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7 Night Canada & New England Cruise from Quebec City

7 Night Canada & New England Cruise from Quebec City

Norwegian Gem
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    Quebec City
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    Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island)
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    Sydney (Nova Scotia)
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    Saint John (New Brunswick)
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    Portland (Maine)
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Norwegian Gem

Norwegian Gem - Norwegian Cruise Line


Easy layout, lots of choice, refitted Haven


Longer itineraries make cruises less family friendly

Bottom Line

Wide range of dining and entertainment options keep everyone happy

Cruise Reviews

Sail Date: August 2019
This was our first time on the Gem out of Boston to Bermuda. We had been on the Dawn a few times and the Gen is very similar to the Dawn in the layout with a few improvements (the bar area on Deck 6 works much better) and a few odd ... Read More
This was our first time on the Gem out of Boston to Bermuda. We had been on the Dawn a few times and the Gen is very similar to the Dawn in the layout with a few improvements (the bar area on Deck 6 works much better) and a few odd features (you can only enter the Atrium from one side of the mid-ship elevators) Overall, we loved the ship. We had an ocean-view cabin on Deck 5 that was standard for NCL but a cabin steward was not the best we ever had. We found the food to be good and the service excellent for the most part. What really won us over was the great entertainment onboard. This was the first cruise that we have been on that every aspect of the ship entertainment was top notch. The Production Cast was great.. Andrew Kennedy is the best comedian I have ever seen at sea. Jose & Patti are always excellent - but what was really surprising was how great the other entertainers on board were. The Prism Band was fantastic and the female singer, Maricel, had the best voice I have ever heard - land or sea. One the the production shows was cancelled for technical reasons and they moved the Cruise Director's Tina Turner Tribute show to the theater with Maricel doing a tribute to Whitney Houston. We had seen Luz (the CD) do her Tina Turner show on the Dawn and it is great - but Maricel was beyond awesome singing the Whitney songs. Justin Golan was a comedy piano player in the lounges who was fantastic and Sean Paul was a guitar player/singer who was also great. The showband and the other pop band (JamRoc) were also very, very good. On shore we did a private Taxi Tour with Jonathan Purcell, our driver. He was super helpful, informative, friendly and fun and we saw the entire island in 4 hours and saw many sights and stops that were not on the standard tours that you book at the excursion desk. The price was reasonable as well ($50 per hour for the group) We had the specialty dinig package and we at at Cagneys twice because the food was so good. We also at La Cucina. The food was also good there - but our waiter, Dante, was the best server we've ever had on an NCL ship. Over all, it was a great vacation. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2019
This was my second time on board the Gem, and just like my first trip on the Gem on New Year's Day 2011 from NYC to the Caribbean, it did not disappoint. My family and I departed from Boston for Bermuda and had a great time. This ... Read More
This was my second time on board the Gem, and just like my first trip on the Gem on New Year's Day 2011 from NYC to the Caribbean, it did not disappoint. My family and I departed from Boston for Bermuda and had a great time. This is my fifth Norwegian Cruise, and the Gem is my favorite ship. My first cruise with Norwegian was on the S.S. Norway in July 1993. I was also on the Gem in 2011 as I mentioned, and the Breakaway to Bermuda in 2014 and 2016. There is a reason why I come back to Norwegian. I also have done three Royal Caribbean Cruises and really enjoyed them too. However, I'm more of a fan of the Freestyle aspect of cruising with NCL. Here are some highlights of our trip to Bermuda, and what my family and I enjoyed about the cruise, in no particular order: Food: The food overall was great as usual. My only gripe was the buffet, which I usually enjoy. We ate breakfast on our first full day onboard, and it was fine. We did a dinner there a night or two later for "American Night" and it was lackluster. I didn't go back to the buffet after that for any meal. The food that I ordered was cold, and so was my wife's, and we couldn't even finish our meal there. We ended up eating instead in the Grand Pacific Dining Room. My parents, sister, brother in law, and nephew didn't complain about their meal that night, but said on several occasions how the food was cold at times during later buffet visits throughout the trip. Buffet aside, the food in the main dining rooms was great too. On the first night, my brother in law had a steak that was overcooked in the Grand Pacific Dining Room, which he wasn't pleased about. He also ran into another passenger on the ship who also had an overcooked steak in the Grand Pacific Dining room during our first night onboard. My brother in law is very picky with food, and with that being said, he didn't have any complaints about any other meals onboard after that evening. My wife ordered the same steak a few days later in Grand Pacific and it wasn't overcooked. The food in O'Sheehans Bar and Grill was great too, and it was a great place to go to to grab a quiet breakfast, an afternoon snack or lunch, or even a dinner. We didn't try the food in the specialty restaurants, Orchid Garden, the poolside barbecues and poolside buffet, or Great Outdoors, so I am not able to comment on the food over in those areas. Service and staff: The bartenders were attentive and quick despite small lines that formed for drinks from time to time, particularly at the poolside bar. The cruise staff was friendly and attentive at all times. Our room stewardess Mici was awesome. Interestingly enough, we ran into the assistant Maitre'D DeRon, who was in the Manhattan Dining room on the Breakaway back during our 2016 trip, on the Norwegian Gem. He was at O'Sheehans during the late morning, and then staffed later in the evening at the Magenta Dining room. It was great running into him again. He remembered my family and I from our trip, despite seeing hundreds of thousands of passengers during the past three years. He's a great guy! The service was slow though sometimes at O'Sheehans, and was excruciatingly slow during our second night when we ate at the Magenta Dining Room. Besides that though, the service was actually fast, and I found that service during dinner was quicker on the Gem than on the Breakaway in 2016. The Ship: The Gem is a beautiful ship. I love how they renovated the Bliss Lounge. When I went in 2011 they had curtains, and sofas that looked more like day beds. They also had a couple of bowling lanes which was interesting. The new look is great though and it has a cool quiet vibe to it , with clear lights. It wasn't terrible before or anything like that, but the changes that they made the club were great. The ship though has some minor visible signs of wear such as in the carpet, the bottom of the closet door in our stateroom, the vent in our bathroom ceiling of the stateroom, and scratches on the elevator. That's to be expected though, as this ship has been around for a while. Bermuda: Bermuda is beautiful and clean. I love how whenever I go there, I'm not hounded by a group of people screaming and hollering for me to ride in their taxi. I also love it how whenever I go into a store, I'm not being pestered to buy their souvenirs. There isn't any visible poverty or sketchy areas. It's safe and beautiful, and is my favorite cruise stop. I've been all over the Caribbean, and in my opinion, you just can't beat being in Bermuda for three days. My wife and I are already looking forward to going again. This was our third trip to Bermuda but there is so much of the island that we have yet to see. Embarkation/Disembarkation: Were smooth as usual Getting off the ship was the quickest and easiest disembarkation that I ever experienced. Even my brother in law who had never cruised on Norwegian was impressed. The lifejacket drill: Kudos to Norwegian for not having passengers have to grab their lifejacket, stand shoulder to shoulder on the overcrowded deck outside, do the lifeboat drill, then fight the crowds to return back to your stateroom. Norwegian has the right idea by having people meet in their respective muster stations without their lifejacket, have the crew demonstrate how to put on the lifejacket and work the various features, and then send the passengers off to enjoy the ship. Their lifejacket drills are always quick and easy. Activities: There was always something to do around the ship. The cruise director Luz and her staff were engaging and great. There was always an activity to participate in for anyone who was looking for something to do. The weather and sailing conditions: There were rough seas on the way down, and on the way back. There was even a waterspout that I spotted on the horizon during day two, but it was very far from the ship and not in the direction we were heading. It was pretty cool actually. On the second to the last day, we hit an Atlantic Ocean Storm, which was also neat to experience. I'm somewhat of a weather nut, being an Earth Science Major, so events such as this are exciting to me. Besides that though, the weather was great especially for embarkation from Boston. Bermuda was mostly cloudy with showers during the first two days, but the third and final day was sunny and beautiful, perfect for hitting the beach. Overall, this was a great vacation and there weren't any disappointments. Out of our group, I was the only one who sailed on the Gem before. Some of my family members are picky , but they had a great time too and enjoyed the cruise. It was great being able to take a cruise on my favorite ship to my favorite vacation destination. It was my first time sailing out of Boston and I enjoyed it. I have to say that I'm a big fan of sailing out of Boston on a Friday, and returning to Boston on a Friday, giving me Saturday and Sunday to relax and recover, and of course catch up on laundry! Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2019
I have cruised with NCL from Boston to Bermuda many times over the years on various ships. (I'm now Platinum Plus.) Being a person who doesn't like to fly and loves to cruise, my choices are limited. That being said, it ... Read More
I have cruised with NCL from Boston to Bermuda many times over the years on various ships. (I'm now Platinum Plus.) Being a person who doesn't like to fly and loves to cruise, my choices are limited. That being said, it doesn't mean I feel this is a cruise I have to tolerate. I have been on NCL's larger ship, the Getaway, but do prefer a smaller ship. I will also say that the Boston to Bermuda cruise, regardless of what ship, has the best crew ever. There has been the Majesty, Crown, Dream, and Dawn (to name a few), that has cruised this Boston to Bermuda itinerary. I had never sailed on the Gem, it's Boston's new ship for this route, and I was quite excited to sail on a different ship. Like the Dawn, she is similar, but I feel, quite an upgrade. Having the Spinaker Lounge, The Great Outdoors, and 3 Champagne/Beer/Whiskey/Martini Bars (Dawn has one, which was always way over crowded), gave us the opportunity to enjoy a large space to listen to live music and get great service for drinks. The cigar/smoking room also kept the smoke contained to that room only. On the Dawn, it was a nightmare trying to sit in the lounge and not be constantly smelling the smoke that never stayed in the smoking room. I ate at both main dining rooms, the buffet, Cagney's, LeBistro, LaCuchina, O'Sheehan's, and Orchid. I didn't eat at the Great Outdoors or the grill by the pool. I chose neither because I don't care to eat where the food is kept outdoors in high humidity, heat, and near a pool with lots of people in bathing suits going in and out of hot tubs, outdoor bathrooms, etc. The food and menu is the same at both main dining rooms. Both have great service, but Grand Pacific is slower. Food was average to fantastic, depending on whether you ordered what was in season (like the salmon) or some of the specials. The usual, like roast chicken or meatloaf is more average. Having sailed many times, you get to know the menu quite well. LeBistro and LaCuchina had exceptional food and service. Cagney's, not so much. My fillet mignon was OK, but the sides were small and fair. Service was slow and it seemed hectic. Not bad, but I was a bit disappointed. I had high expectations because I had eaten at Cagney's on the Getaway and it was the most incredible meal I've ever had. O'Sheehan's was my least favorite. It's fast food, and more of a snack/late night hangout. The buffet had a large selection, and probably the most popular choice for families. I prefer being seated at a table in a dining room without the noise around me for dinner. Lunch is another story, and the convenience of being able to have a quick/easy lunch with far more variety than the main dining room (Grand Pacific) worked better for most days. About the crew: Always, always always....just incredible. No matter where I was or who was working anywhere on the ship. They are friendly, professional, hard-working, sociable, and extremely helpful. I felt spoiled and well cared for. I have always known the crew on every ship to be exceptional but this time, it was as though NCL has really worked hard at perfecting crew/passenger customer service. They seem to be much more professional on how to relate to issues and questions, even at the front desk. Can't say the same for the senior officers in white. They will do whatever they have to in order to pretend you are not walking by them. Zero eye contact. No "hello." It's something I've seen on all ships, unfortunately. About the entertainment: Yay!! For the first time in many years, I didn't have to see the same same same shows. Finally, the performances were all new. All the shows were absolutely wonderful with the exception of one, my least favorite, the guy who sang by impersonating other singers. His regular voice was OK but his impersonations, not so much. Bermuda: Always wonderful and beautiful. Major work (still) going on at the cruise dock. Having ships there constantly has certainly done it's job of wearing it out. Not as pretty at night time, and I've always thought the view with the lights to be quite memorable. Sadly, it just might be too much to have ships docked there all the time. I went to my favorite local place for lunch, The Pickled Onion, and fortunately, found it to be completely renovated. (It needed it.) Food was fantastic and as always, they have the most incredible bartenders. Pricey, like anywhere in Bermuda, so be prepared to spend about 60 bucks for lunch with one drink. Cabin: I had an inside (which I actually prefer because I like my room to be dark dark dark when I sleep.) I also find that with Bermuda's very high humidity, balcony rooms get wet from the moist humid air. Air conditioning can only circulate air from that room. I know, because I've had balcony rooms and found this to be so every time. This time, though, my room was at the very front of the ship. I mean the last room up front, on the 10th floor. I have been on cruises with very rough water many times. I have never gotten sea sick. I have never had to take sea sickness pills. We had one night, coming back from Bermuda, where we had some pretty rough waves. Not more than what I've experienced, and I got incredibly sick when I was in my cabin. I could absolutely feel much more motion being at the front of the ship. I got out as quick as I could, and went to atrium(center of ship), 2 floors below. Within an hour, I felt fine. Avoid at all costs getting a cabin at the front. The Boston to Bermuda cruise usually has at least one night of rough seas. The Atlantic in that area has always had that issue. Getting on the ship was far quicker than getting off, but considering the fact that over 2000 people take this cruise, and in a matter of 2 hours people are getting on and off, they do a great job of organizing this. Lots of people helping you navigate where to go. No problem with being short staffed and needing help. I have recommended this cruise to many others and will continue to do so. Mostly, it's the NCL crew I remember whenever I take this trip. The food, entertainment and cost has issues for many who cruise. I have found that I enjoy some of the above more than others and would certainly like some improvements, but that is true for anything in life. What I cannot hope for is a crew who could be better. They are the exception when it comes to looking back on your cruise and highlighting what you enjoyed most. They have always made me feel special, well cared for, and truly spoiled. I have loved every minute of my cruise:) Read Less
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