down, or let the older kids go into Tween club. Ports: Our ports were Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. We booked excursions at both ports, although we did not enjoy these ports like others we've been too and were disappointed in Disney choosing these. We especially didn't enjoy the tendering at Cabo and can't imagine how scary it would have if we would have had small children with us. Embarkation: This was our first time to ever arrive before noon but we were excited to get there this time to get on the ship early. We had to wait and got on around 1pm which wasn't too bad. It was nice to get on and have time to eat leisurely without rushing to finish in time for the safety drill. Right after eating, our son had his swim suit in his day bag, so he hit the pool! Debarkation: This process we found to be very smooth on our cruises out of Port Canaveral since our bags "magically" went from the hallway the night before all the way to Dallas without us having to touch them. However, this was a complete nightmare in Vancouver last year where we had to WAITE for our bags to be taken off the ship and then FIND them at the port, take them through customs, etc. So, this year we did something different. Our suitcases are large rolling bags, so we decided to NOT put them out the night before and take them off with us. That way we also didn't have to wait until our turn to get off the ship. This was AMAZINGLY smooth and will be our choice going forward if we are not at Port Canaveral. Aging Ship: Yes, the ship is aging, needs dry dock time, and overall upgrades. However, through out the week we did notice workers repairing sections of carpeting, painting etc., so they are trying to keep the ship in good repair. This is not to ignore the fact that the bathrooms do need new tiling and paint, the sleeper sofas should be replaced, etc. I assume all of this will be accomplished in the next dry dock and none of this diminished the enjoyment our our cruise in any way. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
This was our first cruise EVER and first time with Disney. Took our almost 2 year old daughter with us. Everything was great, although the weather did not cooperate and it was overcast/cloudy 5 of the 7 days we sailed to Puerto ... Read More
This was our first cruise EVER and first time with Disney. Took our almost 2 year old daughter with us. Everything was great, although the weather did not cooperate and it was overcast/cloudy 5 of the 7 days we sailed to Puerto Vallarta/Los Cabos (Feb. 12-19, 2012) but that is not Disney's fault. 5 biggest complaints: 1) Not very easy access to water and soft drinks. LONG lines during the day and in the evenings people were filling up their 1-2 litre water bottles which took FOREVER. Either hire more help during the day and evenings, or let us fill it up ourselves or offer it as an option for room service. 2.) Room service could have some more variety. A full breakfast for our room on deck 6 would have been nice, you only offer hot breakfast for decks 8 or 9 and make it seem as though we are 3rd class passengers even though we paid beaucoup bucks for a room with a verandah. 3.) Buffet was NEVER OPEN whenever we wanted to dine there. My toddler did not want to sit down for a 2 hour meal, buffet should be a buffet, open at least till midnight and be run buffet-style. The one time we dined there for dinner it was still menu-style ordering and the service was SLOW and awful. The waiter forgot to put in our appetizers. 4.) More swimming pool options for toddlers age. Because my daughter was not fully potty-trained, she was only allowed in the Mickey's ears (which you later shut down because of an accident) and the splash zone. One of the biggest reasons we booked your cruise was her to swim. She has been in swimming lessons since 4 months old and dives under water and is starting to float/swim. My husband wanted to take her to deeper pools. 5.) Daughter got sick at daycare at Flounder's Reef. You need to keep kids with runny noses and colds OUT. That is about it. Thanks! Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
This was our second Disney Cruise. The first on the Magic 4 years ago (Western Caribbean 7 Night) Our girls were 6 and 8 then. My 8 year old literally fell asleep at the dinner table one night (think face plant on the table) on that ... Read More
This was our second Disney Cruise. The first on the Magic 4 years ago (Western Caribbean 7 Night) Our girls were 6 and 8 then. My 8 year old literally fell asleep at the dinner table one night (think face plant on the table) on that cruise and missed the pirate party on deck and the fireworks. I have become really good at scouring websites and cruise booking engines and know how to find the deals. I stumbled upon kids sail free promo in October and didn't have to ask twice to book this trip. My oldest daughter was finally going to get her pirate party! This trip our girls were one and two months shy of 11 and 13. We flew into LAX the morning of our cruise and arrived at 11am. We hired a private shuttle service for under $70 total including tip and arrived at the cruise terminal at 12:15. We were on the ship by 1:00. Our ocean view stateroom was fine. Cabins are small on all cruise ships. Bathrooms are tight. If that's not what you are looking for...don't cruise. We've had inside, outside and balcony cabins on cruises and feel that for the amount of time you spend in your cabin go for the best value price wise when booking. Yes a balcony is nice to sit on, but it can double your cruise price. Our family would rather have more money to spend in ports and activities. This time booking an ocean view was less expensive than the inside room! Our girls enjoyed the sail away party again. Disney does a great job with this. Dining was typical cruise ship. Disney is great with the unlimited soda/beverage choice on the pool deck and at the buffet. It would be nice if the drink station was located in the middle of the ship versus the back. I wouldn't say the food was horrible nor would I say 5 star all the time. We had some really great things- some mediocre and a few things that were not good at all. If you don't like it don't eat it. Find something else to eat. There are options available. I would say the steak and lobster were fabulous. One steak was overcooked. I asked for another. If the menu isn't to your liking- talk to your waitstaff- they can suggest or modify what is on the menu. Don't be afraid to order 2 entrees if you can't decide or are unsure about something. I've been cruising for 12 years and yes- dining/food has declined across the board on all cruise lines over the years. If you are looking for off the chart fabulous meals and accommodations- you should be booking with a luxury cruise line. Disney is not in that category. Also for a change of pace- make sure you visit one of the sit down lunches. Check the kids into kids club and enjoy a leisurely lunch instead of buffeting it everyday. Kids club- The staff at the Edge was great! We were able to get our almost 11 year old into this club space and the girls had a ball. The wave phones on this ship were a godsend and our girls enjoyed total freedom the entire cruise. We also enjoyed many hours of kid free time as they were busy with the many friends they met on the boat. I am almost embarrassed to say that we usually returned to our cabin by 11 or so each night and our girls stayed at the Edge until Midnight. They stuck together and along with the other 6 girls they met, had a fantastic time. No complaints here! Adult Activities/Entertainment- this is one area I think Disney can improve on. There are movies showing. A few geared toward adults. We saw "The Help" on our way to Puerto Vallarta on a sea day and were looking forward to seeing "War Horse" on our last sea day. For some reason they changed the showing the last day to "Pirates of the Caribbean". We had a piece of literature in our room the first day of our cruise that had all movies listed and purposely saved "War Horse" for the last sea day for a time filler. When our navigator arrived, it had been changed. I went to Guest Services to inquire. They had the week long list we had so the gal was confused as well. She went to investigate and came back and said yes- it had been changed. Sorry.... not the kind of remedy I would expect from Disney- they could have easily have shown the movie that was supposed to have played after Pirates and made everyone happy. I give Disney an F here. There are lots of alcohol tasting seminars, the Quiet Cove pool area, the spa. I feel there could be a few more activities offered during the day while at sea. I do have to say it was fabulous to lay by the pool in the Quiet Cove- no loud music or screaming kids. Just the occasional buzz of my wave phone when the girls were checking in with us. Very Relaxing! Other cruise lines should take lesson from Disney here. Our last Disney Cruise we lounged at the Mickey pool while the girls rode down the water slide all day long. Nightly Entertainment- the shows are a must. I do have to say that they are the exact same shows we saw 4 years ago. It was long enough ago that I didn't remember everything, but also feel that Disney should get into a 2 year rotation to keep guests wanting to come back. Our girls loved to dance and do Karaoke each night too. On sea days, why don't they have Karaoke during the day? The pirate party was fun- fireworks are fun too- we ate at second seating so couldn't even think about eating again at the party. Staff- Of all cruise lines- Disney staff is overall most friendly- willing to help- and do what they can to make your trip enjoyable. I do have to say that the attention to detail was down a notch from the last Disney cruise. The princesses in the lobby are great- if this is on your list to do- make sure you arrive a bit ahead of time and be prepared to wait. Even my girls at 11 and 13 had a few pics taken. One last huge shout out to Disney- thanks for letting us bring our own liquor on board! a bucket of beer is $30 and most drinks are over $7. A glass of wine at dinner each night- it can get pretty costly. We brought 4 bottles of wine and my husband walked to Walmart in Puerto Vallarta and purchased a 12 pack of Corona. Each night we enjoyed a glass of wine poured in our cabin. We enjoyed it all the way to the dining room and then only had to order a glass during dinner. I enjoyed the ports, but do have to say that I much more enjoy the crystal clear water of the Caribbean and the warmth of the water. I also really missed the private island. A must if you are paying full price for a Disney cruise. In Puerto Vallarta we opted to take a taxi into town- see the cathedral and then walk thru shops and the beach. There are the typical port shops, restaurants etc. In Cabo we enjoyed a stroll thru the marina and ended up on the beach for the day- day 2 we hired a water taxi from booth A-7 to take us around the arch and for time on lovers beach for $35 for the 4 of us. I heard from others who used this booth that para sailing was just $40 per person. **the dolphin adventure in cabo is literally within walking distance of the tender drop- book that independently- not thru Disney and you will save quite a bit of money** In summary- a vacation is what you make of it- if you want to find something to complain about- there will always be something. When the trip is over- ask yourself- do the good points outweigh the bad? Most of the time it will. Secondly- most people who write reviews only do so if they have a bad experience. Future Disney cruisers... this is not an awful cruise- I admit a few things slipped thru the cracks- but I also had a great week and my kids had the opportunity to take a second Disney cruise. There is a reason why Disney is offering kids sail free and the prices are a bit lower on this destination. keep that in mind when you book and you will enjoy your trip. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
This was my 5th cruise but first time on Disney. All the other 4 times were on Carnival ships. While I would not go on Disney without kids, it was great for people that are cruising with kids. We brought our 4 year old and he had a ... Read More
This was my 5th cruise but first time on Disney. All the other 4 times were on Carnival ships. While I would not go on Disney without kids, it was great for people that are cruising with kids. We brought our 4 year old and he had a great time. The service was world class and they do cater to children but still take care of the adults too. The food was average for a cruise, some of the best things were the chicken strips for the kids and the beef tenderloin for the adults. The only thing that we didn't even finish was the turkey in the Triton restaurant.. it was dry and chewy... like rubber. Our son's favorite was the self service ice cream machine on deck 9. Our son went to the kids club about 6 times and he had a great time. There is a small on-board arcade called Quarter Masters that our son liked to play in but it is small and some of the games were too big for him like many of the driving games, he couldn't reach the pedals. Also, on the last day of the cruise about 1/3 to 1/2 of the games were broken. As far as the ports, we stayed in the popular areas and off the small side streets knowing that Mexico has some problems right now. But we did visit Senor Frogs in both ports and did some shopping. We also took a water taxi to Lover's Beach on Cabo San Lucas so that our son could swim. It was the cleanest, clearest water I have ever seen and he had a great time. The weather was great. Each day was sunny and warm (75 to 85) and we didn't hit rain until we returned to Los Angeles. If I was to compare Carnival to Disney, I would say that Disney is much better for kids. Carnival is better for the adults who like a party cruise. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
We sailed out of Long Beach, CA and it was a breeze to park and get to the ship. We asked about a suite upgrade and were directed to a supervisor who offered us a suite at about 1/3 of the price that was quoted to my son, who had upgraded ... Read More
We sailed out of Long Beach, CA and it was a breeze to park and get to the ship. We asked about a suite upgrade and were directed to a supervisor who offered us a suite at about 1/3 of the price that was quoted to my son, who had upgraded a few weeks before. We didn't take it because it was near an elevator. We had 12-12:30 check-in time (which you get when you register online) and our cabins were ready very shortly thereafter. We had a very nice family "suite" with verandah--the "suite" simply means you have two areas separated by a lightweight curtain (which doesn't really block out light from the other half of the room). The nice thing, though, is that there's a top bunk bed that pulls down from the ceiling. The couch in that area pulls out to a single-size bed. The two beds slept our grandchildren (ages 3 and 6) nicely. The two "bathrooms" were convenient but each is quite small. There is plenty of storage room so don't worry about that. The two kids clubs were great, especially the "lab" where both children spent lots of time. The lab, as v. the "club" had more interesting things to do and the staff seemed more interested in dealing with the children. Despite the age recommendations, our 3-year old spent most of his time in the lab. My son and his wife had the 11-month old in their suite-which was a nice two room cabin with about 2 1/2 baths. He was in cabin 8046. The food was fairly average except for a couple of times when it was very good, such as lobster night-on the Friday-and the buffet lunch at Triton (our fav. restaurant in the rotation). The service in the restaurants was fabulous. Our waitstaff followed us to each of the three restaurants, knew the children's names and even cut up their food-without asking! Needless to say, the children are now spoiled. Our 6-year old ordered off the adult menu several times. The three restaurants were fine-but Triton was a step above the other two for whatever reason. It's a very nice setting and is more fancy than the other two. We ate brunch at Palo's one time--it was not crowded at all but we did have reservations. I did not see the big deal about it and thought that our lobster meal at Triton's was just as good, if not better. We didn't feel any need to go back to Palo's for dinner. Unfortunately we really could have used more sleep on the cruise. I had researched our cabin locations and understood that it would be quiet. That didn't turn out to be accurate. The widescreen movie was next to one of the pools on the deck slightly above ours and the noise blared from morning til late at night. That combined with the loud footsteps and chairs scraping made sleeping at a reasonable hour to be impossible. One night my son said the 11-month old was awakened at 2pm when the sound was so loud the cabin shook. He was about five cabins down from us. We finally spoke with Lisa, the Guest Services Manager about the situation. She, of course, apologized and the noise for the next two nights was much less. It's a mystery why the most expensive cabins are below the busiest and noisiest areas.... The shows were great-very professional and loved by the children. We had early dining so went to the 8:30 shows, which made a late evening for the children, but they loved them. All in all, Disney put out a great product-characters, facilities, are first-rate. I'm sorry we didn't book a cheaper and lower cabin but there's always a next time.....P.S. We didn't get off the ship in either of the two ports-Mexico didn't seem as appealing as the happenings on the ship. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Just got back from our trip. In the overall, it was a good experience. We were excited to be back on Disney Wonder but Mexico - we can live without and honestly, it's a waste of time to go there. The embarkation was great, only ... Read More
Just got back from our trip. In the overall, it was a good experience. We were excited to be back on Disney Wonder but Mexico - we can live without and honestly, it's a waste of time to go there. The embarkation was great, only waited an hour to get on the ship. The LA port is about 30 min drive from LAX and the cost to get there is about $60 by taxi. Once on the ship here are my points of view.The best thing - the theater, Buena Vista. The 3D movies are very high quality, I just wish they would show more of those and not repeat them over and over again. The production shows were very good, great dancers, great shows! The firework was breathtaking but the midnight buffet right after is a waste of time, long lines and nothing special to eat especially that the food is available almost 24 hours a day. The cabins are good, just like on any ship, although we love two bathrooms in one room, very convenient. The room service is 24-hour but very limited selection and sometimes not a great quality. Note, they tend to run out of Mickey Ice Cream and fruit so get those at the beginning of your cruise. The characters show up everywhere and there are plenty of opportunity to take pictures with them. But the photographs are costly, $20 for 8x10. The pool was good on a port day, almost empty, but you better stay out of it on the sea day, it's a zoo! Also lots of people got stomach virus (including us) but they tried to hide the epidemic. As far as port stops: to summarize them all, if you've never been outside of US you will love Cabo, like Puerto Vallarta and will probably not like Manzanillo. If you have been to great beaches like South of France, Hawaii, Caribbean - don't even bother with Mexico. Cabo beach had huge waves, the water was about 65 degrees (end of April) and people there - stay away. Puerto Vallarta - not great, just go swimming with dolphins or something, you will enjoy the activities more than the beach. and I am not even going to mention Manzanillo, why would anyone go there? The overall food was good, although kids complained that their menu hasn't changed from day one, chicken fingers, mac and cheese and pizza. The disembarkation was flawless! It took us 5 minutes to get off the ship, but we did carry our own bags. They made the announcement at 8am, we were off the ship near customs at 8:03, they didn't even check our passports (we were like 3rd off the ship) and we were in our taxi by 8:05. No agriculture control, no dogs, NOTHING. Would I do Disney cruise again? YES, but on a newer ship, this one is getting old. Would I go to Mexico? NO! Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
We are avid Royal Caribbean cruisers...but I sooo love Disney that we decided to try one when it came to this side of the world. We went on board, expecting a lot of Disney to be the decor and theme of the ship, but it was limited. Also, ... Read More
We are avid Royal Caribbean cruisers...but I sooo love Disney that we decided to try one when it came to this side of the world. We went on board, expecting a lot of Disney to be the decor and theme of the ship, but it was limited. Also, the Disney Wonder looked and felt like an old ship. We were disappointed with the upkeep - lots of items in and around the ship were in need of repair. No wonder it is going into dry dock the end of the Alaska run.The shows were spectacular, the food as good as other cruises, the staff were just as friendly, but I must admit - too many kids...I know, what does one expect on a Disney ship, but other ships you hardly see the kids as they are all in their adventure clubs...but it seems like the kids did not stay in the clubs on the Wonder.Music was below par - one overall kind of music - rock and roll- was prevalent...Lots of Mickey Mouse and the characters. Animator's Palette restaurant was amazing.I enjoyed the cruise - after all it was a cruise- but I would not sail with Disney again. Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
Our Trip on the Disney Wonder I am not a Disney person, I like the parks, but do not make special trips to go there. I have no vinyl Disney decals on my car. So take this review with that in mind. We are pretty veteran cruises ... Read More
Our Trip on the Disney Wonder I am not a Disney person, I like the parks, but do not make special trips to go there. I have no vinyl Disney decals on my car. So take this review with that in mind. We are pretty veteran cruises though, this being our 9th. We decided to jump on the "Kids Sale Free" (KSF) promo that Disney was running for the Mexican Riviera (MR) cruises on the Wonder. Our whole family: DH, DS16, DS12 decided to go. Our DS16 is profoundly autistic, but does enjoy Disney movies and Disneyland. We cruise quite often, but have never brought him before. We figured this would be the best for him and the cheapest way to try it out. Do to the nature of his autism, we brought along his two helpers. So DH and DS12 were with me in one room, the nannies and DS16 in the other. We drove from Utah the day before and stayed at the Vagabond Inn in San Pedro. Definitely not the Ritz, but for $125 it included transfers to the port (but not back, weird), parking for the week, and donuts and coffee on Sunday morning. The room was a typical motel, but the seemed to have good security and it was clean. Sunday morning we took a shuttle to the port at about 11:00am. Holy Monkees it was crowded. There were people everywhere no chairs to be had. Make sure you pre register online AND print out the page. That will save you a lot of hassle. We were able to board in group #1 due to DS16 disability, which was nice. The rest of our party was #17 and they were on about an hour later. Rooms were not available until 2:00 which was typical for any cruise line. We had an inside cabin for four. It had a queen bed, sofa bed and one Pullman bed above the couch. While spacious for a cruise, it still is pretty tight with the coffee table next to the sofa. There is not tons of drawer space, and there is this weird thing with the closets. They width of the hangers is just a little too wide for the width of the closet. So when slide the sliding door all the way to one side, the hangers get mashed and it makes opening and closing them difficult. The shoulder of my favorite dress got caught and now has a hole in it. Our Nannies room had a much better layout as it was a side facing inside room for three. Even though it is the same size I am sure, it just felt larger. I did like having the little tub, even if I did not use it. It felt larger than a typical cruise shower and much cleaner with less water on the floor. The fridge did not get cold, but cool, and you had to go through 3 doors to get to the fridge. The beds were comfortable, the linens nice. I did not care for the shampoo and conditioner they provided, but that is a personal thing. The Wonder is a very pretty boat, not flashy, but quietly elegant. I enjoyed all the art on the walls. The boat is showing some wear here and there, but that is to be expected for a boat of this age. Most of the public spaces are very nice, but a lot are underused. I had hoped there would be a more adult activities held in these areas during the day, but no. We particularly liked the Outlook Cafe which is above the Cove Cafe. It is on deck 11, for adults and is a nice way to relax with a drink and look out at the ocean. Go for the "adult" coffees! They pack a punch! You can also get a punch pass for the Cove Cafe where you buy 5, get one free (that does include the "adult" coffees). We spent the first couple of days at sea getting the layout down of our temporary home. I was very worried about the amount of children on board (over 700) but Disney seems to manage it very well. There were no hoards of crazy teenagers running amok or evil elevator trolls. Since my children were in the older groups, I cannot comment on the Oceaneer's Lab and such. My niece and nephew seemed to enjoy it, but the large bracelets that had to wear were annoying. The tween and teen groups had a lot of different activities. I thought it was very well done. Since this was our first Disney cruise, I was very interested in the rotational dining. I have to say I enjoyed it. I think my favorite restaurant was Parrot Cay. I did enjoy Tritons, but we ate there a lot as we don't usually eat in the buffet. Animator's Palette was not so hot, the food was fine, but I was expecting more of the "show". In general I found the food good, not great. There was nothing that blew my skirt up, but then there was nothing that was truly horrible either. We only did the buffet a couple of times as we like the pace better at the dining room. It would have been nice to have more late night choice of food. Most things seemed to close at 9:30pm. I would like to point out some good food points. #1 the lobster tails. They were BY FAR the largest I have ever seen on a cruise, even in the pay restaurants! The tomato & basil soup, very yummy! Also a happy surprise was the pastas! Most were very tasty. My DH enjoyed the braised short ribs as well as the chicken strips and Pluto's Doghouse. Low points were pretty much most of the desserts and most of the fish dishes, which were overcooked and dry. The times I went to the buffet I was underwhelmed, so I just did not go back. Since we were traveling with our handicapped son we decided not to do a lot in port. In Puerto Vallarta I just stopped by Wal-Mart for some socks that I forgot and some tequila and vanilla. It was very cheap! Use your credit card for the best exchange rate. Due to the cancelation of Mazatlan, we were in Cabo for two days although one was very short. I went shopping the first day at the outdoor market they have and while there was a lot of stuff, it was stuff we had seen before, so not interested. On the second day we decided to have a beach break and took a water taxi to Lover's Beach. It was $5 per person round trip. This is not a great swimming beach as the waves are hard and the undertow is strong. The sand is also pretty grainy. But to just play and relax, it was perfect. We even had a local come by with some cold beer for $5 a bottle and he took the empties. The rocks here are pretty spectacular so bring your camera. Also there is NO bathroom or facilities so bring bottle water. The Pirate night was a lot of fun and I was surprised to see how many people dressed up. I felt a little underdressed. I did not go to the show, but enjoyed the fireworks. They have the Disneyland turkey legs at the buffet after the show. All in all I felt it was a good cruise. The cost with the KSF was about the same as any other MR cruise in an inside cabin. If we were to pay for the kids, I would have not gone. The free soda is a huge benefit, as well as bringing on your own liquor. I felt the service was good, but I was expecting a little bit more since it was Disney. We have had much worse service on Norwegian but better on Celebrity. The waiters seemed to be overwhelmed and I hated to keep asking for water and drink refills, but they do a good job. Our stateroom host was very good. I really appreciated the adult only areas, they really police that. The adult pool is truly wonderful. The Goofy and the Mickey Pool were pretty busy all the time. If you love Disney you will love this cruise. If you love to cruise, you will like this cruise. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
After reading some of the previous reviews I have to say that the cruise depends a lot on your attitude. ANY cruise, not just the Disney cruise have great things, good things and bad things, it's what you focus on that determines your ... Read More
After reading some of the previous reviews I have to say that the cruise depends a lot on your attitude. ANY cruise, not just the Disney cruise have great things, good things and bad things, it's what you focus on that determines your vacation. I want to start with a couple of little tips I thought might be helpful for the next cruiser.My first question was what time should we arrive at the port? I've been on cruises were they won't let you in early and some the earlier you get there the better..on this Disney cruise I say WAIT!! It seemed the majority of passengers (including us) arrived around 11/11:30, so the line to get the kids checked-in was over an hour and once you are on the ship your room isn't even ready until 2pm anyway. I noticed after our wait that the line for the check in was significantly shorter and even the line for food on the boat was shorter after 2pm. It really makes lot of sense to wait if you can, showing up early only means you will wait more. We thought the food was fine. Nothing real exciting but not awful either. My kids are very picky and loved the chicken strips (even my husband liked them). My 8 year old son ate them every night. For me the fish dishes were really bad...overcooked and dry. I would stay away from the fish, but the salads and meat were good, and if something isn't right have your waiter take it back and get something else! I did that and they were very nice about it. The desserts were fine also...I'm a real sweet eater and felt like there was a huge shortage in this department. Honestly my favorite dessert was my sons Mickey Ice Cream Bar -yummy! The service however was FANTASTIC! Our waitress and asst. waiter were so kind to my kids, I think they actually like kids on this ship! Speaking of kids...of course there are a ton of kids on this cruise. It's a Disney cruise after all, but I didn't feel like I heard tons of screaming or running into kids everywhere. Really the only time I noticed lots of kids was at the Mickey Pool - Holy Smokes are there a lot of kids in that pool, but the parents seemed more bothered by the amount of kids then the kids did. After I got over MY dislike of the crowd I realized it didn't matter one bit to the kids having fun in the pool! We had the late seating at dinner, so there were far fewer kids in the dining room, which was nice! Plus they offer a great eat and play for late diners where the "club" counselors come and pick up your kids after 45 minutes - awesome. As for the lab and club, I was sure my 4 year old daughter would love it, but it was a bit too "crazy" for her. But my 8 year old son loved it! He never wanted to leave. He made cookies, flubber, found Stitch experiments and loved all the computer games. The wrist bands were annoying and drove both kids crazy but we were able to slip them on and off. Be ready for lines to get pictures and photos with the characters, but we only waited a long time for the princesses (get there early - they do close the line!!), everyone else was about 15 - 20 minutes. All in all my group of six, two grandparents, two parents and two kids, had a really enjoyable time. We loved the ports (just wish we stayed longer at Cabo on the second date) HIGHLY recommend the dolphin adventure in Puerto Vallarta and parasailing in Cabo. Thought the food was fine and loved the Disney shows (don't miss a one!!!) and movies. The staff was above and beyond, always had smiles and made the kids feel special. Our room was awesome, loved the veranda with navigator window, felt like there was amble storage for a cruise room and liked the two room bathroom, very handy. Oh and one last note(from the husband) very few men wear tuxs. On the formal and semi-formal night just about all men are in suits, the women got pretty fancy and all the little girls looked like princesses. Plus don't forget about Pirate Night - wish I had brought stuff to dress my kids and the adults. I hope you make your cruise and enjoyable time! We did!! Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
We sailed on the Disney Magic on August 3, 2008 for seven nights. There were a total of four of us in our group. Myself, 37, my wife, 39, son, 14, son's friend, 15. My wife has been on two previous cruises, one with Carnival and one ... Read More
We sailed on the Disney Magic on August 3, 2008 for seven nights. There were a total of four of us in our group. Myself, 37, my wife, 39, son, 14, son's friend, 15. My wife has been on two previous cruises, one with Carnival and one with NCL. My son and I have sailed once before on NCL, and this was his friend's first cruise All in all, we had a very good time, and had no real complaints other than the breakfast buffet. I won't go into great detail, but just try to hit the highlights. SHIP You would never guess this ship just celebrated its 10th birthday. It is in very good shape. I saw very little evidence that it need to go into dry dock in a couple of weeks. Very clean and very well maintained. CABIN We were in a Cat 10 Deluxe Inside Cabin. We had some initial concerns about booking this cabin with four people, but all in all, it was a nice room, with plenty of room and storage space. FOOD The breakfast buffet at topsiders is really bad, but other than that, we found the food to be pretty good. Palo is very nice, but I did not feel that it was so much better than the other dining rooms that it was worth an extra $15 per person. We did both brunch and dinner, and would not spend the money to do them again. ACTIVITIES There are many activities for both the kids and adults on board at all hours. My son and his friend really enjoyed the teen club, The Stack. Most nights they came rolling in around 2am. My wife and I had no problems finding this for us to do. We did beer tasting one day, and tequila tasting another. If you are looking for something to do, you really can't be bored. EXCURSIONS All four of us only did one excursion, and that was in Cabo. We did the Lands End Cruise that took you out to the Arch Rock. That was pretty fun, and not to expensive. My son and his friend did the Teen Cruise in Puerto Vallarta, they had a very good time on it. Overall We all had a very good time. Mazatlan is a complete waste of time, but it was nice to finally get to Cabo, AND Puerto Vallarta was nice. Mazatlan is very dirty, and the water is gross. We had a great time, but would not do Disney again. We booked this cruise with great hesitation because of the high cost versus any other cruise line that does this same exact cruise. Other than the cabin being larger than our last cruise on NCL, we saw no difference of any kind in the quality of food or service that we got on NCL. I went on board with an open mind, but I never saw this amazing "Disney" this that makes it worth paying the prices that they charge. Again, we all had a very good time, but in no way did we feel that we got our money's worth. We had Royal's Vision of the Sea's following us the entire week, and we could have gone on that ship, in a balcony, for about $2500 less than we paid for Disney. If you have young children under 10 or 11, I do think that Disney would be worth it, but for us, although I am glad we finally did it, I do not feel it was worth the money we paid. We hated having an assigned dining time. We like Freestyle much better. Read Less
Sail Date August 2008
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