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12 Night Mediterranean Cruise from Rome

12 Night Mediterranean Cruise from Rome (Civitavecchia)

Viking Sky
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  • Day 1
    Rome (Civitavecchia)
  • Day 2
    Florence (Livorno)
  • Day 3
    Monaco (Monte Carlo)
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
  • Day 9
    Cartagena (Spain)
  • Day 10
  • Day 11
  • Day 12
  • Day 13

Viking Sky

Viking Sky - Viking Ocean Cruises


Inclusive ship that visits unique destinations


Ship lacks big-ticket nightly entertainment

Bottom Line

A beautiful ship that offers exceptional dining and spacious cabins

Cruise Reviews

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Sail Date: July 2019
This was our first Viking cruise and my husband is not a lover of cruises. By the end he was a fan. I can't emphasize the great service enough. Everyone from cabin stewards to the maintance crew you might meet in the hall was ... Read More
This was our first Viking cruise and my husband is not a lover of cruises. By the end he was a fan. I can't emphasize the great service enough. Everyone from cabin stewards to the maintance crew you might meet in the hall was friendly and helpful. The food was very good. Meet and Mingle: Since we only had 6 people for this meeting, we were invited into a private dining room off Manfredi's for dinner with two members of the crew. It was really a great dinner. The food at Manfredi's is good and the crew members were lots of fun. Restaurants: We really liked Manfredi's and The Restaurant. I was disappointed in the Chef's Table both in the food and the service. The Mexican menu was OK, the Scandinavian meal was not good at all. Although we had the Silver Drink Package, alternative wines were not offered when we declined a wine we didn't like. Pay attention to the advertised menu as that is all that will be available. In the other restaurants the staff always wanted to find what you wanted. We found the World Cafe to be a bit crowded and tended to not use it. Sandwiches (try the philly cheesesteak) at the pool cafe were good and that area isn't usually crowded. We used Room Service on mornings of excursions and was pleased. Mamsen's was good for a late breakfast. At The Restaurant you will be asked if you want a table for just your party or if you want to share. I encourage you to ask to share as we met many interesting people. Excursions: We really liked the Pulpit Rock Cruise. The boat ride was beautiful with several stops along the way and a stop for some delicious waffles on the way back. I would do that one again. The Flam Railway, although expensive and a long day, was well worth taking. I tried to find a way to book the railway separate from Viking but was unable to do it. The trip was very good. We Had lunch at a hotel restaurant on the way back and the food there was just fair. I'm glad to have taken the excursion but wouldnt repeat it. In Oslo we did the included tour and then, on our own, visited the Viking Ship Museum and the Nobel Peace Center. Dont miss the Nobel Peace Center! In Copenhagen we did the included tour and then walked around the city by ourselves. In both citied, you can easily see what you want without a tour. We didn't go into Berlin as we had been there for several days earlier in the month. Those that did go complained lots about the long hot train ride and seeing very little of the city. Be aware that you spend most of the day traveling. For the most part, we heard many compliments on added excursions from those who took them. Other than Berlin, I didn't hear any complaints. The included tours were mostly an overall view of the area. By the end, most of them seemed alike. My advice is to take them if you aren't taking an optional tour. We only had one bad experience where the tour guide was terrible and the a/c on the bus wasn't working. Others had great tour guides and were short enough to not feel as if you had lost the entire day. Many of the smaller ports begin to feel alike by the end of the cruise. Silver Drink Package: I really went back and forth and finally bought this the week before sailing. Although we don't drink lots, I didn't want to think about the cost everytime I ordered a drink. I would definitely buy it again. We were able to try lots of wines off the wine menu at meals (except at Chef's Table) and were able to specify what brands we wanted when we had a night cap. Before we left I saw a drink brand menu and didn't see Maker's Mark, our favorite brand. However, Maker's was there as well as several other brands not listed. Try Beluga vodka if you haven't already done so. It was a new brand for us but very good. The best coffee is at the Bar on Deck 1. Cabin: We had a PV1 cabin on deck 6. It was very roomy and had all ammenities we could ask for. I loved the heated bathroom floor. We used the balcony quite often. I might consider a less expensive cabin on a future trip but would try to get the highest deck possible. I suspect all cabins are very comfortable. I had though the alcohol in the mini fridge might be worth the upgrade but we never used it. Note that you don't need electrical adaptors. Before the cruise I had read complaints of not enough storage. We had plenty and didnt even use some of the drawers in the cabin. Laundry: I have had a laundry package on another cruise and missed it on Viking. However, twice we took laundry down the hall and it really was no problem. Sometimes the laundry with only 3 washers and dryers can get crowded. Entertainment: We went to several shows and really enjoyed them. However, Lorile's piano playing in the Living Room and other venues may have been our favorite. At night you will enjoy strings, piano, etc in many of the public areas. We found it better to tune in to port talks on the tv rather than live. We went to one "expert talk" and found it terrible. The others could have been good but we never went back. Overall: The trip was excellent. Even with over 900 guests, the ship really never felt crowded (other than the buffet at certain times). I will mention that the guests were an older crowd. I'm 66 and felt very young! We found many couples in our age group and enjoyed meeting many new folks but there were certainly a large number of older and less able folks on the ship. One thing to note is although thre was a staff member available to book another cruise there was absolutely no pressure to do so. You had to go to her office to do so and never felt any pressure to book. I will take another Viking trip in the future. Read Less
1 Helpful Vote
Sail Date: July 2019
We’ve recently returned from a trip to Scandinavia that included the 22 night Majestic Fjords and Vibrant Russia cruise. We started the trip in Finland and southern Sweden before joining the cruise in Stockholm. We also extended the ... Read More
We’ve recently returned from a trip to Scandinavia that included the 22 night Majestic Fjords and Vibrant Russia cruise. We started the trip in Finland and southern Sweden before joining the cruise in Stockholm. We also extended the cruise with the Bergen to Oslo rail trip plus extra time in Oslo. There are things about the cruise that were very good. The boat is small, only about 900 passengers, and the decor is neutral (somewhere between modern Scandi and neutral high end nursing home). The gym and jogging deck were great and we made good use of them. The service is fantastic. Daisy and Ronal, who looked after our room, provided a higher standard of cleaning and organisation than any 5 star hotel I’ve stayed in (and I’ve stayed in a lot of 5 star hotels on five continents). There were a couple of experts who provided lectures and held post lecture discussions. Some of these were excellent. And travelling by ship gave us some spectacular views. There were things that fell short of our expectations. The food fell way short of my expectations. There are a number of dining options including the World Cafe, which is essentially a cafeteria, Mamsen’s, a cafe open at breakfast and lunch with a number of Nordic inspired options, The Restaurant, which is open for breakfast and dinner and is described as the premium dining option, Manfredi’s, an Italian themed restaurant, and The Chef’s table which offers a degustation experience. We had our first two meals, and indeed most of our meals during the cruise, in the World Cafe. I was quite shocked to see that the offerings included pasta and pizza kept warm under lights (probably reflecting my inexperience with cruises). The Cafe has plenty of options, some of which change from day to day, but generally the options were a bit ordinary and the steamed vegetables were invariably cold and soggy (I like to eat a lot of vegetables). We had one breakfast in The Restaurant and the food was okay but the service was chaotic. This was on our first morning on the cruise and my partner declared he wouldn’t have another breakfast there (a point he was willing to concede after two weeks of breakfasts in the Cafe). We also had a few dinners in the Restaurant and on each occasion some part of the meal would be okay to good but invariably other parts of the meal were substandard. Overall we felt it wasn’t worth changing out of jeans to dine in the restaurant. While we were offered two dates to dine in The Chef’s table, we only dined there once. Two of the courses were excellent, one okay and one unpleasant. The Mexican theme seemed a bit at odds with both the Baltic location and summer season. We cancelled our second dining option. We had a few breakfasts and perhaps five lunches at Mamsen’s but became bored with the food. We also had about seven meals in an additional dining option, The Pool Grill, but hot dogs and hamburgers weren’t really my idea of summer holiday dining and I pulled the plug on further meals at the Grill. We did have two meals at Manfredi’s and some of the courses were good but others not (my partner described them as cafeteria food delivered by a waiter). I should add that the coffee and tea on board are abysmal. A good point about the dining options was that there was seldom a wait. I can’t believe we paid $2,000/day for a cruise with such disappointing food. On top of the food, after booking the cruise that was inclusive of wine with lunch/dinner, we received an offer to upgrade our alcohol options at a cost of about $60/day for the two of us. I was so angry at the suggestion we pay extra just to have decent wine that I refused to consider it. All of the wine we had was drinkable but few wines were good. The logistics for the excursions were stunningly poor. A number of excursions required guests to meet in the theatre. On several occasions the wait in line and subsequent wait in the theatre, before disembarking, were more than 45 minutes. The line to get into the theatre went past lifts which mean people leaving the lifts were joining middle of the line, often to the audible concern of people further back in line who were afraid they would miss their excursion. The information for meeting onshore for excursions was often vague or downright wrong. This is frustrating, because it wastes precious time, and was actually quite stressful for excursions in Russia where the trip through immigration is quite intimidating. I’d add that on one occasion, early in our cruise, I asked a question of one of the more senior, public facing, staff about the meeting place for an excursion. Instead of answering me her reply was ‘didn’t you have an excursion yesterday?’. I’ve only fired a couple of people in my career but I’ve had fired her on the spot for that. I really resented, and on occasion was infuriated, every moment I spent waiting or following poor instructions. Viking needs to bring in design thinking and behaviour economic experts to work through these processes. I was also very aggravated that Viking didn’t contact us after the Sky’s incident off Stavanger earlier in the year and only replied to my queries when pressed and then with a really insulting response. Had we not paid for our cruise, I’d have cancelled, even though I’d have lost the deposit, because of the way Viking handled this. I can’t comment much on the entertainment because we weren’t interested in attending performances. Several times we encountered the pianist or the guitarist. Both were very talented but the easy easy listening selection they played held no appeal. I have a list of quibbles but my overall feeling is that Viking isn’t a luxury experience. It is aimed at middle America (and while I live in Australia, I grew up in middle America). I couldn’t recommend the cruise to anyone among our Australian family or friends without a lot of qualification (i.e. I don’t know anyone who I think would be happy with the cruise). It appears to me that Viking is trying to appeal to customers from a wider range of countries. I think they have a lot of work to do for that to be a success. I also don’t understand how they have been rated so highly as a luxury cruise. I suspect this is largely driven by the large middle American client base which biases feedback. For us, we have two or three holidays each year but I can’t imagine that we’d look at Viking again. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2019
If you want to travel to Russia the right way, do it with Viking Cruises. Viking took exemplary care of their guests, ensuring that all of us were in good hands throughout our stay in St. Petersburg. Once you get past the ... Read More
If you want to travel to Russia the right way, do it with Viking Cruises. Viking took exemplary care of their guests, ensuring that all of us were in good hands throughout our stay in St. Petersburg. Once you get past the brilliantly-designed ship, the fantastic food and the enriching lectures - it all boils down to the destination. And Viking makes sure that the destination shines. They have the most brilliant and hard-working shore excursion team, complemented by an amazing on-board team. I still can’t get over the impeccable design, the attention to detail in every way possible, and the attentiveness of the staff and crew. Quite simply put: this is a “no-brainer” - book a Viking Ocean Cruise ASAP. Here are some quick tips: Dining While everyone raves about Mandredi’s, I thought the real star of the ship was The Chef’s Table. It offers a 5-course chef’s tasting menu, and the menu revolves on a nightly basis. The best one was The Scandinavian Bistro. It was delicious! If you are timing your reservation correctly, choose the evening that serves that theme. When making reservations on myvikingjourney.com pre-departure, they will tell you the theme for the night. The Restaurant was also fabulous. Make sure to order from the Destination Menu - it was always delicious. And make sure to try the Chairman’s poached salmon - absolutely yum. Saving the best for last - my absolute fave: Mumsen’s. I are there almost everyday. Try the following: the waffles, open faced sandwiches (the best was the liver, bacon and mushroom sandwich - OMG!). Service Fantastic! Friendly, timely and personal. The best example of this was in St. Petersburg where the officers personally made sure every passenger successfully made it through immigration - leaving and returning. I felt totally cared for. My only suggestion for improvement is for the upper class cabins (Penthouse Junior Suites) to have a Personal Concierge. That would have been fabulous. Cabins Gorgeous, beautiful interiors! Nothing to fault with the cabins. I love the heated floors. Shore Excursions Best Shore Excursion team in the high seas!! That team took such good care of everyone. Top notch, hard-working team. Special shout out to Alaina, Therena and Geraldine - these ladies were incredible. I still think they should make Alaina’s St. Petersburg port talk the permanent video in the port talk library. She was so funny! Entertainment Small but mighty team. Beven (Cruise Director) was wonderful and you can tell he loved entertaining us. The shows were small but the talent packed a punch. Incredible performers! Word of warning: once you go on a Viking Cruise, you’ll never want to try another cruise line. Be prepared for the best cruising experience of your life. My score: 9.5 / 10. Read Less
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