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354 Disney Eastern Caribbean Cruise Reviews

Disney is excellent when it comes to shows and this really is their strongest point. The cruise is geared for kids and it comes out very well. Castway Cay is excellent in all aspects and just this alone is a huge selling point. I ... Read More
Disney is excellent when it comes to shows and this really is their strongest point. The cruise is geared for kids and it comes out very well. Castway Cay is excellent in all aspects and just this alone is a huge selling point. I have read many reviews on Disney Cruise Lines and its almost as if people are afraid of pointing out the not so good or weak areas. This can be attributed to Disney''s phenomenal marketing. The Magic of Disney or The Marketing of Disney as I call it ! Disney is an extremely successful and profitable company that makes a lot of money period. Disney self promotes a lot. Constantly during the cruise, the Cruise Director is in your face selling how special and wonderful Disney is. I found it wore thin. Day to day expenses that add up. You go into a show and want a popcorn, well thats $3.50. Really !?! Oh, the kids want it in a Star Wars holder too, another 10$ odd bucks. Pirate night they sell stuff all over in the party. I wouldn't go too far and say a rip off but definitely a money grab so word of warning to be careful. I am not a big drinker and opted for 12 beers brought to my room. Bill $69 for 12 beers !!! Disney does not offer any beverage or alcohol packages at all which is extremely surprising in itself. Once again they make more money by not doing so. Disney Crises are expensive before you even board the ship and in my opinion the value for the money was poor. They make up for it though once again with their shows and Castaway Cay hence why I gave them an average rating. The gym was below average for a ship its size. Too small, lacking in equipment and I overheard many people complaining in the gym itself. Poor air circulation and waits for machines is common. I gave up on the treadmill and opted for the track around the ship on Deck 4 instead Disney self ranks itself in the top Cruise Lines so by their own standards I will compare them to Celebrity and use the Ship Silhouette. The Celebrity gym is 2 1/2 the size and is far better equipped and actually Disney is not even close to Celebrity for the gym area. Food was average. Compared to other Cruise Lines, Disney is just not there. Sorry but if anyone has travelled on Celebrity for instance they know what I mean. Staff and service though are at the same level as Celebrity. So how does Disney get way with their weak areas that few mention? Many I spoke with have only been on Disney Cruise ships so they have nothing to compare it too. For many it was their 3 or 5th Cruise but all on Disney. I compared Disney to Celebrity, RCCL higher end branch and I realize they are two markets and different style of cruises but for many areas it is a fair comparison. Cabins themselves, Celebrity cabins are nicer hands down. Just the chairs alone on the balcony, go on youtube and check for yourself. Disney gives you this cheap metal table and two mediocre chairs while on Celebrity you get nicer chairs with foot rests and wooden top tables. Disney makes up for its lacking in its shows and performers. The luxury and convenience of just walking down every night to see a show is in itself a huge selling point The quality of the shows blows other Cruise lines out of the water. Castway Cay is is simply amazing. Very well laid out, great fun activities ( rental of mask, snorkel for my son and I though 46$ ) Castway Cay is in itself worth the trip. The Kids Clubs are very well run, extremely organized and a lot of fun. My son kept wanting to go and I had to negotiate almost to only let him go 2 hours a day as I wanted to spend time with him!! The staff are amazing for the kids. Disney blows every other cruise line out of the water in this aspect too. Disney makes up for its poor to weak areas by excelling on its strong areas and this is , IMHO, how they get such high ratings. If you go bring on the alcohol allotment and be careful on spending your money. I was very prudent and my bill was still over 600$ extra, thats on top of an over $6000 cruise for just my son and I !!! Would I go again? Maybe but I would go off season and look for lower rates. I realize I wrote and somewhat blunt review but I simply wanted point out the good and bad as most for Disney write it was amazing and magical which doesn't tell people much. Disney Fantasy or Disney Cruise Lines has many strong points but it also has many weak points too. Overall I had a great trip and took the good with the bad and my son had an awesome time. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
We had the worst cruise of our lifetime. After returning from the cruise I had to take my husband and son to the ER all the family members that went on this cruise are sick. First of all the boat was very rocky and when we spoke to the ... Read More
We had the worst cruise of our lifetime. After returning from the cruise I had to take my husband and son to the ER all the family members that went on this cruise are sick. First of all the boat was very rocky and when we spoke to the cruise staff they said at this time of the year from Galveston the cruises are all like this. As a matter of fact in 2013 the whole ship was sick out of Galveston and crew was praying to make it home alive. If Disney knows that the waters are so rough then why make families suffer rather than putting a smile on their face. We weren't able to sleep all 6 nights. The kids and my husband have a fever and it was the worst cruise ever. Spoke to several families on board that said they will demand a refund! We have been on cruises in the past out of New York and Port Canaveral and both were very pleasant. This one was horrible. The ship smelled bad. The vents in the room rattled. The vents in the room didn't work and the air wouldn't circulate and all the rooms smelled bad. Behind the sofa there was an awful smell which was later discovered to be a very old Depend diaper. Nasty! We had to pay an upgrade fee for an accessible room that we couldn't even use. The staff at the port told us that the room they would upgrade us to would have a huge balcony and restroom so there is an upgrade fee. No problem we paid it. When we go to this accessible room number 6154 it smelled awful. It was located at the aft and everything in the room rattled all night long. Honestly it felt like the ship was going to tip over and we were all very sea sick. The guest services manager explained that cruises at this time of the year are very unpleasant and several families and kids get very sick. We even saw several families leaving the ship with luggage at Key West. Overall, I feel that if Disney knew that cruises are so bad sailing out of Galveston why charge $6500 per cabin and a upgrade fee and make families have a bad holiday vacation? Very disappointed. I didn't expect this from Disney!!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
My family has always been a "Disney" family and trips to WDW are common. My sister/brother wanted to cruise, so here we were. As our vacations normally consist of trips to Sandals adult all inclusive resorts we were concerned ... Read More
My family has always been a "Disney" family and trips to WDW are common. My sister/brother wanted to cruise, so here we were. As our vacations normally consist of trips to Sandals adult all inclusive resorts we were concerned about a Disney cruise and a higher number of children on the ship,over a "normal" cruise line. It's hard to describe, but this is not an issue. While there are lots of kids around there are also lots of kids activities. That, plus a quiet adult only area make it a great cruise. We were dropped off on the curb by our shuttle and a porter came over to take our checked bags. Remember to tip these guys as they are working hard to get your bags where they need to go. I was surprised to see multiple people just leave their bags on the curb and walk away. While the porters did pick them up I personally would be concerned that they wouldn't make the ship. I was meeting my sister who drove so we walked over to the parking garage. As a note, if you need to use the rest room before you go through security there is one in the parking garage which is just across the driveway from the drop off curb. Security check as you enter the Disney Cruise building was quick and efficient. There are two magnetometer areas, one on the ground level where you would be dropped off by a shuttle and one on level three of the parking garage. Like the airport, remove all metal objects for a walk through mag and all carry on bags go through a belt mag. No questions asked about the four bottles in my carry on bag. With a port arrival time of 10:45 - 11:00 I think we got there at about 10:30. Remember to complete your on line check it as this will save time boarding the cruise. There are separate lines for those on their first Disney Cruise and for those who are members of the Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Club (you automatically join after your first cruise. As my sister is a member we were directed into a Castaway Club line with her party. The wait in line was about 10 minutes. They check your documents, passport, take a picture and provide you with your boarding group. We ended up in boarding group 6 and once our boarding group was called it was through the mouse ears and another 15 minute wait in line to board. Once on board its time to sign up for things you can't do or didn't do ahead of time. We signed up for the Castaway Cay 5K, the float/bike/snorkel package on Castaway cay and my internet access. Don't wait in any lines to sign up for internet. Just turn on your device (I used my iPad) and go to DCLguest.com On that page you can sign up for access you can share on multiple devises. On the day of sailing only you can get 50 MB for free. There are also other choices; pay as you go 25 cents per MB, 100 MB for $29, 500 MB for $49 or $90 for 1,000 MB. I signed up for the free 50 and the 1,000 package and used it all. The internet is kind of like slow DSL, but it works for most things. We used it for e-mail, checking the newspaper a few times, streaming the audio for a football game and posting a few times on forums. Just note – turn off all things on your devices that automatically update. Your device downloading a bunch of podcasts or updating your apps will eat up your MB quickly. We left port on time at 5 to very windy conditions. The Captain announced that we would have high seas crossing the Gulf Steam. He was right. Probably 25% of folks missed dinner. They called it 12 - 15 foot seas. Day two became relaxing as the seas calmed down in the morning. Days two and three were at sea, so we got to check out all the ship has to offer. It has a lot. I know I'll never be able to list them all, so I'll just mention things we really liked or thought were neat. First, the spa. We signed up for the week long package in the “Rainforest”. I had a difficult time understanding this before we got to the ship because it just wasn't clear what his was. This is a quiet relaxing area. It has four open showers that have multiple “rain” programs. It sounded hokey to me, but they are great. There are also multiple dry/wet saunas at different temperatures and wonderful heated tile loungers. On the fantasy there is alos an outer deck area in the Rainforest with two, two person hot tubs. We tend not to go to the stage shows on cruises so we found that during the first dinner service when many other folks were also at a show the Rainforest was deserted. You can see a YouTube of a Rainforest here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNL-inZJp4E On our second “port” day we chose to stay on the ship. The spa ran specials and we took advantage of one. A 50 minute full body massage and a 25 minute facial for $149. If you are staying on the ship, look for specials. As with most cruise lines, on a Disney ship you will be assigned an early or late dining rotation, meaning dinner will be 5:30 or 8:15. Disney uses a unique dining rotation of restaurants, but your server follows you. There are three restaurants in the rotation, so during a seven day cruise you will visit two of them twice and one of them three times. The three are: Animator's Palate, Royal Court and Enchanted Garden. Your KTTW card will have a code on it telling you where you need to be each night; like AERAERA. Just look a the letter and the forst letter of the restaurant and you know where to go. By the end of night two our server and assistant really understood what we liked and anticipated what we might want. We have found the food spectacular, much better than the RCCL ships we have been on. By day five I was feeling the effects of over indulgence of food. Another tip here. Order all you wan. Want two appetizers, order them. Want two main dishes, yup – get them. It's all included. Plus, if there is something you find you like you can always order it the day before from your server. My wife loved the Sea bass on night one so she ordered it a couple of times more. If it's on the ship, you can have it by ordering ahead. Dietary restrictions, allergies? It seems they can take care of it. Just talk to your server. If you are going to miss a night at your assigned restaurant, don't let it be your last night at Animator's Palate. That night be on time/early as before the appetizer course each member of your party will be asked to draw a character. Don't get nervous, I failed crayon as a kid and was still able to work it out with the supplies/directions given. Not to spoil the night for you, but what Disney can do with what you draw as you enjoy dinner is amazing. You are in for a treat this night. Bottle water and soda from a bar will cost you, but there is a soda fountain on deck 11 next to the pool that is open 24 hours where you can get water/soda. Heck there is even soft serve ice cream up there available all the time (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana were available during our cruise) . In addition to the three restaurants, two,specialty restaurants are available at an up charge. Palo and Remy. We visited Palo $30 each plus gratuity) and found it was spectacular! Well worth the money. Oh, in case you want more there is a buffet serving breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Add to that 24 hour room service and you can not go hungry. Dress on the ship. During our 7 night cruise there was one "formal" night as well as one "dress up night" in addition to the "Pirate Night" talked about earlier. Now, with that being said I saw folks wearing everything from a tux on formal night to shorts & tee shirts almost every night. The only place where a dress code is enforced is Palo and Remy. Palo requires dress shoes (no open toe/sandals for men), slacks (no shorts) and a collared dress shirt. You may be able to get away with a polo shirt, but I didn't see anyone wearing one. All the men I saw were wearing long sleeve dress shirts with a couple in jackets. Remy ups the code to require the jacket. Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. We visited here the last full day of our cruise. They start the day with a 5K race for those who want to sign up. We did it and had a blast. You don't have to be a hard core runner, heck you can walk it if you want. All who finish end up with a medal. On the island there are multiple beach areas with ample lounge chairs. There is even an adult only beach. You can rent bikes, rent mask fins & snorkel and even rent floats to lie on in the water. The cove is very well protected so not a lot of wave action is happening on the main beach. They have a package for all three that saves you a few dollars but you have to pre-book on the ship. Just like on the ship, food is included. They have plenty of food just behind the main beach as well as the adult beach. Also just like the ship, alcohol is always available for sale. Shows/movies: Each evening there is a major production show which is done twice so each dinner seating can see the show. In addition to these there are multiple smaller shows with more "adult" entertainment later in the evening in the clubs/bars. There is also a movie theater showing moves most all day/night long. During the week we were able to catch Ant-Man, Bridge of Spies and The Good Dinosaur. Deck 11 and above is the place to be most of the time. The back third of deck 11 is Cabanas, the buffet restaurant. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner every day As you move forward you find the pools. On each side of the pools you have coffee and soda 24 hours a day. There is also the ice cream station here, a bar and a quick service food station. Dogs, burgers, sandwiches, fried foods, fries and sides. Two pools, a large hot tub a little kids splash zone, lots of both lounge chairs as well as table & chairs and the neatest thing going - "Funnel Vision" Think of the big screen at an arena or stadium. Now, mount that on the ships funnel, play Disney movies all day and you have "Funnel Vision". A stage in front of the Funnel Vision allows them to host shows here also, including the Pirate Night show (see below). Continuing forward you will find the quiet "adults" area. This has another pool with swim up bar, hot tub and more seating. While kids can "pass through" this area they are not allowed to linger. Finally completing the trip forward on deck 11 you find the Senses Spa. Steps from deck 11 lead up to the "AquaDuck", a water coaster. You ride elongated inflated floats through a clear acrylic tube that completely circles the ship, even going out over the side in one section. it's more than a water slide, almost like a roller coaster. Quick turns, drops and rises make for a fun ride. Adult and children riders must be at least 42" or taller. Single riders must be at least 54" or taller. Aft on Deck 13 is the sports area. An enclosed basketball court, Goofy mini golf, and ping pong tables provide a fun atmosphere. Off this sports deck is a simulator room with golf, baseball and basketball simulators. Pirate Night - The night starts with a pirate theme dinner. it is followed by the “Pirates in the Caribbean” Deck Party which is a Captain Jack show followed by the only fireworks sow on a cruise ship. Disney places a pirate head bandanna in each stateroom, but let me tell you some folks go all out for pirate night. I saw some folks on my cruise that had to have spent hundreds, if not above a thousand for their costume. It was amazing! The amazing thing about this ship (I'm sure all of the DCL fleet) is the Disney touch that covers the entire ship. Everywhere you look is themed exactly as it should be. Think of the details as you walk down Main Street at the Magic Kingdom and that is what you find in every square inch of the ship. The employees - I was amazed at the quality and friendliness of every employee I met. The few I was able to talk to for a while truly loved their jobs. Our server in Palo has seven years with Disney, two in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot and five on the ships. Our serve in our dining rotation was the best I have ever had. As i said, by the end of night two she and her assistant had our likes and needs figured out and were not only able to anticipate things that we would want they paid attention to the details so that recommendations were individually based, not just pushing the special of the night. These folks earn their money, no doubt about it! Remember, they are on that ship for months at a time. Officers get a cabin to themselves but most employees are two to a room with bunk beds. Working 12 - 16 hours a day to make your day magical. Tips are automatically charged to your room account (about $80 per person, $160 for us as a couple), but before the end of the cruise you will get four envelopes and a breakdown of how much you have already "tipped" your cabin attendant, head server, server and assistant server. Of the four the head server is the one you will probably have the least amount of interaction with. But, ours was great. On the first night of the trip (remember, high seas) he noticed several of our party missing and asked how they were. In the conversation we mentioned one of our party was back in the cabin taking care of his sick girlfriend. In a flash he asked what he liked to eat, had a steak prepared and delivered to the room from the dining room we were in that night. I wish I could provide details about the kids areas and child care, but being an adult couple we really did not deal with it. Let me just say, the kids that were traveling in our party really didn't want to come out of their “space”. I can tell you that the kids are protected. Unless written approval is given, no other adult can “check them out”. This is all controlled by authorization set up on your KTTW card. Plus, you need a secret word given at the start of the cruise by the parents before Disney cast members will let you take a child out. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
This is our 2nd Disney cruise, our first on the Fantasy. Our group was myself and my two adult children. The magic of Disney is ageless, and I find that the older one gets, the more you appreciate it, understanding how much work, ... Read More
This is our 2nd Disney cruise, our first on the Fantasy. Our group was myself and my two adult children. The magic of Disney is ageless, and I find that the older one gets, the more you appreciate it, understanding how much work, dedication, excellence, goes into creating something so flawlessly amazing. The Fantasy is a gorgeous ship - art nouveau throughout, lots of wood, wide decks - especially the Promenade Deck 4; stunning throughout every public space, every design detail attended to. Service staff is excellent at every level, so much so that we were even on a first name basis with one of the women who walk around Deck 3 with a sweeper brush! The shows at night in the Walt Disney Theater are Broadway calibre productions - the talent, the staging, the costumes - amazing. True though, the music is not live - no live orchestra on board - the music is pre-produced. The activities staff is incredible, managing more activities than you could ever hope to participate in, and doing it all so effortlessly. There are activities designed for families and ones designed for adults. There is a gorgeous section of the ship for adults only - no children are allowed in at any time of day or night, and I saw staff several times gently but firmly telling parents that brought kids into the adult section, that they had to leave. Good thing, too, as hey, the kids have pretty much the whole boat!!, so it’s wonderful that Disney has provided a respite for the adults! The adult section includes a nightclub area called Europa, with several amazing bars such as the super unique Skyline and an Irish pub, O’Gills. Ooh LaLa is a wine/champagne bar which is impeccably appointed. And for sailaways, Currents on Deck 13 is a great spot. A well kept secret is the Meridian bar on Deck 12 - again, adults only. It has an outside patio, small, away from all crowds, which affords stunning aft ocean views. There is even an adults only theater where every night there is an adult show, games, dancing - this is adult in the sense that children under 18 are not allowed - the content is not R-rated, ha, no! There is an adults only coffee shop, pool, and a super unique area in the very front of the ship, Deck 13, called Satellite Falls - again, adults only - where those huge white bulbous radar circular thingies that you see on all ships, are actually incorporated into the design. Disney found a way to make it look like these giant gizmos actually belong here, making them a design element! There are fountains and wading areas around the radar, lots of lounge chairs, a gorgeous getaway. We need to book a handicapped accessible cabin as my daughter uses a walker and a wheelchair for distances. We were able to borrow a wheelchair from Guest Relations for the duration of the cruise to use for our shore excursions. Our cabin was very spacious and we were thrilled to see that the bathroom was so much better designed than our accessible cabin on the Magic - we had lots of storage in this bathroom, whereas on the Magic, we had none, none at all. There was plenty of closet and cabinet space in our cabin, it was a true pleasure. My daughter had plenty of room to maneuver her equipment, and it was also very easy and therefore pleasant, to utilize the balcony. Embarkation and debarkation went very smoothly. The Disney Magical Express bus experience was flawless. Castaway Cay was a highlight - there is even an adults only beach and food area, with spa cabanas - fabulous, no one under 18 allowed on this entire side of the island. We enjoyed having only 3 ports of call, allowing us to enjoy the Fantasy and all of the special Christmas touches and onboard activities. One thing that the Fantasy has which is seriously fun, is an ingenious interactive activity called “Midship Detective Agency” - you get a case book and follow instructions/clues given at various screens all over the ship which look like paintings that come to life when you activate them by positioning your badge in front of them. It’s a ton of fun - the Muppets cases are the most challenging - you actually have to think, make deductions. The Dalmatian case is the easiest and appropriate for those lower on the reasoning ability scale. A word to the wise, you can do the Muppets case at least 4 different times that we know of - different clues, different outcomes - as long as you start your case from a different starting point, then you know that your next case will be different than the one you just finished. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you do it! We did the Muppets case twice, it was just that much fun, and it gets you moving ALL over the ship, every deck, aft, forward and midship! We were very pleased with all of the food, though I cannot personally speak to the two specialty dining restaurants, Remy and Palo. I do know from our tour, that Remy, instead of having the ubiquitous hidden Mickeys, has hidden rats! Because of course you know that Remy was the name of the rat chef from Ratatouille! Even the adults only venues like this have touches of Disney whimsey! Like the amazing adult bar, Skyline - where every 12 minutes Tinkerbell’s pixie dust changes the wall of screens to different cities, so that you’re looking out at a massively expansive view of London, which then becomes Budapest, becomes St. Petersburg, etc - where in the city scenes, the people that are moving about are all Star Wars characters! Look closely - get right up next to the screen, don’t be shy - and you’ll see Luke, Han, etc! Ask the bar tenders and servers in Skyline and they’ll help you find some of the hidden gems in the cityscapes! So much fun, and another proof of how Disney is for everyone, all ages. This was a Christmas themed cruise, but the ship also celebrated Hanukkah, having a candle lighting ceremony replete with latkes, every night. The Christmas decorations throughout the ship were gorgeous. We loved the tree lighting ceremony, and the HUGE gingerbread house on Deck 3 was beautiful. Mulled wine was always warming at the Bon Voyage bar on Deck 3, filling the entire lobby gathering area with fabulous Christmas scents. On the day that Santa and Mrs. Claus came, there was a table set up with hot cocoa and several varieties of cookies throughout the day - in other words, special touches abound! This is the Disney flair. We took a one hour tour of the ship offered to adults only, which took us around various areas of the ship, pointing out details that you would never in 1000 years notice, never ever - but there they are. Things like how the custom loomed carpets have stars with one point of the star longer than the other pointing directionally, and the carpets are of 3 colors, blue, green and red to indicate if you’re in the aft, midship or forward respectively. And on and on! With so many families on board, parents and grandparents focused on the children, most of the intricacies of detail go unnoticed - Disney could have skimped - but, no, Disney stands for quality, always has. And it’s what keeps people coming back again and again. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
We have been on 3 Princess cruises and 1 Celebrity. To me these are adult cruises. My daughter wanted us to go with the family on a Disney cruise. We agreed knowing this was going to be all about the kids..and it was. To me..and ... Read More
We have been on 3 Princess cruises and 1 Celebrity. To me these are adult cruises. My daughter wanted us to go with the family on a Disney cruise. We agreed knowing this was going to be all about the kids..and it was. To me..and this is just me, if you don't have kids or grand kids, I personally wouldn't go on a Disney cruise because there are a LOT of kids. Everywhere. And this was in December when other kids are still in school. The pools are packed and the kids are all over the place. I know they have their Disney clubs, but families do bring their babies and younger than Disney club kids too. They DO have adult areas but we never made it to them. It was about family so we stuck with them. Disney does what Disney does and the ship was beautiful and spotless. Entertainment shows were top notch and so much fun. Food was great. They cancelled the only excursion I was looking forward to. Jet skiing at Castaway Cay. This really disappointed and saddened me because I am 64 and who knows when and if this opportunity will happen again. My husband had a massage at the Spa and did not like it. It was cut short by a required drill, the did refund 'half" the cost but half is not really half and that was not good. Castaway Cay was the best beach and island ever. Clean, beautiful, plenty of lounge chairs, activities for the whole family. White sand and lots of beautiful perfect sea shells, makes me think they imported the sand and sea shells..but that is WAY OK!. My daughter and son-in-law did the 3K run and had a blast. We will do another Disney cruise because we have grand kids and Disney knows how to do things right. It is a high price cruise but worth it. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
We love Disney cruises! We have five children ages 4-14, and Disney has something for everyone including adults. We wouldn't take our family on any other cruise line. Last year we did the Western Caribbean trip on the Fantasy and ... Read More
We love Disney cruises! We have five children ages 4-14, and Disney has something for everyone including adults. We wouldn't take our family on any other cruise line. Last year we did the Western Caribbean trip on the Fantasy and loved it so much that we booked this Eastern Caribbean trip while on board. We liked having four stops on the Western cruise, but we liked the islands of the Eastern cruise better. We stayed in the deluxe family verandah with two connecting rooms. We spend many hours enjoying the beautiful views on the verandah and think it's worth the money. The split bathrooms are also a very nice feature for families. We were on the 10th floor, which is nice since it's just one floor below Cabanas and the pools. The ship is always immaculate. Our only complaint with the ship is that the swimming pools can be so crowded that you can't even move in the water. We try to swim and ride the aqua duck in the evenings when there are no crowds and no wait. The food was excellent. Our family enjoyed all the shows except for the opening show. We didn't even stay to the end because we were all bored. Aladdin, Wishes, and Believe were all very good, and Buckets and Boards was really entertaining. Our younger kids also enjoyed meeting characters and never waited in line for more than 10-15 minutes. If you want to meet Anna and Elsa or the Princesses, you'll need to get tickets the first day. Our kids also liked the midship detective game and the juggler show. There were always lots of fun activities to do on the ship on the at sea days. One reason we love Disney is their excellent customer service. Our dining room servers and stateroom attendants were always so happy to help with anything we needed. The crew members in the kids club are great too. Our kids enjoy the kids club, which is nice for me and my husband to be able to spend some time together without kids. We are all about the beach when we get off the ship. In St. Martin, we booked a private tour through Bernard's and loved it. Our guide took us to stops where we fed iguanas, held sea stars and sea urchins right out of the ocean, enjoyed the butterfly farm, and then spent most of the day at Le Galion beach, a very uncrowded family friendly beach where the people were mostly locals. In St. Thomas, we took the Disney port adventure to Magen's Bay. It was a beautiful beach, but very crowded that day. If you walk down to the far end of the beach, it's not crowded at all and we found some snorkeling there. At Castaway Cay, my husband and oldest son went on a fishing trip and caught some really cool fish. Our kids also loved the stingray adventure. We did it last year, but they loved it so much they wanted to do it again. The worst part of the cruise is getting off on the last day. Since we had the early dinner at 5:45, we were assigned to have breakfast the last morning at 6:45. That was a little too early for our family, so we stayed in our staterooms until 8:00 and then had a nice breakfast at Cabanas and stayed on the ship until we had to leave at 9:00. We loved our family vacation, and can't wait to do another Disney cruise! Disney knows how to do family entertainment. Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
We went on a 7 night cruise aboard Disney's Fantasy with my Daughter, her husband and our & yr old grand-daughter. We have been on cruises before with Princess, P&O and Royal Caribbean, but this was our first Disney ... Read More
We went on a 7 night cruise aboard Disney's Fantasy with my Daughter, her husband and our & yr old grand-daughter. We have been on cruises before with Princess, P&O and Royal Caribbean, but this was our first Disney Cruise. The ship is beautiful and it's Disney through and through and the look on my Grand daughters face said it all. The magic was there. During the week she must of meet nearly all of the Disney Characters on more than one occasion and she loved every moment, which made the cruise worth while. The main restaurants, Royal Court, Enchanted Garden and Animator's Palette all have themed nights or interactive experiences that keep you entertained. The cabins are spacious and well equipped and kept to a high standard, Our steward Leon was excellent, We had cabins 6682 and 6684 towards the stern of the ship and had a lot of noise and vibration in our cabin when cruising overnight from port to port. The only issues we have with the cruise were that there was a very limited menu in each of the restaurants, the food was generally luke warm when it arrived at the table, There were only a few dishes that ever came with any veg, vegetables had to be ordered as an extra side if you wanted any. The waiters were assigned to your table for the duration of the cruise, and although there were very pleasant I found that they rarely listened to what you said and just came out with the same script each night to tell you what was good and then take your order, Twice I got the wrong dish and when I mentioned thi to the waiter I was just ignored. Also the dishes shown on the menu are not always what you expect, for example baked alaska, a classic dish of meringue and ice cream you would think. Not wish Disney, Neopolitan ice cream wrapped in sponge cake and smeared with a thin layer of meringue. More like and artic roll ! There were also a lot of dishes which were clearly recycled dishes from previous menu's. I don't like waste, but they could be a bit more imaginative with the dishes they create. Probably the worst menu I have experienced on any cruise. Bar service during the day around the pool was probably the best on the ship, but during the evening around the atrium bars and cafe and in the bars at the rear of the ship there didn't appear to be any waiter service, But all added 15% service charge to your bill anyway. It was also difficult to find anywhere comfortable where you could sit down and enjoy your drink. Most of the furniture around the ship appears to have been chosen for its look rather than comfort. Especially around the atrium. When you leave the ship you are encouraged to complete the survey form, which is filling in the circle that best describes your experience, but there is no provision to make any comment or to say why you liked or disliked any part of your cruise. So it doesn't look as though Disney really value your thoughts if they don't want this information. So overall it was great to experience this cruise, just to see the enjoyment our grand daughter got from her encounters with all the characters. Would we go again, definitely not. For the service, quality and comfort provided, it was far to expensive. If you want to meet the Disney Characters, go to Disney world and book a few character breakfasts/meals and see the other characters around the parks when you visit and take a cruise with a different cruise line. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
This is our 2nd time sailing in Disney Fantasy, the room in 8130 is bigger than the room we had last year. It's located in the Aft of the ship. There is bed ; a sofa / bunk bed and a Murphy bed. It can hold at least 5 to 6 people.The ... Read More
This is our 2nd time sailing in Disney Fantasy, the room in 8130 is bigger than the room we had last year. It's located in the Aft of the ship. There is bed ; a sofa / bunk bed and a Murphy bed. It can hold at least 5 to 6 people.The verandah is good to have esp when you want to drink and just sit outside and for photos of the view esp during Port stops. We would most likely book this room again for future cruises. The food is rating is good in the sense that I find some of their menu salty to be specific 1. Mushroom Soup 2. Pasta 3. Soups in the Cabanas like the Oxtail Soup. There' s a variety of food choices at the Cabana. Flo's Cafe is excellent according to my husband and children for hotdogs , burger and Wraps as well. The coffee they serve in the Cabanas tastes terrible. It tastes like coffee flavoured water. I asked one crew to check the machine one time because as a coffee drinker It really does not taste like coffee at all. Pop is free and there's water but we brought our own bottled water because it's expensive to buy water in the Ports if you go for excursions. There's also Duck breast in the dinner menu I was trying to be adventurous with food and it tastes gross. Most of the appetizers are excellent. Also the eggs are overcooked all the time esp the omelette. You can ask them to cook it for you but still it turned out over cooked chewy not fluffy. The food in Castaway Cay specifically the short ribs delicious. First seating dinner(5:45pm ) didn't work with us. Kids wanted to stay in the pool longer and we felt rushed. Also it's not good for Port Stops. But we were able to change it to 2nd seating with no issues. Attire- I find with the Halloween Cruise Disney is not strict with dress codes esp during formal and Semiformal night. People wear their shorts and tank tops for dinner and we were quite surprised because with the Christmas Cruise people were dressy. But the Halloweeen masquerades children and Adults wore their costumes which is really neat. Some even brought movie props which is really cool. I brought 3 costume changes for my children. For the meet and greet there's only 3 ticketed meet and greet the Princesses , Elsa And Anna and the Disney Junior. They gave us 745 am ticket for the Disney Junior so we have to skip it . Too early for my children. The Christmas Cruise have better program than the Halloween cruise. Trick or treat / Masquerade party was short. Although it's fun. The Adult costume party was very entertaining though. The Pirates Night and the Haunted stories are excellent. Captain Jack Sparrow really sounded and moved and looked like The real one. He was a lot of fun for the girls during character signing. He did a lot of funny stuff with them. He's hilarious. Although the pool,was small there's 2 pools we always find a spot somehow to take a dip. Lots of children with this Halloween Cruise. We only watched one show. We liked the Park shows better. We find cruise shows a little corny. So we skipped most of the shows that we've already seen last year. Photos- the photos are amazing but very expensive. Pool Attendants are excellent and so are the crews at the Kids Club. There's always crew in the washrooms as well. Port Stops - St Thomas port stop is better. We took a taxi for 4$ per person which is better than last year wherein we paid double.They have shops close to the port but I prefer to shop at the Flea market. We just walked back to the ship. St. Maarten we took the taxi to Orient Beach and paid 48$ two way but first the water taxi costs about 28$ for the 4 of us. You have to arrange the taxi going back at a certain time I must say I'm very impressed that they were on time picking us up. We got to the beach before everyone else got there ( people that paid for tours). The beach umbrella and chairs is 20$ we stayed at the Waikiki side. Food is very expensive. But there's excursions/ tours that Disney offers as well. Castaway Cay is like paradise. We arrived late so we were ashore 30 mins later. Weather was excellent all throughout this trip. Beach is fantastic. Drinks- there was one time I asked for a Chocolate Martini the drink that was served was more like a White Russian. I had it at the Enchanted Garden in our last dinner night. I must say when we changed our dinner to 2nd seating we were lucky to have fun and excellent server and asst server. Dejan ( Serbia) and Leo ( Argentina). My husband a nd my older daughter is very picky and they made sure that we enjoyed our dinner. Dejan explains to us the menu and is very professional yet fun. He was puzzled because my older daughter is so picky. He asked the baker for some cupcakes for my daughter and she loved it. We were very appreciative of their efforts. Leo is very fun and very informative when it comes to Port stops. He was very playful with the kids. As parents we really appreciate such excellence in service. Hayden also surprised my husband with a cake for his 50th birthday. Also I would like to commend Witt ( Thailand) he was very accommodating to our requests first we requested to be seated not close to the serving table . It annoys my husband. He moved us to a better table and was excellent as well in handling issues like that. However we have to change our dining seating because it didn't work with us. Crews like them can make or break your cruising experience. Overall we were satisfied with this trip We're planning another cruise with Disney Fantasy. I haven't been to any other Disney ships. But we love the grandness of the Fantasy. It's a beautiful ship. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
My wife and I love the Disney Cruise Line and that applies when traveling with or without our kids. This time, we traveled without children and we had an amazing trip in all respects. Embarkation: We flew into Orlando the night ... Read More
My wife and I love the Disney Cruise Line and that applies when traveling with or without our kids. This time, we traveled without children and we had an amazing trip in all respects. Embarkation: We flew into Orlando the night before the cruise to avoid any possible problems with flight delays. I highly suggest not flying the day of the cruise because flight delays do happen. We stayed at Disney for the night and when we checked in, the pickup time for the Disney Bus for the following day was in our room. Disney Cruise Line picked up our luggage from the room and it was transferred to our cabin on the ship without us having to worry about it whatsoever. The Disney Bus to the ship was very comfortable and only took a bit over an hour. When we got to the Port we "zipped" through security without a wait. As I had just reached Platinum status with the cruise line (over 10 trips), I was able to check in through the Concierge Desk and check in was quick and very pleasant. We immediately boarded the ship and as is Disney's custom, we were then welcomed aboard as they clap and announce the name of your family as you step aboard the ship. It is a very nice touch and you immediately feel welcomed and special. From that moment forward, each and every member of the Disney staff go out of their way to make you feel special. Everyone has a smile on their face and wants to do whatever they can to make your trip magical. The food: Disney uses rotational dining so your servers follow you to their different restaurants. This is a great touch as from day one they learn your dining preferences. On the second day of our cruise, I had 2 diet cokes waiting for me as well as water with extra lemons for my wife. The waiters could not have been nicer and even got my favorite desert, a Grand Marinier Soufflé, from the other restaurants for me regularly even when it was not on the dinner menu for the particular evening. This, by the way, might be my favorite desert of all time. They create a little well in the center of the desert and pour in a sauce that is so good it is hard to describe. The food is wonderful and each dining room is themed beautifully. From appetizers to desert the food was of very high quality and creatively prepared. We ate breakfast at the buffet each day and anything I wanted was there from made to order eggs, smoked salmon and bagels and my particular favorite, which is so hard to find in NJ, Krispy Kreme doughnuts which are oh so good. The lunch buffet featured peel and eat shrimp and crab claws which my wife and I love. In addition, the ship has my all time favorite chicken fingers as well as thin crust pizza and fresh fruit served throughout the day. Finally, there is soft serve ice creme and coffee and soft drinks available all day long on the pool deck. (My only minor criticism is that there are only cones not cups next to the ice creme station (but this can be remedied by getting cups from the soda station) and that the coffee and soda cups in my opinion should be larger (again easily remedied by filling up 2 cups). One other note about the food and ship in general, the ship is kept immaculate and the crew is constantly cleaning and polishing. I am a bit of a germaphobe and the level of cleanliness amazes me each time I am on a Disney ship. The Adult pool: The adult pool section of the ship is very relaxing. While I know the ship has a lot of people sailing, this section never felt crowded. Laying out on a lounge chair and looking out at the vastness of the blue sea is one of the most relaxing experiences you can have along with going in and out of the pool and jacuzzi. Moreover, I have always encountered the nicest fellow guests to talk to while on a Disney Cruise and this trip was no exception. My wife and I enjoyed chatting with many lovely people while relaxing in the pool. The one draw back of the pool is that it is not long enough to do lap swimming but again this is a minor criticism as the health club has treadmills with a beautiful view of the ocean to get excercise. Entertainment: Thre is plenty to do on the ship ranging from an adult section where children are not allowed with nightclubs and entertainment, a pub to watch sports and a theater with shows of Broadway quality. Since we sailed around Halloween, Disney had Halloween events, a costume party, their normal pirate party at sea with fireworks and a 3 D showing of Nightmare before Christmas. We also saw the movie Bridge of Spies in their movie theater, which was very good, while on board as well as the World Series and Monday Night Football on their super sized screen on the pool deck (Funnel Vision). There is certainly plenty to do on the ship and one of the nicest things is being able to do nothing at all and simply relax. Excursions: On St Martin, we took the excursion to the beach. While the beach is beautiful, the one draw back is the constant solicitation by people on the beach attempting to get you to buy clothes, bracelets, etc. I wish Disney or the tour operator would arrange for that section of the beach to be solicitation free. I am glad Disney is replacing this stop in 2016. Megan's Bay in St Thomas is beautiful and you can get there by an open air cab for 8 dollars per person and a 4 dollar fee each to get on the beach. No port excursion is necessary for a fantastic day. Last but not least, Disney's private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay, is one of my favorite places on earth. It is for their passengers only and it is an Island exclusively dedicated to fun in the sun. It is something that everyone should have on their bucket list. Cabins: The cabins are very comfortable and clean and the room attendant always leaves towel animals and chocolates at night. Having a split bathroom and shower helps immensely in getting ready. The Disney Cruise line always exceeds my expectations. It is one of our favorite trips and we try and do it at least twice a year. Highly recommended. :) Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
We are just back from our second cruise. We cruised on the Disney Dream last year for 4 nights to the Bahamas. As much as we loved that cruise, we are from Australia so thought due to distance and the cost to come back we wouldn't be ... Read More
We are just back from our second cruise. We cruised on the Disney Dream last year for 4 nights to the Bahamas. As much as we loved that cruise, we are from Australia so thought due to distance and the cost to come back we wouldn't be back for a while. Well after one month at home we booked the Disney Fantasy. Everything was as spot on and as exact as the first time. Amazing ship, amazing staff. We had a deluxe family oceanview cabin on deck 8. Fantastic room. Great location for using the stairs to go up to the pool and down to the atrium. Our kids had an amazing time. Not bored once (ages 4 and 8). We got tickets for the Disney Junior breakfast and for the Elsa+Anna meet and greet and the princess gathering. My 4 year old daughter was in heaven! Lots of pool time and they also loved kids club. Lots of different activities and different characters visiting. Never bored once! They, too, loved the shows. The evening shows were amazing. Pirate night and Halloween night were great too. We had the most fabulous time. Devastated to get off, but this time we put a deposit down on the next one to get the onboard deals! A great system where you don't have to book in an exact cruise but have 24 months to sail. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
My family of 4 had an absolutely wonderful vacation aboard the Disney Fantasy! This was the frist cruise of any kind for all of us. My husband and I were celebrating our upcoming 20 year anniversary. This was the perfect vacation choice so ... Read More
My family of 4 had an absolutely wonderful vacation aboard the Disney Fantasy! This was the frist cruise of any kind for all of us. My husband and I were celebrating our upcoming 20 year anniversary. This was the perfect vacation choice so that we could include our 2 daughers, ages 13 and 10. First of all the boarding process was a breeze. Sure, there were a lot of people but lines moved quickly. We left the majority of our luggage to be delivered to our room and only had a few carry ons with swimsuits and things we might need upon arrival as we were told our luggage may not arrive at our room until 5pm. We could go to our stateroom at 1:30pm. We boarded the ship around noon or just after so we first went and had lunch while waiting for our room to be ready. When we got to our room at 1:30, we found our luggage waiting for us! Very prompt! Now as for the ship itself...it was immaculate! I have nothing to compare to but from what I hear, the Disney ship is far better/cleaner than most others but a little more expensive too. I was very pleased with how well kept everything was. From the pools, to the restrooms and everything in between. There were even employees at the entrance of restuarants handing antibacterial wipes for our hands. I think that's a great extra step to help stop the spread of germs and illness. We enjoyed the pools nearly everyday. While they were at times a little crowded, that did not deter me or my kids. We still had a great time. We had excellent 86 degree weather and sunshine everyday so we expected lots of people to be there. There were plenty of chairs and towels and Disney movies played all day on the huge "funnel vision" screen at the pool area. My kids being 10 and 13 had separate clubs they could go to. The Oceaneear club for my 10 yr old and Edge for my 13 yr old. They could go there to play with other kids their age and make crafts, have dance parties, learn to cook or play games. They had lots of activities daily and a schedule delivered to our room every night for what to expect the next day. My kids went to those 2 or 3 times but they enjoyed spending most of their time doing things with us. They also caught a few movies they had not alrady seen at the theater. We saw 3 live shows at the Walt Disney Theater. One we all enjoyed the most was a juggler...Michael Holly. This guy was hilarious and very entertaining. We saw the show on the first night but I can't remember what it was called. Lots of singing and dancing. The last one we saw was Beleive. They were excellent. Very talented singers and dancers and the costumes were very good. Every night we had an amazing dinner! I was super impressed. Our wait staff made this a wonderful event every night. Our waiters were Rahul & Luis, from India and Peru. They were very attentive and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our foods and drinks. They were very professional and friendly. The food was very good each night and had a good variety of things to choose from. If you are into night life, the ship has places for that too. I can't say too much about that. We did not go to any bars or dance places. We do not drink or dance so it's not really our scene but I hear that Tube is the place go to for that...music and entertainment. As for the port excursions...just remember you get what you pay for on this! And all the best ones get booked up so plan ahead and try to book them as soon as you have booked your cruise! We booked the dolphin encounter for the stop at St Thomas...this was a winner! Maybe the highlight of the trip. It was really awesome and each person got lots of interaction with the dolphin. This is fun for adults and kids. It's expensive but well worth it. And a side tip...if you do this, plan to pay for pictures. They do not allow you or family members to take pictures. They have photographer there who takes several. They are good quailty but they are expensive. To get all pictures of our family of 4 was $200. Again, I think it's worth it! This is an all day event so if you do this, don't try to plan anything else. We booked an excursion for St Maarten the night before we got there because we didnt know exactly what we wanted to do. We took a very inexpensive trip to a nearby beach....Orient Beach. The beach was nice, water felt great and the sand was soft...but be aware, you get approached by the island ladies wanting to braid your hair or sell you cover-ups or jewelry. It's annoying but I just politely told them over and over- No Thank You. I don't think the islands were what I expected. I was looking for white sandy beaches and crystal clear water but that is not what you get. The boat is docked at a harbor or port, not a resort. We had to travel through the island to get to our excursions so you see where the natives live and quite honestly, it looks like a dump. They live poor for the most part and it's just run down and dirty looking. If you want the beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear water, you won't see that until you arrive at Castaway Cay for the last day of the cruise! That was an amazing place! We did the snorkeling which was great fun and not so expensive. We saw lots of fish and took pictures with an underwater camera. Our kids enjoyed the snorkeling and loved the waterslides and just playing in the water and the sand. Like the ship, this island is very clean and well kept with clean restrooms and 2 places to eat that were also nicely kept with a wide variety of food to choose from. There are cabanas you can rent for the day...but u have to do it ahead of time because they fill up and it's expensive upwards of $500 for day I believe. We didn't do that and we had a wonderful time under the umbrellas and the shades of the trees in our chairs. Again the weather was beautiful...warm but a nice breeze and the shade kept it from being too hot. The last day we had an early breakfast (6:45am) with our wonderful wait staff and we were on our way. Disembarking was easy and quick. We chose to have our luggage outside our stateroom the night before for pickup and they we could get it on the way out the next morning just before going thru customs which was also very quick and painless! We left our vehicle in the parking deck across from where we board the ship so it was a short easy walk even with all our luggage in tow. There are characters at certain places at all different times but most are posted in the navigator. Check that if you are interested in pictures with characters and be ready to stand in line and wait. We did a few of them but my kids are a little older and didn't care so much for it but we did a few of them.If you are looking for characters from a particular movie etc...ask customer service. My daughter was interested in meeting Elsa & Ana from Frozen. They were there but it was not advertised and we had to have a ticket to see them for a meet and greet. Dressing up is a HUGE deal!! The semi-formal night is a big deal for dressing to the nines and taking fancy pictures on the grand staircase. Pack a formal dress, heels and men a suit or tux. Also pirate night is huge...go all out if you don't mind spending the money for a costume--but get before your trip. Items/clothing you purchase on the ship are very expensive! You just can't overdo it on these nights! Also on pirate night, the fireworks are spectacular. Many of the little girls on the ship wore their princess dresses to dinner every night. Fun for them to do so and very acceptable! The bippity boppity boutique is a great idea if your little girl likes to dress up and look like a princess--(all for a price!). Photographers take photos at all the character meet and greets but please take your own camera. All the photos taken are kept in a folder type thing on the 4th floor so you can see all your vacation photos. They also do face recognition so you will even see those taken on the Aquaduck if you ride it, which is much fun! As most other things, photos are very expensive if you purchase the prints and/or a cd. They offer a book you can create yourself with up to 34 photos for $150. I chose to do that and used my pictures for everything else. The pictures are good and clear but just too expensive for me. To get them all you are talking $350-$500 range. *There is no charge for room service! I was amazed at this! My daughter was not feeling well at dinner one night so she was hungry later on. I ordered a sandwich and we had it in about 10 minutes! *If you suffer from motion sickness, try something called Bonine. I felt bad one day with a headache but after taking that each day, I was fine. It's a chewable tablet. This was a wonderful trip and I would definitley suggest it to anyone. My kids loved it so much, they were sad when the day came for us to disembark and are already asking when we can go again. There is so much to see and do and experience. The entertainment, the sights, the food....and the sheer cleanliness of this place impresses me! Disney is not to be outdone! If you are a cruiser and you have never tried a Disney cruise, I trust you will not be dissapointed! As I said, I have nothing to compare it to but it was outstanding and everything was top notch, especially the service...from ALL STAFF. They were phenomenal! Thank you Disney for some great family memories that will last a lifetime! Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
Our family of 13 was on Disney Fantasy in October 2015. We were very disappointed. Our 5 grand kids range from 3 to 14 and there was very little that we could do as a family. The ship was set up to separate the family into different ... Read More
Our family of 13 was on Disney Fantasy in October 2015. We were very disappointed. Our 5 grand kids range from 3 to 14 and there was very little that we could do as a family. The ship was set up to separate the family into different areas on the ship. There wasn't any pool on the ship big enough for all of us to enjoy. If you want to send your teenager to one area, your pre-teen to another area, the 9 & 10 year olds to a different area and the 3 year old to yet another area, then this is the ship for your family. If you want to enjoy your family together this isn't the place for you. The food was great, the service was fantastic, the ship was beautiful, the photo staff was wonderful but this wasn't what we expected for a family vacation. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
This was our fifth Disney cruise and I am not sure if it is losing its magic bc it is our fifth. The room of courser was clean as was the ship. Food is always average but it is hot. The shows are entertaining but the varirpety acts are ... Read More
This was our fifth Disney cruise and I am not sure if it is losing its magic bc it is our fifth. The room of courser was clean as was the ship. Food is always average but it is hot. The shows are entertaining but the varirpety acts are not a must see. The Aladdin show was our favorite! Animators Pallet on the animating night is the only one we find worth going to in the dining room. We did the adult restaurants Remy brunch and Palo brunch. Remy w the champagne paring is $75 and it was good but not sure I would do it again. We do Palo every time. I think now that our kids are older the tween clue the Edge does not have enough to keep the kids in there which has the Tweens roaming the ship. The kids were constantly roaming the halls loudly and riding the elevators. Disney does not have security that monitors any of this. This also happened in our last cruise with Disney but we thought it was a freak thing. I really wish I could say I loved this cruise.... The only thing we loved were our ports of calls. Beautiful islands. I would skip the Kon tiki excursion as it was ok but not what we thought it would be. Also the photo service Shutters onboard was horrible. We only bought one photo. Every photo they took was dark or just did not turn out. I even told the photographer I was just trying to get a good family photo. Sadly at the premium Disney charges this will more than likely be our last Disney cruise for a bit. Not that U.S. Not cruising will hurt Disneys pocket. Maybe the magic will come back if we try another line again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
My mother, son (6) and I went on the Disney Fantasy to the Eastern Carribean and had a fabulous time. This was first time cruising for myself and my son. My mother has cruised many times before mainly in the Mediterranean. Embarkation ... Read More
My mother, son (6) and I went on the Disney Fantasy to the Eastern Carribean and had a fabulous time. This was first time cruising for myself and my son. My mother has cruised many times before mainly in the Mediterranean. Embarkation was quick. We completed online check in and had a port arrival time of 11.15-11.30. Once we showed passports etc. and received our Key to the World Cards we immediately boarded the ship. We stayed in Stateroom 8502 which was a nice spacious room with obstructed porthole window although we could still see out. This was a forward cabin but we did not feel much movement at all. The room was clean and tidy. Chard was our assistant who cleaned the room twice daily. The housekeeping staff work so hard here to ensure everything is clean and tidy and are all so nice and friendly. Restaurant Staff were also fantastic. On our first evening we were placed at a table with a family of 6. It was not the best as we felt we were intruding on the family but we requested a change of table which was able to be done. This was something I was not aware of for dining and was advised by other people on the cruise ship that you can request a table for your own party prior to boarding. Our servers were Ashley from India and Raffy. These 2 worked so hard and were lovely people. BY day 3 they knew which drinks we liked and would have them on the table before we arrived. Small touches like this are nice. The food was amazing. We also ate in Cabanas for breakfast and lunch and the food was always good and plentiful. Animators Palate was my favourite restaurant. I liked the Disney rotational dining system which meant you had the chance to eat in each restaurant and your servers would move to each restaurant with you. Pool areas are busy but we mainly stayed by the Family Zone area which was a bit quieter. The aquaduck was amazing. Wait was approx. 20-30 mins but one day the wait was 60 mins. When the ship is in a Port you can basically walk on and off, which my son loved. Due to high winds the Aquaduck was closed one day but it is all for safety. Entertainment was fantastic. We attended Magic Dave show, which my son loved. We also seen Aladdin and another show which now I cannot remember the name of, and also the Pirates Night and they were all fantastic and to Disney high standards. There was plenty to do throughout the day with crazy golf, cinema and plenty activities and also Character Meetings. My son used the Kids Club maybe for an hour a day and did enjoy it. I registered my son online so was able to avoid that queue at the Port. Because he was registered online I only had to take him to the Club and he was given his band. My son unfortunately had an accident onboard which required stitches so we had to attend the Medical Centre. All the staff were very good and fully explained what was happening. One thing to keep in mind which I was not aware of, is if your onboard account exceeds $500 Disney will automatically take payment from your credit card. They can reverse the payment if you want to pay cash, but I did hear a few people complaining of this when attending Guest Services to pay my final account so I was not the only one not aware of this. Disembarkation was quick and straight forward. AS we were main seating for our evening meal (which is at 5.45pm) we had to attend breakfast on the final morning at 6.45am which is in the restaurant you attended for your final dinner (I don't think Cabanas are open on the final day). After breakfast you debark the ship. There were people waiting to debark who had taken advantage of the express debarkation which you could use if your luggage remained with you and you carry it off. These people debarked as soon as the ship had clearance from the Port Authority. We then left the ship at 7.30am after breakfast and walked off the ship, picked up our luggage, went through Security and waited for the shuttle bus to take us to the car rental company. The process was quick (maybe 30 mins if that) and very well organised. At about 7.30am on the final day the staff begin cleaning for the next set of guests so the smoke areas etc. are all closed at that time. I would certainly recommend a Disney Cruise to anyone and cannot wait for my next one due to the high standards Disney ensure for their guests. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
The majority of the reviews that had nothing but wonderful things to say about the Disney Fantasy were SPOT ON! To cut down on the duplications, here are the key things I'm glad I knew going into our amazing vacation based on what I ... Read More
The majority of the reviews that had nothing but wonderful things to say about the Disney Fantasy were SPOT ON! To cut down on the duplications, here are the key things I'm glad I knew going into our amazing vacation based on what I read: Family: 7.5 YO Daughter; 4.5 YO Son - We booked our photo package BEFORE we went on board. Purchased all digital photos knowing there are photographers everywhere on the boat and got 15% off by locking in advance. Ended up with 120 photos in our collection - - needless to say, it was worth it!! - Registrations lines were long (and we arrived early) but you MOVED in them and they went by fast. Take a deep breath when you first walk into the terminal as it will move fast. - No need to stand in the LONG kids club registration line at the terminal building. Just board the ship after you check in and you can go right to the Kids Club on the ship to pick up your bands. It was empty and an awesome time to explore the AMAZING club/space on the boat. (It is HUGE!!!!) - Also as soon as you board, ask where to get tickets to go to the Character Breakfast. Ironically this was the longest line we had to wait in to get a ticket for the entire time on board! - Glad my youngest was 4 years old. This means he could go into the kids club with my older 7.5 year old daughter. Otherwise, the seperation if he was under 4 would have been tough the first few days as he would have had to gone into the nursery. That being said, once they both felt comfortable in the kids club space (maybe after the first 30 minutes), they split up most of the time and did their own thing. There is SO much to do in the kids club! And they served fantastic healthy lunches - good to know the days you are at sea. - If your child is under 42 inches but loves water slides, prepare him/her ahead of time they won't be tall enough (this time) to ride the Aquaduck. Thankfully, we just made it (they are STRICT!!) and had a BLAST! - The only time we felt crammed on board was the days at sea at the (VERY small) pools. We didn't even attempt the 2nd and 3rd day at sea to swim with the kids as their pools were SO crowded. That being said, my kids loved the Aqualab and ALL the amazing other places on board/activities to do to keep BUSY. We did enjoy the pool during "off" hours - such as when the 1st seating went to dinner. The Aquaduck line was EMPTY every night at this time - we went at least 25 times in a row all to ourselves one night! And had a BLAST with the Aquaduck staff. Going at night was the best! - There is SO much adult space on this ship - the 2 amazing restaurants (CoCo at Palo for Dinner was A+! and the Champagne Brunch at Remy was out of this world) - - plus all the sundecks, pools, bars, fancy coffee place, dance clubs....there were times you never knew you were on a boat with 2,000+ kids! And yes, move your dinner if you book it the same night as going to Animator's Palace. The online reservations ahead of time shows all booked but as soon as you walk on board, you can change your day/time without any issues. - Character Lines - so long as you stand in line before the official time cut off (ie. from 9:00 to 9:15 am), you get a shot with them. The lines move fast and the staff knows exactly how to keep it moving. The most you wait for any character is less than 10 minutes once the line officially opens up. - I do wish Disney offered more "fun" excursions for the little ones. I will say the one thing that surprised me was how little offerings there are for families with kids under 8 years old besides spending the day at the beach. That being said, we did the glass boat sub tour in St. Maarten (it was SHORT - maybe 10 minutes at most under water) and the Coral Reef Zoo/Another Glass Boat Sub Tour in St. Thomas (which my kids did love. For us, it was just okay but seeing how much our kids loved their time there seeing all the marine wildlife, that's what this trip is for right?) - Castaway Cay - biggest regret was that we didn't stop and take professional photos FIRST when we got off the boat with the characters and the Fantasy in the background. We were in too much of a hurry to get chairs at the beach. There are SO many chairs/umbrellas, that should have been the least of worries. So RELAX and take it all in as you get off the ship. You won't be sitting in your beach chair especially if you have kids anyway! And besides renting snorkleing gear for our kids and a tube in the morning, our family loved doing the bike ride around the island too - Aladdin and Believe shows were fantastic - make sure you plan to see those! - And yes, ALL the crew we interacted with were WONDERFUL. I really wish Disney left longer lines on the comment card cause there wasn't enough room to give personal shoutouts (Kadek for our room, Onur/Dennis/Kapoor for our dining, Michael?Quam/the Entire Aquaduck staff, I could go on and on....) - Almost everybody who goes on board will end up putting $200 down (100 percent refundable) for a future Disney Cruise where you then get 10 percent off your total room that's good to use sometime in the next 2 years (you don't have to commit to an actual date while on board). So if you had an amazing time after Day 1 on board, go to the Sales Deck and book this RIGHT AWAY. The lines and wait time the last 3 days of the cruise to do this was crazy long and it takes less than 10 minutes to sign up. - And because we had such a late flight home on Saturday, we hired a van through Happy Limo who took us to the Kennedy Space Center down the road for a few hours before taking us to the airport. Perfect! We had the TIME of our lives and would recommend this cruise to all! Definitely do your research (create fun magnets for your door, get creative for pirate night...) but at the end of the day, don't drive yourself nuts. The staff and crew will make sure you have the best time ever no matter what!! Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
First let me say that overall we definetly enjoyed the cruise. We were on the Disney Magic, which is approx 17 years old, and this is obvious when you board. Perhaps some of the let down was on me, as I set my expectations based on the ... Read More
First let me say that overall we definetly enjoyed the cruise. We were on the Disney Magic, which is approx 17 years old, and this is obvious when you board. Perhaps some of the let down was on me, as I set my expectations based on the Disney brand, hype, and increased costs compared to competitor lines with the same itinerary (allbeit not Castaway Kay but rather their own private island). My expectations were much higher than what was provided. We paid much more than the other cruise line options and when I booked, I justified this by noting that we were paying for the Disney experience, i.e. Exceptional service, unique entertainment focused on Disney Characters, amazing food, and a "magical" environment. Unfortunately, none of these proved true. In general, the food was good (though nothing was fantastic or stood out, other than the daily lunch buffet which was excellent). Making this worse, our wait staff, while friendly, was terribly slow, missed at least one thing each night (did not bring everyone's appetizer/soup/etc.), we were lucky to have at least one glass of water or soda and almost never received a refill despite multiple requests, and on multiple occasions had only part of our party's dinner arrive, having to wait as long as an additional 9 minutes (timed it as by this point I was beyond frustrated) for the missing plate. The "head server" was 10 feet away looking at us, saw we were upset, and simply walked the other way, only coming by twice throughout our trip to say hello. In regards to the ship itself, you can definetly tell it was 17+ years old. There was no grand entrance, the elevators were so small, and overall there was little in the way of places to go and sit or shop. I have been on Royal Caribean and Celebrity, and these were not only less expensive (not to mention for 7 nights) they were so much nicer and had much more in the way of options and locations to spend time during your trip (I.e. Library, computer stations/business center, arcade, more shops, etc.) The Magic essentially had two stores (there is also a kiosk on the pool deck and what is essentially a kiosk for Star Wars merchandise hidden by a bar), which was surprising given Disney's ability to market and take advantage of their brand. In regards to the Disney "magic", this was probably my biggest disappointment, the only time there were characters were for pictures which were only three to four 15-30min sessions throughout the day, with absolutely no other option to meet Mickey or his friends (I do believe you could meet some of the princesses in the boutique, but not sure of the details as I have two boys that were not keen on the princesses.) In summary, average cruise though above average costs with below average Disney "magic". Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
We just recently arrived from a 7 day day cruise on the Disney Fantasy. This was our 13th cruise, 2nd with Disney. The other cruises have been with Royal Caribbean (7) and Carnival (4). The first thing that will stand out is that the ... Read More
We just recently arrived from a 7 day day cruise on the Disney Fantasy. This was our 13th cruise, 2nd with Disney. The other cruises have been with Royal Caribbean (7) and Carnival (4). The first thing that will stand out is that the boat is beautiful and super clean. They do a really good job of keeping the decks "slip free" and clear. The second thing that will stand out is the food compared to other cruise lines. It was just slightly better to even with Royal Caribbean but definitely better than Carnival. There are plenty of characters to see throughout the ship which drives the kids crazy. Be patient with the lines. The kids are treated very well and the kid programs were ok. According to my kids they preferred Royal Caribbean and Carnival for kid activities. Their reasoning was "it was just funner." As much as Disney takes great pride with the details of the ship and the kids I think they tend to neglect the adult activities. The Broadway shows are fantastic and you should not miss them. The adult comedians/acts and night clubs were very poor. Not sure where they find the comedians or the acts but they either limit what they can do or they are actually very poor. Saw plenty of people leave the shows and I fell asleep. On Royal and Carnival the adult activities were always full and the night clubs were full of people dancing and having a great time. You figure Disney would have been better with this. Although we had a good time not sure if we will go on another due to the cost of the cruise compared to other large cruise lines. It is just over twice the cost of any other cruise lines. I never felt that it was actually worth it. But since it is Disney the supply and demand is high and they can set the price. Also the cost of items on the cruise was really high and they will not allow you to bring alcohol any more past September 30th. If you have never been on a cruise you will have a blast. If you have been on some others you will have fun but if you are active don't expect much. We will try Norwegian Excape next year as I really wanted to go back on Royal Caribbean but the family wanted to try this one out. Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
This was by far the most expensive cruise I've ever sailed and by far my least favorite. The staff was a miserable group of college students. They talked about how they were under contract for 6 months and couldn't wait for it ... Read More
This was by far the most expensive cruise I've ever sailed and by far my least favorite. The staff was a miserable group of college students. They talked about how they were under contract for 6 months and couldn't wait for it to end because they all hated worked for Disney. The food was horrible!!! The main dining room offered Bison, ox tail, wild boar, etc. with very few (sometimes no) traditional choices. And there is NO flexibility with dining time or menu choices. With Royal Caribbean, you can request "My Time" Dining - which means you eat when you are hungry and/or when you are ready. Norwegian & Carnival do something similar. Disney assigns you a time of either 6 or 8:30. No exceptions. Kids order from the same kid menu every day. No exceptions. (RCI, Norwegian & Carnival let the kids order whatever they want). Disney assigns you to sit with another family for the full cruise. (RCI, Norwegian & Carnival allow you to request a private table every night). While I liked having the bathroom split into two private rooms, the room itself was quite small - smaller than other cruise lines. When you complain about anything to Guest Services, their answer is that they hired many outside agencies to manage specific tasks - and none of them work together. Example - Disney college kids are in the costumes for the photo ops, but I was told that the photographers were a 3rd party company. They also used a 3rd party event planning service to create the schedule showing when characters would appear at specific locations for photo ops. Since none of them collaborated on where and when the characters and photographers should be, the photo experience was very often a chaotic mess!! I even have to give entertainment a low mark due to how disorganized the staff was, and how rude they were to guests when we asked questions. This includes excursions too. My mother travels with us. She uses a scooter due to mobility issues. On a Disney ship, everyone has to gather in a theater or bar before exiting the ship for an excursion. We were told to arrive 15 minutes ahead of everyone else so they could make room for the scooter. When we arrived at the time specified by the Disney staff, we were scolded for arriving early and told to leave the theater area. We returned 15 minutes later (with hundreds of others). Then they couldn't make room for the scooter, we ended up at the back of the theater/back of the line and our tour bus ended up leaving without us. They had to call the bus via radio to have them return for us. And I'm sorry, but I spent TWICE what I usually spend on a cruise in order to take my kids on a Disney cruise. I did not like the number of "Adult only" restaurants and areas of the ship. At one point, my four year old had to use a bathroom on Deck 11 - same deck as the "pools". I was told that half of the bathrooms on that floor are adult only since there is an adult only restaurant on that deck. I was SHOCKED to see Disney turn kids away from a bathroom!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!! Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
Our cruise consisted of myself, my husband, our 3yo daughter, my parents-in-law, and our two nephews 2yo and 4yo. This was our first Disney cruise. My husband and I and my in-laws have cruised several times on several different lines. ... Read More
Our cruise consisted of myself, my husband, our 3yo daughter, my parents-in-law, and our two nephews 2yo and 4yo. This was our first Disney cruise. My husband and I and my in-laws have cruised several times on several different lines. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Holland America. We decided to cruise DCL for two reasons. First and foremost, we wanted to take the kids to Disney but we have tried a land vacation with all of our extended family and it was a disaster. Too many choices, too many things to do in too little time. We thought having a smaller space, and less activities would be a better fit. Secondly, we had heard wonderful things about DCL. Their customer service was supposed to be outstanding, the ships were supposed to be beautiful and super clean, and it was supposed to be unlike any other cruise line. We booked our cruise in April of 2015 for Sept 12, 2015. We paid our deposit, chose a 4C cabin and started planning our cruise. We used TAs for our bookings and kept in touch with any changes or questions. I am a type A traveler. I like to know everything I can about where I'm going before I actually get there. As soon as we had our booking I started looking anywhere and everywhere I could find to find out about the ship, the port, shore excursions etc. Through my searching around the first week of June I found out our cruise would be a Halloween cruise. It was not on the DCL website, our TAs did not know about it, every blog I was looking at didn't know about it either. There was only one cruise outlet that said it was a Halloween cruise. I called DCL directly to verify if this was correct or not. I spoke to a CM that said it was a Halloween cruise but that Halloween on the High Seas was extremely mild. There was nothing scary or spooky about it at all. I immediately started looking for pictures and asking people who had been on a DCL HOTHS cruise before. In a nutshell, if you are over the age of 2 or 3 and are not scared of anything Halloween then the cruise is fine. You will probably like HOTHS. Our kids however, are scared of Halloween at home much less surrounded by it for 7 days straight. We also don't agree on a spiritual level with certain things associated with Halloween. They were planning ghost stories told by witches (not Minnie dressed as a witch, one of the CMs dressed as an actual witch). This cruise was NOT what we thought it was going to be in any way, shape, or form. I called our TA and told her we wanted to move our cruise to the Eastern trip right before ours. It was past the final payment date so I told her I didn't want to pay the penalties for moving the cruise, and I wanted to pay for the new cruise price based on what the cruise price was in April when we originally booked the cruise. There was going to be a bit of a price difference. Our cruise in Sept was definitely in the low season. The cruise right before ours was the very first low season cruise and was at the very end of the summer season. It was considerably less than the summer cruises but a little higher than the low season cruises. Our TA came back with a price tag of an extra $900 to switch to a 5D. DCL was not sympathetic, they didn't care what we thought we were buying or that we had kids that would be terrified of all things Halloween. It didn't matter that they still had not announced which cruises would be HOTHS even though they already knew. Our TAs were pretty much of the same opinion as DCL. They did ask for the changes on the terms we asked but they didn't really fight very hard. DCL said no and that was that. I took it up the chain of command myself and finally got a higher up to call me back. He at least took the time to hear me and was sympathetic to the situation. He however, also would not waive the fees. The thing that was the most upsetting was that in my quest to work up the chain of command I was told A LOT of things that were not correct. I don't know if these people lied to me on purpose or if they were just really bad at their job but it was probably about 8 out of the 12 people I spoke with that gave me completely incorrect info. Because of my husbands work, this was the only time of year we could go on vacation. We were stuck. We either had to cancel and try to scramble to book something else or we had to lump it. We lumped it. So far I was not impressed with Disney customer service. There were so many stories of people having small complaints and Disney bending over backwards to make it right. I felt like Disney didn't even try. We decided to get over it and enjoy our vacation. We'd remember the memories instead of the money we spent. We flew in the night before and rented a car. We stayed at the Marriott in Cocoa Beach which was about an hour from the airport and 15 min from the port. My husband travels quite a bit for his job so we used his airline mile, car points, and hotel points. I can't really say what we might have paid or if we would have stayed somewhere else if we hadn't had points. The Marriott was nice. Not amazing, but it was clean and quiet. They did not have a free breakfast but they did have room service and a hotel restaurant. It was a little further from the port than a lot of other hotels but was not in any way too far from the port. It wasn't any trouble at all to get to the port. We didn't use it but I know they had a shuttle service to and from the airport and the port. There was a fee involved if you chose to use it. They also had a 40% off port parking coupon or you could leave your car in their parking lot for $6/day. We used the 40% off coupon. We had a port arrival time of 11:30am. We were running late and ended up arriving at around 12:30pm. My husband dropped us off at the terminal and then parked the car in the parking garage. My in-laws and I took the kids and started standing in line. The longest line was the security line. There were two lines. One line moved a lot faster than the other one for no apparent reason. The same amount of people were in both lines but for some reason the line we were in took about twice as long as the other one. This being said it still only took us about 15min to get through. I had brought our umbrella stroller for the kids to sit in if they got tired so we had to take the elevators instead of the escalator. There was no wait for the elevator and as soon as we got off the elevator we went immediately to stand in line to register. We only stood in that line about 5min. My husband caught up to us right when we were stepping up to the counter. It took the CMs about 5 min to register all 7 of us. We did pre-register online and we had all of our documents ready when we stepped up to the counter so that did help tremendously. Because all of us were first time DCL cruisers, we all had to get our pictures taken. We were told we should register our kids for the kids club in the terminal instead of on board the ship although, we were told here on cruise critic that the lines on board were a lot less. Cruise critic was right! :-) We were skeptical about leaving the kids at the Kids clubs since the age criteria was so broad. We also weren't sure how it would work since the 3yo and 4yo were not fully potty trained according to DCL standards. DCL says a child is potty trained if the child knows when they need to use the restroom, will go to the restroom by themselves, and can use the toilet and manage their clothes without any help form anyone. Both kids are potty trained but need help with wiping and clothes. When we went to register the kids in the terminal about halfway through the line there were CMs from the kids club handing out the bands. After you got the band, you went to the counter and they finished putting info in the computer. Again, we had pre-registered the kids online. When we got to the question of potty training we explained where the kids were at. The CM told us that they had recently started a toddler area in the nursery for kids that were not potty trained. She told us to go up to the kids club and talk to the crew and they would determine where the kids should be. They took back my daughters band but not my nephews. They said she would get a new band on board when they decided where the kids should be. The bands are $12.95. Its automatically charged to your account. If you return it to the kids club at the end of the cruise they will credit you the $12.95. If your kids want it as a souvenir you just keep it. We proceeded to the tunnel to board the ship. I really wanted a group photo so I made all of us stop to get a pre-cruise photo. We had to wait approx 4-5 min. The picture turned out horrible! None of us bought it. The kids looked like we were kidnapping them instead of taking them on a cruise with Mickey. The adults looked weird and off center. As we walked on the ship they announced our family! Yeah!!!! We finally made it!! We arrived at the port around 12:30pm. We were onboard by 1:00pm. It was prettly smooth considering everything. The terminal was stuffy and hot. We were all a little sweaty by the time we got on the ship. By the time we boarded they were having open boarding and were no longer calling boarding numbers. As soon as we were on board my husband and in-laws took the kids to the Oceaneers club to register them and I went to the Shore Excursion desk to get tickets for the Princess Meet & Greet, Anna and Elsa, and the Disney Jr. breakfast. There were approx 10-12 people in line in front of me and it took about 10-12min before it was my turn. I got the tickets and caught up with the rest of the family at the Oceaneers club. The kids were running around having a great time. I found my husband to see what they decided about the kids. Basically, they had to call a manager to make the final decision. Apparently this is something that they deal with a lot. The manager has to make sure that the parents understand the policy and are ok with the rules that go along with it. The kids were more than welcome to come to the Oceaneers club as long as they didn't wear diapers. They have to wear underwear. If you didn't bring any I saw them for sail in one of the shops. If they had an accident the crew were prepared to deal with it but diapers are absolutely not allowed in the kids club. This includes pull ups. You also have to check on your child every 30-40min to see if they need to use the restroom. If your child requires diapers there is a separate area in the nursery however, you do have to pay since it is in the nursery. The kids club looked amazing and the crew members seemed really nice. They gave my daughter another band and we let the kids play for about 30min. We always thought that we would drop the kids off for specific activities and then pick them up as soon as the activities were over. It never happened. We were just always busy doing things together and never found time to take them to the club. I'm sure the kids would have loved it though. Since our kids were younger we really didn't have a lot of extra time. We were out of the cabin about 9:00am every morning and took a nap for about 1-1.5hrs in the afternoon. We had early dinning, went to see the show and then off to bed. by the time we swam, played on the sports deck, met characters, and did a bunch of other activities we just never had any time to go to the kids club. There was a slight mix up when we went to return my daughters band at the end of the cruise. They put the band that they gave her in the terminal into the computer. When they gave her a new one on the ship I guess they didn't switch it in the computer. When I turned it in on the last night of the cruise the band I was trying to turn in did not register at all. Technically I was supposed to hand in the band that was in the cruise terminal. Luckily the CM was nice about it and just credited my account anyway. We are not sun sitters and we are not the kind of cruisers that like to go, go, go the entire time. We like to sleep in, enjoy our meals, and enjoy all of the ship. On sea days we didn't even try to go to the pools. They were so full you could't even hardly get in them. Nemo's Reef was also very busy. All of the kids were too little to go on the Aquaduck. We'd gone to St. Thomas and St. Martin on other cruises so we used the port days to use the pools and try the Aquaduck. The larger pool was closed down quite a bit due to "unfortunate accidents". I think most of the time it was vomit. However, when the larger pool shut down all the older kids came over to the Mickey pool and made it impossible to do anything. That is my biggest complaint with DCL. The pool situation is extremely inadequate for the amount of people on board. The Disney Jr. breakfast was good. It was much smaller than the ones at the park and the characters spent about 2-4min with each child. We had Jake, Sophia, Doc McStuffins, and Mickey. Our dining time was the first sea day at 9:30am in Animators Pallate. All of the character Mmets required you to line up. It was much less than at the parks but still quite long sometimes. The first night was horrible. We didn't even try to get any pictures the first night. One of the CMs told us that if a line is very long they will shut it down as soon as the character arrives. If you really want to see a character make sure you get in line early. If the Navigator says a character will be somewhere from 12:00-12:15pm and you arrive at 12:10pm you probably won't be allowed to join the line. Make sure you arrive at least 5min before the character is supposed to appear. We only went to two of the shows but they were very good. It's usual Disney entertainment. Very detailed, and very professional. We enjoyed them very much. We had cabin 6536. It is small compared to our other balcony cabins but the split bath made up for it 10x over. We had basically half of a bathtub which in my opinion was better than a round tub. I could even sit in it and soak my legs after the 5K. We had a queen size bed and a couch that converted to a single bed. We did not have the drop down bunk. Our room steward was wonderful! He was extremely nice and very accomodating. He kept our room very nice and we always came back at the end of the night to towel animals and chocolates. Our room was great! The area on the ship worked out very well, and we didn't have any noise from the engine. The balconies below us were the extended balconies and we could easily see our lower neighbors just by standing up on our verandah. The verandah railings are covered with plexiglass so that kids can't climb on them. This is a necessary safety feature but it does block the breeze when you're sitting down. We had early dinning at 6:45pm. I had heard wonderful things about the wait staff on DCL. That they bent over backwards to meet your needs and that they were very into the kids. Cutting their food so that the adults could eat, magic tricks to entertain them etc. Our wait staff were good and very nice however, I didn't feel that they were any better than the waitstaff on any other cruise. They never once even offered to cut up the kids food and we didn't get a single magic trick. They said hi to the kids all the time but didn't really try to engage with them at all. On a couple of occasions we asked if we could get different pasta for the kids but were always told no. Several times we had to ask for something to drink besides water and it always took at least 15min after we sat down to get anything to drink at all. Our servers were very nice and did try to be helpful. We're not food snobs, we believe the company you dine with is more important than the service or the food. We were disappointed with Animator's Pallate. Unless, you're sitting right next to a screen it's not interactive. It's more like a movie or TV show that's being watched while you eat. There's a different show each time. Even though we were a little disappointed, it was still our favorite of all the restaurants. Each one has the Disney touch of detail and personal touches. We ate lunch in the dinning room most days just because they were such a nice atmosphere. We ate at Cabanas 2-3 times. It's by far the best buffet of any of the cruises we went on. The wait staff were amazing in Cabanas! Very helpful and very attentive. The food was very good at Cabanas. The only reason we didn't eat there more often was that it was very hard to find any seating. Especially for large groups. Twice we ended up sitting at separate tables because we couldn't find any together. We stayed on the ship at both ports so I can't really say anything about the excursions. One of the reasons we stayed on the ship was that the majority of excursions were for kids at least 8 yrs or older. The only excursions that were for families of all ages were either beach excursions or shopping tours. We could do those a lot cheaper on our own. Castaway Cay was definitely the best port of call. The beaches were beautiful and there was plenty to do. The kids loved the beach! Playing in the sand and sitting in the ocean was the highlight of their cruise. I walked the 5K. I had never even attempted a 5K before but a bunch of ladies in our group were going to attempt it for the first time so I thought it would be a good time to start. I'm not a runner but I love to walk and I have a very fast walk. I completed it in 54min which I was proud of considering it was my first try and how hot it was. When I read about the 5K online everyone said it started at 8:30am. We didn't even meet until 9:00am. They started walking us off the ship around 9:30am and then we had to walk from the ship to the starting place which is at least a mile. By the time we actually started the 5K it was past 10:00am and VERY hot and humid. The only thing that helped me make it to the end was that they had ice water about every 3/4 mile or so. Every time I came to water I poured it over my head and shoulders. It would cool me down enough to make it to the next water place. I don't know how anybody ran it. It seems like they would have had a heat stroke. Disembarkation was easy peasy but way too early. We were off the boat by 8:30am. Our flight home wasn't until 5:30pm so we rented a room at the Hyatt in the airport for the day. It was $99 and well worth it. There is an outdoor pool on the 6th floor and tons of places to eat in the airport terminal. The kids were able to take a nap and the bell hops helped us with our luggage to the check in desk. This was one of the best cruises we've taken. We enjoyed the ship very much and loved the crew. They were all very friendly and very accomodating. We rebooked another cruise while we were on board because there were so many things we didn't do or see. Read Less
Sail Date August 2015
This was a highly-anticipated first family cruise on Disney after planning/booking a year in advance. We took our two children and traveled with friends with two children of roughly the same age, and everyone was very excited. Because of ... Read More
This was a highly-anticipated first family cruise on Disney after planning/booking a year in advance. We took our two children and traveled with friends with two children of roughly the same age, and everyone was very excited. Because of the cost of the trip, though, I judge Disney on a tough standard - overall the trip was fantastic, but I definitely saw room for improvement as well. We stayed at the "Radisson Resort at the Port" in Port Canaveral the night before, and utilized the Park & Cruise Package to leave our car there the length of our cruise. A shuttle took us to the Dream the morning of the cruise, and I was impressed with the overall organization and efficiency of getting to the port, checking our bags, and proceeding on to the terminal. We waited in two short lines after going thru security: (1) general check-in procedures; (2) registration for the kids program. Another short wait and our section was called for boarding. I was very pleased with how well Disney handled this process, it makes a big difference when you have two excited children and they handle the boarding process so efficiently. The ship itself is beautiful. The 3-story entranceway is stunning, and there are Disney details everywhere. We visited the kids area and were given free reign to walk around and check everything out with our kids; Andy's Room from Toy Story was an immediate hit, something my kids had anticipated ever since first booking the cruise. The kids program was exceptional, our children loved everything about it and my wife and I appreciated the use of the onboard wave phones to have easy communication with the children's staff if necessary. Although the food was not bad, it wasn't as good as my wife and I anticipated given the price point we'd paid for the cruise. We enjoyed the option of asking for an additional appetizer or salad, but the main courses were just decent, not outstanding as we'd hoped. Cabanas, the buffet restaurant on deck 13, offered beautiful views out two sides and the back of the ship. We ate breakfast and lunch there a couple of days. The selection of food was excellent, the quality of the food was good, but there were slightly annoying touches like having to ask an attendant for cut fruit and desserts. It felt like Disney was trying to subtly limit the consumption of this food by forcing me to wait in line and ask an attendant for what I wanted. The service was top-notch, and we were glad to adjust the tips to give more to each of our dining attendants and our stateroom attendant because they were so exceptional. One evening I had to stay in the stateroom with one of our kids during dinner, and our head waiter made sure that my wife returned with a steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus for me. It was much appreciated and far better than waiting to order room service. Overall, all of the Disney personnel on the ship were friendly and took great care of us. We attended shows the second and third night of the cruise and really enjoyed both. The Disney theatre is beautiful and our kids loved everything about the entertainment. I liked the shopping area outside the theatre and we bought a couple of souvenirs to take home. I ran the 5K with my friends the morning we arrived at Castaway Cay, and Disney handled the disembarkation perfectly as we were the first ones allowed on the island. The kids area on the island was very cool, although there was no inside area so hydration and sunscreen for your kids are a must if they're to stay there any length of time. I thought the island itself was absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed knowing that the only visitors to the island were Disney passengers on our cruise. If it were possible to book an itinerary where we skip the Nassau stop and instead spend 2 days in Castaway Cay, that would go a long way toward convincing me to book a second trip on the Dream. The pool deck was a hit with our kids, and they really enjoyed the little kids' water slide and the AquaDuck. The wait for the AquaDuck could get long, but a posted notice that was visible from the pools helped us plan out whether it was a good time to wait in line or come back another time. The area was put to great use for the sailaway party and the pirates party, but we were surprised at the fact that there were only 2 (fairly small) pools for families. During the day they were so packed it was almost pointless to go in, and so we spent less time at the pools that we thought we would prior to the cruise. The things that I'll remember most about our first Disney cruise are the beauty of the ship itself; the size and elegance of the cabin; the exceptional service of the crew; the beauty of Castaway Cay. Given the high cost of the trip, though, we may be returning to Disney World several times before we book another Disney cruise. Read Less
Sail Date August 2015
My two kids were 5 and 8 years old. I've heard plenty of times on the cruise, "dad, I'm bored." There was nothing for them to do on the cruise. I don't know about you but for vacation I don't like ... Read More
My two kids were 5 and 8 years old. I've heard plenty of times on the cruise, "dad, I'm bored." There was nothing for them to do on the cruise. I don't know about you but for vacation I don't like dropping off my kids at day care. That was the kids club that was available to us. The two times that I dropped off my kids at the oceaniers club or pixie hollow, they were bored. My son played on the computed and watched a disney movie. My daughter made the same two crafts on two different visits, and on the second visit for my daughter when I arrived she was being walked up to the front with my son crying. Which means that she walked through the club, crying, with no disney worker asking her what was wrong. They could care less, there just doing there job. So disney day care is out. That is what I call it because that is what it felt like. We went to the pool. They were too small and the life guards were being jerks. My wife saw a life guard put some kid in time out. The life guard for the aqua duct (tube slide) made my daughter take off her water shoes, then get measured, then told her she was too short. The pools were overcrowded because all the activities were boring. The basketball hoops were 10feet tall. My kids can't shoot that high. The activities were all day care activities: fold towels to look like animals, bingo, kids Karaoke (my daughter can't read), learn to cook apple scruple. What kid wants to do those things. All the activities were awful. And, the dance activities were too loud, we had to leave. I would never go on another Disney Cruise again, and you shouldn't either. Read Less
Sail Date July 2015
Cruise date was 7/15 to the eastern Caribbean. I am a veteran cruiser of 16 previous cruises of various companies and itineraries, and I have a feel for what is good and what isn't when it comes to cruising. We booked this ... Read More
Cruise date was 7/15 to the eastern Caribbean. I am a veteran cruiser of 16 previous cruises of various companies and itineraries, and I have a feel for what is good and what isn't when it comes to cruising. We booked this cruise a 13 months prior to sailing, no visit from the upgrade grade fairy even though we booked substantially far in advance. Boarding was the typical hurry up and wait routine. The rooms were ready by 1:30 p.m. Can't say enough about the room stewards, they work hard especially on the day before and on the day of embarkation. The stateroom was nice, we had a balcony and it was nice and well kept. Food has improved from our last and only other Disney cruise (Wonder). Food has improved over the last cruise with Disney, but is still average when comparing with other cruise lines that cost less. I must say I was constantly reminded on a daily basis by our waiter of how great his service was and the importance of receiving an excellent rating. Excellent? Not really, but adequate. Entertainment was again very good. Disney productions were above the industries average. On this Disney cruise, we found ourselves searching for things to do. I guess my biggest issue with Disney Cruise Line is the affordability. I basically paid double the cost of my previous eastern Caribbean cruise with a very well respected cruise line. On top of the basic fair there was the shops, the port tours and other amenities that were not included in the cost of the cruise were very high. Ship was very crowded, made it difficult to enjoy sail away and Pirates Night. Elevators were always full to the point of having to wait for another to arrive. The tour desk staff left a lot to be desired, it seemed as though the personnel that staffed the desk were at the dentist about to have a tooth pulled, not overly friendly. There understanding or lack of kept them from giving us an adequate description of the tour we booked. It was very sub-par for the cost. Recommendation? Book with RCI, Princess or Celebrity and save yourself enough money to finance another cruise. Read Less
Sail Date July 2015
The boarding process was efficient and quick. Getting through security with our wine luggage was as efficient and a breeze too. The wait to board was minimal and were on ship by 11:45am. The buffet had delicious offerings the first day, ... Read More
The boarding process was efficient and quick. Getting through security with our wine luggage was as efficient and a breeze too. The wait to board was minimal and were on ship by 11:45am. The buffet had delicious offerings the first day, such as salmon wrapped in proscutto and grilled. The buffet was more sophisticated on the day we boarded than the following days. Staff was available to assist in locating a vacant table, which were quickly bussed. The ship was beautiful and kept immaculate. Public bathrooms were plentiful and always spotless. The staff were friendly and helpful and cheeful. We were unhappy with our table mates for our evening meal. We were seated at a table for 8 but there were only 5 of us each evening. One was a single man who wanted us to invest in some ridiculous scheme and the other couple complained about Disney nightly. The waitstaff were slow and even though they rotated along with us, they never remembered we enjoyed fresh cracked pepper and Tobasco Sauce and our food would be cold before we could get their attention to request it. We were seated near a large table with 14 people who were so loud we often couldn't carry on a conversation at our table. We were under the impression that children dined the first hour and then were taken to another venue suitable for their age bracket. Our cabin was spacious with plenty of cabinets and drawers. The soaps, shampoos, lotions were very good quality. Our cabin steward kept it immaculate for us but we were without ice the first 24 hours of the cruise. Morning room service arrived exactly as requested and our order was always complete. The pool was always too crowded for us to enjoy so we didn't get to experience that. Finding a chair was impossible but we had a spacious balcony and thoroughly enjoyed that. We were surprised that photographers were not available at the gangway at each port. Only once were we approached by a photographer at evening meal (Palo) for photo op. Palo brunch was outstanding and I highly recommend you experience it at least once! Palo evening meal was too rich for us but the food was quite good. The food in the main diningrooms was mediocre and not at all what we remembered having on the Dream. Having Disney movies available 24/7 in your cabin was a plus too. The shops on board had a lot of fun Disney merchandise and clothes and were a blast to visit. The itinerary was wonderful and we loved St. Maarten and St. Thomas and Castaway was incredible as always. We would love to see an overnight stay at Castaway and trade a sea day for it. The Debarkation process was a breeze. Breakfast that morning was not pallatable. All in all, it was a wonderful cruise and we will definitely plan to sail again as soon as possible. Read Less
Sail Date July 2015
We went on the Disney Fantasy for a family cruise for 7 nights in June 2015. Disney sure knows how to do it right. Every aspect of this cruise was perfect! The ship is beautiful and amazingly clean, they buff and polish everything, all ... Read More
We went on the Disney Fantasy for a family cruise for 7 nights in June 2015. Disney sure knows how to do it right. Every aspect of this cruise was perfect! The ship is beautiful and amazingly clean, they buff and polish everything, all the time, there was never one time that we saw as much as a stray cup or a wet towel, every inch of this ship was spotless. The art work and finishes on all levels were beautiful and our stateroom was comfortable with enough space (get the veranda, the views are great). The staff is fabulous, from our cabin staff (Marlin) to our wait staff (Andre and Mr. Paul), to the bathroom attendants, the bartenders, the Spa staff and the pool side towel guys, everyone is so pleasant and will do whatever we need to make us happy. The entertainment is Disney, so you know its going to be well done, how can you not love Mickey and the Princesses! The food was plentiful and always fresh and well delivered, from the breakfast and lunch buffets to dinner in all of the dining rooms and of course, the soft-serve is a must on a hot day! The adult sections and night-clubs were perfect, you did not know you were on a Disney ship unless you walked back to mid-ship of section Deck 11 so no worries of being over done with Disney. Getting on and off the ship was so well organized, it was a breeze, the problem is we didn't want to leave, we loved it and are planning our next trip soon. It's probably more expensive than other cruise line but you get what you pay for and then some! Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
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