30 Disney Fantasy First-Time Cruisers Cruise Reviews

First time cruisers. Likely, last time cruisers. I really expected to love this. I had never heard anyone who didn't. They say no one does customer service like Disney. This is simply not true. No one extracts money like ... Read More
First time cruisers. Likely, last time cruisers. I really expected to love this. I had never heard anyone who didn't. They say no one does customer service like Disney. This is simply not true. No one extracts money like Disney. I will say up front that the staff is very good. Our servers, Christy and Chatcha were fantastic and the dinners were enjoyable. The oceaneer lab staff was also very good and my son enjoyed the kids club very much. The kids pools were v small. I understand why-- they become a pee soup of children very quickly and need to be drained and cleaned regularly. My son couldn't really swim in them as they were so jammed packed and getting in with him was unthinkable from a space and disgust point of view. And good luck getting a deck chair. It is so packed and the staff cannot do much about the voracious grandmothers that guard 5-6 empty chairs for kids who never sit in them anyway. We usually enjoy holiday pools with our son, but here there was no place to enjoy a pool together. What irritated me the most, and has stuck with me since, is the nickel and diming ( or scamming of hundreds actually) on what was already an expensive cruise. While the adult areas are quite nice, there are no fountains for soda or juice anywhere near them. You have to schlep down two levels and halfway across the boat or pay the bartender for what is advertised as included. Same for the theatres. No fountain drinks there, so you have to pay for cans of pop and popcorn. Really? Virgin drinks and smoothies, extra. I expected alcohol charges, and the wine prices in the regular restaurants were reasonable. But if you look at the Remy wine list, none of the reasonably priced bottles are on that list--prepare for 100 dollar bottles and up. We cancelled our Remy reservation as they had a problem with my husband's perfectly acceptable dark denim dress jeans paired with a dinner jacket. We agreed to a cancellation fee but were shocked when they charged us the whole fee for dinner for two. $170 for food we didn't eat. I get that cancellations result in lost tips for servers ( who only get paid tips), and thought that paying $25-40 for cancelling would be fair, but charging the whole thing is unconscionable. And I bet none of it went to a server in the end. I raised this issue with the Remy staff, and with guest services, but neither of them had any power to reverse or change the charges, ( everything on the boat is about metrics) putting it on the cruise line on shore to deal with later. I was supposed to get a call from DCL to discuss. No call. As described by the reviewer previous, mechanical difficulties slowed the boat such that castaway cay got skipped. That was to be our only off boat day. We received a $200 onboard credit. Funny how everything else is calculated per person, but not that credit-- we paid for 3 to have that experience. Overall, the boat was nice, the staff was great and my son had some good and fun moments. But the greed that is Disney is what I will remember. And what I will tell people about when they ask. My money is much better spent elsewhere. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
I just got off a week long trip on the Disney Fantasy Cruise today (Saturday). This cruise line went to Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Cay and Castaway Cay. I traveled with a group of 9 people and the youngest were 4 and 2, the rest were adults. ... Read More
I just got off a week long trip on the Disney Fantasy Cruise today (Saturday). This cruise line went to Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Cay and Castaway Cay. I traveled with a group of 9 people and the youngest were 4 and 2, the rest were adults. I think that the kids had a magical on in a lifetime experience from seeing all their favorite Disney princesses and characters. I personally loved having strawberry/banana/chocolate ice cream, LOL! Then at our restaurants we had the most awesome team on board; their names were LaTroy and Dennis from Jamaica and the manager, Titziana from Italy. They kept us entertained and happy the entire trip. They went above and beyond with the even the smallest things like knowing our drinks, giving us recommendations on the menus, having fruit ready for the kids and many other things. The entertainment was amazing with activities every hour of the day. Seeing movies, character shows, Disney movie shows and some adult activities for the rest of us were great all around. We went out to port at each country and we shopped and went to the pool or beach. The room was comfy and felt like home for the week. Room service was great at keeping the room spotless and making the adorable towel animals were a special touch along with the chocolates on the bed. Although there were some choppy waters after leaving Jamaica, I was able to relax that night. Getting off the ship was easier than getting on board, LOL, I didn't mind the wait because I was too excited to care. Overall, it was one of the best weeks that I've ever had! 5 stars from me.! Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
My family went on our very first cruise ever on the Fantasy (Halloween on the High Seas)!!! It was absolutely amazing!! The ship was immaculate!!! Our cabin size was perfect for a family of four (category 7A). The Service was great!! ... Read More
My family went on our very first cruise ever on the Fantasy (Halloween on the High Seas)!!! It was absolutely amazing!! The ship was immaculate!!! Our cabin size was perfect for a family of four (category 7A). The Service was great!! Our servers were great!! We only did Port excursions (through Disney) in Cozumel and Jamaica, and both were safe, and worth the money! We had the early dining seating, and it worked out great for my family, as we have a 2 year old and a 7 year old. Both of my kids LOVED the Nursery (for my 2 year old) and the Oceaneer's club (for my 7 year old). My 7 year old literally stayed there one day from 10:30am- almost 10:30pm!! He didn't want to come back even then! The characters were great! Based on the schedule provided in the daily navigator, we were able to plan our day around where the characters would be! We saw just about all of them!!! It was great, and the kids had a great time meeting them! Disembarkation process was very organized. We were sad to leave the ship, because we had soooooo much fun! Prior to disembarking, we booked a placeholder for our next cruise!!! This first time cruiser is HOOKED!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
My family of 4 had an absolutely wonderful vacation aboard the Disney Fantasy! This was the frist cruise of any kind for all of us. My husband and I were celebrating our upcoming 20 year anniversary. This was the perfect vacation choice so ... Read More
My family of 4 had an absolutely wonderful vacation aboard the Disney Fantasy! This was the frist cruise of any kind for all of us. My husband and I were celebrating our upcoming 20 year anniversary. This was the perfect vacation choice so that we could include our 2 daughers, ages 13 and 10. First of all the boarding process was a breeze. Sure, there were a lot of people but lines moved quickly. We left the majority of our luggage to be delivered to our room and only had a few carry ons with swimsuits and things we might need upon arrival as we were told our luggage may not arrive at our room until 5pm. We could go to our stateroom at 1:30pm. We boarded the ship around noon or just after so we first went and had lunch while waiting for our room to be ready. When we got to our room at 1:30, we found our luggage waiting for us! Very prompt! Now as for the ship itself...it was immaculate! I have nothing to compare to but from what I hear, the Disney ship is far better/cleaner than most others but a little more expensive too. I was very pleased with how well kept everything was. From the pools, to the restrooms and everything in between. There were even employees at the entrance of restuarants handing antibacterial wipes for our hands. I think that's a great extra step to help stop the spread of germs and illness. We enjoyed the pools nearly everyday. While they were at times a little crowded, that did not deter me or my kids. We still had a great time. We had excellent 86 degree weather and sunshine everyday so we expected lots of people to be there. There were plenty of chairs and towels and Disney movies played all day on the huge "funnel vision" screen at the pool area. My kids being 10 and 13 had separate clubs they could go to. The Oceaneear club for my 10 yr old and Edge for my 13 yr old. They could go there to play with other kids their age and make crafts, have dance parties, learn to cook or play games. They had lots of activities daily and a schedule delivered to our room every night for what to expect the next day. My kids went to those 2 or 3 times but they enjoyed spending most of their time doing things with us. They also caught a few movies they had not alrady seen at the theater. We saw 3 live shows at the Walt Disney Theater. One we all enjoyed the most was a juggler...Michael Holly. This guy was hilarious and very entertaining. We saw the show on the first night but I can't remember what it was called. Lots of singing and dancing. The last one we saw was Beleive. They were excellent. Very talented singers and dancers and the costumes were very good. Every night we had an amazing dinner! I was super impressed. Our wait staff made this a wonderful event every night. Our waiters were Rahul & Luis, from India and Peru. They were very attentive and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our foods and drinks. They were very professional and friendly. The food was very good each night and had a good variety of things to choose from. If you are into night life, the ship has places for that too. I can't say too much about that. We did not go to any bars or dance places. We do not drink or dance so it's not really our scene but I hear that Tube is the place go to for that...music and entertainment. As for the port excursions...just remember you get what you pay for on this! And all the best ones get booked up so plan ahead and try to book them as soon as you have booked your cruise! We booked the dolphin encounter for the stop at St Thomas...this was a winner! Maybe the highlight of the trip. It was really awesome and each person got lots of interaction with the dolphin. This is fun for adults and kids. It's expensive but well worth it. And a side tip...if you do this, plan to pay for pictures. They do not allow you or family members to take pictures. They have photographer there who takes several. They are good quailty but they are expensive. To get all pictures of our family of 4 was $200. Again, I think it's worth it! This is an all day event so if you do this, don't try to plan anything else. We booked an excursion for St Maarten the night before we got there because we didnt know exactly what we wanted to do. We took a very inexpensive trip to a nearby beach....Orient Beach. The beach was nice, water felt great and the sand was soft...but be aware, you get approached by the island ladies wanting to braid your hair or sell you cover-ups or jewelry. It's annoying but I just politely told them over and over- No Thank You. I don't think the islands were what I expected. I was looking for white sandy beaches and crystal clear water but that is not what you get. The boat is docked at a harbor or port, not a resort. We had to travel through the island to get to our excursions so you see where the natives live and quite honestly, it looks like a dump. They live poor for the most part and it's just run down and dirty looking. If you want the beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear water, you won't see that until you arrive at Castaway Cay for the last day of the cruise! That was an amazing place! We did the snorkeling which was great fun and not so expensive. We saw lots of fish and took pictures with an underwater camera. Our kids enjoyed the snorkeling and loved the waterslides and just playing in the water and the sand. Like the ship, this island is very clean and well kept with clean restrooms and 2 places to eat that were also nicely kept with a wide variety of food to choose from. There are cabanas you can rent for the day...but u have to do it ahead of time because they fill up and it's expensive upwards of $500 for day I believe. We didn't do that and we had a wonderful time under the umbrellas and the shades of the trees in our chairs. Again the weather was beautiful...warm but a nice breeze and the shade kept it from being too hot. The last day we had an early breakfast (6:45am) with our wonderful wait staff and we were on our way. Disembarking was easy and quick. We chose to have our luggage outside our stateroom the night before for pickup and they we could get it on the way out the next morning just before going thru customs which was also very quick and painless! We left our vehicle in the parking deck across from where we board the ship so it was a short easy walk even with all our luggage in tow. There are characters at certain places at all different times but most are posted in the navigator. Check that if you are interested in pictures with characters and be ready to stand in line and wait. We did a few of them but my kids are a little older and didn't care so much for it but we did a few of them.If you are looking for characters from a particular movie etc...ask customer service. My daughter was interested in meeting Elsa & Ana from Frozen. They were there but it was not advertised and we had to have a ticket to see them for a meet and greet. Dressing up is a HUGE deal!! The semi-formal night is a big deal for dressing to the nines and taking fancy pictures on the grand staircase. Pack a formal dress, heels and men a suit or tux. Also pirate night is huge...go all out if you don't mind spending the money for a costume--but get before your trip. Items/clothing you purchase on the ship are very expensive! You just can't overdo it on these nights! Also on pirate night, the fireworks are spectacular. Many of the little girls on the ship wore their princess dresses to dinner every night. Fun for them to do so and very acceptable! The bippity boppity boutique is a great idea if your little girl likes to dress up and look like a princess--(all for a price!). Photographers take photos at all the character meet and greets but please take your own camera. All the photos taken are kept in a folder type thing on the 4th floor so you can see all your vacation photos. They also do face recognition so you will even see those taken on the Aquaduck if you ride it, which is much fun! As most other things, photos are very expensive if you purchase the prints and/or a cd. They offer a book you can create yourself with up to 34 photos for $150. I chose to do that and used my pictures for everything else. The pictures are good and clear but just too expensive for me. To get them all you are talking $350-$500 range. *There is no charge for room service! I was amazed at this! My daughter was not feeling well at dinner one night so she was hungry later on. I ordered a sandwich and we had it in about 10 minutes! *If you suffer from motion sickness, try something called Bonine. I felt bad one day with a headache but after taking that each day, I was fine. It's a chewable tablet. This was a wonderful trip and I would definitley suggest it to anyone. My kids loved it so much, they were sad when the day came for us to disembark and are already asking when we can go again. There is so much to see and do and experience. The entertainment, the sights, the food....and the sheer cleanliness of this place impresses me! Disney is not to be outdone! If you are a cruiser and you have never tried a Disney cruise, I trust you will not be dissapointed! As I said, I have nothing to compare it to but it was outstanding and everything was top notch, especially the service...from ALL STAFF. They were phenomenal! Thank you Disney for some great family memories that will last a lifetime! Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
My mother, son (6) and I went on the Disney Fantasy to the Eastern Carribean and had a fabulous time. This was first time cruising for myself and my son. My mother has cruised many times before mainly in the Mediterranean. Embarkation ... Read More
My mother, son (6) and I went on the Disney Fantasy to the Eastern Carribean and had a fabulous time. This was first time cruising for myself and my son. My mother has cruised many times before mainly in the Mediterranean. Embarkation was quick. We completed online check in and had a port arrival time of 11.15-11.30. Once we showed passports etc. and received our Key to the World Cards we immediately boarded the ship. We stayed in Stateroom 8502 which was a nice spacious room with obstructed porthole window although we could still see out. This was a forward cabin but we did not feel much movement at all. The room was clean and tidy. Chard was our assistant who cleaned the room twice daily. The housekeeping staff work so hard here to ensure everything is clean and tidy and are all so nice and friendly. Restaurant Staff were also fantastic. On our first evening we were placed at a table with a family of 6. It was not the best as we felt we were intruding on the family but we requested a change of table which was able to be done. This was something I was not aware of for dining and was advised by other people on the cruise ship that you can request a table for your own party prior to boarding. Our servers were Ashley from India and Raffy. These 2 worked so hard and were lovely people. BY day 3 they knew which drinks we liked and would have them on the table before we arrived. Small touches like this are nice. The food was amazing. We also ate in Cabanas for breakfast and lunch and the food was always good and plentiful. Animators Palate was my favourite restaurant. I liked the Disney rotational dining system which meant you had the chance to eat in each restaurant and your servers would move to each restaurant with you. Pool areas are busy but we mainly stayed by the Family Zone area which was a bit quieter. The aquaduck was amazing. Wait was approx. 20-30 mins but one day the wait was 60 mins. When the ship is in a Port you can basically walk on and off, which my son loved. Due to high winds the Aquaduck was closed one day but it is all for safety. Entertainment was fantastic. We attended Magic Dave show, which my son loved. We also seen Aladdin and another show which now I cannot remember the name of, and also the Pirates Night and they were all fantastic and to Disney high standards. There was plenty to do throughout the day with crazy golf, cinema and plenty activities and also Character Meetings. My son used the Kids Club maybe for an hour a day and did enjoy it. I registered my son online so was able to avoid that queue at the Port. Because he was registered online I only had to take him to the Club and he was given his band. My son unfortunately had an accident onboard which required stitches so we had to attend the Medical Centre. All the staff were very good and fully explained what was happening. One thing to keep in mind which I was not aware of, is if your onboard account exceeds $500 Disney will automatically take payment from your credit card. They can reverse the payment if you want to pay cash, but I did hear a few people complaining of this when attending Guest Services to pay my final account so I was not the only one not aware of this. Disembarkation was quick and straight forward. AS we were main seating for our evening meal (which is at 5.45pm) we had to attend breakfast on the final morning at 6.45am which is in the restaurant you attended for your final dinner (I don't think Cabanas are open on the final day). After breakfast you debark the ship. There were people waiting to debark who had taken advantage of the express debarkation which you could use if your luggage remained with you and you carry it off. These people debarked as soon as the ship had clearance from the Port Authority. We then left the ship at 7.30am after breakfast and walked off the ship, picked up our luggage, went through Security and waited for the shuttle bus to take us to the car rental company. The process was quick (maybe 30 mins if that) and very well organised. At about 7.30am on the final day the staff begin cleaning for the next set of guests so the smoke areas etc. are all closed at that time. I would certainly recommend a Disney Cruise to anyone and cannot wait for my next one due to the high standards Disney ensure for their guests. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
This was our first Disney cruise. We booked it in May 2014. After reading reviews from here and in other disney forums for months, I had a pretty good idea what to expect. We got to the port at 12:15p, just as the shuttles from Disney ... Read More
This was our first Disney cruise. We booked it in May 2014. After reading reviews from here and in other disney forums for months, I had a pretty good idea what to expect. We got to the port at 12:15p, just as the shuttles from Disney World arrived. Even with the large crowd, the line moved steadily. We were onboard at 1:15p. We went directly to Enchanted Garden for lunch. I was not impressed with the choices. Afterwards, we went to our cabin and dropped off our carry-on bags. On the way to the cabin, I obtained 2 of our checked bags in the pile of bags by the crew elevator. The stewards organizing the chaos were very helpful. Our other 2 checked bags were outside our cabin. The cabin was a nice size but the split bathrooms do take up alot of sqft. You end up with the same living space as a standard cabin on carnival, ncl, or rcci. The beds were comfortable and the sheets were first rate. Our cabin steward/ Laurant always kept the room spotless. It was his first week out of Steward training. There were some hiccups but they worked out. Room service was always prompt - try the chocolate chip cookies and milk as a midday or late night snack. Our dinner mates were a wonderful family from Marietta, Ga. - Adam, Jessica, Jake, Emma, & Drew. We met some other great couples - Marty & Bobbie Pz. [67 cruises so far], Peter & Shirley from Yorkshire [he talked about missing his whippets and his flattop], and [their daughter] Harriet & Jason. I literally ran into Shirley & Peter almost everyday. I had seen mixed reviews on the MDR menu. The choices were limited but I was always able to find something that was good to very good every night. We used Royal Court for lunch a few days. The menu had a nice selection. Try the 1/2 pound burger; it is very good. For breakfast, we went to Cabanas. You had a lot to choose from. If you ask nice, they will warm the chocolate croissants for you. You should plan on going to Palo for brunch and dinner at least once. The chocolate souffle at dinner is excellent. The tiramisu should also not be missed. If you are not able to obtain a pre-cruise reservation, find out where they are taking reservations as soon as you board and go there. The excursions are overpriced which we expected. If you plan on going to Playa Mia in Cozumel, DIY and save money. The food on their buffet is awful. If you purchase the open bar option, tip your waiter and he will keep your glass full the whole day. From other reviews, I was not sure that I would enjoy the shows. I was wrong. They were all great. Do not miss any of them. For every show, we arrived at least 15 - 20 minutes early and always found great seats. The mixology class was fun and nearly everyone got a little buzz. On Pirate night, the best spot to see the show and the fireworks is on deck 12, on the starboard side at the rail by the Mickey Pool Slide. Go early. It gets very crowded. Our dd liked the kids club but did not spend much time there. We were always doing something else. The detective games are fun for all ages. On Castaway Cay, there are 2 shopping areas. The shop closer to the ship had reduced price items that the farther shop had at full price or did not carry. They do charge 7% sales tax on CC. Fiona in Mickeys Mainsail shop was always a pleasure to speak with and very helpful. She is a bubbly ball of australian energy. I spent way too much. Katie in BBB really made my dd's experience special. Because we had early dining, our last day breakfast was scheduled for 6:45am in Royal Court. Next time, we will try the buffet. Debarkation was easy. We always use a porter. The lines were long but moved quickly. Summary: All the activities were well organized and fun. All the staff were great and did their best to make our cruise special. [Only one of the MDR staff was dissappointing.] We really enjoyed not having to dress up for dinner other than formal night and Palo. As long as you are not wearing a bathing suit, you are good to go. We had a good time and purchased a placeholder reservation for a future cruise [nice benefits]. It is valid for 2 years. It will take us that long to save for the next one. If you usually budget a certain amount for your onboard account, double it for Disney. We will do other cruise lines but Disney is special. Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
Our cruise consisted of myself, my husband, our 3yo daughter, my parents-in-law, and our two nephews 2yo and 4yo. This was our first Disney cruise. My husband and I and my in-laws have cruised several times on several different lines. ... Read More
Our cruise consisted of myself, my husband, our 3yo daughter, my parents-in-law, and our two nephews 2yo and 4yo. This was our first Disney cruise. My husband and I and my in-laws have cruised several times on several different lines. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Holland America. We decided to cruise DCL for two reasons. First and foremost, we wanted to take the kids to Disney but we have tried a land vacation with all of our extended family and it was a disaster. Too many choices, too many things to do in too little time. We thought having a smaller space, and less activities would be a better fit. Secondly, we had heard wonderful things about DCL. Their customer service was supposed to be outstanding, the ships were supposed to be beautiful and super clean, and it was supposed to be unlike any other cruise line. We booked our cruise in April of 2015 for Sept 12, 2015. We paid our deposit, chose a 4C cabin and started planning our cruise. We used TAs for our bookings and kept in touch with any changes or questions. I am a type A traveler. I like to know everything I can about where I'm going before I actually get there. As soon as we had our booking I started looking anywhere and everywhere I could find to find out about the ship, the port, shore excursions etc. Through my searching around the first week of June I found out our cruise would be a Halloween cruise. It was not on the DCL website, our TAs did not know about it, every blog I was looking at didn't know about it either. There was only one cruise outlet that said it was a Halloween cruise. I called DCL directly to verify if this was correct or not. I spoke to a CM that said it was a Halloween cruise but that Halloween on the High Seas was extremely mild. There was nothing scary or spooky about it at all. I immediately started looking for pictures and asking people who had been on a DCL HOTHS cruise before. In a nutshell, if you are over the age of 2 or 3 and are not scared of anything Halloween then the cruise is fine. You will probably like HOTHS. Our kids however, are scared of Halloween at home much less surrounded by it for 7 days straight. We also don't agree on a spiritual level with certain things associated with Halloween. They were planning ghost stories told by witches (not Minnie dressed as a witch, one of the CMs dressed as an actual witch). This cruise was NOT what we thought it was going to be in any way, shape, or form. I called our TA and told her we wanted to move our cruise to the Eastern trip right before ours. It was past the final payment date so I told her I didn't want to pay the penalties for moving the cruise, and I wanted to pay for the new cruise price based on what the cruise price was in April when we originally booked the cruise. There was going to be a bit of a price difference. Our cruise in Sept was definitely in the low season. The cruise right before ours was the very first low season cruise and was at the very end of the summer season. It was considerably less than the summer cruises but a little higher than the low season cruises. Our TA came back with a price tag of an extra $900 to switch to a 5D. DCL was not sympathetic, they didn't care what we thought we were buying or that we had kids that would be terrified of all things Halloween. It didn't matter that they still had not announced which cruises would be HOTHS even though they already knew. Our TAs were pretty much of the same opinion as DCL. They did ask for the changes on the terms we asked but they didn't really fight very hard. DCL said no and that was that. I took it up the chain of command myself and finally got a higher up to call me back. He at least took the time to hear me and was sympathetic to the situation. He however, also would not waive the fees. The thing that was the most upsetting was that in my quest to work up the chain of command I was told A LOT of things that were not correct. I don't know if these people lied to me on purpose or if they were just really bad at their job but it was probably about 8 out of the 12 people I spoke with that gave me completely incorrect info. Because of my husbands work, this was the only time of year we could go on vacation. We were stuck. We either had to cancel and try to scramble to book something else or we had to lump it. We lumped it. So far I was not impressed with Disney customer service. There were so many stories of people having small complaints and Disney bending over backwards to make it right. I felt like Disney didn't even try. We decided to get over it and enjoy our vacation. We'd remember the memories instead of the money we spent. We flew in the night before and rented a car. We stayed at the Marriott in Cocoa Beach which was about an hour from the airport and 15 min from the port. My husband travels quite a bit for his job so we used his airline mile, car points, and hotel points. I can't really say what we might have paid or if we would have stayed somewhere else if we hadn't had points. The Marriott was nice. Not amazing, but it was clean and quiet. They did not have a free breakfast but they did have room service and a hotel restaurant. It was a little further from the port than a lot of other hotels but was not in any way too far from the port. It wasn't any trouble at all to get to the port. We didn't use it but I know they had a shuttle service to and from the airport and the port. There was a fee involved if you chose to use it. They also had a 40% off port parking coupon or you could leave your car in their parking lot for $6/day. We used the 40% off coupon. We had a port arrival time of 11:30am. We were running late and ended up arriving at around 12:30pm. My husband dropped us off at the terminal and then parked the car in the parking garage. My in-laws and I took the kids and started standing in line. The longest line was the security line. There were two lines. One line moved a lot faster than the other one for no apparent reason. The same amount of people were in both lines but for some reason the line we were in took about twice as long as the other one. This being said it still only took us about 15min to get through. I had brought our umbrella stroller for the kids to sit in if they got tired so we had to take the elevators instead of the escalator. There was no wait for the elevator and as soon as we got off the elevator we went immediately to stand in line to register. We only stood in that line about 5min. My husband caught up to us right when we were stepping up to the counter. It took the CMs about 5 min to register all 7 of us. We did pre-register online and we had all of our documents ready when we stepped up to the counter so that did help tremendously. Because all of us were first time DCL cruisers, we all had to get our pictures taken. We were told we should register our kids for the kids club in the terminal instead of on board the ship although, we were told here on cruise critic that the lines on board were a lot less. Cruise critic was right! :-) We were skeptical about leaving the kids at the Kids clubs since the age criteria was so broad. We also weren't sure how it would work since the 3yo and 4yo were not fully potty trained according to DCL standards. DCL says a child is potty trained if the child knows when they need to use the restroom, will go to the restroom by themselves, and can use the toilet and manage their clothes without any help form anyone. Both kids are potty trained but need help with wiping and clothes. When we went to register the kids in the terminal about halfway through the line there were CMs from the kids club handing out the bands. After you got the band, you went to the counter and they finished putting info in the computer. Again, we had pre-registered the kids online. When we got to the question of potty training we explained where the kids were at. The CM told us that they had recently started a toddler area in the nursery for kids that were not potty trained. She told us to go up to the kids club and talk to the crew and they would determine where the kids should be. They took back my daughters band but not my nephews. They said she would get a new band on board when they decided where the kids should be. The bands are $12.95. Its automatically charged to your account. If you return it to the kids club at the end of the cruise they will credit you the $12.95. If your kids want it as a souvenir you just keep it. We proceeded to the tunnel to board the ship. I really wanted a group photo so I made all of us stop to get a pre-cruise photo. We had to wait approx 4-5 min. The picture turned out horrible! None of us bought it. The kids looked like we were kidnapping them instead of taking them on a cruise with Mickey. The adults looked weird and off center. As we walked on the ship they announced our family! Yeah!!!! We finally made it!! We arrived at the port around 12:30pm. We were onboard by 1:00pm. It was prettly smooth considering everything. The terminal was stuffy and hot. We were all a little sweaty by the time we got on the ship. By the time we boarded they were having open boarding and were no longer calling boarding numbers. As soon as we were on board my husband and in-laws took the kids to the Oceaneers club to register them and I went to the Shore Excursion desk to get tickets for the Princess Meet & Greet, Anna and Elsa, and the Disney Jr. breakfast. There were approx 10-12 people in line in front of me and it took about 10-12min before it was my turn. I got the tickets and caught up with the rest of the family at the Oceaneers club. The kids were running around having a great time. I found my husband to see what they decided about the kids. Basically, they had to call a manager to make the final decision. Apparently this is something that they deal with a lot. The manager has to make sure that the parents understand the policy and are ok with the rules that go along with it. The kids were more than welcome to come to the Oceaneers club as long as they didn't wear diapers. They have to wear underwear. If you didn't bring any I saw them for sail in one of the shops. If they had an accident the crew were prepared to deal with it but diapers are absolutely not allowed in the kids club. This includes pull ups. You also have to check on your child every 30-40min to see if they need to use the restroom. If your child requires diapers there is a separate area in the nursery however, you do have to pay since it is in the nursery. The kids club looked amazing and the crew members seemed really nice. They gave my daughter another band and we let the kids play for about 30min. We always thought that we would drop the kids off for specific activities and then pick them up as soon as the activities were over. It never happened. We were just always busy doing things together and never found time to take them to the club. I'm sure the kids would have loved it though. Since our kids were younger we really didn't have a lot of extra time. We were out of the cabin about 9:00am every morning and took a nap for about 1-1.5hrs in the afternoon. We had early dinning, went to see the show and then off to bed. by the time we swam, played on the sports deck, met characters, and did a bunch of other activities we just never had any time to go to the kids club. There was a slight mix up when we went to return my daughters band at the end of the cruise. They put the band that they gave her in the terminal into the computer. When they gave her a new one on the ship I guess they didn't switch it in the computer. When I turned it in on the last night of the cruise the band I was trying to turn in did not register at all. Technically I was supposed to hand in the band that was in the cruise terminal. Luckily the CM was nice about it and just credited my account anyway. We are not sun sitters and we are not the kind of cruisers that like to go, go, go the entire time. We like to sleep in, enjoy our meals, and enjoy all of the ship. On sea days we didn't even try to go to the pools. They were so full you could't even hardly get in them. Nemo's Reef was also very busy. All of the kids were too little to go on the Aquaduck. We'd gone to St. Thomas and St. Martin on other cruises so we used the port days to use the pools and try the Aquaduck. The larger pool was closed down quite a bit due to "unfortunate accidents". I think most of the time it was vomit. However, when the larger pool shut down all the older kids came over to the Mickey pool and made it impossible to do anything. That is my biggest complaint with DCL. The pool situation is extremely inadequate for the amount of people on board. The Disney Jr. breakfast was good. It was much smaller than the ones at the park and the characters spent about 2-4min with each child. We had Jake, Sophia, Doc McStuffins, and Mickey. Our dining time was the first sea day at 9:30am in Animators Pallate. All of the character Mmets required you to line up. It was much less than at the parks but still quite long sometimes. The first night was horrible. We didn't even try to get any pictures the first night. One of the CMs told us that if a line is very long they will shut it down as soon as the character arrives. If you really want to see a character make sure you get in line early. If the Navigator says a character will be somewhere from 12:00-12:15pm and you arrive at 12:10pm you probably won't be allowed to join the line. Make sure you arrive at least 5min before the character is supposed to appear. We only went to two of the shows but they were very good. It's usual Disney entertainment. Very detailed, and very professional. We enjoyed them very much. We had cabin 6536. It is small compared to our other balcony cabins but the split bath made up for it 10x over. We had basically half of a bathtub which in my opinion was better than a round tub. I could even sit in it and soak my legs after the 5K. We had a queen size bed and a couch that converted to a single bed. We did not have the drop down bunk. Our room steward was wonderful! He was extremely nice and very accomodating. He kept our room very nice and we always came back at the end of the night to towel animals and chocolates. Our room was great! The area on the ship worked out very well, and we didn't have any noise from the engine. The balconies below us were the extended balconies and we could easily see our lower neighbors just by standing up on our verandah. The verandah railings are covered with plexiglass so that kids can't climb on them. This is a necessary safety feature but it does block the breeze when you're sitting down. We had early dinning at 6:45pm. I had heard wonderful things about the wait staff on DCL. That they bent over backwards to meet your needs and that they were very into the kids. Cutting their food so that the adults could eat, magic tricks to entertain them etc. Our wait staff were good and very nice however, I didn't feel that they were any better than the waitstaff on any other cruise. They never once even offered to cut up the kids food and we didn't get a single magic trick. They said hi to the kids all the time but didn't really try to engage with them at all. On a couple of occasions we asked if we could get different pasta for the kids but were always told no. Several times we had to ask for something to drink besides water and it always took at least 15min after we sat down to get anything to drink at all. Our servers were very nice and did try to be helpful. We're not food snobs, we believe the company you dine with is more important than the service or the food. We were disappointed with Animator's Pallate. Unless, you're sitting right next to a screen it's not interactive. It's more like a movie or TV show that's being watched while you eat. There's a different show each time. Even though we were a little disappointed, it was still our favorite of all the restaurants. Each one has the Disney touch of detail and personal touches. We ate lunch in the dinning room most days just because they were such a nice atmosphere. We ate at Cabanas 2-3 times. It's by far the best buffet of any of the cruises we went on. The wait staff were amazing in Cabanas! Very helpful and very attentive. The food was very good at Cabanas. The only reason we didn't eat there more often was that it was very hard to find any seating. Especially for large groups. Twice we ended up sitting at separate tables because we couldn't find any together. We stayed on the ship at both ports so I can't really say anything about the excursions. One of the reasons we stayed on the ship was that the majority of excursions were for kids at least 8 yrs or older. The only excursions that were for families of all ages were either beach excursions or shopping tours. We could do those a lot cheaper on our own. Castaway Cay was definitely the best port of call. The beaches were beautiful and there was plenty to do. The kids loved the beach! Playing in the sand and sitting in the ocean was the highlight of their cruise. I walked the 5K. I had never even attempted a 5K before but a bunch of ladies in our group were going to attempt it for the first time so I thought it would be a good time to start. I'm not a runner but I love to walk and I have a very fast walk. I completed it in 54min which I was proud of considering it was my first try and how hot it was. When I read about the 5K online everyone said it started at 8:30am. We didn't even meet until 9:00am. They started walking us off the ship around 9:30am and then we had to walk from the ship to the starting place which is at least a mile. By the time we actually started the 5K it was past 10:00am and VERY hot and humid. The only thing that helped me make it to the end was that they had ice water about every 3/4 mile or so. Every time I came to water I poured it over my head and shoulders. It would cool me down enough to make it to the next water place. I don't know how anybody ran it. It seems like they would have had a heat stroke. Disembarkation was easy peasy but way too early. We were off the boat by 8:30am. Our flight home wasn't until 5:30pm so we rented a room at the Hyatt in the airport for the day. It was $99 and well worth it. There is an outdoor pool on the 6th floor and tons of places to eat in the airport terminal. The kids were able to take a nap and the bell hops helped us with our luggage to the check in desk. This was one of the best cruises we've taken. We enjoyed the ship very much and loved the crew. They were all very friendly and very accomodating. We rebooked another cruise while we were on board because there were so many things we didn't do or see. Read Less
Sail Date August 2015
We went on the Disney Fantasy for a family cruise for 7 nights in June 2015. Disney sure knows how to do it right. Every aspect of this cruise was perfect! The ship is beautiful and amazingly clean, they buff and polish everything, all ... Read More
We went on the Disney Fantasy for a family cruise for 7 nights in June 2015. Disney sure knows how to do it right. Every aspect of this cruise was perfect! The ship is beautiful and amazingly clean, they buff and polish everything, all the time, there was never one time that we saw as much as a stray cup or a wet towel, every inch of this ship was spotless. The art work and finishes on all levels were beautiful and our stateroom was comfortable with enough space (get the veranda, the views are great). The staff is fabulous, from our cabin staff (Marlin) to our wait staff (Andre and Mr. Paul), to the bathroom attendants, the bartenders, the Spa staff and the pool side towel guys, everyone is so pleasant and will do whatever we need to make us happy. The entertainment is Disney, so you know its going to be well done, how can you not love Mickey and the Princesses! The food was plentiful and always fresh and well delivered, from the breakfast and lunch buffets to dinner in all of the dining rooms and of course, the soft-serve is a must on a hot day! The adult sections and night-clubs were perfect, you did not know you were on a Disney ship unless you walked back to mid-ship of section Deck 11 so no worries of being over done with Disney. Getting on and off the ship was so well organized, it was a breeze, the problem is we didn't want to leave, we loved it and are planning our next trip soon. It's probably more expensive than other cruise line but you get what you pay for and then some! Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
I have heard how Disney Cruises are so worth the extra money, and now I have to admit...I didn't want to get off the ship after 7 nights. The service - impeccable - they are there to please you. The food - incredible. The ... Read More
I have heard how Disney Cruises are so worth the extra money, and now I have to admit...I didn't want to get off the ship after 7 nights. The service - impeccable - they are there to please you. The food - incredible. The cleanliness - immaculate (EVERYWHERE you go they hand out wipes). Stateroom size (we had a verandah) - I was amazed with 4 people that we had plenty of storage (and I even over packed!). It was our first Disney cruise, and we are planning our next one. Entertainment was non-stop...we were so busy we didn't make half of the shows. My 82 year old mom came and didn't want to go at first because of no gambling, but now she says she can't wait for the next Disney Cruise (she just recently did another cruise line and told her friends to save their money and go on a Disney cruise next time - it's worth it). PLENTY TO DO for all ages: WE had one 82 year old Grandma, 3 adults and 4 kids aging from 11-15. Pirate night was so much fun! There is NON-STOP fun- anywhere you go. Disney is so organized and they make your life simple. We cannot wait to go on another Disney cruise. I want to go back to the Fantasy because I think I missed half of the activities. I think the only negative (and not Disney's fault) is don't waste your money on the Bacardi tour in Old San Juan...a waste and even everyone on our tour said it wasn't worth it. Not what you think and very disappointing. You can probably watch something better on you tube. I used the gym and was very happy with all of the equipment. Children's clubs were great, and Disney has their own app to text each without fees - a HUGE plus. We did the Adult dinner one night - so worth the extra $25 per person. We signed up for the dinner on the ship on the first day so we were lucky (even though online it said they were sold out). If you are undecided about the Fantasy, don't be. You will LOVE the Fantasy! Read Less
Sail Date April 2015
Our Disney Fantasy cruise included us and our two daughters with their families, for a total of nine in three separate staterooms. We are late 60's, our daughters and sons-in-laws are mid to late 30's and the three children were ... Read More
Our Disney Fantasy cruise included us and our two daughters with their families, for a total of nine in three separate staterooms. We are late 60's, our daughters and sons-in-laws are mid to late 30's and the three children were a 10 year old boy and two girls, ages 3 and 4. Despite the diversity of ages and differences of family dynamics, there was plenty to do for the family who enjoyed the pool, shows and movies; the athletic family, and us older folks. The children loved the Oceaneers Club and Lab - the boy loved the energy in the Lab and both girls enjoyed the Club. The ship itself is magnificent, staterooms large, and immaculately clean. The food at the main dining venues was very good and provided a variety of choices. We also thoroughly enjoyed an outstanding brunch and dinner at Palo. Staff was outstanding, friendly and very efficient. This was our first cruise, but our daughters and sons-in-laws had been on cruises with other cruise lines and they agreed that the Disney cruise was far superior in quality, stateroom size and what you get for your money. While the cost initially is more, you literally do not have to spend one penny more once on board unless you want alcohol, go on planned excursions, or eat at Palo or Remy. Embarkation was quick, buffet lunch was fantastic and our room was ready at 1:30 as promised. Based on previous reviews we had read, we were dreading debarkation. The organzation of our luggage in the terminal was amazing and within 30 minutes of stepping off the ship, we had collected our luggage, had gone through Customs and were on our way home. We look forward to cruising with Disney Cruise Lines again. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
This was not only our first Disney cruise, but also our first EVER cruise for everyone in the family. I must admit, we had concerns about sailing going into it, but it didn't take long for us to realize that we were going to have a ... Read More
This was not only our first Disney cruise, but also our first EVER cruise for everyone in the family. I must admit, we had concerns about sailing going into it, but it didn't take long for us to realize that we were going to have a wonderful time. Overall, our experience on the Fantasy was excellent. It started with an easy transfer from our hotel (Radisson Resort at the Port, which was a great stopping point with fun pool for the kids and nice accommodations) and a short trip through check-in to get onto the ship. I don't the kids will forget walking aboard and seeing that grand, two story foyer. It really sets you up with the feeling that this is going to be a great trip. We found our stateroom fairly easily. We were surprised how much space we actually had as a family of five in a Family Oceanview with a Verandah. The murphy bed, transforming couch, dropped bunk from the ceiling, and the curtain separator were perfect touches to make the room transform from a place to relax to a comfortable place to sleep. Being in an outside cabin and having a Verandah is a must, in our opinion. I spent many hours out there reading my book while we were at sea. The service we had was amazing across the board. First, our host did an incredible job cleaning and transforming the cabin each day. He was friendly, accessible, and he left nice treats and fun towel configurations for the kids. On Disney, your dining times for dinner are predefined and your restaurants change daily. You don't share a table with strangers, which is nice (we were nervous about this going in), but your servers are the same. Ours were excellent. They had our favorite drinks waiting for us, treated us like gold, and referred to each of us by name. We couldn't have been more happy. The food was very good as well. Was it like your local, favorite restaurant and custom made? No, but it was very good and they accommodated our gluten allergies nicely. We were told going into the cruise that the Kid's Club would monopolize our kids. Surprisingly, they didn't spend any real time there, opting to hang with us so I can't speak much about the club except that the staff seemed friendly and fun (luckily we had grandparents with us to give us time on our own). The kids stayed busy nonetheless. There are Disney movies on the main deck by the pool, scavenger hunt games throughout the ship, and plenty of other entertainment options. We let our kids rome about, using the free messenger functionality in the Disney app to stay connected. Our shore excursions were great. We went Snorkeling with Captain Allan in St. Maarten and highly recommend it. You have to organize outside of Disney, but the crew was great and we swam with the turtles, which was quite an experience, as well as saw iguanas on a special island. But our best memory was diving in to swim briefly with dolphins! In Puerto Rico we stayed on the ship (kids were exhausted) and it was fun to have the ship to ourselves. We were able to ride the AquaDuck without a line as well as enjoy our seats by the pool. Castaway Cay was the final day and it was excellent. We feared a crowded space, but it was actually quite spacious and gave us time to relax. The snorkeling gear was expensive, but the dedicated area very fun for the kids with sunken treasures, including Mini Mouse! Overall, we were very happy first-time sailers. Disney is the way to go with kids. My only fear is that no other line will compare. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
I am going to start this off by saying we are an adult couple in our 40s who had never cruised before. We did not bring any children with us. Many of our friends asked why we chose Disney. The answer was simple - the level of customer ... Read More
I am going to start this off by saying we are an adult couple in our 40s who had never cruised before. We did not bring any children with us. Many of our friends asked why we chose Disney. The answer was simple - the level of customer satisfaction and attention to detail. We knew we wouldn't be disappointed. We chose to fly in the day before and stayed in Cocoa Beach. Checking in for the cruise was efficient and easy! You do have the option to by-pass the professional photographer which allowed us to get on the ship quicker. I admit, I teared up when we entered the ship. It is beautiful! Amazing details and extremely clean. All staff were very friendly! Then it was off to lunch and exploration of the ship. All of our experiences on board were wonderful. We enjoyed relaxing at sea, taking in a few shows, excellent food, and of course Pirate Night. We did eat in Palo and it was an extravagant experience. Food and service were superb. We did one excursion through Disney and would highly recommend booking through Disney. Our tour was great and it was nice having a Disney team member lead us to our tour guide. We spent almost all of our time in the adult sections of the ship. It was relaxing and hard to even tell there were children on board not far from where we were. We enjoyed a couples massage one day at sea and took advantage of the spa as well. Disembarkation morning went smoothly. When I cruise again, I will probably carry our luggage off ourselves instead of having Disney move it the night before. We moved through Customs in a timely manner. We opted to take the Disney Bus back to Orlando airport and had plenty of time to catch our afternoon flight. This was an amazing vacation. I would highly recommend Disney - with or without children!   Read Less
Sail Date January 2015
My wife and I, both in our 60's recently enjoyed our first cruise with our daughter, son in law and granddaughter. We departed Detroit via Delta and arrived in Orlando around 10:30am... We quickly located the Disney transportation ... Read More
My wife and I, both in our 60's recently enjoyed our first cruise with our daughter, son in law and granddaughter. We departed Detroit via Delta and arrived in Orlando around 10:30am... We quickly located the Disney transportation center and proceeded to the terminal....we were totally impressed with the entire Disney cruise experience....the transfers were seamless and the people at every step were extremely friendly and helpful. We had checked our bags at Detroit with Delta and placed our Disney tags on them and the next time we saw them was at our room aboard the Disney Fantasy. The lines at the terminal were a little long but I think in less than an hour total after arriving at the terminal, we were on board and enjoying a wonderful meal. After a quick walk around the ship we went tom our room , located our bags and proceeded to be amazed for the next 8 days.... we found our cabin to be quite clean and more than room enough. What we found to be very impressive was the dual bathrooms, a separate shower/tub area and toilet area. Both areas had sinks which made it very easy to get ready for my wife and I. Our cabin was midship on deck 8 and we really loved that location. We had a verandah and one of the special joys of my cruise was sitting on the verandah enjoying my coffee each morning. We also found the activiites on ship were more than just for children. although, my granddaughter settled right in at the Edge with other kids in her age group, my wife and I quickly found the adults areas such as the cove and the adult areas pools were fantastic getaways for adults only. We also found the nightclubs on board to be very entertaining. the comedy acts, especially buckets n boards was great. Our dinners were always enjoyable and the wait staff was always a joy. We enjoyed the fact the servers were the same every night regardless of which of the three restaurants we ate in.....Speaking of staff, our room host Ike was terrific.....I was amazed that wherever he saw us on the ship he asked how was by name and asked about our granddaughter by name and whether we were enjoying our cruise and if he could do anything for us... The visits to St Maartin and St Thomas were pleasant. Disembarkation at these ports was seamless and not at all unpleasant. We only went to the beaches on the island and those excursions had been arranged by Disney, The busses and tour guides were very pleasant and the meals and both beaches were delicious....BUT, the excursion we enjoyed the most was at Castaway Cay...Feeding the stingrays, and snorkeling was truly a great experience and I can't say enough about the meal on Castaway Cay. Disney staff continued to provide us with a great meal and once again, those Disney smiles and greeting were everywhere, as were all the usual Disney characters we had grown to love on the ship. Once we arrived back at Port Canaveral disembarkation was again painless....It began with a great breakfast and then a bus ride back to the Orlando airport. Our bags had been prechecked via Disney so we didn't have to deal with them again until our arrival back in Detroit around 5:30pm. I'd recommend using Disney's pre-check service to anyone who is planning on arriving via air. That really made the trip even more enjoyable since I hater dragging bags when I travel...To wrap things up I can't think of any negatives regarding our cruise. we had a great time and I would recommend it to everyone. Don't be concerned about Disney being a cruise line for only those traveling with children. My wife and I are definitely looking forward to another Disney cruise, with or without my children or grandchild. Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
BACKGROUND INFO Wow! What a great cruise! We are a newlywed couple who decided to spend half our honeymoon on a Disney cruise (both male, age 32 and 35), and what a great decision that turned out to be. HOTEL INFO Coming into Orlando ... Read More
BACKGROUND INFO Wow! What a great cruise! We are a newlywed couple who decided to spend half our honeymoon on a Disney cruise (both male, age 32 and 35), and what a great decision that turned out to be. HOTEL INFO Coming into Orlando from New York, we decided to stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel, as the airport is included in the Disney transport to Port Canaveral. The hotel is a very convenient choice to do unless you really want to do the Disney hotels (our usual choices). The hotel is nice, well kept and provides adequate (expected) service. We didn't make much use of their amenities as we mostly used them for the lodging. TRAVEL TO PORT OF EMBARKATION The Disney's Magical Express to Port Canaveral magically sweeps you from the airport to the port, and all the friendly Disney cast members courteously guides you along the way. It is greatly hassle free, something we value and appreciate. I didn't find it an expensive add on. SHIP INFO The Disney Fantasy is at the time of this review the newest ship in the Disney fleet, and certainly looks the part, too! The crew keeps the ship impeccably clean at all times, and your stateroom is made neat and tidy twice a day. The only thing we can complain about here, is other guests either throwing garbage into the sea, or on deck in places where its hard for the crew to spot. The common areas are plentiful, spacious, and themed down to the tiniest details. You will wander around the ship in awe for a couple of days before its full glory actually starts to settle on you. In fact, the amazing service and familiarity started acting like our "safe spot" once we got into the different ports. If we ever ran into something less likeable ashore, a feeling of wanting to get back to the ship asap quickly emerged. STATEROOM Our stateroom had a veranda, and we got it to "spoil ourselves" for the honeymoon. I was worried we wouldn't use it, but we did every day. It's quite nice to have your own outside area within your stateroom to enjoy the view and watch every different scene that floats past you outside the ship. Had it not been for the fact that staterooms with verandas are nearly double the price on the Mediterranean cruise we book for June 2014, we wouldn't have hesitated to get it again. Very little noise, only children and parents screaming at each other every now and then. DINING The Disney Cruise Line dining rotation is nice, and makes for a comfortable and easy "choice" each night. We opted out once for dinner at Remy, an experience you should try. It is VERY high class fine dining, so if you're uncomfortable being pampered, served by five-six different servers, every meal an artwork, and being surrounded in a quiet luxurious setting by other guests also wearing suits and nice dresses, then Remy is not for you. Probably the most exclusive dining experience I've ever had, and Gianluca (from Italy, yay!), our main server, deserved every bit of the 30% tip we gave him. Had it not been for the fact that we came straight from a mixology (drink mixing) class that same nice we would have also tried the wine pairing menu. Interestingly, the entire Remy crew was European, so we felt very much at home. At Palo, where we had lunch, the environment is slightly less upscale than at Remy's, but that does not need it's any less incredible. Food is ridiculously good, and so plentiful and beautiful to look at. I've never seen an all you care to eat restaurant like it before. Amanda, our server from Mexico, may have been the most memorable Disney server I have ever had. Not only was she a theatrical delight, but she brought surprise plates of food and desserts to us, and made us laugh and enjoy the brunch even more. I hope they recognize her, and push her upwards in the company. My only complaint with the dining, is that our table on the regular dining rotation consisting of only adults and no children, seemed to get far less attention than the tables that did have kids. I found this odd, having been a Disney server myself. I know that "happy parents" usually are good tippers, but I would never have left any table out of the extraordinary Disney service you are supposed to provide each and every guest. Oh well, it only meant I found the service adequate. I don't even remember the servers' names, and we had them for nearly a week! The food elsewhere on the ship is bountiful and at every corner. You get as simple or as incredible food as you would like. ACTIVITIES The ship has so many activities that you will find something you'll like no matter what your preferences are. We did minigolf, the spa, and participated in several adult quizzes that were a lot of fun! The days are so packed with fun things to do you just have to pick what you think sounds most fun, and do that. You can't do it all. Chocolate and wine tasting, and mixology class, is highly recommended. SERVICE Well, the Disney service standard is world renowned, and pretty much sets the standard for any other competing company. They all smile, and are always friendly, polite and helpful. I can't remember one single time I felt they didn't do well. The only place where it is a bit lackluster, is when reentering the ship from a port through security. When booking, we were asked (DCL website) if we were celebrating anything. I do remember mentioning this was our honeymoon, and thought they might recognize this in some way. Well - they never did - not at dinner, either. I saw other tables get attention for birthdays and other occasions, but they never said a word to us about anything. Maybe they were just asking for statistical and marketing purposes, and you have to tell DCL again later while onboard. ENTERTAINMENT Besides the first show which is an odd infomercial Disney mix about your cruise, and the tedious cruise director appearances ahead of any movie or show (I mean, he's funny, but does he have to be there every time?), the shows are Broadway worthy. They are that good. The actors are super good, and the entire theater is used on several occasions. Don't miss out on any of them. Also, they show all the latest Disney movies, and may even premiere one on the ship if they can. Often we basically ran back from a Port Adventure and straight into a show or movie starting up. Then you get a little break before heading to dinner. They also play live music in the atrium / lobby area, but I found that a bit cheesy and off. I did see some people dance though. PORT & SHORE EXCURSIONS I am very underwhelmed by the Mexican ports Costa Maya and Cozumel. Maybe we chose the wrong excursions, I don't know, but several of the experienced cruisers either just strolled a bit through the shopping areas or stayed on the ship. We probably will, too, next time. Snorkeling at Stingray City on Grand Cayman and hanging out at Castaway Cay were definitely the highlights! I have gone into a little more detailed in the port reviews. I do on the whole feel like they are less interested in catering to gay couples on these Caribbean destinations though, unfortunately. DISEMBARKATION Very easy, and we did the Express Walk Off. You get up EARLY, and drag your suitcase with you straight back onto mainland on Port Canaveral. The Disney bus brought us right back to the airport, and everything was a breeze. There was very little you had to do, except for customs which was very quick, too. SUMMARY Did I mention we booked another Disney cruise in the Mediterranean next year? It was that good. All in all, the seamless experience Disney provides makes everything incredible easy - and you actually start to forget what time it is. Being without a steady cell phone service and internet, and in incredible surroundings with a line of top notch experiences lined up all the time, sucks you in. Reality is slightly more bleak after this cruise. We can't wait to go back. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
EMBARKING - The cruise terminal in Port Canaveral is great! Our boarding time was 1:30 pm, but we were told to go ahead and get in line, which was short, less than a 10 minute wait. Then, after we checked in we were able to get in line to ... Read More
EMBARKING - The cruise terminal in Port Canaveral is great! Our boarding time was 1:30 pm, but we were told to go ahead and get in line, which was short, less than a 10 minute wait. Then, after we checked in we were able to get in line to get our pictures taken and board the ship. This took less than 20 minutes, they like to get people through fast. We were welcomed by the cast members and in the atrium of the ship by 1 pm. There are plenty of Disney characters around to take pictures with while you are waiting for your room. Also, there were people already on the Aquaduck and pool. We were hungry and went straight to the buffet.ROOM - We were able to get into our Oceanview room with verandah at 1:30 pm. The room was nautically decorated with a nice amount of space for 3 people. We ended up getting 2 rooms that connected with a door in between, because our 3 teens need plenty of space. You definitely wouldn't want more than 3 people in a room. POOLS / AQUADUCK - My family loved the water slide and rode it multiple times everyday. The wait for the Aquaduck depends on the time of day and the weather. We found the lines to be shorter around 4:30 pm because people were getting ready for dinner. Also, we took advantage of the rainy afternoons and used the pool and aquaduck. Most people leave the deck when it is raining, but we figured you're going to get wet anyways. I saw everyone riding the aquaduck from tiny children to older grandparents. The 2 pools have less to be desired. You walk down into a square pool that has water all the way around about 6 inches deep or less, then there is an oval part that is small that is 5ft 3in. My husband was disappointed he couldn't do any swimming, because the deep part was filled with kids. But the huge funnel vision screen where they played movies all day made up for it. The 2nd pool is a kids pool designed like the other, but the deeper part is shaped like Mickey and is 2 ft deep. There was also a cute nemo's reef water spray area for young kids it looked like fun! Deck chairs were hard to come by, people tend to leave their items on the chairs to save them, which you are not suppose to do. We also enjoyed the pool and aquaduck when we came back early for excursions.DINING - There is a buffet that has such a variety of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My family ate their weight in shrimp. They also tried the cold crab claws, but were disappointed in them and no butter. I loved the desserts and tried 2 at a time. The sandwiches and wraps are good, tons of fresh fruit. I enjoyed different pasta everyday, but the kids ate the mac & cheese everyday. The ship contains 3 restaurants that you rotate through the week. You keep the wait staff at each restaurant, loved our servers and wanted to take them home with us. We ate at the Enchanted Garden 3 times during our rotation. Loved the prime rib and bananas foster sundae. The atmosphere is like a garden that has changing lighting during dinner to make it feel like the sun is setting. We also ate at the Royal Court 2 times. The atmosphere is fancy, like cinderella's castle with beautiful tiled mosaics, scenes from the Disney princess movies. There are no special effects here, but beautiful in it's own right. The food here was a little high class for my family, but good none the less. Our favorite restaurant was the Animator's Palette. This restaurant had the most money spent on it. There are screens near your table that play old cartoons and Crush the turtle comes to talk to people. Also, 1 night you get to draw your own character and they animate the characters on the screen to dance with Disney characters. Loved the lobster tails and fettucine parmesan with chicken. This was my favorite restaurant of all, wish we could have been in there 3 times. There is also a Flo's cafe that is opened for lunch 'til the late night munchies hit. They have great pizza & burgers. They also have different specials everyday. One day they had soft pretzels - YUM! I can't forget all the soda we drank at the beverage stations on deck and of course soft serve ice cream, my kids couldn't wait every day for the ice cream machine to open.SHOWS - There is a different show every night, we went all the nights because they were so good. They also had a ventriloquist and a magician. Also, took in a movie at the Buena Vista theater which I brought my own candy from home and soda from the beverage station. Don't forget pirate night with an appearance from Jack Sparrow followed by amazing fireworks.ACTIVITIES - We did not use the teen spaces, my kids were having so much fun with us. My daughter and I enjoyed a couple of classes learning how to draw Mickey & Donald and learning how they fold those towels into animal shapes. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
My wife was very upset when she found out I chose a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon. That being said we ended up having an excellent time, and she was very surprised to see that there were plenty of adult things to do. I'm 23 and ... Read More
My wife was very upset when she found out I chose a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon. That being said we ended up having an excellent time, and she was very surprised to see that there were plenty of adult things to do. I'm 23 and she's 25, and I grew up going to Disney World at least 3x a year as I grew up so I was very confident that their cruise would be a phenomenal experience.The ship itself was phenomenal. It was beautiful, And it seemed as though someone was always cleaning something. However, it was almost as if you didn't notice/care. I will write as much as I can remember!The forward adult only area of the ship was awesome, and we never saw a child up there. The chairs were so comfortable, and we always caught some sun up there. The main pool is cool. It has a big tv where they show Disney movies, so you may want to avoid that. The Aquaduck is really fun... especially when you're at sea. The adult only district "Europa" is really fun. We went to the Tube almost every night. The entertainment was great - magicians, ventriloquist, hypnotist, and juggler... They were all world class! These entertainers were 100% geared towards adults bc there are no kids in the room! The shows were okay for adults. We enjoyed them, the Walt Disney Theater is beautiful, but they are definitely geared towards kids. We played Bingo twice, did a wine tasting class, a towel folding class, and played some adult trivia - all activities were fun. I don't think my wife and I ever felt like we were bored and had nothing to do on the ship.The food was pretty good. The service was EXCELLENT! We loved our two servers - Daniel from Romania and Boris from India. We seriously looked forward to dinner just to get to see them. We ate at Palo one night - it excellent as well. The food was good, the service was good, but we felt like it was a little overboard (neither of us is extremely fancy/elegant). We almost always just ate the "theme park" fast food stuff on deck 11 by the pool. One great thing about this cruise is that you can bring a carry on of alcohol. So pack some wine, champagne, and liquor if you drink, and enjoy in your stateroom as you can just go get soda from deck 11. Our stateroom host was excellent as well. Our bed was always made, and our room was cleaned at least twice a day. One other thing about our room... We had a huge verandah in the aft/starboard side of the ship. We didn't use it much, so I'd recommend either a standard verandah or a port hole room. We spent most of our time on the top deck to catch all the views, but we both like to be up where the action is. It would have been really nice if we had preferred a lot of alone time. I also recommend doing a massage and going to the Rainforest Spa Area. If you want a day pass to the rainforest then definitely get it before the cruise departs. I payed $20 I think per person about 2 months before we set sail and literally payed 10x less!The ports were okay. We snorkeled in Grand Cayman which was great. Costa Maya and Cozumel were whatever. She got her jollies by shopping for overpriced junk in the touristy areas while I just watched my wife be happy! I will say you can get $1 Dos Equis if you look hard enough. It rained in Castaway Cay, but we were able to do the nature walk/kayak. The kayaking was fun, but the nature walk was kind of long and boring.Overall, in my one time cruiser opinion this is an excellent choice. My wife even thinks she wants to become a Disney Vacation Club member as we've been to Disneyland twice and WDW once since we began dating. I think the best part hands down of this cruise was the service. Other great things: the beauty of the ship, the overall entertainment, and the fact that there weren't a bunch of drunk college kids running around. We met so many great families who loved that we were honeymooning on a Disney cruise. Both of us are looking forward to hopefully being able to do an Alaskan Cruise with Disney. One final thought... Keep in mind this cruise may or may not be for every honeymoon couple. I can say with complete confidence that you will not feel overwhelmed by the amount of kids on the ship bc they're all so happy in the kids areas. But if you are completely unfamiliar with Disney the. You may have trouble enjoying about a third of the things on the ship. If you have specific questions feel free to email me at dpick84@gmail.com Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
Never having cruised, I did not know what to expect. I really wanted to do the Eastern Caribbean, but our traveling companions had the week of April 13th off, so we had to do the Western Caribbean. We have an 8 year old, and our friends ... Read More
Never having cruised, I did not know what to expect. I really wanted to do the Eastern Caribbean, but our traveling companions had the week of April 13th off, so we had to do the Western Caribbean. We have an 8 year old, and our friends have an 11 and 14 year old. We had connecting staterooms with veranda. Due to booking late, we were assigned the late seating. Some nights it was tough for the kids as we did not get out of there until 10:00 or so, but we were able to see the earlier shows and not be rushed on excursions. First, I have to say, the staterooms were fantastic. My husband is 6' 9" so we were very concerned. He did have to be careful in the hallways due to the lights and sprinklers, but other than that, he was completely comfortable. Bed was extremely comfy, the space was so well planned that they utilized every in of space available. Loved the split bathroom. No complaints at all about the room. None actually about the ship at all except that most times we sat on our balcony we were treated to a nice breeze of cigarette smoke from one of our neighbors. It really sucks to be sailing in the beautiful ocean air only to have it ruined by a cancer stick! I called the front desk to find out what the smoking policy was and sadly found out that it was acceptable. I asked her to pass on the info that I thought it would be nice if in the future they could consider designating one side of the ship as non smoking. They did actually haver a manager call us to follow up on this suggestion (not that I think it will change). As many others have noted, the service on the ship is top notch, the ship is beautiful and well maintained, and they are constantly cleaning. My hands have never been so clean! Our servers were Zsolt and Budi.....Zsolt was awesome, and always gave us some tidbits about the next days shows or excursions. Very personable. These folks work extremely hard. They work 7 days a week for 4 - 6 months. Most do not see their families for 6 months. And they always were pleasant and helpful. The head server was Roberto, also really helpful when we requested some dining changes for time slots. Our hostess was Beauty, who kept our rooms sparkling clean. Like that they service the rooms twice a day. No need to call for clean towels. These folks were a pleasure, and we always felt well cared for. Nice people. Lastly, my son also ended up with an ear infection by the end of the week (he had something brewing before we left for the cruise) and I was very pleased with the on board doctor - Dr. Johan. He was great with kids and with the parents. The only negatives I noticed on the ship: 1) Day one, they were hawking water delivered to your room 24 bottles for $35, noting that if you bought 24 it was like getting 4 for free. We did not end up using 40% of them! We really only needed them on the days we went off ship. I would suggest buying them as you need them. 2) The pool on deck 11 was so noisy that it was not enjoyable at all. Basically if you wanted to use the pool, it was so crowded you could just sit in the pool, you could not really swim. Did not have a problem getting chairs. The kids loved the aqua duck and used that rather than the pool. 3) We had an opportunity to use the adult only area on Sunday and I noticed a family who had the audacity to have their 3 children in there with them from 6 years old to maybe 14. No one said anything, and I got so agitated, I went up to the Disney person and complained, especially when the dad was bringing the 6 year old into the hot tub! We have to leave our kids and look at someone else's in the adult area? The Disney guy spoke almost no English so I sought out someone in another area. Eventually a management type person came and asked them to remove their children. Sadly, that was not the only time I saw this happen...I was in that area 3 times and each time saw some dopey parents think they were special and that their kids could sit there with them. After that first time, I saw them routinely go up to people and ask the children to leave in their polite Disney way. 4) Overall, the food was better than ok, but not fantastic. Cabanas had a great variety for lunch, loved the breakfast buffet in Enchanted Garden, and favorite included dinner was the second night at animator's palette. Palo was a bargain at $20 pp surcharge and would go their more than once if we cruise again. Ali was our waiter and the food was the best we had. The chocolate souffle is a must! Overall in the 3 main dining rooms food was decent, sometimes very good but the desserts were disappointing overall. The Royal Court was my least favorite. It was also hard to find a good cup of coffee on the ship! 5) The Oceaneer's Club was a little to young for my 8 year old. He was turned off and I could not get him back to try the Oceaneer Lab, which I think he would have liked better. He also loved the mystery game on board. Much better than the one at Disney World, which he lost interest in quickly. 6) Spa - My husband and I used the spa for a couples massage - enjoyed that. However, at the end they spent a good 5-10 minutes trying to sell us some products (while we were still naked in our robes) which totally killed the relaxing mojo we had going on. Next time I will request not to be asked to buy anything. That was especially annoying. I also decided to shower there since the showers were much bigger than in the cabin, but was disappointed to note they did not have any products to use (no comb, hair spray etc...) I said something to the receptionist and she gave me a comb which they stock behind the counter because people take them...pretty sad when people are spending $10k on a vacation and need to steel a cheap comb... Now Some Good things to note: Loved our room - 9618 could sleep 5. Good area, not much noise. I did notice in some of the restaurants at the back of the ship you could notice the rocking. Try to stay closer to the middle of the ship for least rocking. Was a connecting room to 9618. As an alternative to the noisy pool, found a great place to sit on deck 12 behind the funnel vision screen. - no noise! Favorite excursion: Grand Cayman Rum Point beach Least favorite: Costa Maya - agree with other reviewer - it's a dump! Best experience - Cozumel swim with the dolphins at Dolphinaris - nice facility... Again, the combination of the team of servers we had, the cabin, the beauty of the ship and variety of things to do made this a wonderful trip. Would absolutely cruise Disney again! Trying to book Eastern Caribbean for next year....great time!!!!! Wish I had booked it on the cruise to save 10% Read Less
Sail Date April 2013
Just got back from the 7 day Disney Fantasy Western Caribbean cruise and I'll admit I went in skeptical as it was my first cruise and I'm not a big Disney fan even though I have girls aged 7 and 10. But I got off the boat ... Read More
Just got back from the 7 day Disney Fantasy Western Caribbean cruise and I'll admit I went in skeptical as it was my first cruise and I'm not a big Disney fan even though I have girls aged 7 and 10. But I got off the boat completely impressed and eager to do it again in a couple of years. Since I gained so much reading reviews on this site prior to mine I'm just going to focus on paying forward some additional tips for those who are going soon. Note that due to high waves our cruise did not get to stop in Grand Cayman which was a disappointment but what can you do? Costa Maya is frankly, a dump and I love Mexico. Best option is to take a cab to Muhahual's beaches. Do not be conned by the gauntlet of folks telling you that you'll be better off to buy an inclusive package. We got suckered into Senor Frogs for $15/pp but we could have cabbed it there for free and hung out and ordered food/drinks there. And it is the place I'd recommend and then you can walk the malecon a bit. In Cozumel we knew we wanted to cab it to Chankanaab Park and we are glad we avoided the gauntlet of vendors and did it. $13 cab ride, $20 admission but well worth it. Spent a great day there snorkeling, walking, swimming, sun tanning. Kids had fun also playing in the hammocks while the adults had more fun at the tequila tasting (ole!). Last stop was Castaway Cay which was phenomenal but I regret that I bought the Getaway package as we already had our own snorkel equipment. My suggestion would be to buy just one or two packages and share it. The snorkeling is only OK there, its fun to swim around there. Biking is fun and definitely if you like to run do the 5k race they set up, it was a great way to see the island before anyone else. We had room 5548 with the oversized verandah and I would book it again in a heartbeat. Having the bigger deck (plus we connected to 5550 where my sister was) allowed us to open up the deck between the two so we could relax and avoid the masses up on deck 11 where it really does get crazy. The "pools" are essentially a cool place to stand, kids liked it for a bit but it wasn't their favorite place. The only negative I could find is that the Oceaneer Clubs have too wide a range of ages (3-11). My girls being on the upper end found it rather boring, nothing against the great team there, its just there is a disproportion of kids in the lower age range and the activities are geared more towards them. I think they'll enjoy that part more in 2 years when they can do the 11-14 activities in the other rooms which looked like a lot of fun, the tweens were having a great time on the boat. Bring magnets to decorate your door so your kids know which one is yours. Bring wipes to clean off stuff and a little thing of dish soap to wash out reusable water bottles to take on the shore excursions. We brought a good selection of alcohol which helped ease the on board bar tab, but a good option is to buy the drink in the souvenier cup and then you can get it re-filled with the drink of the day for half price the rest of the trip and those were GOOOOD! The gym is very crowded from 6-9 a.m. so if you are an eager workout fiend plan to get up early or sleep in late. Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
This was our first cruise and Disney did not disappoint. The weather even cooperated with only 1-2 foot seas (estimate) and mainly sunny skies every single day. We were worried about getting sea sick, but other than my wife getting dizzy ... Read More
This was our first cruise and Disney did not disappoint. The weather even cooperated with only 1-2 foot seas (estimate) and mainly sunny skies every single day. We were worried about getting sea sick, but other than my wife getting dizzy once for a short amount of time it was no problem. My wife and I flew into Orlando the day before the cruise and took a private sedan service to the port terminal Saturday. We arrived there around 1130 a.m. and were on the ship in less than one hour. Embarkation was very simple and the lines went fairly fast. Stateroom: Our inside stateroom (9103) was just right for two people, but would have been crowded for 3+ people. The magical porthole was a nice touch to keep from getting claustrophobic with Disney characters flying by once in a while. There was not much storage, but our suitcases fit under the queen bed. The bed was very comfortable. We were glad that we had packed a little fan which helped drown out some ship noise, but overall the ship noise was minimal and hardly ever heard our neighbors in the adjoining stateroom. Our stateroom hostess was very efficient in cleaning our room. It seemed that we would turn our back for a second and our room would be cleaned. Food: Overall the food was good. The best food by far was at the adult only restaurant, Palo ($20 per person extra charge). We did not try the other adult only restaurant, Remy. The waiters/servers rotated with you through the three main dinner restaurants. This was a nice touch, with them getting to know your likes and dislikes. Our head server was outstanding, always making good suggestions, doing magic tricks, and making every dinner a wonderful experience. We were assigned second seating (815 p.m.) for dinner which turned out to be o.k., but if we take our son next time I would want first seating (545 p.m.). Animator's Palate was our favorite restaurant with Crush, the turtle from Nemo, interacting with guests the first night, and then on the second night guests drew pictures on placemats that came to life (animated) on the large screen TVs later in the dinner. The only bummer was that we were scheduled in Animator's Palate on formal and semi-formal nights with Royal Court and Enchanted Garden better suited for those nights. We only ordered room service once and the cheese burger was o.k., on par with the food at Luigi's Pizza and Tow Mater's Grill. Service at Luigi's Pizza and Tow Mater's Grill was quite fast. Cabana's food was good, but could be very hectic at times, especially right before "All Ashore" at a port. At those times I suggest ordering room service or going to one of the other sit-down restaurants (usually Enchanted Garden). Entertainment: The nightly shows in the Walt Disney Theatre were well done and lasted about 1 hour. Aladdin was our favorite. Disney did a great job on special effects, and the acting and music were spectacular. The comedy & juggling of Michael Holly was exceptional and I hope to see him perform again. On the other hand, I was not impressed with the comedy & magic of David Williamson, but the children loved it. You will not be bored on this ship with constant activities throughout the ship. The "Midship Detective Agency" (Muppet interactive game) is a good way to learn your way around the Fantasy and have fun at the same time. Pools & AquaDuck: The family pools were way too crowded, but kids still seemed to have fun playing in the pool and watching Disney movies on the Funnel Vision. However, the Quiet Cove Pool for adults was peaceful and never crowded. It was amazing to me that the children's pool was only about 20 yards away, but you could hardly hear them. The AquaDuck was a lot of fun, but I would not want to wait 20+ minutes to ride it. The best times with hardly any lines were after 5 p.m. as people begin to head to Dinner (first seating) or to the main early evening show (615 p.m.), or on port days. We did this a couple of times when there had been a matinee showing of the musical, and we didn't have to be at dinner until 815 p.m. The 9-hole miniature Goofy Golf was fun...but not overly challenging. Miscellaneous: The ship's decor was out of this world. I would just walk around the ship and just look at the art and decorations. We also took advantage of as many character appearances as possible. Although there could be lines to see the characters, most lines were between 10-20 minutes, a far cry from Walt Disney World. We did not take advantage of getting pictures with the many princesses on board. Their lines could have been longer. Let me tell you, there were a lot of little princesses running around after going to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique throughout the week. The free soda at the restaurant and at the beverage station on deck 11 was a treat and used often by us. Although we did not have a need to use the kid or youth facilities, we did take advantage of an open house at the Oceaneer Lab and found our 9 year old would have enjoyed it. Shoot, we enjoyed some of the interactive games (e.g., simulation of docking the Fantasy into different ports), and wished we could be 10 again. Debarkation: Passengers assigned first seating for the cruise were assigned breakfast at 645 a.m. at the restaurant they were at the night before, while passengers on second seating dinner rotation were assigned a time of 8 a.m. I do not remember anybody telling us this, but Cabanas was also open. Overall debarkation was much more hectic than embarkation, but we were through customs and getting into our private sedan service to the airport in less than one hour. I highly recommend having a porter help with your bags. He made the process a lot easier. All the customs agent did was look at our passports and said your good to go and the pixy dust cleared and we were back to our reality. Hints: - If you have a late flight out of Orlando Airport, you can try to get a day room at the hotel located inside the airport. - In the Skyline lounge look very closely at the breathtaking skylines from around the world that change about ever 10-15 minutes, and you will see Jedi walking around and once in a while Mickey will pop up in a window. - Get snacks and soft drinks on deck 11 or through room service to take to the Walt Disney Theatre for the evening show. There is a concession stand right by the theatre, but you have to pay for those items. However if you want popcorn than you will need to buy it from the concession stand. - If you hear a knocking in your stateroom, it might be he hangers in your closet. If you have not hung clothes on them, they sway with the ship. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
I hope to provide you an overall review to help new and return cruisers based on our experience. Agent I booked the trip the day before US Thanksgiving online. I was pleased with the purchase price of 2700 for 2 adults and one 9 year ... Read More
I hope to provide you an overall review to help new and return cruisers based on our experience. Agent I booked the trip the day before US Thanksgiving online. I was pleased with the purchase price of 2700 for 2 adults and one 9 year old. sail date was December 1. Transportation We flew into MCO on Thursday night and spent Friday at Disneyworld. We drove the hour to Port Canveral on Saturday. Parking We booked parking with Raddison online for approx 7$ a day. The lot was across the street from the hotel and didn't appear as secure or monitored as I expected from their ad online. Lucky for us nothing happened to the car. I say this because a bus mate had their car vandalized at the Port Canveral parking garage in the past. baggage Handling We booked late so we didn't have bag tags. Regardless of whether or not you have bag tags, get off the transportation shuttle and validate that all of your bags are being handled properly.!!! If we would not have done this, our bags were ready to go on the Carnival cruise ship that was the first stop of our shuttle. Even if I had bag tags....I would still watch to make sure everything is handled properly because the oversight costs you nothing and saves potential headaches and a terrible start to your trip. Be prepared to tip the shuttle drivers and the folks at the port who will be handling your bags. The person at the port will help make sure your bag is delivered timely. Arrival We arrived at approximately 1:00 so we were able to get on the boat right away even though our room wasn't ready until later. We had "day bags" so that we could swim or read if we wanted. Lunch We did each lunch on the ship at Cabanas but Flos is an option too. both are on deck 11. Boat drill If you are on a high deck, like 9, i would suggest getting close to your assembly station so you dont have to walk down all the steps, especially if you have small children. after the drill, go down to go up because the elevators are very busy. Navigators Take multiple highlighters so that you can plan out you daily agenda. Give each family member their own color to make it easy. Extra Navigators are in a stand to the left of guest services. Entertainment Take advantage of the shows and movies that are on board. I enjoyed the musicals, movies, etc. I even enjoyed the family talent show and towel folding. So in other words, do not rule out the options you have! Food I thought the food was acceptable but nothing was great. One of my complaints is that the food wasn't hot. Pirate Night A lot of people do not dress up, dress up and have some fun with it. Things to take Mini medical kit for common maladies Post it notes or a white board to communicate with family or room steward In my case less clothes....if you are spending time in your swimsuit or casual wear, you don't need a different outfit for every day and you can repeat your evening attire. Sand toys if you don't want to buy them at Castaway Key Memory items We took a blank frame for character signature. We dropped it off at guest services right away. They did a great job on this!! You don't have to bring markers. You could also take a pillowcase and get that signed...it is easier to transport home! Pictures We didn't buy the picture package. In hindsight I would have had pictures taken whenever and wherever I could by the staff...that would make the entire package more affordable their individual prices were very high, I thin 20$ a picture and I want to say 349$ for the entire package! De embarkation Disney is very organized. To learn about the process, watch the TV program that explains the process. In general though the bags are grouped by your state room number so it only took a few minutes to find all of our bags. Customs Looking at the mass of people I expected it to take a long time but I bet it only took us 15 to 20 minutes. Room Our stateroom was 9644. It was very nice and accommodated the three of us quite nicely. Definitely unpack right away and put your suitcases under your bed so you have room. Don't forget your sofa table has storage, if needed. The verandah was nice but we had a smoker next to us and that limited our enjoyment of the balcony. Disney should do something about limiting where people can smoke on the ship. Laundry The have machines on each floor. 2$ each for a wash and dry. I brought my own soap. The machines are smaller than what you have at home. Also be prepared for them to be busy so do wash when you have time to tend to them right away so that others can use them. Port adventures We did the snorkeling....be forewarned sea lice are common in this area. Research how to treat and address sea lice. The itching and bumps have been on my daughters arms, face, and shoulders, for 11 days. Disney even has a warning about sea lice at Castaway Cay!!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We are first time cruisers who decided to add a 7 Day Caribbean Cruise to our WDW vacation. We weren't sure what to expect being to adult travelers without kids, on what is clearly a family line. I have to say, what Disney does best ... Read More
We are first time cruisers who decided to add a 7 Day Caribbean Cruise to our WDW vacation. We weren't sure what to expect being to adult travelers without kids, on what is clearly a family line. I have to say, what Disney does best is make you feel as though the cruise is tailor made for you. Legendary Disney service is ever present on this ship, wiping away any feelings or misgivings about being on a family cruise liner. From start to finish we enjoyed an adult dinner table (second seating) and fully used the adults only sections that were always available. Can't say enough about the magic moments you have with the staff just over regular interactions and how they go out of their way to make your vacation special. My humble assessment: Embarkation: Way too easy. Maybe waited 5 minutes to get onboard. We decided to avoid the Cabanas crush and had leisurely lunch in the Enchanted Garden. It kicked things off perfectly. Stateroom: This particular room has an unusual window and is more prone to movement because of its forward location. That said - the room itself was some 400 square feet and was as larger than any oceanview room. If you are like us, where space was more important than a tiny ledge for a balcony - I highly recommend this category. Dining: We were impressed with the food. It was never the same menu twice. We enjoy good food and weren't disappointed. We dined at Palo and Remy and both were superlative. Looking back, it would have been just as enjoyable to not have gone to them, since we found the regular food to be just as good. One interesting thing we learned was that Remy offers a brunch. If you opt for the champagne pairing it will cost about the same as the dinner and we found the experience to be tastier and less stuffy. If you want to try Remy, go for it and try the brunch instead! Entertainment: Wow! The fact I'm a grown cynical adult and was floored by the technology, acting and lighting says a lot. I wish our own theaters back home were this impressive. We enjoyed watching Frankenweenie during opening week. This theatre makes your multiplex back home seem woefully inadequate. Room Service: Not the most amazing part of the experience, but just fine. The chicken tenders are definitely a standout. Adult Areas: Enjoy them, they are great! Our favorite thing to do was to visit the Cove pool during the first dinner when the parents were dining with their kids. You have the entire deck to yourself. If you want a place to get away from people and just lay back and watch the ocean while reading - try the Promenade Deck. It's always empty and shaded. Disembarkation: A snap - we opted to leave the ship without breakfast at 7am and were already enroute to our next destination (after having picked up our rental car) by 8 am. It was that easy! Final thoughts: I found the crew and the guests to be really good people. It's a family ship, so everyone is on their best behavior, and it showed. I honestly expected more kids - but they were having fun in their own parts of the ship, so didn't really see too much of them. You see more at the parks. Special moments included a personal conversation with princess Ariel (what do you talk to a princess about?!) and quietly spending time at Serenity Bay only to look up and see Jack Sparrow smiling at you - on a beach in the Caribbean. Oh yes, you will find some very VERY Disney oriented people onboard. Befriend the, and have fun - they will share secrets with you. :) Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
This was the first cruise for me, my wife and my 8 year old son. We originally wanted to go for vacation to Walt Disney World and stay at The Animal Kindom Lodge but the week we had scheduled for our vacation they were completely booked. ... Read More
This was the first cruise for me, my wife and my 8 year old son. We originally wanted to go for vacation to Walt Disney World and stay at The Animal Kindom Lodge but the week we had scheduled for our vacation they were completely booked. Just out of curiosity I checked the Disney cruise website looking for cruise prices. We also spent a long time reading all the reviews and most people absolutely loved the DCL. We learn the some people regret not booking a cruise longer than 3 or 4 days, with that in mind we booked a 7 night cruise on the Disney Fantasy on October 20th. We are from the northeast so we flew in to Orlando on the 19Th and we rented a car. We spent our evening in Downtown Disney shopping and we ate at the RainForest Cafe. The morning of October 20Th we arrived at Port Canaveral around 12:00 noon. and there it was The Fantasy ... WOW !!! Spectacular very impressive ship, we took some pictures and got in line to board the ship - that took about 25 minutes -and before going in to the Fantasy we took our picture with Mickey. They announced our name as we were boarding the ship - from there on the wows never stopped. They sure know how to make you feel like you are the guest of honor from beginning to end. By reading some reviews we took some people's advice to bring our swimsuit so my 8 year old son was swimming by 1:30. We ate at Cabanas after that around 3:00 PM We really enjoyed the sail away party. We toured the ship and visited the Oceaneer Club, we really like it they have lots of things to keep the kids busy. The first day my son called us to pick him up 15 minutes after we dropped him off. By reading other people's reviews that is the case for most kids so I told my son: I will go back and get you in 20 minutes just try to get busy until I get there - so 20 minutes went by and I show up to pick him up ... he said... "I change my mind Dad, can I stay here a little longer ?" He absolutely loved the oceaneer club. After the first day he practically wanted to be there all day - he made a lot of friends and they used the phones to text each other all day. We took the late dinner and Disney matched us up with a very nice family from SC they have 3 wonderful kids 2 girls and a boy - we really enjoyed sharing the table with them . The restaurants are all very nice and the staff follows you around. They really learn to know you and what you like. The Aquaduck is great we went on it about 27 times the best time to ride is after 4:00 pm the lines are very short about 6 minutes wait if not less. We went to Remy once - wow ! It is worth the extra money - the view of the sunset is fantastic the food excellent and the service second to none and not to mention the desserts. We took some back to our stateroom for a late evening snack. If you have a chance don't miss Remy ! The food in Cabanas is very good and lots of different dishes to pick from and they try different things every day. Trust you will find lots to love and lots for every person. They have excellent desserts and fantastic coffee. The plays are wonderful - we went to see them all and our favorite was Aladdin but trust me they are all very good. Our stateroom was always ready in the morning after breakfast and they also clean the room every night. We got fresh towels at night and in the morning. Thanks to Merlin Rivera our stateroom host he spoil us every day, our room was on deck 10 the view from our balcony was great. Don't miss the pirate night party we really enjoyed that and the fireworks ! Because of Sandy we missed our stop at Castaway Cay. We took advantage of the on board booking offer for our next 7 night cruise. So we are really looking forward to visit Castaway Cay next year. Our last night we were trailing Sandy so was a little rocky we have dinner that night at Animator Palate we have lots of fun not only because you get to see your own drawings interact with the Disney characters but also because of the rocking of the ship. The staff did a fantastic job making us feel safe. Probably most people felt the same way we did about their servers. Personally we feel like we got the best 2 Benny and Horie they are a great team. I hope we are lucky and get them again next year. Our son has some food allergies and the head server Burak personally check every night what my son eat and a couple nights they made special dishes just for him including desserts. I can go on and on for hours ... All I can say is... if you have a chance to take a 7 night cruise on the Fantasy ... Go for it !!! Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
We booked a category 6A guaranteed stateroom on the September 8 sailing of the Disney Fantasy to the Eastern Caribbean. II have previously sailed Carnival and found the experience to be too loud and energetic for my personal tastes so this ... Read More
We booked a category 6A guaranteed stateroom on the September 8 sailing of the Disney Fantasy to the Eastern Caribbean. II have previously sailed Carnival and found the experience to be too loud and energetic for my personal tastes so this time around I was very interested in the new Disney ship and was not disappointed. My fiance is a Petty Officer in the US Navy and while he has been on many "cruises" this was the first one he didn't have to work on! We flew into Orlando the day before and used Disney's transportation to their resorts where we stayed the night. We have been to Disney World previously but have never stayed on the property so we took this opportunity to give it a test run. Since it was just the two of us in the off season the cost was comparable to staying near the airport and a nice way to get us excited for the cruise. We also used Disneys transportation to and from the port. It removed a bit of extra planning and stress out of the equation for me and so I found it to be very enjoyable but would be unlikely to use it for a group larger than two or three as it becomes very expensive at that point. When we arrived at the port around 2 there was no line and the longest wait was probably at the security checkpoint, about 15 minutes. We walked right on the ship and to our stateroom which had been upgraded to a category 4B on deck 8! It had the round tub, extra chair and more floor space. We were in between stairwells so there was a bit of noise from traffic but it wasn't enough to take away from the overall trip. We loved the views from our veranda on the port side. After getting settled in our room we ventured out to Cabanas to get something to eat. It was very very crowded and we spent a large amount of time searching for an open table. I was already prepared for this though from my last trip and so we scouted the area BEFORE getting any food so that we could avoid walking around with plates piled with food while running into everybody. After the first day Cabanas was never that busy and we had no difficulty finding seating. The food was ok, pretty much your basic buffet fair, nothing really special to make note of. The dining at the restaurants was much much better. My favorite restaurant would have to be Royal Court, it didn't feel very crowded and the food was excellent. My least favorite was Animators Pallet, but my fiance disagrees, it was his favorite. The shows in Animators were cute and definitely worth seeing, but being there with no kids I was glad to not be directly interacting when Crush came out, though the children that were there seemed to love it and we enjoyed watching him talk to them. One night we ate at Palo and I cant stress enough how much we loved it. The atmosphere is more upscale but not intimidating and our server Michael was one of my favorite crew members on board. He even took the liberty of ordering desert for us and brought out three for us to try. We walked out very full and very happy that night. I also have to recommend eating at Cabanas for dinner, there was almost no one else there and you get seated right next to the glass walls overlooking the ocean as the sun sets. The food was the same that they served in the other rotating restaurants so was very good. I personally am more of a lounger when it comes to vacations, but even I was enticed out of my cozy room several times by the entertainment and attractions offered. The quizzes in the adult lounges were a lot of fun and we really enjoyed Aladdin. We only saw Wishes after that and it was ok but a little hokey if you are over 12. Amazing productions though, the sets and skill involved in each was very evident. We had one excursion at St. Maarten where we kayaked to a beach at a resort and snorkeled. The group was nice and small so it didnt feel chaotic like some other excursions I've been on. Unfortunately I was unable to do the snorkeling bit as I had come down with a pretty bad ear infection and couldnt get my ear wet. I did however get to experience the ships health center and can say that I received excellent care and was given antibiotics and ear drops so that by the last few days of the trip I was feeling much better. The cost to see the doctor and get the medication was about $250 all together, which considering I couldn't use my insurance on board was not bad at all. We stayed on the ship for St. Thomas and took advantage of the nearly empty ship to visit the spa. The spa hot tubs were our favorite with the open windows over looking the port. The themed open showers are also worth a try, we enjoyed tropic thunder the most. Castaway Cay was wonderful and met all our expectations. Its a beautiful island and Disney has really designed it well. We spent most of our time at Serenity Bay which was very peaceful and serene. Next time though I really want to check out the family beach as well and maybe go down a slide or two! Disembarkation was very painless if not a little sad, we had the earlier dinner seating so we were scheduled to have breakfast at 6:45. I don't recommend the eggs, it seems the other reviews I've read on here were correct, they are powdered and not very appetizing, stick to fruit and cereal. Once breakfast was over we took our carry on luggage out and breezed through customs where we picked up the rest of our luggage before being taken back to the airport. Over all I'd have to say what impressed me most about this trip was not just the beauty and size of the ship, but all the little things you don't ever think of until it's there in front of you. I feel like Disney does this very well and there is no end to the little "wow" moments they provide. So if you are like us and are willing to pay a little more in exchange for a one of a kind experience, then Disney Cruise Line really delivers and we will be back again December 2013, this time with the rest of the family in tow! Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
We went on the Disney Fantasy in late July. This was the first cruise for me and my son (3), this was not the first for my wife, step-son (16), and step-daughter (13). After hearing all their stories we decided to make it a family trip. I ... Read More
We went on the Disney Fantasy in late July. This was the first cruise for me and my son (3), this was not the first for my wife, step-son (16), and step-daughter (13). After hearing all their stories we decided to make it a family trip. I had very high expectations and the Fantasy delivered. Travel: We flew into Orlando and utilized the Disney bus service to the port. The fee is a bit high ($70/pp) there are some benefits that make it worthwhile. We dropped our bags off at the airport and didn't see them again until our stateroom. Likewise at departure, we left them outside our stateroom the night before and didn't see them again baggage claim back home. Food and Service: Overall, was very good. I have pretty simple tastes with a sweet tooth. Our server took note and ordered me an extra dessert when he thought I'd enjoy something. Similarly, my wife and step-son enjoy fancier food and the server brought a few extra dishes over the week that he thought they would enjoy. I didn't like one plate, when the server asked why I didn't eat it, I told him. He was quick to offer a replacement. The food at all the main restaurants was about equal in quality. I preferred the environment of Animator's Palate the most and Royal Court the least. Our server was quick with jokes, games, and trivia questions. We saw a few other servers cutting up food for younger kids (ours did not offer for the 3 year old) and some other servers performed some extra special touches like making ketchup on the plate in the form of Mickey, where ours just plopped some down. After the first day, our drinks were waiting for us when we sat down -- a nice touch with the 3 year old wanting his chocolate milk. We used room service twice and quite enjoyed it the flexibility with breakfast or late night hunger. Tips were appreciated by the staff. Cabanas was good, my wife loved the seafood for lunch, definitely fancier food than room service and Flo's Cafe, that I preferred -- hamburgers, chicken fingers, pizza, etc. The views from Cabanas are quite nice -- you're able to sit at the very back of the boat during lunch. We didn't go to any of the 'fee' restaurants. For breakfast, the mickey waffles were a family favorite. Activities: So much to do. I loved getting the paper the night before. We would review it before bed and figure out our plan for the next day. The shows were generally good. I particularly liked Aladdin and the special performers we had on the ship. The rest of the shows were high quality and well performed, just not my thing, still worth an hour of my day. We saw Avengers and Brave in 3D. My step-son and I rented the golf simulator for an hour and enjoyed that, not sure I'd do it again (harder than real golf), but it was a fun experience. My son loved D-Lounge, especially all the dancing. We never knew he like to dance so much. There was a kid dance party in the middle of the room that he ignored and went straight on stage, all by himself. The performers there were great, instead of pushing him off the stage, a few joined him. The pirate show was fun; fireworks go off the middle of the ship on the starboard side -- so keep that in mind when you get your seats. My son spent a few hours in the Oceaneer Club and enjoyed his time there. Security was great and the staff was friendly. My step-kids weren't too eager to go to Edge or Vibe. We did visit them during the open house and looked quite fun. We did see quite a few groups of kids walking together around the boat that I assumed met there. There are a lot of people on the ship; however, if you pay attention you can begin to move opposite the migration. For example, the pool area is packed from morning till about 4. People grabbed a chain and never let go. We had to find little corners of the deck where we could drop our stuff. Not a huge deal, just slightly annoying. We would generally do other things during that time, like catch a show, putt-putt, play basketball, go off-ship, do character meet and greets, etc (make sure you bring your own camera -- we got 'free' pictures of our boy). From 4-dinner (we had second seating) the pool area was nearly empty. The wait to get on the AquaDuck is about 60-90 minutes in the afternoon, and about 5 minutes around 6:00 PM. We'd also go swimming after dinner and catch a movie as well. My wife and I only had one night to ourselves. We caught a comedian and went for a walk around the ship. The front of the ship near the adult section was empty and quite windy. Very cool to check out. There are two elevators that are especially fun to ride (at least for my 3 year old). The Muppets adventure was a little too old for my youngest and a little too young for the oldest. We did see kids playing it all the time and they appeared to be having a good time. Room & Service: The rooms aren't huge, but they main beds were comfortable and they served their purpose. I thought they were well designed and took advantage of the space we did have. For example, a 3rd bed pops out of the ceiling (though I'm told it wasn't very comfortable). We had two connecting interior rooms on the second floor. Not a bad location overall -- very little rocking and we were close to Enchanted Garden and one flight of stairs to shows, main stair case, and excursion exists. It was a hike to get up to the top decks, but I usually took the steps to work off the extra desserts. The rooms are well laid out. Suitcases fit perfectly under the bed. Plenty of places to hang your cards, shove away books, and plenty of outlets for charging iPods and the like. There is a little box that my step-daughter claimed as her own -- though, in hindsight, I may have preferred to turn that into a hamper. Our room service was exquisite. She was very friendly and did a great job making our room magically transform from chaos to serine each day. Someone bumped into her cart and knocked a bunch of stuff to the ground. She insisted we didn't help, but my 3 year-old and I helped her anyway and she rewarded him with a handful of chocolates. Excursions: We couldn't find an excursion that worked for all of us, so we walked around St. Marteen. The city wasn't very impressive. We did find "The Star Wars Guy" and that was interesting, definitely worth a look if you happen to be walking by. If given a choice, we wouldn't go back to St. Marteen -- but if we did, we would find some excursion. St. Thomas was beautiful. We went on the KON TIKI Beach excursion and it was great. Live music, complimentary punch, a quick boat tour of the area, saw a small ship wreck, and then hung out on a semi-private beach. The city was a lot nicer was well. Castaway Cay was beautiful and we had a great time for the first part of the day. It started to rain the second so we ran back to the boat and caught a show in the afternoon. Technology: Love the wave phones. Great way to keep people in contact and I always knew that the Oceaneer Club could reach us if there was an issue with the 3 year old. We also enjoyed having so many Disney movies and shows available on demand in the room. Digital Shutters was very cool, it was nice to see your digital pictures and play the picture game, a giant LCD screen that uses pictures from your party. The 3 year old loved that too. Animator's Palate = awesome. The 'magic porthole' was very cool. I've never had a real porthole, but I liked how we were able to turn it on and see outside and we had random Disney characters appear. My son went crazy when the house from UP floated by. People: This is a family-oriented ship and as such, everyone is there to make sure their kids are having a good time. People were genuinely friendly; we even met a lady with two kids around my son's age that hit it off. They ended up joining our table for dinner the last few nights. For some reason the cruise directory got on my nerves. Overall: My expectations were met and we all had a great time (and have already booked our next Disney Cruise). I've never felt so relaxed during a vacation. There is so much to do, yet no pressure to do it. Nothing to worry about. There were a few things that weren't perfect, a few moments of frustration, but I chose to forget and move on. Like most things in life, it is what you make of it, though Disney gives you many reasons for it to be magical. Read Less
Sail Date July 2012
As an Australian 60+ couple we have had cruising experience but never with Disney or the extended family in tow!. Our overall impression was it,DCL- Fantasy, would be suitable as a family celebration of a 40th for a son. It ticked every ... Read More
As an Australian 60+ couple we have had cruising experience but never with Disney or the extended family in tow!. Our overall impression was it,DCL- Fantasy, would be suitable as a family celebration of a 40th for a son. It ticked every box that we listed before our cruise. The Ship catered for the young married couples, their children ranging in ages from 10 to 9 mths old and of course the grandparents. The embarkation was seamless, pleasant and so full of smiles, Disney characters welcoming us all that the excitement of our family was at a high. The personalised welcome in that glorious atrium of the ship was awe-inspiring for the young from 41yrs to 9 mths( my husband and I just watched the faces- we had done much research on the whole experience and were ready for it). The crew members started from that moment at building up a rapport with the family. From the Room steward, Ida, to the drinks waiter, Ketut, and the Food waiter, Brent an impression of personalised service was established that could only be summed up as 'So Professional'. However the Staff that we interacted with in the Oceaneers Club and the Creche were as equally attentive and professional.( What forethought Disney has with their ways of catering for families with the children's escape the parents venues, the adult escape the children venues, the grandparent refuge area...Cove Cafe, The marvellous creche which enabled my daughter-in-law to experience fine dining with the knowledge that her 9 mth old was being loved and kept in his routine was a hit. Our rooms were as others have described them and suited us all. The Dining was a wonderful experience as we did wonder how the rotating dinner venues + your service staff would be managed. If anything I think it develops a most pleasing trust that I saw develop between the grandchildren and the Servers...Well Done Men- Ketut and Brent. I must say that their uniforms and attitude show the qualities of all the ship's staffing standards. The Entertainment was eagerly attended by the old and young alike--- Well Done Disney! The Activities whether the science experiments or a ship's kitchen tour aims to appeal to all ages.Even Baby Hudson had his photo taken with Snow White with the photo being presented to his proud parents by the Creche Staff on the last day. The Food at all venues and beverages drunk were great and Disney must be complemented on how they cater for so many likes, dislikes and investigative palettes. The Ship's public areas were always so clean and showed no signs of being used by most of the 3,800 passengers. The pools are small but to us that was minor. 'You can't please everyone all the time' The ports interested the young but I stayed on board and had quality time with the 9mth old . However when it came to Castaway Cay I knew to hit land early if I wanted the family to be sitting all together at the Family beach area. Thank you to all those past reviewers as you do a wonderful job in allowing a researcher to have a good overview and do some planning!. Castaway Cay, Disney's own island was the land highlight of all the ports in our party's eyes. The activities there allowed the relaxed cruiser to the energetic young or the sleeping babe to have their needs sufficed. How Disney catered for so many so well can only be seen to be believed. So in summary to all those actors, wardrobe assistants,Character Minders, Front of House crew, Behind the scenes crew, Maintenance guys,Guest Services,Photography crew, the fantastic, dedicated children's venue staff and the all important Bridge crew and Captain...Many thanks for a Memorable Family Celebration. It was the stuff that built dreams and will stay with us all for our lifetimes. 'It was the most Wonderous Experience of a young life' Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
Disney Fantasy Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.7
Dining 3.5 4.3
Entertainment 5.0 4.5
Public Rooms 4.5 4.7
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 4.0 4.0
Enrichment 2.5 4.2
Service 4.5 4.7
Value For Money 4.0 4.0
Rates 4.0 4.0

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