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Sail Date: December 2014
Disney Dream cruise was the best experience right from the start. Here is a detailed view: Checkin Process online prior to arrival at port - very simple and straight forward with all options clearly defined. Checkin process at port - ... Read More
Disney Dream cruise was the best experience right from the start. Here is a detailed view: Checkin Process online prior to arrival at port - very simple and straight forward with all options clearly defined. Checkin process at port - well organized and efficient. For little kids, get the electronic band immediately post checkin before 3pm. Boarding - Welcome team announces your family and you feel good as the crew and ambience make you feel that you are entering magical world. This is the just the beginning. Day 1 - Save up your energy and sign up for lot of kids activities. There is ton of stuff for teenagers too. For adults there are good socializing options. Day 2-4, it is filled with fun activities. Suggestions: 1. Don't need special cameras, let Disney crew take as many pictures as they can. Don't feel shy. It is worth it. In the end you can buy the cd and prints for a reasonable price around $300+ for unlimited pictures. 2. Pick your food selection of your choice based on dietary interests. You can always order food on the menu for free. 3. Pick a deck level 6-9 as they are the best, to avoid motion sickness. Room at the middle section is best. Stateroom with Verandah is worth the price. 4. Keep your valuables in room safe. 5. Take Airborne or similar to boost immune system. Use the wipes they give everywhere to stay healthy. 6. Tip your Head Server, Server and Assistant along with your host/hostess. They work 14 long hard hours to make your trip worthwhile. 7. Take Snorkle and swimming gear with you. If you can take swim jackets is worth it. Otherwise, they quickly add up in costing. 8. In Nassau, take the trip to see using the taxi first and then come back to ship for lunch and then go back for some more walking around downtown which is near port. All walkable distance of less than 5 min. You can pay everything in USD, and items are priced reasonably. Stores perpendicular to Main Street have better price on same product. Be mindful of pickpockets and folks swiping stuff. Otherwise very safe place. 9. In Castaway Cay, it is Disney property and most items are free except Snorkle gear and swimming gear etc. 10. As everything is charged to room and charge card on file. Be mindful, of what is free and what costs. Best of all it is crew and team work that make it memorable. There is plenty of food, soft drinks and ice creams for free always. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2014
Our family, two adults and two children, just returned from the Thanksgiving cruise on the Disney Fantasy. We loved it so much we booked another cruise while onboard. Our kids, ages 8 and 10, loved the Oceaneer Lab; it was difficult to get ... Read More
Our family, two adults and two children, just returned from the Thanksgiving cruise on the Disney Fantasy. We loved it so much we booked another cruise while onboard. Our kids, ages 8 and 10, loved the Oceaneer Lab; it was difficult to get them to leave! The spa is beautiful and peaceful, and if it's in your budget, we highly recommend buying a membership to the Rainforest area of the spa. Hot tubs overlooking the ocean, heated lounge chairs, saunas and steam rooms, just heavenly. The food is very good for a cruise ship, however, given the number of meals to be served each day, it (understandably) does not measure up to five-star restaurants. What set the cruise apart for us was the level of service. Every request was granted with a smile. The staff seemed to go out of their way to anticipate our needs, if a request was made on one night, the staff repeated it on other nights without our asking. Due to the high winds on the first couple of days, the Aquaduck was closed, once it opened our 8 year old daughter rode it constantly. Our son loved the Donald pool and the Arr-Cade. Embarkation and disembarkation were a breeze, prior to boarding we left our luggage in our precruise room at the Orlando airport Hyatt, DCL picked it up and delivered it to our stateroom. When leaving, DCL printed our boarding passes and checked our baggage to our home airport. We really had a wonderful time and can't wait until our next cruise on the Fantasy! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2013
Being without children, I had a few issues with DCL, but honestly, I could see why anyone would want to take another Disney Cruise, it's a fabulous company. But it doesn't fit my personal interest. Here goes a breakdown of my ... Read More
Being without children, I had a few issues with DCL, but honestly, I could see why anyone would want to take another Disney Cruise, it's a fabulous company. But it doesn't fit my personal interest. Here goes a breakdown of my experience: Cleanliness/Ship- The good: The decor on this ship is beautiful. I found myself always noticing something new in the details. The color scheme is nautical and classic. There were always crew members cleaning; even cleaning places you would never think needed it! I wish ALL cruise ships were this lovely. The layout was easy to navigate, I never found myself needing to go up to get down or anything, although that may have been luck. Room- The good: The rooms are HUGE! We had an Ocean View (normally we like balconies, but this cruise was a gift to us so I'm not complaining!) and I loved how much space there was. With just two of us in the room, we didn't even use the majority of the storage provided. The "whatever": I'm iffy on the split bathrooms, I like the idea of it, but there was a lot of "Oops, that's the shower," and "Oops, that's the toilet." Not a big deal at all, but I'm just as content with the whole bathroom as I was the split one. Had it been more than my husband and I sharing a room, the split bathroom would have been VERY handy! The bad: Our Folio never worked on the TV, which was kind of irritating, but it may have had something to do with my mother-in-law being the one that booked the trip? It wasn't irritating enough for me to ever report the problem, though. So again, not a big deal. Our room had a lot of noise at night. We were under the Bridge, so I'm not sure what that was about? It got loud, though. Staff- The good: I've yet to go on a cruise where the staff weren't friendly and didn't seem happy. But on Disney, they were almost over the top accommodating. The Head Server (Alex) always cut the food for the younger kids in our party, the staff always said "Good Morning" and remembered our names, our Hostess (Nortel) played with the kids and chatted with us for about 20 minutes one night. All things I've never seen elsewhere. A+ to Disney on that one! The bad: The servers in Cabanas (the lido buffet) were actually not terribly friendly. There were a few that were always smiling and sweet, but several didn't even talk. Kind of odd! The Cruise Director- WHO? WHERE? He was not accessible and the only time he was seen was before the production shows. He didn’t even make most of the announcements. Food/Dining- The good: The soft pretzels that were served in The District (adult’s area) were the best food on the ship! The BBQ pizza from Luigi's was also fantastic. The apple deserts served in the MDR were good, but I didn't care for any others. I loved the rotational dining, but wish we had been at The Animator's Palate the whole cruise. Love that MDR! The characters on the TVs were interacting with the guests and, again, there was SO much to look at. Our servers (Alex and Merrick) were fantastic, as previously mentioned. Full of life and always happy to bring us MORE than what we even asked for. The bad: I really didn't care for any of the food I haven’t mentioned yet. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t eat anything that made me go “WOW!” with the exception of the pretzels, pizza, and apple desserts. The food was all just so-so. But believe me, I did eat. I’ve got three new pounds to get rid of! :) We were told that the buffet in Cabana’s was not open during dinner (not sure if that’s true or not) and I didn’t like that I felt there was no other option than to eat in the MDRs for dinner. There was nothing that was served 24 hours. Not even the ice cream. The times were weird for the Flo’s Cafe area, I didn’t like that either. I want to be able to eat whenever I want, even if it’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I want something to hold me until dinner. Entertainment (get ready for more bad than good here)- The good: You can tell they put a great deal of money into their production shows. The actors are good, the dancing is good, and the staging is good. I like that they show first-run movies on board. We were able to watch Frozen while docked in Castaway Cay, which not many people can say they’ve done yet! The TVs in the staterooms offer almost every Disney/Pixar movie you can think of. I’m honestly not one to watch TV or movies on vacation, but… The bad: The productions shows got boring. My favorite show was the Vegas-style magic show, and we unfortunately left that early. I also went to The Golden Mickeys and Villains Tonight. They were cute, but boring at times. The fireworks on Pirate Night were short and followed a performance I couldn’t see from the amount of people on deck. There were other shows I didn’t make it to, but I didn’t love the ones I did see, so I’m not too upset. Having eaten at the early seating, my husband and I had a tendency to get full and tired before anything started for the night. I pulled myself to go do things the first three nights, but there were hour lulls where there was nothing else to do but go sit in our room and watch TV while he fell asleep and I waited. I didn’t feel like the Characters were around as much as people said. They only came out for scheduled pictures, then disappeared. I thought I’d see them all over the place? I didn’t like the lack of adult entertainment on board. I only went to one of the three shows that were 18+ because I really wanted to sleep at 10:30 after being bored for two and a half hours. That one show was… okay. It was the “Love and Marriage Game” or whatever. It went exactly as the games on Carnival go, same questions and all. This game was hosted by my favorite of the entertainment staff, Jo. But I only saw her once more. Other than that, there were two magic shows for 18+, neither of which I made it to. The only other scheduled adult activities were centered around Nightclub Dancing (no thanks), the Spa (not my cup of tea), and Fitness Center (I prefer to work out on my own). We spent most of our time on board in the Serenity area, but I wish they had some sort of entertainment there during the day. Castaway Key- The good: I want to OWN this island! Very pretty. It’s not overly Americanized and the island isn’t overly developed. With the exception of the beach area, the island appeared to be natural and untouched, which I love. I wish we’d been able to check out the Serenity area of the island, but we were spending time with family. The bad: Maybe I should have eaten the BBQ at Cookies, because I didn’t eat a thing from there that I liked! Embarkation/Debarkation- The good: Love that we can bring alcohol on board. That saved us a lot of money, even with still buying several drinks a day so we wouldn’t have to go to the room. Debarkation was awesome. We could just get off the ship whenever we wanted! The luggage was arranged by room number, very convenient! The bad: Maybe we should have chosen a later port arrival time? The embarkation process was just as I’ve experienced in the past. They make it seem like it would be more organized by giving you a time to arrive, but you don’t get on the ship at that time. That, I didn’t like. To end things- I loved the Disney Cruise, there are certainly things they do better than other lines. But I’m not sure they’re the right cruise line for me. Most of this rests in the entertainment and food schedule, obviously. But for those reasons, I’m not sure I would choose DCL if given the choice in the future. If they were to focus a little more on the adults at night (starting around 8:30 rather than 10:30!), I would definitely consider them again.   Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2012
I have cruised with Royal Caribbean and most recently Norwegian Cruise line. To say I was underwhelmed with NCL on our last cruise is an understatement. We booked on Disney because we both love the parks and know that Disney is held to a ... Read More
I have cruised with Royal Caribbean and most recently Norwegian Cruise line. To say I was underwhelmed with NCL on our last cruise is an understatement. We booked on Disney because we both love the parks and know that Disney is held to a higher standard as far as customer service is concerned. Pre-cruise info - We flew into MCO the night before our cruise and stayed at the brand new Art of Animation resort. We stayed in one of the little mermaid rooms. We thought that the whole hotel had been decorated nicely. We were satisfied with our stay. One perk about staying on Disney property is that you get picked up from the disney cruise line bus to go to port canaveral. Your bags are picked up from your room in the morning and then the next time you see them is when you are in your stateroom on the ship! Embarkation was a breeze! We got to the port around 1:30, went quickly through security, check-in and had our picture taken. I would say that this process took less than 20 min. First impressions of the ship: AMAZING everything was so beautiful... I don't think pictures can do it justice! And especially since the whole ship was decorated for Christmas! There are just no words... Disney had the ship decked to the nines with decorations... very classy and tasteful! Stateroom - we were in room 9016... great location, in the forward section of the ship. We loved our room attendant, RG. He was always smiling and always was very accommodating to anything we needed. We had a balcony which we used often. We liked that the bathroom was split so someone could take a shower, while another used the bathroom. this would be great for families. Our only complaint about the room was that the queen bed DOES NOT convert into two twin beds as on other cruises. We are two single girls traveling on the cruise and we felt as if it was strange that NONE of the beds converted. I would think that disney would want to accomodate many kinds of guests. My friend ended up sleeping on the couch bed... it was ok, she dealt with it and requested a foam mattress from housekeeping so she could sleep at night. The queen bed in the room was very comfortable and I just think that DCL should offer some rooms with twin beds. We also liked that the tv in the room had ENDLESS amounts of free on demand disney movies, shows, and other ABC shows. Not that we spent alot of time in our room but we thought it was a nice feature. Sailaway party was great - better than any I've seen on any ship i've been on! So much fun and definitly got you pumped for the vacation! Dining - I will be honest... We did not really care for the food too much. Either the food was "too fancy" or just didn't taste all that good. The restaurants themselves were amazing. Our favorite was Animators palate. Our servers were Elhan and Rakesh. They were so nice and really attentive every night. Activities - We knew when booking this cruise that DCL tailors the cruise to mostly families. And that was fine by us, we don't mind being around kids. Our only concern is there wasn't much for adults to do during sea days. Hmmm... do I want to go to an acupunture or posture analysis class today ;) We went to an animators class where we learned how to draw mickey and donald. that was really cool and I also liked the disney trivia games. I just think it would be nice to have a little bit more to do for adults. We loved going on the aquaduck! It was closed on two sea days because of high winds so we did not get to ride it as much as we would have liked. Entertainment - The shows on this cruise were amazing! Aladdin was so awesome and could be on broadway it was so good. The other two main shows were wishes and believe. those were very entertaining as well! Our entertainment host in the tube lounge, Trevor was great! He was so funny and kept everyone entertained. If you want a good laugh, go to the quest game show. We also went to battle of the sexes. They also had a magician, comedian and a group called buckets N boards onboard that week. they were all very entertaining. Pirate night was also alot of fun. people dressed up like pirates and they have a buccaneer blast fireworks show off the ship. Disney does not disappoint! We also liked going to get our pictures taken with the characters! so much fun! Ports of Call: St. Thomas - GORGEOUS island... seriously paradise! We went on the screamin' eagle jet boat in the morning which was so much fun! then we took the skyride to paradise point, which had amazing views of the island. San Juan - We took an atv tour through the EL Yunque rainforest. so awesome and alot of fun! Castaway Cay - I cannot say enough about castaway cay... it was great! So peaceful and beautiful. There was a private beach called serenity bay for adults. they also had a BBQ lunch on the island as well. I went parasailing that day and will never forget it! You must go to castaway cay! Service was impeccable on this cruise. Every cast member is so eager to help and happy to see you. This was such a different experience then when we were on NCL. Yikes! I would return to DCL in a heartbeat, just because of their awesome crew! Debarkation - We chose to walk off the ship with our bags since we wanted to get off as soon as possible so we could go check in at our hotel and then go to the parks. We were off the boat and through customs by 7:45... amazing... I've never seen embarkation/debarkation go so smoothly! Summary - I would not hesitate once about going on another Disney Cruise! I really want to go back! The Disney Fantasy is an amazing ship with so much to offer. Granted, it is more money for a disney cruise then say Carnival... but you get what you pay for. I felt as though on NCL you were constantly nickeled and dimed to spend more money when you had already spent enough (all the restaurants that you have to pay for) I liked that soda was included and did not have to pay for it extra like on other lines. Bottom line, you will love this cruise! Read Less
Sail Date: December 2012
Where do I start? Overall, Disney Fantasy is THE nicest ship I have ever seen/been on. Starting with the Family greeting when you walk through the Atrium. Disney knows what they are doing. Service, forget about it. Everything you need ... Read More
Where do I start? Overall, Disney Fantasy is THE nicest ship I have ever seen/been on. Starting with the Family greeting when you walk through the Atrium. Disney knows what they are doing. Service, forget about it. Everything you need is taken care of. Dining room experience is incredible. Rotational dining with the same waiter is a nice touch. Food never got old or unattractive. Dinner was always delicious. Good variety of dinner options. Kids menu was good also. Free soda at dinner was a nice touch, plus all the self service free soda everywhere else was nice. The boat did move a little more than i am used too, not sure if it was the seas or the design of the boat, it seemed a little narrower than Royal Caribbean's Boats. I did feel the moving of the boat and not just at night. Kids programs, fantastic! my 4 yr old and 6yr old had a blast. hours 9am to midnight and a couple nights til 1am plus they feed the kiddos. Awesome! Character appearances at the kids club, games played, crafts, video games, u name it they had it. Mickey and pals appearance s on the boat, My kids both filled up their autograph books with signatures from all the characters and princesses. Pictures, good thing they had the all picture package, if you take all the pictures and professional setups they have you have no choice other than paying 20 bucks per photo it is a good deal. Ports were Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Castaway Cay(review in port section) Other than the price and smaller room than I like I can't complain about the cruise. It was nice being there on Christmas Day with Christmas Carolers singing in the Atrium, cookies and Hot Cocoa being served to everyone. Almost forgot about the shows, By far the best entertainment I have seen at sea. Disney's original shows do not disappoint. Buckets N Boards were outstanding family fun. Will definitely do a Disney cruise again. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2011
First, a little background. DH and are in our early 40s and have sailed about 7 or 8 times before, previously on RCCL and Princess. We did the 2 night cruise to "nowhere" on Disney's Wonder in February 2011, and it was a ... Read More
First, a little background. DH and are in our early 40s and have sailed about 7 or 8 times before, previously on RCCL and Princess. We did the 2 night cruise to "nowhere" on Disney's Wonder in February 2011, and it was a disaster. BUT, we had this special 8n holiday cruise to the MR booked already (some 2 years ago) and we decided to keep the reservation and see what a full cruise would be like on the Wonder. Our 2 DD's are almost 12 and 7 and have been on 3 other cruises with us. First the great things about the ship: it's smaller, which means much less walking from place to place. Our suite was located forward of the midship elevators and there is a reason why the most expensive suites are there. The forward elevators are the quietest and have the best access to the theater, the lounges and other frequently visited places on the ship. The midship elevators are very busy but take you just about everywhere including the kids clubs, the theater, the shops, and Tritons. Midship is also the most stable on the ship as far as movement, which was key for my younger DD, who sometimes gets a little seasick in rough waters. Our cabin, the Walt Disney suite, was beautiful in its appearance with whitewashed wood everywhere. Tons of storage space too. The layout was very clever with a separate bedroom for the kids (sleeps 4 with 2 pull downs) and a dining room that easily sits 6, plus a living room area that we hung out in a lot. The "reading room" has 2 huge chairs to sit in, which I used often to stare out the huge bay windows into the deep blue sea. There is a large murphy bed in that room too that the stewart lowered for my older DD every night. Then there is the master bedroom and bathroom, which are not huge but very comfortable. It's the best use of about 1200 square feet I have ever seen, and I think you can easily fit 6 people into the room at least without being on top of eachother. The suite had the wonderful gift of having free Palo delivered to your room every night if you wished. Our room stewart (the same one each night we ordered) was superb and set up a white linen tablecloth and all the dishes, etc about 30 minutes before our food was to be delivered. Sometimes we ordered in as a 3 course meal, sometimes we had them deliver everything all at once if we were in a hurry to do something. It was the best part of the whole cruise. We also had brunch at Palo (not free and not in our room) and it was FABULOUS. The views from the top deck are to die for. I would recommend brunch over dinner, actually! The seafood spread was amazing and absolutely delicious. Worth every penny. The entertainment on the ship, for both adults and kids, was incredible. We are talking broadway quality shows for Disney such at Toy Story (basically the first movie acted out), Dreams (princesses) and Golden Mickeys. The talent and sheer imagination that goes into these shows is beyond any other cruise line's. The kids and adults all enjoyed the entertainmnet. We also had a wonderful comedian/ventrilaquist on board as well as a magician. They made stops in the kids clubs before going to perform in the huge theater, so the children got a more intimate "show" each time. At night, around 9:30, the houseband (Speakerbox) played a set for about 45 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of either adult comedy or 80s theme night or 70s name that tune or whatever. Then Speakerbox came on and played again till around midnight. It was a wonderful way for adults to enjoy the evening after late seating dinner. The weather and ports were great (Cabo, Cabo, PV and Manzanillo) and we did all Disney excursions for the convenience (and safety). The family enjoyed every single one. In Cabo, we did the dolphin swim on D1 and a snorkeling excursion to Santa Maria on D2. The waters were cold so be prepared (we had 1/2 wetsuits). In PV we did the Paradise Beach getaway and it was the best excursion we've done in the MR ever (in 5 cruises!). In Manzanillo, Elephant Rock snorkeling was a huge hit with totally calm and warm waters, lots of fish and great coral. Now the bad. Disney does NOTHING for adult entertainment during the day, either in port or during sea days. On the Navigator it may look like there are "lots" of activities but they are all sales pitches (DVC presentations, how to get a flatter stomach by eating a lot (buy spa products), how to relieve all your pain through acupuncture (at the spa), etc,). OR, you can pay money and do just about any alcohol tasting. Beer tasting, margarita tasting, wine tasting, tequilla tasting, etc etc. They all cost money and they all try to sell you stuff. There would be about 3 of these alcohol tasting events on the navigator every day! Otherwise, there were literally NO events of any kind. No Bingo, no trivia, no educational talks about animation like I had hoped, nothing. Princess and RCCL do a way better job in daytime activities for adults! The kids clubs were "Open House" during port hours too. You know what that means? That means a parent must stay with the child at all times as it's all unsupervised. So basically you get to use the club to babysit your children. Talk about cheap! THis would go on for almost 6 hours a day! Most other cruise lines still offer some childcare if you don't want to take your kid to port or just need a break. Can't believe Disney does this. Our cabin was also unbelievably loud. Talk about snap, crack and pop constantly, and we had the most calm seas I have ever sailed on the Pacific! I think here the Wonder really shows her age. Soundproofing is aweful and you can hear people walking above you and in the hallways all conversations filter right in. Just be prepared and bring earplugs. The noise in the Disney suite with all that wood was just crazy! We called it the Rice Crispy Suite. SPeaking of motion, this ship is also I think a bit dated when it comes to stabilizers. Even in the completely calm waters we sailed in all 8 days, the ship swayed back and forth. Now I love being at sea and I don't mind, but quite a few others remarked on the constant swaying sideways and uncomfortable. More modern ships we've been on have somehow managed to eliminated this sway, even in more turbulent waters. Our family didn't mind but if this is your first cruise, consider it. Last gripe (and a big one) is one I had on the 2n cruise too. The food is just not good! Think of your local sit down chain restaurant (Red Robin, Denny's, etc) and then take it down 2 notches. That's the food in the main dining rooms. Tritons somehow was better than AP and PC but really, all 3 were bad! Everything is preplated so unless you ask for special things 24h ahead, they literally cannot give you a plate of steamed veggies on the side or a sundae without nuts! They cannot make anything special in the kitchen at the time of your meal. You have to review the menu ahead of time and ask for it the day before! Good grief. Now Palo is of course and exception and having the Walt suite saved the day for us because 4 nights out of the 8 we ate in our room and avoided the dining rooms entirely. We had awesome, made to order food there and it was all included in the pricy suite! Only the top 3 suites allow this though, not all, so check which they are. Also, the buffet has the most limited hours of any ship I have ever been on. It closed every day at 2pm. At 2:05, the serving spoons disappear from the buffet so even if you are wanting seconds, you are out of luck. One day we returned from an excursion at around 1:50 and about 100+ people raced up to the buffet to try to catch lunch. They literally turned away about 1/2 of the guests, saying it was too late and they couldn't eat! Unebelievable. So then your only choice is lousy, soggy and fattening hamburgers or hotdogs at the grill or soggy wraps that the kids just don't eat. Or, you can order room service, which serves the same hamburgers/hotdogs/wraps, just to your room! You basically are out of luck until your sit down mealtime at 5:30 or 8:30. Try explaining that to your starved preteen after a long day of swimming at the pool! I have literally never sailed on a ship with less buffet hours in my life. Very cheap of Disney to not have a 5-8pm time for the buffet or something like that. Most cruise lines go from 6am to midnight, if not 24 hours! So while we had a great time on this holiday cruise thanks to the wonderful activities, shows and excursions, we just can't see sailing Disney again. The prices are outrageous, almost 2x that of Princess and almost 3x that of Carnival, with simply not enough things going for the ship or the food or the activities to justify this cost. If Disney truly was so far above and beyond that of other lines, I could understand paying more. But they really aren't. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2011
We cruised with NCL and Royal Caribbean pre-children and loved it. I was so excited when i discovered Disney did cruises and we could take the girls! Did the Disney Magic around Europe last August and I thought it was great (food was a ... Read More
We cruised with NCL and Royal Caribbean pre-children and loved it. I was so excited when i discovered Disney did cruises and we could take the girls! Did the Disney Magic around Europe last August and I thought it was great (food was a little underwhelming but on the whole great service and great entertainment too). I recommended Disney cruises to my family and so for Christmas my parents spent over £20,000 taking the whole family on the Mexican Riveria cruise on 26 December. My parents had a cabin with 2 little portholes on deck 1 - so noisy as it was next to the engine room. All 4 cabins were on different decks (1, 2, 6 & 7) - we were originally on different tables at dinner. Service in the restaurant was interesting to say the least. Our waiter was lovely but rarely got anyones order correct. At the character breakfast not one breakfast order was correct - in fact she then turned up with plates full of bacon, sausage etc. and turned it into a buffet (which is not what we wanted!!). The assistant waiter was so sweet but obviously very nervous - shaking hands, sweating a lot (in fact this dripped on my brother -in - law!!). My bill included 7 wrong drinks orders - he often made us sign the receipts the next day as he couldn't work them out on the night. It wasn't very complicated as we only had one or two drinks each!! it wasn't just the waiting staff though. it took 2 calls to guest services and 2 further phone calls to finally get my safe fixed (day 5 of the cruise). Thought PV was awful, Cabo San Lucas was nice though. When I asked the morning of the PV port stop if there was a public beach nearby, I was told not to go to the public beach as there was no lifeguard and that I should have booked the beach excursion. I then answered that wasn't it a little late to book it - the response was 'it's full anyway!!" completely pointless conversation! By the way the public beach was very good - and there was a lifeguard Disney!! We did have a lovely cruise but I was disappointed and embarrassed that this wasn't the experience we'd had last year. Also disappointed that 3 of the shows were exactly the same as last year, another show was a hypnotist (of no interest to a 5 year old) and then they showed The Muppets movie in the theatre one night - that's just plain lazy! I have booked to go on the Fantasy next September and to be honest I wouldn't have booked it if i'd have been on this cruise first. Disney - sort out your service. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2011
We have cruised disney before and loved it. That is why we booked again but I have to say we were dissappointed. We were on a waiting list for a suite but were never called. We ended up in a cat 4A. we were required to pick a check in ... Read More
We have cruised disney before and loved it. That is why we booked again but I have to say we were dissappointed. We were on a waiting list for a suite but were never called. We ended up in a cat 4A. we were required to pick a check in time and it only allowed a 230p and a 300p. When we arrived at 230 the photographers were gone and we missed our picture(thats a big deal to us) we keep all of our welcome pics for our children. The food on the previous cruises wonder magic was unbeleivable. Fresh warm every meal. Plenty of fruit and salads.This cruise we had 5 in our party. every night we had to ask for the bread that was served with dinner. They brought enough for 3 people. They gave us bagels one evening? not sure why. With the exception of the final night in the royal palace The food was cold hard and flavorless, It was a shocker because in the past it was so terrific. The dream is very chopped up. Hard to find remy palo and meridian bar. The rooms were same as in past.dont look different.The photographer was sparce couldnt get too many pics. the pics that were taken were unflattering as is if they were snapped by a person off the street. The crew in the past esp at dinner ect did tricks with the kids and they became used to that, The servers were good but impersonal.I imagine they work very hard and maybe dont have the time. Not sure. The pool areas are swamped with children and the pool for adults was tiny. we enjoyed castaway great as always, The magic is my favorite ship. spacious flows nicely warm crew. Many many pics alot of excursions. All in all just dissapointed in the dream expected a special experience for new years. Wont travel it again. we may do the fantasy and see how that ship turned out. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2011
Over all, we had a great time. And my kids especially enjoyed it; they have fantastic kids' programs for all ages (both oldest son and youngest son ended up with the 11-13 year olds all week). So bottom line, if you have ... Read More
Over all, we had a great time. And my kids especially enjoyed it; they have fantastic kids' programs for all ages (both oldest son and youngest son ended up with the 11-13 year olds all week). So bottom line, if you have children or grand children, this is a fantastic cruise! Lots and lots of activities for the kids, lots of family type events, etc. They do have adult only sections so once you drop the kids off at their activity (youngest son and oldest son came and went on their own since it was the 11-13 year olds), then you can find some quiet areas. Also, after 9:00 p.m., a lot of the lounges that were open for kids were now off limits. Not an issue normally but we really wanted to do some family game nights and we never found a place to do that after 9:00 p.m. That was kind of a bummer for us. The food was just OK. Some dishes that were supposed to be hot were cold, others had little flavor while other dishes were fabulous! I guess we were spoiled by the Regent Seven Seas Mariner but now that I look at their current prices, I really cannot compare them to Disney. It's like comparing a Four Seasons hotel to a Best Western or Holiday Inn Express (we love BW and HI). Apples and oranges. But for the value, it was excellent. We spent about $1200 per person and we had 2 seperate staterooms. The same 2 staterooms on the Regent Mariner would be a lot more! Also, you do have to tip and pay for all alcoholic drinks on the Disney Cruise. On the Mariner, it's ALL included. On the Disney Cruise, we had to pay for just about everything including internet. It does add up but not what we would pay on the Mariner! (We paid an additional $1500 for shore excursion, internet access, surcharge for the adult only restaurant, alcohol, club sodas, lava flows for the kids and laundry). The noise level was over the top. I guess I should have expected this since it was a holiday cruise and the ship was full. Lots and lots of small children. Even some of the 11-13 year olds were allowed (by their parents) to run wild. Not my kids' style, thankfully! When we walked into the dining room the first night (and this was after watching the kids run up and down the hallway), it was quite loud. All hard surfaces and many of the parents ignored their children as they banged their spoons and forks on their plates. It did settle down a bit as the cruise went on and we changed dining rooms each night (rotation dining). We ate a peaceful and quiet dinner on the 2nd night in their very casual restaurant since none of us felt like dressing up (formal night). On the 3rd night, my husband and I went to the adults only restaurant (an extra $20 surcharge per person) and it was a lot more like what we experienced all over the Mariner. It was very quiet (except for some large adult parties) and the food was outstanding. We cancelled our reservations for Saturday night to have dinner with the kids; I kind of wished we had not done that and enjoyed yet another great meal at that restaurant (called Palo on the Disney Wonder). I asked my husband to move to the later seating but he really wanted to eat at the main seating (he gets up early to workout since he is a triathlete). So I told him to get ear plugs! I was told by our server and main server that the second seating has a lot less kids and is somewhat quieter. I was very impressed with the service! On the 1st night, I guess they could tell my husband was a bit annoyed (mostly at the 4 year old, curly haired blonde boy that played the drums on his plate all evening while his mother at the other end of the table completely ignored him), the Head Server asked us there was anything he could do for us. Well, the bok choy with oldest son's meal was outstanding! And my husband was hoping for some green vegetable. So he came back in a few minutes with a huge bowl of the bok choy and a 2nd bowl of steamed broccoli. Also, whenever we went to the Outlook Cafe and Lounge (an adults only place), "Vendy", our server from the Czech Republic) automatically brought me a class of La Crema Chardonnay and a club soda with lime. This so impressed this other family on the 5th night when I sat down to say hi! The bar tender at Diversions was equally responsive to our needs. My husband and I had some difficulty finding activities we liked. The trivia games were fun. I'm not a big fan of Bingo but that seemed to be a big hit with a lot of other folks. The live entertainment was very "Disney" and more suitable for smaller children and total Disney freaks (there were a lot of these on the ship!). They had a great movie theatre and showed first run movies. Unfortunately, I missed Cars 2 and I do not want to see The Help until I finish the book (which I read on the cruise). They also showed the new Muppets movie the morning it opened (at 12:01 a.m.). We liked most of the lounges and enjoyed meeting other parents with kids our age. The adult only lounge at the bow of the ship was a popular place to get an after dinner drink after the kids took off for their kids club. Very quiet, adult's playing cards and we met quite a few folks there. It also had a killer view! There was no Bridge playing on the ship. But a lot of grandparents. I was surprised that this was not an activity like it was on the last cruises we took (the 1st being NCL with my mom in 2000 and again on the Mariner to Alaska, all had Bridge time). The kids clubs were fantastic and I think this is what would bring me back to a Disney cruise. They had 5 different areas: The Vibe for ages 14-18 just for teens (and they did not allow anyone younger), The Edge for ages 11-13 and the kids could come and go as they pleased, The Oceaneers' Lab for ages 8-10 and Oceaneer's Club, ages 3-10 with some younger activities. Kids could come and go as they please at the Lab but ONLY with parents permission (they had to wear an electronic bracelet). Unfortunately, the activities were a bit "babyish" for youngest son and he did not have very much fun. But then on the 2nd day, we met a family with the same aged children and she told me that her almost 10 year old was going to The Edge. Since they never checked the kids, I thought I would just let youngest son go in. He loved it and fit right in! My youngest son hangs out with his big brother's friends (all in 7th grade) all of the time. They also had a Nursery, play room for the babies and toddlers. We never went in there :). My kids spent most of their time in The Edge with all of their activities including Xbox 360 games, Wii, card games, scavenger hunts, t-shirt painting, Dodge Ball, or on the Sports Court playing soccer or basketball. We also discovered that we all love Foosball! Looks like Santa may be delivering one of those this Christmas. We often hung out at the Outlook Cafe or in loungers near the bow while they played. On Saturday, it was too windy on the Sports Court (we were heading back up Baja at this time), so my husband set up a server (he bought a router at the Wal-Mart in Puerto Vallarta) and they had a Quake Fest in the Diversions Lounge with 4 college aged kids. It was quite the site to see the 7 of them playing Quake! I relaxed and read. So if you thinking about this cruise with your grandkids, it was fabulous. Disney does a great job with the kids and the adult areas were extremely nice. Don't expect the food to be "Cafe Firenze" but it was OK. Also, if you absolutely LOVE Disney and enjoy all that Disney offers in shows, characters (my husband got to ride the elevator with Donald Duck), than it's also fun. The Disney Vacation Club members were all over this cruise and they eat, breath and live Disney. ;) With no kids, stay in the adult area sections, eat at the late seating (8:45 p.m.) and hang out in the lounges. So my friends asked me to be honest about the noise. It bothered both my husband and me and we have kids! So maybe another cruise line geared towards adults might be a better choice if you are sensitive to the noise level generated by children unless you want to try my suggestions. They were very strict about not letting children in the adult only sections. They had a fabulous Cadillac Lounge in the Route 66 area (yes, an entire area devoted to Route 66) and the piano bar was great. I told them they needed to add a picture of the Cadillac Ranch in Texas to be complete! Also, the carpet had the entire Route 66 map from Santa Monica to Chicago. But for some reason, it stopped at Santa Rosa, NM and resumed at St Louis. I gave them a real hard time about skipping Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas especially since the National Route 66 museum is in Oklahoma! The location of our staterooms was key. Mid-ship (minimum movement), on the same level and right around the corner as The Edge, only one deck from the main dining and lounges. We also had easy access to the elevators, stairs and laundry room! I guess my biggest disappointment was the quality of food (which would explain why I actually lost weight!). The pool areas that were open to the children were zoo like on sea days (again, the ship was full because of the holiday). Neither one of my children opted to swim on the ship; just too hectic! But the younger kids seem to enjoy it quite a lot. A comment on loungers in the pool area. I noticed a lot of people dropping off their stuff to save their place and then take off. The Disney pool staff was well aware of this practice and if they saw this happening, they would take the towels off the loungers to free it up for someone who would actually use it. Of course, if you went into the pool for a little while, they would not do this. But some "campers" were obvious. For instance, my youngest son and I wanted a place to sit and eat lunch. We had a table but not chairs. I borrowed two chairs from a table behind me just long enough to eat. I thought I would wait until they came back and return their chairs. They never came back. The Disney staff also did a great job with getting more chairs, etc. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2011
Disney Dream thanksgiving cruise 11/23/2011 Background This was my 19th cruise. I have travelled on most major lines. What I look for is itinerary, timing, ship, cost, then features etc. For this cruise,it was just my wife and I. I ... Read More
Disney Dream thanksgiving cruise 11/23/2011 Background This was my 19th cruise. I have travelled on most major lines. What I look for is itinerary, timing, ship, cost, then features etc. For this cruise,it was just my wife and I. I did not have my kids for this trip. I believe a bad day on a cruise ship is better than a good day at work. As I go through this, I am pointing out details that may not be significant to all. That is understandable. I hope to inform all types of cruisers. Booking Right away, for the avid cruiser, you notice that the price is much higher than the other lines. Considering that many of the Disney cruises are the standard Nassau and Disney cay, it is unusual to see prices close to 700 to 1000$ per person. Considering this was a holiday, and it fit our schedule perfectly, I knew that we would pay more. We used a TA for this. Disney is so good with their product, all ways work well. I do not think their log on system is anything like their competitors. For example, once you login in, you have to type in your reservation numbers each time. Carnival, RCL, princess etc all quickly show any and all reservations that you have made. RCL even shows your previous dream trips you have saved. The Disney land vacation system is a little better. Getting to the port I always recommend going a day earlier for the trip. It allows you some prep time and peace of mind. In the case a plane is cancelled, you have time to get on another flight. We stayed at Caribbean beach. A cheaper Disney option that worked well. There is a nice transportation system to get you around. I definitely recommend the transfers. Cabs will cost you about 55$ for two one way airport to hotel. Keep in mind, when you stay at the resort, you will not be the first on the ships. Depending on what location you stay at, you may arrive just a few hours prior to departing. Your bags will be picked up from your room around 8am. You will see them next outside your cabin prior to the ship departing. Smooth process. Relax. It is about an hour to hour and a half trip depending on traffic and other pickups. If you fly in the day of, definitely do the Disney transfers, that will save you trouble. At the port Disney has a dedicated port. It is very nice. It is sandwiched between two other ports that house a variety of carnival, RCl, and HAL ships. We had the Carnival pride there when we left and sensation and freedom of the seas when returning. The check in process is almost a walk through if you are not there right when it opens. Since Disney transfers get you there later, it is a quick check in. On line check in works great. The ship There were two reasons we took this trip. The ship and timing. Both were a hit. The ship is beautiful. The first thing you notice is the beautiful foyer. It does not look like anything out on the see. Very 20's traditional with no neon and flare. Simply classy. The Christmas decor was perfect. The ship is filled with music 24 7. Not annoying music, unless you do not like Disney music. It is soft and pleasant. Staterooms are my favorite. The split family style bathroom was really cool. One room for the commode and sink. Another room for the tub/shower and a second sink. Lots of storage on the balcony room. Keep in mind that they won the 2011 award for best inside and outside cabins. Did I say storage? The beds are nice with a large space under for luggage storage. The balconies are standard size. Most rooms have the Pullman drop down beds. They are not in the way of course. The tv's have flat screens with 24 access to sports, on demand tv shows and disny movies. These Disney movies are free. Hundreds of them. Note.... If you are in the back of the ship, you will feel a shimmy. If this bothers you on those sea nights, get a room towards the center. If you are on the right side, you will get the best view of cast-a-way cay and the port. Aka starboard. The rooms have a iPod, I phone dock. All rooms have cell phones that are used to communicate on the ship while you are around the ship. No Wilkie talkies needed. Two for each room. I am sure they would give you more if needed. Three dining rooms This is a clever idea. Everything they tell you is true about the dining. You move from place to place. Repeating on 4 nights or more trips. The meals are a little more elegant than I expected. The kids like the kids menu. The food was well displayed. Multiple portions allowed without any problems. Best news..... Sodas are free, except for the bars. Easy access to sodas. They servers are quicker with it than other lines too. Self service of sodas are available on deck 11 in the cabanas lido restaurant and on the pool deck. The royal palace restaurant is beautiful. It is laid out well and actually allows the servers more room. You feel less cramped. No problems getting to your seat. They seat you quickly and service is fast. One thing we notices right away is that they do not clean up after each course, other than the used plates. Even on carnival, they will swipe the table between each course with the medal scoop. Not on Disney. They do give you wipes before you enter instead of the spray. That actually is a nice touch. It does not dry your skin. The animators pallet is a cute restaurant. It is different than the Disney wonder and magic. There are screens all around that give the illusion you are surrounded by a fish tank. Characters from Nemo entertain you through out the meal. At one point, crush actually talks to the people. I was surprised that he did not get to all of the sections. He only got to 2 or 3 of the 6 sections. The garden restaurant that is modeled after Versailles is very pretty. A low sealing with some clever lighting, make this restaurant evolve nice throughout the day. A little cramped compared to the other two, but very nice. Nice lobster ravioli. The cabana .... Aka lido deck. A wonderful surprise. Clean. Fresh chilled shrimp and crabs served during the day. You do not see that on other lines. The silver ware is wrapped and ready on the tables. Very clean and well kept up. I have to brag on one employee. I told their boss before we left. A little girl tripped and broker her plastic flashing cup. He asked for a look at it and notice the crack. He went and got her a brand new one. Nice touch!!!! Nice selections on deck. There are also 6 flavors of soft serve and three flavors of regular ice cream served throughout the day. The cones are not as good as the other lines.... Pizza is available.. , but Disney really has an awful pizza compared to the competition. Bring in new pizza Disney! Aqua duck... And he pools Relax, you will have plenty of time to ride it. They rush is right when everyone gets on the ship. Go at night. Hardly no wait. Ride during the firework show. Night rides till midnight! I rode it twice. Fun. Nothing amazing, but your on a ship!!! the pools are nice and were heated. The spa is nice, but needs actual bubbles. They hand over the side of the ship with glass sides and bottom. The adult pool does get general traffic, but is very nice. We saw no issues with young folks hanging out there. The towels are laid out for you. Easy access for towels. Service around the pools is pretty good. We have seen better. The drink options are plentiful. The kids will fill up the other pools. Cool feature..... The funnel vision is the biggest and best at sea. Followed up with an amazing sound system, it is the way to go. Wow!!! They showed several football games on it, most of the dads were out there watching the games. Four of carnivals could fit on this one screen. Three of princesses screens would be close. Wow! Entertainment.... This is where Disney rocks. All three shows, golden mickey's, the villains, and believe we're excellent. Great for all audiences. There is also a movie theater - very large - on board with an amazing sound system and 3d technology. We saw cars 2 in 3d, real steel, and the new muppet movie onboard. Throughout your trip, there are seemingly impromptu shows by the Disney characters. The kids love this. Times are announced for the kids. The downside for them is they have no live band, and their comedians and entertainment choices in the other areas are lacking. No band, very little options for the great live entertainment you get on the other ships. The district The adults only areas are not crowded. They are well decorated and are non smoking. We like the non smoking aspect. Each bar has its own feel. The dance club is nice. They look nice, but last the excitement you see on other lines. Expected for Disney. Service is great. Kids areas..... They rocked. This is what they are known for. They have the largest staff at sea to take care of the kids. We did not have kids on this trip, so I can only go by what I heard. Zero negative comments. Their kids areas were not an after thought, but a forethought. Service The service is great, but not excellent. If you go outside of their process, like carnival, they flinch or may even say "I don't know." this was a let down. I expected higher level of service. Still not bad, but not as expected. Itinerary Nassau - a nice stop with plenty of things to do. The water is a little cold, but not impossible to swim in. Not too bad. Not going into the stops as much. Cast-a-way Cay This is a great stop for Disney. You feel as though you just went onto a new deck of the ship. All you need is your room key. Food is provided and sodas are free. Ice cream and all sorts of goodies. A few Disney store shops and beach item shops on shore. It is all about the beach and the water sports. So many things to do. The bike rentals cost 6 dollars per hour. Nice easy bike ride around the island. Beautiful and wonderful time there. Debarkation was the best yet. No calling out. If you want to get off early, be in the lobby at 7am to hang out. They will start letting people out by 8 am at the latest. No issue over waiting in common areas. They actually like when you go to your breakfast spot and leave when things are free. The luggage tags are set up by character. We were Goofy. Simple process there. Walk out. All in order. Help standing by. Easy time through customs and out you go. Took us just a few minutes for the whole process. Busses are waiting outside to load up folks for the different destinations. Definitely recommend transfers. We actually went back to beach club resort for a day at Epcot. Wou walk out the back of the resort and you are next to the back entrance to Epcot. We stayed at Epcot until 4 pm. We took a cab from the hotel and got to our flight early. Our flight was at 7:30pm. The hotel held our luggage. Awesome service there. My favorite Disney resort! Disney did a great job. It was a wonderful cruise. I am a little nit picky due to costs difference, but don't lose sight, the cruise was great Read Less
Sail Date: December 2010
Normally we would spend Christmas at home with mountains of snow but for 2010 we decided to do something different. I have been on 2 previous Disney cruises before this Holiday cruise and they have both been superb! This cruise was a ... Read More
Normally we would spend Christmas at home with mountains of snow but for 2010 we decided to do something different. I have been on 2 previous Disney cruises before this Holiday cruise and they have both been superb! This cruise was a little bit different, longer cruise more people than ever before and it stop at at least 2 brand new ports to DCL. I purchased a miniature Christmas tree to make the room more festive for the season! There were some ups and downs with the service but in all a great vacation. All tours and excursions listed were booked direct with DCL. Pre Night: Hyatt Regency at the Orlando Airport(MCO). Great hotel they were going through renovations so the morning of the cruise was a little different but still very efficient. Embarkation: Was Painfully Slow because we could not do our check in and the airport because we were considered International guests we had to wait in some very long lines. Once they started boarding everything became rushed and was difficult. Once on board we went to top siders buffet and enjoyed our lunch and waited for the sweet tunes When you wish upon a star... Dinner Service: Our head server was not up to par, we rarely saw him and was not as efficient we could see the table be seated after us and still receive there meals before us. He was not bad just I have had better. Our drink waiter was never a bore he was always waiting to fill our glass or create new mind puzzle for us to solve! Overall good service but it did need improvement. Food: Delicious...need I say more? Entertainment: I went to all of the performances the Broadway styles plays were FANTASTIC! The hypnotist was hilarious and as was the balancing act.. the only one I did not enjoy and sad to say I nearly fell asleep was the Jimmy Buffet tribute band. I stayed for the entire performance but I could have skipped on it. Ports of Call: Great completely different then what I've ever done! Movie Theater: Tron, Tangled and Secretariat were the first run movies being played. Characters: There were always plenty to go around we didn't wait in line for them if we saw one open we would go otherwise we walked by with smiles. Christmas: Christmas on the ship was good they had a midnight mass, and Santa Clause brought all the Children a present it was nice to see. All the characters had Christmas Clothing on and they created a special menu for the occasion. Read Less
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