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  4. 25 Night South America Cruise from Buenos Aires

25 Night South America Cruise from Buenos Aires

25 Night South America Cruise from Buenos Aires

MSC Sinfonia
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  • Day 1
    Buenos Aires
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
    Santos (Sao Paulo)
  • Day 5
    Rio de Janeiro
  • Day 6
    Rio de Janeiro
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
    Bahia de Salvador
  • Day 9
  • Day 10
  • Day 11
  • Day 12
  • Day 13
  • Day 14
  • Day 15
  • Day 16
    Madeira (Funchal)
  • Day 17
  • Day 18
  • Day 19
  • Day 20
  • Day 21
    Corsica (Ajaccio)
  • Day 22
    Rome (Civitavecchia)
  • Day 23
    Taormina (Messina)
  • Day 24
  • Day 25
  • Day 26

MSC Sinfonia

MSC Sinfonia - MSC Cruises

Intimate, mid-sized ship

Primarily geared to Europeans

Night owls can howl at the hip Pasha Club

Cruise Reviews

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Sail Date: June 2019
I am rating this cruise Excellent, basically due to the Itinerary. You are in Venice, Split, Santorini, Mykonos, Dubrovnik, Ancona, and back to Venice. Here are the pluses of the cruise ship. It's a smaller cruise ship compared to the ... Read More
I am rating this cruise Excellent, basically due to the Itinerary. You are in Venice, Split, Santorini, Mykonos, Dubrovnik, Ancona, and back to Venice. Here are the pluses of the cruise ship. It's a smaller cruise ship compared to the "mega ships" out there today, and that's the type of ship I personally like. I do not care for the super large ships. It reminded me of old world cruising. The ship is not new, but it was very clean and well maintained for the most part. The international flavor/mix of the guests on board, we particularly enjoyed. Although language could be an issue at times, but we did find some english speaking folks on board from the UK, Ireland, Australia, etc. Quite nice. At first, once I studied the ports of call, I was concerned there was not enough time in each of them (after all, we always want "more") but to be honest, it all worked out quite fine. Even with the shorter time in Mykonos. The times we had to tender and or dock, were well organized and were very seamless. Embarkation was a little clustered, we got there shortly after 12noon, and apparently so did everyone else :) After about 30 minutes, the lines moved and it was much more organized. We were onboard about 1pm give or take. Our Cabin was just about ready at that time, and we met our Cabin Attendant...he told us to come back in about a 1/2 hour and he'd have our cruise cards for us. Sure enough he did. In the meantime, they had a buffet open up on Deck 11, so we went up there, grabbed a bite and went to the Capri Bar (which turned out to be our favorite bar on the ship). We got to know the Bartenders and Servers right away, and they became best buddies before you knew it. They would see us coming and no matter how busy they were, they would always sneak us our drinks before others.(We did tip them from time to time but we were also very nice to them. As you can imagine, not all guests are pleasant. Anyway, after we got out cruise cards, we went down to the Reception desk and activated our cards with a credit card for any "extras". We did by the Drink Package (we got the middle package, for we didn't need the top shelf) and it turned out to be a wise choice. I strongly suggest if you enjoy your adult beverages. The prices (for those who do not want to buy a package, were averaging 6.50 Euros per drink. With the drink package, all beverages were comped, ie: bottled waters, soft drinks, cappuccinos/espressos, etc. Cabin- We were on Deck 10, cabin 1096, balcony. I strongly suggest Balcony cabins if you can afford them. It adds to the space of your cabin and with such beautiful scenery to take advantage of, we utilized the balcony a lot. The bathroom was a standard cruise ship bathroom. The shower was a little challenging for a 6'2 guy, but I managed. There's plenty of storage space for luggage, drawers, nightstands, etc. The cabin has both 110 volt and 220 volt electric current. The bathrooms have a built in hair dryer. There was a TV in the room, fairly good choice of programs if you wanted to chill in the cabin. Overall, not a bad sized cabin. I would of liked to upgrade to a suite so we could have a sitting area, however, we survived. Dining-Now, we had chosen the "your choice" dining for the dining rooms. We only ended up using it for one night, on "Gala Night". We were using the Buffet up on Deck 11 95% of the time. We went for the Gala night, the dining room was quite nice and that old world style, but the meal was a bit lack-luster. The portions were quite small and the dessert, for a gala dinner lacked imagination. So, after dinner, we went back up to the Buffet! We found that the Buffet had pretty much everything you could want. Somethings better than others, but over all, compared to other cruise lines I have been on, we really liked it. They also have a cafeteria style "Pizza station" and a Hamburger/Hotdog" station. They were quite popular and they worked out great if you wanted a quick snack (god forbid the buffet should be closed, haha). The only days the buffet was really crowded were the 2 At Sea days. Get there when it opens. They also had freshly tossed/prepared pasta stations available for lunch those 2 days at the Capri Bar. They were great! Entertainment- We didn't partake in any of the entertainment ie: theater stuff. We did enjoy the bands that played on deck though. Service- WE were nice to them and they were MORE than nice to us. We did witness some really rude behavior by people to some of the wait staff, just because that's how people are, and we felt bad. Think that's why we were extra nice. Proved to work out in our favor. We ordered room service for coffee/croissants each morning and they were always punctual if not a little early. Loved it. Ports- Shore Excursions. We are very seasoned travelers and like to just do things by ourselves, but the one excursion I wish we DID take advantage of was the tour of the Caves in Ancona. It looked really cool. Ancona (your last port) is a sleeply old shipping port, so there was not much to see in the town, although we found a nice place to enjoy some wine and tapas. In Split, we took advantage of a taxi offering a city tour for 30 euros, and it was all of an hour, we liked that. The other ports, we just walked around and entertained ourselves. Now, one thing I will tell you. The early arrival in Santorini, is a GOOD THING. Reason being, you have to wait in line for the Tram to the top. We were like the first tender off the ship, and we zipped right up to the top (it's 6 Euros) and had a nice late breakfast and had a amazing view overlooking the harbor and the sites of Santorini. There's a myriad of places. Anyway, reason being early was best, all of a sudden, you saw all these cruise ships coming. By the time we came back down from the tram ( we decided to go down around 1230pmish) and the line was insane to get UP the tram. MSC also had a nice touch at the boarding spot for the tender. They offered nice cold towels/waters/juices, while you waited. Lovely. The other ships i didn't see that. Mykonos! Although we arrived at around 7pmish, it was still light out. Plenty of time to walk around, enjoy the little village. We had a bite to eat, a a drink, then found a nightclub and a couple bars on the water front by where we came in. Jackie'O's was our favorite. We say outside and watch the people. It's a gay bar by the way and we are a gay couple...but it's a lovely place and the staff was super nice. We ended up hanging there until about midnight, then tendered back in. Would of been nice to be there a little earlier, but we loved it. Ancona--- Small seaport...not much to do, we noticed folks stayed on board, or did the excursions. It's a quick walk in to the center of town. It was nice. Disembarkation was very well organized. We docked in Venice around 7am. Our cabin group was to meet up in the Sinfonia Lounge and we left around 9:10am, and in to the departure hall to collect our bags. Pretty simple. About the ship- The ship is very clean, and again, reminded me of an old world cruising style. (I sailed on the ORIGINAL LOVE BOAT, The Pacific Princess, so I have been around while:). I would say that the Sinfonia Lounge and the Manhattan Bar on Decks 5 and 6, seemed a little dated. Since the weather was so great, we loved being out at the Capri Bar on Deck 11 the best. We didn't care for the "Irish Pub" so much, but if you are a beer lover, they have a ton of different beers. Shopping- The shops had a lot to offer, but it was in a bit of a funky area. Think they are trying to offer more specialty shops with the limited space. However, we were not there to shop...we wanted the ports. They did have some duty free sales, but again, we were not in the market for anything. There were more Children than I thought there would be, but the Europeans tend to travel with the families. The pool area is QUITE nice and has a water park for kids. We didn't hang out at the pool, but we did up on deck 12 if and when we wanted. We didn't want to be around the little darlings. To sum it up, we really enjoyed it. I ignored the reviews and decided to just see what it's all about, and my partner and I had a fantastic trip. It is what you make of it. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat! Enjoy!!! Read Less
Sail Date: May 2019
We chose this due to itinerary. That was wonderful. Ship and service was a disaster. We booked Fantasica and adjoining rooms. No adjoining rooms and no drink tickets. Filed a special needs 3 times prior to cruise for distilled water. ... Read More
We chose this due to itinerary. That was wonderful. Ship and service was a disaster. We booked Fantasica and adjoining rooms. No adjoining rooms and no drink tickets. Filed a special needs 3 times prior to cruise for distilled water. After numerous requests on board I got a used mineral bottle of maybe water with a post it note saying distill. Who knows what it was. Guest relations probably hit tired of us complaining about drink Tickets and from and the distilled water and gave us some drink tickets. No one enforced hand washing and people were picking up food with hands. Saw a cruiser break a huge glass jar in the buffet and they didn’t remove all the food. Glass shards all over the place. Saw cruise guests drop stack of water glasses on floor and out back for use and not one service person removed them. guest relations were Rude and inefficient. They could have cared less we were unsatisfied. One of the worst issues was adjoining rooms We had a toddler with us so when he went to bed someone had to sit in the dark with him since we couldn’t leave him alone. They said our travel agent messed up But we booked directly with MSc all 3 rooms at the same time. Anytime you complained they said they had to email the United States which of course was 8hrs behind us. Nothing ever resolved. Sometimes u could have coffee and bottled water. Sometimes no. We had to get permission to have Kleenex. My daughters remote had no batteries but they wouldn’t give her any until She gave them the old ones. The list goes on and on Read Less
8 Helpful Votes
Sail Date: May 2019
Normally I don’t write reviews but I feel the need to write this one due to all the bad comments I have read about the MSC Sinfonia. We flew from London to Venice, the first tips is take a Taxi (Car) from the airport to the ship, it ... Read More
Normally I don’t write reviews but I feel the need to write this one due to all the bad comments I have read about the MSC Sinfonia. We flew from London to Venice, the first tips is take a Taxi (Car) from the airport to the ship, it will drop you in the door of the terminal, if you take a taxi-boat you will need to walk with your bags for a long time depending where your ship is. Embarking was fine different will say since you don’t not get your cruise card until 2pm went your room is ready, at the time of boarding normally you will go directly to eat but since you have no cruise card the waitress are kind of lost if you have a beverage package or not Tip: print all the documentation from your ship and have it on hand with that they will be allow you to serve alcohol and non alcoholic drinks. Cabin: We had room 7030 located in the front of the ship on the 7 floor, it was a in side room with no view to outside, I agree with some of the comments here that the layout of room 7 is odd since the medical centre is the in the center of the ship you can not cross the entire level, but you get use to it not a big deal. Coming back to room, it is actually bigger that what it looks in the pictures and with a lot of storage, a small tv, mini bar, safe etc, the bathroom is small but we had no issue with it. Our room attendant was a Brazilian lady Vanessa she has great very friendly and help us with information went needed. Dining: Normally we have dinner in the buffet restaurant in some opportunities we have dinner a la carta and we have to admit that both were very good (not a Michelin Star Restaurant, but if that is what you are looking this is not your ship) and we didn’t have any issues waiting or delay normally we had Italian food since he was well recommended at lunchtime they were some stations for pizza kebabs pasta al punto. Shows: We attended all the shows, all are really good we liked a lot the MSC Crew Got Talent specially the New Zealand Team. All the Shows are a mix of Dancing, acrobatics and singing. very good 100% recommended. Ports and Excursions: Split - Croacia We didn’t use a tour the city is lovely you can walk it completely and from the port to the city centre is 10 min walking, do a bid of research up front and go for it. Santorini - Greece Again we didn’t use a tour, there is no port in Santorini soo the you need to take a small boat from the ship to the land (this is organised by the ship) the day before wake up early 7:30am and go to collect your ticket we took the boat number 1 to the land and give us some time extra. Once in land take the cable car to go up is only 2 min and the cost is 6€ p/p once on the top take a taxi to Oía is the best of the best and you will have great views of the Caldero (there is nothing to do there except shop, drink something, take an ice cream, and PLAN your next holidays) leave time to go back since you can find long queues on the cable car to back. Taxi cost 50€ return for 2 peoples. Mykonos - Greece The Cruise organise a boat from the new port to the old port the cost is 6,99€ p/p return (Take it) it might sound that this is a stupid stop from 8pm to 3am but actually it is great normally in Mykonos city centre in the morning people is in the beach and the city centre is close or lonely, the shops close around 12 midnight and the party continues in different places recommend to get lost in the streets of the city and find your way to the Little Venice, super romantic place a bit expensive but your are on holiday so you deserve it. Dubrovnik - Croacia The ship offers you a bus for 14€ p/p return to city centre but recommend not to take it, we took a taxi in the port (Taxi Kamidi +38 91 523 4248) he is a local and speaks very good English, we pay 50€ for 1 hour tour to the best places he explain us all the history of the city an was with us all the time, on return I gave him a call back and he picked us at the 5:30 from the old town and give us 50% discount on the standard rate. In the old town you must walk the wall it is expensive 25€ p/p but it a must them get loss in the old town street until you want to go back. Entertaining and Services: The entertainment team was great (this is normally the spirit of the ship) always on top of the situation in some case some of the bar of the ship were lonely due to lack of music groups but that was something solved after Dubrovnik since a new band was brought on board. Price: We pay 840£ for 2 person for the Inside Room (Excluding Tips) + 314£ for 2 person for all drinks until 6€ + 10€ p/p day for tips. With what amount you will not cruise with any other company anywhere in the world. Overall: I have to admit that I was very scare about all the nasty comments I read about MSC Sinfónica before our cruise but now I’m very happy of my 6 days cruise and if this is one of the small and oldest ships of MSC I can’t imagine how it will be The Bellissima that is the biggest. Read Less
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