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10 Cunard Caribbean Cruise Reviews

Hi. We just returned from November Ney York/ Carrabian this year Well this is a liner with no real identity.. and all the atmosphere of a lift not helped by the Choice of depressing pipped music all over the ship don’t forget this is ... Read More
Hi. We just returned from November Ney York/ Carrabian this year Well this is a liner with no real identity.. and all the atmosphere of a lift not helped by the Choice of depressing pipped music all over the ship don’t forget this is only my opinion and observations of being on other cruise lines. The Mary suffers from dated decor and some odd design features read on, our Statroom was on deck five near stare well B a good location for getting about the room itself was fine and well serviced by staff,. So first to Kings Court Buffet, but I must add that Hygene on entrance to Buffet is very poor often empty gel dispensers and no one at entrance to help, we found this at most places, surprising as I would have thought hygene paramount, the layout is very odd and poor with pods to sit in either side, and an isolated larger area further on but dull, you need to get a seat before you get your meal as it can be a long walk to seat, and you can’t generally see out as there are corridors very odd, and lacks atmosphere, the food was good and varied and as with all cruises plentiful, I would add the staff was brilliant and service very helpful. Britannia Restaurant Silver service was really good Breakfast and Dinner were excellent as was service, this is where QM2 scored well. And the Resaraunt is a lovely room. The Lounges generally were much the same not what we expected, just given different names, the Red Lion Pub for instance is just a boring lounge we only new we were in it it because there’s a sign outside the size of a postage stamp saying so? Cunard missed a big trick hear we were expecting a good old English Pub in the days of themed pubs and fit out,this just fails on any level, and they need to get some proper good old Piano Player Entertaininer type musicians in there to liven it up, The Entertainment is below average we found the general daily bands on board were mediocre and lacked fun and drive creating no atmosphere, some extremely dull..on that the whole ship lacks of any atmosphere at all there is no buzz of excitement or vitality so doesn’t feel alive. The Shows are ok but again lack sparkle not helped by a stage void of backdrops or few props the group are working hard but just lacks Showbiz. You do not see the dancers out about at any events or evenings, The Royal Court Theatre in must be the worst at sea, it’s like they bought some bench seats from a 70s pub in put them in, you have a job to find a seat where you can see the stage properly even in the gallery a very odd theatre and disappointed and dated. The Queens Room again is very dull and just lacks atmosphere on Gala or themed nights. The Illussions Theatre by contrast is exceptional good tiered seating fresh and bright, and must be the best Cineama at Sea with 3D Movies and a Plantatrium this venue is a plus for the ship, also a brilliant library. The Spa is overrated and expensive , we found unfriendly and a little Shabby save your money and use the Pavilion Pool. On that note the pool areas are very small you will end up sitting around the deck seats around deck 7 as you will not get near pools on sunny days. As with other Cruse Lines they all need to address Drinks are very expensive topped by a service charge, why anyone buys photos is beyond me at the staggering cost in today’s digital age, and and generally anything on board is way overpriced. Generally I wouldn’t say we had a bad trip the service and food is excellent, but this ship need a good Entertainment Director to get hold of it and transform its whole atmosphere, its crying out for a 30s40s style music to fit with decor, and lift its spirit, otherwise it’s just a floating Rest Home. As I say we enjoyed our trip and shore excisions sunshine etc were fun, we would not cruise with Cunard again as we found them dated and did not come away wowed. But Happy Cruising Have Fun and being at Sea is a great way to holiday Happy Days. Read Less
Sail Date November 2018
The 26-night Christmas/New Year cruise on Queen Mary 2 from Southampton to New York, the Caribbean and return to Southampton revealed the on-going cost cutting, rip-off prices and declining restaurant food provided by Cunard. It failed ... Read More
The 26-night Christmas/New Year cruise on Queen Mary 2 from Southampton to New York, the Caribbean and return to Southampton revealed the on-going cost cutting, rip-off prices and declining restaurant food provided by Cunard. It failed to provide shuttle buses when berthing some distance from a town; the ship’s toilet system failed on four occasions; and the entire water supply failed on another day. I can safely comment on the decline of Cunard after many cruises on the company’s ships. The first problem was the check-in at Ocean Terminal. Cunard says my World Club Diamond membership gives me priority boarding but it is a second-class priority. On arrival I was told to sit and wait to be called even though the ‘priority’ check-in was open and was checking-in the occasional passenger. These, I was told, were ‘Grills passengers’ who had priority over my priority - even if they were first-time Cunarders with no loyalty to the brand. In the cabin I was pleased to see a bottle of water available but not pleased to see its price label. The 1.5 litre bottle was $3.95 and, in very small print, a note that 15 per cent ‘service charge’ would be added. In Sterling that comes to about £3.40. At Waitrose a 2 litre bottle of comparable water costs 47p. An ice bucket in the cabin contained the usual bottle of Pol Acker blanc-de-blanc sparkling wine. But the accompanying compliments’ slip wrongly described it as Champagne. At subsequent receptions, a flute containing what was referred to as champagne would be offered but it was merely sparkling wine. Perhaps the Commité Champagne - who control use of the Champagne name - are unaware of this misuse of the protected name. An invitation to a ‘Complimentary wine tasting event’ ended with the words “A charge of $30.50 will apply”. My Oxford dictionary refers to complimentary as ‘given free of charge’. Wine in the bars and restaurants continues to be outrageously priced - a mark-up of double or treble shore prices. Not only is the 15% ‘service charge’ added, but the voucher a passenger signs has space for a gratuity. Why should this 15% be charged at all when Cunard makes a charge of $11.50 per person per cabin per day for gratuities ? The Cunard brochure - which dwells on standards of an era long-since gone and not present-day reality - says of the Britannia restaurant “the pace is unhurried, the service impeccable and the food superb”. But it is far from that accolade. For “unhurried” read long delays of up to an hour between ordering and receiving anything on a plate; poor service due to staff cuts; and food continuing to decline in both quality and quantity. It was often unappetising and bland. Food in the Kings Court self-service was often better but repetitive. Arrival at New York on December 22 was at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal - a collection of depressing, converted old buildings surrounded by industrial premises and far from the Christmas lights of Times Square and Fifth Avenue. Whilst the ship’s Daily Programme listed numerous places to visit in Manhattan, no shuttle bus was provided to take passengers to Manhattan and no information was given on how to get there. Berthing at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal - as QM2 and Queen Victoria did in 2015 when I was on board - would have been far more convenient. However, with a return-to-ship time of 4.30pm there was little time to do much in Manhattan, especially after the excessive time it took to get through US immigration. All passengers had to leave the ship to go through immigration including those not wishing to set foot in the US. Queuing to get through took at least an hour. Those wanting to re-board the ship had then to wait in the embarkation hall for up to two hours before being allowed back on board. A big waste of passengers’ holiday time. At Brooklyn, hundreds of passengers, including children of all ages, boarded the ship. From then until they left the ship on January 3 the vacuum-type toilets ceased to function on four separate occasions. There were no such problems on the Atlantic crossings. From the early hours of January 5 until late morning, no running water was available in the cabins and hot water was not restored until the afternoon. Not what you expect on Cunard’s flagship ! The first Caribbean stop was at Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The ship’s information sheet about the town said its Main Street was “one of the best shopping streets in the Caribbean” and was 2.5 miles from the ship’s berth. No shuttle bus was provided. At Antigua the ship was to anchor away from the land and passengers taken ashore by tender. The captain decided the sea-swell was too high for safe use of the tenders so the visit was abandoned. At Bridgetown, Barbados the berth was some distance from the terminal building and buses were provided by the Port Authority - not Cunard - to take passengers from the ship to the terminal. Unfortunately, they were mini buses of about 20 seats and difficult for old and infirm passengers to board. The final Caribbean stop was at Amber Cove, Dominica. This development, on the otherwise unspoilt coast, was created by Carnival Corporation, owners of Cunard and several other cruise lines. No shuttle buses were provided to visit the nearest town, Puerto Plata, about 10kms away. A taxi to the town cost $35 for two people but there were no taxis for two people - they had to travel in an SUV with at least two other people. A passenger who had been resident in Dominica told me the fare for that distance would be about $10 anywhere else on the island. As usual, there were a number of high-priced tours from the ship, so unless passengers paid for these or a high-priced taxi they were confined to Amber Cove and the high-priced shops owned by Carnival. Not a place I would wish to visit again. On return to New York all passengers had to leave the ship again at Brooklyn and go through immigration. Those not wanting to visit the city had to wait over an hour before being allowed to re-board. Sail-away was planned for 5pm but soon after that time the captain told everyone that the oil tanker due to fill the ship’s tanks had only just arrived - no reason was given - and would take until 9pm to top-up. He then went on to say that due to a storm at sea the ship would stay overnight at its berth. The ship left about 7am next day just as the heavy snow was starting to fall on the US east coast and we sailed straight into another storm. High winds and seas for the next two days slowed progress but, in that weather, QM2 was the ship to be on. Regarding Cunard’s failure to provide shuttle buses. A large proportion of the passengers on Cunard ships are elderly, disabled or inform and rely on the shuttle buses to get them into a nearby town centre. Cunard receives many hundreds of thousands of pounds on each cruise from them and should re-instate the buses or advise such passengers, before taking their money, that there will be no transport from ship to towns. The cost to Cunard would be far less than the revenue it would lose from loss of passengers. Read Less
Sail Date December 2017
A friend and I chose this cruise to get away from a Canadian winter. We spent a few days in NYCbefore heading out into the wilds of Brooklyn to board the ship. Once our taxi found the entrance to the port, some decent signposting would ... Read More
A friend and I chose this cruise to get away from a Canadian winter. We spent a few days in NYCbefore heading out into the wilds of Brooklyn to board the ship. Once our taxi found the entrance to the port, some decent signposting would help, we entered the cavernous terminal and eventually made our way to the desk. The agent helping us seemed confused as two people with different names where sharing a cabin and we wanted separate bills, but eventually it seemed to be sorted out. We made made it on to the ship and were greeted in the lobby by singers belting out Christmas songs at full blast. The lobby is suprisingly small for the size of the ship and was extremely noisy. We were pointed in the general direction of the elevators and made our way to our cabin. The steward seemed surprised to see us and told us that our cabin was not ready due to a leaking pipe. By this time my friend, who has mobility issues, needed to sit down, so I had him open the cabin and we discovered that ceiling tiles had been taken down, the carpet ripped up, and what remained was soaking wet. No way was this cabin going to be ready by the time we sailed! I went down to the pursers office and managed to make myself heard over the singers who were right in front of the desk. Eventually we were assigned to a new cabin, managed to get ourselves settled and had a bite to eat in the Kings Court buffet, whereupon it was time for the safety at sea talk. We were assigned to the Kings Court mustering station and the place was packed, glad we already were seated Things did improve and certainly the dinners in the MDR were good. I am lactose intolerant and my table appreciated the fact thar I got the menu a day early to make my choices. You had a choice of very early or very late dining. If the latter you usually couldn't make the late show...so didn't see any . Reasonably good series of lectures on history and cultures of the Caribbean. Did three excursions, one, tall ship sailing in St Maarten was excellent. Enjoyed the cooking class/lunch in St Kitts. The aquarium trip in St Thomas was terrible, complained via letter to the tours office re behaviour of accompanying staff member. Got a discount. I did not think the QM2 was a particularly elegant ship, I missed the Art Deco touches on the QE3. I made good use of the spa pool and sauna etc. Very enjoyable as a way of defrosting during the first few days. Made good use of laundry facilities. I do wish Cunard would give approximate length of time it takes to do a load so we have some idea of how long. People were always waiting. people do not do more than one load at a time, it's not fair to other passengers. I did make use of the on board laundry on a couple of occasions. Disembarking was confusing and time consuming. We were told to be ready to disembark at 9.30, so rushed through breakfast so as to be at the ballroom in time. We then waited for an hour before we could leave. There was no coffee or tea or water available but some of us escaped and got some from the Buffet - 7 or 8 decks above us! Finally someone came and took us up to the 3rd deck to disembark. We then had to wait over an hour in freezing rain for a taxi to get us to JFK. Not Cunard's fault I know but it was a miserable end to the cruise. Hint, if embarking in Brooklyn get there early and go for a car and driver to get you there. When disembarking make sure you have a car meet you. Quick comment about formal nights. I do not have the type of lifestyle that requires a cocktail dress or ball gown. I was comfortable in a pair of silky pants and a silk top with blingy jewelry having dinner in the MDR on formal nights. A skirt or nice pants and a nice top were fine for ordinary evenings. Personally I think Cunard should do away with formal nights. Overall an average cruise. My second Cunard cruise. One more coming up on the Victoria in October 2017. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
This was the 2nd time that we embarked on the carribean cruise but first time with transatlantic crossings. The staff were as last time, wonderful. The room on deck four was adequate but we could hear the old guy in the room next ... Read More
This was the 2nd time that we embarked on the carribean cruise but first time with transatlantic crossings. The staff were as last time, wonderful. The room on deck four was adequate but we could hear the old guy in the room next door coughing every day/night and the TV from the room on the other side. We were given a choice of deck 4, 5 or 6 when we booked and after visiting other passengers rooms on deck 6, they were exactly the same it just meant we could easily walk down one flight of stairs when going to dinner and the entertainment downstairs. We were midship as we found out that it is the steadier/quieter part on our last visit. The transatlantic crossing over was quite rocky with waves crashing up as high as the dining room on deck 3 and many were complaining of feeling unwell but after 3 days people seemed to get used to it better. Sea sickness pills were sold without having to see the doctor. A cold/flu outbreak began in that week and was still very evident on week 4 with many people coughing. With not much to do on the transatlantic crossing it was a surprise to see they had reduced the casino down and had removed the craps table and other space. This has been done so they can received more income from the single cabins they have put in the space but it doesn't give the casino any identity to make it so small, may as well just take it out completely as it is too crowded at night and people don't stay very long because of this. So if you enjoy a casino as part of your cruise experience then this one is not very good. The lion pub has an extremely strong smell of cigarette smoke outside it, not surprising when the staff smoking room is below that area. The passengers however are not so lucky to have a sheltered smoking area unless they are a man. Very sexist for Cunard to provide a cigar/pipe smoking room (churchills) and yet I lost count of how many women in cocktail dresses were forced to brave the bad weather on deck 7 because there was nowhere else for them to go. I understand people want to smoke on their vacation but what a terrible way to enforce it. Another note...deck 7 smokers area was the most socialable area on the ship. In the evening it was always packed full of smokers and non smokers chatting and drinking whereas in the lion pub people tend to sit in small groups an not interact. Never enough tables and chairs but still always very busy. On deck 7 there was also a lot of joggers which other passengers on deck 6 said was very annoying as they could hear them bounding around. The spa area was very nice but after buying a week pass on my first week, I went to buy another for the second week and was told that they were not selling them anymore because too many had been purchased. I wanted to use the spa pool and looked to see how busy it was....4 people in there. Seems as though management would rather turn away my money an issue a block ban on purchases rather than try to accomodate or work with the passengers to try to make everyone happy. I was informed by another passenger that I could have bought a 4 week pass for all my cruise but Cunard did not inform me of this at all. On a daily basis the ships photographers would take photos...warning they cost a fortune. 20 images on a disc for $525. RIP OFF. Better to take a camera of your own and stand next to their photographers to take it. The food was fantastic with something to suit everyone. The carribean islands were good but I would give Tortola and Dominica a miss as they felt very unsafe. It rained all day in Dominica and apparently this is the norm. Finer touches have been replaced with cost saving and the quest for implemented gratuities is evident. Everything seemed to have a 12.5% gratuity on automatically and that's on top of the daily gratuity that has to be paid per person at the end of the cruise. Bingo was very expensive at $30 a time for 4 quick games on a daily basis and it would be interesting to know how much Cunard make from it as the prizes do not reflect the number of people playing. Interesting to see how many new embarkes at New York were queuing at the pursers office to complain in the hope of getting an free upgrade on their room. The alternative dining was very good, staff made it a great experience. Cleanliness of the ship was okay but staff were slow to act on a couple of occasions such as it took more than 20 minutes to clean up a toilet that had leaked and the water fountain had a customer vomit in it which took more than 20 mins again after being reported. Net curtains in Queens room desperately need a clean as they are very yellow and smokey coloured. Technically the ship is way out of date. Daily iternary papers printed and given to each customer are ok but do I really want to carry it around with me all day to see what is happening. Why not have customer information screens around the ship so people can see what is happening around them and when. Would say it is definitely not a ship ran with children in mind, more elderly people. All in all though I loved being on the ship for 26 days as I love the motion of the ocean, especially when it's a rocky ride and I would definitely do this trip again. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
PART ONE Where am I ?, Well mid Atlantic actually, and travelling over a relatively smooth, rough ocean. The decks are closed again as they always seem to be on transatlantic crossings during the winter months and everyone appears to ... Read More
PART ONE Where am I ?, Well mid Atlantic actually, and travelling over a relatively smooth, rough ocean. The decks are closed again as they always seem to be on transatlantic crossings during the winter months and everyone appears to be inside sitting or eating mainly in the same place as I would like to be. It seems to me that as many cheap seats as possible have been shoehorned into this ship and it really shows as there are rarely any empty spaces in the popular venues due mainly to the fact that no deck seating is available in the periods of high wind and heavy seas, Perhaps you need a bigger ship guys!! The "Ships Time" is a very important factor during transatlantic crossings and it can be seen that the time changes on a regular basis either forward or backwards dependent on direction of travel. There are a few clocks to be seen, a couple on Deck 7, the promenade deck, three times around to a mile, but none anywhere really noticeable, some in the bars, restaurants or lounges, which seems strange, and most that are visible tell different times. In our Princess Suite there is no clock other than on The Voyage Information Chanel on the TV, which will reset itself after a while when you turn it on in the morning, it's certainly not high tech in any reach of one’s imagination and because it's confusing you may miss your dinner appointment or the quiz in the pub, perhaps even your lecture in advanced Astrophysics, yes you can get almost anything you want whenever you want as long as you keep up with what the time is. The more you pay for your accommodation the better the areas in which to eat and drink and Grill passengers have a Grill Lounge and terrace for their enjoyment. The cheap seats get the Britannia Restaurant and anyone can use Kings Court anytime they like to evade the dinner jacket requirement of some days at sea. Casual nights are a little more relaxed and gosh shock horror, you are not forced to wear a tie, what is the world coming too? Food is generally good although I will criticise Kings Court because when it's busy it is difficult to get a table, find the food you fancy and get it back to your seat before it's stone cold, I have found nothing in this area actually hot, neither plates nor food, the best bet is the cold cuts, cheese, sushi etc. and whilst they don't offer sandwiches as such you can with lateral thinking construct your own. There are massive amounts of ways to "enjoy" one’s time whilst on board, from a very well laid out gymnasium with many many machines, to lectures, classes and even a very regular 3 times a day Trivia Quiz in The Golden Lion pub, although it would be good if the "quizperson" had had the same level of training as the helmsman. Just a bit of fun can get screwed if the person creating the fun doesn't know the machine nor software. We through trial and error eventually have decided that our best bet food wise is to eat at our prescribed table in The Princess Grill at all occasions where the food is dependable and both hot and tasty, the service is also excellent, well mostly. We had an interesting stop in New York and after arriving at The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal we had a coach trip to Manhattan. Unfortunately, the delay in US customs shed left the trip starting later than we had expected and whilst interesting enough was in some ways disappointing. We did though have the opportunity to sample two bars in Manhattan, Sean's Bar and Kitchen and The Croton Reservoir, both very good and a shame more UK bars aren't like them. We were awoken on Friday morning at a few minutes before six by a ships announcement of the captain asking for a passenger from Deck 4 to contact the reception desk. After another request, a few minutes later we noticed that the ship was changing course and before long we were retracing our track and a search was beginning for the lost passenger. It transpired that the crew were tasked with searching the ship for the elderly British lady but were unsuccessful. The ship was later assisted in its search by a US Coastguards cutter and air support in the form of fixed wing search planes and helicopters. By mid-afternoon the search continued and may possibly have continued in the morning but as dusk approached the captain announced that the ship had conducted a search pattern in agreement with the US Coastguards and that all their combined efforts had been fruitless and that the search was being called off due to the lack of light. We do not know if any further search would be carried out but the coastguards but QM2's part in it was over and at full speed the ship regained its previous course and the captain advised us that we would arrive in St Phillipsburg on St Maarten in The Netherlands Antilles at the scheduled time. Those able to access the internet saw that both UK and US news services including the BBC were aware and reporting the incident but no further mention has been made by the Captain or printed in the daily hand sheet that passengers receive. It may be that there will be questions asked when we make landfall on Boxing Day. It is Christmas Day on board the QM2 and only another few hours of those tedious repeated cash cow songs remain to be heard, yippee I hope! The Chief Executive of our stateroom has advised me that we are shortly to arrive in the "tropics" and I have already seen some "flying fish" which generally herald that the waters are much warmer. These same creatures will feature on many menus on land in the next several days but in the wild they are most intriguing. We arrived at Phillipsburg, St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles an island of two parts the larger French, the other, where we were, Dutch. We walked about and had a beer and some lunch, quite a lot of exercise, most needed and then returned to our ship after about five hours. We were due to sail at 17:30 hrs but the ships tannoy announced a call for two passengers to report in, some men by the last remaining gangplank were scratching their heads and using radios, what's afoot here one thought. Well it appears a foreign gentleman had decided to leave the ship and had not told anybody, quite naughty, as it caused concern with the islands immigration service who were not impressed, just what our captain needed after "The Incident" It is also one’s impression that since " The Incident" that service in some areas is now not as good as before, it's slight but tangible, maybe when the crew rotas resolve themselves they will be more attentive. One instance of this is the ships information page says that some decks are closed forward due to high winds, even when moored in port, in the sunshine,how's that work? We find ourselves today Tuesday 27th December berthed next to TUI Discovery, from the Thompson's stable, a somewhat smaller ship than us in Roadtown, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. One must applaud Cunard in their wisdom of bringing us to an island that in many ways is so British, I suppose BVI gives the game away a bit, but unlike the U.K., here most things seemed to be shut unless you wanted anything from Diamonds International. The whole point of BVI is sorting your dosh away to escape tax etc., it also seemed that the bars and restaurants that were open actively were not interested in cruise ships and would given half a chance rip you off. Back on board QM2 we were serenaded by a quite good jazz ensemble courtesy of the Thomson crowd next door, Jolly warm here, what old chap!! And the fellow doing the quiz next door could be heard clearly, my wife got 17 out of 20 correct, almost a record, and on a different ship even. We will now await our own QM2 quiz with Pete and the three other P's and take interest in who fails to show for departure. Tomorrow is Dominica, I wonder?? PART TWO Well after the disappointment of Tortola which was always our fault for trying to do the single handed crack and not going on an organised tour I stood on deck and watched the cast-off performance, and yes again the ships tannoy asked for various passengers to make themselves known, including funnily enough the "Russian Gentleman" who had absconded without paying his bar tab the previous evening. What is going on!!! One might ask. Anyways at the point that the last ramp had been dragged back into the ship some frantic waving by a shore based security lady meant that an obviously not Russian rotund chap made it back on board much to the delight of TUI Discovery passengers, much cheering as the poor guy strode up the gangplank, probably for a right royal reaming by "El Capitano" or one of his his sidekicks. As we left Tortola in the growing dusk many light executive jets headed into the islands airport, tail to tail, busier than Heathrow it seemed, maybe they were all arriving for the banks to reopen the following morning or are fetching up to transfer to Sir Richard Branson's island hideaway, just a stone’s throw away. Our waiter at dinner told us that Roseau might prove to be less interesting than Tortola, it would have to try hard, but the ships nightly gumph does tell us that there are many restaurants and the better ones take credit cards. When push comes to shove, we may get a cab to a seaside bar restaurant, chill, and attempt to be back on board before too late. I found myself chuckling at the thought of Frank Durabont and his initial thoughts on The Walking Dead, a satellite and internet streamed tv show, and where they happened, a crowded shopping mall would be too chaotic as would be Black Friday as the doors opened at Macy's, but as we were leaving the ship at Tortola I found myself auditioning for the show, a little more makeup and we were a go, but I suppose that even our shambling mass wasn't as awful as what Rick has to put up with on a weekly basis, close run thing though!! There is a lot going on in Roseau, in Dominica accompanied by much rain, but then again it wouldn't it be as green without it. We arrive at Basseterre in St Kitts and Nevis at approx. 16:30 hrs on Thursday 29th December 2016 and not long afterwards are joined at the pier by Celebrity Summit another Carnival Cruise company ship, like us. Carnival own most of the ships that you are likely to see at any one destination, Royal Caribbean own most of the others and those are sometimes the larger vessels carrying the most passengers. It appears that a new ship is being built that will launch soon with a compliment of over 6000 passengers plus crew, phew that's gonna be a big boat!! Anyways this Celebrity ship is a lot quieter than the last one we rocked up against a few years back whilst on The Queen Victoria funnily at the same island which was populated by head banging ganja fuelled Mexicans who had every available watt of music power blasting us from their decks. These guys don't look or sound as if they've had a spliff yet today but it's still early, we will wait and see shall we. Next, it's off to the Circus. After many more fantastic shopping opportunities it's back to the ship, sorry I should say Liner as it is said Queen Mary is an ocean liner and not a cruise ship, the majesty of it all!! Back in the USA and yet another zone for cell users at St Thomas, US Virgin Islands and a bus trip to see some sights and guess what, some shopping ops! We go to Mountain Top for a view, and a Banana daiquiri should you feel so inclined at 09:00 hrs, I surprised myself by declining, It’s a little early even for me. Then on to The Great House, which appears to be a restaurant and is not open during day time, but there are the Botanical Gardens, so live and dream. The bus driver seemed to have a penchant for stopping for even the vaguest view with associated shopping opportunities so it appears that we missed going to "DownTown" cos we was late bro', so we never knew wot was missed. Back on board for the daily sandwich, have a snooze, do five laps of deck 7, get another beer, make the pub quiz at 16:00, job done, Caribbean done, stand and watch for latecomers, same old, same old. The food in the Grill restaurant is good but unexciting, certainly not "historic" as dear Mr Winner used to say and one supposes, it will soon become terminally boring. The bigger problem is that there are very few other venues. The Kings Court is ok for breakfast, that is if you can find a table away from the shambling masses, but lunch is always teeming as is dinner on days at sea. There are frankly far too many people on this boat guv! My memory of Queen Victoria food experiences was that a smaller crowd fitted well into an albeit better designed layout, for instance the QV Lido was far more open planned and views were not blocked by deck furniture nor self-loading freight, that's you and me by the way. I have absolutely no knowledge how one’s on board experience is if you are accommodated in an inside cabin on the lower decks, that whilst affordable, leave one with little opportunities on sea days when the decks are closed due to a hoolie blowing, other than eating and drinking coffee all day. My commanding officer has now informed me that we have now sailed north out of The Tropics and one hopes that our freshly cleaned warmer clothing shall be returned in time for the expected rapid drop in temperature as we travel north to New York. Several things concern me as we travel northwards, one being what I call The Ashcan where smokers consume roll ups, cigars and whatever at tables with steward service at the rear of the ship on Deck 7. Deck 7 is the food and booze deck, it also is the only deck upon which an uninterrupted circumnavigation can be made and in doing this, and not forgetting that three times round is a mile, one has to pass through The Ashcan. It stinks, it is disgusting and whatever consumed the architects of the RM2 makeover to put all the fagash mob smack in the path of the healthy exercise folk. Heads should roll, it's an abortion I can tell you, So There!!!! All things can of course be turned on their heads and being perverse we binned the prescribed route for New Year and the "Formal" requirement and went to the bar and Kings Court for our evening meal where we met several interesting people both crew members and a band playing gigs on board and really had a good time but still retired early as is our way. We watched some of the ships tv feeds in our stateroom and failed to see any major worldwide chaos despite the obvious interest of international news media for the obverse side of the coin. Come on guys don't forget the old axiom, Never mind the facts get the story!! I am almost certain that our dawn may bring a world that is not majorly changed and that our ongoing passage to New York will be as expected, I'm not holding my breath. Interestingly as one watched the year shift via a variety of media channels I was almost consumed with the desire to scream about the massive waste as country, yes country after country burnt millions of pounds of their children's money on fireworks. Come on guys stop telling the kids to unplug their phone charge at night and turn of lights not needed and conserve what we have and not waste. And then wham bam thank you mam, we plug in 8000 lights, cut down numerous trees, and set fire to millions in the streets, perhaps children have a right to be confused. I am!! See you next year?? Everyone is saying Happy New Year to me this morning, why, I say happy Sunday in return as it is less full of danger, why build up all yours and others hopes with a statement that will surely not reach fruition. So, Bah Humbug! I've still got loads left from job lot I bought for Christmas. We were aware of a plague of coughing aboard, mainly apparently featuring on Deck 4 (cheap seats) mostly, but this added cruising attraction now seems to have reached Deck 10. As long as it's not called Nora we should survive. The Chief Exec or XO in naval terms in this region has been spluttering and coughing and has been taking LemSips to ease her symptoms, I had some Beechams with me but nowhere near enough and whilst one of the "boutiques" on Deck 3 has a small range of self-administered medications it can't suffice for 2500 souls. It's easier to buy a Rolex or Cartier than a cold remedy. Perhaps the Medical Centre on Deck 1 in the bowels of the ship has more as we may choose to stay on board in New York as the weather is forecast cold and wet, very wet so the weather map says. I did indeed go to the lower innards and found that Boots Pharmacy does not exist in this region either and with half the ship coughing and wheezing a veritable orchestra of respiratory discharges there may be a bit of rapid shelf filling going on. I wonder how many people are turned back from immigration tomorrow morning for being "infected", they do have cameras that register body temperature!!! We arrive in New York for the second and the first time this year feeling like death warmed up. We had decided to bin the Manhattan bus trip, it wasn't the trip that we thought it was, the one we had chosen was cancelled, so perhaps someone decided to upgrade us, we couldn't cancel under 48 hrs prior, so chose to kiss goodbye to a bunch of dollars and stay in bed. US immigration had other ideas and demanded even those transit passengers not wanting to leave the ship must, and go through immigration and then sit in an aircraft hangar sized building for a couple of hours, after which they chose to release a virtual stampede back on board. How they can get something so screwed up without giving anyone any information is beyond me. It maybe that The Manhattan Cruise Terminal used by most the major players does this better, but I shall never return any time soon, make that never, to test the waters. Sucks!!! What better way to treat a bunch of ill people, the number coughing and wheezing could not be counted, almost half and there has not been any mention of this virulent viral infection in any way from anyone, yeah Sucks BigTime!!! So, we have both been feeling ill and without energy, off our food and probably dehydrated, totally crook, voyage ruined, at least the last ten days of at least and one doesn't suspect a stampede of offers of compensation. End of!!, possibly. Wait and see. Luxury is a relative term as one man’s luxury is another's slum hovel but in this respect my own viewpoint is that there is little luxury here for me in such an overcrowded ship. Woody Guthrie sang about Alice's Restaurant where you could get anything you wanted but I suspect there can never be a song about Kings Court or Disease Central as I know view it in my mind where you will not want most of what is on offer food or otherwise. A big shame considering The Queen Victoria Lido restaurant is so much nicer in some many ways on so many levels. We shall be home in approx. 50 hrs when and where I shall review this monologue and publish it for all to see, too late for those already on the world cruise or joining in Southampton. So! My end view is Big Ship, Far too many passengers and a lack of communication which is surprising considering how much was spent in recent months “remastering” QM2. And a general feeling that this really isn’t the “tightest run” of ships. Sad Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
As a "oldster" from the Northeast, which means that I am at least a bit "old fashioned" in my likes/dislikes, I enjoy Cunard with its carefully crafted persona of British mid twenties elegance and style - think Downton ... Read More
As a "oldster" from the Northeast, which means that I am at least a bit "old fashioned" in my likes/dislikes, I enjoy Cunard with its carefully crafted persona of British mid twenties elegance and style - think Downton Abbey of past PBS fame - and have sailed with them frequently over the years. Queen Mary 2 has recently had an extensive "makeover", which Cunard calls a "Remastering", with some pluses and minuses. The Pluses include: a much improved Kings Court Buffet a very nice Carinthia Lounge to replace the old Winter Garden lounge Food quality seemingly improved The Minuses are: the deletion of the top deck swimming pool the deletion of four elevators leading to overcrowding and extended wait times for service a very crowded Britannia DR with tables as little as 8" from one another the addition of over 50 cabins - 100 people leading to still more crowding the fact that they did NOT remodel the Royal Court Theatre - which has to be the most uncomfortable show lounge at sea. If you would like a "British" experience, with a very international (Japanese, German, Brits and Americans), in an elegant style with a strict dress code - formal and informal (suitcoat required) only at night, with excellent activities, lectures, etc. this is for you. If you want round the clock noise, games, carousing etc. try another line for you will not be happy with Cunard.. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
We chose the QM2 Caribbean cruise because of the convenience to the port but also from our past experience on this ship two years ago on a cruise to New England & Canada. This ship is so beautiful and the service is outstanding. ... Read More
We chose the QM2 Caribbean cruise because of the convenience to the port but also from our past experience on this ship two years ago on a cruise to New England & Canada. This ship is so beautiful and the service is outstanding. Recently refurbished `and for our cruise all beautifully decorated for the Holidays. Embarkation & disembarkation went well. ON disembarkation the luggage hall is a scramble with everyone trying to locate their luggage and it took us quite a while to find a porter but he was very accommodating. Our stateroom was ready when we boarded and we were greeted by our wonderful Butler Andres & his assistant Glen. They were both professional and respected out privacy etc. We never felt a bump or a roll even with some rough seas and the weather in the ports was wonderful. Mobility challenged people might have a problem with the long walk from the pier when docked to the island but there was some shuttle service at the piers "if" you could catch one! Our queens grill stateroom was spacious but not real big as we have had on other ships in a suite category. Robes, slippers and especially the quality of the bed linens were the best. Bed and pillows perfect plus there was always plenty of towels and bathroom amenities on hand everyday. Dining in the Queens grill was good but I can't say outstanding and similar to our Princess grill experience on our New England cruise. Caviar always available and the duck and lamb entrees were very good. The beef entrees left something to be desired but there was always Béarnaise sauce. The dining room was very crowded with many tables for two but most all were elbow to elbow with no real privacy because your neighbor was so close. We were fortunate to have a table for two on a side wall at the far aft end of the dining room so there was privacy and a somewhat quiet area. There was always a fish, beef, fowl and vegetarian selection. Deserts were interesting and I really enjoyed the extra vanilla and chocolate sauce thanks to Marie. Service was outstanding, thank you Nevin and yes every desire to order something special off the menu was graciously accepted by Ormand the Maitre D. We really didn't get too involved with the entertainment but very, very much enjoyed the Jersey Boys show! They were great and for me better than the Broadway show . We enjoyed watching all the dancers in the ballroom which is quite fun to watch some of the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers wanna be. It was fun and a challenge dressing up at night for dinner and the ladies always dressed elegantly for both formal & informal nights. I do have an issue with the smoking policy. Why is there only one designated area which is unsheltered on deck 7 aft where all the joggers and walkers have to pass through? This is very unpleasant for all concerned! My new British friends were allowed to smoke on deck 8 aft after some requested a sheltered area when it was raining but still they had to sit outside in the cold & wind. I would think a ship of this distinction and size would provide a decent and specific area away from the majority of non smokers where those that smoke can be comfortable without dealing with the sometimes cold, wind plus rain and away from those that are unable tolerate or appalled with the smell of cigarettes. I for one respect the policy of no smoking in cabins or balconies but at least be fair to those that ad hear to the rules. My goodness there has always been a cigar lounge so why isn't there a safe, comfortable smoking lounge? So this rant is for my new UK friends on board now going home to Southampton on the most beautiful and elegant ship sailing the seven seas. Amen Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
entertainment and food very poor,,spent nine days at sea because we could not dock in the azores and no extra enterteainment laid on, very very boring. all prices higher than our previous cruise on the same ship at xmas 2015. staff not ... Read More
entertainment and food very poor,,spent nine days at sea because we could not dock in the azores and no extra enterteainment laid on, very very boring. all prices higher than our previous cruise on the same ship at xmas 2015. staff not very helpful. only one port visited was worth a visit. after a long strenous year we booked this cruise because of the experiance on a previous cruise on this ship, however we were totally disappointed with the overhaul cruise and we will have to think long and hard before booking a further trip.the cruise left us feeling let down and very subdued. we never ventured on any of the tours because of the charges and due to the fact my wife and i are both disabled we were unable to get around to easy except by taxi which was beyond our budget. since my wife and i started cruising in 1998 this was probably our most dissapointing yet. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
This was our 3rd cruise on QM2. After many years of spending Christmas & New Year entertaining family and others, we thought it time we had a rest and enjoyed our Christmas without cleaning, cooking and all that goes with having a ... Read More
This was our 3rd cruise on QM2. After many years of spending Christmas & New Year entertaining family and others, we thought it time we had a rest and enjoyed our Christmas without cleaning, cooking and all that goes with having a house full over Christmas. We planned as 'seniors', a lovely holiday that meant for over 40 years we were spoilt. After arriving in the UK we had 5 great days for the very first time experiencing Christmas in London. The coloured lights the very cool weather, seeing we live in the tropics in Australia. What a thrill it was & what an experience. We finally caught a shuttle bus to Southampton and boarded the very beautiful Ocean Liner QE2. The experience of crossing the Atlantic during winter was a fantastic journey. Yes, it was rough and the seas were high and the winds were tremendous, yet the QM2 handled it all with ease. After visiting New York on the 7th day we headed to the Caribbean for the warmth and hospitality of the locals. We must say cruising at Christmas on QM2 is just breathtaking, the decoration on board, the excitement of being spoilt by the stall and officers. Just a beautiful memory that we will never forget. Some of the lovey people on board have now become pen friends we hope forever. New Years Eve was just something that will live with us forever.. We do not believe Cunard can top the effort they put into a our Christmas & New Years cruise. We highly recommend a cruise on a Christmas New Year Cruise on QM2. You will not be disappointed. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
I read with interest the review by CatsRKool. There views mirror mine exactly. In fact as a platinum Cunarder if this had been my first cruise it would also have been my last on Cunard. The food in the Queens Grill was superb and the ... Read More
I read with interest the review by CatsRKool. There views mirror mine exactly. In fact as a platinum Cunarder if this had been my first cruise it would also have been my last on Cunard. The food in the Queens Grill was superb and the service from our waiters was fantastic. However the state of the liner was appalling. It is desperately need of the refit. To add to the comments by CatsRKool the water was turned off shipwise during the day to rectify water problems. A number of staterooms were flooded on the Eastern Caribbean section. A number of the lifts did not work. The treadmills in the gym are very tired and the blowers hardly function. We accept it is going in for refit but it needs it now not in three months. Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
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