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Sail Date: May 2016
Fell for all the Propaganda in the Magazines etc where it said 5 Stars and Delux. And also because it was discounted for single Travelers. It was a 13 day cruise not 19, Istanbul to Rome but started in Rome because of ... Read More
Fell for all the Propaganda in the Magazines etc where it said 5 Stars and Delux. And also because it was discounted for single Travelers. It was a 13 day cruise not 19, Istanbul to Rome but started in Rome because of " Security Concern " Therefore we had to book another flight from Istanbul to Rome and got to the Ship around 10 PM. The next morning walking around, looking at things I got the impression that this ship looked like an " old Klunker " maybe in the area of a 3 Stars, though I have seen better looking 3 Stars, like the Pride and a Costa where the Public Rooms had nice carpets and better furniture, The ugly carpets on the ship are worn, most of the joints visible, on uneven surface, in some places spotted. In the Cabin the Carpet has a grayish color and I was never sure, is it the color or is it dirt. But the Girl from India was probably one of the friendliest did her best. The Carpet in the Buffet area must have been one of the ugliest. like they had at a Motel 6 in the seventies. My Cabin 7106 was below average size, 2 beds pushed together, an ugly cream colored plastic sofa, desk with 3 drawers, a wooden chair of some 40 pounds which you might find at the Salvation Army for around $ 50,- a TV above, smaller than the monitors for the computers, a small fridge with 3 Beers and 4 soft drinks HA,Ha, this on a 5 star Ship 3 other very small drawers in the closet. Bath room was new with 2 sinks, for show, not to be used by 2 people at the same time.There was no comb, tooth brush or paste, they were sold, $ 1,25 and $ 4.25, Shampoo and Lotion came in a 5 ounce squeeze bottles, Walmart Style. The worst " Feature " on this ships is that there are 2 sittings for Dinner and you have to put up with the same people every night, 4 widows, a person from the crew and both of us men.Nothing special can be said about the food but on Oceana its much better. We had an arrogant Wine server, East European, it was always Red or White and without letting you dry it, always filled full then said, I thought you knew the wine. A real Jerk, the same goes for another East European and there are many, a Bar Tender at the Ball Room Bar, a complete idiot. The only place was the Piano Bar with the man from South Africa and the Thai Lady, the only 2 you could have a conversation with. Has anybody ever had a conversation with one from Romania or Bulgaria who might have left their country 2 years ago ?? The " House Wine " is the ships own label with 2 or 3 other choices, want something better you pay through the nose. A " Champagne " seems like made for the ship, a Pro Secco, in a store probably around $ 8,- and the Roederer from California, the best choice. I eat 1 time in Silk, Asian and Sushi, either or, $30,- surcharge not worth anything, on the Pride you could eat as much you liked, 2 times in Prego $ 30,- not worth the money, Lamb Chops, dry as a Shoe sole, " you want me to change them ?, my friend a Steak, who knows what cut, same, " you want me to change it "? Not once could they cook something " to Order " Must have had East European doing the cooking, for sure not Mexicans like on some other ships were the food came out right the first time. !! Must be the reason why the ship is so expensive if they throw away so much food, maybe every 20 th meal. Breakfast Buffet was a mix but things also on the cheap side. A cheap farm raised Salmon, rolled up not sliced, a cheap sliced Salami, sliced cooked and formed Ham, in the store for $ 5,95 the pound, a cured ham, a few thin slices 2 by 3 inches of who knows what kind of cheese. A lot of fruit out of the can. What I most disliked was the Mango cut into small pieces with the skin on it. Every morning I complained about it to whoever was around but they took it the funny way. Ha Ha .Saved a lot of labor. Some of the stuff which came out of the can was just put into a container, not nice looking, more like Cafeteria style. The buffet closed at 1:30 PM nothing else besides a Food Joint behind the pool. which closed I think at 6 thereafter was only the Lido Coffee with some cold cuts and cheese but good pastry. the best on the whole ship, if you wanted to get away from the Mass Feeding in the Dining Room nor wasting your money at Silk or Prego. Almost forgot to mention, since the ship was not full Crystal flew in about 200 Travel Agents free, some First class, some in Suits and Penthouses , if they had sold enough by lying to past Cruisers and future ones how good the ship is. I can not understand people rating this Klunker which has so many negatives a 5 Star Ship ?? Yes I talked to some people who had sailed a few times before but said it might be their last time. Even the Butler Service is bad now. Well the Line got sold the Chinese, maybe it will improve, also meaning more Chinese will come and maybe make it a little more lively, must be the most boring ship on the Ocean with the most fat people ! Read Less
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