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25 Night Indian Ocean Cruise from Dubai

25 Night Indian Ocean Cruise from Dubai

Seabourn Encore
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  • Day 1
  • Day 2
    Sir Bani Yas Island
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
  • Day 9
  • Day 10
  • Day 11
  • Day 12
    Aqaba (Petra)
  • Day 13
  • Day 14
    Suez Canal
  • Day 15
    Jerusalem (Ashdod)
  • Day 16
    Haifa (Tel Aviv)
  • Day 17
  • Day 18
    Aghios Nikolaos
  • Day 19
    Athens (Piraeus)
  • Day 20
  • Day 21
  • Day 22
  • Day 23
    Aghios Nikolaos
  • Day 24
  • Day 25
  • Day 26
    Malta (Valletta)

Seabourn Encore

Seabourn Encore - Seabourn Cruise Line


Beautifully designed ship with a great choice of restaurants and generous outside space


Could do with more shade around the pool and a bigger gym

Bottom Line

Gorgeous new ship with a rich, sophisticated look, superb food and an un-stuffy vibe

Cruise Reviews

We chose this cruise for our honeymoon because of the raving reviews about the service and luxury of the ship and Seabourn. We were highly disappointed. Our room was probably the worst on the ship and this may be the main reason for ... Read More
We chose this cruise for our honeymoon because of the raving reviews about the service and luxury of the ship and Seabourn. We were highly disappointed. Our room was probably the worst on the ship and this may be the main reason for our disappointment. 843, next to a service area and below the pool bar service area. Crew started work everyday at 4 am. It was unreal as we woke up to horrific noise of dragging pool chairs and other noise we could not identify, every morning at 4 am. I am not exaggerating. We had to call and beg for the noise to stop and for work to start at a reasonable time. Seabourn did not care and did absolutely nothing to help us get rest or move us to an available cabin (the ship has vacant cabins). No one EVER returned our calls as we were told would happen or do anything to assist or make our stay better. I worked in hotels and resorts for over 15 years and there are many, many things that could have been done to make our stay more enjoyable. Our bathroom smelled like urine and items from the previous guest were still in the room including hair in the bath tub and shower. It was actually quite nasty as we were tracking where the long black hairs were moving around our bathroom each day as our room was supposedly cleaned. Our room attendant was really sub par and didn’t not respond to our requests. She actually asked us to leave 90 minutes before we were to vacate our room on the last day so someone could strip our bed. Come one! I mean we were already awake most of the nights as all of the luggage on the 8th floor was moved via the service elevator next to our room, and don’t forget the regular 4 am shift that was the loudest of the entire trip because Seabourn simply didn’t care as we were leaving in the morning. The coffee shop was wonderful! The Sushi restaurant food and service was wonderful and we ate there for lunch almost everyday. The Restaurant was excellent as well, for food and service. The entertainment wasn’t for anyone in our age range but it was excellent for the majority of the passengers in the 60+ age group. We knew this booking and it was okay because we wanted a relaxing honeymoon and quiet time together. Lots of puzzles, crosswords, and needlepoint workshops to do if you like that sort of thing. Seabourn could have selected better ports to visit as we were disappointed about the industrial working ports we visited on this cruise. More options for Marina days as there was only one and it was cancelled due to wind. I understand that most senior citizens may not be interested in marina day activities but since the rest of the voyage was really planned for them, have some options for active adults. The gym was small and had extremely limited options. We would have liked a peloton bike or two to use in the gym since there were no spin or fly wheel classes (or room for any). We did workout in the gym every day and did a 60 minute run off ship at the ports where we felt were safe places to run. Happy to be home and to get a good and full night sleep. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
We booked a v2 suite (532) in June and not our normal guaranteed as there are a few v1 and v2 suites we really don’t like. Just over a week out British Airways pilots announced their strikes dates one of which was our departure day. ... Read More
We booked a v2 suite (532) in June and not our normal guaranteed as there are a few v1 and v2 suites we really don’t like. Just over a week out British Airways pilots announced their strikes dates one of which was our departure day. Seabourn quickly rebooked us on another flight on the previous day but unfortunately this was from Heathrow and not Gatwick (our local airport) as per our original flight so we had to rejig our airport transfer arrangements. We received no advice of this either from Seabourn or from our agent but we spotted it on our BA app. We checked with our agent and asked what the hotel arrangements would be but that was not resolved until 2 days before departure. Just under a week out we logged into our account with Seabourn and discovered we had been given an upgrade to a v6 on deck 10 again with no advice from the agent or Seabourn. The communication could have been much better on both these issues but I guess they were busy sorting out cancelled flights. On our new departure day the flights and transfers went smoothly and we had a nice hotel in Cannes. We transferred to the ship around lunchtime and were pleasantly surprised to find that our cabin was available. I fixed the Seabourn luggage labels to our suitcases before our transfer but of course the labels were for our previous suite having been posted to us around 6 weeks out. I did try to change them to our new suite number with some tape as they are difficult to write on. One suitcase arrived in our cabin very quickly but not the other. I enquired several times but was told on each occasion that they were still distributing the luggage. I also took a trip down to deck 5 to see if my bag was there but no sign. On our way to our muster station via the crew stairwell there it was!! Our missing suitcase was stuck in a corner… ..abandoned!! So eventually the missing bag arrived… 4 hours after the first one and just in time to change for dinner. The bar in our cabin was stocked with our selected spirits but as on our previous trip on Odyssey last year our chosen beer was nowhere to be seen and after some enquiries nowhere on the ship. I raised this a few times even with the hotel manager when we met him one evening but I got nowhere. So if you want anything just ask doesn’t work if you would like a proper beer!! Not sure why they have a free-form box for beer if they can’t provide it? We tried to order Dover sole for dinner one breakfast time but the chef told the maitre d’ that he needed 24 hours notice. Generally the food we found much better on this ship than on Odyssey though some nights we did struggle with the menu especially on the chefs dinner night. The portion sizes weren’t generous so we never felt as though we had eaten too much after most of the served meals. The buffet portions are of course down to you!! Most of the staff were excellent and many greeted us by name. Our cabin Steward kept the suite reasonably clean but marks on mirrors and glass doors never seemed to get her attention. She never re-organised the balcony furniture and small pieces of food we spilt on the balcony floor were still there several days later. She was also not so good at restocking our fridge with mixers or the cabin with drinking water. Our bathrobes were only occasionally properly wrapped up following use. Plastic disposable bottles of water have now gone from the ship and been replaced with reusable plastic bottles refilled each day. Many people complained about the quality of the water but we didn’t find it a problem. It would be a good idea to bring your own drinks bottle to take ashore as the supplied ones are not so good to drink from on the move. To secure your place on an excursion you need to book on line and pay with your credit card. If you wish to use any onboard credit you may have to pay for excursions you then have to visit guest services and have your payment credited to your shipboard account and refunded at the end of your cruise. Your refund won’t of course necessarily be at the same exchange rate as your original purchase. Our refund appeared on our credit card within a few days. We asked for a complementary wine list on board but as before the actual wines available didn’t match the list. Oyster Bay was the only NZ sauvignon blanc available and many of the wines came from the USA! We did find a nice Bordeaux and an Italian Valpolicello. Having our wine topped up was never a problem which is just as well as the standard wine glasses used for both red and white wines are not big. They were only filled to half way too so you do need a few top ups. We never found the ship was crowded even though it was supposed to be full except in and around the main pool. The outside area of the Collonade was also very popular so get there early. The layout of the Collonade we found was much better than on Odyssey. The bar service in the observation lounge was poor most times we visited so we abandoned it in favour of the grill bar. We called room service at 17.50 one night to order dinner in suite. They took the order and told us 18. 50 to 19.00. Nothing arrived by 19.15 so I rang again and was told they were very busy so be a few minutes. Nothing arrived by 19.35 so left to find food elsewhere. The Colonade has some themed nights some of which are reservation only but you only find out when the Herald newspaper arrives the previous evening – so even if you have a few drinks you must concentrate and read it!! This cuts your dining options if you don’t spot it. Other themed nights are just turn up and they also have an always available menu these nights. They do tend to keep the Colonade open beyond the stated lunchtime opening if excursions are late back but the restaurant staff are not always too happy about it. Some bar staff now seem to be using measures for spirits so don’t be surprised to receive a small cognac after dinner. The pool/sky bar seem to be the exception to this. On our last day on board we were advised that the Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc had run out? It is quite strange that the Stoneburn SB ran out at almost exactly the same stage on out last cruise on Odyssey? The alternative SB from Bordeaux was quite poor in comparison. We did spot some Oyster Bay at the pool bar but it could have been their last bottle. Another economy we noticed was when we ordered champagne and caviar in our cabin. Last year on Odyssey they always brought a bottle and would open it for you and pour two fresh glasses. This time they arrived with two glasses covered in cling film which they unwrapped for you. Is this the future of 6 star cruising. As has been said in other reviews the brand of champagne has changed but we certainly preferred the previous brand. In conclusion we enjoyed our cruise with Seabourn and preferred the larger ship. We would be happy to cruise with them again but I think we will try to cruise off season a bit more as it is normally quieter and the prices are lower. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
We were looking for a luxury cruise which would visit Spain and France and would be no more than 14 days. Having sailed on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean with our children many years ago, we were looking for a smaller ship with the ... Read More
We were looking for a luxury cruise which would visit Spain and France and would be no more than 14 days. Having sailed on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean with our children many years ago, we were looking for a smaller ship with the 'feel' of a Four Seasons resort. We found that Seabourn was a perfect fit for us. This was to be an 11 day cruise starting in Barcelona and ending in Monaco. The embarkation process was flawless. We boarded the ship around 2p and were welcomed aboard by very friendly crew. We went directly to our state room (754) and met our cabin attendant; she was awesome! She made us feel very welcomed and made sure that she knew what our preferences were(e.g. extra towels, hypo allergenic bedding, etc). Our cabin was beautiful; spacious and in great condition. The marble bathroom and double sink and separate stall shower were designed very well. The walk in closet provides ample space. And we liked the size of the balcony; we enjoy breakfast at sea on our balcony. We then began to explore the ship and were very impressed by the public areas and the ease of finding areas of interest. One recommendation we have is that Seabourn should improve the public areas by adding more artwork and by using lighter wood tones rather than the darker ones. We expected all of the public areas to have a luxury feel and that was the case in the Thomas Keller Grille, Seabourn Square, the Observation Bar and the Dining room. The other areas could benefit by my suggestions above. Dining: overall, the breakfasts, lunches and dinners were very good to excellent. The meals we enjoyed the most were at the Thomas Keller Grill, the Dining Room and Earth and Ocean. The Thomas Keller Grill was as fine as any restaurant we've ever experienced. Having been to the French Laundry, we had high expectations for the Grill and these were exceeded. The bar at the Grill was our favorite pre-dinner spot. The bartender, Diago, knew our names and knew exactly what we wanted every time. The maitre'd for the Grill, Luke, knew us well and made it very special for us to enjoy dining at the Grill three times, once to celebrate my birthday on the 7th of September. He even made sure a special chocolate cake was made. I would highly recommend that Seabourn introduce another fine dining establishment on the Encore class of ships. Perhaps an Italian restaurant at the same level as Il Milino in NYC and Las Vegas, and /or a Steakhouse. For this to be a true luxury experience, we believe having another fine dining venue is a must. Other experienced Seabourn cruisers felt the same way. The Colonnade for breakfast was very nice. However for dinner, our experiences(twice) were just average. Slow service, and quality of food was just good, not great. Earth and Ocean we had dinner there once and next time we would go a few more times as the food and service were very very good. Ports: we were very disappointed that our one Portugal stop was cancelled and replaced with a second stop on Morocco. The cruise line made up for this by offering a discount on our next cruise; they did this for everyone on board as many complained. Most of the ports were very interesting, for example Malaga and Valencia and Cadiz Spain; however, the once port in France, (Cavalier sur Mer) should be removed from future cruises and replaced with St Tropez. Other than one ship excursion(Tangier) we arranged our own tours privately and enjoyed every one of them. We tend to prefer private tours so that we have more flexibility. Entertainment: Overall, it was very good. The gentleman from England who was both a comedian and singer was terrific..The woman comedian bombed the first night she performed and came through on the last night of the cruise. We would recommend more variety of performances and more headliner acts. Also, unlike some of the other luxury cruises, Seabourn did not offer any guest lecturers, authors, etc of notoriety. This would be very much enjoyed by most. Overall, the service was excellent. The folks in guest services were very accomodating and pleasant. The servers at Thomas Keller, Earth and Ocean and Sushi were very friendly and attentive. The cruise director is a hoot! Best we've every encountered; a keeper for sure. One of our favorite venues on the ship is the The Retreat; a private area on deck 12 with 14 fully furnished and stocked cabanas for rent. For us, we enjoy sun and alot of shade so this is the perfect place to relax, read, and enjoy in a quieter area with outstanding service. A private bar(Diego the bartender)and excellent cuisine from fruit platters, steak sandwiches, chopped salads, and much more more including delicious hot fudge sundaes! For us, it was well worth the upcharge. For most, we find they enjoy the vibe and tumult of the main pool area. Also, Seabourn Square is the perfect place for coffees, teas, gelato and pastries all day long! In addition to the recommendations above there is one other thing Seabourn should do right away . offer to all cruisers the option of having bottled Evian or similar water instead of the ship filtered and bottled water which we found unappealing. We would absolutely cruise with Seabourn again. Our only hope is that the cruise line heeds all of our recommendations above right away. If that occurs, then our thought about comparing this line with Regent or Crystal would likely not occur. Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
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