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7 Night Alaska Cruise from Vancouver

7 Night Alaska Cruise from Vancouver

Celebrity Millennium
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Celebrity Millennium

Celebrity Millennium - Celebrity Cruises


Never feels overly crowded; friendly, efficient service and modern cabins with USB ports.


Limited daily activities; about 50 percent of listed offerings actually for-fee or retail-oriented.

Bottom Line

Beautiful, easy-to-navigate midsize ship with comfortable, modern cabins and excellent dining.

Cruise Reviews

Two years ago I booked 3 back to back cruises on the "recolutionzed" Celebrity Millennium. The cruise started in Singapore on Janusry 18,2020. I was so impressed by the beauty of the decor, the layout of the ship, and how ... Read More
Two years ago I booked 3 back to back cruises on the "recolutionzed" Celebrity Millennium. The cruise started in Singapore on Janusry 18,2020. I was so impressed by the beauty of the decor, the layout of the ship, and how comfortable my inside cabin was. As cruise affiocnados all know, things do not always turn out as expected: the corona virus changed our plans. The January 18th cruise unfolded as advertised, but by February 1st the people I met and I all knew that the corona virus was a serious, world-wide issue. And on February 8th, we sadly read that the cruise would come to an end on the 10th. We wwre lucky. No one on the Millennium was hit by the corona virus. The staff used gallons and gallons of sanitizer, and the ship was cleaner than most people's homes. But above all was how hard the Millennium employees worked to make our unplanned departure as easy as possible: we were allowed to make free phone calls, a bank of computers were set up so that we could make alternate flight plans, and someone from the Millennium team was always around to answer our questions and help us. I have never seen anything re customer service at this high level in my entire adult life. At this point, while I sit in my condo jn Victoria B,C. writing this review, and thinking that today I should have been enjoying a Saturday in Saigon, I am also thinking that Celebrity Cruises has my undying loyalty. A huge thank-you to everyone on the Celebrity Millennium, and in the U,S. offices, for all your efforts. I wish you all the best that life has to offer, and cannot wait to return to the Millennium in April 2121 for 2 back to back cruises. Read Less
Sail Date January 2020
We cruised on the Millennium, from Singapore to Hong Kong, over Christmas and New Year. And we had an amazing time… The itinerary was just brilliant, giving us time to have a taste of Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. ... Read More
We cruised on the Millennium, from Singapore to Hong Kong, over Christmas and New Year. And we had an amazing time… The itinerary was just brilliant, giving us time to have a taste of Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Yes, some of the places you might want to visit are a long way from the ports, but if you’ve done your research you’ll know this and be prepared for some long coach rides to some of the most evocative places in the East- Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue Imperial City, Hanoi… We were surprised by the number of passengers who didn’t seem to realize this. Don’t people research anything before booking? The delights of Singapore are within a short MTR ride from the port; you can almost touch the Marina Bay Sands Hotel from the ship! And when you arrive in Hong Kong you can see the skyscrapers from your balcony! One of the many highlights for us was our approach into Ha Long Bay as we seemed to weave between these mysterious islands, spotting fishermen in their sampans as we passed. Magical! We took Celebrity excursions in very port, not brave enough to go our own way and book independently, but judging by the number of minibuses and cars waiting for passengers as we boarded our coaches, quite a few had done. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the ancient kingdom of Ayatthua, our ‘Private Journeys’ trip around Ha Long Bay (three boats- sampan, small rowing boat and speedboat), and our Highlights of Hong Kong. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny… The Millennium looks fine and dandy. We’d been dreading it, to be honest, after reading some reviews which described her recent refit as cheap and nasty. Not according to us. And it’s one of the cleanest ships we’ve been on, not just the cabin but everywhere around the ship. After what must have been a difficult night for the cleaners on New Year’s Eve, there wasn’t a piece of evidence the next morning that there had ever been a party… What often makes a cruise, of course, is the crew. This was one of the best we’ve had- smiles, greetings, good humour and outstanding service from almost everyone made it a pleasure to be on. We felt that many went out of their way to make a difference and to make passengers feel they were in good hands. Thanks to all the crew members- especially those in the Metropolitan Restaurant and in the Sky and Rendezvous Lounges, too many to list here- who made our Christmas cruise so special. We thought the food was superb. Finding a table in the Oceanview Café was never a problem, and we enjoyed breakfasts here with too many choices for a mere fortnight’s trip. Special mention to the Eggs Station, where it wasn’t only entertaining to watch three pans being juggled with everyone’s ridiculously specific requests, but the omelettes and eggs over-easy were always cooked to perfection! We chose the Metropolitan for lunches on sea days (great choices/rapid service) and for dinner (we made a 7.45 reservation for the whole cruise despite being on a Select Dining basis) where we enjoyed the many dishes on offer with whatever special/extra requests we fancied. We heard a few passengers complaining about the food. Really? What on earth do these people eat at home? Do they realize the sheer numbers these kitchens are catering for? We loved the entertainment, both during the day (quizzes hosted by a super-friendly team) and in the evening around the ship. Good Vibes, who more often than not could be found in the Rendezvous, were top notch, and the pop band which played up on top deck for the New Year’s Eve party (apologies- name forgotten) were great. The production singers and dancers, together with the ship’s orchestra in the main theatre, were the best we’ve seen and heard. Some passengers rave: “They’re just like West End shows!” No, they’re not actually, but they’re very good given their limitations and given the fact that the stage is sometimes moving more than was intentional! As this was a ‘Holiday Cruise’ we felt the entertainment team, together with the cruise company, had made a special effort to make it one to remember. A particularly nice touch I thought was finding a card and a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine left in our cabin on my birthday. And I hadn’t even told anyone…! There were a couple of negatives, of course there were- children in Adult Only areas which went unchallenged, too many areas for exclusive use of Aquaclass or Suite guests, too many upscale shops with too few customers, and the fee paying restaurants too pricey and unattractively squeezed into pokey little nooks. We also found some staff on the Excursions Desk rather officious. But any negatives were completely outweighed by the positives. We came home with hundreds and hundreds of photographs, with many many memories of the most wonderful places we’d been lucky enough to visit, with even more of the charming people we met, both fellow passengers but mainly crew members whose paths we chanced to cross. Overall- five stars. Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
This was our first ever cruise, a pretty bold step to take for your honeymoon, especially when one of you (me) gets sea sick. I really wanted to show my husband this part of the world though and he isn’t one for travelling from place to ... Read More
This was our first ever cruise, a pretty bold step to take for your honeymoon, especially when one of you (me) gets sea sick. I really wanted to show my husband this part of the world though and he isn’t one for travelling from place to place so a cruise seemed like a good idea. Off I popped to the chemist and stocked up on all of the drugs, and with everything crossed for smooth seas we set off for Singapore and enjoyed a few days there to get used to time difference, temperature etc. On embarkation day we excitedly made our way to the cruise terminal where we were impressed with the efficiency. We dropped our bags kerbside and within about twenty minutes we were zig zagging back and forth on the gangway to get to the ship. First impressions were good, we were offered a drink and told our room was ready so we went to see it and grab our cruise passes. We had booked Aqua class room 1117. The room was pretty much as we expected. Still pretty clean and new looking from the refurb. Jimmy, our cabin steward, was an utter delight from the moment we met him. Always smiling and happy, nothing too much trouble and the room was always spotless when he had been. Five stars for Jimmy then. We enjoyed using Persian Garden but occasionally staff let teenagers in unaccompanied which spoiled it a bit, still it was a nice perk. The spa treatments are a ridiculous price so we didn’t do any of those, and the gym was often rammed at all the times you would want to use it. So what else was good - food in Blu was pretty good, although it felt like it tailed off towards the end and I thought they made such a kerfuffle over breakfast I only tried it once (twenty minutes to get a cup of tea). We loved Cellar Masters and the staff there, and we loved the Mast bar, Dimitry always had a smile and a banana daiquiri for me whenever he was on duty. We ate at the sushi restaurant and enjoyed that although the curry night there was pretty poor. Tuscan grill was OK, nothing ground breaking but a decent Italian and steak offering. We tried Qsine twice, the whole concept is great fun but we thought the menu the first week was better, which was a shame as the second week we went for NYE. So what wasn’t so good then? Basically the itinerary. I already knew that most of the ports were nowhere near the big cities advertised on the itinerary and we had already decided three hours each way on a coach was not our thing, but I had hoped there would be more to do around the ports than there was. Essentially we visited a series of container ports which was interesting for about the first thirty minutes. At one of them (Chang May I think) the ship’s newsletter even said “there is nothing here”. You basically have to go on one of their trips or stay on board, there is no nice nearby village to wander too. It wasn’t quite as bad at other ports but still meant you didn’t really get much of a flavour for the areas we visited. At Laemchabang we took a taxi to the nearby town of SriRacha to eat at Moom Aroi. This restaurant was recommended to us by some of the bar staff and it didn’t disappoint. However the cost of the taxi there was the same as a meal for four with beer. You get stuck having to use the taxis outside the boat as Grab (Uber) are not able to come in to collect you. We did the Ba Ria trip at the second port which wasn’t too bad. I was really looking forward to Halong when we got there as at least there was something nearby however the town appeared to be shut and the weather was grey so not quite the scenic beach experience I was expecting. The Celebrity organised boat trip was good, not least for playing bumper cars with all the other boats trying to dock at the same place. The other hugely irritating thing was immigration in Laemchabang where the whole ship had to disembark, commencing at 7am, to show their passports. It was Christmas Day and the constant tannoy announcements rendered all hope of a relaxing start to the day null and void. I appreciate these are Thailand’s rules but there has to be a better way for Celebrity to run it than this. For example why not do all people leaving on trips first, leaving the rest of us (and there were not many at all, maybe 20% of the passengers) until afterwards. We were not going on a trip yet were given a time of 7.30 am for our slot. And you only find this out the night before it happens, via a bit at all clear letter left in your room. We actually ignored our official slot and went at about 8am where we saw many of our friends who were off on trips queuing up behind us. Process them first and let those staying behind have the 9am slots. Oh and once you are down to the inevitable five families who think it doesn’t apply to them, don’t tannoy the whole ship including the bedrooms. Go look for them, ring their room, tannoy the public areas but leave the rest of us in peace. Sorry, rant over. Anyway, what else - the sea was a bit choppy round Vietnam so bear that in mind if you suffer as I do. Apparently that is often the case though we wondered if it was particularly bad as there had been storms in the Phillipines the day before. The buffet is a completely unacceptable thing in this day and age - open for 18 hours a day, the amount of food wasted is astronomical as all food must be disposed of after four hours (we did the kitchen tour, they told us this). This amount of food waste just to pander to the desires of a group of customers who lets face it, could do with eating less, is ecologically and economically appalling. If you shut the buffet there would still be multiple food outlets where you could eat almost interrupted, from morning to night. Come on celebrity, be brave and make that change. We didn’t rate the entertainment. The Cruise Director was annoying and insincere and his number two was a bit out of his depth. Some of the musicians were good but the house band was terrible, often too loud, out of key, and set up in inappropriately small areas at odd times of day. The bar manager was a legend though, far more visible than the Cruise Director, always friendly and at the same time always had an eye on his staff. So, would I go on another cruise - maybe. Would I go round this part of the world on a cruise - not unless it was a smaller ship that could get closer to the interesting sights. Would I choose Celebrity again if I did cruise - probably as their staff were great and the ship was nice enough. Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
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