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5 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from New Orleans

5 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from New Orleans

Norwegian Getaway
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Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Getaway - Norwegian Cruise Line


Getaway makes the most of outdoor spaces like the Waterfront with its South Beach vibe.


Fees add up for wow-factor experiences, such as upscale restaurants and dinner theater.

Bottom Line

Getaway offers an abundance of dining and entertainment options with a Miami flair.

Cruise Reviews

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Sail Date: June 2019
Full disclosure-this is about number 40 cruise for us over about 30 years of cruising. First, let me tell you all of the GOOD things about the cruise. 1. The food was universally very good. We have cruised on some of the best (and ... Read More
Full disclosure-this is about number 40 cruise for us over about 30 years of cruising. First, let me tell you all of the GOOD things about the cruise. 1. The food was universally very good. We have cruised on some of the best (and worst) and overall the food on the NCL Getaway is very good and in some restaurants just excellent. The best restaurant on-board hands down is Le Bistro. Cagney's is a close second. La Cucino's is just ok. Pretty boring and just ok Italian. The best (no additional charge place) on the ship is O'Sheehan's. It is fun, great service, great food and always open. It is a great alternative for breakfast. The staff is universally good. Dining rooms: Savour is the best. Taste is the worst--poor management and nasty front staff ruin the dining room experience at Taste. The Tropicana is also good and fun with live music. The buffet was just a mess for us. We had a very large tour group from Asia on-board that dominated the buffet whenever it was open. After a couple of attempts we just gave up on getting close to the food or having a place to sit. As mentioned O'Sheehan's was a great alternative. 2. The ship was just overhauled so it is bright and clean. In general a very nice ship. They made a couple of huge errors in design mentioned below. 3. The bars (and there is one every 50 feet) are all nice, well-staffed, and fun. 4. The dinner/circus act is fun and the folks are incredibly talented. Illusionarium I think is the name of the separate dining and performance area. Do not miss this act and dinner. You will have to arrange it in advance of your trip. Ok, now for the BAD stuff with the ship. 1. The internet does not work. Not even a little bit. For those of us who have to work even while on a ship it is a disaster. The manager, to his credit, knows that it is really bad. It is impossible to work or even search on the internet. It is the worst experience for us since the implementation of internet on ships. It is a deal-killer for us as I have to have internet capability. I was refunded all of my cost but that does not solve the issue. 2. The ship's excursion staff is the worst we ever encountered. They are just lost with no management or oversight. Rude, incompetent, and sullen is the best i can do. We heard endless complaints about the staff and the quality of the trips offered by the ship. They fouled up the only ship arranged excursion we purchased. Ultimately we ended up canceling because of the staff errors. It was to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Although we scheduled our trip months in advance (along with this one excursion) when we got on-board they told us that our trip was full and that instead of a 130pm departure we were booked on a 6am departure....huh? Again, no coordination and no one to talk to about the issues. 3. The entertainment is high school level. Sorry, but if you expect anything in the way of entertainment do not look to this ship. The Burn the Floor group is painful. The bands on board were loud. Loud because that was all they could do. Compared to other ships the Getaway has to do better than the folks we had on board. 4. The casino. My suggestion is do not go near it. Over 14 days we saw no one....not a soul...win anything on the slots. We talked to folks who were using the casino and to a person they said exactly what i am telling you. The payout for the slots has to be hideous. I asked what the payout percentage was and they refused to discuss it. That has to tell you something. Walk through it or just donate your money to them and save time. 5. Maybe the poorest design on any ship we have been on is the band/performance/public area on the 6th floor which opens to the 7th floor. It is dead in the center of the 6th floor. It is a horrible place to stick bands as it is just deafening and you cannot get away from it. The sound is ramped-up to an uncomfortable level. It is like a garage band in your neighbors garage that you can hear all over the neighborhood. HInts: 1. In Bergen do a hop on hop off and wander on your own. 2. In Reykjavik walk from the ship and take a taxi downtown. It is about the same price as the mess they have with the bus transports. It is faster and way less hassle. 3. Go to Vitar (or any other trip planner for the stops) and get a private provider for wherever you want to go. It is cheaper, better planned, and a lot less hassle than fighting with hundreds of others who will push you out of the way to be first on a cruise ship bus. 4. Do not believe the provided by the cruise director or others about needing to use the ship provided excursions. You can rent a taxi or private tour for the same or less than you pay to be one of two hundred on a ship excursion. 5. Edinburgh and Copenhagen on your own or on a hop on hop off. Both cities are just wonderful and you cannot get lost. 6. Departing Copenhagen. Stay at the airport area and take the train to the city center. You cannot get lost and it is cheap, clean, and fun. The Marriott AC (the totally weird hotel design) close to the train and the airport is perfect. You can walk to the train station in five minutes. 7. The Tivoli in Copenhagen is worth every penny. A zillion cute restaurants, wonderful gardens, and a fun place to spend a few hours. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2019
I picked this cruise over others because of the itinerary. Before we ever sailed, we had issues with our plane reservations which we booked through them. They never communicated with us anything about them and assumed that we just knew to ... Read More
I picked this cruise over others because of the itinerary. Before we ever sailed, we had issues with our plane reservations which we booked through them. They never communicated with us anything about them and assumed that we just knew to go into their web site and look at our cruise documents for our plane ticket information. No one ever told us to do that. They failed to get us seats on our outbound flights which was a huge hassle since both my husband and I have disabilities. You can not call one number and get things done. You have to call one for the reservation, one for the plane, one for entertainment, one for dining. I was on the phone for hours as you would be on hold for up to 45 minutes. Many of the departments are only open on weekdays during business hours and this includes Premier Air even if you have an emergency and your plane is late as ours was. Our plane was 1 ½ hours late leaving the US be and we only had 15 minutes to make our connecting flight in Germany. By some miracle we made it. Some other people from our state made it through NYC but their luggage did not. They were more than 50% through the cruise with no luggage and NCL took no responsibility for their luggage although they had booked their plane reservations through them. They try to cut the reservations too close to avoid people arriving too soon at the terminal. Beware making your plane reservations through them. I highly recommend arriving a day before. This is the first time I have arrived the day of the cruise. It was a nightmare. The communications from NCL, except to not arrive at the port early, was the poorest of any cruise line I have ever been on in my life. They called, texted and emailed us not to arrive at the port early, yet could not communicate a single word about our plane tickets. I had never sailed on NCL before and did not know that they had a reputation for missing ports for little or no reason – well it happened to us. We missed two out of the nine scheduled ports including one I had really wanted to go back to. Ostensibly the reason was “weather”; however, the port was sheltered and although they claimed 30-40 knot winds, they didn’t look like any 30-40 knot winds this blue water sailor had ever seen. It seemed like more of an excuse to try to get people into the dead casino with an extra sea day. The first port we missed because they were 5 hours late leaving the port the first day. We got a whole $50 credit per state room for their mistake. We got no consideration for missing the port because of “weather.” We liked the location of our stateroom (11262). It was quiet, close to an elevator, close to most dining and entertainment, etc. Food, dinning, spa, etc. is located either at the front or aft of the ship, so the closer you can get to what you are going to use the most, the better. The inside of the ship is a maze of cabins and we were unable to navigate from end to end without going to a public deck. This 16-deck ship is a monster and it took a while to get oriented. There are no comfortable places to sit, read or relax anywhere if you are sailing, as we were, in the North Sea when temperatures are in the 40s to 60s. Everyone was stuck inside and on top of each other. I have never found a ship with so few places to sit and relax. I was glad I paid $319 for a membership in the Thermal Suite just to have a quiet place to go that wasn’t in my cabin. They have teak loungers in there. The Getway had been in drydock for two weeks when we boarded. Everything was supposed to have been refurbished. My TV, coffee maker, remote control and telephone did not work. I had to ask for bath robes, which were supposed to be furnished. The chain of command for getting things fixed was not clear. It was impossible to call down and get anyone to answer your concerns on the phone and I sometimes got a snarky answer. The line at Customer Service was impossibly long, so I started going at 10 at night to avoid the lines. I highly recommend that you sign up for everything in advance – a lot of people could not get reservations for excursions or shows they wanted. The TV and onboard kiosk system were confusing to me. I do not advise paying for anything in advance. You may change your mind about what you want to do. With the exception of Madinero, we regret we did any of the specialty dinning. They were mediocre and not the fine dining we are accustomed to– especially Ocean Blue which we had as a part of our dining package and had to pay extra for on top of that. Madinero was a Brazilian Steakhouse and was excellent. We enjoyed Burn the Floor. We missed Million Dollar Quartet because it took them three hours to get us back by tender after an excursion although we had allocated an hour and a half from the end of the excursion. We enjoyed eating at O’Sheehan’s, which is included. Taste and Savor were about the same, but the lines were often long. The descriptions were not always on point. It also often took a long time to eat. If you participated in the excursions, you had very little time to shop and the shops had very few items from the places this ship went – Denmark, Scotland, Norway and Iceland. They were loaded up for their next cruise – the Baltics. This didn’t seem right. Although they had an extensive art gallery and auctions, they had very limited merchandise in their shops. I understood from people who had cruised on NCL before that this was their worst experience. The staff was unfriendly, didn’t work together well, would not follow through, etc. Everything was not terrible, but for what we paid, it was not what we were expecting. They also want to nickel and dime you to death – everything is extra. The one bright spot was the Excursions Staff who handled my disability better than any other excursions staff on any other cruise line. Kudos. They get FIVE STARS!!!!! I wish they could have done something about the three-hour tender wait. I was so incensed about the poor service and missing the ports, I had my service charges removed and tipped my steward myself. They don’t want you to know this, but you can do this by going to the Service Desk and filing out a form. Some people paid around $1200 for this cruise, as they were not sold out and dropping the price until they weighed anchor. We paid many, many times that as we booked almost a year in advance and our expectations were commiserate with what we had paid. I didn’t pay for a bargain cruise and I didn’t expect a bargain cruise. In talking with others about why they picked NCL, some said it was price, some said itinerary and some said because of the singles program. Unless I get a deal I can’t refuse, this will probably be my last NCL cruise. One last thing, NEVER drink the water in your stateroom. ALWAYS get your drinking water from a restaurant. They filter that water but do not filter the water out of the tap in your stateroom. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2019
This was my fourth Norwegian Cruise. Good points: 1. Itinerary awesome! Norway, Iceland and Scotland leaving from Copenhagen (I stayed here for 3 nights prior to cruise) 2. Food good (hey I don’t have to cook or wash dishes ... Read More
This was my fourth Norwegian Cruise. Good points: 1. Itinerary awesome! Norway, Iceland and Scotland leaving from Copenhagen (I stayed here for 3 nights prior to cruise) 2. Food good (hey I don’t have to cook or wash dishes plus I’m not a fussy eater) 3. I stayed in the Studio cabins (for solo travellers) and we have our own lounge area with own bar and bartender (scheduled between 5-7 pm) plus our own social director. 4. I did see some entertainment. Not bad. Vincent (the cruise director) and Nicolas (one of the entertainers who came onboard) were good as a duo one night in the Headliners. I recommend seeing Million Dollar Quartet which was excellent! Albeit the music was too loud ( ), Syd Norman’s House band was very good. Bad points: 1. We left Copenhagen 5 hours late so the next day the captain decided to cancel the first port of call of Haugesund, Norway. We got a refundable port charges but didn’t think the non-refundable $50.00 each cabin was good enough. Should have been maybe a bit more and each person. Also we missed Invergordon because captain said it was the weather. I had a private tour here but with luck I got a full refund. Some people felt there was nothing wrong with the weather but I’ll have to take captain word for safety reasons, I think. So I feel we kind of got gipped anyway. At least we should not have missed the first port. 2. The tendering was awful both ports of Geiranger and New Haven (for Edinburgh). I missed my private tour in Geiranger by 15 minutes (in this case those tours won’t give full refund but they were nice enough to give me 50% back). I told Guest Services (I know they won’t care because wasn’t ships tour). I told them I tried to book the tendering on the TV and couldn’t find where (I found out later it was under entertainment, the daily newsletter was vague on how to find it on the TV menu). I went right away next morning went to Box Office to book and was told earliest was tender #5 and that I would be there by noon (that’s when my tour left). Guest Services said others booked on TV. I wasn’t happy with that response and said “well I guess I’m not so techno savvy, eh?” He booked me on #2 tender for New Haven. Didn’t have a private tour in Edinburgh but took a heck of a long time to get tendered as I waited for over an hour in the theatre then it took 25 minutes to get to the port. 3. We solos have our own activities person. I think someone needed to train her better because all she did was get us together for a quick meeting then dinner. We met in another lounge instead of our studio lounge like other ships. The poor bartender (scheduled from 5-7 at the studio lounge) was there alone every evening. A few people here and there got drinks. The activities director did bingo one evening (I won). I kind of felt sorry for her. Maybe I should have trained her. 4. With 4,000 people yep it does feel crowded at times especially at the buffet. Most mornings I’d grab my breakfast and head to our lounge area. I liked my cruise but at the same time this tendering business kind of spoiled it. Read Less
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