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3 Disney Gay & Lesbian Cruise Reviews

Overall appearance - Disney Cruise Line is a must for fans of Disney. Having visited Disney World, Florida and Disneyland, Paris we had high expectations and being first time cruisers we were unsure of what to expect. Of course Disney ... Read More
Overall appearance - Disney Cruise Line is a must for fans of Disney. Having visited Disney World, Florida and Disneyland, Paris we had high expectations and being first time cruisers we were unsure of what to expect. Of course Disney didn't fail in providing a one of kind experience for my partner and I, and one that will be remembered for years to come. The Disney Magic is the oldest of Disney cruise lines 4 ship fleet but from the outset you wouldn't be able to tell. The exterior of the ship is immaculate, complete with Mickey on the front and Goofy on the back with the infamous mickey heads on the two funnels. From the point of arriving at the terminal and seeing this magnificent ship in front of you, it really gets you excited for the adventure your about to embark on. Check In - Check in was seamless at the port and no sooner had we arrived, handover over our luggage, collected our keys to the world cards, a quick photo with sailor mickey and had a brief stroll around the terminal - we were boarding at midday! From then .. A walk up the galley and in to main atrium were you are welcomed aboard with an announcement of your family name and applause from Disney cast members. Again here the decoration is fantastic, a large open area with Lumière's Resteraunt on your left, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and your favourite Disney characters worked in to the surrounding stair cases and wall panels. State Room - Our room was ready at half 1 ... On the dot! We stayed in a class 9 stateroom on deck 7 with a large porthole. The rooms are beautiful, spacious and comfortable. We had a lovely queen size bed complete with a Disney cruise line pillow embroider with "a dream is a wish your heart makes". A curtained area with a pull down bunk bed (stored away during the day and for those who don't need it), a large comfortable sofa , vanity unit and TV complete the other side of the room. Our state room host was friendly and welcoming, popping in on our first evening to introduce herself and ask how we would like our room prepared during the evening. Every night we would retun to our room to fresh towels, an interesting and amusing towel animal, individual Ghirardelli chocolates and our Personal Navigator for the next day along with any other information for port of calls. The split bathroom was useful as well in that showering didn't block the use of the toilet. There is also a hairdryer in the room and a launch room on several floors (free use of the iron but washers and dryers would charge a small fee to your state room account). Entertainment - We always attended the first show of the evening at 6.30 ... Our logic was that the majority of families with children would dine at this time and as a a result the theatre would be mostly full of adults ... This wasn't the case and as a result shows would tend to be very noisy as tge children would often get pretty restless and bored. Of course Disney this is to be expected when travelling with Disney but it was often a bit frustrating for those of travelling "adult only" . Perhaps Disney could consider a more adult friendly performance of there shows at a later point in the evening? The shows themselves where, for the most part, spectacular. Highlights being Tangled, The Musical; Walt Disney, The Dream Goes On and Disney Dreams, An Enchanted Classic. The cast and crew are world class and had the audience on their feet after several performances. If anything, the shows were perhaps a bit short at 30-40 minutes but with that being said its unlikely the children would have held out much longer. Evening entertainment however left a lot to be desired. Despite Jo Slow, who was hilarious, giving it her all in Fathoms for 30 minutes in the evening for a game show such as Match Make or the 80s Quiz ... It seemed Disney had planned adult only entertainment as an after thought and as a rsult from 10.30/11pm the resident DJ Simone was often left playing her club classics to 1 or 2 late night guests and the bar staff. There always seemed to be a lot going on for families but the adult only offering needs to be reconsidered. Dining DCL run a rotational dining system which allows all guests and he opportunity to dine in the 3 on board resteraunts ...Animators Palate, Lumière's and Carioca's. Animators Palate was by far our favouring dining area. On our first and last evening we were treated to a wonderful show ... I won't spoil the details but its fantastic. Lumière's had a more up market feel to eat and was obviously inspired by Beauty and The Beast ... When compared to Magic Kingdom's, Be Our Guest, it came up short but it was still a pleasant dining environment. Carioca's was our least favourite dining room and we only ate here once. We didn't feel we had missed out on anything. Overall the food was OK/ good ... It wasn't spectacular and wasn't without fault. It was often a tad cold when it was served and it was obviously mass produced. However, it was always well presented and it was clear that DCL were trying to produce good food whilst feeding 1200 people per sitting across 3 resteraunts. The service staff where fantastic and couldn't do enough to help, you build a good rapport with them over the week and they do their best to remember your preferences and your dislikes over the course of your holiday. Port Adventures - Excursions with Port Adventures where frankly hit or miss with DCL. We had is me fantastic experiences in the port of Naples visiting Pompeii with our local guide Vito who was knowedgable, funny and charming ... Guiding us through the old ruins and explaining the history as we went. As well as in Villefranche where we visited Nice, Monoco and Monte Carlo - a truelly beautiful part of the world where we could have spent an entire week let alone 1 day! However we had a dreadful experience in Rome ...Whilst it was the most expensive excursion we booked we returned feeling ripped off and with a bad taste in our mouth. Of course when you book a "Rome On Your Own" excursion you don't expect guided tours of every location however at $200 for 2 of us we expected more that was in essence a shuttle bus service. We were first dropped off at The Colosseum were we were told we had an hour and a half to explore but that this wasn't enough time to go inside to walk around and take a few photos. 20 minutes latest we are left with a collection of photos and nowhere to go. This was repeated in Rome city centre and again at St Davids Basilica in The Vatican .... But the service we have come to expect from Disney or any of its providors . We discussed this with the Port Adventures team when we returned but where basically told that we got what we signed up for but that our feedback would be noted ... Finally - Our only other thought was that for an "all inclusive" cruise ... We sometimes felt a bit short changed. Charging for soft drinks in the theatre, when the same drinks where free on deck 9, or for pop corn was a bit unfair. The cost of alcohol was also a bit of a concern, we aren't big drinkers but a cocktail often coated in excess of $10 ... Being a first time cruiser I'm not sure if this is the going rate ... But it seems a tad pricey for my tastes. The DCL beer mug and token is a good option if you drink beers though! Even with a few point for improvement Disney Cruise Lines offers a cruise with a unique selling point ... Where else can you do all this in the company of your favourite characters, unmistakeable Disney themed surroundings, world class performances and wonderful cast and crew members?! We had a fantastic holiday, wouldn't hesitate to recommend DCL to our friends and family and made some wonderful new friends! Read Less
Sail Date September 2016
On this cruise, we sailed with another couple along with one of their parents and a single friend of ours. Two of the group had never been on a cruise before. The other two had been on Holland America but not on Disney. We had ... Read More
On this cruise, we sailed with another couple along with one of their parents and a single friend of ours. Two of the group had never been on a cruise before. The other two had been on Holland America but not on Disney. We had previously sailed on the Wonder. This trip had been almost a year in the planning and were all greatly looking forward to it. We had used DVC points to pay for the cruise while the others paid cash for theirs. We used hotwire.com for hotel the night before as we had previously done and ended up at the Crown Plaza at the airport. It was okay. The property and the rooms were actually nice but the whole place has a musty, moldy smell to it as others have mentioned and we did notice that as soon as we opened the door to our room. After we were in it a little while and had the air on it wasn't so noticeable. We used Happy Limo for transportation to and from the Port. We had used them before and this time had an actual stretch limo which was a lot of fun. Their service is impeccable and is a better value than using DCL transportation. Embarkation was flawless. As before, we had selected the earliest possible arrival time of 11am. Some of our group had 11:30 but we were told to just present our 11am slip and tell them we were a group. That worked like a charm and we were on board having lunch by noon. We didn't wait in line at all to check in. Just to summarize some key points: Food - I suspect this is true of most cruise lines, but I would give DCL a 'B' overall for food. Some of the food in main dining rooms is great, some not so much. The quick service food by the pool is very much like fast food but tasty none the less. The pizza is good but not great. But if you like a particular style of pizza and that isn't it you will be disappointed. We ate at Palo for the first time and the food and service were spectacular. Public Spaces - This ship isn't new. It is 13 years old and it went through a major dry dock at 10 years old. There are places where you do see some wear and tear, but as another writer said, your house probably has wear and tear as well. We did see them doing some maintenance here and there. I think I was looking at this with a magnifying glass after reading comments on here. There were some surprises - the adult pool area is surrounded in wood and there are places that doesnt' look very good. There are spots where you see rust in small amounts around the ship. We thought there was mold on the ceiling of this one spa room but when we inquired we were told it was rust and they were waiting for a special paint. Is it perfect? NO Is it fine? For us sure. Is it okay given a premium price? I'm going to say that unless a ship is brand new I would think you would see this stuff on most ships. We are on the Dream in February so it will be interesting to compare. Shows - The shows are classic Disney and they are perfection. The audience and us loved them. Nobody can do this better in my opinion. I know RCCL has Chicago and Hairspray and they are probably great for that one show. Drinks - We were pleasantly surprised by drink prices. Typically we found drinks to be priced comparable or less that what we would have paid at a local restaurant. Service - Our service experience was excellent, worth every penny. Our dining team was terrific, the cabin host took care of everything you could imagine. I will also say that with two Disney cruises now under my belt that there is NO pushiness in my opinion from drink servers, photographers, etc. They may ask you if you want a drink but if you say no they just go away and the same one won't likely ask you again at that time. So having said all that I have to take a step back and think about it from an objective place. I know if you are paying cash, DCL is a premium. We are planning a small group cruise in 2013 to western Caribbean and originally I planned on Disney Fantasy. However, I am now considering RCCL Oasis/Allure, as well as the HA Ryndam. They start at around $700 for inside while Fantasy would start around $1100 (both for inside room based on double occupancy). I think for the value comparison it is possible we will use a line other than DCL. I think we'd get comparable food, service, and rooms on the other lines. The entertainment won't be the same. We are a largely kid free group so cannot comment on the kids programs. I know I will sail on DCL again, particularly on the Magic and Wonder. Taking a group and recommending it, I may lean toward a different experience from the value proposition. So, in the end. I love sailing on DCL. Is is perfect all the time? No. But I doubt any cruise line is...I could be wrong though. I will sail on other cruise lines also...trying a 3 night on NCL Sky in 2013 just to try another line. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
A good size group of us were booked on the Disney Wonder for a 3 night cruise out of Port Canaveral on April 2. We were a good mix of adults and kids and age ranged from 2 - 40. This was our first cruise on a Disney boat. We're all ... Read More
A good size group of us were booked on the Disney Wonder for a 3 night cruise out of Port Canaveral on April 2. We were a good mix of adults and kids and age ranged from 2 - 40. This was our first cruise on a Disney boat. We're all basically within a two hour drive of the port but decided to continue our tradition of driving over the day before and staying at the Radisson in Port Canaveral. The hotel is ok (and since I saw someone else ask, they don't care if you put 5 people in a 4 person room) and has just finished a large refurbishment project which was very much needed! Due to a late night at the Radisson bar watching the UFC fights, we got up around 11 and headed over to the port. There were a lot of people already there but surprisingly, no lines. We went to station 11 and started our check in process. The lady at the counter (and unfortunately, I don't recall her name) was talking to another employee who clearly ticked her off and then took it out on us. She was rude and very short with us. We were in a CAT4 and had asked if suite upgrades were available. She told us, "I think we have a few rooms available but you're going to have to talk to the supervisor at the end of the line as I just don't have time for this." Wow... I was shocked. We walked to where the supervisor sits and lucky us, it was the employee who had clearly put our check in lady in a bad mood. Bummer for us. We decided not to bother with a suite upgrade (a mistake for us) and we met up with the remainder of our party. Once the parties had all met back up, we compared dining room assignments. We were all over the place... in fact; people in the same rooms had different dining tables and different dining rotations. We inquired with guest services and were told that we'd have to address this once on board the ship at the guest services counter on desk 3. We boarded in group 3 and went to get on board where the entire group realized that none of us had taken our pictures. We all checked in with the same lady who seemed to forget to point us to the kiosks where they take your picture for your room key card. Oh well, they fixed that pretty quickly and we were on board in no time....woo hoo. Vacation time! We headed to guest services where we were told that they couldn't do anything about it and we'd need to head to the waverly on deck 3. The group walks over there only to find out it doesn't open until 1p (and its 11:45 am now!). We were getting pretty fumed! Luckily, a guy named Alen from Croatia walked by and asked us why we were waiting there and we explained that we were a large group, wanted the same dining room table and restaurant rotation. He thought it was pretty silly that this had gotten messed up so bad, took out his notepad and assured us it would be resolved. We were a bit skeptical, because his English was very sketchy, but low and behold, about 3p, he came knocking on all of our doors with new dining assignments. That was some of the best customer service I have ever experienced and we rewarded him very well. Thanks to Alen's assistance, we were then able to head back to the aft part of the ship to enjoy lunch. The buffet lines were a bit crazy, but we expected that. The food was good, though I miss Royal Caribbean's Honey Stung Chicken on the departure day! We hung out for about an hour and then headed to our rooms. We're used to cruising in suites and were pleasantly surprised by the size of the CAT4 rooms. Not as big as a suite, but easy to move around in. What we were most disappointed in was the bathrooms. Holy cow they are SMALL!!! The section with the shower was ok but where the commode was, was almost unusable for us. I guess that's the price you pay for being 6'4" and 300lbs. Aside from some air conditioning issues that were never resolved, that was our only major disappointment with the rooms. Our room attendant "weekly" met with us and did a great job keeping the room clean and tidy and always making sure our "cooling box" was well stocked. We toured the ship and were amazed at how nice it was, for a kids and family ship. It is very well maintained and has an unspoken elegance about it. Not having a casino is a bit of a bummer, but that was replaced with glee when I found the Quiet Cove area (the adult pool) and the almost freezing coffee house attached to it. We had first seating and our rotation was P-T-A. I don't recall our server's name, but he was very good. His assistant waiter "Oscar" wasn't very good. We constantly had to get up to grab our own drink refills. After the first day, our main server had a plate full of jumbo shrimp waiting for me every night. I was in heaven. I was stunned at the food quality on Disney... clearly better than any other cruise line we've been on. It was FANTASTIC! In our party, we had a few adults and kids with food allergies and our head waiter continuously went above and beyond to make sure they were taken care of. Dinner service was a bit slow because of this (we were literally the last ones out, every night) but it was well worth the wait. Our first stop was Nassau... its Nassau, been there too many times to care anymore. I ended up staying on the boat, popping on my iPod and just being a lounge rat at the adult pool. Life is good! Our second stop was Disney's Castaway Cay (or Key, as they keep calling it). We got on to the island fairly late, but it wasn't that hard to find some nice seats. The island is laid out nicely and it is a nice break from the cruise ship. A big disappointment on this island, the bathrooms! Not sure how you think having 3 sets of restrooms (with 2 stalls each) is going to be ok for 2700 guests. I made most of the runs with the kids and each time, it was a 5-10 minute wait for a stall. There were two separate instances of kids who "didn't make it" and had accidents right there in line. I felt so bad for the kids and their parents who were clearly very embarrassed. I was embarrassed for Disney. Other than that, the food and service was great and I bought a few of their "survival" packs on the island, what a great idea. We arrived back at Port Canaveral pretty early, about 4:30 and the noise from docking and starting to unload the ship woke us up. We went back to sleep pretty easily and woke up around 8. We had a quick shower and headed straight for disembarkation. Holy cow again... boy do they have this down to a science! No fluff here folks, it took us exactly 9 minutes from the moment we closed our door to the second we made it to our car and that includes the time it took us to find our luggage! The other cruise lines need to come figure out how Disney managed to make this process as smooth as it was. The Good The ship is in immaculate condition and is very well maintained. The food is spectacular. The best I've had on a cruise! The service is for the most part very good. They have a strong focus on customer service! The Bad! The bathrooms in the rooms are ridiculously small. The folks in the check in area of the terminal need a refresher on providing good customer service! They need to put more restrooms on Castaway Cay. The Parents... holy crap are we raising a generation of kids who are going to be out of control. When did we start negotiating with children???!!! When did parents stop being parents???!!! Ok... that's for another thread! LOL! Overall Though it was a fun getaway with our friends, we'll likely not do another Disney cruise. We missed the Casino, we missed having things to do in the late night hours and I guess I prefer a cruise where the adults would have a fighting chance if the kids were to declare a mutiny on the boat. :-) Read Less
Sail Date April 2009
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