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5 Night Canada & New England Cruise from New York

5 Night Canada & New England Cruise from New York (Manhattan)

Norwegian Joy (Photo: Norwegian Cruise Line)
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    New York (Manhattan)
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    Portland (Maine)
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    New York (Manhattan)

Norwegian Joy

Norwegian Joy - Norwegian Cruise Line


Great selection of dining venues, plus fun activities like go-karts, laser tag and a VR arcade.


Most dining venues and activities cost extra; and everything requires reservations.

Bottom Line

A fun ship that has plenty to keep you busy.

Cruise Reviews

We liked this cruise for the itinerary and the ship. We are fans of the newer and larger ships. The crew were friendly and the ship very nice. But sadly we were on the ship with the Norovirus. I got the virus (for 5 days) inspite ... Read More
We liked this cruise for the itinerary and the ship. We are fans of the newer and larger ships. The crew were friendly and the ship very nice. But sadly we were on the ship with the Norovirus. I got the virus (for 5 days) inspite of vigorous hand washing and after we got home we both got a cold. But that happens and I was lucky that I did not require hospitalization like some did. Now the good, the bad, and the very very ugly. The good - the ship is amazing, the crew extremely pleasant and caring and our cabin steward Lizel was amazing. Fernando at the shore excursion desk was super friendly and helpful. Lobster is back using your speciality dining package plus a $19. upcharge The bad - missing - cookies, body lotion except if you're in concierge class or above, carving station in the buffet at lunch, music/dancing in the Manhattan Room, and along with seafood night (unless you want the fried sailor basket in the Local) Prime Rib night had also gone by the wayside. They substituted roast sirloin but you need to sharpen your teeth. Their complimentary menu has also slipped in quality and variety in my opinion. We could not stop in Striup Cay because of the weather, which - ok I understand this was due to safety reasons. But they did not add another port nor did they give compensation for the missed port. The very, very ugly - getting off in LA. ok so the ship contacted the Norovirus about 3 days prior to the end of the cruise. I recognize that they had a lot of work to do to get the ship ready for the next cruise but the manner in which they handled the disembarkation was unorganized and in my opinion very unsafe. They called the groups so fast that before our group 2 tour got out of the door they were calling for group 7. When we got to the luggage area there was toral chaos and it only got worse Lines to get out sprung up everywhere. There was no organization to it whatsoever. Our line got stopped from moving for over 2 hours as they let another line go and go and go. You wanted to switch lines but were afraid that they would halt the one moving once you got there. People were frustrated, yelling and getting angry. They called in the police and homeland security to maintain order. I felt unsafe. NCL staff just kept on saying this was not their fault it was caused by homeland security. That's rubbish. It was NCLs responsibility because they dumped us all out at the same time without giving any time for the group they previously called to exit the ship and baggage area. Ok. I understand they need to clean the ship but it should not have been at our expense and making us feel unsafe. I will never, ever use the port of LA again and if I ever, ever have another experience like this again on NCL they will lose a few Platinum cruisers. Our 9 a.m. tour did not leave until 11 30 (at least they waited) but our tour was cut short again with no compensation. I've been a pretty big fan of NCL but this experience has left a sour taste. I would recommend a Panama canal cruise because it was pretty amazing but I'd have reservations about the port of LA. Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
16 day Panama Canal Cruise from Florida to Calif. Iincredibly beautiful ship, and our 1st experience w/ Haven. Embark/Disembark was a DISASTER w/ no communication re WHY we were standing 1.5 hrs. IN the Haven 'room'. Thousands ... Read More
16 day Panama Canal Cruise from Florida to Calif. Iincredibly beautiful ship, and our 1st experience w/ Haven. Embark/Disembark was a DISASTER w/ no communication re WHY we were standing 1.5 hrs. IN the Haven 'room'. Thousands of prior passengers clogging up entry curb area trying to get OFF the ship. Apparently NCL's Luggage and Passport scanners were broken, no updates given. Very confused port staff in Long Beach telling us contradictory directions. Paramedics took 2 passengers away that we saw standing in line foe almost 2 HOURS to get off. Only 2 (yes TWO) Customs officicals clearing US citizens, 4 for International, with empty desks next to them. Yes, Noroviurs was on the ship the last 4-5 days, NCL shared this w/ us, gave us phone #'s to call if exhibiting any symtoms, and they immediatly cleaned EVERYthing...pillows, ketchup bottles, all buffet lines became longer e/t staff (wearing gloves) had to HAND plates, napkins, and serve each dish. Kudos to NCL, they really tried, but it's a nasty bug ('m an RN), and they didn't share how MANY passengers had it, but we saw the Fire Trucks/Medics and TV Stations at the Long Beach Port, so it must have been bad. Our room in Haven on 17th floor w/ LARGE balcony (room for 2 chase lounges, plush blue pads, 2 brown wicker chairs & small table w/ room to spare. DIVINE! We were under the Haven Rest. so quiet 90% of the time, and kind of loud footsteps and furniture moving from 6 am ish-8 am? Great food there except the menu is the SAME every meal except for 1 'special'-(Beef Strogonoff was awesome!) Room Steward "Tito" was stellar, and courteous as is ALL staff. They dress very professionally, are ALWAYS kind, yet I didn't feel the Butler was really needed...he simply brought canapes each afternoon (too many, we finally said stop:), and did bring breakfast (w/ white table cloth) into our room which was great. Garden Buffet was wonderful; espec. Asian food, Pasta & Noodle 'Bar's, Indian food, and 8 different flavors of ice cream. It's hard to find a place to sit tho... The Navigation crew did GREAT...always great sailing, arriving in ports early or on time, updates on weather, and stellar job thru the Panama Canal. UNfortunatly the 'Narrator' spoke VERY little during our 8-9 hr. travels thru the enitre canal, and his accent made it hard to understand. What happened to the older gentleman who gave our 45 min. info. class in the Theatre the day prior? He said he's sailed 33 times, yet the next day HE didn't give the info. while going thru, but a Spanish gentleman who spoke RARELY. NCL did give us a very helpful guide (shiny, fold-up to put in pocket), but we had lots of ??'s. WE've never seen so many elderly folks (it is an expen$ive cruise tho),w/ walkers, canes, wheelchairs and scooters everywhere. NCL should have seperate lines as these special folks clogged up lines at EVERY port necessitating a crew member to help w/ their assistive device, and them trying to go up/down steep ramps/ladders. The rest of us w a i t t e d ...A LOT. We've crusied A lot w/ other lines, and hope NCL can work w/ the ports (espec. embark/disembark) as the ship/trip were wonderful; yet bookended w/ VERY poor communication/lines/delays. (We know several missed their flights.) We'll try NCL in the future and wish them the best as they did have a tough run w/ the Noro virus. Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
With a name like Cruise Critic I think we can too easily get in the habit of finding problems with sailing. As with all things in life to find a problem is pretty easy but to recognize the good is something that too often can be a ... Read More
With a name like Cruise Critic I think we can too easily get in the habit of finding problems with sailing. As with all things in life to find a problem is pretty easy but to recognize the good is something that too often can be a struggle. We boarded this cruise with hesitation after a terrible NCL Epic experience 4 years ago. We have resisted sailing NCL during the last 4 years and discovered our love for Celebrity in that time. Anyway we went into this sailing with a lot of concern. This cruise started with a change to our ports which was not a last minute change but something NCL knew about and would have been nice to know before making final payment. I do believe this pre-sailing communication is something NCL could afford to invest some serious attention to. At the port we were greeted by a challenging boarding process that we later found out was a compounding of a disembarkation computer failure. It was long, certainly not the best organized and surely not the most transparent. That being said when we arrived around 1pm it took us nearly 90 minutes to make it through security and get our keycards. On a 16 day cruise I think I can give it a wash. The ship is beautiful, clean and amazing art pieces on every deck. The layout is easy to learn though I'll say now on the last day I still struggle to remember which way is fwd and which is aft. All floors pass from fwd to aft which makes the layout very easy. Unlike many ships the Buffet is FWD so I think that continued to throw me off. Our room a balcony was nice, with a simple layout of bed and couch. Storage was less than I've experienced on other ships but sufficient in every way. The bathroom was a typical small ship bathroom but with solid glass shower it made it feel not as claustrophobic. A little thing that took us a day or too to figure out was that the bathroom trash is on the door under the sink. Everything about the room was sufficient for as much time as we spend there we were very content. Going into this sailing we were told the staff and bartenders were average to mediocre. We found this to be anything but reality for us. Every bar with the exception of maybe 2 always remembered our names, drinks and engaged with us warmly. We fell in love with the district (brew pub with over 70 types of beer, all but maybe 4 included in Premium Bev Pack) and their team. It's a concept we would love to see rolled out across all ships. Each bar has signature cocktails most of which fall too sweet for me but the bar staff are always willing to adapt, many of the cocktails include a few Premium Plus liquors so it is a nice way to get those without going over the $15 limit. The bar staff as a whole may have provided our best experience of any ship. The food is another that exceeded my expectations. Knowing that a ship is composing 10k+ meals a day I know to keep my expectations in check. In the buffet the flavors were good, temperature always hot and options to satisfy. The flow was nice in that there are a half dozen eggs stations for breakfast keeping things moving with little to no waiting. Those stations transition to specialty foods for lunch and dinner. The main dining was also very good for what banquet dining. The local their bar/grill always performed for me with good flavors and satisfing meals. Specialty restaurants we delicious but "Q" and Le Bistro took the cake. All meals at Q were enormous. It's expected that cruise specialty is over the top but this was so far over it felt more than wasteful. That being said everything we ate was good and the Pit Master platter was incredible also order the banana pudding! Le Bistro was a multi visit for us, actually 3 times. The service is impeccable, the wine steward was outstanding, and the food every item was perfect. Cagney's and Food Republic were ok but not worth the visit, people we traveled with like Teppenyaki and Ocean Blue but La Cucina seemed to leave the most to be desired. Activities on board can be sparse at times but guest involved events were really a riot and a lot of fun. The speedway was faster and more fun than we anticipated, book with some other people about 6 I think would be most fun. The VR Galaxy games were also great fun. We were encouraged to go for one of their tournaments and did. We won and as a prize got free plays and even speedway passes. Some tournaments were free others were at a cost of buying a game, getting one free and then the tournament included. Either way we'll worth the fun for all ages. We missed laser tag but loved the ocean loop slide. Thankfully on our sailing it was next to no wait ever so I crushed myself doing 8 or 9 rides straight. The slide was no big deal but those damn stairs... Hello where is my elevator? The tube slide was no where near as fun for me so I did it 2 times and that was all. Never got around to laser tag but seemed awesome, next trip. Entertainment... Sigh... I wish I could give better reviews here but as a whole we found entertainment average. The elements show was great but footloose was crushing to watch. The other acts were average at best. Comedy we only saw one guy but general consensus was of the 2 on at any time one was good the other was average. DJ and bands were all pretty good, Beatle's cover let me down I have to mention Martin the General Manager. He handled a small issue for me and recognized me by face and name in Port to ensure it had been taken care of. Your ship reflects your commitment to service Martin thank you! The Meet & Greet... We had over 100 for our M&G and NCL blew me away with their service for this. Little chocolate torts and fresh fruit smoothie milk shakes. It was held in the District so as I've already mentioned the service was impeccable. All the officers were there and we had a fabulous time. We also did 2 slot pulls increased our winnings on both, one hit a small jackpot, thanks Lucky Debbie! We did 2 poker runs, a gift exchange and a pub crawl. This was a great CC group all the way through the sailing! Ports of call. We did the Western Sailing of the Panama Canal. Missed GSC as a result of rough waters and Costa Rica apparently is a non possiblity for this ship due to size so any further sailings unless CR does something about their port be ready for a visit to Acapulco instead. Cartegena was amazing I have a great contact for tours, just reach out! In Guatemala we did a Go With Gus Humanitarian tour that was amazing. Mazatlan was far better than expected, Acapulco was blah, the canal was simple but cool. Porto Vallarta was great and Cabo was over an priced Disney. All in all the 3 sea days before Cartegena and 3 sea days after may have been too much and had we known we probably wouldn't have book this itnerary. Disembarking was a Trainwreck in LAX and whoever was running the LA port did maybe the worse job I've ever experienced running the lines and organization/communication to other port staff and passengers. Honestly if that is common that person should be fired. To put it in perspective I saw a fist fight break out, the Dept of Homeland Security Police called and be required to bring order to atleast 3 different interactions, multiple people passing out and neading to be treated by paramedics, as well as immense aggression at the failure of communication and order from dozens of people which including shouting, screaming and near storming of gates, lines and guards. It took me nearly 3 hrs to get out of the port that said the process getting off the ship itself was simple and maybe the best I've ever experienced, another good job to NCL. Norovirus. This review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the CDC level Gastrointestinal Intestinal issues onboard. I must commend NCL for their strong, direct and rapid response to the outbreak. The efforts to which they went to continually sanitize, clean and inform guest of the issue was so professional that I give them the highest props. Even in Cabo they had people sanitizing each of the tenders before and after people made a trip on both land and ship sides. Hands down the strongest and most serious response I've ever seen. This is a reminder people to wash your hands and uses the sanitizing stations always, also don't argue when staff recommended to use them, you just seem like a gross and uninformed person. Also, last one, don't use your hands to grab anything from the buffet, it's disgusting and jeopardizes the well being if a ship. In summary, the NCL Joy is a beautiful ship with an incredible crew. The company could invest in pre-sailing customer service and a greater level of transparency. The ports were nice but 2 stints of 3 sea days back to back was crushing and we wouldn't book an itnerary like that again. The district was our favorite bar but all the bar staff blew us away. Food was good across the ship but it was truly great at Q and Le Bistro. Events were a bit lacking but the onboard ship specific activities (Speedway, Galaxy, slides) were better than anticipated. We ended the sailing buying 4 Cruise Next credits and have been warned back over to NCL! Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
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